9 Best WordPress Restaurant Plugins in 2024 (Compared)

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First Pick

WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering

Pricing: $129 per year
Standout Features: Seamless WooCommerce Integration, Uber Eats-like UI, Customizable Ordering Times

Visit WooCommerce Restaurant OrderingRead Overview
Second Pick

Food Menu

Pricing: $24 per year
Standout Features: Easy Menu Creation, Lightbox Product Views, Ajax Category Filtering

Visit Food MenuRead Overview
Third Pick


Pricing: $59 per year
Standout Features: Customizable Menu Styles, Advanced Menu Search, Google Maps Integration

Visit WPCafeRead Overview
Blog / WordPress / 9 Best WordPress Restaurant Plugins in 2024 (Compared)

Getting your restaurant business online can help you boost sales, grow your brand recognition, and gain loyal fans. When looking for the best WordPress restaurant plugins, you are in search of the right tools to help you get the job done. Whether you need online ordering, WooCommerce integration, menu editors, or social proof, our list of the best WordPress restaurant plugins will help you make the right decision for your food business. Set up your website for success by checking out these plugins before building your next restaurant website.

Why You May Need a Restaurant Plugin

Restaurant needs are a lot more robust than the average small business website. They take just a little bit more work, but that work is well worth it. Being able to leverage modern technology is a must if you want to stay relevant (and busy). Here are some things that your website may need to have to be at its best:

  • Online Reservations: Restaurants may want a way for customers to make reservations online, whether it’s through a third-party service or a restaurant reservation plugin on the website.
  • Mobile Ordering: With more and more customers using their smartphones to order food, restaurants should have a mobile ordering system that has a fully responsive design for mobile devices.
  • Displaying Menus: A restaurant should showcase its menu in an easy-to-read format that entices customers to come in and dine. This can be done through a custom plugin or simply by formatting the food items in a clear and concise manner. This is very important if you use QR codes in your physical location in lieu of printed menus.
  • Showcasing Locations: If a restaurant has multiple locations, it should make it easy for customers to find the nearest one. This can be done through a custom plugin that integrates with Google Maps or through a simple “Locations” page on the website.
  • High-Quality Images: Restaurants should use high-quality images of their food, locations, and staff to entice customers and give them a sense of what the dining experience will be like. The more mouth-watering the better! Just make sure those images are optimized for performance.
  • Customer Reviews: Displaying customer reviews on the website can really help restaurants build trust with potential customers and encourage them to pay you a visit.

The Best WordPress Restaurant Plugins

As we explored above, WordPress restaurant plugins can have a multitude of functionalities. We’ve made sure to gather some of the best plugins on the market that cover many different use cases. Here are our top picks for restaurant plugins on WordPress:

1. WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering

WooCommerce Food Ordering plugin Homepage Feb 2023

The WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering plugin by the excellent folks over at Barn2, is a fantastic solution for restaurants and food outlets looking to take their business operations online. It turns a typical WooCommerce store setup into a restaurant’s dream for online ordering.

Key Features for WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering:

  • Fully integrates with WooCommerce and other WooCommerce plugins
  • Designed to be as familiar as the DoorDash and Uber Eats UIs
  • Layouts for lightbox or on-page ordering
  • Set open/close times so orders don’t come in when you are closed
  • Works with WooCommerce product variations and options (“options” require an additional plugin)
  • Pulls in and works with WooCommerce delivery settings (ex. “delivery” or “collect in person”)

WooCommerce-Restaurant Ordering Plugin

WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering makes displaying your menu items and checking out very easy. By default, the plugin’s UI is amazing and very intuitive. Extra functionality can be achieved with other Barn2 plugins such as WooCommerce Product Options and WooCommerce Fast Cart. In fact, all of these Barn2 plugins

WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering is for you if you…

  • Need the ability to create online orders
  • Enjoy the flexibility of WooCommerce and other extensions

Pricing: $129 a year

Get WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering

2. Food Menu

Food Menu WordPress Restaurant Plugin

Food Menu is an effective plugin for restaurants and food industry businesses that makes it easy to create online menu boards. You can add images, descriptions, and prices—everything you need to share your menu with the world. Most of the standout features come in the premium version but you can also try out their free to see if it is a good fit beforehand.

