Divi Feature Sneak Peek: The Divi Theme Builder

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Divi Feature Sneak Peek: The Divi Theme Builder
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The Divi Theme Builder is Coming

As many of you know we’ve been working up to this announcement for weeks with a series of sneak peeks including dynamic content and Divi powered post types. This week, it is our distinct pleasure, to finally (and officially!) announce that we are hard at work bringing a robust theme builder to Divi.

Since its launch Divi has been popular because of the power it provides and the creativity it unleashes for every WordPress user. And for nearly just as long those same users have wanted us to extend that power and creativity to every page, post, area, and template file in WordPress. Well now, it’s happening.

Every Pixel Powered by Divi

Just as Divi has forever changed the way we design posts and pages, so the Divi Theme Builder will forever change the way we place each and every pixel on a WordPress website–from header to footer and custom post type to page template.

When Divi’s theme builder feature is released a new submenu will appear in WP-Admin under Divi. This submenu, aptly named Theme Builder, will allow you to assign default “Templates” to different pages and posts. A template will consist of three ares: Header Area, Body Area, and Footer Area. Each of these areas can be built and customized using Divi Builder layouts.

You’ll be able to
Build Templates & Assign Display Settings

build custom areas

Templates will be designed first on a macro level by assigning the content areas as either custom or global. Global content areas will propagate the same content across your entire website on every page for which that global content area has been activated. When you want to break the mold, you can choose to make any content area on any template a custom design.


You can even get granular with your template settings by choosing to display templates by pages, posts, categories, and more. Freeing you from the need to touch a WordPress page template file ever again.

Designing Your Template Content
Will Be a Seamless Visual Experience

404 Page

And once you dive into designing the content itself, the experience is seamless because you’re right back inside the visual builder. Where your creativity, unfettered from technical restraints, will be better equipped than ever before to bring pixel perfect design to your entire WordPress website.

The Divi Builder Unleashed

The Divi Theme Builder will bring the full power of Divi to headers, footers, 404 pages, archive pages, and more.

We hope you’re as excited about this upcoming release and those we’ve already teased that will lead up to it. In anticipation of this release, tell us in the comments what you plan to create with Divi’s theme builder, dynamic content, and Divi powered post types. We can’t wait to help you bring those visions to life!


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  1. If possible, it would be really useful to add menu modules for standard sections (inline menu, hamburger menu, mega menu and vertical menu).

  2. We need this now !

    • mee to!

  3. Need this like right now ???? thank you divi team if all these sneak peaks are to come soon, divi will be absolutely knock your socks off ?? just hurry hurry ?.

    • Me toooooooo :D. I wonder if there is already a date 😉

  4. If you are about to give me control over single, archive and various WooCommerce layouts you are going to be on the Christmas Card list for sure. Any updates on timeframes and inclusions? We love to be teased…

  5. Hello! I need header builder for site wide with menu, slogan, logo, contacts and etc. Now Divi great for page building, but cant be used for site building because weak menu settings and whole site header.

    I hope new Theme Builder will solve all this problems! When it release?

  6. Hi – I am very exited about this news 😀

    However, I am currently starting up a very large website for a new client, and as someone at the begining of these comments said, it would be nice to know if we are talking about days, weeks or months. Because at the moment we are looking at Divi and a couple of other themes. But if the launch is near, I could probably talk them into waiting for the lanch. Please, an indication of time span?

  7. INCREDIBLE news!!

    Will this facilitate the creation of WCAG 2.0 (Accessibility) compliant sections, modules and pages?

  8. Great! It gets better & better. Since I purchased Divi I haven’t visited a theme website. I never needed to! Although, one thing I would want to be added to Divi is a much bigger library of readymade templates / layouts. Because that speeds up to website building process roughly by 100x! Much love from India.

