Divi 3.0 Has Arrived! Introducing The Visual Page Builder So Ridiculously Fast & Easy-To-Use You’ll Think It’s Magic

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Divi 3.0 Has Arrived! Introducing The Visual Page Builder So Ridiculously Fast & Easy-To-Use You’ll Think It’s Magic
Blog / Theme Releases / Divi 3.0 Has Arrived! Introducing The Visual Page Builder So Ridiculously Fast & Easy-To-Use You’ll Think It’s Magic
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Six months ago our team decided to go all in on a single idea, to lay our cards on the table and commit to something bigger and better than we had ever built before. We committed to building Divi 3.0. This project wasn’t about incremental improvements, it was about reinventing Divi, reinventing ourselves, learning a completely new language and creating a modern React application that would change the game for our customers and ensure Divi’s relevancy for years to come. We set out to build what could become, and continue to be, the best visual page builder in the world.

Over the past 100 days we have been holding those cards close to our chest as we guided you through the Divi 100 Marathon, slowly counting down the days to this moment. You may have started to wonder how good it could really be. You may have been skeptical about whether or not you would enjoy a true front-end editing experience. You may have started to wonder if it would be worth the wait.

Well the wait is over, Divi 3.0 is here and let me tell you…it’s awesome! The speed is incredible, the interface is beautiful and the experience is pure magic. The new visual builder takes everything you love about Divi and makes it infinitely better through a new visual interface that allows you to build pages on the front end of your website. Add content, customize the design, type directly on the page and watch everything happen instantly right before your eyes. It makes me smile every time I use it, and I can’t wait for you to try it too.

Try The Divi 3.0 Demo For Free Right now!

Build Everything Visually

Divi 3.0 introduces a completely new visual interface that will forever change the way you build websites. This front end editor allows you to make changes to your website…on your actual website! Click into a paragraph and start typing. Highlight some text and adjust the fonts and styles. Drag an element and watch it move. Add new items from any of Divi’s 40+ content modules, adjust module settings, save and load items from the library and see everything happen instantly. No page refreshes, little to no ajax loading bars and absolutely no need to “preview” your changes because everything is happening in real time on your page.


Divi’s new visual builder allows you to create and edit your pages on the front-end of your website. When you load the builder, you see your page exactly as you would if you were browsing your website normally. With the builder activated, however, everything on the page becomes editable! You can click into any element and adjust its content, size, spacing, color, positioning and more. You can add, duplicate and delete content, drag content from one area to another and load items from your library instantly. All of the Divi modules and settings that you are familiar with are still there, enhanced and simplified through the new visual interface.

Things that are tedious and frustrating in block-based backend builders, such as locating content in a grid of sections and rows, previewing changes and understanding how certain settings work are now things of the past. Building with the visual interface is infinitely more intuitive, and after you use it for the first time you are seriously going to wonder how you ever lived without it! Even for current Divi users, this update is a complete game changer.

Observe Changes Instantly

When you make a change in the new visual builder, your page is updated instantly. Text on the page feels tangible as you slide the font size controls and watch your words expand and contract with each gesture. The page feels alive as you explore the color picker and watch each glowing transformation. It’s fun and easy and just a bit magical. Unlike other front-end editors you may have used, Divi’s new visual builder is incredibly fast which makes the design process all the more fun.


Add New Content On The Fly

Adding content to your page couldn’t be easier. If you want to add something new, simply hover over the desired area and click the “+” button and you will be greeted by a list of Divi’s 40+ content elements. No need to awkwardly drag items from a central dock because Divi’s content tooltip is always there when you need it. Plus it’s searchable, which makes it easy to find your desired content element or saved library item. Did I mention it’s super fast? When you add new content elements, they are just there.


Divi has a content module for every occasion and each can be completely customized to obtain your desired result. Simply add, mix and match content and watch your new page come to life. No coding; no plethora of disjointed plugins; just click and build. No matter what kind of website you are creating, Divi has the tools you need to make your vision a reality.

Drag, Drop, Duplicate & Delete

Of course no website builder would be complete without drag and drop, and Divi 3.0 is no exception. Dragging and dropping elements in Divi’s visual builder is particularly intuitive because you are working with your actual content instead of with ambiguous blocks and grids. When editing long pages, Divi’s new “zoom out” feature gives you an overhead view of your design and allows you to drag large pieces of content long distances without having to scroll. You can also forgo dragging and dropping completely and opt for Divi’s copy and paste functionality instead.


Draggable Widths & Heights

One of the things we strived for in Divi 3.0 was to allow for meaningful interactions that take full advantage of the builder’s visual nature. Draggable widths and heights are perfect examples of this. It’s something that didn’t make sense in the backend builder, but something that’s completely natural and totally awesome in the visual builder. When you place your cursor over any of the four sides of a row or section, you can drag to increase or decrease the padding thereby increasing or decreasing the element’s width and height. You can see the changes take place instantly as your move your mouse!


Working with white space can be challenging, and it can be downright frustrating in a backend builder. It’s one of those things that you need to see and feel to understand, and working with only numbers and blocks simply isn’t the best way to make such important design decisions. The first time you launch the visual builder and drag open the height of a section, you are going to feel your mouth open to a smile along with it! It’s just so. damn. cool.

Easy Responsive Editing

The new visual builder comes with responsive design toggles that you can use to view your page on Smartphone, Tablet and Desktop breakpoints. You can toggle these different views while you edit your page and the visual builder stays fully functional in all three modes. What’s more, Divi allows you to specify different settings values for each different breakpoint, and the Divi Builder will automatically switch between each breakpoint while you edit them! It’s never been this easy to build a beautifully responsive website.


Instant Undo, Redo & Revision Restore

The new visual builder has a very comprehensive undo and redo system, complete with a fully restorable history log. It’s one of my favorite features of Divi 3.0, not only because it’s incredibly useful, but because it’s perhaps the most shining example of the new builder’s speed and power. You are never in danger of making a mistake because nothing is ever lost. You can undo your most recent actions, or open up the history log and travel back and forth through time and watch your page transform instantly. It’s even a great way to compare design changes and decide which variation you like best. Just flip through your history like a living sketchbook and expand on your favorite ideas!


The “Invisible Interface” That Won’t Get In Your Way

The new Divi Builder gives you all of the power with none of the clutter. We wanted to build a modern design experience that embodies our team’s most central of values: elegance. It’s in our name, it’s in our products, but never have we built something quite this pure and wonderful.


When you first open the builder, you might not even know it’s there. Your screen is not hijacked by floating sidebars or fixed headers. Your content is not affixed to countless buttons or obstructed by annoying grids and overlays. What you see is your website, but that’s not the full story. When you click into a paragraph, you can start typing. When you highlight a block of text, you can apply custom fonts and styles. When you drag something, it moves. Upon hovering over any of Divi’s basic elements, their settings can be opened and adjusted. Everything you need to add content, edit content and create an awesome website is right there at your fingertips, but it never gets in your way. This is the most enjoyable website building experience I have ever used, and I know that you are going to fall in love with its beauty, its subtlety and its power.

