How to Make Money with AI in 2024 (15 Best Ways & Top Tools)

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How to Make Money with AI in 2024 (15 Best Ways & Top Tools)
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When done right, a business or freelancer using AI can bring in thousands of dollars every month, and you’d be amazed at how little it costs to keep the wheels turning. We’ve put our minds together to bring you some of the best ways of making money with AI using top AI-powered tools. And trust us, these aren’t generic ChatGPT hacks you’ve repeatedly seen. We’ve curated legitimate business and side gig opportunities you can explore now.

Make no mistake—there is no AI tool where you log in, and money is deposited to your account. However, AI is great at making an experienced person even more productive. So, when looking at ways to make money while using AI, you should focus on types of artificial intelligence applications that save time, enhance your skills, reduce costs, and open up new possibilities.

Now, let’s explore these AI money-making ideas—you’ll be 80% of the way to making your first dollar with an AI-optimized task.

15 Ways to Make Money with AI

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We’ve got 15 ideas that can help you earn money with AI. Each of them requires access to an AI tool and some strategic thinking. But, each is accessible for those looking to make honest money online using AI. Even if you don’t create a business or side hustle out of these, you can still improve your productivity by learning how to use AI.

1. Offer Writing Services with AI Writing Tools

Content creation is the lifeblood of almost all digital marketing. Traditionally, it’s a process that demands a significant investment of time and creative energy, from brainstorming and researching to drafting, editing, publishing, and analyzing results. Depending on the topic’s complexity and the campaign’s size, this process can span hours, days, or even quarters.

Content creation was one of the first widely adopted frontiers of AI usage in business. Tools like ChatGPT and Jasper AI were adopted early in the AI hype wave and have remained popular solutions for creating content for almost anything. Though using AI for writing has its obvious shortcomings, there is still a ton of potential for those who master the technology to use it to write content faster.

Jasper one shot blog post template

Using Jasper to Start a Blog Idea

Freelance Writing with AI

One exciting avenue for freelance writers to make money online is through ghostwriting and freelancing. With so many websites and businesses having blogs, there’s a growing demand for skilled writers who can create high-quality blog posts for brands. People are crawling LinkedIn and places like Fiverr or UpWork to find reliable writers to help them stand out in crowded niches. That’s where you can come in.

Freelance Writing on Upwork

Get Jobs as a Freelance Writer on UpWork

Freelance writing is one of the oldest online money-making avenues available. It has an extremely low barrier to entry and costs virtually nothing to get started. Layering AI into your writing processes is just the newest opportunity for increasing content efficiency and research quality.

AI content writers can help with anything from social media posts to long-form blog articles and reports. However, typing a simple prompt and having AI create 100% of the content for your clients is only going to get you fired and ruin your reputation. But, AI can be used intelligently throughout the writing process. This opens up a world of lucrative opportunities for content creators and digital marketers. Businesses are always on the hunt for fresh, engaging content—it’s what helps them climb the search engine ranks, captivate their audience, and cement authority in their industry. You could be the one to unlock this for businesses.

Copywriting with AI

Copywriting is one of those high-pressure writing niches—making it lucrative. However, even with the help of AI, not just anyone can do it. But, it is certainly possible to learn the necessary skills and use AI to help where it can.

With rising demand for engaging newsletters and sales-oriented landing pages, freelancers who harness AI can offer clients results that push up revenue growth. Additionally, mastering the art of cold emails with the assistance of AI can open doors to lucrative opportunities in the business world. As businesses increasingly prioritize personalized communication strategies, skilled copywriters equipped with AI expertise are well-positioned to meet these needs.

Hoppy Copy Sales Outreach Sequence Writer

Copywriting and content writing can be worthwhile careers or side gigs. If you continually improve, use AI in smart ways, and are easy to work with, you can make money writing online.

Our favorite tools you should check out are Jasper (read review), HoppyCopy (read review), and Writesonic (read review). But there are plenty of others out there as well. For an interesting writing niche, use to help people write and optimize their resumes/cover letters.

Best AI Writing ToolsBest ForStarting PriceFree VersionTop 3 Features
Jasper AIContent creation and SEO Writing$49/moContent templates, SEO optimization, brand memoryGet
WritesonicBlog article and marketing writing$19/mo✔️Marketing copy, SEO features, Browser extensionGet
HoppyCopyWriting sales and marketing emails$29/moSpam checker, drip sequence creator, brand voiceGet
Resume.ioWrite and format resumes and cover letters$44.95/6 mos✔️Unlimited resumes and cover letters, document templates, unlimited downloadsGet

2. Develop Apps with AI Coding Tools

Developing a SaaS product involves coming up with an idea, designing it, writing the code, testing it, and finally launching it. This process can take months or even years, depending on the complexity of the product.

