Question Time: The 9 Best WordPress Quiz Plugins

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Question Time: The 9 Best WordPress Quiz Plugins

After getting users to visit your website, you need to make the site “sticky” enough for visitors to stay and engage with your content. Creating quizzes can be a great way to get users hooked. However, a popular quiz takes more than just writing some questions. Site owners need a way to gather responses, score the answers given, and communicate the results.

WordPress plugins can greatly simplify the process of creating and managing quizzes by making it easy to create quizzes with multiple question types, establish a system for scoring the responses, and ultimately generating results. By using a plugin, quizzes can be created as needed with little difficulty.

This post will help identify the best quiz plugin for you by sharing several free and premium plugins, outlining key features of each, and highlighting the factors to be considered for different scenarios.

But before all that, let’s look at how quizzes can help.

Why You Should Host Quizzes on Your Site

As mentioned before, quizzes can increase visitor engagement. But quizzes can also provide site owners with valuable data about their users while giving the users insight and additional information about themselves or a particular topic. A well-written quiz with entertaining or interesting results can help to drive social media shares too.

Keeping visitors on your site longer as they complete a quiz has a positive impact on your site analytics by reducing your bounce rate and increasing time on site; metrics which Google put emphasis on. Additionally, once you have the user’s attention, you can also benefit from higher conversion rates, ultimately getting you closer to your website’s goals.

There are lots of different types of quizzes that sites can use. They include fun quizzes about personality and preferences, made very popular by sites like Buzzfeed. An example is their quiz, What City Should You Actually Live In?, which has been viewed over 20 million times.

Other quiz types include detailed assessments or psychometrics, such as the very well known Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and its 16 personality types. Quizzes can also be used to test the knowledge of a website’s visitors, like this quiz from the Pew Research Center on how much people know about science topics.

Alright, that’s enough of that. Let’s get cracking with the plugins!

1. WP Pro Quiz (Free)


With over 20 thousand active installs and a 4.6-star rating, WP Pro Quiz is one of the most popular quiz plugins available in the WordPress plugin repository. It is an extremely powerful plugin with a lot of customization options.


  • Completely free
  • Multiple question types with hints
  • HTML and multimedia allowed in questions and answers
  • Correct/incorrect response messages
  • Email notifications
  • Categorization of questions
  • Custom fields
  • Import and export data
  • Basic statistics and leaderboard available


  • Very basic default styling
  • Limited documentation

Flexible Quizzes

WP Pro Quiz is a great option for most basic quizzes. It provides several questions types including single choice, multiple choice, sorting (basic and matrix), and text entry. You can include multimedia (images and video) in both questions and answers, and use HTML. Questions can be categorized for easy organization.

Custom Quiz Scoring

Quizzes can be scored using basic correct/incorrect numbers, or points can be assigned to the answers. The assessment report at the end can be customized based on the quiz score. You can also display statistics and a leaderboard based on the results of all the people who have taken the quiz.

Powerful Configuration

A very useful option for quizzes created with this plugin is the ability to set a time limit. This is good for knowledge and assessment type quizzes. Hints can be displayed for each question to provide additional information to the quiz takers. Both questions and the respective answers can be displayed randomly reducing the risk of users memorizing the order.

2. Quiz and Survey Master (Free and Premium)

Quiz And Survey Master

Formerly known as Quiz Master Next, Quiz and Survey Master is another very good option for WordPress quizzes. With over nine thousand installs and a 4.9-star rating, it is a popular choice. The free version is fully functional and feature-rich, but additional functionality can be added through premium add-ons, starting at $15 each.


  • Full-featured free version
  • Multiple question types with hints
  • Multimedia allowed in questions
  • Correct/incorrect response messages
  • Email notifications
  • Categorization of questions
  • Social media sharing
  • Statistics and leaderboard available
  • Extensive documentation
  • Attractive and easy to use out of the box
  • API and add-on integrations available


  • Add-on pricing can get expensive

Customizable Quizzes

Quiz and Survey Master can be used to create just about any kind of quiz or survey. It provides several questions types including single choice, multiple choice, true and false, open answer, drop down, fill in the blank, number, and captcha, with more types being planned. You can include multimedia (images and video) all question types and questions can be categorized. All the text in the quiz can be customized including pre-quiz text, result pages and buttons.

Flexible Quiz Scoring

Quizzes can be scored using correct/incorrect answers, or by using a points-based system. A unique feature is that you can select to use only a random set of questions for the scoring, which makes the quiz harder for takers to manipulate.

