Exploring The Best WordPress Form Plugins

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Exploring The Best WordPress Form Plugins

The contact page is one of the most important pages on a website. It is how advertisers get in touch with you and how customers ask questions about your product or service.

Displaying contact email addresses to visitors is rare today due to the spambots that crawl the web for email addresses. Most website owners display contact forms instead.

Contact forms allow you to dictate what information is sent to you. For example, in your contact form you could ask for a person’s URL, the department they want to contact, and the reason they are contacting you or your company. This ensures that the emails that are sent to you consistently show the same information.

WordPress does not come packaged with a contact form, however there are no shortage of great contact form solutions available online. I touched upon two of these the other day in my article “The Best WordPress Plugins That Everyone Should Be Using“.

Today I would like to share with you all a collection of free and premium WordPress plugins that allow you to integrate a contact form into your WordPress website. I hope you enjoy the list πŸ™‚

Contact Form 7 (Free)

This list of contact form plugins is not in any particular order, however I thought it would be best to speak about Contact Form 7 first. With over 16 million downloads on WordPress.org, it is by far the most popular contact form plugin available for WordPress.

Contact Form 7 is an easy to use plugin that lets you choose from over a dozen form options including checkboxes, file uploads, quizzes, and more. It includes anti-spam features such as CAPTCHA and Akismet spam filtering.

Multiple forms can be inserted into your posts, pages, and widgets. Due to its popularity, there are a large number of plugins available on WordPress.org that integrate with Contact Form 7.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is simple to use, yet offers many fields and options.

Gravity Forms ($39+ Per Year)

Gravity Forms is the premium form plugin that I use on my own websites. It allows you to build complex forms with ease and stores submissions in your database for future reference.

It can be used to create order forms on eCommerce websites and allows visitors to submit articles via post fields. Conditional logic can be used to change the fields that are displayed, depending on what the visitor enters in fields.

A personal license for one website retails at $39, for three websites at $99, and $199 for a developer license. The more expensive licenses integrate with many third party services such as PayPal, Aweber, MailChimp, and Freshbooks. Be aware that while you can use the plugin indefinitely, you will only receive support and plugin updates for a year unless you renew your license.

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms allows you to build advanced forms in just a few minutes.

Ninja Forms (Free)

Ninja Forms is a flexible form builder that allows you to create forms using a drag and drop interface.

It includes a wide range of fields and features a question and answer option to prevent spam. Forms and fields can be imported and exported and saved for use in other forms.

A wide range of premium add ons are available that adds features such as email marketing integration, PayPal integration, file uploading, conditional logic, a table editor, and more. Unfortunately, the extensions cost between $19 and $49 per extension, per website. Therefore, to add the same functionality that comes standard in other premium form plugins could cost you hundreds of dollars.

Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms features a user-friendly drag and drop visual interface.

Fast Secure Contact Form (Free)

Fast Secure Contact Form is a free form builder that automatically blocks spam from known spammers. You can select from a wide range of fields including checkboxes, attachments, and radio buttons. A backup and restore tool is available and form submissions can be sent to multiple email addresses.

The default forms are quite plain, however you can modify every part of your forms through the settings area. In addition to styling, you can modify labels, error messages, confirmation emails, fields, and more.

Fast Secure Contact Form

There are not many contact form plugins that offer as many customization options as Fast Secure Contact Form.

Jetpack Contact Form (Free)

Jetpack is a versatile plugin that contains over thirty different modules. I know that many Elegant Themes readers have the plugin installed on their website for its social media integration. What you may not realise is that the plugin contains a contact form module.

The default form includes name, email, website, and comment fields. Additional fields can also be inserted including drop down options, checkboxes, and radio buttons.

It does not offer any advanced features, however it is worth using if you already have Jetpack installed and just need a basic contact form.

Jetpack Contact Form

The contact form module in Jetpack is perfect for those that need a simple functional contact form.

Visual Form Builder (Free / $20+)

Visual Form Builder features a beautiful drag and drop interface that comes with over a dozen useful fields. You can add new fields with one click and then re-order them in any way you see fit.

Form submissions are stored in your WordPress database and can be exported using a CSV file. Confirmation messages can also be customized and it includes a text CAPTCHA verification system to prevent spam.

A pro version retails from $20 that features an email designer, analytics, conditional logic, and import and export functionality.

Visual Form Builder

Visual Form Builder allows you to create beautiful forms with just a few clicks.

Quform ($29)

Quform is the best selling form builder WordPress plugin on CodeCanyon. It features an easy to use drag and drop page builder and comes with fifteen different field types, optional filters to strip submitted data, and validation options that require visitors to submit something specific.

Forms can be imported and exported to your other websites. It also comes with three unique themes and a theme customizer and notification email messages can be customized through the settings area.


Quform can be used to easily create advanced forms for your website.

