Take The Divi Survey And Help Us Make Divi 3.0 Even Better

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Take The Divi Survey And Help Us Make Divi 3.0 Even Better
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Welcome to Day 24 of our Divi 100 Marathon. Keep tuning in for 100 days in a row of awesome Divi resources as we count down to the amazing release of Divi 3.0 on the final day of the series!

Today we invite you to partake in the 2016 Divi Survey. This survey is important to us because it will help our team learn more about how you use Divi and how we can make it better. In addition, many of the questions included have been added to help Divi community members learn from each other. The survey results will be collected for the next 5 days, after which they will be compiled into an infographic and shared with the community next Wednesday! The more people that participate, the more we will learn and the more we can share. If you have a moment to spare, then we would truly appreciate your participation.

The survey is broken into several categories, so be sure to click the β€œnext” button at the bottom of each page to continue to the next section. Don’t worry, it’s not too long and it will only take you a few minutes to complete πŸ™‚

At the end of the survey you will find a series of open-ended questions where you can help inform the future of Divi by giving suggestions and feature requests. We value each and every suggestion, so don’t be shy and be sure to stick it out until the end!

How To Take The Survey

The complete the survey, simply follow along with the questions below. Most of the questions are optional, so if they don’t apply to you then you can skip on to the next one. When you get to the bottom of the current survey section, click the β€œNext” button to move on to the next page and the following series of questions.

I can’t wait to see the results and I am sure that we will be surprised and inspired by what we learn! Thanks again for helping us make Divi even better πŸ™‚


Divi 100 Day 24

The Countdown To Divi 3.0

This post is part of our Divi 100 marathon. Follow along as we post free Divi resources for 100 days in a row! This 100-day countdown will end with the game-changing release of Divi 3.0, including our brand new visual editor built from the ground up using React. Divi 3.0 will change the way you build websites with the Divi Builder forever!
Let the countdown begin.

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  1. My suggestion for a new module was for a Table Module for presenting tabular information. (You know, what etc was originally meant to be used for).

    As it is, I have to muck about marking up my table data with html, paste it into a text module and write CSS to format it and make it look pretty. Not a task my Mum can do.

  2. display custom post types! Im using the ‘Post grid’ plugin to display a custom post type on one of my pages because divi just wont do it.

    It works wonderfully, but would be awesome if some of these styles were incorporated into the blog module too. I see a start with the article cards extension. its a beautiful addition.

  3. Can not wait to contemplate this digital revolution. What was already great will be even better !

  4. Thank you Sir Nick & Elegant Themes team for giving a survey!

    Kindly add more on what we need nowadays — conversion tools (pages & plugins support)…
    1. Layouts for landing pages
    2. Layouts for thank you pages
    3. Layouts for membership pages (and/or plugin) to protect & secure members & content
    4. Countdown or scarcity plugin

    In addition, we also hope that all those giveaways during this 100 days countdown to Divi 3.0 will also be in the members’ area. This is to eliminate the time we spent searching and looking for those valuable giveaways.

    Thank you & more power!

  5. Done! πŸ˜‰

  6. Enable SSL on the entire theme.

    I was reading an interesting article by Yoast about using SSL sitewide:


    Not sure if/how it works exactly in regards to the Divi Theme as I haven’t tried it yet, but I could envision a simple checkbox “Enable SSL on entire Theme” which you could toggle on/off.

    The article mentions having to search through themes for all http versions and changing them to Https.

    One of the best things about Dive (for me at least ) is the ability to design without having to code. This would be a natural extension of that.

  7. I hope I passed. +1 for sliders.

  8. I completed the survey. Would love for more developer controls. Actions and filters throughout the output (pre-header, post-header, menu, content, post-content, pre-footer, post footer) and also within the page builder so we can easily make extensions such as more modules (a simpler way to do this) or different column layouts.

    Very much looking forward to V3!

