31 Ways You Can Use AI Today (2024 Guide)

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31 Ways You Can Use AI Today (2024 Guide)
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is sweeping across industries and making the jobs and lives of millions of people easier. All you need is an idea and access to the right tool to apply AI to the tasks you do every day. We’ve gathered 31 unique ways how to use AI today and the exact tools to get each job done.

Is AI for Actual People or Only Advanced Users?

To say that AI is useful is an understatement. Five years ago, the tech giants were the only businesses working with AI. At this point, you probably use AI every day, even if you don’t realize it.

Generative AI has been the AI trend of the year and has reached mass adoption.

Leading the pack was ChatGPT, which garnered an unprecedented 1 million users in its first five days of availability. It took Netflix 3.5 years and Instagram 2.5 months to reach the same user count. People are swarming to generative AI because of its usefulness in everyday tasks.

ChatGPT UI Screenshot

ChatGPT is hardly the only tool out there. Google launched Gemini shortly after ChatGPT became a massive success.

Google's Gemini - Homepage - March 2024

Aside from the big names, tons of niche AI tools made it to market to make the tasks you and I perform every day easier. Many popular apps and tools, like Snapchat AI, Grammarly, and Spotify AI DJ, have adopted the technology.

Let’s explore how you can use AI for the tasks you care about.

31 Ways You Can Use AI Today

Are you chomping at the bit to try AI and see what productivity gains you can start enjoying?

We’ve gathered 31 everyday tasks you can automate or infuse AI with to achieve better results. We grouped tasks that can be done with AI into:

  • Text-based AI tasks
  • Image/video-based AI tasks
  • Audio-based AI tasks

Each of these types of AI tools has utility in business, personal productivity, and even entertainment. Starting with text-based tasks, here is how you can use AI right now.

Text and Content Uses for AI in Business and Productivity

Writing and Natural Language tasks are some of the easiest to start with as you learn how to use AI.

The ultra-popular ChatGPT is the shining example of an LLM that can do it all (with creative things you can do with it).

Here we’ve gone through some of the best tasks you can use AI for. These aren’t trivial suggestions, either—no, “write a note for a birthday card” here.

1. Write Sales Copy and Content for a Website Landing Page

Writing compelling sales copy for a website landing page is crucial for attracting and converting visitors. But it can be challenging, especially if you’re not a professional copywriter.

With the power of AI, you can generate persuasive sales copy that captures your visitors’ attention and motivates them to take action.

Jasper Use Cases Dashboard

Write anything from a product description to an entire landing page

AI can analyze your product or service, understand its unique selling points, and craft a compelling message that resonates with your target audience. This can save you a lot of time and effort and help you create a landing page that effectively drives conversions.

Jasper, Copy.ai, and Writesonic, among many other AI Writers, can write LP content for you with ease

2. Summarize Long-Form Articles

Reading long-form articles can be time-consuming, especially when staying up-to-date with your industry’s latest news and trends. But with AI, you can quickly get the gist of any article without having to read it in its entirety.

Summarize Article with Bing AI

Bing AI summarized a news article about a WordPress Release Beta

AI can generate a concise summary highlighting all main points and key details. Instead of spending hours reading articles, you can use AI to generate summaries and save yourself a lot of time.

✨ Try using ChatGPT, Bing AI, or Gemini to summarize this article

3. Write Professional Emails with AI

Writing professional emails can be daunting, especially when trying to make a good impression or convey a complex idea.

AI can help you structure your emails, choose the right words, and ensure correct grammar and spelling so you never embarrass yourself. It can even suggest content based on the context of your email threads, making it easier for you to express your thoughts and ideas.

Hoppy Copy Email Newsletter Generator

Hoppy Copy used to create a newsletter for Divi eCommerce modules in under 2 minutes

While there are different options, AI writers are some of the most widely used AI tools. If you write a lot of cold emails for your sales process, there are even AI sales tools to help you with that.

Grammarly, Constant Contact, or Hoppy Copy all can create email content with AI

4. Create Excel Formulas Quickly

Excel is a powerful tool for organizing and analyzing data, but creating formulas can be complex and time-consuming. AI can simplify this process and develop formulas more quickly.

CodePal.ai Excel Formula Generator Example

By explaining what data you have and what you need to do, AI can help you create the right formula for your needs. This can save you time and effort, especially if you’re not an Excel expert.

Using AI for formula creation ensures accuracy and efficiency, leading to more dependable outcomes from your spreadsheet tasks.

