How Much Does it Cost to Build a Website? (2024 Price Breakdown)

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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Website? (2024 Price Breakdown)
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There is no easy answer to the question, “How much does it cost to build a website.” Building a website in and of itself is a complex process. There are thousands of tools that can bring your website to life at a variety of price points. Before building a website, you should assess what your website needs and the most cost-effective method to build it. In this post, we’ll give you a price breakdown of everything you’ll need to make the right decision for your website investment.

The Typical Cost of Building a Website (Pricing at a Glance)

The cost of building a website depends on many factors, which makes it difficult to determine a set price. Not all websites are built the same, and as such, each will have its own needs and reasons that will affect the price of building it. However, there are key factors that affect the cost of any website.

Key Factors That Affect Website Cost

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Here are some of the essential costs you can expect to pay when building a website.

Key Factor
Typical Cost Range
Domain Name Registration
$10 - $25 per month
$5 - $500 per month
Website Builder/Platform
$10 - $200 per month
Content Management System (CMS)
$0 - $500+ one-time
eCommerce Platform
$0 - $200+ per month
Website Theme/Design
$0 - $299 per year
Website Addons/Plugins
$0 - $299 per year
$0 - $249 per year
SSL Certificate
$0 - $249 per year
Ongoing Maintenance
$99 - $450 per month
Custom Web Design/Development
$1000- $10,000+ one-time

Depending on the type of website you’re building, you may be investing more into some factors than others. For example, when building with WordPress, you may want to invest more in your hosting for better performance. If building with a website builder, you will pay more per month for advanced features like eCommerce.

Another important factor to consider is the type of website you need. Typically, a website will fall under these main categories:

  • Informational – simple sites or blogs that don’t require a lot of pages or advanced functionality.
  • Small Business – sites that need more advanced tools for SEO and marketing
  • E-commerce – online stores that require complex functionality for selling and managing products.

So you can expect to pay more to build an online store than you will for a personal site with only one page. However, how much more will largely depend on the method you choose. In all cases, you will need to purchase a domain name, which you can do through a domain name registrar like Namecheap.

Three Most Common Methods of Building a Website

There are many ways to build a website. The three most common methods, however, are as follows:

1. Using WordPress (DIY)

Typical Cost Range: $0 – $1,000 per year
Considering most websites are built on WordPress, using it has proven to be one of the best DIY approaches to building a website. With WordPress, it’s possible to have the most flexibility when building your website. As such, you will have more control over how much you want to spend. The software is free, so the real cost will be determined by how much you want to pay for hosting, themes, plugins, and other features.

WordPress comes with a large selection of plugins that allow you to extend its base install further. Plugins can range in price from free options to paid options. On average, the most popular plugins are between $49 – $99 annually.WordPress has some of the best website themes for making your website beautiful. You can find themes on marketplaces like Template Monster and Creative Market. They can also range in price from $19 – $99 annually.

2. Using a Website Builder Platform (DIY)

Typical Cost Range: $10 – $200 per month
Building a website with a website builder is an excellent way to offset some of the heavy lifting of your website while quickly taking control of the design, layout, and functionality. A website builder is an online platform that gives you everything you need to build a website. Some popular website builders include Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly. Let’s also not forget the new AI website builders like Dorik and Divi AI. All website builders have some form of monthly fee, which can be as low as $10 per month. They also have free and paid add-ons you’ll need to keep paying for if you want your website to get new features.

3. Hiring a Professional Web Designer or Agency

Typical Cost Range: $500 – $50,000+ one time
If you want a white-glove approach to your web design, consider hiring a professional web designer or web design agency. Building your website with a professional can cost you thousands of dollars. But with this comes peace of mind, knowing that experts are on the job. You can also find cost-effective web designers on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr.

Using WordPress
Using a Website Builder
Hiring a Web Designer/Agency
  • Allows more flexibility and control

  • Software is free and open source with huge community support

  • Addons like plugins and themes are available for free or low-cost

  • Pay what you want for hosting and other features as needed

  • All-in-one solution that is easy to use and manage

  • Low monthly recurring payments available

  • No extra payments on web hosting

  • All essential features are built-in (builder, hosting, SEO, security, etc.)

