A Look At Some Of The Best Rating & Review Plugins For WordPress

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A Look At Some Of The Best Rating & Review Plugins For WordPress

Reviews affect a lot of the decisions we make in our everyday lives. For example, when you’re thinking of going to the movies, what do you often check first? The reviews, right? Want to try a new restaurant? Buy a new book? Attend a yoga class? Chances are that you’ll look up reviews and ratings on all those things before you make your decision.

My point is that reviews and ratings can sway the masses – it’s just how things work. But with something as powerful as these reviews, the real question is this: can you benefit from displaying reviews and ratings on your own website?

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The Benefits Of Displaying Ratings and Reviews On Your WordPress Site

You may think of Facebook or Yelp or Amazon when you think of reviews. As a result, you may think that the idea of displaying reviews only works for those types of sites. That isn’t true at all. SO who can benefit? Not to put too fine a point on it…but everyone.


No matter what you blog about, chances are that you write a review or two on certain products or services of your choosing.  You may not focus solely on doing reviews and giving ratings, but you can definitely use a rating system on the reviews that you do write.

Many of the review and rating plugins that will be on our list will let you create summaries of the reviews you write and collect them around as either posts or lists or galleries automatically.

People have the tendency to simply skim pages instead of reading them, and if nothing really catches their eye, then they’ll leave. But if you can catch those viewers’ attention, then you’re one step ahead of the game. Reviews can be a great way to do just that.

You can create a sort of bite-sized version of your post that outlines the gist of what you’re reviewing. This little morsel of information can quickly grab a reader’s attention, prompt them to read the rest of your post, and buy the product you did the review on. Plus, gold stars are shiny. People like shiny.

Small Business Owners

Reviews are very important to small businesses. Great reviews on Facebook or Google Places or Yelp can generate a lot of business. So why not show them off on your own site?

Reviews play a large part in decision making, and even though small business owners can take advantage of these big name review sites to drive traffic to their website, they often forget that many visitors find their website by organic search. If you’re not displaying reviews on your website, you could be missing a key component in your sales or conversion funnel.

There are plenty of plugin options that enable your customers to reivew your business. And many of those plugins allow you to moderate things so that only the reviews that you approve will show up on your blog – unlike Google, Facebook, and Yelp that don’t allow a business owner control over what reviews can be displayed. Even if you pull reviews from those sites, you can often filter the results to show only the shiniest of gold stars.

Whether you are a brick-and-mortar storefront or an online ecommerce powerhouse, displaying reviews and ratings on your site can bring a lot of benefits.

Free Review Plugins

1. Polldaddy Polls & Ratings

Best Rating and Review Plugins

With this plugin, you can create unlimited polls and embed reviews from Polldaddy directly inside your WordPress site.

Since Polldaddy was created by the Automattic team, you can rest assured that things will work seamlessly with your WordPress powered blog. Though you do need a Polldaddy or WordPress.com account to use the plugin, the options inside of it is pretty fantastic.

Best Rating and Review Plugins

After you activate the Polldaddy Polls & Ratings plugin on your site, you will need to either sign-in or sign-up for Polldaddy to grab your API Key in order to use the plugin. Once you sign up for Polldaddy, copy your API key and go back to your WP Dashboard. Click on “Settings” in your menu, and then scroll down to “Polls” to paste your new key in the correct place and to get the plugin working.

You will now see a new menu option marked “Feedback”. If you click on that, you will find the area to create your first poll or rating. You can add a rating to a blog post and have it displayed under the post title of your blog. Both the poll and rating features can be nice if you’re looking for a rating system that is simple, but that also allows you to get feedback or opinions from your viewers. If that’s what you’re looking for, then be sure to check this out.

2. kk Star Ratings

This plugin was certainly one of the more interesting rating plugins in the WordPress Plugin Directory. Instead of you reviewing something on your blog, this plugin allows your viewers to rate your blog posts through a star rating system.

Best Rating and Review Plugins

The plugin has other nice features and that can be rather helpful for driving traffic to your site. For example, the plugin supports Google Rich Snippets. This means that the ratings of your posts will be indexed by Google and can show up in Google Search. (see example below)

Best Rating and Review Plugins

The plugin comes with the ability to change the amount of stars used, and you can use the kk Star Ratings Widget that comes with it to display your top rated post in widgetized areas on your site. While the idea of letting others rate your posts can be a little unsettling, it can work out great for you. This type of rating system can help you see what your viewers like and what they don’t so that you can figure out what to spend your time blogging about. The other benefit is that your ratings can show up in Google Search, and with a high rating, you can help drive more traffic to your site.

Yee-haw to that!

3. WP Customer Reviews

Best Rating and Review Plugins

No, you’re not reviewing your customers (though wouldn’t that be nice if you could sometimes?) This plugin lets your customers review things on your blog.

