Divi 2.7 Has Arrived, Including The Divi Leads Split Testing System, Improved Portability & More!

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Divi 2.7 Has Arrived, Including The Divi Leads Split Testing System, Improved Portability & More!
Blog / Theme Releases / Divi 2.7 Has Arrived, Including The Divi Leads Split Testing System, Improved Portability & More!
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Today I am extremely happy to announce the release of Divi 2.7. This version of Divi has some game-changing features that are worthy of excitement, including the all new Divi Leads split testing and conversion optimization system, a greatly enhanced Portability System, the addition of useful Divi Builder Page Options, and a super smart new Dynamic Help System that helps you solve Divi Builder problems without wasting your precious time. These are super cool features that promise to make Divi more effective, collaborative and user-friendly than ever before. Let’s dig in!

A Match Made In Heaven

The Divi Builder is already an incredibly powerful landing page builder. When combined with Divi Leads, it becomes the ultimate marketing tool. Not only can you build amazing landing pages, you can now put them to the test, analyzing and recording the effectiveness of your designs to help improve conversion rates and generate more leads.


The idea behind Divi Leads is simple: 1) Create different versions of your page. 2) Select a goal. 3) Let Divi Leads figure out which version of your page is most effective at converting to that goal. This is what is known as Split Testing (also referred to as A/B Testing).


Let’s consider a standard homepage. When someone lands on that page, you want to do everything you can to grab their attention and direct them towards your desired goal, whether that be clicking a button, signing up to your mailing list or purchasing your product. How might the intrigue of your headline affect the bounce rate for new visitors? How might the size, color and text of the button in your call-to-action affect a visitor’s propensity to click? How might the combination of these factors ultimately affect the goal at the end of your sales funnel? These are all questions that can now be answered using Divi Leads.


Test Anything

Since Divi Leads has been integrated directly into the Divi Builder, anything can be tested. You are not limited to testing entire pages. You can test individual modules or entire sections of content. Change your content, adjust your design and the position of elements to figure out what works through statistical analysis.


Add Unlimited Variations

You can create an unlimited amount of test subjects. Do you have 20 different headlines that you want to test out? If you have enough traffic to support it, then you can add all variations at once to figure out which one will surface as the winner. This saves you a ton of time compared to traditional AB Testing. Divi Leads all makes it easy to see which variations are most effective. All items are color coded based on performance, and conversion rates are added right into the builder UI.


Create Custom Goals

Not only can Divi Leads be used to test any element, it can also be used to test a wide array of goals. In Divi Leads, anything can be a goal. Is the purpose of your page to increase clicks to your Call To Action module? Simply assign the Call To Action module as your goal. Is your goal to increase lead generation through your Contact Form? Well then simply assign the Contact Form module as your goal. Do you want to increase sales? The eCommerce module can be selected as a goal too. No matter what you select as your goal, Divi Leads will determine relevant engagement stats and track them to figure out which variations best accomplish the goal that you have assigned.


Divi Leads supports off-page goals as well, which means you can track both on-page conversions while at the same time tracking conversions at the end of your sales funnel using our custom tracking shortcode.


For example, you could test the effectiveness of your current page at increasing clicks to your “Product Features,” button, while at the same time using the custom tracking shortcode on your purchase confirmation page to see how your current test affects not only clicks to your product page, but ultimately how it affects product purchases at the end of your sales funnel.

Incredibly Easy To Use

We built a custom UI for Divi Leads that makes building new tests super simple. Simply right click on any element and choose “Split Test” to begin. Divi will prompt you to select your goal and then your test is ready to go! Your test subject will be duplicated and you can begin configuring both variations. Over time Divi Leads will track the effectiveness of both versions, which can be analyzed using the custom stats interface.


Powerful Stats & Insights

Divi Leads includes all kinds of great stats, all of which are consolidated into a brand new stats interface. Divi Leads will track clicks, sales, conversions, bounce rate and goal engagement metrics. When a split test is running, a new animated stats icon will appear.


Clicking this new icon will bring up loads of useful stats for the current split test. These metrics are tailored towards your specific test based on the goal you have chosen.


Import/Export Divi Builder Layouts

We have greatly improved the import & export system for the Divi Library. It’s now easier than ever to transfer Divi Library items from one website to another, back them up or share them with your friends! The new UI is beautiful and easy to use.


You can export any number of items from your Divi Library or export individual layouts as you build them right from inside the Divi Builder. Divi packages these exports into a JSON file that can be imported into any website.

Encoded Images

One of the major innovations with the new portability system is that it encodes your images right into the export files. When you import your layouts, the portability system automatically adds these images to your Media Library and updates the URLs inside the layouts to match your website. No matter where you import your layouts, they will work like magic right out of the box! This turns Divi Library Packs into independent and incredibly easy to use design templates.


The Power Of Library Packs

Divi Library Packs are now incredibly versatile. Think of them like mini pre-made templates inside of Divi. When combined with custom images and design settings, a collection of Divi Library items can be used to create an entire custom website and then re-used on future projects. Since each item includes images and the custom design settings and CSS added to the page and elements within the Divi Builder, library exports are completely self-reliant.


Start building up your own personal collection of Divi Library items to use for your future clients. Jumpstarting your next website is going to be lightning fast! Export your Divi Library items into packs that can be shared with your friends or sold to your peers. The new portability system lays the groundwork for a thriving Divi Library community.


Theme Options

Theme Options are now portable as well. You can export your Divi Theme Options and import them onto a different website, or save your favorite Theme Option presets to jumpstart your next client build.


Theme Customizer Settings

We didn’t stop there. The new portability system extends to Theme Customizer settings as well. Now you can download all of your Divi customizations. Considering the huge breadth of settings available in the Theme Customizer, countless different website styles can be created. Now you can save these as presets to use on future products, or you can use the portability system to transfer settings from one host to another.


Import & Export Divi Roles

Divi Roles can also be imported and exported. This brings the portability system full circle, having been integrated into every single part of Divi and the Divi Builder.


Download Our First Free Pack Today!

To celebrate our new portability system, and to show you just how awesome Divi Library Packs can be, we have designed a beautiful new pack that you can use for free! This pack includes 3 amazing layouts that you can use right away.




To use the layouts, simply update Divi, Extra or the Divi Builder plugin to the latest version. Next, download the layout pack below and unzip it on your computer. Within the Divi Library, click the “Import/Export” button at the top of the page and then select the JSON file you just downloaded. These layouts will now appear when you click “Load From Library” inside the Divi Builder.

Photos courtesy of Unsplash and subject to the Unsplash License.

