11 Best AI Marketing Tools to Help You Thrive in 2024

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First Pick


Pricing: $69 per month
Standout Features: GPT 3 And LLM Tech, SEO Integrations, Long-Format Content Generator

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Second Pick

Surfer SEO

Pricing: $89 per month
Standout Features: Scores Content Against SERPs, Country-Specific SERPs, Finds Content Decay

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Third Pick


Pricing: $19 per year
Standout Features: AI-Driven Content Creation, Vast Template Library, Cross-Platform Scheduling

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Blog / Marketing / 11 Best AI Marketing Tools to Help You Thrive in 2024

👉 Marketers juggle various roles in the dynamic world of marketing. Wearing multiple hats has become less daunting, thanks to the surge in AI tools. Explore this article to uncover leading AI marketing tools that can simplify your tasks, boost your strategies, and spark your imagination.

By leveraging these cutting-edge tools, you can excel in every aspect of marketing. Whether you need to craft compelling content or amplify your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), these AI gems are here to supercharge your business. Let’s discover them!

What To Look For In AI Marketing Tools

The world of marketing is ever-evolving. Today, many businesses harness the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools. These advanced solutions enable automating tasks, customizing marketing strategies, and drawing significant insights from data. However, finding the right one can be challenging with so many AI marketing choices. Here are a few key features to keep in mind when choosing an AI marketing tool:

  • Cost: Consider options within your budget. Some providers offer trial periods for you to try before committing fully.
  • Ease of Use: Choose user-friendly interfaces with clear guidance, and make sure there are helpful training resources and strong support channels.
  • Reviews: Finally, consult peer reviews to gauge real-world performance and assess whether a solution adequately addresses your unique requirements. Evaluate carefully to find the best AI marketing partner for your needs.

Best AI Marketing Tools for Digital Marketers

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We are featuring some of the best AI tools for digital marketing professionals. These include AI Writers and Paraphrasing tools, AI social media schedulers, AI tools for search engine optimization (SEO), and AI Ad managers. We are confident that the tools featured below can help any marketer thrive in this new era of AI.

1. Jasper

🥇 Best AI Writer for Marketers

Jasper AI - Homepage - January 2024

Jasper is an all-purpose AI writer for marketers. It leverages AI in multiple ways, which makes it an attractive option for those needing various output types (blog posts, landing page copy, product descriptions, etc.). We like Jasper because it uses GPT 3 tech plus a proprietary LLM specifically trained with live marketing and sales content. Jasper also includes SEO integrations, making it a long-format content generator for SERP-topping SEO content.

Jasper best AI marketing tool Content Editor

What We Like About Jasper

  • Generates On-Brand Content: Jasper AI helps marketers avoid generic content with generative AI that learns about your company and creates content specific to your brand and voice.
  • Integration with Surfer SEO: Jasper integrates with Surfer SEO for content optimized with Surfer’s NPL SEO data.
  • Jasper Chat: Features Jasper Chat for content creation in a ChatGPT-styled interface.
  • Jasper Art: Utilizes Jasper Art to create images from text prompts.
  • Collaboration Tools: Provides plans for team collaboration, allowing multiple people to work together on documents.
  • Up-to-date Data: Offers access to real-time data for creating content about recent events (no knowledge cut-off date like the free version of ChatGPT).

What Could Be Improved

  • Business Pricing: Jasper is a business tool and is undoubtedly priced as one. It does not offer a free version or a tier with a much lower monthly price tag, so it is out of reach for many small businesses and freelancers who will look elsewhere.
  • Few Integrations: Jasper has SEO and grammar integrations but needs deeper integrations with content management systems to streamline content creation. The current integration with Webflow is a good start, but more work is required for it to be a worthwhile enterprise tool.

🥇 Why We Picked It

Jasper has it all—a long-standing product with best-in-class features. This tool is extensively utilized and has carved out a specific market segment within enterprise and corporate marketing teams. It distinguishes itself from other AI writing tools by focusing on business applications.

Who is Jasper Best For?

Jasper is one of the most popular and successful online AI writing services. It achieved this by providing superior AI writing compared to many other AI writers that emerged. These other writers tended to go through the GPT API and did not innovate their core product. Jasper did not take that approach and is now one of the best tools marketers can have in their back pockets. It is especially great for content writers and other communication specialists who write a lot of content per week.

