Divi Goes Global — Now Fully Translated Into 32 Languages, Including RTL Support

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Divi Goes Global — Now Fully Translated Into 32 Languages, Including RTL Support
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Not only do we want Divi to be a theme that allows someone to build anything, we want Divi to be a theme that allows anyone build anything. WordPress is a global platform that seeks to democratize publishing around the world, and Divi shares those aspirations. That’s why we have spent the last couple months professionally translating Divi into 32 languages. This was no easy task. Not only did we translate the front-end elements, we expanded the theme’s localization to cover the Divi builder interface, including all form fields and descriptions. Divi 2.3 is now a theme that can not only be viewed by anyone, but used by anyone as well!

272,384 Words Translated

Last year at WordCamp SF, Matt Mullenweg stressed the importance of language support. This was reiterated in WordPress 4.1, which made an effort to improve the language selection process both during installation and within the WordPress Dashboard. But what good is a WordPress installation that supports the languages of the world when your theme and its interface do not? Keeping this in mind, we tried to tackle as many of the most widely-used languages as we could. During this process a total of 272,384 words were translated, supporting a total of 32 languages! Here are the localizations that now come packaged with Divi:

  • Arabic
  • Bulgarian
  • Chinese
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Hebrew
  • Hungarian
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Malay
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portugese
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Serbian
  • Slovak
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Tagalog
  • Thai
  • Turkish
  • Ukrainian
  • Vietnamese

A Theme That Anyone Can Use


As mentioned earlier, we not only translated what your visitors see, we translated the Divi Builder interface as well. This greatly increased the breadth of the project as we expanded the scope of the theme’s localization to include everything. The builder, ePanel, and their forms, inputs, and descriptions have all been covered.

Right-To-Left (RTL) Support


Divi is our first theme to offer RTL support. This is something customers have been asking for every day, and we are happy to finally add full support to our most popular theme. When you enable an RTL language within your WordPress Dashboard, Divi will automatically switch to RTL mode. Not only has the front-end website been adjusted, but even the Divi builder interface has been re-imagined for RTL users.

Smarter Font Options


We didn’t want there to be any issues with font subset support, so we have done the hard work for you! Sifting through each Google Font, we have determined which will work with each character set. Depending on the language you select, your font will be adjusted to ensure that all characters are supported, and the fonts available in the Theme Customizer will be adjusted as well to ensure that there are no compatibility issues. In addition, we have added new fonts to the theme to make sure that all languages have a compatible font available.

Seamless Integration


Divi will automatically adapt with your WordPress language preferences. Simply choose your language and let Divi do the rest. Whatever language your installation is running on, Divi will update its interface and front-end display to match. There is no longer a need to open up the theme’s .mo and .po files and make your own translations, nor is there a need to use third party translation plugins. Just plug and play!

Also Included In Divi 2.3

We did a lot more than just language updates with Divi 2.3. As usual, our team has been hard at work listening to our customers in the support forums, and fixing bugs and integrating your suggestions. Here is a list of all the changes included in this update.

  • Fixed character encoding in layouts code
  • Added Offset Number option to the Blog Module
  • Removed text color option from Blog Module grid view and set dark text color as default
  • Fixed problem with video slides not working in fullscreen mode
  • Adjusted styling of mobile menu and search icon on mobile devices
  • Fixed problem with parallax effect when CSS and True Parallax sliders were used on the same page
  • Fixed Audio module Volume Bar Height
  • Fixed problem with “NaN” value in the counter module
  • Fixed problem with videos breaking counters on a page
  • Clicking the logo always refreshes a page properly now
  • Fixed problem with parallax not resizing with learn more content and toggle modules
  • Fixed problem with multiple fullwidth mobile menus not working properly on a page
  • Fixed problem where mobile menu does not close after an anchor link is clicked
  • Fixed problem causing dates to be saved with double slashes
  • Fixed problem where non-English slugs broke the filterable portfolio
  • Added submenu direction option and styling to Fullwidth Menu module
  • Added an option to allow background videos to not pause when audio is played
  • Improved video background functionality
  • Added support for WEBM format in video module
  • Improved image uploader in ePanel
  • Fullwidth menus now use classes in place of IDs to pass HTML validation
  • Fixed styling for password protected posts, pages and projects
  • Removed focus styling in ePanel
  • Fixed problem with responsive shortcodes not working correctly
  • Fixed fonts preview in Customizer
  • Fixed problem with Video player not shown for video posts using self hosted videos
  • Fixed problem with Aweber breaking the page builder if no API options are set in ePanel
  • Fixed FeedBurner form html code in the Subscribe Module
  • Fixed problem where Media Library images were grayed out in “Upload image” modal window
  • Inner Shadow option now works in sections with CSS parallax now
  • Switched the footer RSS link from the comments feed to the main feed
  • Fixed fullwidth modules styling issues in the “Insert Module” modal box
  • Code improvements

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  1. How to change languages of the divi builder. The website I built uses both English and Chinese and while the builder remains in English, when I make changes to the sections they sometimes are Chinese and sometimes English. I would like them to only be English. But it would also be good to know how I can change them all the Chinese if I have a worker making adjustments to the site.

  2. Hello,

    I would gladly assist you with Slovenian translation. Awesome theme and great work Elegant themes!

  3. I find it !! 😀

    “Thanks for contacting us” appear in the file main-modules.php in includes/builder/

    Gracias ^_^

  4. How can I change “Thanks for contacting us” to Spanish? I checked all the language files in Poedit but nowhere says that phrase. I have selected Spanish in WP configuration.