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A Brand New Set Of Options

When using the Divi Builder, you will notice a new settings icon at the top right of the Divi Builder interface. Much like the settings that exist for modules, rows and sections, settings now exist for the entire Divi Builder page. Here we have placed settings that affect the entire page, such as margin and color defaults. It’s also used to enable/disable page-specific features, such as the new Divi Leads Split Testing system.


One of my favorite new features found in this new set of options is the Custom Color Picker Palette. Here you can choose a color scheme for your page. Every time you open up the Divi Builder color picker, your color palette will appear in the color picker for easy access.


You can also enable a site-wide color palette in the Divi Theme Options! Once you set your website’s color palette in ePanel, every time you use the color picker your chosen colors will appear.


Also found in the new Divi Page Settings is a Custom CSS Box that can be used to add custom CSS to the specific page you are working on. This is much more convenient than adding CSS to a Child Theme or within the Divi Theme Options where you would be forced to target specific post IDs and load the custom CSS on your entire site where it is often not needed.


Help When You Need It

When the Divi Builder fails to load, you will no longer get the spinning wheel of death with no clues as to what might have gone wrong. Now the Divi Builder knows when it fails and it tries to figure out why. The Divi Builder detects common problems and gives you solutions. It will look for things like memory errors, wp-config misconfigurations, unwanted cached files, outdated theme and WordPress versions, plugin incompatibilities and more. This is the beginning to what we hope will become an even more robust self-help system in the future.


Extra & The Divi Builder Plugin Get It All!

Not only have we updated Divi, we have also updated our Extra theme and our Divi Builder plugin will all of these amazing updates. No matter what Divi Builder product you are using, you will also get access to the latest Divi Builder framework and all of its latest and greatest features.

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  1. Love it guys well done, I’ll be working with the new version shortly.

  2. Great work guys 🙂
    Looking forward to version 3. I heard its gonna be all front-ended.

  3. I love it more and more, but damn… those missing header customizations :/

  4. I LOVE the new features!

  5. Absolutely love the 2.7 update, split testing will become so useful!

  6. WOW! It’s awesome! I was looking for this update. So many clients was asking about it for last few months. I told them this will come soon. I like to work with this theme. Thanks!

  7. Hello,

    I like the Divi fonctionnalities and I would like to know if :
    – it is possible to make the header transparent and change its font (I would like one more “feminin”)
    – Is it appropriate for a fashion blog/magazine?

  8. I am very satisfied with Divi, the only thing i am missing is the front end builder, so you directly see your result on the screen instead of previewing.

  9. Does DIVI leads systems support google Adwords somehow? Thanks

  10. Can’t install theme “Wordpess failure notice” Are you sure want to do this? Please Try again

    How can i install

  11. New items saved in divi library are not shown in builder – so not usable

  12. Had a lot of hassle with Divi – layout options did not save, and after working on a real project it turned out the Library is not working at all.
    In the library all items are there, but in Builder there all is empty when trying to get an item from library…
    Seems a lot of half developed issues – most odd thing is Divi SLIDER, which on first look is great, but logic and usability do not match any daily needs. You even can not align text left, right or middle. And the guide is very poor, as images are breaking the layout concept. Nobody knows how to setup a slider precisely…

  13. Hello,
    The new updates are great but one thing I miss in Divi is API kind of access to various modules/functions of divi.
    Example is if I want particular posts (which can be in particular category or custom posts) to have full width headers from specific images/custom fields in the post data, in current state that is not feasible to achieve with Divi.
    I can do it manually for each post using divi builder for those posts but then if there are hundred or thousands of posts its just too cumbersome.
    Wordpress provides templates for such cases but then Divi builder can not be used in templates (visually) but if there was access to modules, it would be easy to call that module in template with custom data.

    Hope you guys will provide or at least consider to provide such functionality in future versions.


  14. Wow these are some awesome updates. Great work guys!

  15. This is very helpful! Thanks a lot!

  16. Can’t wait to try this out on a couple form variations I’ve been working on. Super excited to update! Thanks guys you rock!

  17. How about giving users’ the option to show tags on posts instead of disabling it? Many bloggers and their readers actually want and use that core piece of WordPress functionality. It’s not in Divi and you released Extra without it. This seems like a change from the advice in the ET blog post less than eighteen months ago.


    Which is it, are you abandoning post tags or are the “features” breaking WordPress?

    • the biggest problem is, the tags are not working at all in extra, I am waiting for the update, but nothing is happening in that matter

  18. Divi..Not Fivi 😛

  19. Maybe this is a daft question I am new to Fivi. Does the upgrade happen automatically or do I need to reinstall something?

  20. Hey Guys, this release is awesome. The Split testing is an absolutely great idea, and very well implemented. I’d love to be able to split test an entire page, though.

    One thing that has irritated me, if I use the divi builder on a post, and it’s a video post, it’s no longer recognising the video in the content and displaying it as a video in the blog module. Even if I use the Video module to include it in the post. I’d love to see the option for video included in the Post Title module.

    Here’s my big request for the feature that would Divi the ULTIMATE page builder theme:
    I want to see a category builder included just like the one in Extra, but take that concept further and have a Default Page builder where can build the default Post Page (for each post type), Category pages, Search Results, 404 etc. All you need is a Content Module that displays the post or page content, similar to the post title module.

    Anyway keep up the good work!

  21. Please Update DIVI – Today since the WordPress 4.5 we had alot of problems. I can’t delete sections that i do not need on Divi Page Builder after 4.5 WordPress update. i was able to locate and fix the theme issue, but builder is still causing troubles. And my site looks Horrible

    • Hey Seremi,

      Try disabling Bloom, Monarch, and Divi. Then, update Divi and reactivate everything. If this does not work please create a ticket in our support forums so that they can help you out http://elegantthemes.com/forum



  22. Great & Smooth Design ..
    Gonna Buy it within days

  23. Great Update!!
    How can I add more splitt tests? My landingpage have 5 call to action buttons.

    • You just click the copy icon on one of the modules you are split testing to add more versions of it to the test.

  24. hello I tried to update to divi 2.7 and crashed my website…and the error shows up when I simply try to activiate divi now as well…
    Warning: require_once(/home/parkandrefernew/public_html/wp-content/themes/Divi/et-pagebuilder/et-pagebuilder.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/parkandrefernew/public_html/wp-content/themes/Divi/functions.php on line 8089

    Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required ‘/home/parkandrefernew/public_html/wp-content/themes/Divi/et-pagebuilder/et-pagebuilder.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/parkandrefernew/public_html/wp-content/themes/Divi/functions.php on line 8089

    Can anyone help please…I also submitted a ticket with no response yet..thank you!