Use AI Coding Assistants

AI code assistants like Copilot can significantly speed up development tasks. It provides real-time code suggestions, automates repetitive tasks, and even helps debug your code. We love how you can type a comment in your code and, line by line, as you tab through, CoPilot writes matching code.

GitHub Copilot best AI coding assistants

All this means you can develop your product faster and with fewer obvious errors. Create an MVP (minimum viable product) and quickly start selling it to people who need what you’ve built. Keeping the initial product as simple as possible at first will help you fully leverage AI. More complicated projects make using AI more difficult.

Need some inspiration? Indie developer Louis Pereira created AudioPen, an AI app, which skyrocketed to mobile app success—all by creating an AI audio note-maker app!

Use No-Code App Building Tools

Bubble and Directual are two app-building platforms for building a low-code app. Use ChatGPT to help answer questions and give you advice on technical situations. This will help you learn valuable skills as you build something helpful for others. If the app does one thing well, you can make MRR (monthly recurring revenue) by growing your subscriber base for a low-cost tool they love.

Product development is a lucrative opportunity because there’s a growing demand for niche SaaS products. If you’re a developer (or aspiring), you can leverage AI to increase productivity and bring your product to market faster. You’d be surprised what you can do with AI and a little tenacity.

Freelance Coding

Maybe you don’t have the time or passion to create your own AI app or startup, but you have a knack for coding. You might still put your skills and a bit of AI to good use by providing freelance services. What we like about freelancing as a developer or coder is that you can pick the type of coding task to specialize in. One of the most powerful ways to increase your profits as a freelancer (of any kind) is to productize your skills.

As a coding freelancer, you can choose the tech stack you want to work with and the type of applications you want to help build. So, you could choose to develop with React for front-end web applications for small businesses needing to collect customer reviews on their website (that’s one of millions of examples of niching down your offering).

After you do about five jobs, you’ll start to get fast at creating these solutions. You might even be able to package it as a plugin or extension that can be even easier to implement on websites for your clients.

Best AI Coding AssistantsBest ForStarting PriceFree VersionTop 3 Features
GitHub CopilotCoding assistance and automation$19/user/moCode suggestions, Automate tasks, DebuggingGet
BubbleNo-code app development$32/mo✔️Drag-and-drop builder, Custom workflows, Integration optionsGet
DirectualScalable no-code application platform$39/mo✔️API-first, Scalable backend, Extensive integrationsGet

3. Manage Paid Advertising with AI

Digital marketing involves a wide range of skills. It’s a more complex process because it requires a deep understanding of different platforms, channels, and strategies—and how they all fit together.

AI marketing tools can automate many marketing tasks. Maybe a little more important is that they can help you create marketing campaigns, analyze your results, and optimize/iterate your strategies based on predictive analytics.

Social Media Advertising with AI

Social platform advertising involves creating and managing ad campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to reach a targeted audience. AI enhances this process by automating and optimizing ad delivery. Tools like Adzooma use AI to analyze engagement to place ads effectively, increasing the likelihood of reaching an interested audience. Tools such as Lately and Pencil aid in creating compelling ad content by using data from previous campaigns. However, it’s important to remember that AI can assist decision-making, but the final creative input and strategy adjustments still require human insight.

Lately Social Media Management by AI

This is a profitable opportunity because businesses need ways to reach their target audience in order to increase sales. Small business owners often realize their need for help but don’t have the time to learn advertising skills or technologies.

Search Advertising with AI

Search advertising focuses on displaying ads within search engine results, targeting users based on their search queries. AI in search advertising streamlines keyword selection and bidding processes. Platforms like WordStream, Acquisio, and Optmyzr use AI for keyword analysis, optimizing bids, and predicting ad performance, thus making ad campaigns more cost-effective. AI also helps tailor ads to individual users based on their search behaviors, enhancing ad relevance. Despite these advantages, it’s crucial to understand that AI tools require continuous monitoring and adjustments based on market trends and changes in search engine algorithms.

If you’re a digital marketer, you can leverage AI today to deliver better client results in less time.

Best AI Advertising ToolsBest ForStarting PriceFree VersionTop 3 Features
AdzoomaOnline ad management and optimization$99/mo✔️Automated suggestions, Performance reports, Time-saving toolsGet
WordStreamPaid search and social advertisingCustomGoogle Ads audit, Performance dashboard, Ad managementGet
PencilAI-driven creative for ads$14/moCreative generation, Performance analysis, Easy ad iterationGet

4. Earn as a CRM & Sales Consultant

Sales operations involve a lot of repetitive tasks—from managing leads, tracking sales, analyzing performance data, and keeping a clean list. It’s a time-consuming process that can take away from the time salespeople could spend on building relationships and closing deals. This presents an excellent opportunity to create a service-based business or consulting service at the intersection of AI and CRM. This can take a lot of different shapes, so you’ll want to figure out a specialty to focus on. Whenever you see a complicated software or process, there’s bound to be an opportunity to earn handsomely.