    Any help thanks! o_O

  5. Need to fix the norwegian translation as it is not correct on the bottom of this page “http://tonjesolberg.com/blogg-fotograf/”. It should be “innlegg”(entries) not “innganger”(doorways).

    Anyone know if there is a css I can add to change it on my page at least? Thanks in advance. 🙂

  6. Does the Chinese translation support traditional Chinese? Simplified Chinese? Both?

    • I believe it is traditional Chinese.

      • Can you check on that – I need to provide our client with a definitive answer. Thanks!

        • Just got a reply from Dustin Falgout – he says it’s Simplified, but could still be translated to Traditional using the Mo & Po files.

  7. Hello and thank you for a great template DIVI. I ask but one thing always after your upgrade to me in the language cestina (czech) not display signs and …

    Ø…..ř, Ì……ě, Ù……ů

    Please verify accuracy of the translation into Czech, thank you. So I always have to edit the translation after the update manually 🙁

  8. The Danish translation is frustrating bad. In many areas it seems as if it is Google translate with no understanding of the context. I am a journalist and I have translated Genesis into Danish through the international translation plugin for Studiopress. I wish I could use it – and at lot of Danish users wish it, too.

    • It’s really awful. Just got here from a Google search, trying to figure out how to disable it.

  9. Hi

    thanks for divi great theme.

    please support Persian language!

    please work more on design of shop section, isn’t enough good like other part of divi theme.

  10. I was wondering how I could use this theme with a minority language , I wanted to build a bilingual website with Irish as the primary language and English as the second language readers can choose if they want.

    Forgive my ignorance, but would this be possible by just creating two of each page and then manually changing each primary version in to Irish, the back end can be in English.

    Or can anyone point me to a good resource on using minority languages on word press.

  11. How can I change specific social icons from the social media follow module? I would like to change the dribble icon for 500px icon, MySpace icon for Behance icon, please, I’ve been trying to do it but i dont see a way, if it is some code to change, or if it is just a simple image i can change manually.

    Thanks in advance,

    Juan E. García


    Hey guys, thank you for the most beautiful themes ever! 🙂

    In regards to Divi theme and for all the others ——— how does one have both English & Spanish translations for people to see? On the front end……..

    So for example:

    Spanish: http://GODTHANKYOUGOD.com/es/demo
    English: http://GODTHANKYOUGOD.com/en/demo

    Thank you! 🙂



  13. I develop a Japanese site for a client, but I don’t speak Japanese – I simply place content sent to me on the necessary pages.

    How do I enable Google font support for Japanese CONTENT (on my pages) without changing the entire WP interface to Japanese?

  14. If you need good Polish translation, please let me know

    The one you use is pathetic, sorry…

    Even google translator could do better…

    • ET Guys! Do you really can not fix Polish translation?
      Especially that in previous versions of Divi, it worked well?

      Please help us polish Divi fans!!! 😉

  15. I am not so enthusiastic about “Now Fully Translated Into 32 Languages, Including RTL Support”

    Problem with Polish characters

    None of them ą ę ś ć ń ł ó etc. are properly displayed

    Instead I see some strange characters like “oe”, “œ”, “ō”, “ē”, etc.

    Maybe there is a general problem with language setting…? UTF-8?

    Please fix it, otherwise the upgrade seems to be the downgrade for me, unfortunatelly.

    I have wrote more about the problem here: https://www.elegantthemes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=384810

    • Unfortunately I must agree with Piotr P., mwwoj and others – Polish translation has major bug with encoding characters (what’s interesting there was no such problem with it in ealrier versions of Divi). Please investigate this bug and realese fix or give a clue what is casuing problem. Regards.

      • C’mon ET team, Can’t you really make polish translation work as it suppose to? It’s been a long while since the problem was first reported. Please, get it sorted and let us enjoy Divi Theme in full or at least suggest some workaround for the time being.

  16. Hi, I just Divi translated into Catalan, language of Catalonia. Where I can send .po and .mo files for that added in updates? If considered appropriate.

    Thank You

    • You can send them to [email protected]! They would be much appreciated by our customers I am sure 🙂

  17. This theme is really awesome, Will Schema be included in Divi at any time ?

  18. I order bat the Themes are not support RTL for hebrew and we cannot use without many hours of programming

  19. hi
    i’m trying to use RTL Divi, but when i set blog module on grid mode, grids are left to right and i can’t change it. other setting seems great. tnx

  20. Can Be One Of The translator To Persian Language(Farsi) ?

  21. By the way, though I’m looking forward to seeing more manipulation of layouts in the next Theme, I’m surprised more attention isn’t given to the usefulness of the combination of Divi Builder and Elegant Page Builder. Can’t use them both at once, but for blogging (something Divi is somewhat deficient in) it does allow for some added creativity.

  22. Does this update fix the structured data missing errors? As seen on ticket requests, when validating with google masters webtools, the site gives a problem when testing structured data, and you guys said it will fix that, but im not really sure it did?

    • Structured data can be added easily using a plugin, which ends up being more flexible if you change themes. There are a lot of great free plugins out there that can do this.

  23. I love the updates and all the work that gets put into the DIVI theme.

    Unfortunately when I did an update, my parallax effect is messed up on one of my websites. One of the sections magnifies the background image at the top, and now the parallax effect only minimally scrolls over the image.

    It is bare bones but I put a lot of effect getting it to look the way it did.

    Any ideas?

    • to be a little clearer, the background images when the parallax effect is enabled (either all CSS or all “True Parallax”) scroll about 50% instead of remaining fixed. There are three background images one for each section and need to be lined up for the effect I created.