Customize Your Interface

This is the first WordPress page builder to have a customizable interface that doesn’t pigeonhole you into certain polarizing UI conventions. You can choose to have your module controls appear inside of a popup, or you can opt to have them appear in a sidebar. You can adjust the popup’s size and position, or use the buttons for expand and contract. If you drag the popup over to either side of the page, it will automatically snap into the sidebar position and adjust your content accordingly! You can change the width of the sidebar to accommodate the size of your screen or drag it over to the alternate side of the page to satisfy your personal preference.


A Beautiful New Inline Editing Experience

One of the builder’s most exciting new features is the ability to add, edit and format text right on the page without ever needing to open up a module’s settings panel. It saves a ton of time and it’s infinitely more enjoyable.


When editing text content in Divi’s new visual builder, there is no need to open a settings panel to add or edit text. If you want to add some content to your page, just click and start typing! You can compose entire posts using a single column and a text module and the experience is fast and wonderful. Composing on your page is so much better than working inside a cluttered backend interface. There are no distractions and there is no mystery as to how your content will render once it has been saved.

We have created our own custom inline editing interface for Divi 3.0, and it’s really a joy to use. It’s simple and effective, stripped of superfluous tools and consolidated into a single tooltip that is easy to navigate.

Custom Fonts And Styles

Styling text with the inline editor is easy. You can apply standard styles to any selection, such as bold, italic and underline. You can add H1-H5 headers, create links, build lists and adjust text alignment just like you can in the normal WordPress text editor. In addition, you can apply custom fonts, colors and text sizes. Through this combination of stylization options you can easily take your typography to the next level.


A Modern Builder For A New Era

The new visual builder interface in Divi 3.0 has been re-built from the ground up using React, a modern javascript library for user interfaces. While it is still based on the modular Divi Builder framework that we have been working on for the past 3 years, the new interface is completely independent. This has allowed us to approach the builder in an entirely new and modern way, and this should give the Divi community confidence in the theme’s longevity and our team’s dedication to Divi’s continued evolution.


Last year Matt Mullenweg, the co-founder of WordPress and the CEO of WordPress.com, talked about the future of WordPress and the importance of JavaScript. Later that year the team at WordPress.com released Calypso, a modern WordPress interface built using React and Flux. This allowed them to jump past years of legacy and create a new and modern WordPress interface. We decided to follow their lead and do the same thing with Divi. The visual builder in Divi 3.0 is a completely new application built from the ground up using React and Flux, and this new technology has allowed us to do some really amazing things. We are invested in the future of the web, we are dedicated to the future of Divi, and Divi 3.0 is our way of proving to ourselves and our community that the builder will continue to evolve and change for the better. Today we get to show you the future of Divi. It’s a huge leap forward and we are just getting started.

Unbelievably Fast

The new Divi Builder is fast. Really fast. In fact it’s probably one of the fastest website builders you have ever used. When you add or change content, the page updates instantly. There is little to no traditional “loading” because the building takes place in your browser, not on your server. Say goodbye to page refreshes and ajax loading bars and enjoy instant feedback to every adjustment you make. If you have been deterred from front-end editing in the past by slow and clunky visual builders, then Divi 3.0 is here to change your perspective once and for all. This is the future of WYSIWYG.

No Strings Attached

Current Divi users need not be concerned about clicking the upgrade button. Even though we have completely re-designed the builder, the end result on your page will remain unchanged. All modules and settings will work exactly as they have in the past and you can even bounce back and forth between the backend and front end builders at your leisure. Divi 3.0 offers full backwards compatibility.

Available For Extra Too! Divi Builder Plugin Coming Soon

Divi isn’t the only one of our products that takes advantage of the Divi Builder framework. If you are currently using our Extra theme, or if you are using our Divi Builder plugin to enable the Divi Builder on third party themes, then you will be excited to know that the new visual builder is coming your way very soon. In fact, it’s available for Extra today!

Extra & Divi Builder Users Rejoice!

Even though today we celebrate the release of Divi 3.0, users of our Divi theme aren’t the only ones who should be excited. The Divi Builder framework powers not only Divi, but also our Extra theme and the Divi Builder Plugin. Both of these products will be updated to include the latest version of the Divi Builder framework and users of these products will be able to take full advantage of the new visual builder. You won’t have to wait long either. Extra 2.0 is already ready and has been released today along with the new visual builder. Version 2.0 of the Divi Builder plugin, including the visual builder, will be available very soon. We are talking about days away, not months 🙂 We are adding an artificial delay to the release of the new Divi Builder plugin to allow for additional testing with various third party themes. Unlike the Divi and Extra themes, where the Divi Builder lives in a controlled environment, the Divi Builder Plugin needs a little extra attention. Don’t worry, when it’s ready it’s going to work like a charm!

It’s also worth mentioning that the visual builder is backwards compatible and completely interchangeable with the current backend builder. Pages built using new and previous versions of Divi, Extra and the Divi Builder Plugin will all work perfectly when switching between each product, so there is no need to worry about upgrading to Divi 3.0 today!

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  1. Love DIVI 💙

    • @Palm Agency – Wait until you see Divi 5.0 👀

  2. Hi there
    After looking through all the questions and asnwers that are appearing here, with regard to the bugs in Devi 3
    Has any updates been actioned with regard to any of these as im sure people will read th ecomments about a theme before they commit to actually buying it.

    Many thanks

  3. When will the builder plugin ship?

  4. I have Divi 3.0 and using the visual builder and I cannot save. I hit the page saver blue button and a red circle with a cross comes up and the save does not get processed. I don’t know how to code so I can’t use the back end. Please help because my site looks a disaster and I have spent hours trying to problem solve!

    • Hi Tina, sorry you’re having this issues! We would be happy to help you out. Please use our support forum to create a new ticket. This will ensure that one of our support team members can follow up with you personally.



    I have spent 3 days trying to get my Divi site to look good on my computer and cell phone. Despite all the marketing on how wonderful Divi is to use and how simple it is, I have yet to experience that phenomenon.

    I am STILL trying to get the Divi full page slider text on my phone to be 18 font and on my computer 70. Yes I have gone in to the advance section and set the pc and ipad to 70 and set the mobile to 18. I did this on every slide (I have four) and even for the advanced settings for the entire module. Despite this, the text is still 70 on three of my four slides on my mobile and when I go back into the slider module and the individual slides, some of the mobile numbers have been set back to 70, despite me saving and updating my site after my changes. Frustratingly, one of the slides did seem to take and did change the size.

    I picked Divi because it looked and sounded like it was easy to build and make pages. But since I have spent almost 12 hours trying to simply get this correct, it is going to take me 6 months to finish my site if it is this problematic to simply change the text. I have looked at your videos, read the blogs, and searched online, but I have found no answer to this problem. PLEASE HELP! This is taking WAY too long.