    • You’re in luck! We’re adding two new layouts to the library every week 🙂

  9. could you please reply- if it apllies to extra? cause for example there are many plugins for divi- not working with extra- so its not the same- frustrating, also if I decide to change from extra to divi- is it difficult? or no prob? thank you for taking the time to respond

  10. Wow is right… this is (or will be) another game changer for Divi and ET!

    Now let us HOPE that all of these incredible feature releases don’t (a) come at the expense of Divi’s overall reliability, core functionality and stellar support; or (b) overrun PHP memory limits in shared hosting environments.

    I’m already at the MAX memory limit on ALL of my Divi sites w/ a particular (smaller but very reliable) hosting company, and all these new bells-n-whisltes will do no good if front-end sites or the back-end admin simply wont load due to PHP overruns.

  11. What is the date of release?

  12. That’s awesome!
    Hope the Divi builder will have the ability to create more animations (ex. page transition) without the need of plugins. As nowadays creating animations that won’t slow down the websites became a big demands by customers.

    Thank you Divi team.

  13. Awesome… simply awesome!
    Website creation now takes hours. In the near future, thanks to Divi Theme Builder it will take minutes. Perhaps one day, seconds.

  14. Wow! This will be greeeeate! 😀
    Looking forward to this update.

  15. Yes, I am happy too that I chose Divi.
    Just one question.
    Why only Header/Body/Footer construct?
    A web page is a web page. It is a page. It can have any design.
    Why not LeftPane/Body/RightPane ? (visualize a Header/Body/Footer construct be rotated 90 degrees ..). Or the whole page can be just a table, etc

    Please see if such freedom is possible.

  16. Ok guys I’ve been shadowing your theme for a long time and I like it, it’s just I literally have no money to buy the theme. Would it be possible to gift an African child the theme so he can start his business? Please please please!

  17. Hope to god your header builder includes much needed features not included in Elementor such as:
    Transparent Headers
    Scrolling Header aka transparent into color or color into transparent
    Menu effects such as underline, two lines, etc.

    This all sounds good in theory, it will be interesting to see how it fairs against other builders on the market who have beaten you to the finish line.

    Still fingers crossed.

  18. Exactly what Divi have been missing! This will solve so many challenges.. Thank you for listening to requests! 🙂

  19. It was all I wanted! Do not see the time to be able to customize any files my model.

  20. I am already very much interested in having a lifetime access and I am very happy to work with the divi theme and to advise the others and once again the elegantheme team proves to us that we are right to adopt their theme

  21. Very interested to see how the headers will work with this. Divi has a pretty unique header.php which I’m constantly having to modify in my child themes (including having to set some !important declarations to override default Divi CSS in my stylesheets), so hopefully this can speed up that process!

    • There is currently a paid for plugin called Page Builder Everywhere which allows you to implement site-wide changes to the header/footer areas but having this functionality already built into the theme would be awesome!

  22. I can’t wait anymore; I have some Divi sites to revamp thanks to this feature (and I can clean up the child theme folder 🙂 ).

    Anyway, the next BIG step is the dynamic content, where the things get really interesting. I’m planning a big site, with a lot of custom posts and Toolset/ACF functionality, but I think that It’s better to wait until the dynamic content is released to see if it’s a better fit.

    More Header/Navigation options can be a real advantage, and… why don’t integrate the Category Builder of Extra? Doesn’t make sense to have this feature only on a “spinoff” theme of Divi 😉 don’t you?

    —don’t mind my personal site: I’m waiting the new features to revamp it completely 😀

  23. Great job! What about WooCommerce pages – e.g. product or category page, will it work as well?

  24. Keep bringing it!

  25. Would this include being able to customise product pages in WooCommerce?

  26. Wow! Once again you all are setting the bar! Will you be able to export themes you create as a Divi Child theme?

  27. This sounds awesome. However, With other frameworks we are using we have this capability. This will be a game changer because we can migrate a lot to DIVI.

    The largest question (and shame on the DIVI Team for not giving this ) is – WHEN

    An estimate helps some of us gauge if we should work another framework on projects in the pipeline OR if we should wait.

