5 Best AI Music Generators in 2023 (Most are Free)

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5 Best AI Music Generators in 2023 (Most are Free)
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What if you could create a unique soundtrack for your podcast or video without learning an instrument? Or compose a song without ever knowing the fundamentals of songwriting? Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now creating music, and it’s not just random notes strung together—it’s harmonious, evocative, and incredibly human-like.

AI music generators are making music creation accessible to all, not just the musically inclined. Just like AI text-to-speech tools, these AI songwriting tools open up possibilities for all sorts of creators. Whether you’re a content creator needing unique soundtracks, an aspiring musician, or just a curious soul, these AI tools are opening up a world of possibilities. Let’s dive in and explore the best AI music generators that are hitting all the right notes.

Can AI Really Create Music?

Believe it or not, AI is now capable of composing music and doing a pretty good job at it. AI music generators use complex algorithms and vast databases of music to create new compositions. They analyze rhythm, melody, and harmony patterns and use this information (and much more) to compose new pieces. It studies previously created music to create (theoretically) new and original music and tracks.

So, can AI create music? Yes, and it’s doing so in a way that’s revolutionizing the music industry, leading to new possibilities.

Who is AI Music For?

A variety of people in different industries use AI music generators for a variety of purposes. Whether a small or large-scale project requires background music, soundtracks, or sound effects, you can use AI to create everything from simple beats to Beethoven-esque orchestrations. Content creators, musicians, advertisers, event organizers, fitness instructors, and more use them to create unique, customizable music.

Here’s a breakdown of different types of work that can be assisted with music AI.

  1. Content Creation: Bloggers, YouTubers, podcasters, and other creators often use AI music generators to create unique soundtracks for their content. This can include background music for videos, intro music for podcasts, or sound effects for digital games. Combine it with an AI voice generator to create podcasts with ease.
  2. Advertising and Marketing: In the advertising industry, AI music generators can be used to create catchy jingles or branded music for commercials. They can also be used to develop mood-specific music for promotional videos or presentations. You can also use an AI video generator for more streamlined workflows.
  3. Film and Game Development: In the film and gaming industry, AI music generators can be used to create soundtracks, theme music, or sound effects.

Aside from work, you can also use AI music generators for personal entertainment. Enter a crazy prompt and watch it work its magic. “Breaking news sound effect, but with cats meowing”.

The Best AI Music Generators

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We’ve collected some of the best AI music creation services and products that are available on the market today. They each have their own unique way of giving you control over creating original music with AI. We’ll start our list with Mubert.

1. Mubert

Mubert - Homepage June 2023
Mubert is a cutting-edge AI music generator making waves in the industry. This platform does a lot and uniquely blends technology and creativity. Mubert is designed for those who seek to break the boundaries of traditional music production, offering an innovative approach to generating unique soundscapes.

Mubert has a few other advantages. Its API lets users create personalized music and soundtrack experiences in their apps, games, and other platforms. AI-generated tracks can also be sold through Mubert Studio, a marketplace for your best AI work. Mubert can also curate already created music into playlists that are optimized to your liking.

Key Features:

  • Generative music streaming app that creates new and original music based on user preferences
  • Easily generate music using natural language text prompts
  • Set duration and other filters like genre, mood, and activity
  • Provides a studio platform for artists to use AI to create music and sell it
  • Use their API to generate royalty-free music for your business

Creating a new track is very easy in Mubert. Simply enter a Prompt and set your desired track length (Duration). You can skip the prompt and choose a specific genre, mood, or activity as your prompt. Clicking “Generate Track” will start the AI creation process. Once done, you’ll be able to “Play” the track. You can click the “lightning bolt” icon to regenerate the track, “download” the track, or “delete” it.

Mubert Create AI Track - Steps 1-6

Best For:

Mubert is perfect for content creators, musicians, and businesses looking to enhance their marketing videos or in-store experiences with tailored music. It’s also a boon for app developers, who can integrate Mubert’s API into their games or apps, providing users with a unique and immersive audio experience. If you’re a music lover seeking a personalized listening experience, or a creator wanting to explore new horizons in music production, Mubert is your go-to platform.

Mubert skews toward being better at creating electric, pop, and hip-hop styles of music, so this is definitely something to consider if you need to create those sorts of tracks for your project.

Pricing: Free tier with paid tiers starting at $14/mo

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2. Soundful

Soundful - Homepage June 2023
Soundful is a powerful AI music generator with a unique blend of simplicity and customization. It’s designed to create royalty-free background music for your videos, streams, podcasts, and more. The process is intuitive and straightforward: choose a genre, customize your inputs, and create tracks. Repeat until you find the track that is right for you.

