3 Best AI-Powered WordPress Themes in 2024 (Compared)

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First Pick


Pricing: $89 per year
Standout Features: AI Content Generation, Contextual Content Creation, AI Image Upscaling

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Second Pick


Pricing: $59 per year
Standout Features: Text-to-Image Generation, Custom CSS Generation, Image Tuning

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Third Pick


Pricing: $60 per year
Standout Features: Full Visual Page Editor, Customizable Theme Elements, Premade Templates

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Blog / WordPress / 3 Best AI-Powered WordPress Themes in 2024 (Compared)

AI-powered WordPress Themes are beginning to be the future of web design. Many WordPress themes offer users no AI capabilities, and the few that do are sparse. This article covers the best themes that use AI so you can lean into this emergent technology. Most people are missing out on these powerful features. We’ll guide you through this exciting new frontier in web design by showing you the best AI themes for WordPress.

How is AI Being Used by WordPress Themes?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is improving things in the web design field. AI speeds up the creative process, enabling designers to explore new horizons. It also handles many of web design’s most mundane or boring parts. Here are some concrete ways AI transforms building with WordPress:

  1. Generating Basic Layouts: AI is starting to be used to generate web page layouts. AI can create whole web pages or sections by analyzing a user’s needs via a prompt. This speeds up design and allows designers to focus on more complex aspects of web design.
  2. Create Custom Code: AI code generators are becoming increasingly reliable in helping users create code snippets. WordPress AI landing page builders may include code generation as the technology is refined.
  3. SEO Optimization: AI can help with SEO through SEO plugins like Rank Math and various AI SEO tools. Themes like Divi with Divi AI can specifically help with AI content generation using specified keywords for SEO.
  4. Enhancing User Experience: Well-trained AI chatbots go a long way toward helping visitors understand your content and offerings with less manual work. These are easily implemented through Divi Theme Options in the integration tab.

AI does not replace human effort, critical thinking, and legwork. However, just like automation or efficient technologies adopted, AI is another resource for real people to leverage as they try to be more productive and creative.

Best WordPress Themes Using AI

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There are only a few options for WordPress themes using AI currently. We cover your main choices, starting with the only well-rate theme with AI capabilities—Divi.

1. Divi

Divi Layouts AI

Divi is our very own WordPress theme, page builder, and AI assistant rolled into one. It continues to be one of the most popular and innovative solutions for designing WordPress websites. Divi AI is the total package—it doesn’t miss any raw AI website-building power that standalone builders outside of WordPress have.

For starters, Divi Layouts AI can generate entire page layouts in seconds based on it’s understanding of your site and the prompt you give it. This generates stunning designs and professional content that match your brand, complete with custom layouts, copy, and images you can actually use.

Divi’s AI features are integrated seamlessly within its already great theme-building and visual page editing abilities.

The Divi AI Image Generator can create spectacular images automatically — one click, and that’s it! You can also generate images with AI by describing your desired image and choosing from various image styles. You can even use Divi AI’s image generator to refine and alter existing imagery, which feels like magic.

Along with incredible AI features, Divi has the best WordPress support, tons of powerful integrations, and built-in eCommerce capabilities with WooCommerce—all there to create powerful WordPress websites.

Key Features of Divi AI:

  • Generate Entire Pages with AI: You can create full web pages in under a minute. This includes all the sections, images, and text required for a fully furnished page. You can ask it to use your own font/color choices or have it come up with those on its own.
  • Create and Edit Images with AI: Auto-generate high-quality AI images on the fly. Or transform existing images using extensive AI editing tools for unique styles or upscaling. It’s like Photoshop’s generative fill right inside your WordPress theme.
  • AI Writer for Websites: Generate any kind of website content you need with an AI text generator that understands your website. It can even help write an entire blog post. It can also be used to rewrite or refine a section of text with a single click.
  • Generate Custom CSS and Code: Now, this is cool. Divi AI is trained on the entire codebase of Divi Modules. That means you can ask it to create custom CSS to alter any module. More than that, Divi AI can create custom-coded solutions in HTML, JS, and CSS through Divi’s Code Module. So, if you don’t have the exact Divi Module you need, AI can create it for you.
  • Accurate Results: Divi AI learns from your website, understands the context, and generates new content on demand that fits your brand.
  • Prompt Idea Generator: Out of ideas? Divi AI’s prompt generator suggests new prompts and content ideas based on context.

Divi AI's image styles

Divi AI is a powerful AI website builder for WordPress. And is easily one of the best AI image generators for web design. With all the Divi Theme features and free Divi layout packs users have users have grown to love used for years, the addition of Divi AI has made it even more powerful and efficient for building stunning WordPress websites.

Best For:

Divi is ideal for any WordPress user looking for a powerful AI website builder that can generate on-brand design, images and copy to create breathtaking websites with an easy-to-use visual page builder. Whether you’re a digital entrepreneur or a small business owner, Divi AI saves you time and money, allowing you to build a professional website that stands out.