The results page can be completely customized, with different pages displayed based on the quiz score. The results can be emailed to both the site administrator and the user using a customizable email template.

Quiz and Survey Master enables you to show users their score in a particular category of questions or an average score of all the categories. Scores can be set up to display in a leaderboard, and a certificate can be set up to be given based on successful completion of the quiz.

Powerful Configuration

The Quiz and Survey Master plugin provides an incredible array of options for free, including built-in social media sharing, time limits and tracking, limits on total entries or user tries, and scheduling when a quiz should be active. The plugin also provides a developer API so custom functionality can be built.

Supercharge with Add-ons

An impressive number of add-ons are available for Quiz and Survey Master, providing email marketing integrations (such as AWeber and MailChimp), ecommerce through Easy Digital Downloads, a user dashboard and advanced reporting.

3. SlickQuiz (Free)


SlickQuiz, despite not being updated in 11 months, is a attractive option for simple quizzes. Based on the SlickQuiz jQuery plugin, it has over five thousand active installs and a 4.7 star satisfaction rating.


  • Easy to setup and use
  • Multiple quizzes per page
  • Built-in social media sharing
  • Customizable text (buttons, scores, ranking)
  • Can loaded questions from a group


  • Limited question types
  • No customizable styling
  • Not recently updated
  • Inconsistent support

Straightforward Setup

SlickQuiz is an easy use to option for creating and managing simple quizzes. Questions can have unlimited answers, with any number of them set to be correct. Answers are either correct or incorrect so scoring requires no setup. You can create a question group and allow a quiz to pull questions from that to display.

Customizable Text

Each answer can have a correct and incorrect response message which can be customized and displayed after each question or at the end of the quiz. Additionally, the text shown on the quiz buttons and displayed with the scores and rankings at the end of the quiz can be customized.

Simple Scoring

The results will display the number of correct questions as well as a ranking based on that number (such as ‘Super Genius’ for achieving ten out of ten questions correct). User scores can be saved along with the email address of the user and viewed in the quiz administration. There is no leaderboard but quiz results can be shared with Twitter and Facebook buttons.

4. mTouch Quiz (Free)

mTouch Quiz

Designed with touch screen usage in mind, the mTouch plugin is a quick and easy way to add a quiz to a page. Despite having over five thousand installs and a 4.4-star rating, it has not been updated in about a year. However, if your needs are very simple, this plugin might suit you.


  • Completely free
  • Touch screen friendly
  • Randomly order questions and answers
  • Question hints and solution text
  • Navigation list for longer quizzes


  • Single question type
  • No customizable styling
  • Not recently updated

Simple Quiz Setup

mTouch provides only a single question type: multiple choice. You can specify hints for correct and incorrect answers and provide a detailed explanation of the correct solution. Customized start and end screens can be configured to provide information to the user.

Other useful features include specifying limits on the number of attempts made to answer a question, randomly ordering questions and answer, and setting up point values for each each question (scoring based on simple calculation with number of correct answers).

5. FSQM Pro (Premium)


This is the first premium-only plugin on our list, but at only $29 it is well worth the expense for the features it packs. FSQM Pro has been purchased over four thousand times and has a 4.37-star rating on Code Canyon at the time of writing.


  • Drag-and-drop form builder
  • Complete customizability
  • Conditional logic
  • Extensive documentation, including video tutorials


  • No free option
  • More complex quiz setup

Advanced Form Builder

FSQM Pro is designed to enable users to create forms of various kinds, including surveys and quizzes. Creating quizzes is a matter of creating a form using the intuitive drag-and-drop builder to assemble any of the over 35 form elements provided. Forms can be completely customized using included themes or through custom CSS.

Quiz Scoring

Turning your form into a quiz is done by assigning scores to the form element options. The plugin will automatically total the scores upon submission of the quiz by the user. Freeform answers in text boxes can be given scores which will only be added to the total after review and grading by the site administrator.

Secure Functionality

FSQM Pro forms can include drag-and-drop enabled file upload fields, which are secured through upload protections and unique nonces generated on upload. Each form also uses a nonce field so that direct requests by spam bots are ignored. Additionally, a simple mathematical captcha field can be added through the form builder.

Advanced Options

The FSQM Pro form builder includes conditional logic that enables form elements to be shown and hidden. Multiple criteria can be used to create complex AND and OR logic. Users can be allowed to track or view their submission through a page, whether registered or unregistered. An additional add-on called Exporter enables more detailed reporting and submission functionality, including downloadable certificates on successful completion of the quiz.

