8 Best WordPress Popup Plugins in 2023 (Ranked & Compared)

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8 Best WordPress Popup Plugins in 2023 (Ranked & Compared)
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Whether you’re looking to increase newsletter signups, generate more leads, or boost subscribers, adding opt-in and popup forms to your site can help. Plus, thanks to the many WordPress popup plugins available, you have plenty of options to choose from. However, deciding which tool is the right one for you can be time-consuming.

In this post, we’ll introduce you to WordPress popup plugins and explain the benefits of using them on your website. Then we’ll provide you with a list of eight of the best options to choose from.

Let’s get started!

Why You Might Want to Use a WordPress Popup Plugin

When most people think of ‘popup plugins,’ they assume these tools can only be used to increase email newsletter sign-ups. While they are certainly helpful for that use case, it’s not the only goal you can pursue.

There is a wide range of ways you can use popup plugins, such as:

  • Newsletter sign-ups
  • Login forms
  • Subscription opt-ins
  • Exit intent content
  • Content downloads and upgrades
  • Reminders, updates, and announcements
  • Notices and privacy policies

The purpose of using popups on your website is to grab visitors’ attention. However, you might fear that adding this element to your site could annoy or turn away customers.

However, popups don’t necessarily need to be irritating. When used correctly, they can effectively and conveniently engage your visitors and help you generate more leads, subscribers, and conversions.

The key is finding the right WordPress popup plugin for your needs. There are many options available and a handful of factors to consider depending on your specific needs. For example, some tools come with drag-and-drop builders that let you quickly and easily design popups, which can be a significant time saver.

Other tools let you specify when and where the popups appear on your site. This level of customization can help you seamlessly create engaging and effective WordPress popups for your website.

The Best WordPress Popup Plugins

Now that you understand a little more about the different ways you can use popup plugins let’s take a look at some of the top options. To compile this list, we took into account a handful of important factors, including features and functionality, updates and support, and pricing. Below are eight of the best WordPress popup plugins!

1. Bloom

Bloom banner

Bloom is our email opt-in and lead generation plugin, which you can use for free if you’re an Elegant Themes member. It’s a powerful tool that lets you easily convert your website visitors into loyal customers and subscribers.

With Bloom, you can create highly-targeted content to help grow your email list and significantly increase engagement. Plus, you can choose from our library of over 100 stunning design templates:

The template library of the Bloom plugin.

The plugin also comes with six different display types. They include an automatic opt-in popup, fly-ins, below-content opt-ins, and more.

Key Features for Bloom:

  • 100+ design templates
  • Extensive design options
  • 6 display types
  • User action triggers
  • 19 email marketing integrations
  • Highly-targeted display options
  • Custom admin panel dashboard
  • 24/7 support

Bloom is for you if…

… you’re already an Elegant Themes member and are looking for a quick, powerful, and effective way to add popups on your WordPress site. Our plugin is easy to use and highly customizable, with dozens of email marketing integrations and an extensive library of pre-made templates.

Price: Free with an Elegant Themes membership, starting at $89 per year.

Get Bloom

2. OptinMonster

OptinMonster banner

OptinMonster is one of the most popular WordPress popup plugins out there. This freemium tool is designed to help you promote and increase newsletter sign-ups. The easy-to-use popup builder and template library let you create stunning popups and subscription forms for your WordPress site in a matter of minutes:

OptinMonster settings

It also includes targeting, personalization, and optimization features. In addition to A/B testing, OptinMonster also lets you gather useful statistics and insights into your conversions.

Key Features for OptinMonster:

  • Drag-and-drop popup maker
  • Pre-built popup templates
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Exit Intent Technology
  • Page-level targeting and personalization
  • A/B testing
  • Popup analytics
  • Email marketing integrations

OptinMonster is for you if…

… you’re looking to create exit-intent popups for your site. Thanks to its unique Exit Intent Technology, OptinMonster excels in this area. It also includes a basic free version that you can use to build forms, as well as a handful of plans if you’re looking for more advanced features and functionality.

Price: Free, with premium plans starting at $9 per month.

Get OptinMonster

3. Thrive Leads

The Thrive Leads plugin website.

Thrive Leads is part of the Thrive Themes Suite. The premium plugin comes with a variety of opt-in types and customization features, which let you build and personalize popups for your site with ease.

The features on offer include screen filler overlays, content locking, sticky ribbons, and more. In addition, you can use this plugin to create exit intent popups, timed displays, scroll triggers, and so on.

Key Features for Thrive Leads:

  • Form builder for various opt-in types
  • Pre-designed templates
  • A/B testing
  • Advanced targeting and analytics
  • Yes/No, multiple-choice, and two-step opt-in forms
  • Reporting and insights

Thrive Leads is for you if…

… you’re looking for a Bloom alternative. While it doesn’t offer as many features and advanced customization options, it can be a powerful and intuitive solution for creating a wide range of popups. What’s more, it can be the ideal choice if you’re already using a Thrive theme.

Price: Included with a Thrive Suite package, starting at $199 per year.

Get Thrive Leads

4. Icegram Engage

Icegram logo

Icegram Engage is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create popups, lead magnets, opt-ins, call-to-action buttons, and promotions for your website. It offers a wide range of customizable options for creating and designing these elements, as well as detailed analytics and reports. My favorite feature is its advanced targeting options that allow you to display popups to specific audiences based on their location or device.

Key Features for Icegram Engage:

  • Wide range of customizable options for creating popups, lead magnets, opt-ins, and promotions
  • Intuitive form building
  • A/B Testing
  • Mobile-responsive
  • Campaign templates

Icegram popup creator

This plugin is highly customizable and lets you edit your content verbiage and placement to tailor-make your campaigns. It also integrates seamlessly with leading email services like MailChimp, Constant Contact, or MailerLite.