Key Features:

  • Generates unique music using AI algorithms trained alongside industry-leading producers and sound engineers
  • Offers over 50 templates across different genres to kickstart your music creation
  • Allows customization of beats per minute (BPM) and base notes (C, D, E, F, G, A, B) in major or minor keys

Soundful gives more granular controls over the music you can create with AI. To start, you can start with dozens of templates, which are categorized by genre.

Soundful Create AI Tracks - Steps 1-2

Once a template is selected, Soundful gives you granular controls over basic musical parameters, including BPM (speed) and Key (C-B with Maj and Min). Lastly,  give it a name and generate a track.

Soundful Create AI Tracks - Steps 3-6

If you had a paid tier, you could also download individual tracks instead of downloading the mastered version. If you aren’t musical, this means that each instrument would be separated into separate tracks so you could edit each by yourself. You could also download loops and other soundscapes as a MIDI download.

Best For:

Soundful is a perfect match for producers who want to keep their creative juices flowing without getting stuck. It’s also a boon for creators who want to avoid copyright issues while discovering unique, royalty-free tracks that sync perfectly with their content. Brands looking for an affordable way to acquire excellent, studio-quality music tailored to their needs will also find Soundful a valuable asset. Soundful’s abilities are more matched for anyone who is recording and needs more than a final AI-generated song.

Pricing: Free tier available with monthly pricing starting at $9.99

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3. Aiva

Aiva - Homepage June 2023
Aiva is an AI music generator that has been creating music since its inception in 2016. It’s designed to compose soundtracks for various media, including ads, video games, and movies. Aiva’s technology allows users to create music from scratch or produce variations of existing songs without the hassle of music licensing processes. It offers a range of presets and specified music formats and also provides the ability to edit soundtracks. Aiva’s versatility and user-friendly interface make it a popular choice among both professionals and amateurs.

Key Features:

  • Wide range of presets and specified music formats
  • Functional free version with limited features
  • Ability to edit soundtracks and modify existing tracks

After selecting a template (predefined prompt), users can select a key signature, music length, and # of AI-generated compositions.

AIVA Create AI Music - Steps 3-6

Best For:

Aiva is best suited for individuals and businesses looking to create unique soundtracks for various media. It’s particularly beneficial for those who want to experiment with different genres and styles and those who wish to apply edits to current music. It can also upload previous work in MIDI format as a base to generate AI tracks and music.

Pricing: Free tier with paid plans at €15/mo (around $16.54/mo pending exchange rates)

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4. Beatbot

Beatbot - Homepage June 2023

Beatbot is an innovative AI-powered song maker that composes short songs based on your text prompts. It uses Splash sound loops to create the music and vocals and ChatGPT to write the lyrics. Currently, Beatbot is in its Beta phase and is free to use. However, pricing may be introduced in the future. It’s not just about creating music—it’s about empowering users to become part of the music creation process.

Key Features:

  • Composes short loops and songs based on user-provided text prompts
  • Simple to use interface for hobbyists who need a quick loop
  • Ability to write out lyrics and have them superimposed on top of the AI loop

After submitting g a prompt that generates a simple music track or loop, users can add lyrics. Lyrics mostly match hip-hop and rap vocal styles. For best results with lyrics, it is best to do a single line of a lyric. Too few words or too many make the music sound especially AI-generated.

If the music isn’t 100% to your liking, click “Retry” to regenerate. Once you have something you like, Click “more” to download the music.

Beatbox Simple AI Music Loop Maker

Best For:

Beatbot is perfect for individuals who want to experiment with music creation. It’s also a boon for creators who want to add unique, AI-generated music to their content. If you’re a music lover seeking a personalized listening experience, or a creator wanting to explore new horizons in music production, Beatbot is your go-to platform.

Pricing: Free (Beta), unclear pricing for when it is out of beta

Get Beatbot

5. Beatoven

Beatoven AI music generator

Beatoven is a unique AI music generator that takes the complexity out of music creation. It’s designed to make the process of composing original soundtracks for your videos or podcasts as simple as possible. With Beatoven, you don’t need to be a music theory expert or a seasoned producer to create unique, mood-based music. It’s all about making music creation accessible and enjoyable, regardless of your skill level.

Key Features:

  • Combines advanced music theory and production concepts to deliver unique music
  • Customize the length, genre, mood, and instruments to create your music tracks
  • Production-ready music with industry-standard mixing and mastering

Beatoven creates multiple versions of your tracks for you. Everything is editable, from the instrumentation used to the genre and the tempo. Upload your video or podcast to generate soundtracks based on it for an even easier audio editing experience.

Beatoven Create AI Songs

Best For:

Beatoven is perfect for content creators who need unique, mood-based music for their videos or podcasts. It’s also a great tool for individuals who want to experiment with music creation but don’t have the technical knowledge or resources to do so. With Beatoven, you can create a unique soundtrack that perfectly fits your content’s duration and mood.