6. Watu (Free and Premium)


With three thousand active installs and a 4.7-star rating, Watu is a solid alternative in the quiz space. The free version is quick and easy to setup for simple mobile-friendly quizzes. A premium version, Watu PRO, is available starting at $47, with higher priced bundles, to provide additional functionality.


  • Touch screen and mobile friendly
  • Built-in social sharing
  • Email notifications


  • Limited features (free version)
  • The full-featured version can be dear

Basic Quiz Functionality

The free version of Watu enables you to easily create mobile-friendly, touchscreen-enabled quizzes. Questions can be single choice, multiple choice or open-ended. Answers can be assigned point values which are totalled on successful completion of the quiz. A grade is then assigned based on point levels configured in the plugin’s administration screens.

Premium Upgrades

Upgrading to Watu PRO enables much more functionality such as additional question types, pagination, randomization, question and quiz categories and printable certificates. However, the features are spread across tiered modules. Unique features available in the PRO modules include conditional retaking of a quiz (based on grade level) and question difficulty levels.

Free Add-Ons

There are also free add-ons that add functionality to the Watu PRO plugin, such as integrations with WooCommerce and MailChimp, PDF certificates and chained logic for quiz questions (next question determined by answer to question).

7. Viral Quiz Builder (Premium)

From the team behind Thrive Themes comes Viral Quiz Builder, a premium quiz plugin targeted at site owners wanting to use quizzes to drive conversions and segment their leads. Starting at $39 for a single site licence, Viral Quiz Builder is another high value option for adding quizzes to your WordPress site.


  • Easy to setup
  • Social sharing
  • Conversion optimized


  • Limited question types
  • Basic scoring
  • No documentation available pre-purchase

Simple Quizzes

The quizzes created by Viral Quiz Builder are designed to be very quick and easy for users to take, and so the options are kept limited. You are limited to basic single choice questions but you can add any additional multimedia content (images, video, audio etc.) to questions. You can create an unlimited number of quizzes with any number of questions.

Custom Results

The results display is where Viral Quiz Builder stands out. You can create an optional image badge with the results, for example, the demo quiz located on the home page produces a badge that says I have a 24% chance of surviving a zombie attack. Viral sharing is one of the goals as stated in the name of the plugin so the social sharing options are expected.

Conversion and Opt-ins

Where the results section gets interesting is in the custom content you can add. Basic suggestions are custom text, images and video, but you are not limited to those. You can add opt-in forms from any of the major email marketing tools (MailChimp, AWeber, etc.) by copying in the embed code. You can add links to product recommendations and affiliate offers.

Detailed Statistics

Viral Quiz Builder provides detailed statistics on each question answered by your users, so you will have insight into their preferences and thoughts.

8. OpinionStage (Hosted, Free and Premium)


OpinionStage is the first hosted option in our list of quiz plugins. The basic plan is free and provides a limited feature set. More functionality can be added through the paid plans that start at $19 per month. There are over ten thousand installs of the WordPress plugin used to integrate OpinionStage with WordPress websites, and the plugin currently has a 4-star rating.


  • Easy quiz creation
  • Manage quizzes from single dashboard
  • Built-in social sharing
  • Multiple quiz types
  • Quiz repository with examples


  • Subscription required for anything above basic features

Simple Setup

Signing up at OpinionStage is quick and easy, and you can be creating your first quiz within minutes. All quizzes are managed from a simple, intuitive dashboard and can be customized (size, font, colors) to match your site. The responsive design used means that quizzes will display well on all platforms and screen sizes.

Social Sharing

The quiz types that can be created include trivia and personality quizzes, which are known to be very popular and shared widely on social networks. OpinionStage uses social integration to make it easy for users to share quiz results.

Premium Upgrades

The Basic plan is free forever but comes with a very limited feature set. Upgrading to a paid plan adds functionality like advanced reporting and customization. The higher level plans go even further and remove the OpinionStage branding, while adding lead generation features like email opt-ins.

9. Riddle (Hosted, Free and Premium)


The final entry on our list of quiz plugins is a very new but attractive hosted option called Riddle. It only has approximately one hundred installs presently, but early users have given it a 5-star rating. Like other hosted options, the free WordPress plugin is required to integrated with WordPress websites. The basic free plan provides Riddle-branded quizzes with limited features. Paid plans start at $19 per month.