  24. Really? Hindi not included? we (Indians) are a population of 1.25 billion in India, Indian’s worldwide I don’t know how many, but just think about it.

    • I don’t believe we had a Hindi translator available, but if there is anyone from the community that would like to contribute, we would welcome it 🙂

  25. The more I read about this theme, the more I want it! Can you easily add different header styles or can you only move around body items? I need to easily be able to add contact information etc to the header.

  26. Nice job.
    I’m pushing for a movement to have WP Core and Divi in Swahili. This will help us reach locals in East and Central Africa where it’s spoken. Any tips on how I can be of help in this?

  27. Dutch is included, great! But for a blogger it’s such a pity that ‘Read more’ has been translated with ‘Meer informatie’. Even Google Translate translates it better.

    It should be ‘Lees meer’ or ‘Lees verder’.

    • Thanks for the suggestion. We will update the translations in the next version of the theme. If you have any more suggestions, please let us know 🙂

      • In french, “Read more” is “Lire la suite” rather than “Lire plus”.

      • Dutch translation: awesome!

        But ofcourse some minor translation errors, as Leo pointed out.
        Also Older Posts / Newer Posts should be something like Vorige artikelen / Volgende artikelen.
        Now it says ‘Older Registraties’ and ‘Volgende Registraties’.

        And the ‘Page Builder’ button isn’t working, but maybe that has to do with my WP installation.

  28. I really appreciate this,
    But I wouldn’t pay the Norwegian translator anything for this… Seems like most of this work is done by google translate, and for a company like yours that doesn’t really ring well…

    I’m actually contemplating on switching back to EN setup for my WordPress just to get rid of all these horrible mistranslations!

    • Hi Viggo,

      If you have any suggestions about how you would adjust certain translations, we would welcome your input. Just send us an email 🙂 All of these translations were done by professional human translators, but I am sure in the 270,000+ translations there are bound to be some mishaps here and there.

  29. I am grateful for your continued work on Divi, and intrigued by the upcoming Extra. All the work on the translations is not a help to me, as of yet. Perhaps this is addressed in Extra, as that theme seems to be built for more integration. I don’t know if I should mention a website by name, but a recent project required that I develop columns that had things like custom star ratings and display imported data, like snowfall statistics. It would have been nice to be able to insert a custom module into the list. Because I had to repeat elements on many page

    Also, it would be very helpful to be able to more easily identify which module contains the content to be edited than to have to remember what is what. One idea — dreaming — is to put an edit link on the actual module that would open up the edit screen and the appropriate module.

    It would also be nice if the shortcodes menu (for columns) would appear within the text module. The shortcodes work, but I have to remember and insert them by hand.

    Lastly, in a different project, integrating with HealCode/MindBody, the mechanism is broken that allows a link on the page to refresh the page and only display the details of one staff member. The query string is disregarded. My tinkering according to what I found should work, failed, so the page is still broken. I can be more specific in the right venue with someone truly interested in identifying the solution.

    Why am I bringing all of this up here? Because your tone is much more open than the tone I receive from the techs in the forum. I was just getting finger-pointing and avoidance, as if my use of the theme was not welcome.

    I am a raving fan and must have used Divi alone on a dozen projects. The forums are little help especially because a search for a theme will bring up the same thread over and over again. How is that helpful? Sorry! I am mostly ecstatic about ET, but have frustrations.

    • Why no response, Nick? Thank you for approving, even as all my thoughts were not positive. That is honorable. Still, VERY frustrating to return again and again to no response or hints at how the future may address my concerns. I give up.

  30. Hi,
    I’ m big fan of Divi and using WPML worked before like a charm. I don’t want to switch my theme after update on my natal language slovak [SK]. First: my theme is prepared in english to translated via WPML in other language, second: slovak translation is horrible with many bugs and special characters doesn’t show.

    So now I have to remove all languages after update every time on every site using Divi. Maybe is better just to offer separate files as possibility if somebody want to use other language, not to force anybody using Divi in his natal language.

  31. Great news, Divi keeps getting better and better …and better! Keep it coming Nick and team 🙂

  32. Does this have the ability to select a language for viewing built in? For instance, if we publish the site in English, and also have a Spanish translation of our content, do we have a link that allows the front end user to switch from English to Spanish and back? Or does it still need something like WMPL to do that?

    • Hi Kim – this is only for the site developer. You still need WPML or PolyLang for visitors to the site.

  33. Broke my website. Full of errors!

    • If you are experiencing any problems, please open a support ticket so we can take a look.

      Don’t forget to disable your child theme and plugins, as these are usually the cause of the problem.

  34. I love the DIVI Theme. However, there are some options missing. I believed would be added in this update:

    Items to add:

    > Page Builder
    – Add option to use WP widgets or third parties within the Page Builder

    – Option to use page builder in other types posts (eg posts, posttypes customizeds, etc.)

    – Option (Module) to insert CSS and HTML for page builder

    – Option in admin page to insert extra CSS page builder when activated, changing the entire page.

    – Change the edit icon for ‘\ 42’ ‘etbuilder’ font-family

    – Option to insert our own modules within the page builder (advanced documentation)

    > Extra Sidebar
    – To create a sidebar you must update the F5. Instead, nothing happens. I suggest AJAX.

    – Having multiple sidebars if there is no option in the Page Admin or Admin Post to choose the sidebar of my preference? Lack this option to choose the sidebar created or standard

    > Slide Post
    – Option to use a slider above the post, without Page Builder.