  9. When will results be published or is this just internal use ? Very interested to see what the majority would say as i think this is what is going to shape the future of Divi 3.0 and beyond

  10. loved that after a few years of use i finally have some feedback for a survey like this! can’t wait for what the next update launch brings

    i think novices such as myself always fill forums with help requests for editing header, footer, sliders, & social media icons… so straightforward customization options and less actual manual editing of child theme would be nice (especially for clients who have bought lifetime access)

    my biggest issue overall after getting more experience under my belt is seo compatibility, i can’t get satisfactory seo results with page builder; especially in blog mode!! all alt text on images disappears and excerpt text gets buried
    modules need to incorporate seo… or maybe i just can’t see the forest through the trees

  11. Took the survey. Good luck with 3.0.
    I’d love to see your headers/sliders have the ability to make the background image clickable by default vs. just clicking on the button.

    Also, would be great if Blurb module had the simple option to feature the blurb image/icon on the bottom.

  12. I use Divi for everything and brag about it all the time, but there are a few things I really wants quite badly…

    Woocommerce integration: I have seen some third party offerings for this but I really would love Divi to offer modules that allowed you to build product pages, place add to basket modules, product descriptions etc

    Custom Headers and Menus: I feel this area could do with a little more customisation, the ability to throw a module or two up there, or change the background colour to a picture.

    What would be amazing would be if there was some kind of custom section editor that allowed up to 6-8 sections. You could then group these in to quarters or halves, thirds etc, to make a more dynamic looking site.

    Available fonts: I think it would be great if you could already include the available google webfonts, without the needs for a plugin.

    Labelling sections: Yes I know you can label modules, but it would be very helpful to be able to label entire sections as well as giving that section a custom colour, instead of the usual green, blue, red etc… That way, I could scroll down the builder page and know, ok I am in this section, at a quick glance

    Keep up the good work, Viva la Divi!

  13. I’d like the ability to more easily (intuitively) and directly style the sidebar, any widgets that are being used on the site, and the search results and archives pages so that they would more consistently match the look and feel of the site.

  14. Done! Will you publish the results of this survey?

  15. I’d love to see a solid and well structured code inside Divi 3.0. Like standardized use of class names, optimized CSS use (no inline chaos like right now), use of good frameworks (maybe Bootstrap?) and in general a lot of the good development practices nowadays put into work.

    I’m tired of digging into the source code and finding ugly things here and there that are coming from old standards and coding practices. Like JS or CSS inline.

    I’d LOVE to be able to tweak all the styles in the modules and know that is going to generate a CSS asset that can be cached, minimized and even place in a CDN, instead of a ugly chunk of CSS inline (which is the reason why I end up not using the custom styling but a child theme).

    Divi from the outside is like a Ferrari now, with the Divi builder and all the customization it allows. Now it needs to have a Ferrari engine in the inside as well, so when we developers take a look under the hood don’t see a horrible patched engine.

  16. Done i really need to see results, jaja greetings from spain.

  17. Done!

  18. Done :). The best thing about this survey is that I know from experience you guys will actually listen to this feedback and try your best to please as many of our requests as is possible.

    Cannot wait for 3.0 πŸ™‚

  19. it would be great to be able to take the GPS data of an image/text and link it to a google map in the side bar πŸ˜‰

    That would make the creation of a simple photography site much easier.

  20. Just finished the survey! Can’t wait to see 3.0 and start using it πŸ™‚

  21. I use a real computer – not the toys that others are reporting trouble completing the survey from.

    To me the single biggest insult from Divi (you know – the membership I PAY FOR) is not being able to change the footer text from the options. Everyone knows the “use a child theme” answer is lame.

    Come on Nick. Everyone knows you keep it that way for all the link backs you get from those that don’t know or don’t care. This is the only scumbag thing about ET in my opinion. The fact that not one single rep from ET has EVER responded to the request (besides the child theme thing) is even more telling.

    Everything else – I like the path it’s on. πŸ™‚

    • I agree to this, and to be honest, Divi doesn’t really need the artificial exposure any longer. It just looks greedy from their part.

      I just hopped on board not knowing about this issue, and I was close to doing a money back on my lifetime sub. However, Divi got some good things going and I am excited to see what 3.0 will bring so I decided to stay.