Key Features of Food Menu:

  • Use WooCommerce product data for easy menu creation (Premium version)
  • Allows for clicking open expanded views of products in a lightbox
  • Drag and drop menu builder
  • Display ingredients and nutrition information
  • Multiple layouts powered by Ajax category filtering and pagination
  • Shortcode generator for embedding unlimited menus

This is a very simple plugin that majors on the majors. It creates very attractive menus with the functionality that is absolutely required. The Ajax filtering makes menus created with Food Menu incredibly easy to use.

Food Menu Example of Ajax Category Filter

Food Menu is for you if you…

  • Want a simple way to present your restaurant menus
  • Need a menu that can work in conjunction with WooCommerce
  • Want an easy way to add, categorize, and display menu items

Pricing: Free, Pro Version from $24 a year

Get Food Menu

3. WPCafe

WPCafe – Restaurant Menu, Online Ordering for WooCommerce, Pickup/Delivery, and Table Reservation

WPCafe is a complete restaurant solution that offers a full range of features to help manage virtually every aspect of a food business. With its combination of reservation management, menu creation, online ordering, and pickup/delivery capabilities, this plugin is a must-have for any restaurant or cafe that wants to fill up the order queue for their kitchen.

Key Features for WPCafe

  • Comes with customizable menu styles and layouts
  • Customizable mini cart module when checking out and browsing (making add to cart super easy)
  • Advanced search and filter for menus
  • Customers can visually see open tables ready for reservation
  • Google Maps integration for store location and customer address auto-complete
  • Manage discounts, keep track of payments, and turn on tipping
  • Customizable reservation forms
  • Integrates with Gutenberg blocks to help build website content.

The beauty of WPCafe is that it turns a great eCommerce solution (WooCommerce) into an industry-leading restaurant management system. Its ability to use Google Maps in the checkout process is very streamlined. We especially like that it simplifies WooCOmmerce’s standard checkout process with what they call “Mini Cart” checkout. It brings in a quick side pane, instead of loading a new page, when a customer is ready to checkout.

WPCafe MiniCart for Restaurant Management System

WPCafe is for you if you…

  • Need a total solution without a bunch of plugin combinations
  • Want a reliable plugin that “gets” restaurants and their needs

Pricing: Free version with Pro at $59 a year (Lifetime pricing available)

Get WPCafe

4. ProveSource

ProveSource Homepage Feb 2023

ProveSource is a social proof plugin for WordPress that pulls recent orders to display them as social proof to site visitors. This creates a positive signal for visitors that will help boost sales and increase your conversions. ProveSource is commonly used in traditional eCommerce stores but can be used to great effect for WooCommerce-powered restaurants.

Key Features for ProveSource:

  • Showing recent orders and the current number of site visitors
  • Customize order popups with position, timing, colors, and images
  • Supports over 22 languages with Localization and translation
  • Use a nudge style that is friendly to your brand and store design instead of obtrusive popups
  • Integrations with popular payment gateways and email marketing platforms

ProveSource is specially designed to show high-converting social proof on mobile devices. The truth is that most of your customers who are submitting mobile orders are doing so on their phones. This plugin and service help you make the most use of your mobile website and capture interest using data that your store already is generating. You can create multiple types of banners and display each based on specific rules. Additionally, you have a good amount of control over how they look.

ProveSource Banner Creation and Deployment Rules

ProveSource is for you if you…

  • Use WooCommerce to power your mobile order system (deliveries or pick-up orders)
  • Have low website conversion rates and want to increase sales

Pricing: Free plan, Paid plans starting at $24 a month

Get ProveSource

5. WooCommerce Location Picker

Location Picker at Checkout Plugin for WooCommerce

Location Picker for WooCommerce offers WooCommerce store owners a more precise location of customer locations. This is useful for delivery offered by local restaurants. With this plugin, customers can intuitively select their exact location using Google Maps during the checkout process without the need for additional contact.