    With these simple and primordial changes, we and our customers thank.

    Hugs, Lucas Tolle

    • Big Nick Roach!
      Is there any answer, at least for some of these issues?
      We look forward to know if there is hope!

  35. E-Panel problems…
    This is certainly the case when “one size doesn’t fit all”. Many French translations for e-panel buttons and menus are toooo long – they don’t fit into the same space as shorter English equivalents. Doesn’t look nice and simly unusable.

  36. Great, clap, clap, clap

  37. Vidio module doesn’t works, I’ve add some videos in differents ways as video slider and single video and every single time it shows me an error

    • We haven’t experienced any problems with the Video module, so if you could please open a ticket in our support forums with more details then our team will be able to better assist you.

  38. When are you going to include the ability to easily change the featured image size in a blog post? The big stuff is great but this issue has been raised before but not addressed so far or have I missed it? The default large feature image size is very limiting. Thanks.

  39. What about Kurdish? i can not see there. it’s right to left language

  40. Does it mean we can now create multi-lingual websites without using plugins such as WPML. Can we create content in more than on language?

  41. Great work, guys. However, is there any reason the telephone number in the header cannot be made a ‘click to call’ link – ???

    • It is clickable on mobile… wouldn’t make sense on desktop because there are so many different applications people use to call like skype, google voice, etc.

  42. Great work I appreciate keep it up

  43. Hi Nick, Nice job !!!
    However italian translation could be improved a bit: just to name some examples some english technical words are acceptable in Italian, so it’s not a crime using “reset” for “ripristina” (and the button frame will also be glad of this) and “responsive” instead of “reattivi” that doesen’t explain what is supposed to do.
    If you feel that I could help somehow I’m available.
    Anyway great job and great theme.

    • Hi Riccardo! We would welcome your help if you want to adjust anything 🙂 You can send me an email at [email protected]. This was a huge project and we rely on third parties to make translations.

      • in fact is a bless to use some english words as technical word, avoids confusion…

        the problem begins, at least in spanish, when some people gives the english words spanis endings, specially verbs conjugations… the ugliest thind you could imagine 🙂

  44. Cool update and thanks for the perpetual update of Divi but when is Extra coming out?


  45. Hello, please improve the Polish language , because it is a big problem with the encoding Polish characters.

  46. Hi Nick,
    I just tested both new versions of Divi and Monarch and Divi’s Contact Form module is still not working when Monarch plugin is active. Most websites normally include a Contact Form and Social Integration, so I just wanted to let you know about the issue being still present just in case that my support ticket a couple of months ago got lost during your tracking process.
    Please, don’t take me wrong. This is not a complain or anything like that. Just trying to help in case the issue was missed. I love your work and I would like to encourage you guys to keep working as you do. You are awesome! 🙂

  47. Anyone know how to test what my website would look like from another country or if RTL is even working? I’ve tried proxies but it still shows in English.

  48. Good job! Next time includes “catalan” in the languages please!

    The changing logo size when you scroll… Is it something you can improve too?
    Thanks for all!

    • I agree. Would be nice next time in Catalan.

  49. Awesome! Just a few hours before my site that is entirely in dutch was about to go live I saw this update and it works perfectly! Some minor mistakes in the backend and “search” wasn’t translated but overall it’s perfect. Thanks for perfecting the Divi theme!

  50. Good News, great work!!!

  51. Je viens de faire la mise à jour : c’est vraiment un très bon travail surtout pour des gens comme moi dont l’anglais n’est pas la langue maternel. De tout avoir en Français est un plus.
    I just did the update: it’s really a very good job especially for people like me whose English is not the mother language. To have everything in French is a plus.

  52. Merci 😉

    By the way Nick, do you think Extra will be translated as well?


  53. Hi Nick and team,

    Thank you for continuing to improve on DIVI. I don’t really care if you don’t release another theme. Just keep improving on this one. its the only one I use these days.



  54. Great update. But the search field is not translated? Click on the search icon and it says “search”.

  55. Great to see that Swedish is on the list!

  56. Hi Nick,
    Thanks for the Dutch translation.

  57. First if all outstanding work guys as always you guys gå beyound the expections of every single one of us.
    Second is Divi 2.3 availble for download yet?

  58. Great work!

    Just a few small problems with the sizes of buttons on the configuration.

    Spanish texts are larger than in English and do not display correctly.

  59. I use English by default, but is there any way to use different languages on different pages? So if I have a page for France it shows text in French? Or how do I achieve that? Thanks.

  60. Hi Nick, great job and to the rest of the team! By the way, do you have plans on the menu being customizable? Everything about the theme is so great now, but I notice when I present my works to the clients, the only interface there that I can’t customize is the menu.

  61. Great news Nick 🙂

  62. Thanks. That’s a great start. Happy to see the background is working now!

    Now, onward through the fog for…padding issues (we need to be able to change those to our own specifics, changes to where we (our clients) need the header image to be, uploading your own font, making the email and phone numbers to the top area the colors you want rather than just the few choices, etc.

    Can’t wait for those, but a good start for sure.



  63. Hey Nick…..thanks for the update. Privileged to be an ET Life Member.

    Can you also please update the Page Builder option for Posts.

    Right now, I am using an external plugin for using Page Builder for posts.

  64. Great. I like it.

  65. Awesome, sounds amazing! Keep up the good work!

  66. Yeahh great job Nick, thanks a lot for the newest Divi.
    Now I have more options for other language in my clients website.