    • Divi is great for content but falls over when ecommerce in my case woocommerce comes into the picture. My clients make money and own shops with their sites but divi and woo and the beyond basic shop module is hampering the most important part of their sites.
      When I’m meeting with my clients in their offices I have my iPad not my desktop, often I’m asked to do a bit on the fly. Divi is not mobile friendly for click drag or the floating builder. When I have to add a new picture, link or change text it can become a nightmare if I’m not home for a couple of days or I have to tune into desktop via parallels to use divi tools there.
      Thanks to the person who provided the survey monkey link do I can do this on iOS.

      • You could go to your meetings prepared. You know… with a laptop.

      • Well Leanne a plugin called:


        Does exist at divi.space

        Is that something you might want??

    • use CSS in setting divi, look in forum explain how much you can change πŸ˜‰

  22. Thank you, ET! Just finished survey and appreciate opportunity to give feedback/input. Used a WYSIWYG-editor years ago and have trialled several WP themes in my quest for the best. DIVI recommended by a friend who took the time to walk me through what it offers and I could not be happier.
    Still rank myself a novice, and learning more each day. But DIVI has definitely made the journey more enjoyable.

  23. My dream for Divi 3.0
    a module that would allow me to :
    with badge
    with event facebook
    business directory

    this would be overkill !

  24. Elegant Themes with Divi as the master theme and CMS platform bilder takes web designing to a whole new level. I am really happy that you include us in the improving of Divi and so looking forward to the Future of Divi.

  25. We always end up using a bunch of plugins to fill what’s missing in Divi. Almost everybody will use a contact form plugin, a better slider plugin etc…Divi could replace these plugins with only some more features added to modules.

    I’d rather have to update wp and divi than wp, divi and all plugins, that vary from a site to site.

    Third party Divi plugins are not bad but the same update issues will occur and support is never as good as ET support.

    • I will agree with you for the contact form, The slider on the other hand is not going to be so easy.

      If you want something like Revolution Slider in DIVI I do not think that is every going to occur. That plugin is already like 5 megabytes in a ,.zip file already.

  26. Great survey..well done …I would love to share this with my friends…Looking for updates πŸ™‚

  27. Great survey. Hope you let us know on the results in a blog post as well. Really eager to find out what others think.

    • I think you will get results next week. They are only going to run the survey for five days. The main question is will they follow what the people want.

  28. Hi, this survey is a nice and inviting positive way to get the best input from the users. Smart thinking and smart users. Hope to encounter a wonderfull, with a lot of possibilities, slider and a Pro, filled with 2 create, professional contact – info forms.

  29. I have one more wish:

    Please add some more web fonts to use in Theme Customizer, like: Arial, Verdana, Georgia, Trebuchet MS etc…

  30. Breadcrumbs please!

  31. An option to edit the general single post layout would be great (with the Divi Builder). So rather than having to edit every blog post individually, you just go to the general layout for single posts, edit it and afterwards, ALL blog posts will be displayed in the specified way (e.g. a fullwidth thumbnail image at the top with the post title on top of it and an overlay on top of the image, etc.).

    This is basically needed for all the sites that you’re relaunching with Divi (it’s less of a problem if you’re starting a brand new site with Divi as you can just create your template and use the builder each and every time).

  32. Done – love goes out to the ET-Team! You’re doing a fantastic job! πŸ™‚

  33. I forgot to request a menu builder, to make more badass mega menus with widgets and icons and shalalala, this would make it easier to differentiate between different divi sites, even with the new features, they all kinda do look alike

  34. Nice blog About Graphic Design and nice Experienced with You….Thank you very much….

  35. Survey doesn’t seem to work on iPad – can’t move on?

  36. You always provide good information thanks for it

  37. Excuse me….can you please add an option for us to add our own custom fonts? Please and Thank You! πŸ™‚

  38. I want the ability to import and export all theme options – in customizer and epanel, not just the divi builder layouts and sections etc. The Divi builder saves so much time when needing to replicate a previous design (to use as like a template to work from), but I always find I have to spend a lot of time going through and manually setting each and every theme option in the theme options epanel and in the customizer, before I can even think about importing any layouts. If we had this option, OMG, I could create a -Completely- and I mean completely – custom designed site in under 5 minutes, lol.