Key Features for WooCommerce Location Picker:

  • Geolocation feature to accurately detect user’s location during the checkout
  • Autofill Address Details to save time and reduce input errors
  • Translation Ready for use in multiple languages
  • View on Map Button for Admin to visually track and confirm delivery locations

Location Picker Drawn Boundaries Overlay Google Map

Location Picker can be set up to automatically detect the customer’s location on the checkout page load while also allowing customers to make any necessary corrections. This feature helps to ensure that the delivery is accurate, providing a smoother and more efficient transaction for both the customer and store owner. Delivery boundaries may also be set up to ensure that you aren’t delivering orders to customers well outside your delivery range.

WooCommerce Location Picker is for you if you…

  • Offer delivery services from your website
  • Have had bad experiences being able to find the exact locations of customers who may be in public places like libraries, workplaces, and parking lots

Pricing: Free plan, Pro starting at $39.99 a year (Lifetime options available)

Get WP Store Locator

6. Five Star Restaurant Menu

Five Star Restaurant Menu Plugin

The Five Star Restaurant Menu plugin is a block editor-based WordPress plugin that allows restaurants to quickly and easily set up responsive restaurant menus. It provides everything you need to set up your restaurant menu and beautifully showcases it on your website. The “Ultimate” version also comes with its own ordering system and app.

Key Features for Five Star Restaurant Menu:

  • Advanced menu Layouts and styling
  • Sorting and filtering options for your menu
  • Display dietary icons within your menu
  • Accept orders directly from your menu page
  • Display sale/promotional pricing

Five Star Restaurant Menu Plugin Custom Fields Dashboard

Five Star Restaurant Menu lets you create and use custom fields for your menu items so you can display detailed information. Use these custom fields for info like nutrition, ingredients, and guidelines, and use them to set up templates for your menu items.

Five Star Restaurant Menu is for you if you…

  • Primarily want an easy and good-looking way of displaying menu items
  • Already use or are planning to use other Fiver Star products like Reservations and Reviews

Pricing: Free version, $67 Lifetime for Premium, and $297 a year for Ultimate

Get Five Star Restaurant Menu

7. Divi Restro Menu

Divi Resto Menu

Divi Restro Menu has one purpose—to make creating attractive online menus on Divi as easy as possible. Users of Divi’s WordPress theme or plugin will have no trouble using this plugin as they better showcase their menus digitally.

Key Features for Divi Resto Menu:

  • Has 2 customizable menu layouts
  • Creates a menu custom post type for easy menu item management
  • Ajax-powered pagination, categories, and filtering
  • Easily show ingredient list and item description
  • Display menu item images

Divi Restro Menu expertly handles your menus and menu items. The frontend experience for site visitors is especially pleasing since they can adjust the view of the menu based on filter options. Simply click a menu category and all that is visible are the items in the category.

Divi Restro Menu Filterable Categories

Divi Resto Menu is for you if you…

  • Use Divi for your restaurant website
  • Want the easiest way to display menus and menu items

Pricing: $39 a year

Get Divi Resto Menu

8. WooCommerce Food

WooCommerce Food - Restaurant Menu & Food ordering

Like WPCafe, mentioned above, WooCommerce Food is a highly recommended WordPress plugin that creates and manages an entire ordering system for your website. The plugin makes it easy for restaurants, cafes, and food service businesses to display menus but also accept online orders through its WooCommerce-powered backend.

Key Features for WooCommerce Food:

  • 10+ food and menu display styles
  • Users can choose an order method: pickup, delivery, or dine-in
  • Set and limit delivery zone with Google maps
  • Supports multiple locations with differing menus
  • Set custom opening and closing times
  • Compatible with WPML

WooCommerce Food - Restaurant Menu & Food Ordering - Order Calendar

WooCommerce food gives you a preview of all your orders and their status, date, time, and order number from one convenient calendar. Filter through orders placed on your website by “day” or look at your past and future views using the “week” or “month” views.