Ninja Kick Sidebar Contact Form ($15)

Ninja Kick is a stylish contact form that comes with three themes. The contact form does not display on a page. Instead, the plugin adds an email icon to the bottom of your page. When a visitor clicks on the icon, the contact form slides from the left or right hand side of the page using a cool animation. The form is responsive so looks good on mobile devices too.

The contact form can display links to your social media profiles. You can also add additional custom fields, though the form is more simplistic than the majority of contact forms plugins listed in this article. It is a good option for those of you who want to integrate a basic contact form into their website.

Ninja Kick Sidebar Contact Form

Ninja Kick is a simple contact form that looks amazing on any device.

FormCraft ($32)

FormCraft is a premium form builder that can be used to build a variety of forms including newsletter sign up forms, surveys, and application forms.

It includes conditional logic options, form analytics, and a drag and drop interface that lets you create forms in seconds. The forms are responsive and can be displayed in a number of ways including pop up, sliding up from the bottom of the page, or flying in from the side.

The developer sells an alternative form builder entitled nForms that includes many of the same features as FormCraft.


FormCraft can be used to build simple and complex forms for your website.

Contact Form (Free)

Developed by vCita, the WordPress Contact Form Plugin allows you to add three different types of forms to your website.

The first form, known as Active Engage, shows a contact link at the bottom right hand side of your pages. Clicking on the contact link will pop up a contact form or message to visitors. The second option is a standard contact form for your pages and the third option adds a contact form to your sidebar.

The standard contact form for your pages and sidebar are quite basic, however you may want to use the plugin for its Active Engage sliding contact form.

WordPress Contact Form Plugin by vCita

The sliding form that is displayed from the bottom of the page looks great.

Formidable Forms (Free / $47+)

Formidable Forms is a form builder that uses a drag and drop interface. It lets you easily build multi-column forms and integrates with reCAPTCHA and Akismet for fighting spam.

The pro version of the plugin retails from $47 and adds twelve additional features including a file uploader, a registration option for visitors, PayPal integration, and integration with email marketing services.

Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms has an interface that is very similar to Gravity Forms.

Contact Form (Free / $15)

With around two million downloads, Contact Form is one of the most popular contact form plugins available for WordPress. It allows you to add a basic form to your website.

The form allows visitors to upload files and it integrates with the Captcha plugin to help combat spam.

Contact Form Pro is available for only $15 and includes additional features such as form styling, input validation, and select boxes.

Contact Form

Contact Form offers a basic contact form with no added thrills.

Easy Contact Forms (Free)

Easy Contact Forms features an easy to use drag and drop builder for creating new forms. It includes all essential fields such as radio boxes and textarea and there is an option to add a reCAPTCHA field.

Visitors can upload multiple files in forms and you can direct visitors to any page after they have submitted a form. The plugin can also integrate with your email list.

Easy Contact Forms

Building forms with Easy Contact Forms is a breeze, though it does lacks advanced features such as conditional logic.

Final Thoughts

I know that many Elegant Themes readers want me to give an overall recommendation at the end of my articles, therefore I thought I would share my opinion on form plugins for WordPress πŸ™‚

For the last few years, I have used Gravity Forms on my websites. The plugin is fantastic, however when I was recently contacted by the developers to renew my business license for Gravity Forms for $99 per year, I declined.

It remains a powerful form plugin that is packed full of features, however I realized that I use few of its advanced features. The only advanced feature I use is conditional logic; which enables different fields to be displayed when a user emails me through my personal blog. On my other websites, I do not need conditional logic, therefore a simple contact form such as Contact Form or Contact Form 7, or the basic form module that is included with Jetpack, would be more than sufficient.

If you are looking for a stylish form plugin but do not need many advanced features, I recommend the free version of Formidable Forms or Visual Form Builder. They both allow you to design beautiful forms easily and offer many different fields for your forms.

If you do need advanced features such as conditional logic, post submission, and email marketing integration; I recommend looking closely at Gravity Forms, Quform, Visual Form Builder Pro, FormCraft, and Formidable Pro.

It is difficult for me to single out any one of these premium form solutions in particular as they all offer similar features. The most practical thing to do would be to write down the features that are most important to you and then look at which plugin offers the best value. You can then contact the developer of that plugin and ask for a demonstration.

I hope that you found this article useful. If so, I encourage you to subscribe to the Elegant Themes blog in order to receive updates of our latest articles.

Please let us know what contact form plugin you use on your website in the comment area below πŸ™‚

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  1. Hi Kevin
    Looks as though you’ve pulled out all the stops on this one and put in a few forms that I’ve never heard of.

    I’m a Contact Form 7 man and I use it on all my sites, apart from my Elegant Themes sites, where I use the ET contact form template.
    It’s a great pitty that more theme devs don’t include a contact form template.

    I thought that the Ninja Kick Sidebar Contact Form looks pretty flash.

    Another great resource.

    • Glad you liked it Keith. There were many more that I did not include in the list (which is always the case with plugin lists).