  67. @Nick Roach

    You didn’t fix the single handed most important thing thing that needs to be fixed in your theme. You cannot have active menu if you do a one page website in your theme. I have not stressed how important this is! Without this, the people who want simple, simply cannot have it.

  68. This is the kynd of post we were waiting for!!! Don’t get me wrong, u all write great posts, but Divi needed lots of improvements and the localization was one of the big ones!!!

    Thanks a lot for your hard work, that long change log list is the ultimate proof!!!

    I’m from Spain and for me was crucial to have the PageBuilder translated for my clients.

    I really thank u guys for this improvement!!!

    Keep up the good work!!!

  69. Please clear up my ignorance on the language support issue. Let’s say I want to make the site readable for 20 of those languages listed.

    Posting this a second time as it seems my question slipped by unnoticed.

    Is this simply a setting in Divi and then when a visitor using any of those languages happens along, Divi senses the proper language and displays it accordingly?

    Can I set Divi up to simultaneously recognize as many of those 32 languages as desired? Just not sure about this issue. Looking for some guidance in understanding.


    • Oops…bad copy/paste from the first post. The first paragraph was unintended.

      My basic interest for a particular site is Asian countries. So, can I configure Divi to handle Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese all at the same time, so that any and all of those peoples can be served by my site?

      Or do I have to select only one?


      • Hi Jerry – as far as I understand things, this update changes the language for the WP developer and the ET options.
        For your site visitors, you need something like WPML or PolyLang.

        • Thanks, Martin. I appreciate you clearing that up.

  70. This is awesome. Great work nick roach and team….

  71. This is awesome. Great work nick roach and team..

  72. Hi Nick! I am a big fan of Elegant Themes, I can’t wait every day to receive my update from your blog.
    I am about to start translating my whole website (Divi Theme) to spanish and would be sooooo thankful if you could give me an advice about what should I do? I am thinking about using WordPress Multisite.

    Thank you so much for your answer and for everything you and your team teach us everyday!!!

  73. Great update fellas. Well done!

  74. I’m interested in this theme but from what I read the theme builder is only useful for creating pages, is that right? I’m using it for a blog and having the ability to use custom layouts for articles is exactly what I need.

    • We may have some plans to change that in the future 🙂 You might also be excited to hear about our upcoming theme, Extra, which will be built specifically for the purpose you describe.

      • Why a theme? Why not concentrate just on Divi as a framework, and develop any additional or niche functionalities as plugins?

      • Love all your themes. Have been used Divi now for 3 or 4 sites (not my own – yet!). It is intuitive and fantastic and visually wonderful. Have really struggled with the latest one I am doing – a travel magazine – the whole posts vs pages thing. Any idea when Extra will be available? Should I hold developing the site if the new theme is more blog layout-option friendly. Thank you for all your fantastic work and your great support as well.

  75. Amazing, you have Romanian translations…. soon after WP added full Romanian translations… now I am able to make my site fully localized.

    You guys are awesome!

  76. Hi!
    Thanks for update! Good work! But in Polish translation on Dashboard end I found some funny bugs, I will put together all of this and send You e-mail with right translations if You want of course?

    • Hi,
      great job!
      But font formatting is a bit messed up.

    • That would be great 🙂 Just send them over using the contact form here.

  77. Love it. Great updates and features.

  78. Hi !

    Just updated Divi 2.3.
    1st problem… Tools names in Spanish but most of them missing/blank.
    2nd problem… Contact form text in (bad) spanish. I want english !!!
    Please, help. How can I fix that ?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Hi Luis,

      There was an issue when the encoding on the Spanish translation file, and this has already been fixed. So you can re-download the theme from the members area and re-upload it to see if it fixes the problem for you. I also welcome you to post in the forums if you have suggestions on how to improve the translation in any way 🙂

      • Thanks Nick,
        Themes Download>Divi>Download>Install In Wp, isn´t it?
        Overwrites the one installed ?

        • Yeah, simply overwrite the current one with the freshly downloaded them from the Elegant Themes members area. It should fix the encoding issue.

          • Thanks Nick but can´t update Divi. Don´t know why ?
            I´ve fixed my WP on English instead Spanish and problem solved. I don´t have tools in Spanish but what´s more important to me, I have my eMail contact on English.
            At least I have all the other 2.3 updates, I suppose.
            Thanks again,

  79. Nick,

    Compliments on Divi and support – outstanding.

    Any word on the Extra Theme? No word for some time now.

    • I wrote a post at the ET support forum asking about Extra and the only reply I got said that as far as he/she new Extra was going to lunch this February… but since ET hasn’t mentioned on the blog, I don’t think is going to happen anytime soon… well see 🙂

  80. wow… so cool, great update!

  81. There is no real RTL support in the theme for Arabic for example, I still see the logo in the left area and the top header not being adjusted to the right area. You still have guys a lot of work on the CSS to REALLY make it RTL supported. Also the pricing table are still with LTR support.

    Why are you still saying that the themes is: ” RTL Support “!!

    It’s clear here :


    • Hi Aziz,

      None of that is true actually, so it sounds like either your child theme is overwriting our CSS, or your minifcation plugin is messing up the CSS hierarchy.

      In RTL mode, the logo is on the right and pricing table items are aligned right.

      I don’t see our RTL.css file being used at all on your website.

      • Thank you for the clarification. I found your rtl.css there, but using a child theme is a must for us since we customize some aspect of the theme’s css.

        How we can use the child theme with the RTL.css ?

        I apologize for the false input here in my comment, I though that theme will automatically append the RTL.css to the website.