  39. I love Divi, and how they’re always on top of things in terms of functionality and ease of use.
    But please add a integrated light-box feature for video, so when clicked on, in fullwidth or filterable portfolio it does not go to a new page, but plays the video right there.

  40. My three main wishes would be to be able to add modules above the nav/header area, to have an integrated footer editor and for greater customisation options e.g adding hover characteristics to menu/links.

    Loading speed is an issue especially above the fold

    I have a number of sites on other themes but most of my new ones are built with Divi

    • At the elegantmarketplace they have the Divi/Extra Layout Injector plugin. That will allow you add modules in places like above the header.

    • Exactly my priorities, + 1.

  41. Your survey doesn’t seem to work on Safari guys! – can’t see past the first 2 questions

  42. What was the first question again? I think it said how long have you been using ET, or was it Divi? I opened my account in 2006. 2016-2006 = 10 years. Survey question choices only went up to 8 years. There are hundreds (maybe thousands) that started long before me. Maybe the question had a typo?

  43. I like divi for clients, but if it was just me, I would never touch it.. It’s a bit clunky for me and takes way longer than simply coding myself. If you code this will make you pull your hair out, trying to get around all the bs.

  44. The question about allowing clients access to the admin – it needs another selection: “Yes, because my clients demand it, but I REALLY don’t want to.” Although I don’t mind being paid to fix their sites when they break them, sometimes, I think that life really is too short…

  45. Reading the other comments made me remember trying to convert a Spacious site but only 4 cols was a deal breaker, so yes 6 cols not just 4.

  46. Great survey, guys. Thank you for all you do! πŸ™‚

  47. BTW
    Divi Builder(Switching Builder/WP Editor) button is too showy so it should be more humble like other buttons.

  48. Done! good luck!

  49. For DIVI 3.1 a website created for full on main-modules.php documentation would be nice.

    Although the past like 2 months for third party DIVI plugins has BEEN amazing any help would be nice.

  50. Submitted the survey. The main feature that I think could be really enhanced is the contact form. I think Contact form 7 really has it down solid, but I would like to use Divi’s contact form for more customization with checkboxes, radio buttons, date picker, etc instead of using contact form 7….

  51. I can’t seem to complete the survey on my iPad Pro. It can’t scroll down. And I don’t have a pc at the moment.

  52. did it. Waiting for Divi 3.0

  53. Hi, the survey does not work on iphone 6.

  54. I want sidebar option on Pages like Extra.
    And nesting row/module.

    Also Widget module is very basic for other Builder plugins!

  55. Forgot to add:

    1. More form connections to vendors like GetResponse

    2. Edit bottom of footer area. I would love to add out privacy policy link to it.

  56. Done, wainting for results.

  57. Was was able to answer two questions, the first two, on my iPad. The form does not scroll. At least on a Retina iPad. Have to wait for the office desktop. Reminded me that often I feel like an orphan editing the Builder back end on an iPad where the screen is a confusion of margin bars and disjointed scrolling. BUT, I love ET because you are responsive and spirited. I’m not going anywhere but by your side.

  58. Can’t complete on iOS πŸ™ will try on desktop

  59. great idea to involve the community for divi product development.

  60. I dare to post here some of my comments. Let me first say that I am really impressed by the power of Divi Builder, the quality of ET very interesting Newsletters, the professionalism with which the ET team stay in touch with its clients.

    Module wanted:
    Not a module but the ability to make any module slide. Module: side bar that auto-resize its height following the height of the post or blog. Yeah !

    What I like in other Page builders:
    Interactive scaling. Drag and drop from a module library

    – We have to open a module to see its settings. A simple text description visible would be appreciated.
    – The UI is huge. A good point for touch screens but a lot of scrolling and tab switching needed on desktop computers.
    – It doesn’t optimize images size and weight relatively to their actual max size on the web page.