      I do like the idea of simple contact forms such as Ninja Kick. People are more inclined to send a quick message if there are less fields to complete.


  2. sound like great.. but, the code editing much hard for me.

    • You don’t need to edit code. All of these contact form plugins are easy to use. πŸ™‚

      • Agree Kevin, Just need to dive in water and swimming will be very easier than expected. Most of the above listed plugins are very easy to use hardly need coding skill.

      • Kevin Muldoon,
        I agree with you,working fine on my blog.Actually,no need to edit any code.just install plugin & active,simple.thanks

  3. I find that Quform is the most complete form solution I have found and I use it in every site I build. Really intuitive and flexible with unparalleled support.

    The time it saves to build and customize forms is worth every penny!

    • Good to hear that John. It’s the best selling plugin on CodeCanyon…by far. Think it has sold around five times as much as the next one πŸ™‚

    • Plus you can buy a developers licence and never have to renew it again. πŸ™‚

  4. Wow, 13 plugins reviewed! I knew half of them, so it’s great article, will check it from time to time.

    • Thanks Cesar.

      I would still say this was more of an overview that a complete review. In reviews, I usually do a walkthrough for each plugin and show how they work. πŸ™‚

  5. Have been using Gravity Forms for several years as a developer, and would never consider another. It is so easy to setup and configure some pretty advanced things like routing and multi-page forms – unbelievable time saver.

    • + awesome Mailchimp integration

    • Yeah I love Gravity Forms too, though I really do not use most of the features I paid for. For my own needs, a simpler contact forms solution would probably be just as good.

  6. very informative article…trying to explorer the form building concept in WP…

    • Glad you liked the article Shahbaz.

  7. Great list! Forms are indeed very important and I’ve also spent many hours searching for forms that can do what clients want.
    My favourite is definately Formidable (free or pro) because of it’s ease to use, and variety of settings. Also, with extensions a lot of functions can be added which is really great.
    I therefor personally use Formidable for all forms I create.

    Marcel Oerlemans
    Compass Creations webdesign Gouda

    • Thanks for the recommendation Marcel. It is good to hear from people who have use these forms on a daily basis.

  8. Formidable Pro is incredibly robust. Large enough to handle anything you throw at it, and still being actively developed so you still get the developer providing support and hand’s on knowledge.

    • Bob I’m with you. I went the lifetime developer option which was about $US75 but is now $US117.

      This way I’m supporting a great product in its ongoing development and I can use it across unlimited sites.

      I’ve done some very complex things with it and the help forums are actively supported.

      The integration to mailchimp means you can easily forward new email addresses that visitors give you on for second level validation (by the chimp).

      Also the paypal integration is spot on. if you wanted to build event/ticket sales you could definitely use this form. I gave that a good go and it worked well.


      • Formidable is truly awesome. It is also way more than a form builder. It can be used as a front end to a database, allowing people to enter / upload information, and then display that information for searching etc on another page (or the same page). The information can also be edited from the front end as well if you wish. Different forms can also be related to each other.
        It is in my opinion, the best WordPress plugin ever made – with ultra fast support when needed (BackupBuddy would be a close second).
        To call this a mere Form builder does not do it justice.

    • Good to hear such great recommendations about Formidable Pro.

      I’m a big fan of the freemium business model. I think it is a great way of contributing to the WordPress community and has been shown that if it done right, it can also be very profitable.

  9. Divi’s Page Builder breaks Visual Form Builder Pro.

    Which breaks my heart seeing how I stumped up for the developers licence of VFBP just prior to the release of Divi. The only way I can use one with the other is to place forms on pages coded with just the default editor.

    If anyone knows of a hack I would be massively indebted to them.


    • How are you inputting the form? I have used it with Divi a number of times and have never run into this problem.

      If you have an easy way for me to contact you I might be able to help. I have tweaked the CSS and code to work in a number of themes including custom built themes.

      I have to know the exact issue to be able to help, but I’ll give it a shot if you want.

      • That would be great David thanks.

        May I fire off an email to you at the EQ Graphics site and we can take it from there?

        • Sure thing. It might take me a day or two to get you an answer because I’m busy with a couple of jobs right at the moment, but it should be a quick fix.

          I’ll try to write how to fix it so you’ll know for next time too if the problem ever arises again.

    • Make sure the VFB CSS is activated under the settings option in the VFB admin menu

      • It’s not disabled, as in it’s unchecked, if that is what you mean.
        What about “Always load CSS”? Would that help?

        • My goodness I think that may have done it Robin.

          I selected “Always load CSS”. I need to test more but it looks good so far.

          Thanks for pointing me in that direction.

          • I know this is an old post but I have just encountered this same problem with my Visual Form Builder forms. Upon clicking Submit, the form disappears!

            I was looking for the “Always Load CSS” thing in the VFB settings that was discussed here but I could not find it in the latest version. Could somebody help?

