Caldera Forms

Caldera Forms

Integration by Divi Supreme

Caldera Forms is a WordPress form plugin that allows users to add customizable contact forms to their website for free. Although the plugin is great for getting the functionality you need, it can be a challenge to style the forms for your website without extensive CSS. Using Divi Caldera Forms, you can easily add Caldera forms to your site with a custom Divi module in a few clicks. This allows you to design all the elements of your Contact Form 7 forms using the intuitive design options of the Divi Builder.

Caldera Forms

Integration Documentation

How To Integrate Caldera Forms With Divi Using The Divi Supreme Extension

Enhanced Divi integration for Caldera Forms is available via the Divi Supreme Pro plugin. This is a commercial Divi extension created by Divi Supreme. The plugin comes with a custom Divi module (Supreme Caldera Forms) that allows you to design all the elements of your Caldera Forms using hundreds of Divi design options.

  1. Purchase and install the Divi Supreme Pro plugin.
  2. Install Caldera Forms plugin.
  3. Create a form using the Caldera Forms plugin.
  4. In Divi’s visual builder, add the Supreme Caldera Forms module. This module will appear in the Add Module modal after you have installed Divi Supreme Pro.
  5. Select your Caldera Form from the dropdown list.
  6. Customize the module/form using the available content and design settings.
Integration Documentation
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this integration included free with my Divi membership?

    This is a commercial third party integrations created and sold by Divi Supreme. It's available for purchase in the Divi Marketplace. Every integration developed by Elegant Themes is available for free with your Divi membership while third party integrations may be available for purchase in the Divi Marketplace. The Divi Marketplace is full of hundreds of wonderful free and commercial products that extend Divi's functionality. This thriving ecosystem is one of Divi's greatest assets!

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