Community Reviews and Ratings

Aside from a few comments about difficulties with unsubscribing, users highly appreciate Jaspers’s exceptional features. They consistently discover the benefits of the newly released features and enjoy their high quality. The majority of customers are medium-to-large-scale content or marketing operations.


There is no free plan, but paid plans start at $69 per month. They offer a limited free trial.

Get Jasper

2. Surfer SEO

🥈 Best AI Marketing Tool for SEO

Surfer SEO - Homepage April 2023

Surfer SEO is one of the best AI tools marketers can use for SEO content. It analyzes your content for keywords and other on-page SEO needs in real-time and compares your content against the learnings of top-ranking pages. Surfer’s content analysis helps you ensure you are on the right track with your content by looking at semantic NPL terms, content length, image #s, and more. It’s ranked among the top SEO tools and would fit right into your arsenal of organic-traffic-increasing tools.

SurferSEO Grow Flow Content Decay

What We Like About Surfer

  • Content Scoring: Scores content against NPL findings from top articles in your SERPs.
  • Localized Content: Choose country-specific search results to localize content.
  • Content Brief Creator: Creates content briefs and outlines based on competitor content.
  • Plagiarism Checker: Includes a plagiarism checker for content originality.
  • Well Integrated: Integrates with AI writing software, Google Docs, Semrush, and WordPress.

What Could Be Improved

  • Premium Pricing: SurferSEO can be quite the investment, with the lowest-priced service at $89 per month. Users can create, modify, and evaluate 30 documents per month.

🥈 Why We Picked It

We rated Surfer so high on our list because it helps users research other top-ranking articles. Its insights with NPL keywords let you know exactly the minimum necessary information to include in your writing. It also gives you the advantage of being able to see what is missing from other works that you can add to yours to make your content standout with novel information.

Who is Surfer Best For?

Surfer SEO is perfect for website managers and content editors wanting to improve content quality drastically. Editors create content briefs and outlines to give writers more opportunities to succeed. Website and SEO managers use Grow Flow to monitor published content and find out as soon as Google starts devaluing your content because of age or less usefulness (content decay).

Community Reviews and Ratings

Surfer is a popular SEO AI writing tool that its customers highly praise. It has a mature feature set that users have enjoyed and reviewed well. Despite its expensive price, people still enjoy using Surfer due to its unique characteristics.


There are no free options with paid plans starting at $89 per month.

Get Surfer SEO

3. Ocoya

🥉 Best AI Tool for Social Media Marketing

Ocoya - Homepage April 2023

Ocoya is an AI-powered social media post creator and scheduler. It’s an all-in-one AI marketing tool for social media managers. In recent years, tools like Buffer or Hootsuite have made scheduling content across social channels easier. Ocoya goes a few steps further by having a visual post creator, AI writing assistant, and the content scheduling tools you use in other apps.

Ocoya AI Post Writer and Visual Templates

What We Like About Ocoya

  • AI Content Creation: Offers AI-driven tools for social media content creation.
  • Templates Library: Provides a vast library of templates for creating image assets for social posts.
  • Cross-Platform Scheduling: Enables scheduling across multiple social platforms from its single dashboard.
  • Ecommerce Integrations: Integrates with eCommerce platforms for marketing assets.

What Could Be Improved

  • Slow with Integrations: Users were frustrated that GMB, TikTok, and YouTube posting integrations were slow to roll out. Ocoya has fixed those issues and might be on a better track.
  • Language Support for AI Writer: Not as many languages are supported through their AI tools as many businesses would like. This should be an easy thing to fix quickly, though.

🥉 Why We Picked It

Ocoya is a time saver for social media teams. Scheduling has long been one of those tasks that can take a lot of time to do if you are scheduling directly to all your social platforms. Ocoya takes it a step further by giving you an entire workflow for creating social content (images and text). Because it does both really well, it saves a lot of time for busy marketers and small business owners.

Who is Ocoya Best For?

Ocoya brings enough tools together to increase creative output to the social channels you manage. Higher plans are great for agencies with multiple team members and businesses (each business can have a workspace). Post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and TikTok. The AI writer uses social media copywriting best practices to create compelling posts with some prompting.

