How to Add the Divi Builder to Custom Post Types and Third Party Plugins – Divi Nation Short

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How to Add the Divi Builder to Custom Post Types and Third Party Plugins – Divi Nation Short

Welcome to Day 4 of our Divi 100 Marathon. Keep tuning in for 100 days in a row of awesome Divi resources as we count down to the amazing release of Divi 3.0 on the final day of the series!

In today’s episode of Divi Nation we decided to tackle another big community request: adding the Divi Builder to Custom Post Types. This is by far one of the most asked for Divi tutorials and we’re excited to share with you a new way of using Divi to do more.

How to Add the Divi Builder to Custom Post Types and Third Party Plugins – Divi Nation Short

In the video above I’m going to show you how to add the Divi Builder to Custom Post Types and Third Party Plugins (that are using custom post types).

It’s important to note however, that this method will not work with every single custom post type out there. Or with every third party plugin using custom post types.

This is because we’ve made the Divi Builder to only work out of the box in environments where we know it will perform flawlessly.

Outside of those constraints, things begin to get more complex. And we can’t possibly account for every kind of custom post type variation in a single snippet.

So if you plan on following along with the video above, I want to stress a few points:

1. Back everything up.

2. Use a child theme.

3. Test this method on a staging or dev site. Not your live site.

4. If this method of adding the Divi Builder to your specific custom post type does not work as you see in this video—that likely indicates that your specific case will require custom development. Something we won’t be able to provide in the comments.

Ok, with all of our important notices and caveats behind us, let’s add the Divi Builder to some custom post types!

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Summary: Adding the PHP Snippet to Your Child Theme’s Functions.php File


The first thing you need to do is copy the php code snippet below into your child theme’s functions.php file.

function my_et_builder_post_types( $post_types ) {
	$post_types[] = 'YOUR_CPT_HERE';
	$post_types[] = 'ANOTHER_CPT_HERE';
	return $post_types;
add_filter( 'et_builder_post_types', 'my_et_builder_post_types' );

Next, find the name of the post type you’d like to add the Divi Builder to and replace the placeholder text “YOUR_CPT_HERE” and “ANOTHER_CPT_HERE” as you can see in the image above.

If you don’t know what the name of your post type is, then simply create a new post with it and look at the url. It will tell you what the name of that post type is. As you can see in the image below.


Bonus: Adding CSS For CPT UI Post Types

If, as I show you in the video, you have created a new custom post type using the Custom Post Type UI plugin you will need the CSS below to paste into your custom CSS panel under Divi > Theme Options > Custom CSS. This will allow your new custom post type builder content to display properly.

/*Replace “POST_TYPE” with the slug for your new CPT created with CPTUI.

.et_pb_pagebuilder_layout.single-POST_TYPE #page-container .et_pb_row { 
width: 100%; 
.et_pb_pagebuilder_layout.single-POST_TYPE #page-container .et_pb_with_background .et_pb_row { 
width: 80%; 

What Should We Cover Next?

That’s all for this episode of Divi Nation, but there’s a lot more Divi content on the way in our Divi 100 series. If you have a request for a specific Divi tip or tutorial leave it for us in the comments section below!


Divi 100 Day 4

The Countdown To Divi 3.0

This post is part of our Divi 100 marathon. Follow along as we post free Divi resources for 100 days in a row! This 100-day countdown will end with the game-changing release of Divi 3.0, including our brand new visual editor built from the ground up using React. Divi 3.0 will change the way you build websites with the Divi Builder forever!
Let the countdown begin.

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  1. Really neat to extend the DIVI Builder like this, Nathan!

    • I heard a few ppl tell me the Divi Builder plugin is breaking a few sites.

      I’d like to use it but i don’t want any problems

      • Nathan B. Weller

        I’d use it on a test site first just as a standard best practice. The plugin should definitely not be “breaking” anyone’s site. There may be plugin conflicts though that need to be resolved. If you notice anything like that when you try it out please report it to our support staff.

  2. Sweet. I always wanted to do this.

  3. Is it possible to load a layout when creating a new post or post_type? It will speed up a lot the process of content edition and made DIVI more useful.