Configure and Automate CRM Workflows

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools power many businesses. Without a CRM, companies could be reeling as they try to stay organized and reach out to customers. Sometimes, it’s even worse for a business to have a poorly planned CRM with messy, unusable data. Whether they use a CRM for eCommerce, sales, or email marketing, businesses need help with this tricky piece of technology.

AI sales tools like Apollo (read review), Seamless AI (read review), or Sendspark (read review) can enrich many sales and contact management tasks. These tools can find leads, track sales, analyze performance data, and even provide insights on improving sales strategies.

The only problem? Many businesses don’t know what is available to them, and those that do face a steep learning curve for implementing powerful AI tools into their sales processes. By mastering a few tools (choose a single CRM to specialize in and an AI integration to focus on), you can offer a high-ticket service to businesses needing your technical acumen.

Filter Companies Find Contacts Contact and Company Finder

This is a lucrative opportunity because businesses always look for ways to increase their sales efficiency. They need a reliable partner to help them navigate the technology and strategy of it all.

You can also provide services as an integration specialist using tools like ActivePieces or Make, which connect various SaaS platforms. These tools are starting to add integrations with AI services from OpenAI and Anthropic. This allows you to help companies infuse their vital workflows with AI insights and decision-making.

Best CRM & Sales AI ToolsBest ForStarting PriceFree VersionTop 3 Features
ApolloTotal sales enrichment and pipeline management$59/mo✔️Enrich CRM with more contact details, cold email tracking, call recordingGet
GongSales conversation intelligenceCustomAI call analysis, Team performance dashboard, Integration with CRMsGet
Seamless.aiLead generation and sales prospectingCustomContact data discovery, AI-powered search, CRM integrationGet
SendsparkVideo engagement for sales$15/month✔️Personalized video emails, Video requests, AnalyticsGet

5. Freelance as a Photo Editor

Professional photo editing is a meticulous process that requires a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of various editing tools and techniques. It involves enhancing colors, adjusting lighting, removing unwanted elements, and more. This process can take hours, depending on the complexity of the image and the level of detail required.

AI photo enhancers like Topaz Photo AI, Photoshop Generative Fill, or Luminar can significantly speed up this process. They can automatically enhance colors, adjust lighting, and remove unwanted elements. There are even AI image upscalers to add high resolution to pixelated photos. This means you can edit more photos in less time without compromising quality. Bulk editing is possible, too, so you can apply a particular style to hundreds of images.

Photoshop AI generative fill

Image created with Leonardo AI and edited with Photoshop AI

Work with Photographers

One of the easiest partnerships photographers are eager to establish is those with professional image editors. Photographers who manage high volumes of photoshoots and images per shoot have long looked to freelancers to help them edit photos. By breaking up these tasks, they can focus on what they really like doing—working with their clients and offering photoshoots.

AI Mask Categories

Adobe Lightroom with Advanced AI Mask Categories for Pinpoint Editing

Now, throwing images through a simple AI prompt isn’t going to work for photographers. Often, they want to work with professionals who can adapt to different styles based on the clients they are working with. You’ll need to master photo editing with AI to get and keep photographers on retainer. However, plenty of AI image editing tools are easy to master and offer a lot of flexibility. But you should probably grab a copy of Adobe Lightroom and start with its AI image editing tools. You aren’t going to find a tool that makes things easier while also allowing you to dive into the granular details of the trade.

Edit Product Photos for Ecommerce

Editing product photos is a profitable opportunity because there’s a growing demand for professional product images. With the rise of eCommerce, every shop has to be even more competitive to survive. This starts with great product images that can stop the scroll and grab attention. Product photos often take their own unique eye for editing. Many AI tools will help you remove backgrounds, replace backgrounds with more aesthetic ones, and help make the photos look better overall.

If you’re a photographer or a graphic designer, you can leverage AI photo enhancers to increase your productivity and take on more clients. If not, it’s not too late to get started.

Best AI Photo Editing ToolsBest ForStarting PriceFree VersionTop 3 Features
Topaz Photo AIPhoto enhancement and editing$199/yrAI enhancement, Noise reduction, SharpeningGet
Photoshop Generative FillAdvanced AI conceptual edits$22.99/monthGenerative fill, Advanced editing, Cloud storageGet
LuminarAutomated photo editing$11.95/moAI Sky Replacement, AI structure, Skin enhancerGet
LightroomAI powered photo editing$20.99/monthAI filters, standard filters, Cloud storageGet

6. Consult as a Data Scientist

Thanks to machine learning, tools like ChatGPT are excellent at pattern recognition, which makes them indispensable for Data Science and research. Data Analyst, ChatGPT’s official data and code plugin, streamlines so many data processing and analysis workflows that it is hard to ignore.

