5 Best AI Resume Builders in 2024 (Expert Picks)

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First Pick


Pricing: $19 per month
Standout Features: AI Resume Writer, ATS Scanner, and Website Builder

Visit KickResumeRead Overview
Second Pick


Pricing: $24.95 per month
Standout Features: AI Resume Scanning, Cover Letter Builder, and Example Resumes

Visit MyPerfectResumeRead Overview
Third Pick


Pricing: $24.99 per month
Standout Features: Visual Resume Builder, AI ATS Scanning, and Pre-made Templates

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Blog / Business / 5 Best AI Resume Builders in 2024 (Expert Picks)

Getting a new job that advances your career is more or less dependent on your resume. Does that scare you a little? Not a good resume writer? No worries—using an AI-powered resume builder can ensure your next resume is optimized for success. We’ve tested and handpicked the best AI resume builders and CV generators that you can use to help gain a competitive advantage. Read on to find out which one is right for you.


If you sleep on these, you might be taking a chance on your future job prospects.

What AI Resume Generators Can Do

AI resume builders help you create resumes or CVs (another common term for resumes) specifically tailored to your past work experience and the job title you are applying to. They consider the position you’re applying for and optimize it based on what has worked for other applicants. Many will also give you an ATS (applicant tracking system) score. These ATS platforms use NPL to weed out irrelevant candidates based on what they think they are looking for. If you can improve the chances of your resume passing an ATS, you will have a much better shot at landing an interview with a recruiter or hiring manager.

Other than that, most AI resume builders also include a visual document editor. This makes it easy to format and style an entire resume without messing with Word’s formatting options. AI-generated resumes are also easy to download and share. All these things baked into an AI platform can make the resume writing experience much faster and a tab more enjoyable.

Why You Should Use an AI Resume Builder

Building resumes manually is classically difficult. There is a lot of pressure on a single piece of paper to impress potential employers, making it hard to trust many traditional resume-building methods. Old-school resume builders that lack artificial intelligence will no longer cut it.

Here’s why you should be using AI resume makers:

  • Generate Personalized Resume Content with AI: An AI resume builder can easily generate personalized resume content tailored to specific jobs. This eliminates guesswork and streamlines the process, offering a better solution than ChatGPT or other AI writers.
  • Optimize Resume for ATS Scanners: When you submit your resume, you want to believe that it can pass ATS scanners. These scans weed out specific resumes, so recruiters have to wade through fewer applications. Optimizing for these ATS scanners is a lot like optimizing an article for SEO—only with less visibility into whether it works or not. AI resume builders can scan your resume for keywords that target a job description and give you a no-nonsense score before you submit it.
  • Create Multiple Resumes for Specific Jobs: When you tailor resumes to particular job applications, your chances of making it to the next round improve dramatically. AI resume builders make creating multiple versions of your resume for each job easy. But this clutters your desktop with dozens of similar resumes. Online resume makers can help you keep those in the cloud and keep your computer clean.
  • Resume Starter Templates: You shouldn’t need to learn typography, color theory, and negative space to write a simple resume. Resume builders come with pre-designed templates that are already polished up.
  • Better than MS Word or Google Docs: AI resume builders have enhanced AI features for resume building, making them better alternatives to traditional word processors like MS Word or Google Docs. Plus, using software like Word for resumes can be often clunky and the formatting can be inconsistent when viewed on different devices.

Now that we’ve thoroughly covered what to expect from AI Resume and CV builders let’s look at your best options.

The Best AI Resume Builders

Our top choices for AI resume builders offer a lot of the same features So, you’ll want to look at the details of each to make sure they have exactly what you need.

1. KickResume

🥇 Best AI Resume Builder

Kickresume - Homepage - March 2024

KickResume offers a very easy-to-use resume-building platform hosted in the cloud. It’s host to 40+ beautifully designed resume templates. Resume templates come in multiple different formats. These formats are tailored to specific roles and types of resume writing. KickResume also comes with other exciting features. It includes AI tools for writing cover letters that match their resumes. KickResume also has a simple website builder to show off your work history. And if you ever get stuck, you can consult its database of resume samples to see what’s working for other people.