    • Nathan B. Weller

      So the normal Divi Library that loads on posts/pages will not appear on a CPT. However, any layouts you create for your CPT and save to the library will be available for re-use.

      • It would be great to be able to go cross-post type. I’ve got a specific use case where I’d love to have the modules, sections and layouts from my Pages/Posts available to CPTs that I create (and vice versa).

        Considering how many library packs and freebies are sure to come during the next 95 days it’ll be a bummer to be limited to Pages/Posts for all of those, rather than be able to use them on ANY post type.

        Would love a way around this, as I’m sure many others would 🙂

        Keep up the great work, ET team!

        • My understanding is that you can export your page layouts and import them into the library for custom post types. The CPT libraries still work as expected, they are just separate libraries.

        • Hi Nick, What I’ve done is install Post Type Switcher. I use the library layout in a normal Post and then convert it to the post type using the plugin.

  4. Enjoying these updates.

    I am trying to keep pace to watch videos daily else it will huge list pending

    Looking forward

    Amit Jain

    • Nathan B. Weller

      Well don’t worry, if you get behind these posts will always be here on the blog for you to come back to. We’ve created the new Divi Resources category to make it easy for people to find all of our new Divi specific content.

  5. It would be awesome to have a sample plugin to create our custom modules! Awesome work by the way.

    • Nathan B. Weller

      That’s an interesting idea! Maybe something we can do for the developer update 🙂

    • I have done some basic modifications to modules before. If you know enough PHP programming you can create your own.

  6. Excellent!

    Can we get a double opt-in pop box for lead generation and sales funnels next???

    With the edition of split testing I was really hoping Divi would also become a complete solution to building out proper sales funnels too. Am I overlooking something??

    You guys rock

  7. I want to know when will the Blog module will support Custom Post Type too? Currently it only support normal Post type. It would be great if we can use Blog module to show our custom post type. Now I have to use other plugin like MotoPress Content Editor which support custom post type + Filterable. But I liek the design of Divi. Other option is I have to use Essential Grid which also support custom post type and filterable (this one is absolutely beautiful). It would be great if these function come with standard Divi. I just hope it come with the next Divi 3.0. Any possibility?

    • Nathan B. Weller

      I don’t have a specific date or Divi release number to give you but I can say that adding more CPT support is in the Divi development pipeline.

      • Good to heard that! Keep going I will be with you guys 😀

      • Glad to hear that too!

    • +1

    • +1

  8. Videos! How big or small for the full width slider or intro? Compression, maximum size (so it works fast and right away) and serving from Amazon S3 or some other place to reduce load time.

    • Nathan B. Weller

      Good request! I’m actually working on something that will address this already 🙂

    • +1 – really needed

  9. Just curious, would this help Divi to get along with Advanced Custom Fields? I’ve had limited success thus far, but I’m willing to try anything.

    • Nathan B. Weller

      I haven’t tried it with that plugin yet but if you do I’d be interested in hearing how it goes. One cool thing about using the Divi Builder to create layouts and then saving them to the library is that essentially you remove the need for custom fields. If you load up a layout you’ve created and “fill in the blanks” of the “fields” present there you should be good to go–and in a design that you like too!

      • INDEED!!! I’m stuck with a theme built heavily upon ACF and I want to integrate Divi builder… I’ll let you know what I figure out.

        • Yes heaps keen to hear if that works?! To give the user CPT as well as custom fields that make managing their content easier is what i’m really looking for in a theme builder like divi.

          • I just finished a project for a client that relied heavily on both ACF and CPT. I ended up needing to build a from-scratch theme. With that being said, I look forward to testing out ACF. I much rather use Divi alongside both CPT and ACF.

    • Try Pods framwork. It is very easy to use with any shortcode. If you switch divi to another theme you will see all the shortcode it made then you can use it to make your template for your Custom Post type and Custom fields

      • Nathan B. Weller

        i need to get back into Pods. It’s been a long time since I took it for a spin but I’ve been hearing good things about how it’s been developed since I stopped using it.

      • PODS is a solid plugin for what it does, but the DIVI/Extra specific plugins that very recently came out are what we need more.

