6 Common WordPress Login Issues (and Their Solutions)

Posted on October 31, 2016 by in Resources | 17 comments

6 Common WordPress Login Issues (and Their Solutions)
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  1. Thank God I never had any trouble with my login! Anyway, I will bookmark this page. You never know when you are going to need it! Thanks!

    • Thanks, Jordan!

  2. I’m having hard time understanding how login works in WP. I’m close to uploading my first ever website using Divi to GoDaddy site where old design sits, but trying to craft nice login box on home page so fellow nonprofit board members can look site over, comment, and edit.

    You say “custom login page” can be problematic. I’m using Divi login module—does that count as custom?

    Does one have to make two login boxes, one for Admins and other for members or will Divi’s assigned “Roles” automatically define access so one box world for all???

    I also don’t understand Divi’s “Redirect To The Current Page” means? Back to page one started on? That doesn’t make sense if login box is on same page.

    How do I make a horizontal login in Divi so its all one one short line?

  3. I have been having Cache and Cookies issues with two specific sites all the time.
    all site I have my login name and password save so all I have to do is click login.
    on the two sites I’m having a problem with I have to type in my name and password or pick it from saved names and the password then hit login.
    90% of the time it will login the other 10% it will get the error about cookies.
    I’m sure cookies are enabled and I have tested with all plugins disabled same problem.
    I have lived with it and know that when I go to these two sites I have to manually type it in or pick it from a drop down of saved usernames. that’s Life
    thank You for the article

    • Hi Mitch, I have had this problem too (enable cookies error), and only with specific sites. Finally I found out that it works most of the time if you just repeat the login process (typing in both fields again and hit return).

  4. Hi John, maybe you or someone can help me? I used something to change my login url.

    Instead of site.com/wp-login, it’s site.com/and a bunch of random characters.

    It’s meant for my safety and privacy. BUT I have NO idea how I set it up. I’ve looked at plugins, but can’t figure it out.

    ANY clue? Vague, I know. But that’s all I know.

    I’ve changed passwords in phpMyAdmin or whatever that is called. It’s early, my brain still reeling from today’s news. TIA.

    • Hi Jenny, it sounds like “hide backend feature” in iThemes Security plugin that lets you add a login slug. If you are using that plugin just go to iThemes settings and make sure you click on “All” to show all features, hope that helps

  5. GUYS i also found i had some problems with a certain subset of sites that i was working on. I do production for several ad agencies and i found that ONLY the sites from one agency gave me error message after error message when I’d try to log in. THOSE SITES WERE ON A WINDOWS SERVER WHICH WAS RUNNING SOME KIND OF EMULATOR. All my other sites were on a Linux server. I still don’t know how to fix those sites because i got so frustrated that i finally moved all those sites over to a Linux server and no longer have any log in issues! Good luck. Emily

    • That’s interesting Emily. I use an emulator to develop sites locally: Instant WordPress. Can you find out which emulator was running on the server? it would we quite helpful to know. Thanks for posting.

  6. I loathe, absolutely and completely loathe plugin related login errors.

    You find, download, and install what you believe to be an amazing plugin that will no doubt help your website immensely! You then proceed to activate it.

    All goes well.

    Then you test that everything is working. Sure. Easy. No problem. Everything working fine.

    So you go to sleep/work/etc., and get logged out. You try logging back in when BAM! You get all kinds of plugin errors, and you have to go through the process of disabling/uninstalling everything through FTP/phpMyAdmin/whatever else you use.


    • Very frustrating, Lyle! Hopefully we’ve been able to help you out at least a little. 🙂

  7. The only login issues I ever have are when I’m using the Divi 100 custom login page. OH THE IRONY!

  8. I recently faced the issue when my Jetpack plugin blocked my IP and Google Captcha installation caused problems while logging in. I had to remove that plugin then.

    • Wow – big problems! Glad it’s sorted for you though, Karan. 🙂

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