Resume Checker with Score - KickResume

It has a user-friendly interface and workflow for creating resumes. All it needs is the job title and the job posting information, and the AI gets to work on making the resume. You can tailor the resume based on your experience from there and then submit it for scoring. The AI resume checker compares your resume with successful resumes in their database and gives an actionable score.

What We Like About KickResume

  • Visual Resume Builder: Its user-friendly resume builder allows you to see your resume, which is dynamically designed as you create it. This allows you to know exactly how it will look.
  • AI Writer and Rewriter: It provides hundreds of resume samples (full-text) for tons of different industries and professions. Its AI writer can modify or completely replace whole sections to match your skills and experience.
  • Plenty of Templates: KickResume offers over 40 professional resume templates. Each has a matching cover letter, too, so you know you’ll put off professional vibes.
  • AI Resume Scanner: Its scanner will give you more confidence when you upload and send your resume out. Know that you’ll pass ATS systems and get seen by a real person.
  • Basic Website Builder: KickResume’s website builder is a nice touch. Use it if it works for you, but we’d highly recommend building a professional portfolio on WordPress. Divi also offers many templates to create advanced websites showing your unique skills and talents.
  • AI Interview + Career Coach: KickResume has other AI tools too. It can help with interview prep and even consult on your career trajectory and goals.

What Could Be Improved

  • Doesn’t Import Old Resumes: A nice feature that’s missing is uploading previous resumes. This way, the AI can write new resumes based on experience. However, ResumeKick does offer a LinkedIn import, which is very handy.
  • No Custom Fields: Part of using a template is being stuck with what it is designed to give. Some people with very specialized backgrounds or requirements may be unable to include all the details they’d like in the resume templates.

🥇 Why We Picked It

KickResume is easy to use and offers plenty of AI tools to help you search for a job. It has unique features like a website builder and the ability to scan resumes with AI. Its monthly pricing is steep, but you only need it while actively searching. Plus, KickResume has the most AI tools built-in of any tool on this list. So, it’s worth the cost to us.

Community Reviews and Ratings

Most users appreciate the extensive use of AI. They often turn to resume-building platforms because they aren’t confident they can do it themselves (both in design and writing). KickResume does an excellent job with this for most people.


KickResume has a free version of their resume builder with only four templates. Premium plans with all its AI features start at $19 per month. Educators and students can get 180 days of Premium for free.

Get KickResume

2. MyPerfectResume

🥈 Best AI Writer for Resumes & Cover Letters

MyPerfectResume - Homepage - March 2024

MyPerfectResume is another excellent online resume builder with AI features. It comes with 40+ resume templates with matching cover letter designs as well. The visual builder makes it easy to choose the design you like and adjust it with colors and fonts of your liking. It’ll help you create anything from a function to a chronological to a creative resume. It also comes with a mobile app for those who want access to resume editing on the go.

AI Cover Letter Writer - MyPerfectResume

MyPerfectResume comes with hundreds of resume writing samples with suggested bullet points and even entire examples. These are helpful when researching what has worked for others. These are suggested in the resume builder using AI, so you get relevant suggestions.

What We Like About MyPerfectResume

  • AI Resume Suggestions: Use the power of AI that’s trained on thousands of practical resume samples. MPR understands your resume and offers suggestions on skills and bullet points to use. Add and then customize them to yourself.
  • Pre-Made Resume Templates: MyPerfectResume offers around 40+ resume templates and matching cover letters. The quality of some of these templates isn’t as good as other services, but overall, it gives you many options.
  • ATS Scanning: Compare your resume against typical ATS scanning checks. MyPerfectResumes scans for over 30 common errors found on the average resume.
  • Prewritten Content Suggestions: A great way to start a new resume is with well-written and vetted resume copy. It’s helpful as a start but should never be used as-is.