    At this point if you know someone who will build a site for me with DIVI 3.0 and then hand it over, that may be my best option because I am at the point of giving up. Overall your theme seems easy but every step of the process has been very tedious and frustrating.

    I am using Divi 3.0

  6. excellent results with divi 3.0. I am enjoying working with this site to advertise piso de madeira

  7. Divi 3.0 is revolutionary. And I say this after working with plenty of Visual Builders in WordPress. A lot of visual builders pack too many features but the UI is confusing. Not the case with Divi 3.0. So Simple to use and the responsive mode switcher is a plus.

  8. I’ve always been hesitant to try page-builders like Divi, but I must say it removes a lot of the boundaries that many designers have with the technical side of web dev, and for me personally is great for quick projects. I never thought I would be into it, but it’s great.

    However – there are some lacking features, like finer blog/post display options, and I think the mobile compatibility/design could be a bit better. But, with such an active team behind it, I imagine this won’t take long to be addressed.

  9. Hi! I have a lifetime license but when I try to update the divi theme I get this error message: “Update Failed: The theme is at the latest version.” and it just keeps trying to update but never finishes.

  10. I love divi.
    One input. It can be incredible, creating multilayer (maybe 3 layers) parallaxes by superposing images in structure and objets.

  11. This rocks! But I would like to see some improvement in the flexibility of the Second Menu Bar.

  12. I want to get there

      “Divi has a content module for every occasion and each can be customized to obtain your desired result. Simply add, mix and match content and watch your new page come to life. No coding; no plethora of disjointed plugins; just click and build No matter what kind of website you are creating, Divi has the tool you need to make your vision a reality.

    I can not find what you can teach me? I was the first to buy the first use of VIDEO teaching?

  13. Hi
    I try to upgrade my account with 20% discount but i have a problem.
    After selection of payment method i read this message:
    “Upgrading Your Account – No products available for purchase.”


    • I had the same problem. I tried to upgrade to the lifetime licence but got the same error. I guess I will wait until the Black Friday sale, my yearly subscription doesn’t end until after that anyway.

  14. I was really excited for the new 3.0 release and So far I love it, however, the visual builder has way too many bugs. I’ll spend hours working on the visual builder, setting it up perfectly and then when I click save and exit the visual builder, the website looks completely different and way off then what it looks like on the visual builder. I’ll go in to make a minor change in text, and it throws the text styles off, colors, etc.

    I end up doing double the work trying to go in and fix one thing and then end up having to fix another thing. Im sure perfecting the builder takes time but I hope it does end up being complete and working soon.

    • I have the same issues, guess its that way with most major core updates. We just have to wait for all the bugs to be worked out and hopefully get a smooth and troublefree work environment. It was perhaps a bit too soon to launch, I dont know. But anyway it needs to be testet and I guess its us (the users) that will contribute with this.

      I REALLY the visual builder and the possibilities , but its a bit hard to work with at the moment and I have to do some of the work backend, but I’m confident that the Visual builder will be one of the best arguments for working with DIVI.

      I´m not happy with all the animation going on when working, blinking, resizing, popping up and down. I hope there will be a way to turn alt this unnecessary “bling” off (or a bit down), for more effecient and calm working environment.

  15. Jeez i’m sorry guys but this interactive builder just sucks..

  16. Thank you! I am now truly a happy customer!

    I am confident that you will fix the bugs that are irritating some folks. I suppose performing additional clicks would be a bugaboo for me if I were an expert programmer. Since I’m not, I SAVE clicks by seeing what I’m doing on the spot (without having to click “the eye” to preview everything). Divi 3.0 Visual Builder makes me feel like an expert programmer.

    Looking forward to more exciting Divi innovations.

  17. Good job

  18. Your saving logic for the Visual Builder needs to be improved. For example, I can click straight to a text module, change the tag from a paragraph to an H2, click the “…” button at the bottom, and then hit the “Master Save” button, but that WILL NOT SAVE the change. Instead, I have to hover *near* the text module, click the gear to open its settings, make the change, click save on the module settings, and the click “…” and then hit the “Master Save” button again.

    Honestly, the whole Divi infrastructure forces users to go through many more clicks than they ought to. That very short process I outlined requires FOUR CLICKS, when it could easily be half that number. Please spend the time to consider the UX more on this, it’s very frustrating.

  19. Greetings from Spain.
    I am starting to use WordPress and I think is better to start directly with the best of the best. Divi 3.0 is definitely awsome!
    In a few days (probably next monday) I will buy the “developer” membership. I hope still get the 20% discount offer.

  20. I would love to know when a bug will get fixed … apparently, once you use the new Visual Editor, don’t try to use the Divi Builder … it is messed up. I have posted a ticket but still no answer. I have a client site to get done inside of 8 days, and this is a big issue for me. I either move to a different theme where I can build my site, or I get some answers. I feel like buying the lifetime dev subscription was a bad decision.

    • I got no help. Visual Builder does not work the way the videos show, and I have too many issues. This really is a bummer. I was so excited to jump all in with a lifetime membership, and of course, my anticipation of Divi 3.0 was huge. But I spent hours today and still don’t have a usable home page. Images in sections won’t center. I can’t move margins and padding in predictable ways. It totally sucks. What really sucks is that some people appear to be head over heels with the product. I want to be, but just can’t afford to wait for how many updates before some of this is fixed. So I just got a refund on my lifetime membership. Of course now, my clients that have Divi, will have to pay for yearly subscriptions, or I will need to be willing to migrate them to another theme. Thanks Nick & Team …

      • Hi Matt,

        I was just looking through comments here and your issue popped up. Bummer. It all works pretty well for me! As lots of other people seem to be experiencing no problems, perhaps the issue is with something in your setup?

        Last time anything went seriously wrong with Divi I exported all of my settings and pages using the portability features (took about 10 minutes) and re-applied them to a new development site. It was a little frustrating but worked perfectly in the end. Total time about 1 hour’s work.

        Good luck!

  21. Looks grate! I downloaded the demo and i might upgrade my site soon with this theme – Thank you!

  22. What a great release….waiting just end ?
    Thank you team for your awesome update.

  23. I’m looking forward to trying the new builder!

  24. This is truly awesome.

    I have always liked the Divi system and use it on all of my business websites.

    This takes it to the next level
    My wife finds has found it awkward to add content even with the previous version of divi.
    Now she gets it.

    Thank you so much

  25. It’s truly impressive

  26. Very amazing theme! good job DIVI 3.0!!

  27. Congratulations on this very forward-looking and empowering release! Providing developers an ability to use a front-end builder can certainly expedite design iteration, not to mention facilitate collaboration with certain clients. I look forward to the ways in which these and other features will be used and expanded. Great work!

    On a bit of a bug report note, I wanted to draw attention to two minor bugs (perhaps unrelated to this release) that I found in Divi and Extra:

    1) In Divi, the vertical navigation option now has an issue in which the menu items shift down whenever one starts scrolling, and shift back up when being at the top of the page. Refer to any of the sample sites you’ve created, like this one: https://www.elegantthemes.com/preview/Divi/home-basic/.