  10. I’ve always been a fan of building my own forms from when I used to build websites by hand before I started using Joomla and WordPress. I have tried so many different forms and have liked various features about each.

    My favorite would have to be Visual Form Builder solely for one reason. It saves a copy of every message sent to me in the backend of my site. I never have to worry about whether or not the email is sending correctly because it catches every message and stores it for me. In the past I’ve had clients tell me that they sent me a messages through my sites that I never received. Now I never miss a single lead from anyone that sends through my site.

    • Great point David.

      That is something that I use with Gravity Forms too. Gmail can be quite temperamental with what emails are delivered; so it is great to have a backup in my database.

      • Formidable Forms also stores the form submissions – at least the Pro version does; not sure about the free version. Pro version also allows export and import of the entries. You can also include hidden fields that the user doesn’t see – could be useful for adding notes about follow-up and so on. The capabilities of Formidable Forms Pro go far beyond simple contact forms and allow you to build quite complex and detailed forms. I don’t work for them – have just been happy with the functionality and support!

        I wasn’t aware of some of the others and will check them out. It’s always nice to choose the right tool for the job. Thanks for the roundup!

  11. Kevin,

    I would throw Wufoo forms (http://www.wufoo.com) in there as well. Although not technically a plugin, it can be integrated via shortcode if the Wufoo plugin is installed and activated. The editing via the Wufoo admin panel is a breeze. It’s just dragging and dropping plus the submissions are stored in a database.

    Their prices range from free to $199.95/month. The free plan is adequate for most, but if you don’t want the Wufoo logo on the completed pages, you can upgrade to a $14.95/mo. or $29.95/mo. plan.

    It’s been completely worth it to me. I posted on it a while back on my website:


    • Thanks for the suggestion Tom. I am sure some people will check that out πŸ™‚

  12. I use jotform … would anyone advise against it? Am I being lame using joform?

    • If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it πŸ™‚

    • I can’t believe more people are not recommending Jotform. Our agency has been through so many form providers and Jotform has, by far, out performed the rest.

      We wanted to use Gravity forms, but they don’t offer a “Master Account” where we can segment client forms into folders and access them all from one account. Jotform does this and is extremely flexible.

  13. I have used several of these, including contact form 7, Quform, Gravity forms, and most recently formcraft. All of these are good options but I think formcraft has the best blend of functionality, and ease of use as far as styling is concerned.

  14. Thanks Kevin. Much needed article. It kills me when I had to do plugin comparison myself, takes a lot of time. Having this article gives a great overview.

    • You’re welcome Elijah.

      I’d take a plugin comparison over a theme comparison any day. The last time I was looking for a theme I think I checked about three hundred demos! πŸ™‚

  15. @Kevin:
    Your thoughts reached Hannover, Germany !
    After easter holidays I will try a bit …
    Thanks !
    Happy Easter !

    • Happy Easter K.

      Hannover is a city I’d love to visit. There is some beautiful architecture there (well, throughout most of Germany) πŸ™‚

      • Kevin, I think in your home, hometown we can find people, places, nature of extreme value, worth to be visited …
        (Excuse my English I’ve learned long long years ago.)

        ET can open an german office in CeBit-Town Hannover and at the 2015-CeBit you can visit what are you thinking about …
        Good ways direction summer !

  16. I have used Contact Form 7 and Quform but now stay with Ninja Forms. Quform is extremely powerful but not Responsive yet and sometimes overkill for what I need.

    • I didn’t realise Quform is not responsive. Thanks for letting us know. I did not point that out in my review. πŸ™‚

  17. Great list, thanks!

    On my personal website, I use Ninja forms (without premium add ons).

    When I create websites for the company I work for, I still have to go for Cforms II.
    This is still an awesome form builder, but the development has stopped. But as far as I know, there is no other form builder who let the user choose at which person the e-mail will be send (form a dropdown list).

    Is there form builder who gives me that functionality? I’m afraid for the day Cforms II will stop working…

    • I expect one of the premium form plugins would be able to do that, though I am not sure.

      It could be worth writing a standard email enquiry about that and blasting them off to the developers of the premium contact form plugins. I would expect one to support it. Alternatively, a developer may decide to add it as a feature πŸ™‚

      • @Yevs, look into fast contact form, I suspect you can create that. πŸ˜€

  18. Nice review Kevin. I used elegant theme form template but when I needed some addition features, I opted for fast contact us and visual form builder. I may look at formcraft ‘cos I suspected some gem in it.

    • Thanks bb. Glad you found it useful πŸ™‚

  19. I see that you do not stop doing good tutorials with a perfect explanation, go on, greetings

    • Muchas gracias. Usted es muy amable πŸ™‚

  20. I’m just in the midst of learning about Visual Form Builder. From what I’ve created so far I know there is much more to discover. It’s powerful for sure, although while perusing your list I did find a couple more that are bookmarked.