        • I’d also like an explanation of how to use rtl styles with child themes. I’m using WPML to create a bilingual Hebrew/English site, and there is a child theme for required functions. Please advise the proper way to enqueue rtl.css

  82. Woaaa … one year to wait … nice to pay for that sheet … I don’t understand, you win million dollars (or you are lying about your customers number) and you can’t produce more a theme per three years … and every one is following you 🙁 ok definitely I prefer Theme Forest

  83. Is this version finally fully compatibile with WPML?

  84. hi nick, just updated my theme. how does the multi language work? do you need to activate it? can’t find anything new in the settings. is there any tutorial available?

    • ronnyk, the theme will “activate itself” in your default WP language. So if your WordPress is installed in English then the theme will be in English as well. Change your WP default language and Divi will follow 🙂

  85. Great Work! 😀

  86. … And Divi gets even better! You guys deserve to be commended. 🙂

  87. You make me happy!
    Dutch is included!

  88. Amazing update, thanks to all the team…

  89. Love Divi! These are great updates.

    Where do we submit suggestions for future changes?
    Would be great if headers/designs made on blog page templates persisted on individual posts.

    Not a biggie but helpful. Either way, Divi is certainly a win!

  90. Uol very very very very cool! great theme!

  91. Please clear up my ignorance on the language support issue. Let’s say I want to make the site readable for 20 of those languages listed.

    Is this simply a setting in Divi and then when a visitor using any of those languages happens along, Divi senses the proper language and displays it accordingly?

    Or is there more going on here?


    • Jerry, this is not about your content – you need WPML and human translators to make that happen (in an acceptable quality).

      The issue is the strings inside the theme – especially on the backend. Until now, the person using the page builder needed to at least speak basic english. Now you can delegate the page building to colleagues without any english skills.

      This is very important for us in non-english speaking countries where we build websites for clients with low to none english skills.

      • WPML is one (paid) choice for building multilingual site but there are others, Polylang for example. Polylang plugin works well with Divi and is free. And of course, neither WPML nor Polylang will translate your content automatically.

  92. Hello,
    It’s amazing! But how did yiu translate it? Human or digitally with a computer (google translate)!
    Thank you!

    • These were all human translations.

  93. This new development is really awesome. I have been following your firm with keen interest all these years. With my plans to go into web development freelance, I think elegant theme will be the perfect team mate for this adventure. You guys rock!

  94. Thank you Thank you Nick and all Elegant Themes Staff. Very good job.. Now Divi is the best theme to me. can you also take a look of translations of other themes 🙂

    • This problem has already been fixed. Please log in and re-download the theme and re-upload it and you should see Spanish translation is now properly encoded.

  95. This is a big step in the right direction. Bravo!

    However some of these changes are not so great ;(
    For example, French translations don’t fit into E-panel menus and buttons (they are too long) and I can easily imagine that it must be even worst for other languages. For the moment I just switched Site language to English…

  96. Thanks for the continued amazing improvements! Divi is by far one of the best themes/frameworks I have ever used.

  97. How hard will it be for me to swap this out in place of my Gleam Theme and have the images popup same size and same proportion. Thats the big problem with wp themes without js they can’t show an image as they should be. Horazontal rectangles and verticle rectangles.

  98. Great news and no more headache during updates.

  99. Can’t wait to start updating! 🙂 ET and Divi rule!

  100. This really is the ultimate WordPress Theme… couldn´t agree with you more. And it´s really nice being able to focus on just one theme, instead of reinventing the wheel every time as before. One theme to rule them all 🙂

  101. Hi Nick,

    I’m having major troubles with Divi theme support not understanding a request and helping with/supplying the right solution. It’s a support thread that’s been expanding for weeks now. Can you do something to help, please?

      • Thanks, Martin 🙂

        Would still be great if ET would take their customers more serious than what I am experiencing. Don’t know who their head of support is or how to contact him/her, so that’s why I wrote my comment hoping that Nick Roach would reply.

  102. Hi Nick & ET crew!

    Awesome work expanding Divi features!


    One question: with this new Divi version, is it possible to have a multi-language website? Just like when you use the WPML plugin: a version of your website in English, another version in Spanish, another in French…

    Thanks a lot!

    • I think you’re looking for WordPress Multisite.

      • Yep Alex Sol, that should do the trick! 🙂

    • that’s the big question! It would be sooo awesome if it could do that!

      – Peter

  103. Keep up the good work!

    Best regards,

  104. Sounds great Nick,

    I can not wait to try it out…

  105. ET never disappoints!

  106. Thanks for the update! Are there details/examples anywhere of what you’ve done to update the mobile menus/icons/search?

  107. Great news, but bad result… I install nstaller plugin and enter API key and log, update to divi 2.3 be right but now I can’t access to wp admin or my blog !

    Helm me guys

    • Are you using a child theme? It’s possible that there was a compatibility issue with your code. I would suggest disabled the child theme, as well as your plugins, just to make sure nothing is causing a conflict. Please open a ticket in our support forums as well so our team can assist you.

  108. What good news¡ Bye bye Poedit. I have a couple of questions:

    – Do you offer support for translations? Most multilingual themes have been translated using collaborative platforms and do not offer support

    – What translation plugin do you recommend for translating contents into other languages with Divi?

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Irena,

      I’m testing the WPML plugin right now on Divi. It’s Passing all of my tests so far.


  109. Great! Congratulations! Thank you!

  110. Thanks a lot, guys, for a wonderful product! 🙂 Keep it up!

  111. Interestingly enough, I’m working a rolling out a bi-lingual (Spanish/English) site right now using Divi as the theme. Is this language update for swapping single languages? Or, is there also an option for multi-language use on the same website?