  10. Love this! Was wondering how to do this.

  11. It’s like you got me the best birthday gift ever. And it’s not even my birthday.

    If we have 96 more days of this caliber of awesomeness, i seriously don’t know what I’m going to do with myself.

      • I say that would be loads of fun.

      • Actually, spending the summer on the beach with my laptop and wifi hotspot sounds better!

  12. How can we add modules to Divi and Extra?

    • Nathan B. Weller

      That is probably something that we will wait to get into when we do the developer release after Divi 3.0. It’s a bit more involved and we want to have all of the information developers will need ready at one time.

      • I agree this has to come after 3.0.

  13. Does this work with Advanced Custom Fields?

    • Nathan B. Weller

      You know, I’m not sure. I haven’t tried it with that yet. However, as I explained to someone else above, the cool thing about using the Divi Builder and saving your layouts to the library is that you essentially remove the need for custom fields. You can load your layout, fill in the fields there with your new content, and even have a uniform design.

      • That actually makes a lot of sense, Nathan. Is it possible to use global modules on these type of posts? I’m thinking that would be a great way to extend the functionality of these post types so that they’ll have a uniform design even if you decide to change the design down the road.

        • Nathan B. Weller

          Yes that should be possible. However, you’ll note that you need to create those modules and save them from within the CPT for it to show up for you in your Divi Library when creating new CPT. One of the quirks of this little hack.

    • Well Johnathan you really need something more powerful than this short code snippit.

      Take a look at the BRAND NEW premium advance custom fields module plugin for DIVI

      The plugin includes NEW modules you can use so you can create a layout using each field.

      • Where do I find this, Richard?

        • Do a google search for elegantmarketplace and the website you need will pop up.

  14. Hi, I managed to create a custom blog post but I can’t work out how to get the the custom taxonomies to work. Does this require another shortcode?

    Many thanks


    • Nathan B. Weller

      All of the taxonomy documentation you should need will be in the plugin help text provided by CPT UI.

      • I’m afraid it doesn’t tell me how to use it with Divi. The way you explained it was so easy – I just wish you had done the next step. 🙂

        I think I’m going to lost otherwise

        • Nathan B. Weller

          Maybe I can write a follow up post in the future. Custom taxonomies can get pretty involved. I think to do the topic justice it would need it’s own post.

    • The code snippit is too basic. If you are using custom fields for each custom blog post the snippit is not powerful enough.

      Getting the DIVI builder to show up in custom post types is great though.

  15. The only thing missing from that tutorials is a way to make the library on those custom post types, Hoping developer documentation will help to solve this when it comes out.

    I’ve tried a few things and nothing seems to work.

    • Nathan B. Weller

      So the standard post/page Divi library will not show up on CTPs, however you can create new library items per post type and they will be reusable.

  16. Hi,

    It would be great to know how to move the elements in the top bar. I mean the bar where you can see the social icons, phone number and email.

    How to move them to the right side?
    How to show the languages flags there?
    And so on.


  17. Please create a podcast or some sort of tips on the best practices for a good responsive design with DIVI / EXTRA / DIVI Builder. The effectiveness of this responsive design only applies to DIVI modules, but what happens when you use a custom image with a fixed width? Tips and best practices when using a 3 / 4 column design?

    Disabling rows / modules for certain devices don’t really work that well. Sometimes even a netbook has lower resolution than an iPad for example, and viewing a 3 column design with a sidebar, within a complex design, on an iPad or laptop with a resolution width lower than 1024 really messes up the design.

    Do you guys have any plans on developing a hand-held app specifically for DIVI / EXTRA?



    • Nathan B. Weller

      We have a post in the works on responsive design. So that should pop up here during the Divi 100 series 🙂

      Thanks for the other requests too!

  18. AS simple as it might sound, I would love someone to show me how to add a read more line inside the text module… If I forget to do that, then I need to dismantle the entire post by going back to default editor, add the stupid link, then return to divi builder and add all the elements of the post again. eek.

  19. Brilliant!! And it looks like copying the single-project.php file into your child theme folder and renaming it single-POST_TYPE.php opens this up to fullwidth page (and negates the need for the CSS).