    • I only tested Visual Form Builder, however it seems like a great plugin πŸ™‚

  21. Hi Kevin,

    Great post and detailed overview of most forms for WordPress on the market. I’m wondering among premium forms you tried, which one you found easy to use and focused to end users?

    I’m new to WordPress πŸ™‚

    • Apart from the basic forms I included, such as Contact Form and the one included with Jetpack, I think all the forms look good from a user’s point of view.

  22. another addition could be GuiForm .. https://wordpress.org/plugins/guiform/. I am using it and it’s by far seems to be pretty good for me.. absolutely free, unlimited form, easy to build forms, lots of form types can be created, styling is easy to do.. .and many more.. really I am very impressed with this form.. have you tried it yourself.. it looks really good to me..

    • I have not tried it myself. It looks like a good option as it stores entries in the database and looks fairly easy to use.

      • absolutely.. it’s so easy to build forms as well as to display them on pages. Hope it fares well all the time and there is no loading issues..

    • Hello, do you know if GUIform works also on multisite?

  23. Awesome article Kevin πŸ™‚ Aware & also used many forms in my client’s sites of this post. But many new forms that I didn’t see or use anywhere. Specially premium forms like FormCraft, and Formidable Pro. Thanks for share

    • Contact Form 7 is all time popular. I have use it 3 of my WordPress blog.

  24. I use Fast and secure contact form integrate with Paypal is great

  25. Hi Kevin,
    thank you for your review!
    I agree with Yves. IΒ΄m using cformsII for my client projects for years. For me it is the most powerful form builder plugin for free out there. http://www.deliciousdays.com/cforms-plugin/

    • You’re welcome Michael. Glad you liked the article. πŸ™‚

  26. I’m using gravityforms from last 3 years and I’m pretty satisfied with it. Its the best from building plugin right now in the market πŸ™‚ that’s what i feel….

  27. Great list of WordPress form plugins. Among all these forms Contact form 7 is my most favorite one. I have been using this form plugin for last two years. Thanks for the shares.

  28. I think Jetpack is a good plugin.

    By installing Jetpack, we can used a lot of features such as WordPress stat, related post, sharing, contact form.

  29. Any news on the pending upgrade to Divi – I am desperate to add the gallery options that the ‘sneak peek’ alluded to ( a glaring omission from V1 ) yes I can use plugins to achieve gallery options, but who wants to clog up a clean and beautiful theme like divi and inherit all the plugins attendant upgrades and possible vulnerabilities. Are we very near? Months off?

  30. Kevin,

    Your posts are simply AMAZING: thanks a lot for sharing!

    Particularly, I’ve loved your “Final Thoughts” section in this post: your experience and knowledge is a super extra value for all of us!


    • Thanks for the kind words Jorge. Glad you found the last section useful. I will try and share my thoughts more in future posts πŸ™‚

  31. Thanks so much for the info. I’m researching form plugins now. I’m interested in doing one like the pop up one ET uses. Can anyone tell me how they do it?

  32. Hi Kevin,
    I’d be quite happy to use the ET Contact Form if I could get it working with my host provider (or something!). I’m not a techie, have installed the forms on several pages of my site, (inputting my email address in the module template), get the “Thank you for contacting us” message on the page but no email. When I put up a ticket on the forum I received a link to this page. Do you have any advice please? I really need to get those forms working!

    PS The advice from my hosting service Blacknight Solutions is as follows
    mail.blacknight.com for the mail server
    A valid blacknight hosted from address with login details provided
    AMTP authentication enabled

    Where do I do that???

    • I haven’t used the ET contact form myself so I am not sure what needs to be configured. It sounds like you need to add your website as a mailserver through the settings area. However, it is difficult to know exactly without seeing it myself.


  33. Thanks Kevin. A very timely article. I use the divi theme and am wanting a thin horizontal opt-in below my full width slider on every page. Would you know which of the plug ins you’ve used could do that?

    Many thanks

  34. Hi Kevin,
    Really a good post!
    I recently started a blog, so I would need the form plugin. And after this post, I think that I should not go with the premium one now. So which free plugin is the best? I know you have concluded them up there. But I would like to know the best one.

    • I don’t believe there is a best one. I would suggest using either formidable pro or visual form builder.

      Even a basic contact form, such as the one that Jetpack offers, will be sufficient if you just need a basic form.

  35. Another good choice: WordPress Form Manager (or Form Manager)

    – display field on condition
    – publish submission to post
    – hidden field
    – etc.

  36. Hello,

    very nice and complete post. Thank you for share your knowlage with us.

    I have a question, any of this plugins, stores in the database the information send on the contacts forms?

    Thank you again.

    • Most of the premium plugins do this. A few of the free plugins do too (though I cannot recall specifically which ones).

  37. Thanks for this! Some great new form plugins to try out. I generally use Contact Form 7, but I’ve found that this is not as user-friendly when my clients want to edit their contact forms themselves.