WooCommerce Food is for you if you…

  • Need a cheap online ordering system
  • Want a solution that is built on top of and extends WooCommerce

Pricing: $49 Lifetime (6 months of support)

Get WooCommerce Food

9.  DoorDash for WP

DoorDash WP Plugin Landing page Feb 2023

DoorDash is a major provider that connects local restaurants with customers. It offers a reliable app that allows customers to find restaurants, place orders, and track the status of food delivery. Restaurant owners in the past had to signup as a vendor through their app in order to tap into the customer base that DoorDash has created. The DoorDash plugin for WordPress lets restaurants provide the option for delivery via DoorDash and then does all the heavy lifting of moving the order into DoorDash. Just a simple delivery fee is charged to the restaurant owner (no other fees for using DoorDash!).

Key Features for DoorDash for WP:

  • Provide a convenient and reliable delivery experience to your customers
  • Eliminate in-house delivery costs and pay only per delivery
  • Get status updates and live tracking URLs for every delivery
  • Own the end-to-end customer shopping and checkout experience
  • Offer delivery from multiple store locations

DoorDash Pickup Locations for Dashers

DoorDash’s WordPress plugin can completely manage your delivery operation for your restaurant. Without needing to worry about a delivery workforce (and all the headaches that come with one), you can easily focus on making quality food and getting it out the door. It can even manage multiple locations so their Dashers (what they call delivery drivers) know where to pick up the order.

DoorDash for WP is for you if you…

  • Are looking for a way to outsource delivery
  • Already use WooCommerce on WordPress

Pricing: Free, Service fees apply per order

Get DoorDash for WP

Bonus: Restaurant Menu by MotoPress

The WordPress Restaurant Menu by MotoPress is a free and easy-to-use food menu plugin. Create and manage all of your menu offerings on the backend and showcase menus anywhere on your WordPress theme. It includes built-in functionality for pizza ordering, fast food ordering, and more. Sell food and drinks with PayPal and cash on delivery methods for free. Additional add-ons are available at a reasonable price.

Pricing: Free, Paid add-ons available

Get Restaurant Menu by MotoPress

Which WordPress Restaurant Plugin is the Best?

Overall, when it comes to total online order management, both WPCafe and WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering are the clear winners. These plugins offer everything a restaurant needs to manage online orders, from taking reservations to managing menus and delivery options. Make sure to get them today so you can start building your online ordering platform.

However, if you’re simply looking to create and display online food and drink menus, both Divi Restro Menu and Food Menu are excellent options, each with their own set of unique features and customization options. No matter which plugin you choose, incorporating one of these tools with your website is going to set you up for success.

PluginPriceFree Option
🥇WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering$129/yrVisit
🥈Food Menu$24/yr✔️Visit
5WooCommerce Location Picker$39.99✔️Visit
6Five Star Restaurant Menu$67 Lifetime✔️Visit
7Divi Restro Menu$39/yrVisit
8WooCommerce Food$49 LifetimeVisit
9DoorDash for WP/✔️Visit
10Restaurant Menu (MotoPress)/✔️Visit

The plugin recommendations don’t stop there. Check out these top WordPress plugins to meet all your website needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Before we wrap up, let’s answer some of your most common questions regarding the best WordPress restaurant plugins. Did we miss one? Leave a question below, and we will respond!

