How to Find Your WordPress Login Page and Sign In

Posted on April 3, 2021 by in WordPress | 6 comments

How to Find Your WordPress Login Page and Sign In
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  1. I have Opera and an altered sign in address.
    Frequently, I get the “you need to allow cookies” failure notice at the login box.
    Going to allow cookies doesn’t affect that.
    However, just logging in TWICE, works.
    What am I missing?

    • Hi Randy – We can’t really provide individualized support in the comments, but if you’re using a caching plugin you might want to try disabling it to see if that changes anything. Sometimes caching plugins prevent cookies from being generated, which may be causing the problems you’re experiencing.

      If that doesn’t help, I would check out the support forums to see if anyone has been able to resolve a similar issue.

  2. I implementing google captcha on my login page that inserted by php code on function.php.

    Unfortunatelly it can not accepted to login even i entered the correct username and password.

    • Hi Morgan – Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your CAPTCHA. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you exactly what the problem is here in the comments. I would suggest looking into the Google reCAPTCHA documentation to see if you can find any answers there.

      You can also remove the CAPTCHA code from your functions.php file to disable it (or reinstall your theme to accomplish the same effect). You might consider using a CAPTCHA plugin instead of trying to add the code to your site manually to prevent errors.

  3. Great article. I’m having troubles with my websites, the brute force attacks raised from sometimes a month to several times a day. Most of my clients do not log into their WordPress, coming to me for updates and new posts. It was all good when the attacks were a few each month, I had setup to block IP’s for 2 months if failed 2 login attempts or tried to log using “admin” as username.
    Last month my reseller provider moved their server to another Datacenter and this crazy attack begun.. coincidence? Many of the attacks are logged as trying to use a username “[login]”.
    I’m considering changing the WordPress login page of all my websites using a plugin. Any suggestion of a plugin for this or any advice? Thanks.

    • Hi there – thanks for the kind words!

      WPS Hide Login is a popular plugin for moving the default login page. If you want more security features, iThemes also offers this functionality.

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