    2) In Extra, the Timeline page template (https://elegantthemes.com/preview/Extra/timeline/) navigates to the proper links, but always covers up the top post of the selected month so one needs to scroll up a little to see it.

    Thanks for taking note of these, and hopefully these will require only minor fixes. Best wishes to everyone!

  28. There are many comments on this page referring to the problem of exiting out of the visual builder to the wp-admin page, but so far no answers.
    Could we have some response from ET please?

    • I’ve checked with our support team and this is not a current issue. It’s possible some people commented here before learning how to exit the visual builder at all, thinking they were locked in.

      • I’ve been playing around with this today and I absolutely love everything about it, except I, too, can’t find an “Exit Visual Builder” button. Where is it supposed to be?

        I’ve checked Chrome, FF, and Safari (all Mac), inspected a few areas, and searched the code for “exit” all to no avail. I also tried deactivating my child theme and activating Divi proper, but I still can’t find it.

        • If you are in the visual builder, the exact same button you used to enable in on the front end of your website (in the black wp admin bar at the top of the page) should now say “exit visual builder”.

          • Thanks for this (sorry for taking so long to reply). Some of us have that admin toolbar hidden, so for anybody out there who’s still confused: In your Users > Your Profile settings, check the box that says “Show Toolbar when viewing site”

      • Thanks for the reply, but could you either explain how to exit the builder or give a link to documentation on how to?

        • Click the “Exist Visual Builder” button, or just leave the page any other way you choose. Click any link, type in a new URL, or close the browser window.

          • I’ve been looking around in the Visual Editor trying to locate the “Exit Visual Builder” button to return back to the backend Divi Builder or the WP post editor and I don’t see iy. I just wind up having to hit the back button in the browser after hitting Save Draft or Publish. It works, but it feels like I’m going to possibly lose changes.

  29. Hi, I’ve a single question, can we use divi in offline mode?? with no internet? did anyone tested this method? thanks

    • It is strange that we can not get an answer to this question. This is probably the secret information .

  30. I purchased this theme a few months ago and I thought it was very easy to use and performs well. But, after working with the Avada theme I found that there’s of customization that Divi doesn’t have.

    The #1 thing that really bothers me and I think many would agree is the fact that you can’t edit the footer copyright content. What is the point of buying this theme to build sites for clients if we can’t even change the copyright footer? I have read many comments asking for that feature to be added and I was really excited about Divi 3.0, but after realizing that we are still not able to edit the footer without coding it really was a deal breaker and a huge disappointment.

    #2 Why is there a limited amount of social media icons to add to the social media bar at the very top and bottom at the footer? This is really ridiculous as well. It seems like Elegant Themes is controlling what they want us to use? This is another fail that I don’t understand.

    Avada in the other hand has a ton of customization. You can pretty much do anything you want with Avada right out of the box. So, as I was very excited to use Divi for future projects. I will now have to switch back to Avada and wait for Avada 5.0. It’s just that much customizable…

  31. Seem on my machine using win 10 and chrome, very smooth after i upgrade to divi 3.06. But there are a minor suggestion: save function can be always displayed so i can use single click to confirm.
    some other crazy suggestion, display a relationship of different objects in transparent style – to assist user moving objects more accurately.

  32. Looks great! Love the Divi 100 count down resources. Had a question….
    Is it possible to download those resources all at once in a pack? 🙂

    Would be super great!

  33. Hi everyone, I heard that the problem of and endless loading for the visual builder is jQuery ! there are some post on the web, but still not found exactly where I can inject my antidote, and I see that I’m not the only one in this situation, is there anyone to deliver us !

  34. I’ve tested divi 3, on some computer pc and mac, it work perfectly, but in other it don’t work, so now, my problem is that it don’t work and my workstation in my office, can the moderator of this site help hu and explain this, thanks guys

  35. Will you be bringing the “back end” editor back with the developer release? The front end editor is nice when you already have a page 100% done but for starting out from scratch it’s a PITA.

    Would love to have the option when clicking on “Use Divi Builder” to use the visual or original builder.

  36. Thank you for the update.
    I have lifetime membership so I should be able to upgrade to Divi 3
    in all my websites.
    How should I do that?

  37. Is a revolution this version !!!

  38. Thank you for the journey through the 100 days of Divi. I think it was an awesome idea and I’ve been with you the whole time and look forward to putting it into use.

  39. Do Divi/Extra/builder plugin supports table column content sorting and tamil language translation? Will be great if it is included too. Thanks.

  40. The visual builder don’t work on pc, the page show the the loaded icone and nothing happens after, I’ve tried on different pc but still not working, but in my mac pro it works without problems, where is the solution? I see that many users are in the same situation, can anyone help us?? thanks in advance

    • You have found a solution ?

      • No solution until now, I still search .

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  43. how do I save the page, I edit it then save in the bottom right then exit the visual editor it says you will lose work and it does. Yet I clicked save!

  44. Looks nice! Curious, is there developer documention and or an example add-on plugin for adding our own custom blocks?

  45. I would love to try it! I can’t seem to get the demo to load, but I am thinking this could be great! 🙂

  46. It would be great if there was a way to edit the default styles for every module within the interface using something like a style guide page. That way, every time you use that module it would default to the settings that you specified in the style guide. You could then easily spin off full themes by just editing the default styles for the modules and go right into building. For example if I wanted the headings in my call to action modules to always be a certain size and font, I could visually set those defaults. Is that possible?

    • Happily, this option already exists. You can use the Divi Module Customizer to set default settings so that when you add a new module it will already be styled to your liking.

    • With that said, this looks friggin’ excellent. I’ve been thinking of switching to SquareSpace for some of our sites, but this has changed my mind.

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  48. it is going the right way! but it is a little slow on the new front end editor. and i couldnt get the Clear Layout to clear. i had to go back and start again.

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  55. Nick and everyone at ET, I just want to say I’ve been using the new Divi Builder for a couple of days and I’m loving it. So much so that I purchased the lifetime access upgrade. This is my first experience at building my website without using a fixed theme and I’m enjoying every minute of it – thanks to Divi! Considering I’m technologically impaired when it comes to HTML and CSS, I’m quite proud of myself. Thank you!

    PS please keep publishing tips and tricks to style modules with CSS code and the likes, the way you did during the Divi marathon. I have no idea how CSS works but just copying and pasting from your posts made my website look pretty awesome – if I do say so myself!

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  59. I tried to run the visual page builder on local host MAMP but couldn’t have the visual page builder load up when I am offline. How can I get the visual page builder load up on local host without internet?

    I looooooove the 3.0 !!!!

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    Let’s see…

  76. Really enjoying the new Divi 3. Seems to work seamlessly with ‘traditional’ Divi.

    Are there any plans to release the visual builder in the Divi Builder plugin? (If so, when 🙂 ?)