  • Get a professional website built by experts

  • Less hassle. They do most of the work for you.

  • Plenty of affordable designers and agencies available with such a competitive market

  • Cheap hosting and poor plugins can cause security and performance issues

  • Can be overwhelming to beginners

  • Recurring fees for themes and plugins are often necessary

  • Locked into a monthly/yearly recurring payment

  • Addon costs can escalate quickly

  • Finding experts for your builder can be expensive

  • Less hands-on control

  • Most expensive option

  • Finding a reliable web designer/agency can be difficult

  • Adding new features and changes can be more costly and time consuming than DIY methods

Price Range:
$0 – $1,000 per year
$10 – $200 per month
$500 – $50,000+ one time

Now, let’s break down the costs in further detail for building a website with WordPress, a website builder, or a web design professional.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Website with WordPress?

Typical Cost Range: $0 – $1,000 per year

When building a website with WordPress, you can build it inexpensively or spend lots of money building it. It all depends on what you need your website to do. Building a website with WordPress can cost as little as zero dollars. The CMS supports many free templates and plugins, and several cheap web hosts are available to help keep your costs as low as possible. With WordPress, you can build any type of website imaginable. WordPress can do everything from a simple informational website to a fully powered online community.

Here are some cost factors to consider when figuring out how much it costs to build a website with WordPress.

Domain Name Cost

Typical Domain Price Range: $10 – $25+ per year

Namecheap, an affordable domain name provider

On the internet, your domain name is the address where your customers can find your website. No matter the type of website you’re building, you’ll need to register a domain name. When choosing a domain name, it’s best practice to reflect your business, be unique, and be easy to remember. Most web hosts offer you free domains at the start of your term, but domains are pretty inexpensive as a whole. Namecheap provides .com domains for as little as $6, but on average, expect to pay from $10 per year for your domain. Costs can increase significantly for more niche and SEO-friendly domain names.

Your hosting provider may also allow you to register a domain directly on their platform for a few bucks more per year, which can make it easier to manage. For example, Siteground offers an easy way to pick a domain and start building your site all in one place.

For more information, check out the pricing for the best domain registrars.

Hosting Cost

Typical Hosting Price Range: $2 – $500+ per year

Web hosting or hosting is the service that holds your website’s files. Different types of hosting can provide an array of features and benefits, depending on the type of website you are looking to build.

SiteGround WordPress hosting

Types of Web Hosting

There are five main types of web hosting available, and each has its strengths and weaknesses that should be considered from both a feature and cost perspective.

Types of HostingBest For:Price Range:
Shared HostingThose that are price conscious and less focused on performance$1.99 – $25.99+ per month
Managed WordPress HostingNon-techies who want better performance on a platform optimized for WordPress$15.99 – $150+ per month
VPS HostingThose who want more consistent performance and security than shared hosting$4 – $150+ per month
Cloud HostingThose who want to run a lean, custom hosting environment$10 – $500+ per month
Dedicated Hosting
Larger websites that need a dedicated environment for the best in performance$100+ per month

1. Shared Hosting

Typical Shared Hosting Price Range: $1.99 – $25.99+ per month

The cheapest option on our list is shared hosting, the most common form of web hosting. This type of hosting is great for the budget-conscious, but it can incur performance and security issues depending on the provider. Here’s our rundown of the best shared hosting providers that you can use for your next website project.

2. Managed WordPress Hosting

Typical Managed Hosting Price Range: $15.99 – $150+ per month

Not all hosting environments are built for WordPress. Managed WordPress hosting makes sure your website is hosted on a platform optimized for WordPress for better performance and easier management. They’ll take care of the technical side for you, but you’ll still have access to manage hosting settings if needed. It will cost a little more than traditional shared hosting but may be worth the investment in the long run. We recommend you check out the price of the best managed WordPress hosts for more.

3. VPS Hosting

Typical VPS Hosting Price Range: $4 – $150+ per month

VPS hosting is similar to shared hosting in that multiple website instances are hosted on the same server. This is done via powerful virtualization software. VPS hosting is a good balance between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Dreamhost, Hostinger, and IONOS are among the best VPS hosts.