✨ Use CodePal or ChatGPT to help you understand your data and create formulas

5. Spruce Up a Resume

Creating a professional and compelling resume can be challenging, especially when trying to stand out in a competitive job market. AI can enhance your resume and increase your chances of getting noticed by employers. It can even help with layouts and formatting, which can be challenging in MS Word.

Resume.io Templates and AI

AI can analyze and enhance your resume, highlighting relevant skills and experiences and crafting a compelling career objective. Utilizing AI for your resume optimization can bolster your presentation and boost your chances of securing your dream job.

✨ By using Resume.io or any AI resume builder, you might just achieve resume perfection

6. Write Narrative Dialogue for a Story

Writing dialogue for a story is challenging, especially when trying to make your characters sound authentic and engaging. AI is now helping writers by enhancing storytelling and creating an effective dialogue throughout a piece.

Create a Story with Sudowrite

AI can generate dialogue based on the context of your story, the characteristics of your characters, and the tone you want to set. This can save you much time and effort, especially when experiencing writer’s block.

Bringing in AI for dialogue writing ensures character consistency and believability, making your story more engaging and enjoyable for your readers.

Sudowrite, ChatGPT, and Jasper can all help you craft original stories

7. Have a Back and Forth Conversation on Anything

AI chatbots have come a long way in recent years, and they can now hold a conversation about virtually any topic.

Whether you want to discuss the latest news, learn about a specific topic, or chat about your day, an AI assistant might just be the unexpected conversational partner you’ve been waiting for.

What is Character AI

Give it a specific persona to act as (personal coach or childhood friend), and the conversational AI will blow your mind with the quality of conversation it has with you.

Character AI, ChatGPT, or Gemini are great conversational AI chatbots

8. Understand Complex Topics Much Faster

Navigating complex information, whether it’s for work, personal interest, or helping kids with homework, can be daunting.

AI, powered by advanced language models, can help simplify this process. It can break down any complex information into smaller, digestible segments, identifying key concepts, ideas, and themes. This structured approach allows you to focus on one segment at a time, making the information more manageable and easier to understand.

ChatGPT Summarize and Teach a Topic

This will make your study more efficient and effective, as you can focus on one sub-topic at a time and gradually build your understanding of the overall topic. Instead of learning “how to improve SEO for a website,” AI can break down the concept into manageable chunks so you can learn all the individual skills and concepts that make up a whole SEO strategy.

✨ Try ChatGPT or any ChatGPT Alternative to break down topics so you can understand each aspect with greater confidence

9. Practice for a Job Interview

Preparing for a job interview can be nerve-wracking. This is especially so when you don’t know what questions to be prepared to answer.

With conversational AI tools, you can practice for your interview and dramatically increase your confidence.

Using ChatGPT to Prep for Job Interview

By providing information about the job opportunity, its requirements, and your past experience, an AI tool can generate potential interview questions and help you formulate your responses. It doesn’t matter what you are applying to, like a first job out of college or a brand-new career in software—AI can help you be prepared.

You will better anticipate questions and prepare your answers in advance, making you feel more confident and perform better in your interviews.

✨ With ChatGPT and Gemini, you can prep for any interview with absolute confidence

10. Grow Website Trafic with SEO Insights

Growing website traffic is a crucial goal for many businesses, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an essential strategy for achieving this.

AI SEO tools will analyze your website and provide insights on improving your SEO.

Writesonic + SurferSEO integration

By looking at other top-ranking pages in SERPs, it can identify keywords you should be targeting, suggest content you should be creating, and even identify technical issues that could hurt your search engine rankings.

Using AI to optimize your SEO, you can attract more organic traffic to your website, increase your visibility on search engines, and ultimately grow your business.

Surfer SEO, Rank Math, GrowthBar, as well as many other AI SEO Tools, are poised to help you grow your website traffic

11. Improve Writing Style

Whether you’re writing a blog post, a fiscal report, or a novel, your writing style can significantly impact how your audience perceives your work.

Grammarly AI Tone and Grammar Checking an Email

AI analyzes your writing and provides feedback on how to improve your style. It can suggest ways to make your writing more straightforward, concise, and engaging. It can also help you avoid common grammar and spelling mistakes and ensure your writing is appropriate for your intended audience.

Grammarly, Rytr, and Writesonic all have tools to help you correct your writing so it is ready for your readership

12. Rephrase and Rewrite Your Work for Clarity

Sometimes, you know what you want to say but are unsure how to say it. Maybe you’re trying to avoid repetition in your writing or struggling to convey a complex idea and need help with better ways of saying something.

