Hundreds Of Content Elements

Build Anything With Divi’s Expansive Set Of Content Elements

Divi ships with a huge collection of content elements, but that’s just the beginning. You can download hundreds more free and commercial elements from the Divi community. Divi’s huge feature-set and thriving ecosystem make Divi uniquely versatile.

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Native Content Elements

Divi ships with dozens of native content elements that you can use to build just about any type of website. Each content element is fully customizable and includes hundreds of design settings.

Native Ecommerce Elements

Divi ships with a handful of native WooCommerce elements that you can use to fully customize the design of your WordPress store.

Native Structural Elements

Structural elements are used to organize your content elements using horizontal and vertical contains such as rows and columns.

Free Content Elements From The Community

Just like WordPress, Divi has a thriving ecosystem of third party plugins that greatly expand Divi’s functionality. There are dozens of free content elements built by the community that you can install and use to build your website.

More Elements From The Divi Marketplace

In addition to Divi’s standard content elements and the free content elements from the community, there are also hundreds of commercial content elements that you can purchase from the Divi Marketplace. One of Divi’s biggest assets is its thriving ecosystem of commercial products, ensuring that there is always a solution for the type of website you are building.

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Build your own content elements

Are You A Developer? Tap Into Divi’s Module API To Build Your Own Content Elements

With Divi, the possibilities are endless. If you can't find the right solution among the above list of hundreds of content elements, you or your developers can build your own! You can even sell those content elements on the Divi Marketplace and re-use them for future projects.

Custom Code Integration
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