Apollo Review: Guide, Features, Pricing, & More (2024)

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Apollo Review: Guide, Features, Pricing, & More (2024)
Blog / Business / Apollo Review: Guide, Features, Pricing, & More (2024)

In today’s sales environment, digital channels have opened up more avenues for connecting with customers. However, this abundance brings the challenge of locating and handling leads.

Sales tools like Apollo aim to streamline lead generation and outreach efforts. In this Apollo review, we will discuss its features, pricing, and use cases to help you decide if it’s the ideal solution for your business. Let’s start!

What Is Apollo?

Apollo is the perfect sales tool for your B2B company. It helps you find potential customers, gather more information about them, and engage with them effectively. With it, you can efficiently use personalized targeting to identify and convert the best prospects. Moreover, users often highlight how you can easily segment your audience based on different factors and send them relevant messages in their Apollo reviews without manual effort.

A screenshot of Apollo.io's homepage

Apollo Features

Apollo brings a range of tools specifically crafted to streamline your workflow and improve your sales results. In the next part of this Apollo review, we’ll discuss a few spotlight features of the Apollo platform:

Database of B2B Contacts

Apollo’s B2B database puts 270 million contacts from millions of companies at your fingertips. With over 65 filters, you can pinpoint your perfect leads with ease. Not only does it offer precision, but it also ensures the data’s accuracy through contributions from a strong network and verified third-party sources.

Plus, you can seamlessly integrate this wealth of information with your CRM. For your peace of mind, Apollo meets top security standards, including GDPR, SOC 2 Type 1, and ISO 27001 certifications.

A screenshot of Apollo.io's B2B Database

Data Enrichment

With Apollo’s data enrichment feature, you can elevate your market insights and ensure your CRM data stays precise. Leverage over 38 distinct data attributes to refine your CRM and correct any discrepancies. You can effortlessly add contacts directly from Apollo’s vast database to a CSV, enhancing its quality.

A more complicated setup is a breeze with either Apollo’s API or any other integrations it provides. Furthermore, Apollo lets you update and augment your current records, ensuring your CRM remains in sync.

A screenshot of Apollo's Enrichment feature's landing page

Accurate Data Network

You can rely on Apollo for one of the most accurate live data networks available. Updates, like job changes and contact details, are added instantly. With a seven-step email verification, Apollo boasts an impressive 91% accuracy. They handle catch-all domains with expertise, verify information on the spot, predict bounces, and consistently freshen up emails and phone numbers.

Apollo boasts a constantly expanding data network that guarantees a remarkable 91% email accuracy. As a result, bounce rates stay below 9%, and over 99% of direct phone numbers provided are accurate and reliable.

A screenshot of explanation of Apollo's Accuracy feature from one of the landing pages

Engagement Platform

Effortlessly expand your reach by using personalized emails, making calls, and engaging on platforms like LinkedIn and other social media. Simplify your day-to-day activities by automating tasks and setting up meetings.

Additionally, Apollo’s AI capabilities make it easier than ever to craft tailored messages. Boost your sales with intelligent automation and receive insightful alerts that propel you to your success quickly.

A screenshot of Apollo's email feature

Chrome Extension

The Apollo Chrome extension seamlessly integrates Apollo’s powerful features into your daily workflow. Whether using LinkedIn, Salesforce, Gmail, or Google Calendar, this extension allows you to leverage Apollo’s capabilities effortlessly.

You can easily find and connect with verified contacts using the extension, saving you time and effort. Additionally, the extension provides valuable insights that can enhance your productivity within your regular workflow.

A screenshot of Apollo.io's chrome extenstion

Workflow Engine

Enhance your sales team’s efficiency with Apollo’s Workflow Engine. This tool helps you smoothly navigate the sales process, from first contact to deal closure. Its templates connect you with the right leads, boosting your success rate and saving time.

Its insights help you refine your campaigns and closely monitor their progress. Embrace the power of Apollo’s automation to smarten up your sales approach and drive better results for your business.

A screenshot of Apollo's workflow builder

How To Use Apollo

To optimize your sales with Apollo, follow these steps: first, sign up and select a plan. Then, log in and explore the dashboard. Next, use the search function to find companies or individuals based on specific criteria. Lastly, leverage the prospecting tools to generate lists of potential leads. Let’s explore some of its use cases in more detail:

Lead Gathering

With Apollo, you can effortlessly locate, engage, and secure your ideal customers or leads. This platform provides a comprehensive database of millions of contacts, searchable and filterable by criteria such as industry, company size, and job titles.

Apollo enhances your sales strategies with intelligent lead scoring, streamlines meeting setup, and offers API integration. The intuitive interface also facilitates creating email sequences and managing campaigns, ensuring timely follow-ups to guide leads through the sales funnel.

A screenshot of lead gathering with Apollo

Enriching Existing Data

Enhance your sales and marketing tactics by delving deeper into your audience’s needs with Apollo’s data enrichment tools. Firstly, connect a supported CRM such as Salesforce or HubSpot CRM to Apollo and pinpoint areas for data enhancement. Then, select reliable enrichment sources and set up automated workflows to refine your data seamlessly.

Apollo also offers a customizable workflow builder to suit your unique requirements, ensuring your approach stays fresh and compelling. Use enriched data to sharpen your customer insights and sales strategies, fostering greater customer contentment.