    • Yes that is coming just as soon as we’ve had time to do more extensive testing. Since the plugin is used with such a wide variety of themes we need a little extra time to make sure it works the way it’s supposed to with other themes.

      • How long we have to wait till we can use it with other themes? I’m working with the Extra Theme right now.

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  79. Looking forward to seeing what Divi 3.0 is all about but I have not been able to update to 3.0 in my dashboard. Left a few tickets with you guys, please help, as a lifetime member it would be nice to start using it…

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    It worked but it was really time consuming to build everything from the backend and I just didn’t like the experience. This I’m waaay more interested in – awesome job! 🙂

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    • All Elegant Themes members get Divi 3.0. You just need to update to the latest version 🙂

  98. I already loved 100 days of Divi and checked the blog almost everyday. Of course during launch week, I was super busy with other things, but finally I had the time to check out Divi 3.0.

    I love it! Thank you so much for all your hard work!

    Loyally yours 😉

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  100. It will work on the local server without a network connection ?

    • Yes, I am using it on Desktop Server presently.

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    Congratulations Divi 3.0. I’m crazy to get my license and start using it !!!

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  104. Fantastic!

    Loved the giveway.

    Wish all ET the best!

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  106. There should be an option in “Divi Options” to disable the visual builder if doing so would make the theme work better for those not wanting to use it. I realize you dont have to use it but it is still included in the wp header and an option on each page to “enable visual builder”

    I feel like my sites have loaded slower and had some issues since upgrading to 3.0. Its a great feature but for past built sites I do not plan to use it.

    • The visual builder doesn’t affect any other part of the theme, nor does it affect the backend builder. You can turn it off the Divi Role editor though (but it wont affect performance).

  107. I am so excited to play around with Divi now that all of the changes have been released! The 100 days blogs were great!

  108. The Divi 3.0 is Awesome! I am already using it in my client’s website and I am so amaze! I really want one license to this for my own website 🙂

  109. Such a great tool with so many features.

  110. Looking forward to learning all the features.

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  112. I had SUCH high hopes for this update! Unfortunately, I’ve found that the visual builder is so buggy, my average page-building time has been about 3x’s longer since attempting to use it. The inconsistencies between what the visual editor shows and what is actually happening make this a very frustrating tool to use. Almost as frustrating as reading the slew of praising compliments on this update from people that hadn’t even tried it yet!

    Divi itself continues to be, in my opinion, the best theme/framework available, as I regularly search for Divi alternatives. The only major problem I’ve ever really come across is this update, which is a bummer because besides the visual editor, there’s really nothing new to Divi for 3.0 (for someone like myself that won’t be using the visual editor).

    I was hoping this would be a viable option for my clients to be able to update text on their sites, but I definitely cannot put this in the hands of customers. I fear I’ll be working twice as much to fix what they — with the help of the visual editor — screw up.

    Oh well. Looking forward to the next non-visual-editor update!

    • If you run into any issues, please open a ticket in the support forum so we can take a look.

    • Unfortunately, you are 100% correct.

      I do think, though, that the goal of a true front-end visual builder should remain and Divi 3.0 could and should still strive to attain greatness in this. If not, Divi will be overtaken by other front-end editors/themes that are already very good and getting better all the time.

      The one thing I am a little disappointed in, is the near silence about these issues from Nick and the team at ET.

  113. Love working with Divi. It has come a long way and I liked it at the beginning.

  114. Sadly visual builder not working on my system. Seems to just be the back end version. Brand new WordPress.org site with content imported from my WordPress.com site. Anyone know what I could be doing wrong? Answer from Divi people didn’t make sense to me.

    • Hi Fiona, I’m in the same situation, visual builder don’t work on my win10, i’ve tried many different ways, others systems and still not work, I tested in may macpro and it work, I don’t understand why, and I still searching to find solution, perhaps it’s about to make updates on flash and java for our web browsers !

  115. Simply Awesome

  116. Nick and the team at ET. I really like where you are going with Divi 3.0, but the hundreds of problems being reported means I don’t think it is ready yet for mainstream adoption.

    It seems that many third party plugins simply won’t work with the Visual builder. One I’ve found is SmartSlider 3. This works great with the backend builder and even shows as an available module for easy insertion into a page. But it doesn’t work in the Visual Builder. I understand there are many similar issues with other popular plugins.

    In addition, I don’t really understand some of your UI choices. It would be FAR easier if the outline of rows and columns were shown on the page all of the time, perhaps a dotted or dashed outline, rather than when only hovering over a row.

    On this point, when you do hover over a row, a number of settings panels can open up all at that same time. One for the row and all of those for the columns and/or modules in a row. This makes the interface very messy and unintuitive to use in my opinion.

    I can think of three other front-end visual builders that really have this stuff nailed and was really hoping you would emulate their way of handling it.

    And I remain hopeful that you will enable dragging of column widths. Dragging of column padding is a nice feature, but being able to drag the actual width of the column would be WAY more useful.

    There are some great features in Divi 3.0; the inline text editor particularly, but isn’t the point of the Visual Builder to speed up web page development as a whole, not just make it quicker to type complex formatted text?

    I want to stay with Divi for three reasons: 1. ET seems like a great company to deal with, particularly your Lifetime membership plan, 2. there is a growing eco system around Divi and 3. sites built with Divi can look very good, so I’m really hoping you fix most of the issues very quickly.

    I would love to hear from Nick or someone at ET regarding the many issues raised and what you think you can do to fix them.

    • Most of the things you’ve mentioned seem more like personal preferences than issues.

      Would you mind sharing which are the “three other front-end visual builders that really have this stuff nailed”?

      • Patty, yes perhaps they are personal preferences, but the more established front-end visual builders (I haven’t named them out of respect for Elegant Themes who I’m sure don’t want me promoting rival products on here) all do the things I mentioned in my previous post.

        Setting the width of a column to any desired width is surely more useful than dragging the side padding of a column?

        And surely it would be easier to see what you are doing with a light outline of the columns on the screen at all times?

        This is how other visual editors work; I assume they made this UI choice for a reason.

        And of course there are dozens of bugs (take a look in the Divi group in Support), many of which aren’t critical for me, but a few are.

        I will continue with Divi for the reasons I mentioned above, but the only killer part of the Visual Builder for me (at present) is the inline text editor. The color picker is good too.

  117. Not tried DIVI 3 just yet… but I know how totally RAD Divi has been, my clients love it, I love it, and Im sooooo EXCITED about the new interFACE! 😉 bring It On! xxx

    • P.S…. I just got a brand new computer too! So the TWO go hand in hand! 😉 xxx

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    Is Divi 3.0 leaner in this respect than the previous version?

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  141. very exciting, looking forward to trying it out soon!

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    Good luck to everyone.

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    Cmon, guys, help a newbie and a new designer out! Let’s see how Divi 3.0 really works for newbies! (Noooooo louder cheerleader than I will be when I succeed w/ it!)