    • fixed issue…had to change divi to twentyfifteen theme in host php database…then deleted and re-installed elegant themes updater to 1.2 , then was able to update divi to 2.7 and it worked.

  25. Hi,

    I would love to try the new free layouts but I couldn’t upload it to the site: it’s hangs at 1% for about 5 minutes and then drops off. I’ve tried some suggestions here to no avail. How can I upload those layouts to my site?


    • Hi Val, if you’re still having trouble please create a ticket in our support forum so we can help you out with that. http://elegantthemes.com/forum

  26. These are awesome features! Can’t wait to try them!

  27. Hi,

    Im existing member with developer plan.Can I know how I can get this new Divi 2.7 version.

  28. Great! Now we no longer need to pay for any A/B testing tools, as it is already integrated in Divi.

  29. Great update! I was thinking when you Exported and Imported a Divi Layout, the custom CSS in the Divi Builder Settings for that layout would also be exported/imported…but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

    It’d be great if that was the case…maybe in 3.0?

    Thanks y’all!!! Have a great day! =)

  30. Wonderful job on the latest Divi! however, when I go to upload the free library pack, the import gets to 100% and then I get a big red X, and the import doesn’t work. Please help!


    • You may be experiencing file size restrictions via your server. You can check to see if this is the case by talking with your hosting support. Eduard from our support staff suggested the following:

      Check to see if the php directories in the php.ini file are less than:

      post_max_size 128M
      max_execution_time 180
      upload_max_filesize 256M
      max_input_time 600
      max_input_vars 5000

      Also a good place to look is in your file and folder permissions. You can follow this process:

      Please log into your server via FTP using FileZilla (http://filezilla.org) or another FTP Client and fix the permissions like this:

      1. Right click on the “wp-content” directory
      2. Select File Permissions
      3. In the field labeled: “Numeric value:” input 755
      4. Select the check box labeled: “Recurse into subdirectories”
      5. Select the check box labeled: “Apply to directories only”
      6. Press Okay

      Once that completes, follow the same steps above but make these changes:

      3. In the field labeled: “Numeric value:” input 644
      5. Select the check box labeled: “Apply to files only”

      If the above solutions do not work, please create a support ticket in our forum so we can follow up with you http://elegantthemes.com/forum

      • Can the file be manually uploaded, if so where to?

  31. Is there any plans to create a marketplace or community area where we can upload our design packs either for free or fee?

  32. Best theme I’ve used in all my projects! Easy building landing pages.

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  35. When will the Elegant Themes Updater show that the update is ready?

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  37. Hi,

    The new update is great and useful for people who know what they are doing. I have noticed a common issue with the portability features that I imagine will cause problems for people trying to move layouts between sites.

    Most the JSON files that get created from my full page layouts are very large. Nearly always over 10mb. The wordpress max file size upload limit is often below this on the majority of sites i work on… especially on clients own shared hosting servers.

    I know the process to increase the limits but sometimes it needs to be done server side by their hosts and sometimes it is not possible.

    The old xml import export option for layouts worked better in this regard… but this option no longer exists.

    I am back to using the built in wordpress import/export features to move layouts between sites.

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    • Michael Oomen

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    I couldn’t afford it that day but now I have opportunity to start with Divi for free. I’m so grateful for that and I hope to get one account 🙂

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    How can I run this on windows?

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    I’d like to confirm this and not be caught off guard later having to renew at $89 for the following years.

    Thank you in advance.

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    • Did you set up your own website? Is it a food blog? Do you set up websites for others on WordPress? What is your fee and what does it include?

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    • What do you charge to set up a website on WordPress?

      • Do you need a service? The fee depends on the complexity and the features of the site and the country the developer is based. But you can see between the rand of 1,000-2500$ in the US and Europe for a normal custom made WP site with complexity. But in Asia and African, you can get it lower which also depends on the features/complexity of the site. However, if you are using Divi, you are in good community to do wonders with site on the web. Welcome.

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  196. I’ve used drag and drop solutions before and they we a little confusing/unreliable, but this seems like a different beast. I’m definitely going to have to check it out.

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    • Also more features for contact forms…if checkbooks and drop down menus

      • Srry dam auto correct lol…I meant to say examples such as checkboxes and drop down menus

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    1. Will the large menu I created to access all the pages (approximately 80 pages?) be able to be Exported/Imported in the JSON file?

    Thank you.

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    One thing…For some reason I started getting Divi Builder Timeout error message on one of my sites after updating. Anyone else seeing issues with WooCommerce and Divi 2.7?

    • I am getting the same error and I also use WooCommerce. Found any solution for this ?

    • I’m getting this on the staging area on Siteground. Seems to be ok on the live site.

      • I found the solution buried in their support forums. They say to add the following to your .htaccess file:

        SubstituteMaxLineLength 10M

        • Ugh. Most of it got stripped out. Here it is again without open and close carrots that are needed at the beginning and end of the first and last line:

          IfModule mod_substitute.c
          SubstituteMaxLineLength 10M

      • Did you ever get this working, either of you? I’m having the same problem. (I’m also using Siteground staging.)

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    There is just one thing I would like to suggest, but it’s about Bloom plugin… After a successful subscribe, it would be really nice if Bloom could redirect to the thank-you page that we define in our Autoresponder, as, let’s say, Aweber o Mailchimp (I use both)…

    As Bloom only displays a successful subscribe message using the autoresponder integration, I rather use the html code of my autoresponder in order for this feature to work.

    Would this be possible some time?

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    Oh, and the Dynamic Help System seems pretty nifty, too.

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  337. There are many great additions to the new Divi library … but there is one problem I am finding that is a dealbreaker.
    I’ve tried at length to get a workflow going with the new Divi Library.
    But the encoding of images means that importing library items creates a graveyard of images on every site you import library items to.
    Seriously, how many sites do you want the same image on? None.
    I hotlink images from one demo website. This ability has now gone to do this. I want to be able to import library items without all the images flooding into my media area.
    This is a dealbreaker I’m afraid.
    I can’t think of a way to use this without expanding the media area of every website that I have.
    Does anyone else share this concern?
    Many thanks
    Regards Mark

    • Absolutely agree with all of that…I have many divi and extra sites and now I am upset that this could ruin my whole work flow!!!

  338. Looks very versatile and professional – and a bit intimidating for me as a first time user… 😉 I think I will brave it and use Divi for my first own website for my first ever online course. Exciting!!! 🙂

    Any Divi-fan webdesigner out there who would maybe jump in and help if I get stuck??

