FluentCRM is a CRM plugin for WordPress with built-in email marketing and automation. Divi integrates with FluentCRM so you can use our high-powered opt-in forms and popups to get more subscribers. This can help elevate the design and conversion of your FluentCRM opt-in forms and optimize them for lead generation. You can design and optimize each opt-in form with ease right inside Divi.


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How To Use The FluentCRM Email Opt-In Integration

This is a free integration that comes built in to Divi and Bloom. You can easily connect to your FluentCRM account and start building your email list using Divi's Email Opt-in module and Bloom's wide range of trigger-able email pop-ups, fly-ins and more. Once you have configured the module settings to connect to your account, you can start building your email list right away.

Integration Documentation
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Email Marketing

It's Easy To Build Your Email List With Divi And Bloom

Divi makes it easy to build in-line email opt-in forms that are connected with your FluentCRM email list. You can complete customize the design of the form using Divi's wide range of design settings. But that's just the beginning! With Bloom, you can build email pop-ups and fly-ins. You control when and where these pop-ups appear using a full suite of advanced targeting options. Show you pop-ups to the right people at the right time.

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Divi and Bloom integrate with 20 different email services providers. It's easy to collect emails and build your newsletter using the Divi email opt-in module and Bloom’s suite of email popups.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this integration included free with my Divi membership?

    Yes, this integration is a free part of Divi. Divi has been built to integrate with FluentCRM out of the box! For more information about how to use this integration, please refer to the documentation section above.

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  • What if my email provider isn't on Divi's integration list?

    While Divi integrates with most of the popular email marketing platforms, your email provider may not be on our integration list. However, this doesn't mean that you are out of luck. You can still add email opt-in forms to Divi by copying and pasting the email form's HTML from your provider and pasting it into Divi's code module. You can also paste custom HTML forms into Bloom's. Using custom HTML forms may limit your ability to customize the form's design when compared to using one of Divi's standard integrations.

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