AI has a way with language and can help you express yourself even when you are hitting a wall.

It can suggest different words, phrases, or sentence structures to help you express your ideas more effectively. It can also be used to avoid duplicate content issues when writing cluster content that shares many of the same pieces of information from different posts.

Quillbot, Copy.ai, and other AI Paraphrasers can rewrite anything for you in a jiff

13. Write or Improve Code

Coding is often a complex and time-consuming process, especially when working on a large project or learning a new programming language.

GitHub Copilot AI Assistant for Coding Autocomplete

But with AI, you can write and improve your code more efficiently. AI can suggest code snippets, identify errors, and generate code based on your specifications. This can save you a lot of time and effort and help you create more efficient and reliable code.

Whether a professional developer or a coding beginner, AI can be a valuable tool for improving your coding skills and productivity.

✨ Use Github Copilot, CodePal, and other AI Coding Assistants or AI Website Builders to make coding easier

14. Create Social Posts and Schedule at the Best Time

Managing multiple social profiles can be challenging, especially when engaging with your audiences at the best times.

With the right AI tool, you can create and schedule your social posts more effectively than ever.

Ocoya Social Media Creation and Scheduling

AI analyzes your audience’s behavior and suggests the best times to post. It also helps you create engaging content by offering post ideas, generating captions, and creating visuals.

Managing your social media with AI saves time, boosts engagement, and expands your online presence.

Ocoya, Adzooma, and more AI Marketing Tools can help you manage your social channels and more

15. Detect Plagiarized or AI Written Text

Plagiarism and AI-generated content are becoming increasingly common. Whether you’re a teacher checking student assignments, an editor reviewing submissions, or a website owner protecting your content, AI can help you detect plagiarized or AI-written text.

AI analyzes and compares a selected text with a vast content database to identify matches. It can also detect the patterns and nuances characteristic of AI-written text.

Using AI to detect plagiarism or AI-written content can bring more trust and accountability to your and others’ work.

✨ Try out Originality.ai, along with other top AI Content Detectors

16. Create an AI Second Brain

Imagine having a personal assistant that remembers everything you’ve asked to read, every idea you’ve noted down, and lets you use that knowledge for future projects. That’s what it’s like to use AI as your second brain.

AskYourPDF Second Brain Example Screenshot

With AskYourPDF, we uploaded a Grammar PDF and asked it a question

By uploading documents, articles, notes, and other text-based information into an AI system, you can create a digital knowledge base that you can query at any time.

Need to recall a specific piece of information from a document you read months ago? Want to synthesize information from multiple sources to write a new article or report? Just ask your AI.

Using AI as your second brain offers immense benefits, including enhanced organization, productivity, and creativity. It saves time by swiftly locating needed information and sparks new ideas by linking various pieces of information in your knowledge base.

✨ Use a tool like AskYourPDF, Anything LLM, or customer service AI chatbots to build a Second Brain using AI

Graphic Design, Art, and Video Editing with AI

Some of the most complicated digital tasks involve images and videos. Yet, they are so important for business that it’s a shame more people haven’t been able to get involved. AI makes it easier than ever for people to create and edit visual elements for all their personal or business projects.

17. Create Custom Art

Creating custom art takes a lot of skill and is nearly impossible if you’re not a professional artist. But with AI, you can create unique and beautiful art with just a little imagination!

Stable Diffusion AI image tools

Shown: Stable Diffusion Image Tools

AI can generate art based on your specifications, such as style, colors, and subject matter—all from a natural language prompt. This saves you a lot of time while still generating some fantastic pieces.

It allows you to create custom art for your home, business, or digital projects. Whether you’re creating a hero image, album cover, or a blog post’s featured image, AI can help you bring your vision to life.

✨ Give Midjourney a try and learn from our Midjourney + Divi tutorial for creating unique website templates

18. Make Product Photos Look Professional

High-quality product photos attract customers and drive sales, especially in e-commerce. Taking and editing professional photos can be a complex task requiring a lot of experience.

With AI product image tools, you can easily enhance your product images and make them professional and appealing.

MagicStudio Create Professional Product Photos

AI can automatically adjust your photos’ lighting, color, and composition to make your products look their best. It can also remove backgrounds, add effects, and show off what the item may look like in different colors.

Are you ready to attract more customers, increase sales, and make your products stand out?