Community Reviews and Ratings


There is no free plan, and pricing starts at $19 per month for Ocoya Bronze.

Get Ocoya

4. Grammarly

Grammarly - Homepage April 2023
Grammarly is an AI-powered copy-editing platform that gives marketers the confidence to publish content without stressing over annoying typos. The free version helps with basic spelling and grammar issues, but Grammarly’s paid plans go to a new level. It can reword, rewrite, and restructure whole sentences that would make your high school English teacher proud.

A screenshot of the Grammarly's Plagiarism Checking Tool

Using Grammarly’s plagiarism tool, your text will be scanned for matches or resemblances to online content. This helps ensure your writing is genuine and trustworthy and is a great final check before publishing anything.

What We Like About Grammarly

  • Grammar Checking: Basic grammar and spell checking to improve writing quality.
  • Plagiarism Checker: A plagiarism checker is available for paid users to ensure content originality.
  • Grammar Education: It provides the reasons behind most of its suggestions so users can learn about common mistakes they make.
  • GrammarlyGO: An AI writer that operates through a browser extension. It is optimized for professional conversations and impeccable grammar.
  • App Connectors: Grammarly can now move content or create tasks to other apps based on quick actions with the Chrome extension.

What Could Be Improved

  • Monthly Pricing for Individuals: Their price is very high if paying month to month but less than half (monthly) if paid annually. This considerable difference might make it out of reach for many potential users.
  • Chrome Extension: The browser extension sometimes glitches, and it is hard to find the suggestion box. Other times, it will duplicate its recommendations, so you must make a single change two times.

Who is Grammarly Best For?

Marketers of all kinds can benefit from using Grammarly. It provides helpful suggestions for writing in any context, making your content clear and easy to read. Whether you’re writing social media posts, email campaigns, or internal messages on Slack, Grammarly can help you sound more professional.

Community Reviews and Ratings

It’s hard not to like Grammarly. It was the first tool to bring grammar recommendations to every digital writing surface, and no one does it better. Users of both the free and pro versions adore it and say it helps them with their written communication.


It has a great free plan with paid plans for individuals starting at $30 per month.

Get Grammarly

5. Pictory AI

Pictory - Homepage April 2023

Pictory AI is an AI-powered video generator for those marketing on websites and social channels. Its unique editing features mean you can turn text content into videos and edit your video content with text. This means you can use your writing team’s skillset to venture into video creation without needing to retrain them or hire more staff.

Pictory editor

What We Like About Pictory

  • Shorts Creation: Converts long-form videos into engaging “Shorts,” short-form videos for high-engagement sites like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.
  • Stock Footage: Automatically suggests relevant stock footage, background music, and AI-generated voiceovers for easy video creation.
  • Speech Editing: Edits videos via transcribed speech in a document editor (much like Descript).
  • Caption Generator: Automatically generates captions for videos that can be uploaded to many video platforms to make the content more accessible.
  • Voiceovers: Generates realistic AI voiceovers for video projects where you don’t want to break out the mics.

What Could Be Improved

  • Limited AI Voices: While Pictory does provide AI voices for creative voiceovers, their selection is limited to just a few options.
  • Incorrect AI Images: Pictory occasionally doesn’t choose the best stock assets and images for your videos.
  • Users Want More Templates: A common refrain is that they want Pictory to provide more templates. It’s an easy way to make using the platform less stale of time.

Who Is Pictory Best for?

Pictory AI is a perfect solution for designers, content producers, and businesses seeking an automated method to generate video content from their existing text and video content. If you want to try something new for creating and editing, give Pictory a chance.

Community Reviews And Ratings

Users appreciate the simplicity of creating a video from the beginning, but they want Pictory to support voiceovers in multiple languages. They are launching new features that help keep paying customers with them (making it a more stable company to commit to).


Pictory offers a free plan, with premium plans starting at $23 monthly.

Get Pictory AI

6. Lately

Lately - Homepage April 2023
Lately is an AI-powered content repurposing platform that learns your audience and brand voice to make content that soars. It brings a powerful AI writer with social analytics to know what your audience likes and to repurpose content based on that. After content repurposing and creation, Lately schedules your posts and can do so at the best posting times for your followers.