Pricing: Free version with usage-based pricing starting at $3/mo

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Best AI Music Generators Price Comparison

Each tool has its own mix of use cases, ease of use, and price point. Now that we’ve reviewed each feature, here’s a side-by-side comparison of prices.

RankAI Music GeneratorsStarting PriceFree Option
4BeatbotFree (Beta)✔️Get

What is the Best AI Music Generator?

Most people starting with AI music and songs will likely find Mubert to be the best platform, particularly if they want substantial control over the outputs. Soundful, another top option, seems capable of creating more specific outputs than Mubert, but some of the non-electronic outputs disappointed us. We found Aiva to be quite similar to Soundful, and we would place it as our third recommendation.

We’re covering all the best AI tools for business and creative use. If you are into creating music with AI, also check out AI video generators and AI marketing tools to help promote your projects.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Before we wrap up, let’s answer some of your most common questions regarding the best AI music generators. Did we miss one? Leave a question below, and we will respond!

What is the best AI music generator?
Mubert is the best AI music generator. It is a generative music streaming app that creates original music based on user preferences using natural language prompts. It allows users to customize music based on filters like genre, mood, and activity. Moreover, Mubert provides a studio platform for artists to create and sell AI-generated music, and its API enables businesses to generate royalty-free music effortlessly.
What is the best free AI music generator?
Mubert is the best free AI music generator due to its groundbreaking technology and creative approach. It enables users to break the boundaries of traditional music production by generating unique soundscapes. Mubert's API empowers users to create personalized music and soundtrack experiences on various platforms, such as apps and games.
What is the best text to song generator for AI?
When it comes to the best text-to-song generator for AI, Mubert is a standout choice. Mubert is a powerful AI music generator that can transform text inputs into song outputs. It's user friendly, versatile, and capable of creating a wide range of music styles, making it a top pick for both beginners and professionals.
Is there a AI beat generator?
Most AI music generators, such as Mubert, Beatbot, and Beatoven, are equipped with the capability to create beats. These tools use complex algorithms to generate unique and customizable beats, making it easier for users to create music.
Which AI can generate audio?
There are different types of AI designed specifically for creating audio. This includes text-to-speech AI generators that convert written text into spoken words, music generators that create original tunes, and sound effects AI generators that produce various sound effects. These tools are revolutionizing the way we create and use audio content.
What is an AI music generator?
An AI music generator is a tool that creates melodies, harmonies, and rhymes based on artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and machine learning (ML) models. It differs from traditional music composition, which relies on human creativity and input. An AI music generator can produce original melodies/songs with only a written prompt.
How can I generate AI music?
To generate AI music, you can utilize platforms like AIVA and Soundful. AIVA allows users to create music from scratch or produce variations of existing songs, eliminating the need for complex music licensing processes. Users can quickly generate music in various genres and styles by selecting a preset style. Soundful, on the other hand, offers royalty-free background music generated by AI. With an intuitive interface, users can choose a genre, customize inputs, and create tracks. Soundful ensures unique compositions, as its AI algorithms are trained note-by-note alongside industry professionals, preventing song replication.
Is AI-generated music copyrighted?
This question is tricky because AI is treading on new ground. Clifford Chance has a great write-up that’s worth reading. To summarize: First, you must understand the difference between the copyright of music and the copyright of the lyrics within them. Computer-generated music can indeed be copyrighted, even if AI generates it. However, it’s unclear who owns the copyright: the user who inputs the prompt of the creator of the AI that generated the music. On the other hand, lyrics require originality to be copyrighted. It’s unclear if, under current copyright law, AI-generated lyrics can be considered “original” without human input.
How does an AI music generator work?
A music AI analyzes massive sets of data with deep learning techniques. Music tracks are collected and submitted to the AI system for training. AI music generators give this AI an interface, allowing you to communicate with it using the written language. You supply the AI with a prompt, and it gives you back an audio file!
Is AI-generated music changing the way hits are made?
AI-generated music is indeed changing the game, and things are just getting started. AI algorithms can now mimic the human mind's creative process. AI can help you write lyrics and generate voices and music. There have already been instances of artists using the AI voices of famous singers to create hit songs.
What is the use of an AI music generator?
AI music generators have a variety of applications. They are known for creating quality original compositions and remixing existing songs. Furthermore, they can generate exquisite soundtracks for numerous categories, such as movies and TV series.
What is the best AI text-to-music generator?
Beatbot is a notable AI tool that composes short songs based on text prompts, utilizing Splash sound loops for music and vocals and ChatGPT for writing lyrics. This AI tool doesn’t just focus on producing quality music and encourages users to become part of the creation process. It composes short loops and songs using user-provided text prompts.. Additionally, it allows users to write lyrics and overlay them on top of the AI-generated loop.

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  1. Good information! Looked at Beatbot policy that brought up the question. “ is the music royalty free? Do the companies you promote on your site own lyrics that are connected to the ai derived music?

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