✨ Try Magic Studio to take your product photos to new heights

19. Create Logos and Brand Assets

Creating a unique and memorable logo is crucial for establishing your brand identity. But hiring a professional designer can be expensive, and designing a logo yourself can be challenging if you’re not a skilled artist.

Generate Logo Versions with Looka

With AI, you can create a professional-looking logo in minutes. AI can generate logo designs based on your color, style, and symbolism preferences. It can also make other brand assets, such as business cards, letterheads, and social media graphics, ensuring a consistent brand identity across all your materials.

✨ Try out Looka, Logo.ai, Design AI, and other AI Logo Makers to get a brand refresh

20. Design Custom Illustrations

Custom illustrations add a unique and professional touch to websites, print media, and apps. However, creating custom illustrations requires a lot of experience with tools like Adobe Illustrator.

Illustroke AI Vector Illustration Generation

With AI, you can easily create custom illustrations using a natural language description of what you want. In your prompt, you can define the artistic styling, colors, and object ideas you wish to create.

This eliminates the skill barrier for an in-demand digital skill while bringing you custom graphics for your websites and print projects.

Illustroke is the perfect tool for simply creating illustrations and vectors

21. Create and Edit Videos

Creating engaging videos can be a complex task that takes a lot of skill and computational resources. But you can create videos more efficiently and effectively with various AI video tools.

AI can help you edit videos, add effects, and generate content. It can also analyze your video content and provide suggestions for improvement.

FlexClip AI subtitles

Different AI video creation tools do different things. Some use text scripts to create a video with an AI avatar that speaks the words you had written down. Others let you take out filler words (like “umm”) and let you edit your actual video by editing a transcripted version.

✨ To do both those video creation/editing tasks, try out Synthesia, FlexClip, and Descript

22. Generate Professional Headshots

Creating professional headshots can be challenging, especially if you don’t have access to a professional photographer or studio.

Aragon AI Professional Headshots with AI

AI is, once again, able to help by creating professional-looking headshots from the comfort of your home. AI can scan older photos of yourself and use them to generate new, high-quality headshots. The AI uses your likeness to create images instead of just touching old ones up. This allows it to create images you wish you had without hiring an expensive photographer.

✨ Try Aragon or Try it on to transform your selfies and other photos into professional headshots

23. Edit Photos Like an Expert

Editing photos has traditionally been best done by a professional photographer or graphic designer. But with AI, you can edit your photos like an expert. Even with Adobe products—here’s an Adobe Firefly tutorial!

generative fill taskbar

Photoshop’s Generative Fill and Remove BG Taskbar

AI image editing can automatically adjust your photos’ lighting, color, and composition to enhance their quality and appeal. It can also add effects, remove unwanted elements, and even transform your photos into different styles.

Using AI to edit your photos, you can create stunning visuals for your website, social media posts, or personal projects without learning complex editing software or techniques.

✨ Try using HitPaw, Fotor, and Remove.bg to edit photos effortlessly with AI

24. Enhance and Upscale Images

Old or low-resolution images are a thing of the past with AI image upscalers and AI photo enhancers. With image-based AI, you can enhance your images and upscale them to a higher resolution—all without losing quality.

AI analyzes your images, identifies areas of low quality, and enhances them to improve their clarity and detail.

Zyro AI Image Upscaler

Using AI to enhance and upscale your images, you can breathe new life into your old photos and ensure that your images look their best, regardless of their original quality or size.

✨ Try out Icon8 Smart Upscaler or Zyro AI Image Upscaler today

25. Build a Website with AI

Starting a personal blog or portfolio can be a tall order, especially if you’re unfamiliar with web design or coding. But with AI and AI website builders, you can create a complete website in minutes without getting into the weeds.

Some popular website builders (like Wix) use AI to generate an entire website design. All you have to do is describe the type of site you want and click a button. They also have built-in AI tools to help you tweak the design, layout, color scheme, and content to suit your needs. You can generate new text and images to match your brand in a few clicks. It can also help you add features like a contact form, social media links, and a gallery for your work or photos.

With Framer AI, you can easily jumpstart a blog, portfolio, or online store with a simple text prompt. Don’t like the result? You can generate new designs with ease. So if you are looking for an easy way to start a blog or showcase your portfolio online, AI can help you save time and effort.

✨ Use Wix AI, Framer AI or Hostinger AI to see what AI can do in web design

Audio Productivity and Production

AI can be applied to audio workflows and processes. From creating human voices and music to editing soundtracks and more, AI is making it easier for people to get involved with audio production.

