3 Fastest WordPress Hosting Companies in 2024 (Tested)

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First Pick


Pricing: $2.99 per month
Standout Features: Google Cloud Based, Custom PHP, SG Optimizer Plugin

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Second Pick


Pricing: $20.83 per month
Standout Features: 100% Uptime Guarantee, Managed WordPress Hosting, High Volume Capacity

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Third Pick


Pricing: $14 per month
Standout Features: Customizable, CloudBased Infrastructure, Personalized Environment

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Blog / WordPress / 3 Fastest WordPress Hosting Companies in 2024 (Tested)

When choosing the fastest WordPress hosting provider for your website, speed is a crucial factor to consider. A slow website can negatively impact your website’s performance in several ways. Firstly, a slow-loading website could lead to losing potential customers, a risk no business owner wants to take. High bounce rates, as measured by website metrics, often indicate a slow-loading website.

Additionally, a slow website can hurt your search engine rankings. Google uses core web vitals such as speed index, time to first byte (TTFL), and more to evaluate the quality of websites and determine their placement on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Because of these factors, ensuring your website loads quickly is crucial to avoid these common problems. In this post, we’ll provide you with our top three fastest WordPress hosting providers so you can decide which company to choose. Let’s dive in.

The Key Factors That Define the Fastest WordPress Hosting

When it comes to WordPress hosting speed, several factors come into play. Firstly, the hardware running the hosting service must be top-notch. This usually includes ample amounts of RAM, high-end central processing units (CPUs), solid-state drives (SSD), or advanced technologies such as LiteSpeed, all of which work together to create a blazing-fast hosting experience.

Additionally, it’s crucial to consider whether the host employs a content delivery network (CDN), which can speed up content delivery to your site’s visitors by storing multiple copies of your files in the cloud. Lastly, the fastest web hosts typically offer speed-enhancing features such as object caching, CSS, HTML, and javascript minification, and load balancing.

The WordPress Hosting Providers We Tested

Aside from the three fastest WordPress hosts featured in this post, we tested a dozen other providers. While they all performed relatively well in our tests, their results weren’t as impressive as our top three.

Some of the other hosts we tested were:

For this post, we focused on the top three rather than all, primarily because we wanted to showcase scores for the highest-rated, most popular web hosts. Plus, having too many choices can be overwhelming.

The Tools We Used to Measure the Fastest WordPress Hosts

WordPress Hosting Benchmark tool plugin

To evaluate the speed of each host, we employed the WordPress Hosting Benchmark plugin. This tool, executed from within PHP, allowed us to determine the processing time of each host’s server by measuring CPU and memory speed, data retrieval time from the filesystem and database, and testing the object cache and network speed. However, we opted not to enable the object caching metric, as the plugin’s author has experienced mixed results. That said, we spoke directly with the plugin’s developer, who assured us that he’s aware of the issues with object caching and plans to address these issues in upcoming updates.

WordPress hosting performance benchmarks

Additionally, we relied on the WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks website, which conducts a comprehensive assessment of each host’s setup. This assessment includes load testing, uptime monitoring, K6 static testing to evaluate server caching by repeatedly testing the home page, a web page test to measure how long it takes to load the home page from 12 different global locations, and the WPPerformanceTester, which measures how many WordPress queries and PHP database operations a site can handle per second.

3 Fastest WordPress Hosting Companies

Aside from the two benchmarking tools we used, we also considered a couple of other factors, including the number of positive reviews and the number of features you get with their WordPress hosting plans. So, without delay, let’s dive into our top picks for the fastest WordPress hosting your hard-earned money can buy.

1. SiteGround

🥇 Fastest WordPress Hosting Overall

SiteGround WordPress hosting

Coming into the top spot on our list of fastest WordPress hosts is SiteGround. Overall, the scores were quite impressive. This is primarily due to how SiteGround’s servers are configured. SiteGround offers a premium Google Cloud hosting setup customized to optimize website speed. This unique setup utilizes custom implementations of PHP and MySQL, resulting in an impressive average time to first byte (TTFL) that is 30% faster than its competitors.

SG Optimizer plugin

To further enhance site speed, every website hosted on SiteGround comes equipped with SG Optimizer, a robust site caching plugin that provides dynamic caching to store your content on the Nginx server’s memory, enabling faster access. SiteGround also offers file-based caching, which generates static HTML versions of your site that are displayed to users. Additionally, the Memcached object caching feature stores frequently executed database queries and reuses them to speed up your site.