  38. Hello, I need to know which form is appropriate for a literary contest in which to restrict the number of words and collect user data and accounts and export in one document as an excel or other format. thank you very much

    • I recommend contacting one of the premium contact form developers and explain to them your requirements. They will advice whether their plugin will be able to handle your project. You could send the same email to all developers to save time πŸ™‚

  39. Hi, I have a question: witch form can save results to PFD on frontend? I need that my visitors can download their completed form in PDF on frontend page. Would be best with CF7, but I don’t find solution this function. Can you help me? Thanks!

    • Many of these form plugins store entries in a database and allow you to export data to a CSV form. You could convert the CSV file to a PDF (in theory).


  40. Kevin, are you aware of a WP plugin that creates complex forms, can talk to a database (for example to allow someone to create an account) and allows a person to save progress, return, and edit?

    • HJ,
      I just got done building a form like that using Formidable Pro. I used WP’s account structure to only allow subscribers access to the form. Formidable saves the form information in the database and has a “Draft Mode” which allows the user to fill in parts of the form then save draft and come back later.
      Works quite well. Also, the folks manning the support forum are great! They get back to you the same day with useful solutions.

  41. Hi Kevin

    Do you know if any of the plugins are well supported in multisite and whether any of the plugins allow you to email notifications to all the administrators of a multisite subsite. Possibly a bit niche but i’d be grateful for any knowledge you have.


    • Hi Greg,

      I know that Gravity Forms has support for multi-site. Therefore, I expect some of the other premium plugins do too, and perhaps some of the free options.

      However, I do not use multi-site myself so it is not something I have ever researched πŸ™‚


  42. My client has a registration form for the contest,which needs to redesigned.It literally has 100 boxes for various categories across different contest competition.What is the best option to create the registration form with such large number of data entry field.
    Gravity form is too expensive.Most other free ones that i have looked are very limiting in number of field that it allow.Is it a lost cause?

  43. Hi Kevin,
    Great article on the various form plugins available.
    I’ve actually used (and purchased a number of these) and they all seem to have their own unique pros and cons.
    I’m actually using Ninja Forms on a client website with a few of the (very) expensive add-ons to achieve what they need but there still a number of things i don’t like about it.
    It almost works brilliant but lets itself down in a few areas that really matter to me. One of the main things I struggle with, and this may be an issue with all form builder plugins, is that i occasionally have to build some very large and complex forms and have ended up maxing out the ninja forms plugin and i’m unable to add any more fields to the form.
    My client requires various questionnaires for their customers at certain times of the year and their questionnaires are very “conditional logic” heavy therefore i often have to build a form with a 300 or more fields, of which each client may only fill in about 50 – 100 fields.
    All of this plays havoc with the PHP memory limit and trying to find ways round it.
    Do you know of a better way of building a complex (and large) form for a wordpress site?

    Once again, greta article.

    best Regards


    • Chris,
      I am one of the developers of Formidable Pro. We have put a lot of work into making sure even large, complex forms load smoothly. Formidable Pro can handle 300 fields with conditional logic without any problems. If you have more questions, we’d love to chat.

  44. Interesting article even though it lacks something essentials: no word on the calculation feature. Is it possible to do calculations with any of those?

    • I am one of the developers of Formidable Pro. Calculations are built into our plugin.

  45. Hi Kevin,

    just found your post when looking for related resources. I have created my own comparison of form plugins on WPscoop. It is (slightly) unique as it allows users to filter for different features and then compare expected prices. This is the link, I am sure visitors here might find it useful: http://wpscoop.com/wordpress-form-plugins-comparison/


  46. Hi,
    How can I let the Editor role have access to the Visual Form Builder Entries?

  47. I am currently using Contact Form 7 and developing a complex form for a client that needs several textarea boxes with a wordcount. The Contact Form 7 Wordcount plugin does not work with the latest download of Contact Form 7. I getting down to the wire and need to find a solution. I have spent several days searching to no avail. I am sorting to writing my own PHP script. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    To Clarify, I need a plugin that will add functionality to the textarea tag to restrict word count (not character count) AND display the number of words entered as the user enters the words (i.e. count spaces between words).

    • Update: I got the site to work after downloading version 3.3.1 of Contact Form 7 plugin and then Contact Form 7 Wordcount plugin.

  48. Great article! I use AR Forms from Codecanyon and never regret that. The plugin have a fair price and a good per mail support with the developer. Also a new version in in beta that is looking awesome! πŸ™‚

  49. Been looking at the contact forms tried the main free ones but it seems that i need one with conditional logic. None of the free one do this.

    I want to do a contact form with drop down. If its option1-display these fields and send to email address A. And if its option2- display these fields and send to email address B.

