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When building a WooCommerce website in Divi, it is important to have a complete set of design tools that allow you to build everything you might need. With Essential WooCommerce Modules, you get access to numerous custom Divi modules you can use to enhance the functionality and design of your WooCommerce website. These WooCommerce modules have powerful features for building unique product pages and showcasing products using custom grid layouts, category filters, carousel sliders, and much more.


Integration Documentation

How To Integrate WooCommerce With Divi Using The Woo Essential Extension

Enhanced Divi integration for WooCommerce is available via the Woo Essential plugin. This is a commercial Divi extension created by Divi Next. The plugin comes with a set of 8+ modules that can be used to display products and product information from WooCommerce in different ways, including the ability to fully customize the design of each module using hundreds of Divi design settings.

  1. Purchase and install the Woo Essential plugin and activate your license key.
  2. Install the WooCommerce plugin and complete the setup process to create your WooCommerce pages and products.
  3. In Divi’s visual builder, add one of the Woo Essential modules. These modules will appear in the Add Module modal after you have installed Woo Essential.
  4. Customize the module using the available content and design settings.
Integration Documentation
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One of the great things about Divi is that it has a thriving ecosystem of free and commercial products that are developed and maintained by a passionate community. Just like Divi is part of the WordPress ecosystem, Divi has its own ecosystem of plugins and themes and can greatly extend Divi's functionality. With Divi and the Divi community at your back, there is almost always a solution to help you get the job done.

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Just like WordPress, Divi has a thriving ecosystem of third party plugins that greatly expand Divi’s functionality. There are hundreds of commercial Divi extensions that boost Divi’s functionality by integrating it with various services and WordPress plugins.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this integration included free with my Divi membership?

    This is a commercial third party integrations created and sold by Divi Next. It's available for purchase in the Divi Marketplace. Every integration developed by Elegant Themes is available for free with your Divi membership while third party integrations may be available for purchase in the Divi Marketplace. The Divi Marketplace is full of hundreds of wonderful free and commercial products that extend Divi's functionality. This thriving ecosystem is one of Divi's greatest assets!

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