4. Cloud Hosting

Typical Cloud Hosting Pricing: $10 – $500+ per month

With a focus on resource management and scalability, cloud hosting is the best choice for websites that need speed and agility. This helps create a lean environment for your website to run on. Pressable is one of many popular cloud hosting providers to consider when costing out your next website build.

5. Dedicated/Semi-Dedicated Server Hosting

Typical Dedicated Hosting Price Range: $100+ per month

Dedicated server hosting means you and your website will encompass all the resources within a single physical server. This frees up more resources for your website, granting you better performance and tighter security. Because of this, its price is much higher than that of shared hosting. Here’s a list of the best dedicated server hosts to get you started on your search.

Here’s a look at our recommendations for the best WordPress hosting providers:

Ranking:Hosting Provider:Best Known For:Starting Price:
1SitegroundShared & Managed Hosting$14.99/month
2HostingerShared & Managed Hosting$9.99/month
3CloudwaysManaged Cloud Hosting$11/month
4PressableManaged VPS Hosting$19/month
5A2HostingShared Hosting$11.99/month

Once you’ve chosen the type of hosting that works for your budget and project, it’s time to look at themes and plugins for your WordPress website.

WordPress Themes

Typical WordPress Theme Price Range: Free – $299 per year

Creative Market WordPress Themes

To make your website beautiful, you’ll need a theme. WordPress lets you download thousands of themes directly from the WordPress Theme Repository. Typically, WordPress themes cost between $19 – $299 per year, depending on how intricate your chosen theme is. As you purchase your themes, you’ll also need to consider the price of customizing them before purchasing them. Some – like Divi – can be edited easily through a visual interface, while others may require you to learn how to code or hire a designer to assist you in making your changes. Here are some of the top WordPress themes that you may want to look into:

2Genesis Pro$360/year
4Responsive Pro$59/year

And if you’d like to see more options, here’s our list of the best overall WordPress themes. You might find one that works for your website!

WordPress Plugins

Typical WordPress Price Range: Free – $200+ per year

WordPress Plugin Repo

You’ll need additional plugins or addons to take your WordPress website to the next level. While a simple website will do well with a basic setup, an eCommerce website will need more bells and whistles to keep customers and increase sales. Here are some categories of plugins you should consider adding to your website:

Plugin TypeUse
Price Range
Backup PluginsMake a copy of your website for safe keeping
$0 - $100 per year
Security PluginsKeeps your website secure from threats and attacks
$0 - $199 per year
Performance PluginsEnhances your website by making it faster and optimized
$0 - $252 per year
SEO PluginsHelps your content get found on search engines
$0 - $99 per year
Social Sharing PluginsAssists with connecting to social media networks
$0 - $149 per year
Contact Form PluginsCollect data from your website visitors
$0 - $99 per year

eCommerce PluginsAllow your website visitors to buy on your website
$0 - $199 per year

Plugins for websites can vary vastly in price based on their function. For example, WooCommerce, a popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress, is free. However, additional addons and features for WooCommerce can range from $29 – $299 annually. Here’s a list of the top plugins you should consider using and investing in for your WordPress website:

Best WordPress PluginPlugin TypeStarting Price
UpdraftPlusBackups$59 per year
iThemes SecuritySecurity$99 per year
WP RocketPerformance$59 per year
Rank MathSEO$59 per year
MonarchSocial Sharing$89 per year
WP FormsContact Form$49.50 per year

To start your plugin search, this list of the best WordPress plugins will help you on your way.

SSL & Security Costs

Typical Website Security Price Range: $10 – $249+ per month

ithemes security plugin

Security for a website can come in a variety of forms. Who you choose to be your web host is one area often overlooked regarding website security. SSL certificates, firewalls, server hardening, and monitoring services are all things that can be looked into when counting the costs of building a website. However, these things are necessary to protect your website. Free SSL certificates like LetsEncrpyt exist, but you may want to invest in one, which could cost you, on average, $250 annually. While options like Sucuri, a free WordPress plugin, are available, its service starts at $199.99 annually. Most reputable security services incur some form of recurring fees. Our list of the best security plugins could help you find the right service. Having peace of mind is something worth paying for, so including security as a factor in your website cost is money well spent.