    Awesome tip Nathan. Can’t wait for more!!

    • Woah, great tip!

  20. Great stuff, i will try it als soon as possible.

  21. Hi! Fantastic! How can I use this snippet to change the actual Divi “Projects” label to rename it with other name?

  22. Another very good video guys. Bravo, I’m excited about the next 95 articles of DIVI 100.

  23. Sweet! Is it also possible to use the builder on the product short description in Woocommerce?

    • Not going to happen at all.

  24. FYI I cannot get your podcast to play from iTunes or my podcasts app on my iPhone. The only thing attached to it is the podcast image. There is no audio file.

    • Nathan B. Weller

      Sorry about that Jonathan. It looks like we’re going to have to take a look at our configuration there. Hope to have it fixed soon.

  25. Currently, there are lots of drag’n’drop wordpress site builders in the wordpress market e.g. visual composer,live composer,etc. but very few are worth trying because of multiple issues come up with those builders. Visual Builders are not very flexible in terms of switching because if you switch your builder then all the changes will be gone, you’llhave to rebuild your website from scratch. I heard about divi builder from few of my clients, the UI is very clean & it’s easy to manage. More content modules would be great. I think adding support for all default & custom post types would be a better solution for this issue. It’s nice though that it can be easily extended by filter.

  26. First of all, this is awesome!

    I’m testing it with the woocommerce product page.

    Just to let you know that the divi builder is loaded, but the layout is placed inside the woocommerce product description area.



    • Nathan B. Weller

      Yes, this is because when adding the builder to something that has it’s own page template the builder will be constrained to working within that template.

      • Would be good if that could be changed so Woo pages could be fully themed please.

  27. Great Stuff ET Team 🙂

    I am building websites on Divi for the last 6 months and I have around 20+ live Divi sites under my belt. Thanks to the team of Elegent Themes, I must say you guys are doing a fabulous job. Thumbs Up!

    I have a request, I need help on the Divi Theme options admin panel. We have social icon options (Enable/Disable) for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and RSS only on the theme options admin panel but we dont have other social icon options like Pinterest, YouTube, LinedIn etc..

    Well, I know how to add other socials icons on the footer area by hard code on social_icons.php but thats static.. Most of my clients wants this option to be change dynamically on Divi theme options admin panel.

    I’ve spend hours to find out a solution (any code to put it on functions.php file) so that I can have other social icon options on the admin panel but seriously I didn’t find a single solution..

    Please see if you can give me (and the divi community) a quick tip/solution for this as soon as possible. Thanks

    • Nathan B. Weller

      Thanks for the request Ali, I’ll look into it!

  28. My saved divi library (global) layoutblocks dont show up on custom post?

    • Nathan B. Weller

      The existing page/post library will not show up for CPT. However, anything you create within your CPTs and save to the library will show up for you when you use the builder again for that CPT. In this way you can still create and save your own layouts per CPT.

  29. nice article, what would be a nice tutorial for the future is how to include a newsletter optin check box with the contact form.

  30. Hi, this Tip is very helpfull, but I need to appear the “Divi ‘Page or Post’ Settings” right box into my Custom Post Type. What should I do?

    • Hi have found the tip, the code to add after your code is:

      /* Add Divi Custom Post Settings box */
      function myprefix_add_meta_boxes() {
      foreach(get_post_types() as $pt) {
      if (post_type_supports($pt, ‘editor’) and function_exists(‘et_single_settings_meta_box’)) {
      add_meta_box(‘et_settings_meta_box’, __(‘Divi Custom Post Settings’, ‘Divi’), ‘et_single_settings_meta_box’, $pt, ‘side’, ‘high’);
      add_action(‘add_meta_boxes’, ‘myprefix_add_meta_boxes’);

      • Thank you for the code tip, but I copied and pasted this snippet right after the function given in the post and it’s breaking the site for me. 🙁 I removed the CSS comment from the function, so that’s not the issue. It’s breaking at the “add_meta_box” line. Any ideas?

    • I’d love to have the Divi Post Settings for these custom post types, too. Is there a best way to do this, Nathan?