What Could Be Improved

  • Pricing Transparency: MyPerfectResume does not state its pricing for its various services on the front end of its website. This forces users to create a free trial to even see the price tag. We found its pricing and included that information below.
  • Less AI than Other Tools: While it has the ATS resume scanner, other AI tools are lacking. It offers sample writing for many industries, but custom AI content isn’t supported yet.
  • One-time Download Fee: Consumers should be aware of another pricing concern: how it handles one-time downloads. Instead of subscribing to a monthly plan, users have the option to build and download a resume for a one-time fee. Some users have stated that this automatically enrolls them into a subscription. This is still a good deal—just stay vigilant with your subscription status. That or use a single-use virtual card.

🥈 Why We Picked It

MyPerfectResume is a reasonably trusted brand in the world of career advancement. It offers plenty of templates for both resumes and cover letters. Its resume editor is easy to use and doesn’t make much fuss. Resumes can be downloaded in PDF or Word formats (not Google Docs), though it requires a monthly subscription.

Community Reviews and Ratings

Most people appreciate MyPerfectResume’s templates for resumes and cover letters. They offer enough variety to create almost anything. They also enjoy how easy it is to create a good-looking resume (compared to creating one in Word). Some users expressed frustration with how the trial works. They were led to believe that they could get something for free but were charged when opening a trial. This is unfortunate but can be avoided by digging a little deeper.


MyPerfectResume offers a paid trial to download a single resume. Premium subscriptions start at $24.95 per month.

Get MyPerfectResume

3. Enhancv

🥉 Easiest CV & Resume Maker

Enhancv - Homepage - March 2024

Enhancv is an online resume builder that uses AI to scan and check resume content for optimal performance. Before you get to that stage, though, It helps you make a resume using one of its many templates. Building on Enhancv is as easy as it gets. Once done, it provides an actionable resume score that should make any job seeker feel at ease. Simply adjust the resume until it gets into a suitable range.

Enhancv Resume Editor with AI

Enhancv offers six different resume formats and 40+ visual templates in total. This is plenty of variety (with the added font and color customizations) to create just about any resume you need.

What We Like About Enhancv

  • Advanced AI Scoring: Enhancv goes beyond basic resume scanning. Its AI checks resume against ATS scores, use of repetition, spelling/grammar, and whether or not you’ve sufficiently stated your value or impact in previous roles. These must be perfect to have the best chances of landing a new and better role.
  • Easy-to-Use Customizable Templates: Choose between 20+ templates to start. Then, customize your selection with specific fonts and color schemes directly from a dropdown (to keep it easy). Sections can be reordered with a simple drag-and-drop, making your resume truly yours.
  • Easily Duplicate Resumes: When applying to multiple jobs, it is always best to tailor your resume to each opening. You can show off your relevant skills and experiences for different positions. This is easy with Enhancv since it lets you duplicate a resume instead of starting from scratch.

What Could Be Improved

  • High Pricing: Among the highest pricing of similar resume builders. It seems a bit high for a resume builder that doesn’t have an AI writer (only AI resume checks).

🥉 Why We Picked It

We liked Enhancv’s approach to online resume building. Though it costs more than other services, it is an easy-to-use service. They are also transparent with their pricing and terms for their free trial. Its AI resume scanning is also top-notch. We only wish more AI writing tools were built into the resume and cover letter builders.

Community Reviews and Ratings

Enhancv users generally enjoy using the platform. Its templates are top-notch (for both cover letters and CVs). Its ability to import resumes from TXT or Word files speeds the process along. It doesn’t offer as many AI tools, but its visual builder and AI ATS scanning help with things that job seekers usually struggle with themselves.


Enhancv offers a limited 7-day trial. Paid plans with unlimited resumes and cover letters start at $24.99 per month.

Get Enhancv

4. ResumeGenius

Resumegenius - Homepage - March 2024

ResumeGenius makes building professional and creative resumes a breeze. Its online platform handles all the formatting and design work (through pre-designed templates), so you do not have to worry about margin spacings and matching typography in Word. It offers easy-to-use resume-building experience and tools to help you build your confidence.