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    My biggest need right now is the ability to do custom preview formats on blog roll pages.

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    Library packs is great too.

    Well done folks!

  349. Divi is awesome but still the only thing that still force me to do custom plugins for websites with high traffic is bad performance.

    All the customization codes make inline css,
    there are about 10 css files and 22 javascript files and which are 1 MB which is huge for landing page !?

    and you can’t even concat and minify them using w3 total cache cause minification breaks the theme.

    Everything else is awesome but performance is still what forces my team to do custom themes where performance matters and only use divi for low budget websites.

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  363. Yeeeyy! awesomeeeee

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  365. I have never had a problem with Divi until this update. I am not experienced at all and really liked the simpleness of Divi. Now though I can’t load my pages as it says that there is a compatibility issue with a third party plug-in. I deactivated each plug in I have one by one and none of them are apparently the issue unless it is more than one. I am stuck and have no idea what to do now but can’t load my pages for editing or to even make a new one ….help please?!

    • I am facing the exact same problem.. How can I fix this ?

  366. Cool stuff guys! Keep up the good work. I remember I started out with Divi two years ago, and at first it seemed as a out of the box normal theme, easily compared to the ones found on Themeforest.
    But I have to say, I am pleasant surprised by the progress the company and Divi has made over the years. On the plus side looking forward to test A/B/C/D and track my conversions with it.
    What can I say. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Chris! We have come a long way, but this is just the beginning 😉

  367. I want it!

  368. I can’t wait for the new import export feature, it will save 80% of everyone’s time, and I love the customizable color palette

    • Sometimes the simplest of features are the most important!

  369. Lot’s of great new features to checkout!

  370. With all of the Divi updates you do, I’m curious as to why you can’t add more autoresponders other than Aweber and Mail Chimp to integrate with the theme.

    • We focused on email integration efforts in Bloom, and right now we don’t have plans to significantly expand the integrations in Divi. Using the Bloom shortcode you can input optin forms anywhere inside the Divi Builder 🙂

  371. I’m on a slightly older version from a couple months ago and the Equalize Column Heights feature isn’t working in that version, has this been fixed in this version? (I am unable to just upgrade due to a subscription that just expired.)

    Exited to try the split testing feature, great to see that spit testing is being made to be an easier process.

  372. Ahhhh, I’m so excited for this!! There are a whole bunch of things I’ve been wanting to test, especially as I get ready to launch a Google Analytics course for bloggers (sales pages are a bear!), and this is going to help so much. Thank you!

  373. ¡Impresionante! Sabía que Divi era un gran tema para WordPress, y ahora ya roza lo extraordinario.
    A pelear con Divi 7…
    Saludos a todos.

  374. You guys, are awesome!!!

  375. I have no doubt that Elegant Themes is the best, of the best WP developers around the whole… yes, the WHOLE world.
    These DIVI update has amazing features, features that, sincerely I do not expect.
    The team that Nick have created is fantastic.

    • Elegant Themes Blog | Jonatan Yair commented on Divi 2.7 Has Arrived, Including The Divi Leads Split Testing System, Improved Portability & More!’unsubscribe’

  376. Awesome! Can’t wait to try it out! Love Divi!

  377. Beautiful, I might actually subscribe.

  378. Thanks so much, ET!! Divi has allowed me to branch out as designer into developer and now marketer! You’re products make me a well-rounded creative and invaluable to my clients! Cheers!

  379. Amazing job guys! And thanks for the free layout too!! 🙂

  380. Oh wow! I LOVE the idea of split-testing. well done! This is something I will use again and again.

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  385. This update looks freaking awesome! Split testing was one of the few things I saw missing. I can’t complain about that any longer. The only other thing I thought that Divi may have been missing the mark on was the power and flexibility of the import/export system. Then lo and behold you revamp it as well. We all know that Divi gives you the flexibility to create nearly unlimited designs and layouts. Now we can easily share them as well.

    Divi is looking less and less like a “theme” and more and more like an easy to use framework all of the time. It’s pretty amazing.

    I suppose the only criticism I can really levy against Divi now is that it is so shortcode heavy that it is pretty difficult to migrate away from Divi to another theme if you wanted to. Granted, I don’t think I’d ever want to, but I am always worried that a client is going to come to me demanding that I use a specific theme for their site that was already built using Divi.

    Aside from that Divi continues to be a winner!

    • Even though we use shortcodes, you can always leave Divi if you install the Divi Builder plugin. This will ensure that your shortcodes will keep working no matter what theme you use.

  386. I would LOVE to use that. That’s great news!

  387. The new Divi Leads feature is awesome!

  388. This is awesome!! Divi Leads makes me very happy.

  389. While I really like the theme there is a couple of really obvious features not included.
    One is a simple way to edit the footer info that several people have already mentioned.
    The other is the limited options in setting columns in the Divi builder. You are stuck to 4 columns max & you have to code to customise – very frustrating as there are good free plugins that offer more options for columns, ie. Page Builder by Site Origin.

    Looking forward to seeing these features finally fixed…

    • One of our goals with Divi is to make it easy to use, but also difficult to break. With the addition of more than 4 columns, you run into the issue of certain modules not fitting inside such a small space. We want to avoid letting users create layouts that are essentially broken. We may end up introducing more columns in the future, but right now we are hesitant.

  390. Hello again team,

    Just uploaded new layouts to our site, but don’t understand how the final page should like. Now is is some kind of a mess from images, shapes and text. Some parts of a layout looks good, some is missing information.

    Do you have a live demo?



  391. Great! Amazing, I’ll upgrade right away.

  392. Starting a new church website. Would be excellent to has this fabulous tool at my fingertips

  393. This is absolutely the best! Awesome update!

  394. Wow, A/B tracking built-in? Sweet. I can stop using Unbounce!

  395. How is it you folks figure out all the things I have been hoping for. Particularly happy with the color picker improvements and the page-based CSS.

  396. Perfect! I love DIVI! A/b test is a great change.

  397. this is amazing

  398. Great tool!!! Welcom A/B test!!!

  399. Hello,

    great news. Although it would be great to have an ETA on a very important enhancements like:

    1) make inline css as external file (e.g. dynamic.css – and don’t tell me like your support did that it can’t be done, it can, easily)

    2) possibility to not USE Woocommerce CSS when Woocommerce is inactive (modularity)

    3) better grid options

    4) load icon CSS’s only if I use icons anywhere (and only that pack until other is activared) #modularity #performance



  400. Just upgraded to Lifetime Membership!!! Thanks Nick!!

  401. The new split test function seem very interesting!

  402. Divi is already the ultimate WordPress theme and builder, and it’s only getting better. Looking forward to continuing to create with Divi, and the unlimited possibilities it affords me. Thanks Elegant Themes for all your do.