Best Rating and Review Plugins

Much like the type of reviews you would find on Amazon.com, WP Custom Reviews allows your viewers to write a star rated review about the products your have on your site, but that’s not all it does.

If you run a local business and you would like to offer your customers the ability to conveniently write a review directly on your site, you can use this plugin to do just that. And since the reviews are moderated, you can be the one who decides what appears on your site and what doesn’t. You may not want the 1-star reviews from trolls through (or you might if they’re pretty funny, like some can be).

The features are powerful and the code is lightweight, which makes it a truly amazing free plugin.

4. WP Product Review Lite

Best Rating and Review Plugins

If you’re looking for a plugin that will easily help you display a product review inside your blog posts without shortcodes, then the WP Product Review plugin is worth a look.

Best Rating and Review Plugins

The plugin gives you the option to write a summary of the review that your post expanded on. You can list Pros and Cons, grade certain features about the product or service, and easily insert an affiliate link with a product price from your post or page. All of the colors, fonts, and the buy button that is integrated into the plugin are easily customizable in order to complement your site’s colors. It’s also worth mentioning that the plugin supports Google Rich Snippets that can show up in Google Search.

Also, if you ever upgrade from the lite to the Pro version, you can import your products and reviews from Amazon, get various templates, and so on.

5. WP Review

Best Rating and Review Plugins

From the minds of the team behind, MyThemeShop, the WP Review plugin is pretty straightforward in terms of what it does and how to use it.

The plugin comes with 3 review types (stars, percentages, and points), and it has an unlimited color schemes to make the review summary pop in your post. Among other things, it boasts as being the fastest review plugins and also supports Google Rich Snippets – a feature that is becoming increasingly popular.

The area where the summary of your review will by highlighted is easily changed via the plugin’s setting area, and you can use the plugin on a post by post basis. It’s easy to set up and use, which makes it perfect for anyone who wants a powerful rating plugin without the hassle of having too many options to fiddle with.

6. Comment Rating Field Plugin

Best Rating and Review Plugins

This adds a simple but nice touch to the Comments area on your website. Using the plugin, you can add a star rating system that gives your viewers the option to leave a rating along with their comment. The way it works is simple: If the user rates your post using the star rating system, then it will show up under the text of their comment. If they decide not to rate things, then the stars won’t appear. It’s not a very robust rating system, but this is a nice way to get some feedback from your readers.

Plus, it’s a way to get them more engaged and involved involved on your site.

7. Author hReview – Lite Version

Best Rating and Review Plugins

Author hReview is yet another great and simple review plugin. It adds AggregateRating and hReview support based on Schema.org guidelines.

The plugin is rather light on features, but it does its job. If you like the feel of the plugin, but you want something a bit more robust, then you’re in luck. The author managed to extend the plugin into a premium version that give you more control, features, and even templates that you can use.

8. Book Review

Best Rating and Review Plugins

To finish off the free reviews and rating plugins list, we thought that it would be nice to end it with a niche-specific plugin. The Book Review plugin allows you to create simple but rather stunning book reviews in your WordPress site. You can customize the background and border colors to complement your site, add book information (title, author, format, etc.), a cover photo, and purchase links that will all correspond with the review at hand. If you write book reviews — or even get your own books reviewed — this plugin can make your life a lot easier.

Premium Review Plugins

9. WP Business Reviews

wp business reviews plugin

Pretty popular on Facebook or Yelp and want to strut your stuff on your website? Then this is a plugin that could be exactly what you’re looking for.

The WP Business Reviews plugin pulls your reviews from multiple review sites (Facebook, Google, and Yelp as of this writing, but many more are being developed for implementation) and displays them on your WordPress site. You get a lot of options for choosing how to display your reviews, down to controlling if you show the avatar of the reviewer, what site it came from, text, star-rating, and the color/style of the review box itself.

You insert the reviews via shortcode into any area that can render them. Text boxes, code boxes, or any widgetized area can be used to display the reviews. Additionally, you can post single reviews outside of the collections that are automatically imported, so if you have an emailed testimonial or a review submitted at a site not yet supported by the plugin, you can include it with an optional link back to the original.

Because of the aggregation from multiple places, the plugin is a pretty nice way to display reviews on your site without asking customers to write another, separate review for you to highlight.

Additionally, this is a premium plugin, but the cost is well within range of most advertising budgets (starting at $99/year for a single site). While there are free options out there (such as Google Places Reviews), the versatility here may be worth the price.

10. Taqyeem – WordPress Review Plugin

Taqyeem is from CodeCanyon’s Elite Author, TieLabs. With a high star rating, this review plugin deserved a spot on our list. After taking a closer look at how it works and what it offer, it’s no wonder why so many people love it.