Maintenance Costs

Typical Maintenance Price Range: Free – $450+ per year

Last but certainly not least is the maintenance of your website. When building any website, like a car, it needs a tune-up here and there. An excellent place to start is by checking out our list of the best WordPress backup plugins, as backups are a keep maintenance task. Other maintenance tasks include updating plugins, adding new content, and more. You’ll need to keep your plugins and themes up-to-date and secure by renewing your license yearly. Furthermore, some service providers have monitoring and maintenance services ranging from as little as $49 per month to several hundred dollars, depending on your website type.

How Much Does a Website Builder Cost?

Typical Cost Range: $0 – $200 per month

Wix Website Builder

When building a website with a website builder, you have a good mix of features and cost savings. Many tools and features you’ll need to build your website with a builder are already included. They also make it really easy to get a site up and running quickly. Some, like Wix, allow you to use artificial intelligence (AI) to build your site. These AI builders can design your website in minutes based on simple text prompts.

Website builders are primarily web-based and use some form of visual builder. This eliminates the need for coding and lowers your worries about security and maintenance, as your recurring payment covers these. On average, website builders have an entry-level option ranging from $7 to $99 monthly. However, they may also have enterprise-level pricing, which can easily jump to $2000+ per month.

The costs for website builders can escalate when it comes to adding features. While many tools already come with your website builder, for more complex tasks, you will need to invest in add-ons that are on the more expensive side. Shopify is a website builder geared towards eCommerce businesses. Its app store has free and paid apps, like the premium version of their Mailchimp apps, starting at $350 per month. With a website builder, you will incur some form of monthly or annual cost for the entirety of the time that you use said builder.

The Best Website Builders: Price Breakdown

Here’s a look at how the top website builders fare when compared based on price.

Website Builder
Free Plan/Trial
Cheapest Plan
eCommerce Plan
Most Expensive Plan
$15 per month
$25 per month
$149+ per month
$7 per month
$30 per month
$517+ per month
$23 per month
$33 per month
$65 per month
$11.99 per month
$26.99 per month
$26.99 per month

If you want to learn more about website builders, we did a deep dive into the best website builders you should check out before starting your next project.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Web Designer or Agency to Build Your Website Cost?

Typical Web Designer Cost Range: $50 – $100 per hour

Typical Web Agency Cost Range: $500 – $50,000+ one-time

Fiverr Pro Accounts/Agencies

Hiring a web designer or web design agency to build your website is an option that will give you the most peace of mind but will require the most investment. Depending on the type of agency or designer that you choose to procure for your website, you may be paying hundreds or thousands of dollars upfront.

Hiring a Web Designer

A web designer is an individual who you hire to build your website. This makes it easier for you as you’ll only be responsible for a fraction of what you’d need to consider when building a website yourself. Many factors come into play when hiring someone to build a website. Their experience level, the tools they use, and their locale all factor into the price. On average, a web design professional may charge $61 – $80 per hour. On a project basis, you can find professionals on job boards that charge as little as $100 to build a WordPress website, although it is more common to pay between $1500 – $5000 for a quality website.

Hiring a Web Design Agency

Web design agencies typically have several people working on your website and additional tasks. A web designer may ask you to provide your content and photos for your website. However, a web design agency may have a copywriter or photographer on their team who’ll carry out these tasks for you. However, these things will bring with them additional costs.

A smaller agency can charge you $500 to build a simple informational website or landing page. However, a larger agency may charge you $50,000+ to build a custom eCommerce website, including product photography and copywriting services.

You can find agencies and designers in other countries that can build your website for you at a fraction of the cost. Typically, these agencies charge $500 for a website. However, there may be cultural and language barriers that may cost more time than money. And, remember, you always get what you pay for. When working with a web design professional, you sometimes don’t have to worry about hosting, security, design, or content. However, this may become a recurring cost for which you may be responsible. Your web design team will carry out all these tasks for you at a cost. Working with a web designer instead of an agency may bring you more significant cost savings, but both have pros and cons.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Website?