To top it all off, SiteGround offers minification of CSS, javascript, and HTML, customizable settings to fit your preferences, Brotli compression – a faster alternative to Gzip, and a free Cloudflare CDN.

These features are evident in our testing, providing some impressive scores. Let’s dive into SiteGround’s test results so you can see for yourself.

WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmark Results

SiteGround loadstorm results

SiteGround has impressive performance numbers, with a P95 response time of just 126ms and no HTTP failures, even when subjected to a high peak RPS of 303.75 requests per second based on 351,276 requests, good enough for the top spot on our list.

SiteGround K6

The K6 static test pushed SiteGround further with 442,044 requests. Yet, it still delivered a fantastic P95 response time of only 67ms and no HTTP failures.

SiteGround’s uptime is close to perfect, hovering around 99.99%. However, its WebPageTest results were mixed. If you access a site hosted on SiteGround from the United States, London, or Germany, you’ll see a full page load in under one second. However, SiteGround struggled in other locations, such as Cape Town, Singapore, and Tokyo, with an average load time of 1.5 seconds. While not terrible, this is slower than Pressable.

Regarding the WPPerformanceTester, SiteGround scored a slightly better PHP Bench result than Pressable, with a score of 10.006. However, it didn’t perform as well as Pressable in the WordPress Bench test, with a score of 1295.3.

WordPress Hosting Benchmark Plugin Results

SiteGround benchmark plugin results

We used a simple setup with the Twenty Twenty-Three theme and no active plugins for our testing with the plugin. We created 20 blog posts and 5 pages using the FakerPress plugin to simulate a simple informational website.

After conducting five tests with the benchmarking plugin, it’s evident that SiteGround is built on a speedy infrastructure. In fact, it outperformed all other hosting providers on our list when importing large quantities of data into the database and matched them evenly in all other categories. As a result, when we combined the scores from the benchmarking website and plugin, SiteGround emerged as the undisputed champion on our list of fastest WordPress hosts.

What We Like About SiteGround

  • Google Cloud Infrastructure: SiteGround provides cloud-based hosting with servers across the world
  • Made for WordPress: It is optimized specifically for WordPress with the latest version of PHP, Brotli compression, and custom PHP that reduces TTFL (available on Grow Big and GoGeek plans only)
  • Speed Enhancements: SiteGround utilizes the SG Optimizer plugin, which adds caching, image optimization, and minification of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Custom MySQL Setup: SG uses a proprietary setup to increase query speed, resulting in much-improved website performance
  • Nginx Server: SG’s servers are Nginx based, rather than using Apache, giving servers a massive speed bump
  • Freebies: When you sign up, you’ll get a free domain for the first signup, daily backups, a free SSL and CDN

What Could Be Improved

  • Data Storage Limitations: Lower-tiered plans only offer up to 20GB storage, which may not be enough for larger sites
  • Renewal Prices: SiteGround offers a great starting price for the first signup, but renewals are pricey

🥇 Why We Picked It

SiteGround is a blazing-favored WordPress host. They tout a high uptime rate of 99.99%, perform more than competitively in benchmark tests, and showcase consistent load time performance. On top of that, they make setting up your first WordPress website a breeze, whether you’re building a brand-new site or migrating an existing one. They include a free domain, SSL, CDN, a solid optimization plugin, and a WordPress-optimized server setup. So, if you’re in the market for a host that specializes in WordPress, SiteGround is an incredible option.

Who Is SiteGround Best For?

SiteGround is a great fit for those looking to balance affordability and features. With a speedy infrastructure, top-rated performance, and excellent security features, SiteGround is a fantastic option. Beginners and seasoned professionals will find SiteGround a superb choice for managed WordPress hosting, thanks to their long success in the business.

Community Reviews And Ratings

Users praise SiteGround’s ease of use, features, and customer service. However, some state the service is more expensive than other hosts after the initial signup.


SiteGround offers affordable plans with prices starting at $2.99 per month.

➡️ Read Our Complete SiteGround Hosting Review.