Which is the best restaurant plugin for WordPress?
WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering by Barn2 is the best restaurant plugin for WordPress. It extends your WooCommerce store to allow online ordering of your food. It uses a familiar UI for mobile devices by emulating a DoorDash or UberEats experience. It also works with product variations so customers can order food to their specifications. You will love that it can also handle carry-out and delivery options.
What is the best free WordPress restaurant plugin?
Food Menu is regarded as one of the best free WordPress restaurant plugins. It allows you to showcase your menu effectively by adding images, descriptions, and prices. With this plugin, you have all the necessary features to share your restaurant menu with the world, making it an ideal choice for showcasing your offerings on your WordPress website.
Why do you need a restaurant plugin?
A restaurant plugin is a software tool that helps restaurants manage their online presence. It can be used to create and manage a restaurant's website, menu, and online ordering system. Restaurant plugins can also be used to take reservations, manage customer data, and track sales. There are many benefits to using a restaurant plugin. For example, plugins can help restaurants:
  • Generate more sales
  • Increase online visibility
  • Improve customer service
  • Provide better local restaurant SEO
Why do you need a WordPress restaurant menu plugin?
A restaurant menu plugin does wonders for WordPress site owners by quickly displaying your menu items and their essential details on your website. Users expect to see an easy-to-use and navigate food menu when they visit your website. If they can't get that, they may get frustrated and choose to dine elsewhere. Many restaurant menu plugins also either come with an online ordering system or integrate with one you may be using, making it very easy for customers to browse and then buy.
Is WordPress good for restaurant websites?
WordPress is an excellent choice for restaurant websites due to its flexibility and user-friendly nature. It offers numerous restaurant themes, and an extensive collection of useful plugins for restaurant websites, allowing restaurant owners to customize their websites according to their needs. WordPress provides an intuitive interface and robust features, making it a popular and reliable platform for creating engaging and functional restaurant websites. For more in-depth information, refer to our article on the advantages of using WordPress.
How do I add a restaurant menu in WordPress?
You can use the Food Menu plugin to add a restaurant menu to WordPress. After installing and activating the plugin, you can add menu items by entering their name, description, and image. Publish each item after entering the details. To add more items, repeat the same process. To display the menu, go to Food Menu » ShortCode Generator and click "Add New." Customize the display options and enable online ordering if desired. Finally, use the generated shortcode to display the menu on your WordPress site.
How do I create a restaurant website with WordPress?
To create a restaurant website with WordPress, follow these steps: 1. Plan your website, determining its structure and content. 2. Choose a web hosting plan that suits your needs. 3. Select and register a domain name for your restaurant. 4. Install WordPress on your hosting server. 5. Choose a theme that aligns with your restaurant's branding. 6. Customize your WordPress theme to match your desired look and feel. 7. Write compelling copy for your website's pages. 8. Identify and install necessary plugins for added functionality. 9. Test your website thoroughly for responsiveness and functionality. 10. Publish and promote your restaurant website through various marketing channels to attract visitors and customers.
What is the most popular restaurant reservation plugin for WordPress?
While there are several popular restaurant reservation plugins for WordPress, WPCafe stands out as a top choice due to its comprehensive features and focus on meeting the specific needs of restaurants and cafes. With reservation management, menu creation, online ordering, and pickup/delivery capabilities all in one plugin, WPCafe offers a complete solution. It eliminates the need for multiple plugin combinations. It provides a reliable solution that understands the unique requirements of restaurants, making it an ideal choice for streamlining operations and maximizing kitchen efficiency.
What is the best restaurant menu plugin for WordPress?
Five Star Restaurant Menu is considered one of WordPress's best restaurant menu plugins due to its impressive features and user-friendly setup. It enables restaurants to easily create responsive menus, providing advanced layout options and styling for a visually appealing presentation. The plugin offers to sort and filtering options to enhance menu navigation for customers. Additionally, it allows the menu to display dietary icons, facilitating easy identification of specific dietary options. With the capability to accept orders directly from the menu page and display sale/promotional pricing, Five Star Restaurant Menu provides a comprehensive solution for showcasing and managing restaurant menus on WordPress websites.
What is the best WordPress restaurant plugin for taking online orders?
WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering is considered the best WordPress restaurant plugin for taking online orders. It seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, transforming a regular WooCommerce store into a powerful online ordering platform tailored for restaurants and food outlets. Its extensive features provide an ideal solution for restaurants expanding online business operations.

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