  403. Great work Elegant-team!
    I already moved a complete Divi website with the new export options (saved me tons of work!!!). +1

    Also tried the split testing options and love how it works. +1

    It seems that there is only one problem with it: after I saved the page, I can’t ad an other split testing section without removing the first testing item.
    Am I missing something here because it looks like right clicking a section or module should do the trick (but it doesn’t show up like it does in the example images). I hope you guys could help me out.

    • Only once test can be run any any given time, so you will need to test one item at a time unless both items are contained in a single section.

  404. Nice Updates!!

    But I have ONE Issue:

    If I wan’t to import the layouts it says “1% Import estimated time remaining: 1min”

    and then after 10 seconds it switches to

    “This file should not be imported in this context.”

    Anyone has the same issue? (I have updated Divi etc..)

    • Hi,
      I have exactly the same issue. Gets to 1% … remaining 1 min
      Tested on numerous installations.
      The library pack is not importable.
      Been careful to download … extract the zip file … import the file: divi_library_pack.json
      Not possible I guess.
      Can anyone confirm that they have successfully imported it – I’d be grateful to know.
      Regards Mark

      • Ok,
        It seems that the Divi Library import doesn’t give you an option of whether you want to import all the images into your media area. It just does it.
        That doesn’t sit well with the plugin “Compress JPEG & PNG images”. You have to deactivate it first before.
        The import then worked.
        Regards Mark

        • Uhm. I don’t have this Plugin and can’t find it under plugins!? Not sure how to fix this? Help?

          • Hi Paul, I observed same scenario but when I stopped the import, and re-imported, I noticed the pre-made layout are already in the library including the images. Seems a fix is needed to make the import indicate when 100% complete in a lucid way.

            • I even made a new installation now. Still same BUG. Nick Roach – can you help me?

              Ps.: @bb – i don’t have them in the library

  405. nice theme : )

    awesome design

  406. Hello, Great work Nick! All Elegant Theme work hard to launch this new version.

    Question: I’m a user and I’ve not renew my annual access last january. I would like to renew now, can I access to your 20% off offer?

    Many Thanks

    • Hi Ben,

      I am afraid that the discount is only available for new members. This is simply a limitation of our membership system, but if you send us an email we might be able to work something out. You can also just sign up for a new account if you don’t mind changing your username.

      • Many thanks Nick, I paid for a new year, it’s not expensive for this beautifful integrated solution 😉
        Long life to your team and your baby, Divi 😉
        Best regards

  407. Great work from Elegant Themes again!

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  409. Hi: In the flourishing Latin American market of internet bussiness, we were waiting for tools as Divi by Elegantthemes,com to keep growing. Congratulations!


    Hola: En el floreciente mercado latinoamericano de los negocios por internet, estábamos esperando herramientas como DIVI de Elegantthemes.com para seguir creciendo. ¡Felicitaciones!

  410. Hi! I love the new A/B testing component in Divi! I can’t wait to use it when optimizing my sites.

  411. Nice update to an already good theme, do need more options with the Header area in my opinion.

    • Hi Kent,

      What kind of header options are you looking for?

      • Please please give “mobile” options for the header – size of logo. I have a large central logo on desktop, then when someone looks on a mobile it is super small and I cannot change it – any CSS I try does not work correctly.


        • Do you have any CSS code for the logo size – just on mobile at the moment? I have seen many people on the forums trying different things. Many thanks.

  412. This is really tempting, maybe I should become a member after all!

  413. Awsome guys! Blew my mind! Congrats! =*

  414. One of the most obvious and basic features missing for me is a slider module that allows you to simply upload a picture in to, like an everyday, normal slideshow, BUT make the whole image a clickable link. I’m always having to look for work arounds and hacks to adjust the existing slider module, when this should really be available already.

    Other than that, I think the theme is great.

    Another BIG thing on the wishlist is the ability to use the DIVI page builder tools on Woocommerce product pages, so that I can build perfect layouts and position elements on the page like prices, ratings, info etc with modules.

    Thanks again!

  415. Awsome guys! Blew my mind! Congrats! =*

  416. Can i ask if with the import/export option i can export my local site and have a perfect copy published on line?

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  418. Love the new features of 2.7, can’t wait to try them out in earnest.

  419. Awesome release.

    Definitely need more design options for the navigation especially the vertical nav. tired of doing css hacks

    • Hi Ryan,

      What sort of changes do you typically make with CSS to the vertical nav?

  420. Your wish is my command ;-).
    You’re doing a great job! Thanks a lot!

  421. Often choosing the wrong ques in supermarkets, backing wrong horses etc. it’s great to know that I got it right this time! DIVI is exactly what I needed to focus the marketing aspects of web-design and now Divi Leads makes that even better. Thank you.

    A suggestion: Could we get enable/pause functionality on sections? Then a section can be ‘switched on and off’ as needed.

    • Hi Bill, thank you for the kind words. As for your question, if I’m understanding you correctly I believe that is already possible. If you right-click a section you can choose to “disable” it on certain devices or across the board. This doesn’t delete it, so if you want to in the future you can simply “enable” it to bring it back. Is that what you mean by “enable/pause”?

  422. LOVE IT

  423. So glad you guys keep making Divi even easier and more powerful. I guess I need to do more learning on all the features it offers.

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  431. Will split testing work with caching plugin?

    • Yes it will. When caching plugins are enabled, split testing subjects are loaded via ajax.

  432. Cant wait to try this update! It certainly looks promising.

  433. I’m just wondering what these features mean for child theme creators. Do they now shift their focus to creating layout packs or settings packs? Is ET trying to build a proprietary CMS on top of WordPress?

    I’m a big fan of DIVI, but some things should be left for plugins and child themes to handle.

  434. I second Laurent, having a hex code field would be great!
    I look forward to using the new Divi in upcoming projects.
    Keep up the good work!

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  436. Top Job! All installed and working. Loving the split testing option.

  437. Really excited to see how this is going to change my business 🙂 thank you

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  439. One word: Awesome!

    For the color palette, could it be possible to add a field for hex code or rgb?
    That way if we already have a predefined palette we could easily add it.

    Thanks for the great work!

    • There is already a field for you to copy and paste rgba/hex values. It appears right above the colorpicker.

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  441. Amazing work guys! I really expected this version.

    I support the HEADER part.

    Thank you!