    Held out for a year awaiting this Divi 3.0 moment. I’ve built baby sites before. Cannot wait to start on THIS! (please)

    Ready to go, so let me know!

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    U make this so easy for beginners like me and with a lot of tutorials!
    Im hoping to get an account for my own! a big fan now! Thank you so much!

  166. I just updated and it seems it ruined the connection to Mailchimp as none of my divi optin form-modules are working anymore. What to do? The url of the button is the same as the page with an # at the end, fex: http://tonjesolberg.com/grundermailen/#

    I did a test page with no changes to the module and it didn’t work either.

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    does Divi come pre-loaded with a jewelry store theme
    If not do you have one to add?

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    I work on it right now to get used to the new workflow!

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  175. I fail to understand that why would the developers keep editing header and footer outside the purview of the visual editor in divi 3.0, I am slightly disappointed. May be that is just because I am a novice and I find editing/customizing codes challenging for the drop down menu, hover background in the drop down menu, and mega menu. A tutorial might be helpful.

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  178. OK, I work with the new Divi 3.0 for a new website of mine: it’s incredibly cool! It takes a while to go around all the possibilities, and there are some minor bugs while editing, but it’s just great!

    Finish the back and forth from the front-end to the back-end.

    I really enjoy it.

    Nobody will see that as I am the number 1460 something to comment, but whatever: thanks for putting something that great together!

    I purchased Divi a couple of years back, it was the best investment I made in years.

    Paolo E

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  213. Facebook Thumbnail Fixer stops the builder from working.
    Having gone through my plugins I found the plugin that was stopping the builder from working was Facebook Thumb Fixer by Micheal Ott

    I find this plugin super useful, do you have a suggestion of a similar plugin that works with the new Divi?

  214. Facebook Thumbnail Fixer stops the builder from working.
    Having gone through my plugins I found the plugin that was stopping the builder from working was Facebook Thumb Fixer by Micheal Ott

    I find this plugin super useful, do you have a suggestion of a similar plugin that works with the new Divi?

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    You know what I mean?

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  232. Divi 3.0 and The All New Visual Builder Has Arrived!

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  272. Cannot add a hyperlink to a page by clicking on the text and then clicking the ‘link’ symbol in the visual editor. The only way is to quit the visual mode and go back to the old section editing method.

    Shame because most of it seems to work beautifully.

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    So impressed with you all at ET – this is going to be talked about for a very, very long time =)
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    3.0 is amazing!!! I waited so eager to see the release and guess what everyone: it worth every single day from this 100.

    My new moto: Amazing we’ll see, only if we use Divi 3 !

    Congratulations guys and keep it in this way !

  284. The most powerful and useful website builder around!
    Easy to use, very fast, versatile, amazing UI and more.
    3.0 is amazing!!! I waited so eager to see the release and guess what everyone: it worth every single day from this 100.

    My new moto: Amazing we’ll see, only if we use Divi 3 !

    Congratulations guys and keep it in this way !

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    There are some suggestions for you guys:

    1. It is hard to find save button when be in the front end mode.
    2. The styling wrong when i paste text copy from web or word.
    3. The text toolbar always blocks my editing text. > <
    4. It's wonderful if I also can change the logo, header and footer style in front end mode.
    5. Is it possible to provide the Google Font of noto sans for Chinese users?

    Thank for you guys! You really did great job!

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    As expected, there are some limitations. You can’t edit the Footer, for example, which is understandable since Divi Builder never directly had to do with the Footer to begin with, but I think once people get comfortable with WYSIWYG editing, they will start asking for things like visual header and footer editing.

    Oh, and blog page editing/styling. (Another thing it doesn’t do, and again, I understand why).

    I think your next challenge is figuring out how to automatically add new CSS via WYSIWYG editing. For example, if I were to right-click on a footer piece of text. Come up with a way to pop up styling info, then whatever changes we enter, automatically save those to either style.css or into the Theme Options CSS. = No more back and forth with little custom CSS.

    Great job regardless guys!!!

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  323. Thanks so much, I’d love to win one of these and try it out!

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  335. I´ve tried the last two versions and I was satisfied. Only had a couple of problems in builder

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  355. I use DIVE for my german clients. Very successfully.

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    Just one question, will you be adding font weight to the visual builder? maybe i missed it but it would be great to have!
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  361. I have used this template absolutly Nothing like DIVI, everybody have to try it. Awesome products from Elegant Themes.


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    • I am looking for answer too.

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  365. Nothing like DIVI, everybody have to try it.

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    Divi 3.0 (and now Extra 2!) with the Visual Builder is a game changer for us web designers/developers, and I mean a ‘game changer’. I am seriously rethinking our business model now as the Visual Builder will allow us to interact better with our clients when it comes to getting content right. It will likely save us many hours of work and we’ll be able to drop prices a little – a win/win for everyone. We even have another idea based entirely on Divi 3 … but that’s our little secret.

    Well done on a stunning launch.

    Dave, Webspresso

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    !Enamorada de Divi! !Seguí los 100 días del Blog y fue una experiencia maravillosa! !Muchas Gracias!

  401. I used Divi 2.x on a couple sites for my customers and was very satisfied with all the possibilities it gives for building diverse web sites.
    I am sure v. 3 will be just awesome!


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    You guys are theme designer maniacs! And I mean that in a good way. 😀

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  412. So, Guess we will all be going nuts over Divi 3 for a little while .. then we will move on, to start thinking about ” Divi 4 ”


  413. Why would the comment box be at the bottom… anyway, I hope I win!

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    I can’t wait!!

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  431. Looking forward to this update! I have a feeling clients are going to be excited for the ease of updating!

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    Regardless, the Demo idea = GENIUS!!!

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  437. Is 3.0 only for people with lifetime memberships? Thanks

    • Everyone with a membership can have Divi 3.0 as All memberships have the themes included.

  438. Divi 3.0 is simply amazing and a game changer! Divi was already the best WordPress theme and now… Wow!

  439. I love this theme. It’s extremely versatile, and looks gorgeous.

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    Game changer indeed!!

  441. I’m waiting for the inevitable 3.01 release next week before installing 3.0, but I can’t wait to dig in!

  442. Divi 3.0 is definitely a game-changer – loving the new interface… MUCH easier to work with! You guys really DO rock!

  443. Those 100 days went fast!

  444. I have had an opportunity to try Divi 2.7 through a Udemy course and I’m sold! As soon as I can afford it I am buying a lifetime membership.

  445. I have to admit it… I’ve been putting off doing any upgrades or changes to my site in anticipation of this release… this is too cool.

  446. A bitterly disappointing end to 100 days of marketing for me.

    Absolutely filled with bugs, plugin conflicts and downright horrible design of the front end editor. Intentions – 100%. Execution – 12.5%.

    Based on all the comments I’m reading above it appears it’s perfect for people that otherwise couldn’t build a website to save their life. Making dumb people dumber…

    For anyone doing real work for real clients – nothing, zip, nada.