    – Peter

    • Hi Peter. Any luck with this? I am trying to do the same. if you were able to do it. can you please share how to. I can’t seem to find a way to do it.

  112. That’s great news! Most of my clients are Dutch and I usually work with a customized version of Divi that had some basics translated. This saves me even more time!

    Thanks for another great update.

  113. Oh this is excellent news! I am working on setting up a new website for the Saiga Conservation Alliance, and have just today chosen Elegant Themes and purchased the membership this morning. I looked around extensively at many other theme options,and y’all were clearly the frontrunner, but the one hesitation I had was there was no RTL support. Their program is based in Russia and I am here in Texas, so Russian translation is key! I am so pleased that I will be able to incorporate this new feature in their site.

  114. Fantastic news,

    just one question.

    is this version fully WPML compatible?


    • I’m running 2 sites with Divi 2.2 and (basic) WPML and works as it’s supposed to.

  115. Thanks for the update Nick!

  116. Wait up… not good results in here… I was too excited with this news and went to the website to update to the latest version and voila… no Brazilian Portuguese translation in here and the one i did before is gone! 🙁
    ePanel back to English so as Divi builder.

    Will post the case in the support forum but… just be carefull and don’t do what I did without a backup.

    • It’s always advised to use a Child Theme, otherwise you will lose your edits whenever you update a theme. Sorry to hear that you lost your previous translation. Perhaps there is a server backup?

      • Good news I could fix it myself.

        The problem raises up when the theme is upgraded using the ET update plugin and not loading manually the theme.
        After i deleted the update and uploaded the latest theme manually via FTP everything worked fine.
        Now we’re back to business. 😀

      • Hey Nick, nice having your attention. 😉

        Well as a matter of fact I’m using a child theme and the website haven’t been compromised, just the few translations. Is my fault anyway I should have been more careful.

        The problem with the translations file is that it doesn’t work on a child theme (I guess is a WP thing).

        Anyway I must have a copy of those files…. somewhere… I’ll look for them.

        If you or the ET team want to test, I shared the ePanel translation to Colombian Spanish about two weeks ago on the DeepFocus thread to use at your free will and share with the spanish community. Go ahead and try it on a child theme and let us know if perhaps is something me or other users are doing wrong.

        Nice work though 😉

  117. Hi Nick!

    This is really great!

  118. Amazing!

    One thing you really should add is a simple way of editing the footer text.

    Otherwise, great theme and great work!

    • I agree!
      A simple way of editing the footer is needed (content, colours, …).

  119. Wow ! Great ! Thanks !

  120. Again nice work team… Sounds very good!… Can’t wait for the update 🙂

    When? Tomorrow?

    • It’s already available 🙂

      • Hello Nick,

        How can i add a widget zone on divi 2.5_??

        Which code should i add to functions php_?

  121. When will it be online to download?

    • It’s already available. If you have the Elegant Themes Updated Plugin installed, then you can go to the Updates tab in your WordPress Dashboard to update the theme.

  122. I have recently updated DIVI in one of my sites and DIVI has automatically changed into my default language there, which is Spanish, but now I cannot see quite a few things (options) in my Theme Options. I am not talking about not translanting those terms, I am talking about “They don’t appear!!!”.
    Would you please tell me how on earth I can turn it back into english.
    Of course, I want the rest of my Backend to remain in spanish.
    Would you please check those things before submitting an upgrade?

    • Just an update that we found the issue. It looks like this was an isolated issue with the encoding of the Spanish po file. We have re-encoded it and updated the theme. Please re-download Divi from the members area and re-upload it to fix the problem.

      • Hello Nick, 23 Feb 2016 update to last version and again same problem. Default language can not be change. Please Advise.

      • ¡Perfecto! ¡Gracias!
        Perfect! Thanks! It seems to be working OK now!

    • Sorry to hear that Juan. I just checked and you are right, there seems to be an issue with the Spanish translation for ePanel. We are looking into it now.

  123. Great update, really, but some translation issues. For example, why no more translation of the search field (“search …”), why?
    And some accent problems in french.
    But still, thanks again for Divi, thanks for regular REAL updates, it’s really huge.

    • It’s possible that if a word exists within Javascript, that it cannot be translated, but if you bring up this specific issue in the support forums we can take a closer look and possibly update the theme in the future.

      • First i must say: Great update!!

        I had it manually translated before in my child theme.
        I find “Search …” in the .mo- and .po-files so i think you have just forgot to make the right reference.

        • Yeah we found the error and will be fixing it in the next version of Divi.

      • in fact, this fied was in the old .po file and I used to translated it very easily… no js in this! this is why I asked !

        • People often ask this question in support postings
          Even in your latest Fr_fr.po file “Search” placeholder was not translated. Have to do it manually.

          • hi
            well then I don’t understand why this field (we’re talking about the search field with periods in the nav bar right? the search “…”) was perfectly translated in previous po files, why it sill exists in new po files, but why it doesn’t translate anymore.

            I have 4 sites with DIVI, one is still in maintenance mode to finishit, it’s with divi 2.2 and the field is perfectly translated with old .po.

            All other three, updated, show translations everywhere but not in the search field. This one for example: http://www.espre.fr. which was perfectly translated with divi 2.2 ! (of course any cache has been erased, just in case).
            any idea or should I switch to support to stop filling the comments 😉

  124. Excellent news!…

    Congrats for this amazing work you have done for the ET community!