26. Create an Audiobook

Producing an audiobook is long and hard, particularly without professional voice acting experience or sound engineering skills.

However, AI simplifies this task, effortlessly transforming written text into engaging, natural-sounding speech.

Listnr Best Text to Speech tools

AI is a valuable tool for authors seeking to broaden their audience or educators aiming to offer accessible learning resources. Leveraging AI for audiobook creation breathes life into your text, providing a new and captivating way to connect with your audience.

✨ Give Listnr or Murf a try for creating audio experiences with AI

27. Transcribe Video Meetings in Real Time

Ensuring you have meeting notes available for your whole team, even if they weren’t at a particular meeting, is important for staying in sync. But manually writing notes down as you try to participate is still a challenge.

Otter.ai Meeting Summary Email Notes

AI-Generated Meeting Summary Auto-Sent to Email

AI can listen to your meetings, accurately transcribe the speech, and even identify different speakers. This can be particularly useful for keeping records of your meetings, creating meeting minutes, or providing accessible content for team members who are deaf or hard of hearing.

✨ Try out Otter.ai for better meetings and team organization (and see our full Otter review)

28. Turn Any Web Page Text into Listenable Audio

Lengthy web pages can be time-consuming and tiring, especially if you’re researching or reading for hours.

Speechify TTS Audio Player

You can turn any webpage into an audio experience with various voice generators and AI text-to-speech recognition. AI can read out the content of a webpage, allowing you to listen to it while doing other tasks.

This can be particularly useful if you’re multitasking, have visual impairments, or prefer listening over reading.

✨ Try turning any webpage into an audio format with Speechify

29. Professionally Edit Recorded Music

Editing music for an album is notoriously tricky because of the technical skills and personal tastes involved. Figuring out how to master multiple tracks (vocals, instruments, etc.) and make them sound amazing together is no short order.

With AI editing software, you can edit your recorded music like a pro. AI can analyze your tracks, identify issues, and apply enhancements to improve sound quality. It can also help you master your tracks, ensuring they sound balanced and professional.

Lalal Break music into separate tracks

With AI editing for recorded music, you can create professional-quality music regardless of your technical skills or equipment setup.

✨ Give Lala.ai, Landr Studio, or Izotope a try for advanced music AI editing

30. Edit and Publish Podcasts

Editing and publishing podcasts can be complex and time-consuming, especially when dealing with long recordings or multiple episodes.

But AI can edit and publish your podcasts with greater efficiency. AI can help you cut and arrange your recordings, remove unwanted background noise, enhance sound quality, and even remove filler words and on-mic coughing.

Podcastle's resource library

Never has podcasting been more accessible to the masses. AI continues to break down barriers so everyone can express themselves.

Podcastle is the premier AI podcast editing and hosting service that does it all

31. Generate Original Songs & Music

AI can generate original songs and music with absolute ease. It can create music based on genre, mood, and instrumentation preferences. It can even generate lyrics and melodies, creating a complete song from scratch.

Mubert's simple and effective interface

This can be particularly useful for content creators who need background music, aspiring musicians who need inspiration, or anyone who enjoys creating and listening to music.

You can unleash your creativity and enjoy the music creation process with AI music generators.

✨ Log into Mubert and see just how easy creating music can be

What Are You Going to Try?

AI is no longer a distant concept but a practical tool that reshapes our daily tasks and enhances productivity.

From text-based tasks to audio and visual applications, the 30 ways we’ve explored demonstrate the versatility and accessibility of AI today.

Embracing these AI tools saves time and opens up new possibilities for creativity and efficiency. So, don’t hesitate to explore and integrate these AI tools into your routine and experience the transformative power of AI in your everyday life.

What tasks are you going to start exploring with AI tools?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Before we wrap up, let’s answer some of your most common questions regarding AI. Did we miss one? Leave a question below, and we will respond!