You can use ChatGPT’s Python interpreter/sandbox to help with file conversion between formats like TSV, YAML, CSV, and JSON. Data Analyst can also craft summary graphs and charts to visualize data trends, execute a broad spectrum of statistical analyses, and generate SQL tables and schemas directly from file contents, accurately identifying the most suitable data types for each column. Additionally, it can perform thorough error checks on data files to pinpoint missing data or irregular characters. Can you see how this is a huge time saver for this type of work?

ChatGPT for Data Analysis - Example of Python Script Creating Graph

Screenshot of ChatGPT’s Data Analyst at work with Python for creating a graph. It took less than 10 seconds for it to perform this example.

What’s incredible about using AI this way is that you can have it execute all these tasks through its Python environment, which can then be downloaded and used outside of that AI chat platform. So it can perform tasks but also help data specialists automate their work with repeatable solutions. It’s one of the more exciting ways to make money on this list—even if it isn’t the most attractive job out there.

Product CSV Data from WooCommerce

eCommerce stores produce large amounts of data (Products, Sales, Customers, etc.), which need to be mined in order to make better decisions.

Data Analytics is the perfect place to niche down, which will help you refine automated processes and scripts for the work that you do. Consider data niches such as GIS/location data, technical SEO and ranking data, business intelligence (BI), medical/scientific data, eCommerce product database data, and many more.

Best Data Science AI ToolsBest ForStarting PriceFree VersionTop 3 Features
ChatGPTData analysis and pattern recognition$20/mo✔️Code generation, Data visualization, Natural language processingGet
SQLAIConnects to databases, creates dashboards, and generates SQL commands$5/moDatabase connectivity, Dashboard creation, SQL command generationGet

7. Provide AI Chatbots for Businesses

Customer service is a critical aspect of running a people-centered business. However, customer inquiries come in droves and require a lot of attention. This is where AI chatbots can come in and help with the easiest portion of inbound inquiries.

AI website chatbots can handle customer inquiries 24/7, providing instant relief for the businesses you’re working with. The AI chatbots can answer common questions, guide users through troubleshooting processes, and even assist with sales and bookings. This lets your clients focus on the most complicated cases that take time.

Botsonic AI Chatbot for Websites

Consulting and installing AI customer support software is a profitable opportunity because you’d be using an emerging technology that businesses desperately need but don’t understand. If you’re a new developer or don’t mind navigating conversational AI technology, you can offer AI chatbot configuration and specialize in a few platforms. Set up website integrations and gather a knowledge base and internal documents to train a chatbot for clients. Then, deploy it to your client’s satisfaction.

We recommend looking into Chatbase, Tidio (see review), and Botsonic (see review) for AI chatbot creation. Botsify is another good option with a white-labeling option that is perfect for an agency or freelancer. You can also check out our guide on how to create an AI.

Best AI Chatbot SolutionsBest ForStarting PriceFree VersionTop 3 Features
ChatbaseEasy Chatbot builder with custom knowledge$19/mo✔️Simple installation, upload documents, lead generationGet
Tidio (Lyro AI)Customer service chatbots$39/month✔️Easy setup, Integration with eCommerce, Customizable botsGet
BotsonicConversational AI for websites$20/mo✔️Natural conversations, Voice-enabled bots, CustomizationGet
BotsifyChatbot for websites, SMS, and social channels$49/moWhitelabel bot builder, Messenger integration, and unlimited conversationsGet

8. Manage Social Media Brands

Social media management is tedious for many business owners who just want to run their business. These owners have better things to do and don’t want to spend all their time thinking about social platforms. It requires too much understanding of platforms, content creation, and community management.

Ocoya Social Media Creation and Scheduling

AI social media management tools can automate post creation and scheduling. If you want to get into managing brand social channels for small businesses and brands, these AI tools can make doing so a little more tenable. Many AI social tools also help you manage your inbox conversation and post analytics. Literally, every aspect of social media can be made better through AI. This makes it easier for you to manage multiple brands and help them achieve their business objectives.

Social media managers can use AI to increase productivity and attract more clients. Try Ocoya and see how it makes everything easier to manage.

Social Media Video Creation and Editing

Creating engaging social media videos is a key strategy for many businesses and influencers alike. However, video editing can be a little too much to handle for many people. And since it involves software and skill, things like trimming footage, adding effects and transitions, and syncing audio are too time-consuming or require too much of a learning curve for many. Even before AI, video editing was commonly outsourced to professionals with the means to get the job done well.