Lately Social Media Management by AI

What We Like About Lately

  • Content Import: Imports long-form content to generate shareable social media posts.
  • Multi-Platform Publishing: Publishes content across multiple social channels simultaneously.
  • Content Creation: Intelligently creates content from existing videos and content from your URLs.
  • Social Analytics: Offers comprehensive social analytics to track content performance.
  • Approval Processes: Lately manages team approval. One person creates and submits a post for approval. Another person gives the final say before publishing.

What Could Be Improved

  • No Paid Social Features: Lately focuses on organic social and does that well. It would be nice if they also handled boosting posts and maybe running Meta ads.

Who is Lately Best For?

Businesses with large caches of previously created content can easily create micro-content with Lately. Use it to fill the gaps in your growing team by effectively repurposing content to leverage organizational knowledge and increase total output.

Community Reviews and Ratings

Although many reviews are dated, Lately offers a solid platform that is well-received by the community. Its AI tools save plenty of time but aren’t necessarily as malleable as other dedicated AI writers.


Paid plans start at $49 per month for post-scheduling on up to 4 social channels.

Get Lately

7. Otter AI

Otter AI - Homepage April 2023

Otter AI is an advanced transcription service that uses artificial intelligence to provide accurate transcriptions of live meetings. Marketers might be in planning meetings as much as they are inside the Meta Ads manager. Otter hopes to take back some of that meeting time so you can get to the work that you’re paid to do. It listens to your meetings and captures important slides. Then, it creates meeting notes with time stamps and shows who contributed what. No more making a new Google doc for each meeting and spamming your co-workers with the link daily.

Otter's dashboard

What We Like About Otter AI

  • Meeting Transcription: Provides live transcription of meetings and records the individual conversations of all participants.
  • Presentation Capture: It records slides and presentations to be added to its notes.
  • Searchable Notes: Delivers searchable meeting notes with timestamps.
  • All Major Meeting Integrations: Integrates smoothly with preferred meeting platforms.
  • Recording Storage: Records and stores meetings in one centralized location for future reference.

What Could Be Improved

  • No Multi-Language Support: Otter’s speech-to-text feature is currently only available in English.

Who is Otter AI Best For?

Anyone in marketing or sales who spends much time in meetings will see time-savings and productivity increases using Otter. More efficient meetings with baked-in collaborative tools will help you and your whole team save time.

Community Reviews And Ratings

The community highly values the search feature, accurate transcriptions, and time-saving capabilities of transcripts. Nonetheless, there are concerns about AI’s difficulty with getting technical terminology correct, and it can butcher some less familiar names.


Otter offers a free Basic plan and two paid plans starting at $16.99 per month.

Get Otter AI

8. Adzooma

Adzooma - Homepage May 2023

Adzooma is an AI-powered ad management platform. It manages ads across channels (Google Ads, Meta, and many more) so you get world-class AI recommendations in one place. With easy ad scores and metrics, you can tell exactly how all your ads are performing and make changes from its advice—extra tools for website SEO and local listings/reviews management.

What We Like About Adzooma

  • Local Management: Manages local listings and reviews from a single dashboard with AI insights on the Plus plan.
  • Ad Campaigns: Creates and optimizes ad campaigns across networks with AI, available on the free plan (may involve ad spend percentage).
  • SEO Insights: Offers SEO performance insights with actionable steps on the plus plan.

What Could Be Improved

Who is Adzooma Best For?

Digital advertisers and SEMs will find Adzooma of great use. What would take hours of manual searching through metrics can now be handed to you on a platter. Take advantage of this AI ads platform and reach new heights.

Community Reviews and Ratings

Adzooma makes many PPC management tasks a breeze. But it isn’t always a complete replacement for longing into the advertising platform to make changes to campaigns—especially with newer features launched by the ad networks.


Free ad management plan with paid plans starts at $99 per month.