  28. It Has to be Soon guys. Busy with many websites at the moment. This would surely help all if it could be in the next week.

    Let me know Please?

  29. Droool…

  30. When is it coming?

  31. Before adopting Divi from Elegant Themes I tried and review several other WordPress building theme projects. I’m so happy that I chose Divi as my winner 8 years ago.

  32. I just join Divi membership. So happy I did. Waiting for the new release! Hope soon 🙂

  33. I really hope that it will be as strong and efficient as Elementor or Upfront, with the Divi touch, could be really amazing.
    Theme builders are now live, so Divi has to be even stronger, faster, that’s a challenge 😉
    and now I’m really impatient to see the way ET will do it !

  34. I know at this time, I would enjoy being part of a beta program.

    I don’t know if you guys have put together any beta program but some of us would like to help by giving feedback tried out new features added in a beta program.

  35. Really looking forward to this! Especially regarding the header and footer options. But also for the Blog Archive page. Assuming that’s on the table. And custom post types. Seriously, game changer. Again.

  36. Sneak peek posts are compelling, but without a sneak peek at your development / release timeline, it’s just “hmmm, that’s interesting, but meanwhile, the world still turns.”

    For example: you don’t get a teaser trailer for the next big Marvel movie without a corresponding release date or, at the very least, release month. This is easy for them to do because they have allocated their resources accordingly.

    It’s assumed y’all have an internal development and release calendar — otherwise, you can’t allocate your own internal resources (coders, designers, content writers) effectively. (Unless, of course, Elegant Themes is running by the seat of its collective pants, which I certainly hope isn’t the case).

    So… please share that development and release calendar with the rest of us so that these sneek peek posts are more than just “that’s neat / maybe someday” content.

    • Matthew I sign under every your word.

  37. Hi Nathan,

    Thanks for sharing this exciting development! I’m starting to use the Astra theme with the Divi Builder. I take it this update is for the Divi theme only & won’t come to the Divi Builder plugin?


  38. Finally, I will buy lifetime membership now.

    WooCommerce, with the changes coming, will we be able to customize the shop page? I understand we will be able to do the product page but that’s only half of the puzzle.

    I know this isn’t major but will we see improvements to Shop Module with the builder? it’s almost not usable in its current state due to how dated it is.

    WooCommerce customization is really important to many users, so getting as much info as I can is really helpful.

    • I totally agree with you-being able to customise the standard woo product pages and category pages would be a huge step forward. I know there are a couple of premium ‘add-on’ plugins available that go some way to doing this but being able to customise the layouts and then roll them out across the site via the selection of post types would be massive….

  39. Will the Theme Builder come to Extra? Probably would have to, or else abandon it and merge the features into Divi.

  40. WHAT?! OMG! I’m freaking out here! This is amazing! Beautiful! Holy crap!

  41. Yay, give it all you got dev team! Nick said ET will outpace the competition in 2018, and if these updates are released sooner rather than later he may be correct in such an ambitious statement! 🙂

  42. This is fantastic. Can’t wait to make custom page and post templates so my clients can easily add their new content without messing up the design or having to learn Divi.

    I really hope this includes a new robust non full-width menu module that can create both horizontal and vertical menus with lots of styles. Also, we need more columns like bootstrap so we can fine-tune our new headers.

    Great work!

  43. What about woocommerce customizations?
    product page, archives etc

  44. Divi is already awesome and its about to get even better, is there a word for better than awesome?

  45. This looks awesome! Finally the answer comes for the N°1 ever issue.

    – Please give us a time-frame for the release (even Beta if it matters?).

    – Is it 100% multilingual-ready, supporting WPML for instance ?

  46. looks great… are these just the same as any normal layout? in that we can export/import a global header/footer to use on other sites?

  47. Does it also work with WooCommerce product page? I just bought a plugin for that :p.
    Can’t wait to have this update! Keep up the good work.