FlexClip AI subtitles

AI video editing tools can bring interesting workflows to the video creation process. This allows you to create high-quality social media videos in a fraction of the time. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. Many of these tools will even help you break down larger creative works, like podcasts and hour-long videos, into shorter clips (for YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels).

We recommend trying out FlexClip and seeing how it leverages AI to make many video editing and creating steps super easy.

Best Social Media AI ToolsBest ForStarting PriceFree VersionTop 3 Features
OcoyaAI-driven content creation and scheduling$19/month✔️AI content generation, Analytics, Multi-platform schedulingGet
BufferSocial media post scheduling and engagement$6/mo per channel✔️Post scheduling, Analytics, Team collaborationGet
FlexClipEasy video making and editing for social media$19.99/month✔️Video creation, Extensive template library, Easy editing toolsGet

9. Edit Music and Audio as a Freelancer

The creator economy is booming, which means there is a ton of opportunity to get in on the action. Whether you are interested in helping YouTubers, podcasters, musicians (or similar creative types), AI technologies have come to the rescue. There are tons of tools and ways to use AI to make money with audio-based services.

Generate Music and Background Tracks

Creating music or background tracks for videos, games, or other media is a creative process for which few have the chops. AI music generators like AIVA or Mubert (read review) can assist in this process, creating unique tracks in seconds.

These tools can generate music in various styles and moods, allowing you to create the perfect track for any project. They can also help you experiment with different musical ideas, speeding up the composition process.

Mubert's simple and effective interface

AI democratizes music and music production, putting you at the center of it by being able to prompt-engineer your way to a successful service-based business in music. You can leverage freelance marketplaces like Fiverr to sell your services to audiences beyond what you hoped for.

Audio Editing Services for Podcasters

Audio editing for podcasters is about refining and enhancing audio content to deliver a clear, engaging, and professional listening experience. AI plays a significant role in this domain by streamlining the editing process. Tools like Descript offer advanced features such as automatic transcriptions, voice cloning, and easy audio editing as if it’s text. Resound provides AI-driven audio enhancement, ensuring optimal sound quality by analyzing and adjusting levels, removing background noise, and improving clarity. Exemplary AI is another tool that assists in automating routine editing tasks, enabling more focus on creative aspects of podcast production.

Descript Transcriptions

Use Descript to Edit Videos, Create Transcripts, and Adjust Eye Contact with AI

Tools such as Descript provide voice cloning, accurate audio transcriptions, and easy audio editing tools. Transcriptions are important for podcast and YouTube platforms, enhancing accessibility and SEO of people’s content. Voice cloning is an exciting way for creators to generate content in their likeness while reducing the demands of bulky recording setups and lots of editing time. AI audio editing tools allow people like you to help more people with tasks that are important to their projects or businesses.

Best Audio Editing AI ToolsBest ForStarting PriceFree VersionTop 3 Features
DescriptAudio editing, transcription, and voice cloning$15/mo✔️Overdub (voice cloning), Multi-track editing, Automatic transcriptionGet
Adobe Podcasts (Beta)Podcast-specific audio editing and enhancementBeta - Free✔️Podcast editing tools, AI noise reduction, Content matchingGet
MubertAI-driven music generation and audio editing$14/mo✔️AI-generated music, Real-time music creation, Extensive genre optionsGet

10. Offer AI Translation Services

Our world is getting smaller and smaller, and because of that, translation services are in high demand as businesses expand globally. However, human translation can be time-consuming and expensive, especially for large text libraries.

AI translation tools significantly speed up the translation process. While they may not always be perfect, they can provide a good starting point for human translators, saving valuable time and effort.

For those who know multiple languages, you can offer a competitive mix of AI and human translation services. Use AI to get the bulk of the work done, but use your multi-lingual talent to add another level of accuracy. Many people need translation services but don’t want to pay for 100% manual translations or trust 100% AI translations.

Use or some other generative AI tool to help you make money translating. Also, get familiar with the major translation plugins on WordPress since you’ll likely be working with them a lot.

Best Translation AI ToolsBest ForStarting PriceFree VersionTop 3 Features
Copy.AIGenerating creative written content in multiple languages$49/mo✔️Multi-language content creation, Marketing copy, Blog post generatorGet
WPMLWordPress multilingual plugin for website translation€39/yrWebsite localization, E-commerce support, Compatibility with major themes and pluginsGet
ChatGPTAI-driven conversation and content generation in various languages$20/mo✔️Natural language processing, Multi-language support, Customizable responsesGet

11. Offer Multiple SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about as challenging a task as any and involves optimizing a website to rank higher on search engines. It requires a deep understanding of search engine algorithms, content topics, and optimization strategies. This process is more complex than most businesses can manage themselves without hiring someone full-time or on a contract basis.