Get Adzooma

9. Tidio

Tidio - Homepage April 2023
Tidio is a comprehensive customer service chatbot platform that merges conventional chatbots with advanced AI capabilities, enabling powerful workflow-based interactions. The Tidio+ plan takes it to the next level, empowering users to create AI-driven bots that deliver unique customer interactions, reducing churn rates, and building customer loyalty, all to ensure your business stays ahead of the competition. For marketers in CRO functions (Conversion Rate Optimization), a customizable chatbot could be one of the missing pieces to your plans.

What We Like About Tidio

  • Unlimited Interactions: With Tidio+, you can have unlimited chat interactions, while Lyro AI provides a capped number of conversations (depending on the plan).
  • Seamless Handoff: Smooth transition between chatbot and live agents for customer care.
  • Help Tickets: Incorporates integrated help tickets for complex inquiries.
  • Cloud-Based: Accessible via mobile apps and desktop applications through cloud operation.
  • Ecommerce Integration: Connects with WooCommerce and Shopify for conversational shopping experiences, including abandoned cart recovery and product recommendations.

What Could Be Improved

  • Complicated Pricing Structure: Tidio has evolved its products and offerings over the years. But this has created a weird patchwork of offerings with features spanning multiple packages. Since Lyro launched, though, pricing has started to make more sense.

Who is Tido Best For?

Tidio’s chatbot platform offers significant advantages to marketers in CRO or eCommerce. Addressing customer messages and integrating with shopping boosts conversion rates for many users. Pricing for Tidio+ is steep, but they have recently launched Lryo AI, which is far more economical.

Community Reviews and Ratings

Users frequently describe Tidio as one of the easiest solutions to bring AI to their websites. It can be on the pricey side, but it is reliable and offers a lot to work with.


Tidio’s Lyro AI has a free plan with premium ones starting at $39 per month.

Get Tidio

10. GrowthBar

GrowthBar - Homepage May 2023

GrowthBar is a total SEO content researching and AI writing application. It helps content marketers and editors research, plan, write, and then optimize content destined for the top positions of Google. Writers use it daily to speed up content ideation and creation with a particular focus on writing better content than the competition—using insights from the competition.

What We Like About GrowthBar

  • Keyword Research: A keyword research tool that provides information on monthly search volume, difficulty, and related terms.
  • Rank Tracking: Tracks rank positions for keywords with Google Search Console integration.
  • Content Outlines: Generates content outlines from currently ranking article headings.
  • AI Writer: Utilizes an AI content writer for SEO content, meta descriptions, and headings.

What Could Be Improved 

  • High Price: Growthbar has plenty of built-in tools and features, which come at a cost. Many users love the platform but frequently note its price can be a challenge some months.

Who is GrowthBar Best For?

SEO content writers looking for a tool that helps with basic SEO research and AI content writing will love GrowthBar. It’s very similar to Surfer SEO but comes in about $11 / mo cheaper, which should interest SEO-conscious freelance writers.

Community Reviews and Ratings

GrowthBar enjoys very high reviews, with plenty of users singing its praise. It’s a solid tool that does multiple things. Its AI writing is quality, while its rank-tracking tools provide an excellent source of research to see how marketing efforts are going.


Plans start at $48 per month for GrowthBar with unlimited AI generations.

Get GrowthBar

11. Personalize by human

Personalize - Landing Page May 2023

Personalize is an AI-powered customer insights platform that tracks user activity and creates interest profiles for each. This continuously updated AI tool best matches customer interests with products and services based on web activity such as dwell time, page view history, event clicks, and more. The end goal with Personalize is to create a data-rich interest profile to send ideally segmented and personalized marketing emails to each contact.

What We Like About Personalize

  • Event Tracking: Implements dynamic event tracking for user interactions.
  • Email Personalization: Personalizes emails based on AI-captured interests.
  • Email Automation: Enables email automation for efficient campaign management.

What Could Be Improved

  • Complicated to Setup: Personalization software tends to be more complex and technical than other marketing tasks. Combined with Personlize’s older-looking UI and slower development, it can take some time to implement well.

Who is Personalize Best For?

Larger businesses with many products or services can increase conversions by sending targeted emails based on AI predictive insights. Marketers can benefit from AI creating segments and personalization without creating extensive CRM rules and flows.

Community Reviews and Ratings

Personalize has very few public reviews. But its toolset meets the needs of many medium to large businesses needing a way to personalize email based on website and other interactions. Its AI can intake thousands of data points to make granular decisions that move the needle.