  • Easy quiz creation
  • Built-in image editing tools and search
  • Built-in social sharing
  • Multiple quiz types
  • Lead generation included


  • Subscription required for anything above basic features

Simple Setup

Riddle, like OpinionStage, provides an online platform for creating and managing quizzes. The quizzes can then be embedded in a WordPress site via shortcodes. Multiple quiz types can be created from included templates.

Beautiful Images

Riddle quizzes can include multimedia (images, videos, gifs). A search function is built-in enabling the quiz creator to search for the perfect images, GIFs, YouTube videos, etc. Some stock imagery is included as well. An impressive feature is Riddle’s use of a built-in image editing tool that enables filters, text overlays and cropping.

Lead Generation

Riddle provides an integrated lead generation form that enables the collection of email addresses on completion of the quiz. Additionally, social sharing is enabled so users can quickly and easily share Riddles.

Choosing a Quiz Plugin

As we shared above, quizzes are a great tool to drive engagement with your website’s audience. Choosing the right WordPress quiz plugin will depend on the types of quizzes and questions you need and what additional features you desire. Other factors to consider are the type of scoring or rating that suits your content, and whether lead generation is an important element.

If you want simple quizzes and are not interested in advanced functionality, Watu is your best bet. SlickQuiz may be sufficient for some people who don’t mind the lack of updates. If mobile optimization is key, mTouch is a simple free option that will do the job. OpinionStage may be more suitable if the look and feel of the quizzes is a consideration.

If flexibility is important with multiple question types, WP Pro Quiz and Quiz and Survey Master are great free options. If you are willing to spend a little money, FSQM is a fantastic option with a wide range of possibilities. It is also the only real option if you want to include complex conditional logic.

If you want to go beyond simply driving traffic and engagement to increasing lead generation through your quizzes, email marketing integration a critical criterion. For the money, Viral Quiz Builder is the best value as it is designed with lead generation in mind. Riddle may be worth trying out as even its free plan includes lead generation.


Creating engaging quizzes can be time-consuming, but plugins can make it easy to create and manage quizzes. Both in terms of setting up the questions and answers and automatically scoring and presenting the results, using a plugin for quizzes is an easy decision.

Anything that helps to drive traffic towards your site, engage users with your content and generate more leads for your business is a welcome addition. All sites are of course different so the needs may vary. We have tried to present a range of solutions that we hope will help all potentially every site owner evaluate their options.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the plugins we’ve highlighted. Have you used any of these quiz plugins? Is there a quiz plugin you think we should consider? Get in touch via the comments and let us know!

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  1. One more to add to your list: Gravity Forms + their quiz add-on. I’m a huge fan of gravity forms and put them on every site I build, so any solution that incorporates GF is something to consider.

    Just my two cents 🙂

  2. I’ve begun using the OpinionStage plugin. I think it works quite well, just on the free option. See my link for how it looks like and works. It also nicely integrates with my design and is very responsive. I like that.

  3. Nice article!
    I think formidablepro should be considered as well. I’ve found it extremely useful and flexible. I use FSQM Pro and it’s exporter. It is very good as well, but support is absolutely inexistent and documentation is poor!

  4. Great list of quiz plugins. Most of them are new to me. Among all of them OpinionStage is my favorite one. Thanks for the awesome share.

  5. I just used “contestfriend” some weeks ago. Quite nice for a small giveaway contest (just add your email). Nice features like integration with Mailchimp, AWeber, CampaignMonitor and GetResponse. Fully responsive, Google fonts, fully editable through css, etc. I’m quite happy with it.

    I’ll be checking the ones on the list. Thanks for sharing!

    • Yeah I agree with- integration with email marketing platforms is so important. As a user of GetResponse software I know that it’s very significant!

  6. Hey Tom! Thanks for including Quiz And Survey Master on your list. I have spent a lot of time developing the plugin and I hope people find it beneficial to their website.

    There are several cases that Quiz And Survey Master is not a good fit for and the plugins I usually recommend in that case are also listed in your list. I would also add Gravity Forms to the list as that would be ideal for some use cases as well.

  7. Hi
    I’m looking for a Worpress plug-in for a quiz where I need to provide feedback to the user for each individual question with some simple scoring capability. Do any of these have this functionality? Thanks hopefully!

    • Hey Ruth,

      I think Wp-Pro-Quiz can do that for you. I have tried it for something related, you can as well try gravity form.

      Hope you find this useful

  8. Thank you. Perfect timing and Very helpful. You guys always deliver and I appreciate it. Cheers!

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