  442. AWEsome! you guys are creating a whole new website building system within WP… soon to leave WP behind and be on your own? haha.. wow wow wow.. and now it comes in a weekend where I won’t have a second to test it! Just loving it from the preview! wow wow wow!

    • Thanks Van! We love WordPress and don’t have any plans to break outside of it just yet 🙂

  443. Good Job, the Divi Leads functionality sounds awesome.

  444. Looks like a great update, can’t wait to try it! 🙂

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  446. Fantastic upgrade, I wast just looking for the possibility to do split tests! The only thing keeping me from using Divi or the page builder on all my sites now is that I can’t use traditional fixed-width sidebars with it. Would it be possible to have an option in a future release to use the page builder only for the content part of the page instead of the full page? Here are three reasons why I would love this option – well in line with the marketing idea of this release:

    1) I could have two _small_ sidebars on wide screens – this keeps the page still content focused, but allows twice the number of links -> more clicks -> more time spent on page -> better search engine rankings.

    2) for the standard sidebars there exist plugins which allow to keep widgets like the email subscription to be sticky -> better conversion.

    3) fixed width sidebars allow pixel perfect images -> best compromise between quality and size.

  447. A/B testing and color option are just perfect! This way clients can always add things in pages and don’t loose their brand color palette 😉

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    • Thanks for the recommendations John!

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  463. All looks great, but experience tells me to wait until at least the 3rd version update before updating client sites. Giving time to sort out plugin incompatibility and other coding problems.

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  465. Looks awsome. Just when I’m about to start a new project – perfect. Thank you.

  466. Can’t wait to try this out, the Split testing is perfect for a site I was workign on this week!

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  468. Thank you so much!

  469. Thanks for the great updates.
    one thing to say that ,after importing the new design pack ,now I cant review the imported designs.

    How would be possible to review and see them with out creating any new page or post from them?

  470. This looks amazing, can’t wait to try it out!

  471. Excellent updates for this wonderful theme. Thank you. Doing a great job.

  472. Thanks for working so hard to keep improving Divi for us.

    • I agree. Thank you for improving Divi. I have recommended Elegant Themes and Divi to many people.

  473. Awesome once again!
    I hope the caching issue with categories within the portfolio module has also been resolved.
    Keep up the great work 🙂

  474. you guys are doing a great job with Divi when it comes to static pages.

    Though, I think Divi should be more woocommerce oriented so that I can use it for the e-shop part of my site.

    Indeed, you can display product categories with Divi but there are no sorting options or breadcrumbs. And as far as I digged, Divi doesn’t have a single grab on product pages..uuuh?


  475. This looks amazing! Can’t wait to try it all out!

  476. I was using optimizely for ab testing. Thank YOU for putting this in and eliminating that expense!

  477. This a a really terrific set of upgrade features! Can’t wait to use them to make my site even better than it already is in Divi.

  478. Love the inbuilt A/B testing, looks amazingly simple and very useful.

  479. We are in the process of migrating our web site from HTML to the DIVI theme. It looks like Divi 2.7 will help us finish the job, as we essentially try to clone the original site in Divi.

  480. You guys and gals continue to blow my mind with your foresight and the thought that goes into these new features. It’s very clear that you are building Divi with designers in mind.

    Thank you.

  481. Here’s a great idea, I think:

    Have an ET dashboard module that will show us the results of all our A/B testing (we can scroll through the different page/post results) without having to go into each page/post.

    So awesome!

    • Thanks for the suggestion Justin!

  482. Woah guys. With each update you keep out doing yourself. Spilt testing? Are you kidding me! The best addition yet.

  483. You guys are awesome! I can’t wait to try some of the new features that just rolled out. I’ve only started using Divi about 2 or 3 months ago but I’ve been able to build 3 websites already. That would have taken me 2 months!

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    DIVI keeps getting better …

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  488. I am excited about the troubleshooting feature. Great updates!

  489. Nick, two issues which drive me nutty.

    1) Text or HTML field: why soooo small? Such a tiny little window to input data?

    I usually have to write it all out in TextEdit, then copy/paste into the actual Text module. Then add more coding, cos hey, I don’t wanna hand code every post!!

    I sometimes input a graphic w/the text, so things get really difficult with that tiny field. Just like this comment box. Tiny!

    2) Images. I love LONG tall images. Pinterest loves it. Ppl love infographics. BUT no, Divi insists my images be wider vs tall. So Divi crops or distorts my carefully crafted image.

    I also cannot use Featured Image. When ppl search a category or keyword, they only get Post Titles and a few lines. NO images. We know ppl love images.

    IF I use Featured Images, I get tiny, cropped and/or distorted images.

    When I use the same image directly IN the post, so we see exactly what I created, now I have that tiny bad image followed by the larger image.

    3) IF that doesn’t make sense, I can send screen shots. I’ve asked tech support, I’ve asked the FB Divi group, and everyone laughs at me!

    Like I’m doing something wrong. Or silly to want tall vs wide images.

    There’s also BlogStomper and other programs which compile lots of pix into one collage. TALL collages.

    I’m not crazy. Just a famous internationally published punk photographer. I just wanna showcase those and other photos.

    I’ve been a long time ET fan and customer. But these image issues keep being ignored.

    Any thoughtful feedback is appreciated. I say that, cos saying I’m crazy or these issues are not important really doesn’t help the situation. Which is why I’ve been silent for awhile. Thank you.

    • OMG!!!

      You do realize that the editor EXPANDS as you type correct?

  490. Wow… I just can’t even with Divi. Great job!

  491. Awesome features!

    First theme I know that integrates split test function…

    Great Job…

  492. This is indeed beautiful, but how do I update my theme as it stated that there is no automatic updating.

    • Same question here!

      • Never mind, I figured it out: there was an error in my credentials. Works like charm now!
        Great job guys!

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  496. Amazing, I had started to play with the A/B/C testing…
    but how to import the Free Library Packs (to big in my wp), where I can download it with Filezilla ?

  497. Watched your products and blog last week, and just been wondered by your quality and design. Today, it’s just impossible to not to buy =) So, now I’m in the club! Can’t wait 😀

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    But as I can see, only one active splitt test per page is allowed? Would be nice if I can start more than one…

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    Hope to see A front end Live preview for the next version.

    thank you.

    • You’re in luck 😉

    • Same for me

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    Cheers guys for the great work!

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    • Can’t wait to try the new functions in Divi 2.7

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    You make me look like a webbdesign wizard 😀

    Thank you!!

  513. You guys are amazing!
    You make me look like a webbdesign wizard 😀

    Thank you!!