    I cringe when I think of how much work that took away from what Divi could have been by now (work that was PAID FOR by memberships).

    Still can’t edit the footer but you can guestimate margins and padding, change the purdy text and other kool stuff visually now.

    Perfect for “Whaat I Hed Fer Brekfasst dis Merningg” type personal blogs I guess…

    • Just for reference, they released DIVI 3.0.1 today and added a footer copyright editor in the Customizer, along with several bug fixes.

      I think your criticism is a little harsh, and your comments about what TYPES of people must be enjoying it is completely uncalled for and classless. How do you know what various users know or don’t know? So it works for them and they like it, that makes them dumber? Why are you USING a theme like DIVI then?

      They will obviously be going through bugs and fixing them. They have already fixed several. Maybe they didn’t spend the time on what mattered to YOU, but that doesn’t mean the time was wasted.

      Me, I know how to code. I have the ability to fully code out sites without visual builders, etc. But I think the DIVI 3 visual editor is awesome. Buggy, yes. I have many complaints of my own. But I can see that once they get some issues worked out, it is very slick and VERY fast.

      But ultimately, my main point is that your comments are a little unfair, and your assumptions about the people who are happy aren’t just unfair, but rude and unfounded. Maybe just chill a bit and give the ET team a chance to work through everything? It certainly won’t hurt you to continue working with DIVI however you did before in the meantime, right?

      • display:none;

      • OMG – you can edit the footer FINALLY.

        About time Nick caved and made that happen.

        As for the rest of your comment – you are free to disagree with me. I’m also free to say I disagree with you 100% (which I do).

        • use display:none; bro

        • And just for reference, they have released two bug fix updates since the initial release. So they are obviously addressing issues that come up. I would say that given a couple of weeks, the builder will be even better to work with. So if you’re having problems, maybe share a few or create a ticket with them so they can be addressed, if they haven’t already? That would certainly be more helpful than getting upset and insulting users who have done nothing to you, right? I sincerely hope that it becomes the builder you hoped it would be.


          • I am with Brent on this one. I am just guessing, Ron, but it might not hurt you to improve your people skills. Nonetheless, an interesting exchange. Happy Coding.


        • Well, in the case of your rude comments, it has nothing to do with just disagreeing. You are wrong. You don’t know the people who use DIVI and are excited about the new builder. What use is it to insult them and claim they can’t build a website to save their life, the dumb get dumber, etc.? That’s just absurd.

          So yes, you may disagree. But your assumptions are completely wrong. You don’t have to like the new update. Criticism in that area is fair as it is highly subjective. But the comments about the users aren’t fair, and they are wrong. You couldn’t possibly have any idea what skills and knowledge and mindsets the users have.

          For the record, the update isn’t “filled” with bugs and plugin conflicts. It is buggy in some areas, yes. And virtually every WordPress plugin is incompatible with SOME plugins. But I’ve implemented the new builder on multiple sites (both my own and a couple of client sites) and it works fine for the most part. It hasn’t broken anything. So your experience isn’t the same as others (and there may be some that your experience is similar to as well). Why not share a few of the bugs and incompatibilities you are experiencing so the devs can explore them? I think the devs would appreciate that.


          • Well, my opinion is that you’re wrong.

            Which one of us is right?

            • ..and my humble opinion is only a doosh would continue to use something they arn’t happy with.
              Which one of us is right? You seem to be the only one in these blogs with an attitude – Go and use Drupal and move along.

            • Your “opinion” of other users has no basis in fact. So you are indeed wrong. While I would also suggest that your views of DIVI are not fair, I can accept those as being strictly opinion based on whatever expectations you may have had (though you haven’t actually said WHAT you were expecting and why you are so disappointed).

              But your opinion of other users has zero foundation. You ARE wrong(I happen to know multiple users who are happy with DIVI 3 who are very capable of building great sites, whether their life depended on it or not). No debate or difference of opinion needed. It is a fact that you are wrong.

              If it makes you feel better to make things up and throw insults around like you’re a 12 year old, go ahead. I won’t comment again on this as it is quite frankly a waste of time.


              • You’re basing the fact that you’re “right” because you “know multiple users who are happy with DIVI 3”? O_o

                In your OPINION I’m wrong. In my opinion I’m RIGHT.

                Who are you to tell me differently?

    • Ron, I agree with some of what you’re saying. It does seem a little ‘style over substance’ – it looks very impressive superficially, but dig down a bit and there are issues, both in terms of bugs but also actual UI.

      However, I would suggest caution at jumping to conclusions. I routinely use the Formidable Pro form plugin and was worried when I saw reports of a plugin conflict. However, it is working for me on my test local installation.

      Some of the work in Divi 3.0 is genuinely good and a big timesaver, such as the inline text editor and color the picker. These are things you will use multiple times on every site. If ET can fix the row settings panel obscuring the uppermost left-aligned text, this will be, beyond any doubt, the fastest way to produce formatted text in WordPress.

      I suppose the question is: do we trust Nick and ET to take on board the issues and fix them? I am confident that we will see Divi 3.0 improved and fixed quite rapidly and become the leading front-end editor for WP in time.

  447. LOVE it! The only theme I use for years, and this release is fantastic, cant wait to use.

  448. Congrats to the amazing LAUNCH of Divi 3.0!
    I can’t wait to experiment around!
    Go Divi GO!

  449. I, luckily, have gotten to work with Divi through my job and have enjoyed seeing you guys grow into the beauty that is before us with 3.0. Here’s to getting my personal membership and using it for my own, outdated, site.

  450. After seeing reports about a conflict with Formidable Pro, I thought I’d test it with Divi 3.01.

    I’m happy to report that it DOES work, so I’m not sure what issues others were having with it. The ‘Form preview’ function, which opens your newly-created form in a ‘Post’ of it’s own, is blank, but this is not a function I use anyway as it doesn’t show the form sitting in it’s correctly styled environment.

  451. Very excited for these changes – Divi has already done wonders for my site, can’t wait to see how much better it will look with these new features.

  452. Amazing! It would be an honor to be selected:)

  453. Thanks for all the hard work guys! I look forward to the future!

  454. This upgrade looks awesome! Finding Divi Builder has been great for my business and this upgrade will make the websites we build even better.
    I am looking forward to digging in!

  455. Can’t wait to get back to work after holiday to try this. A slightly mad thing to think but then that’s the life a geek freek treads.

  456. Count me in.

  457. Nicely done. Love the front end builder, would like to also make pictures bigger or smaller and to adjust margins with the front end. Thanks also for updating Extra, nevertheless, some configurations are missing in the back-end. I.e. it is not posible anymore to disable the starring and comments for the meta’s.

  458. You guys have really set a new standard for themes and especially the WYSIWYG area. This looks amazing and I look forward to using it for my sites and clients. So much easier now.