Get SiteGround

2. Pressable

🥈 Runner-Up for the Fastest WordPress Hosting

Pressable WordPress hosting

The second host on our list, Pressable, had the second-best overall score of our top three on the WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks website. This is no surprise considering the performance features available through them.

uptime guarantee

While most web hosts offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee, Pressable takes it up a notch by providing an impressive 100% uptime guarantee. It also utilizes an automatic failover process that switches to a backup server or network in case of any issues. Additionally, Pressable offers managed hosting that’s tailored specifically for WordPress. Since WordPress is built upon PHP, hosting requires a different setup than standard HTML hosting. Pressable’s cloud-based server, robust performance monitoring, and optimized WordPress hosting make it an excellent choice for hosting your WordPress site.

Let’s break down the results from both of our testing platforms so you can gain insight into how fast Pressable really is.

WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmark Results

Pressable LoadStorm testing

Pressable performed exceptionally well during a LoadStorm test, which simulated uncached users hitting the website, logging in, and browsing. The test generated 425,398 requests over just over thirty minutes, with peak requests per second of nearly 360, yet there were zero HTTP failures. Pressable also achieved an impressive P95 response time of just 321ms, demonstrating its ability to handle a high volume of visitors simultaneously.

Pressable K6 testing

Pressable aced the K6 static test, which involved repeatedly requesting the website’s home page for 15 minutes. It handled 447,740 requests without any HTTP failures, with a peak RPS of 986 and an incredible response time of only 19ms. Overall, Pressable performed impressively, showcasing its robustness and ability to handle any challenge.

We conducted a performance test on Pressable to evaluate its ability to handle WordPress functions. The test included stress-testing PHP, MySQL, and WordPress databases to determine the queries per second. Pressable demonstrated an impressive PHP bench score of 10.0006 and a robust WordPress bench score of over 1349. This test showcased Pressable’s ability to handle tons of queries efficiently, making it a viable option.

We also evaluated Pressable’s uptime and conducted a web page test, which fully loads the home page and measures the loading time from different global locations. Pressable received a perfect uptime score of 100 and loaded the home page in less than a second, regardless of the location.

WordPress Hosting Benchmark Plugin Results

To further examine Pressable’s performance, we conducted several tests. Firstly, we installed the benchmark plugin to assess its CPU and memory performance, filesystem response, and database. Additionally, we conducted a network download speed test.

Pressable benchmark plugin results

Overall, Pressable performed exceptionally well. Its network speed test showed an impressive 1.7-second response time. Simple queries on the database were speedy as well. However, importing extensive data took 4.2 seconds, which could be improved. Despite this, Pressable scored 8.2 out of 10, showcasing its strong performance.

What We Like About Pressable

  • 100% Uptime Guarantee: Pressable is the only WordPress host on our list to guarantee your site will never go down
  • Free Global CDN: It improves load times and reduces latency by caching and delivering content from services closest to the end user
  • Optimized for WordPress: Pressable was created by the same people who invented WordPress, so naturally, they excel at optimizing for it
  • Cloud-Based Platform: Super fast performance based on Pressable’s collection of servers around the globe
  • Automatic failover: Should something happen to your site, Pressable’s servers have automatic failover protection, allowing for an instant switch to another server to prohibit downtime

What Could Be Improved

  • Lacking Email: Pressable doesn’t offer email service, so subscribers will need to look elsewhere if they require business emails
  • No Domains: Pressable also doesn’t serve as a domain registrar, which can be considered negative to some

🥈Why We Picked It?

Despite Pressable’s omission of email and domain services, it is a fast, feature-packed host. It scored second best on our benchmark tests, and it’s no surprise why. That’s considering it was founded by the same folks as WordPress itself. So, Pressable knows WordPress. They have quality WordPress hosting, excellent security features, and an unprecedented 100% uptime guarantee. While they aren’t the cheapest entry on our list, their pricing is relatively affordable for everything that comes with it.

Who is Pressable Best For?

Those looking for a quality hosting provider who knows the ins and outs of WordPress will love Pressable. They offer excellent support, features for small to large businesses, and a relatively affordable price point. One downside is the lack of email addresses or domains, but there are plenty of good domain registrars where you can buy a domain for a reasonable price.

Community Reviews and Ratings

Pressable’s managed WordPress hosting is praised for its affordability, resource limits, and dedicated WordPress support. However, it has limitations, such as no business email or domain purchases.


Pressable offers several plans starting at $20.83 per month, billed annually, or $25 per month if you pay every month.