SurferSEO Grow Flow Content Decay

AI SEO tools like Semrush (see review), SurferSEO, or AlliSEO can help you solve these complicated problems for businesses. They can conduct keyword research, optimize content, and track performance in a fraction of the time it would take a human. They can also help with more complex tasks like link building and technical SEO. While they aren’t a quick-fix tool, they offer plenty to simplify the traditional job of an SEO specialist.

This is a profitable opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs because there’s a high demand for SEO services and surprisingly few qualified practitioners. SEO specialists can use AI tools to increase productivity, but nothing replaces constant testing and continued growth of experience.

It goes without saying that SEO for your own website (if you have one) can help generate more traffic and revenue. If you have a WordPress site, these SEO plugins will help.

Best SEO AI ToolsBest ForStarting PriceFree VersionTop 3 Features
SEMrushComprehensive SEO toolkit$129.95/moKeyword research, Site audit, Competitor analysisGet
SurferSEOOn-page SEO optimization$89/moContent editor, SERP Analyzer, Keyword researchGet
Alli AIAutomated SEO tasks$299/moTask automation, SEO recommendations, Progress trackingGet

13. Become an AI-Powered Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing, the practice of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products, has been a reliable way to make money blogging for years. However, the landscape is competitive, and standing out can be challenging. That’s where AI can give you a slight competitive advantage as you try to help people with their purchasing decisions.

AI can help you find good products to promote, help with video creation or email marketing, and automate internal linking. Leveraging AI for affiliate promotion requires only an affiliate website and an AI writer. Many AI marketing tools that would help any business would help yours. WordPress is an excellent platform to create your website on, with tons of affiliate plugins to support the technical side of your operation that other site builders are built for.

A screenshot of ThirstyAffiliates' Homepage

Plugins for Affiliate Marketers Abound with WordPress

Your job would be to write reviews, comparisons, and how-to articles that are the best on the subject and show your audience products that they’d find helpful. Getting the audience built up and a strong SEO profile will take a while, but it is very doable in certain niches. Since you are interested in AI, AI chatbots may be a good place to start. They are a hot topic right now and are legitimately helping people save time with the tasks they do every day.

Affiliate marketing has always been a lucrative opportunity. It would be best to approach this as a side hustle since creating the amount of content it takes to drive traffic will take time. After reasonable work and exposure, you can expect an affiliate website in the right niche to become lucrative.

Best Affiliate Marketing AI ToolsBest ForStarting PriceFree VersionTop 3 Features
ThirstyAffiliatesAffiliate link management and cloaking$249/yr✔️Link cloaking, Stats tracking, Automated linkingGet
Internal Link JuicerSEO and internal link optimization$69.99/yr✔️Automated internal linking, SEO boost, AnalyticsGet
Post Affiliate ProAffiliate program management software$139/moAffiliate management, Tracking and reporting, Customizable commission structuresGet

14. Create and Sell AI-Generated Artwork

AI art is exploding on the scene, opening up new opportunities and marketplaces in the art industry. Artists traditionally spend hours, days, or even weeks creating a single piece of art. They need to develop a concept, create the artwork, and then find a way to sell it. Today, there are AI design tools that make it easy for anyone to make art. You can use ChatGPT’s Dalle-3 or an alternative.

AI art generators can create unique pieces of art in minutes. The best let you iterate on an image until it reaches perfection. It might seem like a hack, but creating graphics people want to buy with AI is no easy task. Prompt engineering is a real challenge in a saturated art market, but if you hone your skill and find a niche, you can sell AI art quickly.

AI art generators

Image created with Midjourney and edited in Photoshop AI

AI-Generated Stickers

You can create unbelievable images that look great as physical stickers using an AI image generator like Midjourney, StableDiffusion, or Dalle-3. Whether you want to create characters, 2-dimensional animals, or other styles of stickers, AI is great at creating original images that match your descriptions. You can generate an image that is suitable for a sticker. You can often use a separate service to remove the background of that image so you can have an isolated image asset. We recommend using Adobe’s background remover to do just that. From there, you can use a sticker printing service, such as Custom Stickers, to print them. From there, you can sell them as you wish.

Fire Hydrant Sticker Created with DALLE-3 and ChatGPT

Fire Hydrant Sticker Created with DALLE-3 and ChatGPT

Create Posters, Tapestries, or Wall Art with AI

Of course, you can create art suitable for other mediums like posters, wall tapestries, coasters, and many more. Usually, you will want to stick with mediums that can handle printing complex art with many colors (which is getting easier these days). T-shirts often have limitations with the number of colors they can print and have more nuanced specifications for ensuring your design is ready to print. But many other types of art are great for imaginative AI art. Just make sure you have a plan to sell your work.