    Don’t beat me πŸ˜‰

  61. My #1 request is a lite version of Divi please

  62. One more. Moving ‘Custom CSS’ to its own sidebar link. Going to Divi –> DIvi Theme Options –> General –> (scroll to the bottom of the page) Custom CSS constantly is no fun as I use it often.

    • Agreed. Would love to see something like Dynamik’s front end CSS builder or CSS Hero.

  63. I want a better form builder in Divi. More option to customize the header module is also required.

  64. Fix the bugs!

    Glad to see you’re getting feedback from people. I use Divi for 4hours + ever single day and there are soooo many glitches! The biggest annoying two are that the default text line height value of 1.7em is broken. And mobile and tablet padding values are glitchy and don’t work most of the time. These are issues that have been going on for months & months! How about a place to report bugs!

  65. I cant finish the survey on tablet. Many mistakes You have. Marketing on high level and helpdesk on low level. No solutions, only closed tickets. Annoying popups if i browse in elegant sites. So less marketing more help please. This is my message from Hungary.

    • I too have many challenges on my iPad and am annoyed by the persistent pop-up I have to swat away every time I visit, signed in or not. I have never used it because I did not want my users to feel like me, unrecognized. I have worked with a dozen site development companies and ET is a keeper. Does not mean they can’t fix the dumb pop up and tablet/iPad access. I hear you.

  66. I would love more control over the menu

  67. One thing I forgot to add in the survey – adding code that makes Divi more accessible (in terms of accessibility standards).

    Note on adding php code directly through the editor – that’s a dangerous move that opens the site up to more attacks. Better to create a shortcode for what you need. I think there’s a plugin that will do that for you.

  68. Whee πŸ™‚ That was fun. I love that you’re interested in finding out how people are using Divi and what they’d like to see added/changed/etc. I’m so very happy that I stumbled into Divi. It’s awesome and you guys are all awesome. Kudos!

  69. Hi guys, thanks for asking for our feedback.

    Apart from better integration with standard industry plugins, I’d reeeeeaaally love to see an importer plugin (e.g. like WP all import) that allows importing into divi builder elements / layouts from a .csv file. This would save me hundreds of hours in time because I currently have to create pages manually. With an importer tool that allows creating pages in divi builder layout from a .csv file, my life would be pretty much almost perfect πŸ™‚

    Best regards, thanks and lots of love.

    • You can already import & export Divi Builder layouts into the Divi Library, or onto a new page. You can also import and export Divi Theme Options, Theme Customizer Settings and Divi Roles πŸ™‚ Is there something else you wanted to import?

      • How do you import and export divi theme options, divi roles, and customizer settings? I looked all over for this and couldn’t find how to do it…??? I’ve been doing these by hand cause I thought this wasn’t added functionality yet. I know about the divi layout import and export, but all the others I can’t figure out. Please give a link or something to how to do this?


        • There is an import/export icon at the top of each of these settings panels, on the right side. Looks like two up/down arrows.

          • Hi Nick – thanks for the great work that you and your team are doing! Is there a way to apply a saved layout to a group of pages at once or import a csv file to create a group of pages at once?

            I have some data that I can load into the wysiwsg default editor – and I can create several – 50, 100 etc pages at once using this plugin. But I can’t find a way to merge the template onto a group of these files or have the plugin recognize the divi builder. It works with other themes.

            I’m working to find my answer – so thank you for your time!

  70. Hi, lovely one…done done!!
    1. More features and design to Tab modules
    2. Elegant Post Slider (found WebMD and Newspaper theme) for post like 10 ways to use Divi with next button

    Thank you very much ET. It has been an exciting time all the way in this marathon!

  71. More Paralax options to Section!
    A true contact form build better than contact form 7 with dinamic select, autocomplete fields and input mask would be aweasome!

  72. I’ve just sent the survey, I added a suggestion because I am not a developer; however I have been using Divi since the very beginning. I am a life member of Elegant Themes. I want to learn more but I need it explained in the easiest way possible. I don’t handle css. Someone asked me if the burger menu can be placed in the left side and the logo in the right side.

  73. Would I recommend Divi to others? Heck No! A magician never reveals his secrets! LOL. Great job guys. Keep em’ coming.