Looking at how to use Divi AI? Try one of these great tutorials:

Pricing: $89/yr + Divi AI subscription for unlimited team members and unlimited account websites

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2. Elementor

Elementor AI - Landing Page - August 2023

Elementor is the next closest WordPress product to an AI-powered theme—though it is a page builder plugin that requires a separate theme to run. However, their most popular Hello Theme works seamlessly with Elementor AI. Its AI tool, Elementor AI, is integrated into the page builder to enhance the process of building your site. It allows users to generate images, text, and simple code for pages.

Elementor AI Text Generator Screenshot

Elementor AI Key Features:

  • Create unique images or fine-tune previously loaded images to get exactly what you want
  • Generate new and compelling content with AI assistance
  • Create custom CSS code to help you style your Elementor elements

Elementor AI Image Generator Screenshot

The Text-to-Image Generator is Elementor’s standout feature. It allows you to use plain English prompts to create unique images or fine-tune previous ones to get the desired look. This feature alone can transform the way you approach design, making it a compelling reason to choose Elementor. It can edit photos as well as create new ones. And just like Divi AI, it can create images in a custom aspect ratio for the best-fitting images for your layouts.

Best For:

Content creators and designers who want to leverage AI for generating images and writing copy. Perfect for those looking to streamline their creative process. Since Elementor is not a WordPress Theme but a page builder plugin, users must find a fast theme and pay for Elementor Pro and Elementor AI.

Pricing: $59/year for Elemtors Pro Plugin plus $35.88/year for Elementor AI’s basic plan (Yearly total of $94.88)

Get Elementor AI

3. Brizy

Brizy next gen website builder

Brizy is another WordPress page builder that isn’t a theme but a plugin. Themes with meaningful AI implementation are hard to come by—and as such, Brizy’s AI features are still forthcoming. They announced an AI content and image generator in late 2022. It’s yet to be released, but anticipation is building.

Key Features of Brizy:

  • Brizy sports a full visual page editor
  • Customize every aspect of your theme (headers, footers, and theme elements)
  • Dozens of premade templates and sections (called blocks)
  • Option for a hosted cloud option for even more design features and perks

Brizy Premade Blocks

Best For:

The anticipation of Brizy’s AI content generator is exciting for users of this page builder but not something to hold your breath over. Current users and early adopters who want to be at the forefront of AI integration in Brizy are the prominent people interested in investing in it.

Pricing: $60/yr for Brizy with no public pricing for AI features

Get Brizy

Need a WordPress AI Page Builder Plugin?

If you are looking for an AI-powered page builder plugin, Divi is also available as a plugin that you can use as an AI page builder on any other theme (it’s included in the same Divi membership). Unlike the full-fledged Divi Theme, which encompasses theme-building aspects, the Divi Plugin focuses solely on page building. This means installing the Divi Builder Plugin and using Divi AI to craft stunning designs within your existing third-party theme!

divi ai theme and divi ai page builder plugin

Elementor’s page builder plugin is also a solid page builder with AI capabilities. You can use it with most WordPress Themes, including their popular Hello Theme.

Comparing the Best AI WordPress Themes

When looking at the best WordPress themes that use AI, you need to look for two things:

  1. Best-in-class AI features + regular theme features
  2. Reasonable price

Here’s a look at the top three choices for AI themes for WordPress:

🥇 Divi🥈 Elementor🥉 Brizy
Theme Price$89/year (Lifetime available)$59/year$60/year
AI price$288/year$35.88/yearNot yet available
Visual Page Editor✔️✔️✔️
Theme Builder✔️✔️✔️
AI Image Generation✔️✔️❌ (not yet)
AI Image Editing✔️✔️
AI Text Generation✔️✔️❌ (not yet)
AI Text Editing✔️✔️
Unlimited AI Requests✔️
AI Access for Teams✔️
Active Installations881,3465 million90,000+
Community Rating4.9/5

Read Reviews

Read Reviews

Read Reviews
Get Divi AIGet ElementorGet Brizy

AI-powered WordPress themes have more significant costs because AI has associated costs each time it is used. AI themes will have a price for the theme itself and a separate price for AI usage (usually with limits).

Divi’s lifetime membership is a steal and the best value for any serious WordPress theme. On top of that, for agencies and heavy users of AI, Divi AI’s pricing is also the best value on the market. You don’t want to spend money on lazy AI features or stingy limits.

Divi AI is available for all team members inside a Divi Teams account, and each person has unlimited usage across all account websites. That is a tremendous value, considering you can replace other AI writers and AI art generators with Divi AI.

What is the Best AI WordPress Theme?

With the addition of Divi AI, Divi is the best and currently the only WordPress theme that meaningfully gives users AI capabilities. Adding AI image generation, image editing, and text generation inside the editor gives users uncompromising power to create websites with the highest creativity and speed.

Featured Image by Tr Nguyen / shutterstock.com

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