No free option is available, but paid plans start at $69 per month for less than 10,000 contacts.

Get Personalize

Comparing the Best AI Marketing Tools

Selecting the right mix of the best AI marketing tools will help you cut down on time, increase your ROI, raise your conversion rates, and improve your business.

Feature Comparison of the Top 3 Marketing Tolls with AI

Knowing what you are getting when signing up for a tool is essential. Here’s a look at our top three choices for AI marketing tools to see which ones have what you need.

Feature🥇Jasper🥈Surfer SEO🥉Ocoya
Starting Price$69/mo$89/mo$19/mo
AI Content Creation✔️✔️
SEO Optimization Tools✔️✔️
Social Media Management✔️
Collaborative Tools✔️✔️
Real-Time Data✔️✔️✔️
AI Image Generation✔️✔️
Community Rating5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Read Reviews5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Read Reviews4.5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Read Reviews
Get JasperGet Surfer SEOGet Ocoya

Price Comparison of AI Marketing Tools

Price is a growing factor with AI tools. You want good outputs, solid features, and an easy-to-use workflow. But that all comes at a cost. Here’s a price comparison to see if one of these tools hits your sweet spot.

PluginPriceFree Option
🥇Surfer SEO$59/moGet
5Pictory AI$23/moGet
7Otter AI$16.99/mo✔️Get
9Tidio+$329/mo (for AI)Get

What Are the Best AI Marketing Tools?

Selecting the best AI marketing tool may seem challenging because each tool serves different purposes. However, to help you get started, consider the following recommendations:

When it comes to content creation, Jasper stands out as a versatile AI writer that marketers like yourself should explore. It assists in generating content for various platforms. Another valuable tool is Surfer SEO, which can significantly enhance your SEO workflow and performance in search engine results. If you manage social media accounts, Ocoya is an excellent platform that leverages AI to create and schedule posts efficiently.

Beyond its uses in tools mentioned in this list, AI is proving its versatility in other areas. Struggling to craft an impactful presentation for your upcoming pitch meeting? Consider exploring AI-powered presentation tools. Similarly, AI email assistants can assist you in composing effective cold emails, ensuring a solid first impression. These innovative tools are expanding the reach and impact of AI in our daily lives.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Before we wrap up, let’s answer some of your most common questions regarding AI marketing tools. Did we miss one? Leave a question below, and we will respond!