  48. Will it be working and on EXTRA theme as well? With all the EXTRA category builder options?

  49. This was definitely what I expected, to change the annual license I bought, for lifetime access, excellent job guys!

  50. I will love to create awesomes customizable menus

  51. Hi Nathan,

    Are we going to get an Elegant Themes advanced search and filter module to go along with custom post and dynamic data? This would be great for listing and directory sites! Basically an Elegant Themes version of WP Type or Facetwp.

    • Based on what I know right now (which I’ll be the first to admit is not everything) that functionality is not included in either of those updates. However, that’s not to say a module like that may not be in the future. Or that functionality added to existing modules that could use it.

  52. Holy shit. At this point, i am just so happy i bought the lifetime membership with you guys. The best investment i have ever made in my life as a website designer. I will be creating better blog pages with all the new features which was very much needed for me personally and for my clients. Keep rocking hard!

  53. I’ve been waiting for this so that I can have more header options hope it does not disappoint!!!

  54. Yeah! Waiting for this for a long time!

  55. I literally cannot wait !! finally custom headers

  56. I hope this works seamlessly with WooCommerce. Can’t wait to try it out.

  57. Maybe I am missing something but, how is this different than using a saved page layout?

    • This idea allows you to use a layout for the header and footer areas of the site.

      • And for the 404 page and search page.

  58. Yay!

    That’s great 😀

  59. You guys listened! 😀 This is going to be amazing! Looking forward to not only creating the custom headers and footers with the page builder, but creating all the layouts for the 404, archive pages, and search pages. Almost makes me glad I procrastinated on redesigning my website. 🙂

    • Me too lol

  60. I hope that this will enable us to build elements such as more comprehensive and flexible headers/menus.

    Fingers crossed.

    Right now I am running just to keep up with developments.


  61. Custom themes for different business sectors!
    Restaurants, contractors, coaches, therapy clinics.

  62. The DIVI / Extra Layout Injector plugin has spots for pre and post content. Are we going to get extra default spots for layout injection here in the long term??

  63. Wow!

    That’s what I’m talking about ET! This reminds me of the Thesis Theme Framework, but this one is easier to manage.

    I’m definitely looking forward to this release the most. I see this as FULL control of WordPress through the Divi Builder in regards to design.

    Divi truly empowers the users to become better web designers.

    Next is the multisite feature? lol

  64. Nice!

  65. Every day by day Divi is growing better!

  66. Every time I finish one of these sneak peaks or feature releases, I think: “Wow, that is a game changer.”

    Great work!

  67. Awesome! Prayers answered 🙂

  68. Wonderful. Divi is Empowering

  69. This is going to be great to work with these new features.

  70. Stunning. Will these Global Modules for the Divi Template Builder have selective sync? Like the current Global Modules? I think selective sync is a brilliant and useful feature!

  71. So, i don’t know what to say.
    Currently working on Divi’s plugin to create custom pages as templates and you create this sneak peek…
    Half an year working on this and you say that i’ll be implemented as standard.
    Great news but for me as dev quite not.

    It’s time to create Gutenberg plugins if ET team reads my mind.


  72. Great job guys, cant wait for the release?

    Is there also a option to make woocommerce category page templates?

  73. This is literally amazing!

    Looking forward to using this to really speed up our design / development of custom post type pages for clients (already freaking out at how much this will help with a couple car dealership sites we manage)


  74. Fantastic news, waiting impatiently!!!

  75. PLEASE….. more menu options!!!!!!

  76. Hi Nathan,

    Congrats for the great work and I’m sorry to insist, but without being too specific, it is important to understand if it will be a matter of days, weeks or months. We manage almost 30 DIVI websites and we are having several problems with custom post types on some of them that the new features will probably solve.
    Can you please give us a very very estimated and high level guess just to save us a lot of dev hours?
    Thank you very much in advance 🙂

    • Sometimes such release is part of competition war.. it may be difficult for Nathan to give you even a rough estimation..
      As it’s a really revolutionary release, I will be so patient until they are able to tell us WHEN!
      Waiting this great great great “upgrade”

  77. Is the new Divi theme builder (why not call it Divi layout template builder?) also for creating blog post page templates (the page showing all blog posts) and blog post templates, and will it be possible to swap different templates so that this will change all those already existing blog post pages and blog posts across the whole site or category or […] by selection?