What is AI?
AI stands for artificial intelligence, which is the ability of machines to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and language translation. AI works by processing large amounts of data, learning patterns, and making predictions using algorithms and neural networks.
How can I use an AI?
AI is integrated into our daily lives in many ways. There are AI-driven assistants like Google Assistant and Siri to help with tasks. AI can research and write for you. AI chatbots assist with customer service conversations. The uses for AI are increasing each day and are becoming more accessible to the average person.
Is there a free AI I can use?
Several free AI tools are available, including ChatGPT for powerful conversational AI, Writesonic for writing assistance, Github Copilot for coding help, and Google's Bard for research. Most of these tools also offer premium plans for more features.
Why should I use AI?
You should use AI to improve decision-making, automate repetitive tasks, increase efficiency, and enhance customer experiences. AI can analyze vast amounts of data quickly and accurately, providing insights that would be difficult or impossible to uncover manually. It can also learn from past experiences and adapt to changing circumstances, making it an invaluable tool for businesses and individuals.
What are the different types of AI?
There are primarily three types of AI: (1) Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI) or Weak AI, (2) Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) or Strong AI, and (3) Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI). ANI is designed for a specific task; AGI is capable of mimicking human intelligence and reasoning, while ASI is hypothetical and has the potential to surpass human intelligence in all aspects.
How can I use AI in marketing?
AI can be used in marketing to analyze customer data, predict behaviors, and personalize experiences. It can create targeted advertising, optimize pricing, and automate customer service. AI-powered chatbots can engage with customers, answer queries, and provide support. AI can also analyze social media sentiment, monitor brand reputation, and identify influencers.
Which AI tools are the best?
It is difficult to definitively say which AI tools are the "best" as it depends on the specific use case and goals. However, some popular and effective AI tools include Grammarly for grammar correction, Jasper, Copy.ai, Writesonic for content creation, and HoppyCopy for email writing. Other tools like Ocaya, Midjourney, and Magic Studio have strong capabilities in various AI applications like social media management and image creation.
Are artificial intelligence and machine learning the same?
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a broad field that involves creating intelligent machines that can perform tasks typically requiring human intelligence. Machine Learning (ML) is a subset of AI that involves training computers to learn patterns and make predictions based on data. While ML is a part of AI, AI is a much broader concept encompassing other areas such as natural language processing, robotics, and computer vision.
Is using AI ethical?
Using AI can be ethical as long as it is developed and implemented responsibly, with consideration for human rights, privacy, and transparency. It is essential to ensure that AI is not used to perpetuate biases, discriminate against certain groups of people, or rip off other people's works.
What are the risks of using AI?
The risks of using AI include perpetuating bias, loss of jobs, privacy violations, and potential misuse by malicious actors. There are concerns about AI systems making decisions that are not transparent or explainable, which could result in unintended consequences or harm. Moreover, the data presented by AI can be wholly bogus or fake.
How can I mitigate the risks of using AI?
To mitigate the risks of using AI, ensure you know the collected data and how it is used. Only provide personal information and ensure the AI system is secure and trustworthy. Regularly review and update your privacy settings, and know your rights regarding data protection. Moreover, always fact-check the outputs of the AI before publishing or acting upon them.

Featured Image by Allies Interactive / shutterstock.com

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  1. How do I write a letter of recommendation to help a kid get to the college of his choice?

    • Hey Randall. Recommendation letters require a personal touch to really move the needle. The best thing you can do is write something out to the best of your ability. Include stories and anecdotes that are meaningful to the connection you have with this prospective student. Also, detail what you see in them (potential) and connect why a chance at this college would change their life.
      If you aren’t a good writer or comfortable with recommendation letter formats, you can then turn to AI for help—but not until after you’ve thought through and written down everything I’ve mentioned before. I’d use ChatGPT Plus (if you don’t have access to that, go to Poe.com) and choose GPT-4 because it is the most suited AI model for this type of task.
      Then ask it to help you write a college recommendation letter and provide the details of the college and everything that you previously had written down. It can help you organize your thoughts and make sure it is concise enough.
      What you’re doing is amazing and I am rooting for you and your student!

  2. May I use AI images I’ve created commercially to illustrate children’s books?

    • Ria, I think this depends on the marketplaces you want to sell your books on. Many marketplaces may have their own rules concerning AI generated content which you’d want to dig into. None of this post or its comments constitute legal advice. Thanks for your question.

  3. Good morning.
    Because I have been recently diagnosed with adult adhd my doctor recommended using AI to make me a time schedule to complete tasks. I have no idea on where or which IA to use that would be user friendly. Please help if you can.
    Thanks you.
    Rhonda St.Denis

    • Hey Rhonda, such an interesting use case. I wish I had more insight into your experience to be able to be truly helpful.

      Google’s Gemini could be a great tool for you. If you have a lot of thoughts, you can sort of enter in a stream of consciousness into it. Ask it to help you organize the thoughts you are having and to pull out the tasks or events you have to do or be prepared for. It can create tables and even send its ideas to Google Sheets and Gmail, which could help with planning, structure, and communication.

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