The topic of figuring out how much it costs to build a website is vast. Overall, here are the most important items to consider, depending on the type of website you are looking to build:

WordPress Price RangeWebsite Builder Price RangeWeb Design Agency Price Range
Simple Informational Website$0 - $500$0 - $249$0$0 - $250$500 - $1,000+$50 - $500
Small Business Website$0 - $1,500$0 - $450$0$25 - $250$500 - $1,000+$249 - $775
eCommerce Website$0 - $3,500$0 - $450+$0$0 - $2,500$1,000 - $50,000+$450 - $1,000+

When building a website with WordPress, it is possible to keep costs as low as possible. Website builders incur recurring costs that will never go away. However, with that, you don’t have to worry about tasks like security or maintenance, but you may be limited in your website features. Lastly, building a website with a professional grants you the most peace of mind. But this confidence will come at a premium price and may include additional fees after your initial investment. We hope this guide gives you some direction on building your website at a reasonable cost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Before we wrap up, let’s answer some of your most common questions regarding the cost of building a website. Did we miss one? Leave a question below, and we will respond!

What's the cost of building a small business website?
The cost of building a small business website can vary depending on several factors, such as the complexity of the website, the features and functionalities required, the level of customization needed, and the developer's expertise. Generally, the cost can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. However, DIY website builders like Divi are affordable for small businesses that want to create websites without hiring a developer.
How much does it cost to build an eCommerce store?
The cost of building an eCommerce store varies depending on the size and complexity of the project. Basic online store builders like Shopify can start at around $29 monthly. You can use WordPress and WooCommerce to create your eCommerce website for free. However, you should consider other factors like web hosting fees, domain registration, payment gateway fees, and ongoing maintenance and updates. It's essential to research and plan accordingly to ensure that your eCommerce store fits within your budget.
Can I make a website for free?
Yes, it is possible to create a website for free using website builders such as Wix and Weebly. These platforms offer free plans with basic features and templates but may have limitations on storage, bandwidth, and customization options. Alternatively, you can use free, open-source software like WordPress to build a website from scratch if you have some technical knowledge.
Is WordPress affordable?
WordPress is a highly affordable option for building websites. The basic software is free to use and easy to install. Additionally, various free and low-cost themes and plugins are available to enhance your site's functionality and appearance. However, hosting, domain registration, and premium themes or plugins may be associated with additional costs. WordPress is definitely a cost-effective choice for individuals and small businesses compared to other website-building options.
What are some cost-saving tips for making a website?
To save costs while making a website, one can opt for a website builder like Divi instead of hiring a developer, choose a simple and minimalist design and select a reliable and affordable web hosting service. Additionally, minimizing the use of high-resolution images and videos and optimizing website speed can also reduce costs.
Should I hire a web design company or make my own website?
Whether to hire a web design company or make your own website depends on your budget, skills, and time. A web design company can provide professional expertise and customized solutions, but it comes at a higher cost. Making your own website may save money, but creating a functional and visually appealing site requires technical skills and time. Consider your needs and resources before making a decision.
Why should I make a website for myself or my business?
Having a website for yourself or your business is essential in today's digital age. Its online presence is available 24/7, allowing potential customers to find and learn more about your business at their convenience. A website can also improve brand credibility, provide a platform for showcasing products/services, and increase customer engagement through features like online ordering and contact forms.
What factors should I consider when budgeting for my website?
When budgeting for your website, consider the cost of domain registration, hosting, design, development, content creation, maintenance, and marketing. Additionally, factor in ongoing expenses, such as software licenses or subscription fees. It's essential to prioritize your needs and invest in quality services that will benefit your website in the long run.
How can I make my website profitable?
To make your website profitable, you can focus on increasing traffic through effective marketing, optimizing for search engines, and creating engaging content. Additionally, you can monetize your website through advertising, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and selling products or services. Continuously analyzing and adapting your strategies can also help improve profitability.
What’s the cheapest website hosting company?
Several website hosting companies offer affordable options, such as SiteGround, Bluehost, Hostinger, and A2 Hosting. However, it is important to consider factors such as reliability, customer support, and features offered before choosing the cheapest option.

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