  125. Merci beaucoup pour cette avancée qui va me permettre de mettre en place des sites de manière beaucoup plus efficace !

  126. Good stuff:)
    I was wondering have you also fixed the comment issue? Can we enable comments on pages built with Page Builder?


    • As a workaround you may want to check this plugin: Comment Form Shortcode
      You can simply add the shortcode [comment] in a text field in the page builder to have the comments show in your page.

      • Thanks, Rolph!

        I did manage to have comments displayed by changing some code and trying to style it within ePanel CSS, however it’s not responsive and doesn’t look/work very nicely 🙁

        I will by trying your workaround 🙂

  127. I am using Divi now and just now setting up my site. Will the updates in this message regarding language capability and other fixes be automatic or do I need to reload Divi?
    If so, how do I do that and keep all that I have done.
    It is still private and in development and my first attempt at WordPress , so all guidance is appreciated.

    • You need to update to the latest version. You can learn more about updating themes here.

      • Hi Nick. i hope this note finds you well. Can i have two languages on my site?. I can’t seem to find a way to do it.

  128. Hello Nick and Team – i´m really deeply impressed about your work. Before i startet to use yout themes – my journey took me to several programmers of themes, i had problems over problems with. Your work ist putting well coded and easy to use themes to a new level of comfort for the users and the range of variaties of the divi theme themes to be endless. Thanks from germany (sorry for my bad english)

  129. That’s nice, but all I wanted was an easy way to change the word ‘projects’ to something more SEO friendly.

  130. Awesome! Thank you guys for your hard work! I am gonna update my site tomorrow 🙂

  131. Thanks,
    gute Arbeit, great job.

  132. Very exciting news! Does this play nicely with WPML?

    • I updated Divi to 2.5 and now I have problem with WPML plugin and can not fix it…

    • I’m using WPML with Divi 2.2 on two sites and they work together perfectly.

      • Is WPML also work fine together with Divi 2.5 for you? I updated Divi and now I have problem with WPML plugin and can not fix it…

      • Hi! What about Projects Category? I don’t see the translate options. Thanks

  133. Thank you Nick & Team for this Divi update. Especially keen to see Thai included in the language support, as I’m using WordPress (and Divi of course ) in education websites here in Thailand.

  134. can i see rtl demo please with arabic

  135. Great update! Thank you from Sweden.

  136. Cool. This awesome…

    is the Portuguese, Portuguese Portugal or Portuguese Brazil?


    • I was having the same question since I use Portuguese from Portugal, and I solved it this way: go to the Divi languages folder, make a copy of the Brazilian files (pt_BR.mo and pt_BR.po) and rename those copies to pt_PT.mo and pt_PT.po
      Since when it comes to websites, the Brazilian language is very similar to the Portuguese, I am guessing that more then 90% of the things will be correctly translated. I have been looking around my website and so far I have not find one that “sounded” brasilian

      • We actually made a mistake and named the pt_BR file incorrectly, so this will be adjusted in the next update. Sorry about that!

        • Hi. I tried to fix the pt_BR to pt_PT, but when i choose Portugues language in the wordpress menu i got english in my forms. I copied the file pt_BR to pt_PT

          • Hi, Rui. I have the same problem as you. You have to duplicate the pt_BR files in the folder themes/divi/incluses/builder/lang and change them to pr_PT.

            But with every updates from divi theme you have to do it again!

            ElegantThemes we need the language files pt_PT in the next update!

    • Portuguese (Brazil) for now, but we will continue to add more translations in the future for the various languages that require multiple translations.

      • What about Icelandic? 🙂

      • I’m again offering my contribution to help you translate to Portuguese from Portugal and: (Angola, Moçambique, Cabo Verde, Guiné-Bissau, Timor-Leste, Guiné Equatorial, Macau, São Tomé e Príncipe)

        • We would welcome your help Afonos! Can you send me an email at [email protected]?

  137. Cool. This awesome…

  138. Awesome! Divi 2.3 the best theme ever..

  139. WOWWWW! Now we are talking!
    No more customers asking me to translate their admin to work with Divi! Thank you very much Nick!

  140. great work, right on… time to renew my package

  141. Hats down for Ukrainian translation. DIVI is breaking all the boundaries!

    • Another hat is down for Ukrainian translation.

  142. Wow!

  143. Merci merci merci !

    Thank you, i’ve been waiting for the translation of divi since you released it !

  144. Nick & The ET Team!

    Wow! What a milestone!
    Now you have taken Divi to an entirely new height.
    Language support is such a massive need when it comes to international websites.
    Divi once again proves to be the ultimate framework for designers and developers alike.

    Once again thank you for making such a great effort!

  145. Really?! Spanish not included..?!

    • Spanish is included. However, we still need to create translations for Spanish of Mexico/Peru/Chile. But the general Spanish translation is a great start 🙂

      • Hi Nick. I’m from Chile. What do yo need to translate? Maybe I could help you guys

        Thanks for the great job

        • Hi Nick! Thanks for your job!! Don’t forget to translate to Spanish for Argentina, or, is the same to Chile/Mexico?. Regards!

          • We still need to tackle the remaining Spanish translations. Right now the theme only comes in Spanish (Spain).

      • Ok, now you are showing iit n the list… It was not there when the post was published….

  146. That’s awesome, I was giving away the french translation on my website http://wp-infinity.com and many people where complaining about the Divi builder not being translation ready.
    So keep up the great work.

  147. Great to see continued improvements on the theme, nice work!

    • great!!!!!! Thank you for such a great job! Dankeschön 🙂

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