Resume Genius AI + Visual Builder

Its AI helps you ensure that everything is included for your target job title and position. This helps speed up the writing process and gives you the reassurance of knowing you are using what works.

What We Like About ResumeGenius

  • Variety of Resume Templates: ResumeGenius offers templates for these categories of formats: Professional, Modern, Creative, Simple, and Picture.
  • Matching Cover Letters: It also has a cover letter builder that matches its resume templates, so you make sure to present a cohesive personal brand to recruiters.
  • AI Suggestions: Comparing your resume against its database, ResumeGenius provides suggestions for work history bullet points and skills to include if you have them.

What Could Be Improved

  • Sort of a Bait and Switch: It advertises a free AI resume-building service but doesn’t fully disclose what is available for free. To download a PDF or DOCX version of a resume built on ResumeGenius, one has to subscribe. That isn’t clear upfront.
  • English Only Support: Only supports writing resumes and cover letters in English. The scanning tools will not work with other languages.
  • Possibly Fake Reviews: It’s tough trying to stand out, but maybe ResumeGenius is pushing the wrong things. ResumeGenius has some suspicious reviews, but we can’t say anything definitively. Do your own research.

Community Reviews and Ratings

Users wish that ResumeGenius had more AI tools but appreciate what it does bring to the table. The templates are well-designed. Their pricing structure is the only one that requires a full yearlong subscription.


ResumeGenius has a minimal free plan, and its paid plan costs $95.40 per year.

Get ResumeGenius

5. Resume.io

Resume.io - Homepage - March 2024

Resume.io has been around for a while. Even though it hasn’t always had the best reputation for its billing practices, the product that they’ve created is solid. It has a form-based resume builder where you can add your details, and they show up in the templated resume. You see how the resume will look in real-time. It also has all the AI tools you could have hoped for in a resume builder.

Resume.io Visual Resume Builder with AI

Resume.io makes adding social links, personal details, job history, skills, education, and more to your resume easy. Start by picking a template and adding your unique work history. Use the AI tools to make sure you aren’t missing important details.

What We Like About Resume.io

  • AI Resume Writer: Has AI-powered sample sentence generator to create bullet points and other content for your resume. The AI is trained on relevant and high-impact resumes, so it is usually good when it writes a suggestion. Just make sure to tailor it to your experience and skills.
  • Matching Cover Letter Builder: Cover letters can be built on the platform. Resume.io offers templates that match resumes. Its AI writer can also help write sample sections of a cover letter. This means creating the perfect resume with an extra hand has never been more accessible.

What Could Be Improved

  • Billing Transparency: There is a long list of people who’ve had billing issues with Resume.io. Illusive billing practices (no receipts or notifications) have seriously tanked this resume builder’s reputation. You may still find value in using this service, but stay vigilant concerning billing issues. Additionally, the only way to pay monthly is to start the trial (paid trial) and then let the trial lapse, which seems tricky.
  • Template Inflexibility: You cannot change the order of resume sections to suit your wants and needs. You are stuck with the ordering of sections in the template you choose. It also has the least number of templates on this list (only 31).
  • Image-Based Templates: Using images in resumes is generally considered a bad practice. Many ATS systems don’t know how to parse them, and it can cause errors. Leave the profile photos for LinkedIn and your portfolio website.

Community Reviews and Ratings

Resume.io solves customer needs regularly. Its pricing is higher, but it has all the required tools built in. It could use more AI writing features (its AI suggests professionally written samples and bullet points but doesn’t edit them). Resume.io has good templates and the ability to download resumes in multiple formats.


Resume.io has a limited free plan, with premium plans costing $24.95 per month after a trial lapse.

Get Resume.io

Comparing the Best AI Resume Builders

You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing the right resume builder powered by AI. Here’s how you can narrow down your search.

Feature Comparison of the Top 3 AI Resume + CV Creators

The ability to do what needs to be done should be the first consideration with a tool. The AI resume builder industry is pretty competitive, so there aren’t a lot of differences, but there are some.