A screenshot of data enriching with Apollo

Cleansing Existing Data

Data cleansing is the process of enhancing company data by identifying and resolving issues such as errors, duplicates, and outdated information. When you use Apollo to clean your customer data, your sales, marketing, and CRM efforts become more effective. It tackles duplications, inconsistencies, and inaccuracies.

With Apollo’s workflow builder, you can set rules for data standardization, deduplication, pattern matching, and error correction. Regular monitoring and adjustments keep your data quality pristine. By doing this, you’ll see benefits like increased precision and better use of data while minimizing errors and costs.

A screenshot of data cleaning with Apollo plays

A quick illustration of an Apollo play that ends sequences for outdated contacts, enhancing the clearance of outdated data

Outreach Automation

Apollo’s Plays feature is your key to a more efficient sales strategy. With over 21 customizable templates, you can quickly integrate successful techniques. These automation activate when new data emerges, such as purchase intent signals or career changes, ensuring you capture every lead.

You can also streamline your workflow by automating processes like list creation, contact sequencing, task assignment, and field updates. This helps you focus more on priority tasks. Plus, receive timely notifications about lead activities through channels like Slack, email, or Apollo’s hub. This way, you can respond promptly to new sales opportunities.

A screenshot of outreach automation with Apollo plays

This automation automatically contacts companies researching your product category

Engaging & Closing

Apollo is a streamlined sales hub that enhances customer engagements via email, calls, LinkedIn, and cutting-edge sales AI. It simplifies outreach efforts, orchestrates call activities, and optimizes schedule management. The AI tailors your email sequences for a personal touch, guides you with market strategies, and delves into email response insights.

Moreover, it provides brief transcriptions and summaries for your video calls and detailed analytics. You can receive prompt notifications, leverage precise forecasting tools, and access deep-dive reports to fine-tune deal oversight. Additionally, Apollo incorporates goal tracking to boost your and your team’s performance.

A screenshot of an email sequence built using Apollo AI

Advantages Of Using Apollo

Using Apollo offers several advantages, especially for sales and marketing professionals who want to streamline their processes and enhance their outreach efforts. In this Apollo review, we demonstrated some great benefits of using Apollo, including:

Multi-Channel Capabilities

You can reach out to potential clients through multiple channels with Apollo. It lets you craft custom emails with AI, place calls with its dialer, and engage with leads on social media, including LinkedIn. Apollo can be especially beneficial for your cold email marketing efforts.

Effective Engagement

Apollo’s platform streamlines sales and marketing with targeted messaging through multiple channels. Key aspects of its platform, such as LinkedIn integration, AI-powered sales engagement, data-driven insights, and customizable sequences, ensure all your communication with potential leads is smooth, engaging, and, more importantly, effective.

Intelligence-Driven Sales

By leveraging Apollo’s AI capabilities, you can analyze data, predict sales patterns, and make informed decisions. Customize your outreach by tailoring emails, calls, and LinkedIn messages to engage prospects effectively. Additionally, Apollo offers valuable insights and guidance to enhance the success of your sales team.

Up-to-Date Data

You can count on Apollo for precise, compliant data management. It verifies information from various sources seamlessly and ensures your database is always current. Access to millions of contacts and companies enables you to enhance your sales and marketing strategies.

Who Is Apollo For?

As a sales professional, marketer, or business owner, you can enhance your lead generation, engagement, and sales processes with Apollo. This Apollo Review explored how the platform provides tools to pinpoint the right targets, simplify your marketing activities, boost demand generation campaigns, and improve coordination between your sales and marketing teams.

Apollo Pricing

Apollo offers a range of plans. The Free plan includes unlimited email credits, 60 mobile and 120 export annual credits, basic sequence automation, buying intent, AI-assisted email writing, advanced Salesforce integration, and a recording limit of 150 minutes.

The Basic Plan, starting at $49/User/Month, offers unlimited email, 900 mobile, and 12K annual export credits. Additionally, it includes features such as selecting 10,000 records, buying intent, outreach, and sales loft integration, email tracking, and advanced greenhouse integration.

The Professional Plan, which starts at $79/User/Month, includes everything in the basic plan. Additionally, it offers unlimited email, 1.2K mobile credits yearly, and 24K export credits. Moreover, it provides advanced reports, dashboards, email reply tracking, AI-assisted writing, buying intent, and conversations.

The Organization plan, which starts at $119/Month/User (minimum of three users), offers unlimited email credits, 2.4K mobile credits per year, and 48K export credits per year. You will also have access to buying intent data, AI-assisted email writing, call transcriptions, international dialing, local presence, and Single Sign-On (SSO) login.

A screenshot of Apollo.io's pricing page

Apollo Review: The Takeaway

Apollo is a multifaceted tool that effortlessly incorporates various features, enhancing professional efficiency. Its adaptability means employing any required aspect without compromising speed or performance.

Notably, it excels in monitoring job and contact updates in real-time, ensuring your CRM and marketing tools are always current. With Apollo’s robust integration capabilities and sales automation, you’ll save precious time, reduce the need for additional tools, and enjoy the freedom to personalize your dashboard.

Try Apollo today

That was our Apollo review! AI has reshaped the landscape of online business operations, particularly sales and marketing. Explore our comprehensive list of other AI-driven sales tools, such as Apollo. Similarly, delve into our list of marketing tools powered by AI.

How can Apollo help in personalizing your sales approach? Do chime in in the comments below.

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