        • I just happened to remember this post and was coming back to bookmark it. Then I remembered the issue of the Post Settings. But very happy to have seen your comment, Philip! Thanks for sharing, I’ll give it a try.

          I’m happy to continue using the CPT plugin or writing my own, but it would be great to edit a setting in the Divi Custom Options panel to rename the default “Projects” custom post type, in addition to adding more custom post types.

    • This was great! I stumbled upon it just at the right time. But, yes – is there a way to get the Settings Box to show up? The code that Francesco posted below does blow up…

      • Scoped out a bit that is working, just for reference. I’m thinking this might all be made easier when Divi 3.0 arrives on the scene?

  31. This is amazing. Great job on the demo. I’ve not used CPT before but this makes me want to. It also makes me wonder if there’s also a way to extend this to using the Builder somehow on the search page and other post archives? I’ve started making custom ones directly but as a designer I’d rather not have to do that (I’m not great at it). Would this translate to that use-case? Thanks so much. AWESOME.

  32. This didn’t work so well with woo commerce products that use the full width template instead of a right or left sidebar. It removed all the padding from the full width template and made everything enormous and blurry. Do we need custom CSS for any template that isn’t right or left sidebar?

  33. Mind blown! That’s super cool!

  34. An important footnote. When “Adding the PHP Snippet to Your Child Theme’s Functions.php File” you must place the


    tag at the start of the file. The result is the following:


    function my_et_builder_post_types( $post_types ) {
    $post_types[] = 'event';
    $post_types[] = 'location';
    $post_types[] = 'event-recurring';

    return $post_types;
    add_filter( 'et_builder_post_types', 'my_et_builder_post_types' );

  35. Hi, I use Divi Builder into Custom Post Type.
    So, in Single Custom Post Type I need to load some Layouts from library, but when I try to open the Library from Divi Builder it display only blank page. What Should I do to load Layouts from library?

  36. Excellent!! I was about to do it.. you just saved my time.. thanks a ton

  37. Hi, I do like to look of this plugin but I feel like it won’t increase the click rate on the posts…I really muss the “read more” , which disappears when you hover over the article, so it looks like if there were no article to read, but only the exerpt–. I will deactivate it for now.
    Hope you will improve it, since the look and feel is really good.

  38. Hi Nathan and the whole Divi Team, thank you for all the new ideas and support. Really enjoying your Divi 100 Marathon.

    I have Divi Builder working on Product Pages. In fact all plugins and libraries (as of Day 9) have worked perfectly…

    How do I add Divi Builder to Product Categories please?

    The URL for categories is edit-tags.php?taxonomy=product_cat&post_type=product

    all the best, Mark

  39. I did it and then I actually clapped my hands in joy. I was happy with the results. Thanks again.

  40. Nice. but is that possible to load Predefined Layouts from custom post type? I not able to load my Predefined layout. nothing showing.

  41. Does this method work with fully customizing WooCommerce pages ?

  42. I tried to add the code to my site to enable the Divi builder when creating a view from the Formidable Pro plugin (Views are a custom post type in Formidable Pro). The purple button, “Use the Divi builder”, is then showing when creating a view, but when clicking on the button, then the Divi builder is not loaded. Any tips to what I can do?

  43. I’m trying to get this to work so I can add a “member” CPT, but when I Add a new Member, the Divi Builder just shows up looking exactly like a regular old WP edit post page, not the purple button. Furthermore, any changes I make within that text area are lost every time I save.

    Is anyone else seeing this?

    • Wait! I figured it out. I have Divi Booster, and I just had to check the button to use the Divi Builder on Custom Post Types… now I see it!

  44. Re custom posts – I would like divi builder to work with Learndash – any chance of this happening or an easy way for an IT idiot to implement?

  45. This is great, but the right sidebar is still there on my custom post type. How can I get the “Divi post settings” to show up on them as well, so I can make the page full width?

  46. I have an SEO plugin that builds pages for me, is there an easy way of integrating / enabling the builder there?

    • To be more specific, it is a plugin that auto builds pages for me, and uses the generic WP page/post builder, but the url for the plugin on the page is not a post_type.

      URL Extension for the page: /admin.php?page=workhorse&action=create_post

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