  514. The page specific CSS feature is huge for me!!

  515. HI Nick. Loving the new features. But there is another side of the world not fully enjoying Divi and that’s a real shame.
    I have being asking for 2 years that you fix the mobile stacking issue for RTL sites. Ignoring this absolute crucial fix for us in the middle east is unfortunate and while there are messy work arounds that I as a developer can employ my clients will never be happy with Divi until its is solved.

  516. Well done! Nice work. I would Love to Try it.

  517. wowwww. A lot of great stuff. Very curious about!

  518. Hi Divi. I live the design of divi , the its not that good. i thin you should do some like “primerumcodingMCP” there is a lot of things to do. plz do something like this.

  519. Very excited! The A/B Testing really adds a new layer of sophistication that I didn’t dream was possible at this price point.

  520. Wonderful upgrades. Looking forward to enjoying the new features!

  521. Brilliant work – Divi just gets better and better … amazing!

  522. I have been using Divi for a non-profit group, for about a year. I really love the template and each time you improve it, I’m very impressed. Now I am considering getting the theme for my own business website.

  523. Awesome. My “go to” keeps getting better each time.

  524. So…with Divi Leads, does that mean Bloom will be going away? Do the two work in tandem?

    • Hey Benjy, don’t worry Bloom isn’t going anywhere. It’s a great email opt-in plugin with it’s own statistics tracking separate from Divi Leads–which is necessary as its forms can appear outside the builder as pop-ups or fly-ins.

      Right now you can sort of use the two tools in tandem by using a Bloom shortcode to embed a form in a code or text module and then setting that module as your split test goal. However, that will not track conversions, just generic clicks on that module.

      Instead, what I would recommend is using the Divi Builder’s optin module and set that as your goal. This will allow you to use Divi Leads to guage your real goal conversions on landing pages while Bloom can be used in other areas and in other ways across your site.

      • “while Bloom can be used in other areas and in other ways across your site.” Gonna write about that in like layman’s terms?

        All this emphasis on split testing and lead capturing (which of course is great!) while keeping the text box input field itsy bitsy small and cropping and/or distorting tall images shoved aside.

        Cos for some, our images are what bring in the ppl. Ya know that, ET blog discusses how vital are images.

        Can ya pls talk to like regular folks? Artists? Photographers? Hobbyists? Ya know, the majority of ppl out there in WP land. Just a simple request. Thanks. 🙂

      • Nathan, is it possible to use opt-in module as a pop-up? I tried to find the way, but failed

  525. I have installed and it is completly amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good work.

    I am very happy

  526. Awesome cool features of Divi 2.7 new release! Especially with Divi Leads feature.

  527. With Exporting/Importing and sharing of Library elements does that open the door for malware, undesired changes or other “bonus” content?

  528. Well done. Thak You.

  529. Great work guys good to see the divi theme moving along would love to see some code tidying in future releases especially the css it is getting pretty huge.

  530. Wow! Raising the bar, yet again!

  531. Awesome job!

  532. Amazing !!!

  533. I feel lucky to have discovered Divi!

  534. Oh my… this is crazy amazing. My schedule is blown up now that I get to go mess with my A/B tests! Thanks ET! Wicked awesome.

    • ePanel got a new look in 2.6, but none of the options changed. We still need to update the images in our docs, sorry about that.

  535. Thank you Nick & ET Team! Awesome update.

    Maybe you can work on a module to manipulate the feck out of the header <3

  536. Amazing updates.

    Keep up the good work!

  537. I’m seeing lots of 3rd party plugin issues failing to load the Builder on my staging site, I gave up trying to track it down as I don’t have time right now, but even your own Elegant Themes Updater plugin is causing issues for the builder in my installation with all other plugins turned off.

  538. Love the updates! can’t wait to see what’s coming up next…

  539. Elegant themes never cease to amaze me! The Split Testing feature looks really awesome!

  540. In a hurry to try 2.7 and the free template, I have an issue with the file “divi_library_pack.json” (once unzipped).
    The end of the Json file is corrupted on the one I’ve unzipped.
    Have you checked the one available through the link of this post ?

    Thanks a lot.

    • It seems to work for me. What do you mean exactly when you say the file is corrupted. Did you open the file and see something in particular?

      • Hi again

        Thanks to Pat’s message, I’ve understood where to import the Json file into the Divi Library. My fault, I apologize.

        Concerning the Json file integrity, it appears the issue to be real. The last image to be uploaded scripted like this in the file : “http:\/\/localhost:8888\/wp\/wp-content\/uploads\/2016\/02\/017.jpg”:
        {“encoded”:”\/9j….. is not correctly ended with ‘}’
        Result is that image “017.jpg” is not uploaded into the Media Library.

        Last remark, I don’t understand why localhost is involved, but I don’t mind anymore as long as the import process will work that way 🙂

        Waiting for more free template.
        Thanks a lot.

        • I’m getting this error when trying to import the new layouts: “this file should not be imported in this context”

          What am I doing wrong?

            • Nick

              I am getting this error :

              ” I am getting this error :

              ” This file cannot be imported. It may be caused by file_uploads being disabled in your php.ini. It may also be caused by post_max_size or/and upload_max_filesize being smaller than file selected. Please increase it or transfer more substantial data at the time.

              Got it, thanks! “

              • I am having the same problem and already created a support ticket. Are we the only one having this erro?

                ” This file cannot be imported. It may be caused by file_uploads being disabled in your php.ini. It may also be caused by post_max_size or/and upload_max_filesize being smaller than file selected. Please increase it or transfer more substantial data at the time.

        • Elegant Themes Blog | Patrick replied to Nick Roach on Divi 2.7 Has Arrived, Including The Divi Leads Split Testing System, Improved Portability & More!unsubscribe

      • Hey Nick

        Thank you for your test involvement.

        What I have seen :

        Downloaded the file twice, unzipped twice : same results.

        1) opening the file with TextMate is freezing the editor
        2) opening the file with TextWarngler is not freezing the editor (1 line and 6825493 columns !!! = 6.8 Mbytes)
        3) the Json file is not terminated with the expected ‘}}} ‘ characters. If the unzipping is correct, there are missing parts of the file and the Json format is corrupted.
        4) looking into the file, I’m also surprised to be requested to upload files that are referenced on ‘localhost:8888’ which is somehow your computer (unreachable from my home 🙂 !!
        5) despite all this I tried to upload from the new divi builder, it starts uploading but finished with a message “this file should not be imported in this context” (my context was a brand new empty page !!).

        Hope it helps.

        Anyway, I love your Divi !! Just fix it.