  459. Cool. Can’t wait to check it out.

  460. My body is ready to win

  461. I have been watching the Divi 3.0 100-day updates. I work with Divi 2, and I am SO EXCITED by all the great stuff we will get with Divi 3.0! Very good stuff, very useful and for me, Divi is THE theme to use for creating fabulous WordPress websites.

  462. What a great job you did! thanks! it’s look Superb! I’m going to start my own re agency and Divi 3.0 look could be so perfect for my projects!
    Ciao from Italy!

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  491. A couple days ago, I tried to do update to Divi 3.0 from WordPress admin update on a GoDaddy-hosted site but it failed. Today, I was able to update to 3.0.1 with a dev mirror of the same site hosted at SiteGround. A brief glance about does not reveal anything broken. The direct front end editing is killer – much faster than MotoPress to load. My non-tech clients will be delighted with Divi 3.0 front end editing. I see that Divi Builder is still available to use if one prefers the color blocks approach. I will ponder this as I sip coffee.

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    Blake Pounds

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  524. I can wait to try it 🙂 This is going to change the way I work completely 😀

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    I will be one of the luckiest if I get the awesome Divi 3.0 as a Giveaway!

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  537. I tried Divi 3.0 yesterday and so far it’s looking incredible. I still need to figure out how to edit the text with the inline editor, as the simple toolbar never pops open even when I’m in the visual builder, which is funny. Other than that I’m really excited to navigate all its possibilities!

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    Was there a learning curve? Sure – I’d never used a comprehensive and powerful visual builder tool before. Was it easy to learn? Incredibly so! I really had no problems, and had a new site up and running in minutes.

    One thing that doesn’t get mentioned enough is that Elegant Themes publishes all kinds of tips on using Divi. From free layout packs to custom CSS and custom settings, they make it easy to make your site design your own.

    Thanks Divi!

  541. So far, I like 3.0. I was hoping I could update the title and Permalink in the visual editor, but everything else is well well done. The new kits save me so much time and the need for other plugins (especially Landing pages) so I’m geeked to primarily use Divi for most projects. Great job ET! You’ve just killed most of my other theme foundry subscriptions.

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    I’m learning how to use Divi and this update is going to take some time to get used to. I have checked out visual builder and I was impressed. Still prefere to build on admin side and ise visual builder to adjust / giving it final touch.

    Hope you going to make header more moldable next.

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    Well done. I can’t wait to do more with Divi 3. This is going to make updating my websites so much faster and better.

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    To the Divi development team, WELL DONE! Your countless hours of hard work and your commitment to excellence is very evident in Divi 3.0. Keep those genius juices flowing.

  562. I’m new to web development but a coworker showed me a lot of the basics of divi. Your builder is really easy to use and now with 3.0 (which I’m excited to try) things just got a lot better. I loved your 100 days buildup to Divi 3.0 and I used a few of your wireframes to make my website better with ideas I didn’t know you could do.

    Thanks guys!

  563. Already a lifer, but good luck to everyone else! 🙂

  564. Bit disappointed to see ET removing any posts that are not overwhelmingly positive or just “wow” “amazing” “incredible”. This is a business, selling a paid-for product, isn’t it? I haven’t stumbled into some weird cult worship thing?

    ET; you pride yourself on the community you have created here and it is certainly lively and knowledgeable. Surely you can accept that there are quite a number of issues with Divi 3.0 without resorting to removing posts?

    • We never legitimate comments. You have 4 comments on this post.

      • My apologies Nick; I’m not sure what is going on. I searched for my previous post before I made the above post and could not find it! Every time I log into this blog, it is reporting a different number of posts (not just incrementally going up!), so I assume there is some database glitch somewhere.

        I am looking forward to seeing the major bugs ironed out ASAP so that I can focus all of my attention on Divi in future.

        • Just FYI, they did already release the first bug fix update for DIVI today. And as a bonus they added the ability to edit the footer credits FINALLY. So they are already working on it!

  565. Fantastic work!

  566. Great product, I love it and I use Divi from the first version and I’m your client before the Divi was born…
    I have two suggestion, please do editable footer credits through the Divi control panel and please try to do more fluid (when the smooth option is on) when scrolling content on the pages or posts, especially with the parallax effect is on. I see that some other themes from other WP theme seller are almost perfect fluid and smooth.
    Thank you.
    Keep working and don’t stop on the way to the perfection. I wish you luck with your work…

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    Keep going on like that for the future,
    from France,

  606. What I like best about Divi 3.0 is the way it opens up site development to people who use simple web tools (like my colleagues who loved Apple’s old Web builder). Makes WP sites now accessible to them.

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  616. Probably the best update of Divi so far. It’s far to be perfect, but is really advanced compared to the majority of other themes.
    I personally feel that the footer and header options are quite poor, but i’m confident that the ET Team would pump it up soon… i hope 🙂

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  621. Divi is great! It can save precious hours of work and let you concentrate on the contents besides the code. It’s not so hard to customize via CSS and with some graphic design work, no visitor would say you used a ‘standard’ WordPress theme.
    Version 3 is even better, now you can live edit a webpage, saving even more time and getting a look on the final page. It still has some little bugs, but it’s going to improve very quickly. Thank you very much, Elegant Themes!

  622. Can’t wait to dig into the new Divi over the weekend when I can sit down and spend a chunk of time with it. Thanks

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  641. I’m excited to really get into the visual builder as I’m still making my way around the rest of the builder programming. I think the only thing I’ve noticed so far that has really bothered me is the changing of margins and padding. I generally find this frustrating but it’s at times difficult to see what I’m changing when I deal with the visual builder. And it’s absolutely no help when one is dealing with elements sitting on top of each other.
    Otherwise, I love Divi and I’m looking forward to using it for many years to come.

  642. Excellent theme, the best I’ve seen so far.

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  647. If Divi 3.0 is 10% more complete than its previews version, I’ll be happier than ever! Go for it dudes! 😀

  648. Definitely one of the best and biggest update to Divi. The real time editor and changing padding on the go is going to save a lot of time.

  649. Divi has changed the way I build websites. THANK YOU.

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  653. Thank you for continually improving an already great product.

  654. Tengo muchas expectativas sobre el Divi 3.0. Estoy emocionado por lo alcances que puede tener. Actualizando Divi en mi sitio web… 3, 2, 1.

  655. I’ve been waiting to build my web site using the new Divi 3.0! Now I can get started. Happy dance!!

  656. Wow. Divi 3.0 changes everything for me. I am so pleased with it.

    As someone who never quite got to grips with the padding etc. I found it quite tedious having to make changes backend while never quite knowing how the changes would look on my sites.

    Awesome work Nick and the team. Thank you so much!!

  657. I’m a beginner with Elegant themes – but I like it!!!
    It’s easy to work with Divi. Thank you for your work – and go on…

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  659. The Divi frontend builder is amazing! I love the addition of the footer editor in the Theme Customizer.

  660. I’ve been a customer since the early days and I locked a very low membership fee. It’s like getting Divi for free, thanks a lot guys!