Best Rating and Review Plugins

As you can see from the example post above, Taqyeem lets you insert your summarized review directly into your post. You create the review summaries in the same area your write your posts, and you can define where you would like the summary displayed.

It comes with Google Fonts built right in, and it easily allows you to change its colors so that you can get the look of the boxes to match your site. On top of that, it comes with its own widgets that can be displayed in your sidebars or footer areas, and supports Google Rich Snippets (see how important these can be?). It is a premium plugin, but for everything that you get out of it, $25 ain’t half bad.

11. Reviewer WordPress Plugin

At $27, this has all the good stuff that you would need and expect in a premium review based plugin. It has the regular review capabilities that you would want, like listing pros and cons and rating features on a single product, however, this plugin also comes with the ability to build review comparison charts to help your viewer in the decision making process.

Best Rating and Review Plugins

Although the Review WordPress Plugin lets you create your own templates for your reviews, it does come loaded with customizable templates that can help get you started. If you want to create a theme from scratch, you can add a new theme in the “Reviewer” section in the back end of your site. After you’ve defined things to your liking, you can insert the short code anywhere in your page or post via the “Insert Reviews and Tables” option in your post editor menu.

Since the plugin has multiple options, it will take some time to really get the hang of things. The author has a link on their page that lets viewers test out the plugin to get an idea of how it works. Feel free to give it a test-run before you buy it.

Final Thoughts

If you’re not already using a rating or review plugin, perhaps now is the time to consider one of the options above. The majority of these are free, and even the premium options are relatively affordable. You can even use a free one to see if you need one, and then go Pro.

Whether you’re a casual or professional blogger, a business owner, or a web designer, displaying reviews and ratings in a clean and eye catching way can lead to additional engagement, retnetion, and conversation from your audience.

Additionally, displaying reviews and ratings on your website can give you vital feedback that you would otherwise not know about. Simply put, ratings and reviews are great, and you have a lot of options out there to take your already amazing site up a notch.

What’s the biggest reason you display ratings and reviews on your WordPress site?

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  1. We’re always looking for better plugins, and especially for review plugins for WordPress.

    This is just the info for which we’ve been looking. Thanks for this informative post.

  2. That’s why i’m still waiting for Extra (ET) 🙂

    • Me too. Have a couple of projects on hold waiting for Extra!

  3. Thank you Ariel.

    I was hoping to see a review module in Divi 2.0.

    Of course we may well still see one but this post is particularly timely for me. You have helped me make up my mind about the options for a current project.

  4. Just about every book reviewer I know on WordPress uses Ultimate Book Blogger, which has many more features than the Book Review plugin. Granted, Book Review is great if you have to stick with something free, but UBB is surprisingly affordable considering all the specialty functionality it includes. I think I used Book Review for about three days before I figured out how much time I could save with UBB. Now if only your Nexus theme included half-stars…

  5. Thanks for this review of reviews… The first place I look is the Support for WP Plugins, often times great functionality isn’t what it appears to be when the support site is clogged with problems. You mentioned that all had been updated within 2 years, in my opinion that is not an adequate standard for inclusion in a 4-star review…(something like 6 months is probably iffy given the changes WP has gone through)

    WordPress Review Site Builder was last updated in April, but support is not there. compatible “according to the author” , but not according to users.

    kk Star Ratings hasn’t been updated in 15 months and dozens of unanswered support queries.

    I’d rate your review of reviews pretty highly, but I think we need to raise the bar and only reward authors with a mention if they are actively supporting their plugins, no matter how good they were in the past.

    • I couldn’t agree more with you, Todd. The support threads and reviews on the WordPress plugin page, together with the number of downloads, the date of the latest update and even the version number are the things I check before installing a new plugin. The basic functionality of the plugin is a key criterion of course, but those other aspects should also be taken into account in any article where plugins are reviewed.

      Furthermore it would have been nice and useful if the author had used a rating for the reviewed plugins. A star rating would have been nice 😉
      And a concluding paragraph with a table outlining the pros and cons of the reviewed plugins.

  6. Wow, this is an awesome compilation, thank you.

  7. Very good article, almost cover all popular WordPress plugin for review. Thanks for share

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  9. Great stuff Ariel, you’ve listed almost all the good plugins for reviews and rating. This list will make my work easier whenever I need to integrate Review and Rating feature in site I just have to go through it again and choose one of these. Apart from it if anyone asks me about it then I can forward link to these blog and do not have to describe much to them as you’ve covered much information. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Such an informative post. Glad i read it. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Anyone know of any white-labelled email review request after purchase plugin for Woocommerce? Similar to that of typical eCommerce store like Amazon. We looked at YOTPO but we need a white label solution.

    Thank you

  12. Ariel,

    While we are on the subject of “Plugins”, is there a maximum or optimal number of Plugins you should have on your website?

    How many is too may?