        By the way, have a look at topic : viewtopic.php?f=22&t=492580 😉


        • Same here when trying to import the .json file: “This file should not be imported in this context.”

          • Import the layouts from within the Divi Library

  541. Congratulations!!! Been waiting for this for soooooo loooooonnnngggg!!

  542. first theme I know that integrates split test function… I wish you all the best, looks a very good shoot.

  543. Hi, abou split test
    Can I test two difference sections in the same page? like header and text format, for example.. a multivariable test?

    The result is separated for each sections or the combinations of all variations?

    • You can run multivariable tests within a single test subject, but you can only have 1 test subject per test. The item being tested can be altered in any way, so it’s up to you to decide which variables you want to change.

  544. Great to see all these enhancements. I like the side wide custom colour pallet. That saves keeping notes in a separate file!

    When will translation files be updated? I reported several issues with the Dutch translations months ago (ticket 491444). A fix is not mentioned in the release notes. Also, 3 months ago someone in your support team mentioned you are working on a translation service that customers can use to help translating. When will that be launched?

    Thank you!

  545. Split testing seems interesting…wondering if this takes a lot more resources when enabled? Portability is a key feature for the future of all EG Themes with the Divi Builder Plugin.

    • It will take slightly more resources because it adds an addition ajax request, but it should be fairly minimal. We also have some controls that allow you to reduce how often stats are cached.

  546. Looks so awesome!!

  547. Consistent updates like this are so very appreciated. Continue making all my wildest dreams come true.

  548. This is a great upgrade. I hope that future updates include a front end editor to keep it simple to edit for clients.

  549. Good stuff! Another great update from Divi. The new split testing feature looks fantastic.

    Well done guys!

  550. I’m looking forward to trying the A/B split feature. I also very much appreciate the ability to customize each page without CSS’ing myself to death in the child theme. 🙂

  551. Hi team,

    Do you have a live demo of new layouts?

    It will be now a bad idea to know and to see what download and upload.


    • I am afraid not, but you can import them easily with the new portability system to test them out 😉

      • Hi Nick, left a comment earlier. I can’t import the library pack as a few others have noted. Not sure why – I’ve done it on other occasions with previous releases. Any ideas?

        PS – Thanks and keep up the great work – not just a solid product but I really enjoy the community built around the ET products.

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      • How cool would it be that when you change a color from the default palette, that color will also be updated everywhere it has been used on the website?

        That way you can quickly swap out a color without you having to go through every module on the website.

        • Brilliant idea!

      • The color palette is AMAZING when it shows up, but it doesn’t always show up when I’m using the color picker. Any idea why? For example, when choosing the colors of social media icons, my palette doesn’t appear.

      • I can not see this yet in the Extra Theme. It still says “Global Accent Color”. Will this be added?

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    Love & Light

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    • +1

    • Sorry about that Sharon. They are free though, so you can simply download them and import them to get the full picture 🙂

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    • Hey – I can’t upload the library pack either. I’ve done it many time before (with other packs but this isn’t working. Stalls at 1% then says “This file should not be imported in this context.”

      Would like to resolve this if anyone has any ideas?

      BTW – I’ve tried lot’s of themes from lot’s of place. ET simply rocks and is building a really solid community around a great product.

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    Looking forward to playing with the new features!!!!

    • Hi Darren, good news! When you create a new page you can select the “blank page” template in the Page Attributes meta box. This will remove the header and footer so that you can create standalone landing pages.

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  617. Looking at the feedback I see there is talk of major bugs with Extra. I am just about to build a site with Extra… so my question is: Have the bugs been fixed with this new version or am I better off using Divi ( I will be building a site which s better suited to a magazine style.. but certainly don’t want the frustration of finding lots of bugs!)

    Please can one of the Elegant Themes team advise which direction/ theme I should choose if I am to have the easiest construction experience?

    Many thanks..

    • Divi, Extra and the Divi Builder plugin have been updated, and each includes dozens of bug fixes. We are always working hard to make sure our products are running smoothly. It takes time to iron out all the bugs, but you can feel confident in choosing either Divi or Extra for your project.

      • Hi Nick,

        May I ask, is there an issue with Divi and WordPress visual editor? I understand that when switching from one theme to another, the content format also changes – I can live with that and reformating my content was always a none issue. However, with Divi, it is impossible to format my content back to its original form. After installing Divi, I’ve spent countless hours reformatting my content with no success.
        I’ve tried all types or workaround and still not getting the original look of my content.
        Issues are specific to line spacing, paragraph spacing, bullet points, positioning images and last but not least, Divi does not capture thumbnails automatically neither are vertical lines separating blog post. Tried the “divider” that did not work.

        • Hi Rosanna, sorry you’re having those issues. Please create a ticket in our support forum so that someone on our support staff can follow up with you. http://elegantthemes.com/forum

      • Thank you Nick for the encouraging response…

        • Paul, I’ve been working on a site with Extra and have not had issues. I’ve been enjoying the theme.

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    • Now THAT would be a brilliant update!!

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    pls add new header layouts as well.

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    Good job and kudos for your continuous improvement. I’m a bit dissapointed though. I feel flexible changes should be allowed on the Divi header and footer in terms of customisation. Every Divi theme seems to have the same header & footer format with little options of making changes.
    More also the customisable post header which is still not adaptable site-wide or on existing posts.
    Maybe you could include it in the future releases. Once again. Good job guys.

    • The Divi Header is very flexible if you master the Theme Customizer settings, especially if you play with font styles and transparency, and choose from one of the various header styles. We are always looking for ways to add more customizability though. What else do you want to be able to change in the header?

      • More flexibility on logo and menu positioning would be amazing… drag and drop positioning and resizing almost!… for static headers vertical and horizontal and drop down on scroll… flexible widget areas too… more bells and whistles for header creation please ET… (“Customizability” did you just invent that word Nick???) … Epic work as always ET… Boldly going where no theme has been before!!!

      • Hi Nick,

        Thanks for the response.

        I was referring to blog post header. I’m aware Divi has options to customise the title header of a blog post. There is a tutorial on how to achieve that on the Eleganttheme blog page. However one issue that kept propping up was the inability to apply the desired changes across existing posts.

        • “I was referring to blog post header. ”

          I agree Zion. While there is a lot to love about ET as a company and Divi as a tool the options to manage and manipulate blog layouts and blog posts themselves are much thinner than they need to be.

      • I think Zion wants what I want which is some of the modules to go in the DIVI menu.

        A DIVI header option that also includes one widget area above the primary menu would be nice as well.

        More than just four social media icons in the top menu without the need of having to use a child theme.

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