➡️ Read Our Complete Pressable Hosting Review.

Get Pressable

3. Cloudways

🥉 The Most Customizable WordPress Hosting

Cloudways WordPress hosting

Cloudways rounds out our top three fastest hosting providers. While it scores highly in most categories, we did observe some struggles when over 300 virtual users accessed the site simultaneously. However, it’s worth noting that WPHostingBenchmarks conducted their tests on Cloudways’ lowest-tiered plan, which may explain this issue. Additionally, their test server had only 1GB of RAM, which is generally insufficient to support a WordPress website. To address this, we further tested the next highest-tiered plan to level the playing field.

Cloudways pricing

Cloudways stands out from other hosting providers by offering customizable features you can add as needed. With options like Varnish, Redis, and Memcached, your websites can perform at lightning-fast speeds. You can choose from three cloud-based web hosts – Google, AWS, and DigitalOcean – to find the best fit for your business. And you can personalize your WordPress environment by setting the RAM, bandwidth, and storage to your unique specifications.

Our tests used a Cloudways plan that included 1GB RAM, 25GB hard drive space, and 1TB bandwidth. This is equivalent to 75% of the other providers we tested. So, let’s delve into the results so you can see how Cloudways fared against other hosting providers on our list.

WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmark Results

Cloudways LoadStorm test

As previously mentioned, these results are skewed due to the lowest-priced plan being used. However, it’s still a good indication of what you can expect with Cloudways, especially if you choose their bargain basement setup. During the LoadStorm test, Cloudways struggled a bit. Unfortunately, it recorded 229 HTTP failures throughout the test, with failures popping up once the server gained more than 300 virtual users. With the 160,790 requests made, the average P95 response time was 21,119 ms, which could be better.

Cloudways K6

However, Cloudways did much better on the K6 cached testing, with zero failures out of 368,873 requests and a P95 response time of 467ms, which is much better than the uncached LoadStorm test conducted. This goes to show how beneficial good caching can be. For the uptime test, Cloudways fared quite well, with an overall score of 100% through Uptime Robot and 99.8342% on Hetrix, which is pretty darned good.

Finally, the PHP bench results were slightly better than Pressable and SiteGround, with a score of 7.523, good enough for the top spot on our list. However, the WordPress bench scores were the worst, reaching 1007.

WordPress Hosting Benchmark Plugin Results

Cloudways benchmark plugin test

When testing with the benchmarking plugin, we opted for a slightly different setup than the lowest-priced plan. For this test, we chose the next highest (recommended) minimum plan for WordPress, which consists of 2 GB RAM, 50GB hard drive storage, and 5TB of bandwidth on a DigitalOcean cloud server. With these specs, Cloudways sailed through testing with an attitude. The only score under acceptable levels was the database import metric. Still, some of our other hosts also needed help with that. Of the top three hosting providers, Cloudways scored the best on the plugin benchmarking test.

What We Like About Cloudways

  • Caching: Cloudways has several forms of caching, including Varnish, Regis object caching, dynamic caching through Memachached, and PHP caching with PHP-FPM
  • Multiple Cloud Providers: As the name suggests, Cloudways is a cloud-based host that offers hosting through several providers, including DigitalOcean, AWS, and Google Cloud
  • Simplified Pricing: Cloudways offers a modular pricing model where users can pick the amount of storage, RAM, and add-ons to suit their liking
  • Managed Hosting: Cloudways offers managed hosting but allows the end user to determine their own settings should they prefer

What Could Be Improved

  • Complex Setup: Cloudways takes some getting used to when first signing up
  • Limited Server Settings: There’s no root access, and you can’t change the server stack to suit your preferences

🥉 Why We Picked It?

First and foremost, we like Cloudways because it’s so versatile. You can leave the server as is and have a fast website without configuring a thing. On the other hand, if you like to make your own performance enhancements, Cloudways allows you to do that, too. We also like their modular pricing structure. It gives the end user the final say in what they need, allowing them to cut out what they don’t.

Who is Cloudways Best For?

Cloudways is a great option for people looking for a reputable hosting provider that lets you build a custom setup. Their modular pricing plan is great for DIY types who want to pick and choose their own server and its specs. You also get a lot for your money with Cloudways.