What is the best AI marketing tool?
Jasper is one of the best all-around AI marketing tools out there. Content is essential for every form of marketing, be it Youtube video scripts, social media post content, Instagram hashtag creation, AI image generation, and headline writing. Jasper does all these and more, making it a one-stop shop for many marketing needs.
What is the best free AI marketing tool?
Grammarly is widely regarded as the best free AI marketing tool. The free version assists with basic spelling and grammar issues, providing real-time suggestions and helping users identify common mistakes. With Grammarly, users can enhance their writing across various platforms and apps, including social content, email campaigns, and internal Slack messages. Its powerful suggestions ensure clear and professional communication, making it an invaluable tool for marketers.
What is an AI marketing tool?
AI Marketing Tools perform marketing tasks using artificial intelligence for automated decision-making so that human marketers can save time and money. This can be as simple as using LLM to create marketing copy for emails, social posts, or ads, all the way to predictive analytics that manages ad spend and creative assets to find the best-performing ads without a marketer digging through hours of changing data.
What are examples of AI in marketing today?
4 Examples of AI in Marketing:
  1. Jasper uses LLMs to create marketing and sales-specific copy that can be used across a myriad of marketing channels
  2. Surfer SEO analyzes keyword difficulty and top-ranking pages in SERPs and uses NLP to analyze content to see how it compares with the competition.
  3. Pictory AI helps marketers and designers create social videos quickly. It uses AI to transform written content into video and audio content that can be used throughout distribution plans.
  4. Adzooma connects with all major search and social ad platforms. It sifts through ad metrics and, in one platform, gives updates on all paid media campaigns and helps to maximize ROAS using AI monitoring.
What is the best use of AI in marketing?
One of the best uses of AI in marketing is content personalization. AI enables marketers to customize the customer experience based on online behavior or user data. Dynamic content, such as personalized web pages, social media posts, and emails, can be created using AI analysis of user information like name, occupation, and online behavior. This approach enhances user engagement and delivers a more personalized and relevant marketing experience.
Are AI marketing tools suitable for SEO?
Yes, AI marketing tools are suitable for SEO purposes. For instance, Surfer SEO offers features like content scoring based on top-ranking articles, the ability to select country-specific SERPs for localized content, creating content briefs and outlines based on competitor analysis, and continuous website analysis to identify content decay and opportunities for improvement. On the other hand, Jasper is a long-format content generator integrating with Surfer SEO to produce SEO-optimized content using Surfer's NPL SEO data. These AI marketing tools empower marketers to enhance their SEO strategies and generate high-performing content.
How can AI be used for social media marketing?
AI can be leveraged for social media marketing, and Ocoya is an example of an AI-powered tool designed for this purpose. Ocoya is an all-in-one AI marketing tool for social media managers, offering features such as AI-driven content creation. By utilizing AI algorithms, Ocoya streamlines the process of creating and scheduling engaging social media posts, empowering marketers to optimize their social media marketing efforts efficiently.
What is the best AI tool for digital marketing?
Jasper stands out as the best AI tool for digital marketing due to its impressive features. It offers SEO integrations, allowing users to generate long-format content that can help achieve higher rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs). Jasper is particularly beneficial for content writers and communication specialists who produce a significant amount of content weekly, with a capacity of handling over 4000 words per week. Its capabilities make Jasper an invaluable tool for marketers to enhance their content strategy and optimize their SEO efforts.
What is the best AI content marketing tool?
Grammarly is widely recognized as the best AI content marketing tool available. With its AI-powered copy-editing platform, Grammarly offers basic grammar and spell-checking features, helping marketers avoid embarrassing mistakes. The tool also includes a plagiarism checker for paid users and provides real-time suggestions to help users learn from their common mistakes. Grammarly's ability to reword, rewrite, and restructure sentences makes it an indispensable tool for content creation, ensuring polished and error-free content that meets high writing standards.
What is the best AI email marketing tool?
While Grammarly is primarily known as an AI-powered copy-editing platform, it can also be considered a valuable tool for AI email marketing. With its grammar and spell-checking capabilities, Grammarly ensures error-free emails. Its ability to rephrase and enhance sentences helps marketers craft impactful and polished email content, boosting the effectiveness of their email marketing campaigns.
What are the best AI market research tools?
One of the best AI market research tools available is GrowthBar. It is a comprehensive SEO content researching and AI writing application. GrowthBar assists content marketers and editors in researching, planning, writing, and optimizing content for top positions on Google. With its keyword research tool, GrowthBar enables users to gather insights on monthly searches, search difficulty, and related terms, empowering them to create highly optimized and successful content.

Featured image via graphicwithart / shutterstock.com

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Daily planning can be challenging, especially when managing appointments, scheduling meetings, and preventing calendar conflicts across multiple time zones and commitments. AI scheduling assistants can help by streamlining the process, considering your availability, time zones, and preferences, and...

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  1. Also check out StoryChief!

  2. Greetings, Christopher! I must say, your list is remarkable. We’re embarking on a fresh educational website, and I reckon Otter holds immense potential for transcribing our audio lectures into text. Many thanks!

  3. Hey Haley, it was a good list of AI tools. I have been using grammarly and designhill for a long time and highly recommend them. I have been looking for a social media sharing tool, I was confused among 2-3 tools options. Do lately have any advanced or pro features and can I get a trial use of the tool?

  4. Hi haley, awseome list.We are start a new educational website and I think Otter can be of great use for us for transcribing our audio lectures into text. thankks

    • Fantastic! I love Otter so much. It has saved me a tremendous amount of time, after years of transcribing by hand. Hope you enjoy the tool as much as I do. The transcripts do require cleanup but it’s so much better than listening and typing as you go.

  5. It is also worth turning to a comprehensive SEO tool – SEO Surfer. With it, you can create content that will immediately be the best on the web on a given topic.

    • Yes, SEO is so important! Thanks for reading. 🙂

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