  13. We have been looking for a solution as well when we were working with the Fusion theme and wanted to add the hreview data to the existing and beautiful testimonials module that comes with the theme.
    In the end, we couldn’t find a plug-in that got the job done, so we added this functionality by hard-coding it into the source files (we worked with a child theme).
    Now, you can add a rating for every testimonial and it will result in some stars showing up on the front page. See for yourself if you’re interested here: http://relaunch.equilibreacupuncture.ie/

  14. Nice roundup. My advice would be to really consider whether or not your site actually needs a rating plugin. On a lot of sites it will be a complete waste of time, because rating posts in certain industries is just pointless.

    If your side could benefit from a ratings system however then those mentioned in this article could definitely be of some benefit.

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    I try using “A Page Flip Book” plugin on Divi Themes, but when i preview the pages slider, tabs not working anymore. So I must remove “A Page Flip Book” to make my page working again.

    PS: sorry for my bad english. 🙂

  16. I have been using authur h review for some time for my posts. and they always show up in google search. however, the star ratings simply doesnt show up one day when i search it. i really dont know what happen. even the developer says he does not guarantee google will show the ratings.

    hence really hope you or some guru here can tell me the logics behind displaying star ratings. Really quite upset that authur h review and many other snippets plugin that i have also tried all can’t seem to bring back my star ratings.

    If you happen to know, would appreciate your advise here! =)

  17. According to me,WeReview WordPress Review Site Builder best plugin for review site.thanks for other plugin information

  18. I use WP product review, It’s very good but the graphics suddenly dissapear

  19. Great article! Wondering if you or the community could advise me towards a plugin to meet my specific use cases:

    I have a site with products that are reviewed under different criterion. Some of these criterion would be controlled by a master admin, and I’d like other criterion to be controlled by other specific uses (approved editors).

    For example:
    “Product 1”
    Style: 8
    Value: 4
    Quality: 7
    Editor 1 score: 7
    Editor 2 score: 3
    Editor 3 score: 6

    I’d like to:
    1. Sort the products by individual criterion (ex. list items sorted by Quality score)
    2. Be able to sum some of these items for a total score (the first three)
    3. Ideally only allow editors to edit their specific criterion

    Any suggested approaches?


  20. Thanks for mentioning my Book Review plugin! I’m always thinking of ways to improve it and would love to hear from anyone with suggestions.


  21. Hi,

    Thanks a million for those very detailed reviews.

    I’m looking for a very specific review/rating plugin. By profession I tend to travel a lot and I so do a lot of my colleagues.
    I’m looking for a plugin, which let’s my readers create a review/rating of services (hotels/restaurants etc) themselves.

    Can you help?

    Thanks again.


  22. Great Post!!! I need to know the WordPress Version Of Codify theme… Can u help me out for that link…

  23. I have used WP review. It also supports rich snippets.

  24. Great compilation of WordPress review plugins, Ariel. My personal favorite is the premium version of Author hReview. It’s one of the most useful plugins I’ve ever used. Since I very often create reviews on my sites, it helps me rate the product I’m reviewing in a graphical manner and also let me show the review ratings in SERPs through rich snippets.

  25. This a great round-up! Thank you so much! This saved a lot of searching time for me.

  26. I am looking for a plugin that I can use for “Man of the match”. I would like example 12 football games
    where you can make characters/points for the players.
    One must then constantly see charts of the points / scores the players have received both in each
    match and merged in all the matches you can vote on them. Does anyone know this?
    Best regards

  27. Hi Ariel,
    is there any wp review plugin that showing Amazon price and also reflecting price changes on Amazon? Your review really help me to decide which plugin to use on my blog.

    • Hi

      i use wp product review and to grab the new and alsways up to date product price i use amazonsimpleadmin
      its free and you can make a easy template only with the shortcode to display the price

      this i put in were i want ^^
      works nice

  28. I want to show Snippets in Serps used many plugins but most of them didn’t work

  29. Hello 🙂 When i am using the “Tabs” – those show everytime a “Point” (like from List) before the Tab. How can i hide them? This is not pretty sweet 😉

    Thank you very much

  30. Worth to mention Rating Manager by Elementous. I found it very useful and much better than all these plugins listed above.

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  33. Thank you for great review post for rating review plugins. I have also used some rating plugin to my website also.

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    I have read various blogs where there was an legal action taken for using the product images during reviews.

  35. I’m looking for some widget based Review plugin for my site. Inbuilt one is bad. Any Suggestions ??

  36. When I’m googling for new plugins, I always find myself coming back to ET for a good overview. You guys really know how to write non affiliate-spammy posts about your competition’s products and I really appreciate that I can gauge which plugin is right for me after reading one of these articles. The search usually ends with discovering the right ET article.
    Already a happy Divi customer and glad every time it proves to be the right decision again.

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