Community Reviews and Ratings

Pressable’s managed WordPress hosting is praised for its affordability, resource limits, and dedicated WordPress support. However, it has limitations, such as a lack of domain sales, limited support availability, and uptime transparency.


Cloudways offers multiple plans with prices starting at $14 per month.

➡️ Read Our Complete Cloudways Hosting Review.

Get Cloudways

Which is the Fastest WordPress Hosting Provider Overall?

As a result of our testing, we can confidently say that SiteGround deserves the top spot on our fastest WordPress hosting list.

Number of Requests442044447740368873
HTTP Failures00229
LoadStorm126ms321ms21 119ms
K6 Static67ms18ms467ms
PHP Bench9.757 10.006 7.523
WordPress Bench1295.31349.51007
Starting Price$2.99/month$20.83/month$14/month
WordPress Bench1295.31349.51007
User Reviews (avg)⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Our findings indicate that SiteGround outperformed the competition in multiple essential areas, including scoring the highest on the LoadStorm test, maintaining an impressive uptime record and recording zero HTTP errors during our testing. While we acknowledge the remarkable capabilities of Pressable and Cloudways, SiteGround’s exceptional performance establishes it as the clear winner in the fastest WordPress hosting category.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Before we wrap up, let’s answer some of your most common questions regarding the fastest WordPress hosting. Did we miss one? Leave a question below, and we will respond!

What is the fastest hosting service for WordPress?
According to the tests we have run while writing this blog post, the fastest hosting service for WordPress is SiteGround. It outperformed all other hosting providers in the study, which mainly focused on importing large quantities of data into the database. Siteground has maintained the website loading speed on the front end while the backend operations were quite heavy.
What is the fastest WordPress VPS hosting?
Hostinger is recognized as a high-speed VPS hosting provider for WordPress. With their advanced technology stack, including SSD drives and a powerful control panel, they ensure quick loading times and efficient handling of traffic surges, making them a popular choice for WordPress sites.
Who offers the fastest WooCommerce hosting?
SiteGround offers fast WooCommerce hosting optimized for performance with advanced caching technologies. It includes features like daily backups, a free SSL certificate for added security, and excellent page load times, making it a preferred choice.
Can shared WordPress hosting deliver fast speeds?
Yes, but only in a limit capacity due to the nature of sharing resources with other sites. When the demand increases for bandwidth, or the number of queries increases with the number of visitors on the site, shared hostings might not be able to maintain their performance.
Where can I find a fast WordPress reseller hosting service?
SiteGround, Pressable, and Cloudways are excellent options for fast WordPress reseller hosting services. Each offers robust features, impressive speed, and reliable performance, making them a top choice for anyone looking to offer reselling services. Evaluate each to find the best fit for your needs.
How can I test my hosting company’s performance?
You can test your hosting company's performance using benchmarking tools like GTMetrix for simulating user traffic or K6 for static request tests. You can also monitor uptime using services like Uptime Robot. Moreover, using a WordPress hosting benchmark plugin can provide insights into CPU performance, memory usage, and network speed.
What is the fastest managed hosting service for WordPress?
SiteGround is the fastest managed hosting service for WordPress, as per the test results mentioned in the blog post. With its efficient infrastructure, SiteGround outperforms other providers, especially when handling large quantities of data, providing excellent uptime, and consistently delivering top-tier speed performance.
Which hosting can offer instant scalability for WordPress-based sites?
Cloudways is a great hosting provider for instant scalability with WordPress-based sites. It provides customizable plans built on cloud infrastructure, allowing you to swiftly scale up your resources, such as RAM, bandwidth, and storage, to match your site's growing needs.
What is the fastest cloud hosting solution for my WordPress eCommerce site?
Cloudways is a strong contender for the fastest cloud hosting for a WordPress eCommerce site. It uses leading cloud providers like AWS, Google Cloud, and DigitalOcean. It's ideal for fast-paced eCommerce with options like Varnish, Redis, and Memcached for speed and scalability.
Does having a fast hosting service improve search engine rankings?
Yes, a fast hosting service can positively impact your search engine rankings. Google includes page load speed as a ranking factor in its algorithm. Therefore, websites that load faster can have an advantage in search engine results, providing a better user experience, reducing bounce rate, and improving engagement metrics.

Are you looking for more hosting reviews? Check out our picks for the 10 best WordPress hosting options.

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