Pro-tip: Pair AI art with a print-on-demand service (like Printify) to sell on your own online store website or use an eCommerce platform like Etsy. It’s a better way to go than selling .jpgs and might increase your profit margins. Oh, and don’t infringe on intellectual property—it’s better to think of your own ideas than try to sell pictures of Micky Mouse.

However, since AI-generated art is so accessible, this is likely to be a highly competitive niche. In fact, it was competitive even when designers were doing all of this manually. But, with the right idea and go-to-market plan, you might fall into a great idea.

Best AI Art Creation ToolsBest ForStarting PriceFree VersionTop 3 Features
Adobe FireflyEasy-to-use creative AI for generating images$4.99/month✔️AI-powered image generation, Wide range of styles, Integration with Adobe productsGet
PrintifyOn-demand printing and shippingCost per productWide product range, Integration with eCommerce platforms, Custom branding optionsGet
MidjourneyHigh-quality AI art generation$10/monthHigh-resolution art creation, Diverse styles, Community-driven developmentGet

15. Start a Web Design Business

A website has long been required to establish a brand and drum up business. That means companies need to build and maintain websites if they want to succeed. A well-designed website can attract more visitors, keep them on the site longer, and convert them into customers. That’s where professionals with the right tools can swoop in and solve a need.

This is something that we’re particularly passionate about. We’ve sought to create the best visual editing experience in WordPress. WordPress is so flexible that it can create any website for any need or niche. Divi is a great theme builder to layer on top of WordPress to make it equally flexible as a designer.

A screenshot of Divi's premade layout packs

Hundreds of Layouts to Quickly Customize and Launch Websites

Of course, we recommend trying out Divi AI, which brings impressive AI capabilities to WordPress through advanced AI image editing, content writing, and soon layout/page creation. If you also need a way to create your own plugins for WordPress, you can use a tool like WPTurbo or CodeWP to get the job done.

Even if traditional website design turns you off, there is plenty of room (and growing) to get comfortable with AI-driven design. AI creates stunning designs, writes landing page copy, and generally takes some of the edge off of building a site from scratch. There are a lot of AI WordPress plugins and AI website builders that make site building and management easy.

Best Web Design AI ToolsBest ForStarting PriceFree VersionTop 3 Features
Siteground ResellerHosting solutions for web design businesses$4.99/moReliable web hosting, Managed WordPress, Reseller programGet
Divi AIGenerative AI solution inside visual editor$18/moVisual editing, AI coding, AI writing/artGet
WPTurboPlugin development with AI assistance$9/mo✔️Streamline plugin development, AI coding assistance, WordPress compatibilityGet

AI is a Tool—Not a Get-Rich-Quick Hack

Let’s be real for a moment here. Artificial Intelligence is a powerful technology and a force multiplier. It can help us do things faster, smarter, and more efficiently. But like any tool, it’s not a magic wand. The hard truth is that AI works best when paired with legitimate business ideas and good old-fashioned hard work. You should think of AI as a way to enhance your skills, offer better services, and create more value. It’s best when it allows you to do more of what you’re already good at (or willing to become good at).

Tips for Using AI to Make Money

  1. Look for Specialized Tasks: AI does a lot of things well, but it is at its best when it can focus on a specific process or outcome. When wanting to use AI, it’s better to break how you use it down to its smallest parts.
  2. Tools ≠ Tasks: AI tools may help with certain tasks, but don’t assume that purchasing a tool will automatically start making you money. Tools need to be used and employed expertly to get the most out of them.
  3. Money is Found in the Hard Tasks: Making money with AI sounds easy, but the real money is still in hard work or work that demands experience. If you aren’t willing to offer either of those, money will not come easy to you.
  4. When You Provide Value, You are Rewarded: Use AI to create real value to make the world (or a business) a little bit better. When you create value (valuable service or product), people are eager to reward you with proper compensation. That’s what making money with AI is all about.

How Will You Decide to Make Money Using AI?

From writing to art and from coding to marketing, AI is increasingly being used as a tool to work more efficiently and create more value. Understanding how to make money with AI can serve as a significant advantage in your life and career. Remember, AI shouldn’t be about replacing humans or necessarily creating passive income. It’s best used when it includes expert human involvement—augmenting our abilities and helping us reach new heights.

We hope you have found valuable ideas and are encouraged to make a meaningful step. Let us know any questions you may have in the comments. Check out our guides on the best tools for business. Whether you’re looking to write, design, code, or market, we’ve got plenty of content to keep you ahead of the curve.