    • Did you read this post?

      • You may as well have scrolled further. Never mind.

  78. Looks promising, ET. Hard to tell for sure if it’ll meet all use cases from a couple mock-up images but here’s hoping. Now the wait begins… but for how long… 1 month, 2months, 3…?

    How flexible will navigation designing be? Will it be easier to apply custom styles to menu items? Will nav positioning be more flexible? Can any nav be made to stick to the top of page when scrolled? A sneak peak on this topic would be nice.

    Will we be able to loop dynamic content on any page? For example, if I use a CPT to hold all the brands a business carries along with info about those brands, will I be able to list those brands by looping all the posts from that CPT on an “Our Brands” page?(not an archive page) Will looping dynamic content have filters? For example, on a Shoes product page, list only brands that belong to the Shoes category?

    I look forward to switching from Toolset to Divi for all but the most complex situations… and hopefully for those situations too one day.

    • I do not think you will be able to get away from Toolset that easy with this update.

  79. Superb! Waiting curiously 😀

  80. Can we still use the Divi Builder like we do now or is this going to replace the Divi Builder?

    • This is not a replacement of the Divi Builder but an added feature to the Divi Theme that allows you to bring the Divi Builder to bear on parts of your website previously out of its reach. Such as the header, footer, template files, and everything else mentioned above.

    • This is going to more like an extension of the builder we have now. the regular divi builder will never go away.

  81. this is awesome.
    When will divi blog post text box (not builder, not the visual one, but the common/simple text box) be upgraded to something less broken? for instance, when you want to add a media/photo, you need to scroll all the way up to get to that option, and then all the way down once the image has been attached… this is so frustrating for heavy posters with posts with a lot of text and changes/tweaks to the text… it’s been years since this is one of the top requests of heavy-users…

    • Not if you use full screen option, the menu bar stays visible.

    • If you are talking about the default editor for blog posts, you are talking about a feature of WordPress, not of Divi. And their plan to change that is called Gutenberg, perhaps you’ve heard of it.

      • To be correct, we are talking about TInyMCE editor, which is an independent addition by developers outside of the WordPress world.

        To be fair it does a reasonably good job up to a point, would be fairly intimidating to the uninitiated, if you throw then into the text pane to play with HTML. Same text panel is a pain to use even if you are wall versed in HTML as it is hopeless at handling code, formatting it, keeping it indented, no code completion…I could go on.

        In its place we are getting Gutenberg, which has its merits but, before we run away and abandon TInyMCE there are things about it that could be improved and there is nothing preventing developers using it into the future. There are several implementations of TinyMCE out there in the wild, used on sites not even using WordPress. In fact the text pane is an add on developed for the WordPress community. I confirmed this with the TinyMCE developers. Divi even has its slightly different version on the front end.

        The main point I am going to make here is that why oh why hasn’t anybody ever sorted out how the text pane deals with HTML and its formatting. With the recent introduction of code mirror to WordPress surely somebody could have folded that into TinyMCE. But you know maybe I am talking through my proverbial. Maybe it would be too complicated, a bridge too far and sure why bother, Gutenbergagedon is coming soon!!!

  82. So will this work the WooCommerce pages? Creating a template for category results, etc.

  83. Yes! I’m so excited for this release! In the past (I think) you’ve mentioned compatibility with ACF Pro. Is that still the plan for the dynamic fields?

    • Yes our dynamic content update should provide compatibility with any plugin that creates or provides custom fields.

