Divi Integrations

Divi Works With Your Favorite Tools

Divi integrates with dozens of online services and popular WordPress plugins. You can also easily integrate your own services using the Divi code module, or create your own modules!

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Popular WordPress Plugins

Divi will work with just about any WordPress plugin, but we have gone above and beyond to collaborate with certain partners to provide an enhanced experience for their products when using Divi.

Email Marketing

Divi and Bloom integrate with 20 different email services providers. It's easy to collect emails and build your newsletter using the Divi email opt-in module and Bloom’s suite of email popups.

Social Sharing

Using Monarch, you can display social sharing buttons in a variety of formats. Get more traffic by encouraging your visitors to share your content. Divi also makes it easy to link to your social profiles using the social follow module.

Online Services

Divi integrates with various online services, making it easy to tap into those services or embed them on your website.

Integrations From The Divi Marketplace

Just like WordPress, Divi has a thriving ecosystem of third party plugins that greatly expand Divi’s functionality. There are hundreds of commercial Divi extensions that boost Divi’s functionality by integrating it with various services and WordPress plugins.

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Add custom code and integrations

Add Custom Code To Divi’s Theme Options To Integrate Services Like Google Analytics

You can easily add code to your website or to individual pages using Divi’s integration forms. This makes it easy to integrate your website with additional services such as Google Analytics, Google Code Manager, chat systems and more. Just copy and paste the code given to you by your service provider and you are done!

Custom Code Integration

Build your own content elements

Tap Into Divi’s Module API To Build Your Own Content Elements

Divi is an open source product filled with hooks and filters, as well as a full modules API that you or your developers can use to customize Divi and create new content elements.

Custom Code Integration
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