    What is the easiest one to to do this with and is there a free one? And if not free not too expensive. I am not the best with wordpress person. Im actually picking up the pieces of what someone dropped me in. πŸ™


    • John,
      I am one of the developers of Formidable. Conditional logic is only available in our Pro version which is $47 for a single-site license. You would create your two email notifications, then use the conditional logic to send them based on the option selected. Super easy.

  50. I have a question for anyone out there. I am looking for a form that a user can select a numeric choice from one to five in ten different fiends. I’d like the form to add up the numbers, and when the user hits submit, their responses get added to a master field that tracks everyone’s responses.

    What would be the best avenue to take?

  51. Thank you for this article.

    I’ve been using Quform for a while. As far as ease of use is concerned, I am more than happy with it. However I realize I get a lot of coding errors from it when I check my website with validation tools, and it also seems to slow my site.

    I’d been really interested in reading more about these different form builders, with insight regarding code and speed.

  52. Iam a big fan of Gravity Forms wordpress plugin.I think It’s best wp plugin.thanks

  53. What would you recommend for a multiform that would provide additional information on the page that would provide different information as the user completed each section of the form.

  54. Ok, I would like to create a form which needs a conditional logic. Based on your recommendation, I have two options: Gravity Forms or Quform. It seems that Quform is the best option for me, because its cheaper.

  55. For simple contact form, I stick with Contact Form 7, simple and easy to use.

    I also uses AirTightForm http://airtightform.com/ which I can use it for marketing purpose as it offers managing leads and sending emails which really helps.


  56. Many thanks for previewing all the contact forms, as this will allow me to take an informed decision regarding which option to take.

  57. Hi… I’ve been searching online to find an easy-to-use solution for a website need. I’m designing a site for an organization that has a Child Sponsorship program to help orphans in Nepal. They currently have 10 children they are seeking sponsorship for. I need a website form that can be used to register potential child sponsors. A potential sponsor will come to the website page, and see the various children’s images with very basic information. Ideally, the sponsor will then be able to select the child they wish to sponsor, and fill out a simple form that allows them to make a contribution, and then, in return, receive more content about the child including updates (over time), etc.

    Is there a specific form generator for WordPress you might recommend that would help me accomplish this? Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  58. Can you help please?

    I am constructing a site which will be accessed by our members. Broadly the site of for both serving and retired individuals who have served in the Royal Navy as photographers.

    I want each member to be able to create their own profile page and to include a number of fields like: name, address, tel no’s, marital status, spouse’s name, date of birth etc, and lots of others along similar lines. I particularly want to have the member list out the ships they served on and other info. such as colleagues they served with. Ideally it would be nice if the form had a place holder for a photo of the member.

    I also want this form set up so that only the person filling the info. on themselves can amend it, and it’s very important that it cannot be amended or deleted by anyone else.

    Our members range in age from young to those who are getting on in years. The form needs to be easy for all to understand and complete so as not to discourage anyone from filling out the form.

    I want the member profiles to be seen by other members who can read it so that they know more about other members.

    Is there a plugin for a form which can do this? Thanks, in advance, for anyone who can advise me. πŸ™‚

    • With limit to 5 fields πŸ™

  59. Hello! I have experience with Formidable Pro. It’s amazing. I am working in a hospital and we organize some conference and doctors and nurses have to send their abstracts by web.

    With Formidable Pro users can edit their abstracts until a specific day. And we can edit all fields easely.

  60. By now I’m using Contact Form 7.

    For me is the best, it’s easy to configure, responsive and free.

    Anyway is good to know other possibilities to create forms for WordPress.

    Thanks! πŸ™‚

  61. Kevin: Thanks for all the effort you put into this post. Im curious though, I’m using a form tool for an “extensive website planning questionnaire.” However, the end-user (me) gets the results in CVC / SPREADSHEET file. Extremely clumsy and time consuming to reformat into a usable / readable document.

    Do any of your form tools above provide the “completed form” in more of a “report” style layout?

    Example:(a completed form that generates like this)

    Q. What is your target market.
    A: Small business owners, 20 mile radius, average sales volume, bla, bal, bla.

    Q. What is your budget
    A: $500-$7000, bla, bal, bla.

    Q. What is etc, etc, etc
    A: I would say it is etc, etc, etc

    Instead of “rows and columns” all run together with “data”

    I hope Im making sense and would appreciate you (or others) to offer a recommendation, or perhaps a solution. Thanks.

  62. Great Article.
    Wondering if the future holds an in depth analysis of each db schema to evaluate which ones are stronger/weaker based on feature set, extensibility and future room for growth, as one’s db may grow.

    I’m using Formidable for the first time (www.VacationRenterRatings.com) and initially it was confusing getting setup (but that may have been just my lack of understanding of the mechanics of WordPress vs Formidable). Eventually got the hang of it, now I have the interface i need, all the data I want to capture (even a star rating system).

    I’m about to create a larger, more complex portal with many moving db parts, and want to make sure that formidable is what I want to use again.

  63. i want to ask, which of those form plugins support the feature to display form entries (into a post or a page)?