Here’s a look at our top three picks:

Starting Price$19/month$24.95/month$24.99/month
Free Option✔️
AI Writer/Rewriter✔️
AI ATS Scanner✔️✔️✔️
Visual Resume Builder✔️✔️✔️
Pre-Made Resume Templates40+40+20+
CV & Resume Examples✔️✔️✔️
Cover Letter Builder✔️✔️
Website Builder✔️
Import Old ResumesLinkedIn only✔️ (TXT or Word files)
Custom Fields✔️
AI Interview + Career Coach✔️
LinkGet KickResumeGet MyPerfectResumeGet Enhancv

Price Comparison of the Best AI Resume Builders

Price is also a huge consideration. Especially for those who are attempting to move up from an entry-level role. Here’s what the price matrix looks like for online resume builders.

AI Resume BuilderStarting PriceFree AI Resume Builder?ReviewsGet
🥇KickResume$19/mo✔️See Reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Get
🥈MyPerfectResume$24.95/moSee Reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐Get
🥉Enhancv$24.99/moSee Reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Get
4ResumeGenius$95.40/yr✔️See Reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Get
5Resume.io$24.95/mo✔️See Reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Get

What is the Best AI Resume Builder?

In our opinion, ResumeKick is the best AI resume maker overall. It, by far, has the most AI features built in. These can help you apply to jobs quickly before the applicant pool fills up. Its ATS scoring also instills confidence in what you’re turning in.

MyPerfectResume and Enhancv both offer great resume templates, sample resumes, and a great visual resume/cover letter builder.

Stop struggling with dated Word templates and stressing about what to include in your resume. Try one of these AI resume makers and enhance your CV today. Since you’re job searching, check out the best ways to make money with AI and these best AI website builders for making portfolio websites. And there are always things to consider when writing with AI.


The intersection of AI and job searching raises many questions. We answer many of them below.

Are AI resume builders any good?
AI Resume Builders are good at making resumes. They make it easy to create good-looking resumes with minimal effort. They have big databases of sample resumes that their AI learns from.
Can ChatGPT build resumes?
ChatGPT can be an excellent tool for creating resumes—and it works. However, it will not help you design a resume in Word. But, as far as ensuring a resume includes what it needs to, it is great. If you have ChatGPT Plus, you can use one of the many custom GPTs designed for job help.
Will AI replace resume writers?
AI has threatened a lot of professional writers, including resume writers. But AI is not a complete replacement. This is especially true when working with someone with extensive experience with a very specific type of job. Their connections and real-world experience can be invaluable.
Can employers tell if you use ChatGPT?
Employers can quickly tell when someone has predominately used ChatGPT or AI to create their resume. Specific AI models often phrase things in telltale ways. They can also tend to be generic. AI should be used to help you find what's missing on your resume. But you should never use AI content as-is without thoroughly checking it yourself.
Is it unethical to use ChatGPT for a resume?
It is not unethical to use ChatGPT or AI while building your resume. It is only unethical if you misrepresent yourself, copy someone else's resume, or use AI to mass-apply for jobs.
How do I protect myself against unexpected charges?
To protect yourself against fraudulent or unexpected charges after you've signed up for an online service, you can use virtual cards, contact your bank, get in touch with customer service, and check every area of your profile for the service in question. Some industries, like resume building and job searching, are known for more aggressive tactics when it comes to billing practices. The best way to protect yourself is to use virtual credit cards that can be turned off whenever your suspicions rise. Some can also be set to only allow one payment before automatically closing. These prevent recurring charges even when a business isn't overly aggressive with its billing. You can also contact your bank and ask them to remove charges. You'll want to gather up proof of what happened. Many resume builders have improved customer support, so you should also contact them about refunds and billing cancellation requests. However, be careful about escalating the conversation too much. Some have policies to stop assisting customers when they threaten things like bank-side cancellations. You should also proactively comb through the product's account, profile, and billing sections. Sometimes, you can find hidden settings for subscriptions and recurring payments. While you're at it, check to ensure you aren't subscribing to email marketing you don't want.

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