What way of using AI to make money has got you thinking?

Is it possible to make money with AI?
Certainly! Making money with AI is an exciting possibility. There are several ways you can capitalize on this rapidly growing technology. Each of them requires narrowing down to specific tasks that are ideal for AI to perform. Our favorites are developing with AI, writing with AI, and managing paid ads.
How can I make passive income with AI?
If you are looking to generate passive income using AI, there are plenty of opportunities out there. Here are a few ways to consider:
  • Use AI tools to create and sell digital products or courses.
  • Create and sell digital art with AI art generator tools. There are AI marketplaces for buying and selling AI art which can help generate passive income.
  • Affiliate marketing: With AI tools for website creation, writing, and SEO, it is quite possible to start an affiliate marketing website that can generate passive revenue.
Just remember, the key to passive income is to take the time to create something that holds value over the long haul.
Can I make money with AI bots?
There are multiple ways to make money using AI chatbots. You can:
  • Build chatbots for businesses: You can sell installation services for chatbots that can provide customer service, set appointments, qualify leads, and answer questions for businesses. You can charge between $100 to $400 or more, depending on the complexity of the bots.
  • Sell AI bot templates: You can create a collection of templates for different types of bots and sell them multiple times to generate passive income. Templates can make it easier for businesses and developers to customize their bots. These templates usually include a base prompt that focuses the chatbot to answer only in specific ways.
How can I make money on YouTube with AI?
AI revolutionizes YouTube content creation and optimization, from drafting scripts and descriptions to automating video editing tasks like adding music and subtitles. It saves time and enhances productivity, enabling more frequent video uploads. Furthermore, AI's insights into viewership patterns optimize posting schedules, ensuring maximum audience engagement. Embracing AI for these tasks can also open opportunities for outsourcing, appealing to businesses seeking efficient content strategies.
How do I make money online as told by Redditors?
Reddit is a great place to come into contact with the best ideas for making money. People love sharing what's working for them, and they often spill all of the tea. Based on dozens of subreddits, we've noticed that many people are having success making money with AI through data analysis, SEO services, and developing their own software for sale. Most are wary of false claims of getting rich quickly with AI.

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  1. Thanks so much for this info but how do I sell my work? I’m a content creator.

    I mean I want to go into content writing. How do I generate ideas?

    How long does it take to start earning out of my contents?

    How do I decide what to do first when there are lots of ideas flooding my mind?

    • Most content writing is paid through services. So, you’d want to develop a writing portfolio (by taking on cheap or free writing work) and then market yourself to people needing your type of writing. I’ve found that LinkedIn and freelance sites (Fiverr and others) are great for this. You earn when someone start paying you for writing tasks.
      For generating ideas for what you want to specialize in, I’d stick close to something you know a lot about or something that interests you that you’d have to learn (but are willing to learn). Once you have a specialty, it is a lot easier to sell your writing services.
      The other way to make money writing, which is harder, is by making a product of some sort. The two popular ways this is done is by writing a book or creating an affiliate marketing website where you write on a topic (write a lot) and promote certain affiliate products/services. Both of these end up being a product of sorts that people end up ‘using’ that you’d get money from. Both take a lot of commitment.
      We hope that helps Juliet!

  2. I’m willing to join and learn how to use AI but I’ll need a mentor to guide

    • Create a free ChatGPT account. Then paste this prompt to get an AI mentor for your AI journey:
      “I’m new to using generative AI for business and commercial purposes. I want to learn how I can use ChatGPT and other AI tools to make a career or side income. Act as my career coach that specializes in leveraging AI for business outcomes. Teach me how to leverage the most in-demand skills that create radical business opportunity, increased revenue, and maximized efficiency. Here is a list of skills outside of AI that I have **list out the skills/interests you have here**. How can I best augment these skills with AI? Give me a list of 10 ideas with a full explanation of each. When we find one that fits my interests, we will go deeper into that and you will give me an actionable plan for learning and career progress that includes skills I need to learn, projects that I can do to prove or show my demonstrable skills, and ways of promoting my services.”
      Then have a detailed conversation with ChatGPT.

      That should be a good start and it is a completely free AI mentor!

  3. What type of content writing does AI accept

    • Different AI writing tools specialize in various types of AI writing. You’d, first, have to determine which type of writing you want to get into and learn.
      There’s plenty to choose from: copywriting for ads (social media or search ads), copywriting for landing pages, blog content marketing, product content marketing, technical and documentation writing, or story/book/ghostwriting. Each has its own skill set for the person and AI writing tool.
      You should start learning about the type of writing you want to do before you start using AI to do it. That way you know best how AI can reasonably help.

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