Icegram Engage is for you if…

… you want a wide range of customizable options for creating popups, lead magnets, opt-ins, and promotions with detailed analytics reporting. Keep in mind you’ll need the pro version to take advantage of the full suite of tools.

Icegram Engage Pricing:
Free | Premium plans starting at $129 per year.

Get Icegram Engage

5. Popup Maker

The Popup Maker plugin

If you’re looking to create email opt-ins for your website, Popup Maker is a WordPress popup plugin worth considering. This freemium tool isn’t as intricate or complex as some of the other options on this list. However, that might be an advantage if you’re looking for a beginner-friendly option.

To create a new popup, you can use a built-in interface that is similar to the Classic WordPress Editor:

The Popup Maker plugin interface.

Beneath the editor, you can conveniently configure the popup’s settings. For example, you can create triggers, select targeting conditions, and more.

Key Features for Popup Maker:

  • Email opt-in, content upgrade, and lead generation popups (and more)
  • Form builder integrations
  • Timed-delay and click-based triggers
  • Conditional targeting
  • Popup campaign analytics (Premium)
  • Exit-intent popups (Premium)

Popup Maker is for you if…

… you’re looking for a simple, straightforward popup builder tool. It’s also an excellent choice if you want the option to upgrade if you eventually want more advanced features.

Price: Free, with premium plans starting at $87 per year.

Get Popup Maker

6. TrustPulse

The Trust Pulse website.

TrustPulse is a robust marketing platform that helps you streamline lead generation and conversion processes through your WordPress site. One of the things that makes this WordPress popup plugin so unique is its recent sales and social proof notifications.

When used on your site, these features encourage shoppers to make purchases and instill a sense of urgency. They can also build trust among your visitors by showing users that other consumers are shopping on your site in real time. TrustPulse is one of our top overall marketing plugins for WordPress.

Key Features of TrustPulse:

  • Social proof and recent sales popup notifications
  • Smart targeting
  • Flexible and customizable designs
  • Multi-platform support (WordPress, Shopify, Drupal, etc.)
  • Timed-display control
  • Real-time tracking

TrustPulse is for you if…

… you’re looking for a robust marketing and lead generation solution for your e-commerce site. While the platform is a bit more extensive and complex than some of the other WordPress popup plugins on this list, it has a lot of features to offer that make it worth the premium price. That’s especially true if you want plenty of insight into visitor activity.

Price: Plans start at $9 per month.

Get TrustPulse

7. Ninja Popups

The Ninja Popups plugin.

Next on our list, Ninja Popups is another popular premium tool. With nearly 40,000 sales and an almost 5.0-star average rating, it’s a widely-used and highly-rated option.

This plugin features an intuitive and easy-to-use visual drag-and-drop builder and a popups library:

The Ninja Popups theme library.

It’s also popup blocker proof and includes eight free “opt-in panels”. If you’re looking to create more eye-catching popups, you can choose from over 74 animation effects.

Key Features for Ninja Popups:

  • Visual drag-and-drop builder
  • Popups library
  • Over 60 beautiful popup themes
  • Highly customizable
  • Animation effects
  • A/B testing
  • Page-level targeting
  • Mailing systems support and email marketing integrations
  • Social network integrations
  • WooCommerce compatible

Ninja Popups is for you if…

… you’re looking for a premium WordPress popup plugin that only requires a one-time fee rather than an ongoing subscription. This tool offers an impressive array of features and is easy to use for users of any experience level. Plus, it’s more affordable when compared to some of the other premium options on this list.

Price: $24 for six months.

Get Ninja Popups

8. Popup Builder

The Popup Builder plugin.

Rounding out our list of the best WordPress popup plugins is Popup Builder. This flexible tool can help you create multiple elements to increase sales and conversions:

The Popup Builder plugin interface.

For instance, you can use it to build HTML, subscription, and image popups. In addition to being easy to use, it also offers a premium version with more advanced options, such as video, login, and exit intent popups.

Key Features for Popup Builder:

  • Unlimited popups
  • Drag-and-drop builder
  • Time-based segmentation
  • Advanced Targeting
  • Analytics
  • Promotion modal popups
  • Display locations
  • Triggers

Popup Builder is for you if…

… you want an easy-to-use, freemium plugin that offers unique popup types. However, keep in mind that if you want to create video or exit intent popups, you’ll need to upgrade to the premium tier.

Price: Free, with premium plans starting at $49.95 per year.

Get Popup Builder

Which WordPress Popup Plugin Is The Best?

Adding popups to your website is a powerful way to help increase your newsletter subscribers. However, they can be used for far more than that. From exit intent to sign-up and lead generation forms, there are a variety of purposes popups can serve. The key is finding the right WordPress popup plugin to help you achieve your goals with ease. Here’s our breakdown of the plugins listed above.

PluginPriceFree Option
🥇Bloom$89 per yearVisit
🥈OptinMonster$9 per month✔️Visit
🥉Thrive Leads$199 per yearVisit
4Icegram Engage$129 per year✔️Visit
5Popup Maker$87 per year✔️Visit
6TrustPulse$9 per month✔️Visit
7Ninja Popups$24 for six months Visit
8Popup Builder$49.95 per year✔️Visit

As we’ve seen, there are plenty of top-quality WordPress popup plugins you can choose from, depending on the specific functionality and features you’re looking for. As a general opt-in tool, Bloom has a lot to offer, especially for Divi users. For a freemium tool, OptinMonster is a great option for any WordPress user.

Be sure to take a look at your websites and test the water before committing to a plugin!

Do you have any questions about these WordPress popup plugins? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Disclosure: If you purchase something after clicking links in the post, we may receive a commission. This helps us keep the free content and great resources flowing. Thank you for the support!

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