MemberPress is a WordPress membership plugin that can be used to create digital paywalls, sell courses, and create a custom memberships experience for your WordPress users. MemberPress comes with a Divi add-on that integrates MemberPress’ membership rules into the options of each Divi content element. Using this integration, you can display content to specific members based on their MemberPress account.


Integration Documentation

How To Use MemberPress With Divi

MemberPress integrates with Divi by adding new MemberPress options to all Divi modules. These settings can be used to control access to content based on your MemberPress membership rules. To use MemberPress with Divi:

  1. Install the MemberPress plugin.
  2. In your WordPress dashboard, navigate the the MemberPress > Add-ons page and install the Divi add-on.
  3. You will now find new MemberPress options in the Advanced tab of all Divi module settings pop-ups.
  4. Configure the MemberPress module options to control content access using MemberPress membership rules.
Integration Documentation
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Divi Compatibility

Divi Will Work With Your Favorite Plugins

Divi will work with most of your favorite WordPress plugins and services by default. Divi was built to work with WordPress, not against it! In addition, several popular WordPress plugins have built custom integrations and custom Divi modules to enhance the experience of using the plugin with Divi.

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Divi WordPress Plugin Integrations

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Divi will work with just about any WordPress plugin, but we have gone above and beyond to collaborate with certain partners to provide an enhanced experience for their products when using Divi.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this integration included free with my Divi membership?

    Yes, this integration is a free part of Divi and MemberPress. For more information about how to use this integration, please refer to the documentation section above.

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  • Will Divi work with plugins that aren't listed here?

    Absolutely! Divi will work great with pretty much any WordPress plugin out of the box. This integration list is reserved for plugins that have gone above and beyond to enhance the Divi experience through the creation of custom Divi modules and features. We surface these integrations because they provide an especially great experience when used with Divi, but that doesn't meant that other plugins won't work great with Divi too.

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