  64. I tried to read all the responses first…

    Take note, GravityForms is not an annually paid form. You can purchase once. What you pay for is support and updates. You could go years without needing updates.

    Go to know info.

    • I would not recommend ever going years without updates! Gravity Forms does allow you to renew at 50% of the initial purchase price to maintain updates and support.

      Alternatively, Formidable only charges for priority support after the first year. Updates are free forever. I know that GF (along with dozens of other big name plugins) had an XSS security vulnerability which could potentially be very serious. It is always a good idea to maintain the latest updates on plugins and themes.

  65. i want to use mailchimp email service but i cannot think of a suitable plugin to use in pop lightbox for email subscribers. Appreciate your help if anything comes to mind

  66. We have been an extremely long school application/registration we built with Gravity forms. It does not work properly for about a third of our applicants. In terms of reliability for very long forms across lots of different browsers and devices, what would you recommend? Thanks.

  67. hi, Kevin
    Thanks for your post. I read all of it and I wonder something
    I need that to show customers their submitted application forms in my account or some pages. because it would be manage a just like order forms.
    which plugin is can do that?

    • Formidable Pro can definitely do that. I would check it out.

  68. Hello,
    Thanks for your review. I have been using Gravity Forms for the past 2 years but now have an issue with a client. She wants a confirmation email sent to the entree after they submit. Can you recommend a solid Form plugin that has much of the functions of Gravity Forms but also sends out an email confirmation to the entree.

  69. My favorite is Contact Form 7!

  70. I am a retired chef ,who is working in an honorary capacity on a project for a chefs association. and ask if you or any of your expert colleagues can advise us with this?.

    I need to build a contact form that includes – personal data – text box – dropdown menu – email link – pay pal or bank direct ,where people applying for membership respond on a wordpress page( in an Iframe?) to a complex application form .

    A form that I could build, using a plugin, however with very little actual scripting experience. Most plug-in seem to have these basic functions

    We also however need the data to be auto stored to a sql database for records and able to be downloadable for hardcopy records (by an individual or by all records) and If possible also preferable auto stored by alpha order (or be able to be sorted by name or other selected fields) by users with no computer experience.
    We would also like a feature where approved members can up load an image that is auto sized to a predetermined size in their record

    We also need to be able (upon a confirmation of approval of a membership) to auto display pre 3 or 4our selected fields on a wordpress page, preferably by the latest approved member and in such a way the available fields are searchable by name and or a member number .

    I hope a β€œchefs” way of explaining our needs is able to be understood.

    We ask you as an expert Is there such a plugin that you would recommend or is there a very close plugin that someone can adapt to achieve the missing functions

    Thank you and much appreciated.

    George Hill You can see me on Wikipedia (chef george hill)

    • There are too many people named “George Hill” on Wikipedia. Which one are you?

  71. Hi, I’m using the Divi theme to develop a new website for my company. We want an advance contact form with conditional emailing, database export, and a way to track whether or not the contact requests have been responded to. I have seen options for the first two, but nothing for that last one. Have you seen anything like it? I’m trying to see if there’s one out there already before we ask someone to customize it.

  72. Hi Kevin,

    I am Creative Director at Satiu.com and we are now studying the possibility of use WordPress for our site. I’ve tried Divi and love it. But we are in a pickle because our site requires a lot of forms. Some users should registered while a 8-steps form and I’m not sure we could do that throught WP. I’ve read this post looking for answers. Would you like take a look of our site and tell me if can we use WP for registering purposes too?


    • You could use WordPress and almost any one of the premium form building plugins above to recreate the forms on your site.

  73. All plugins are the best plugins. but mostly i like Contact Form 7. Amazing plugins for the beginners of WordPress to built up theirs website in WP. Thanks for sharing with us very nice Contact Form Plugins.

  74. Do you know any “calculation form” with “hot spot image” at the background?
    or is there any trick with elegant theme to be able to use both plugins of calculation form and hot spot image. What i mean is to get hot spot indication
    while inputing on the calculation form

  75. Would love to see a re-cap on this topic. I was using Visual Form Builder Pro when this topic was first posted, and I loved it. Then they decided to create the ultimate train wreck and completely destroy the plugin by actually removing capabilities and functionality. Now it’s absolutely awful.

    I really want a nice, flexible form creator. I want to be able to build the form that I need, collect the data, save it, and email it, or at least email a notice. And it’s really a difficult thing to find for some reason.

  76. I’ve been reading this on my iPhone , so maybe I missed it but, what form is being used on THIS page?

  77. Very nice collection thanks for sharing, so many choice and very good quality, but some are to pricey πŸ˜€

  78. Nice list of plugins but I am in a cost crunch situation. I would like to know if you have tried WP Form Builder Plugin? It is inexpensive and allows pay pal integration at $30 (which is much cheaper than all the above plugins)

    Would love to hear from you.


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