      • Yaaaaaaaaas! Can’t wait. Thank you!

  84. Can’t wait, so amazing!!!

    I was waiting for this from my beginning.
    I hope will be an active option soon.

  86. I will finally use this functions natively!
    I’ve done a lot of sites with layouts assigned to a page template and custom fields, but had to code it!

    Hope we will be able to modify the footer too (with sections).

    • That’s the plan 🙂

  87. This could the final piece of the Divi jigsaw.

    Will we be able to…

    – Customize menus on different devices (esp mobile)?

    – Create a page template that can be applied as a site-wide default?

    Well Done Again,


    • So the way this will work is that you will be able to assign a layout to each content area (header, body, footer) to create a template. Within each layout that you’ve designed, you’ll able to configure your responsive design settings just like you are currently able to with every other Divi layout (because it will be exactly the same). So there will be no need for applying different templates based on devices.

      • Nathan can you please clarify, will we be able to build our own custom menus or only the header and footer sections above and below the menus?

    • I say you will be able to create a page template that can be applied as a site-wide default.

      Do not know on the different menus part.

  88. Will this be about to sort out the SEO pagination issues for pages that we cannot edit? e.g. (author/james/2 “or” category/food/pg6).

  89. Amazing. I’ve been waiting for something like this. Looking forward to it.


  91. Will it be possible to use the template system to build a product page for woo commerce?

    • Yes! That ability is coming in part with our custom post types update. But the ability to set a single product page template will come with this theme builder update.

    • Watching this!

  92. Divi isn’t a theme anymore. It’s a framework. Thanks for the hard, outstanding work guys.

  93. Insanely good, can’t wait. 😉 Hope there will be plenty options for a variety of header and menu designs.

  94. I’m crossing fingers for dynamic content, pulled from custom post types, into Divi modules, and I’ll do a complete makeover of my how-to-sort-your-trash site with 300+ custom posts, currently driven by Pods Framework and Avada 🙂

    In a day – instead of a couple of weeks! 😀

    • That’s exactly how I see the importance of the dynamic contents and CPT templates.. that’s revolutionary btw.

  95. Great. will support for acf plugin? for posts by category? Thank you

  96. Why do you guys need WordPress? I wish you can create your own CMS, because WP sometimes gives a hard time with their updates and plugin incomparability.

    • Agree with Daniel.

      However, this could be considered as the ultimate step, as Divi is more and more turning into an app than a theme, a theme to built…

      But WordPress powers 30% of the web , which is a lot. And for Divi to make that leap it would be necessary that they power 50% of WordPress sites at least which is quite a way to run thru.
      From that point they would have 85% of the web to conquer which is a excellent point to start.
      We could imagine a Divi platform built with Facebook React (scary…) but capable of offering faster progression that WordPress whole sewn with the old elephant (PHP).
      Its ecosystem is already there. So much Divi related websites and plugin devs. It’s now just about normalization. Divi 3.1 handles it.

      So this could be widely achievable. The only remaining concern would be React from Facebook. So in order to be totally independant they would have to write they own React like tool. We would call it, let’s say… Divi OS.

      Allow me to share that great story :

      • Boommm. ahaha Before the Os we will probably see a kind of Divi-press instead of WordPress…

        • That would be the major step !
          That would sounds like “The Day The Internet Stood Still”…

    • The ecosystem… Divi works along with many other features offered not only by WordPress, but by it’s community as well.

      Divi is extremely strong because it works with WordPress.

  97. Will this apply to search result pages?

    • Yes!

      • Excited!! I need this like today! 🙂

      • Very nice!!!

  98. When it comes to header area are we finally going to get a standard sized Menu module now???

    • +1 for this!!

  99. That looks really promising, thanks for the sneak peak. I am really mesmerized on what you people accomplish in that pace. And regarding the question what I would be with it? What about everything?

  100. This sounds promising… can’t wait to try this out soon…

  101. Oh wow! This could be fun to try out!

  102. Hi Nathan,

    How much scope do we get with the headers. Can we design these with usual modules over several rows. Do we, for example, get a logo module? Can we make the header navigation start under the 1st section and then sticky at the top of the page on scroll?

    • Is Divi going to enable the ability to have custom divided Rows like in the SiteOrigin Page Builder with like a pixel or % width and/or allow the row to be split into 12ths?

      This ability would allow a small row column to hold a small image before, say a Heading Title, for some uniquely customized Headings, that would be much smaller than the current 1/4 column.

      Bootstrap Supports up to 1/12, which is small, but Divi has all of these “Fluid” Controls; why can’t we have one for the Row Column Widths and adjust the size along with the number of columns we need for any design requirements?

      BeTheme with the Muffin Builder uses the 1/12 columns and it was used to accommodate a clients design requirements, specifically for this reason.

      I would love to see Divi do this, as well as make it part of the Visual Builder, where we could just adjust the Row Column Widths as well as the Height.


      • +1 on this. What do you think is the reason why the team has not yet implemented the control of having more than 4 columns? Hmmmnnn

    • I can’t speak to too many specifics right now but based on what I know about how the dynamic content update will work, you won’t need a logo module. You’ll be able to dynamically pull the logo into any image area you want, anywhere on your site.

      • Excellent news, location flexibility is what I’m looking for, as I try each page is original and not a copy of another.

      • Besides header, footer, 404, etc. will we be able to apply a maintenance mode (for coming-soon or maintenance page)?

        • In case you’re struggling with this for a “brand new” project, don’t worry too much. Just design a nice maintenance mode page using a blank template, and asign it to the home. As long as there isn’t links to other pages, after all my tests, I can guarantee you no viewer will ever try to access other places of your site. As for maintenance mode for well established websites, that’s another story, but plenty of plugins do that well, would be sad to bloat divi with a semi-useless feature, it’s large enough already !

        • I’m not sure how maintenance mode will work with this. There are a lot of plugins out there to handle maintenance mode. I believe some of them have their own page editing experience and others simply allow you to assign a page you’ve already designed. If you’re using something that allows you to assign a page you’ve designed then you can use that right now with Divi.

      • Fair enough. Looking forward to what ever is on offer. I presume the image area can be backed with the site address so it acts like a proper logo.

  103. I can only say…wow…

  104. i can not wait when sir :] :]

    • Feels like a game changer. When it comes to theme building, I am already using your Divi library extensively to save templates for import and export to other sites that I am building. This saves me a lot of time. If this can be done throughout all of WordPress, including sales and eCommerce / Woo-commerce areas – you will be my new Gods and I will forever be your devotee. (Ok, maybe this is an exaggeration, but not by much.)

      Make it happen, oh great wizards!

    • Can’t wait. I hope you’ll do a full webinar-style or YouTube tutorial that goes into every detail. I’ll happily invest an hour or two into learning this. It will transform my one-person business! Thank you.

    • I can not wait too. 🙂

      • Boooommm!!!!! Then Divi will seriously conquer the WordPress World…
        I’m not joking… Noone has that kind of feature integrated in a such lightspeed and complete builder.
        WOW guys… 3 sneak peeks in two weeks?… you are working so hard and so well… I can’t wait to see those things ready…

    • We don’t have a hard date set. We’ve got devs working on it and it will be released as soon as it’s ready!

      • +1 on the release date estimate. Days, weeks, months. I think we all have projects just sitting there waiting for a glimmer of hope.

      • Yes deffo, a very rough idea would be great, we’ve not been developing with divi (yet) the new features and having full editable control over header/footers is the game changer that would get us to switch all our future projects to divi.

      • Hi Nathan,
        sorry to insist, but without being to specific, can you tell us if it is a matter of days, weeks or months?

        • Hi Nathan,
          We are also very interested on that high level estimate, please please 🙂

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