    • That one was funny !:-D

  74. Done.


    1) Checkbox for “rel=nofollow” to Divi Button and Call to Action Module

    2) Divi Review or Vote Module with Schema.org code integrated

  75. The header, please, I beg you.

    We need some header modules! Or some more options to customize

    The only “”””””””””””””””flaws””””””””””””” of this theme are in the header

  76. I love the Divi!

    Quick question, and possible feature request. You can get full screen for html editing, but not for text/raw input. Is there a way to make this full screen like the html edit?

  77. Also, just thought – your own survey / poll / quiz module would be nice πŸ™‚

  78. A layout that can be “bound” to a specific custom post type (automatically).

    “I want six columns instead of 4” (Richard)

    Different section backgrounds for desktop and mobile.

    Set wp archives to use a specific builder layout.

  79. Can someone fix the problem with parallax withfullheader image stretching and cutting off images? This problem is in any module where you can use background parallax… Even in slider.. PLEASE! “Working around” suggestions using Photoshop white borders in today’s digital world simply outdated.

  80. Done
    I want also more and easer SEO options and that I do not need a plugin for that.

    but so far a very great theme

  81. Will definitely complete the survey. It’s the least we can do for you guys – Awesome!

  82. Thanks to the Divi team for letting us respond in this manner. I would definitely welcome more opportunities to provide further qualitative feedback in the near future.

  83. Oh I forgot, I want more column options like 1/5 1/5 1/5 1/5 1/5

  84. Ok. Done!

  85. Can’t get the survey to work on mobile (no way to advance past first 2 questions).

    Anyway…..my feedback.

    I have a LiquidWeb entry level Storm VPS with a handful of small non-Divi websites on them, but now I’ve lifted the memory to handle Divi’s much larger needs, LiquidWeb have told me that my server can probably manage about 3-5 sites max before memory’s needs upgrading (where I had 10+ before). I deleted most of the sites to try Divi without it falling over. Is it meant to be this heavy?

    The current grid pagebuilder takes some getting used to….so Divi 3 will be a big benefit.

    However, the actual blog part of a Divi themed site is very poor-looking. So poor in fact I’ve not used it for any client projects. It seems you have to use the pagebuilder to make your blog and the blog posts themselves look ok, effectively burrying and replacing most of WordPress’s build in features with page and post specific modules for titles, images, sidebars, etc, rather than restyling them with the theme’s CSS etc (I’m not a coder, but not finding settings to make things look nice site-wide).

    Wondering, will Divi 3 need less resources….and will it come with a nice blog theme?

    • Yes, I agree with you on the blog. The fact that the page itself has so little styling options, and then the fact that the layout for the blog posts themselves is so limiting, it is embarrassing to use that for clients.

  86. I filled it out and left some questions unanswered because they didn’t offer a third option. For example, there was one where my answer was inbetween yes and no. Or would have been “it depends”.

    I also listed many suggestions in my answers which I hope you will pick up on as ideas for your 100 days of Divi. For example, it would be great if there was a CSS file I could just drop in to replace BBPress forum’s CSS resulting in a forum that matches the Divi style settings. If that is not possible, then may you can have your guys make 5 or 6 CSS sheets that make BBPress look similar to a Divi default style, in different color combinations. I googled and could not find if anyone has done this.

    I am finding it a huge pain right now to style BBPress to match. It is hideously ugly by default.

    • Me too! I would love a matching BBPress forum CSS too!

    • Me too. Some of the questions were either/or and neither applied. Also, I was waiting for a comments/notes section to show up and it didn’t so here is what I wanted to say.

      However, I would like to see some backward compatibility help. I have clients on 2.x and older that I can’t upgrade b/c you arbitrarily changed CSS class names for god knows what reason. Even making a list of available of what was and what you changed it to would be helpful.

  87. Done ! waiting for the results and a module to design category/archives pages, more blog grid options (display title over images) and visual drag and drop, soon ;-)… we always want more !

    Eric – happy 2 years elegantthemes french customer

  88. can’t wait to play with you divi 3.0 – the most fun & interesting survey ever!!

  89. Page builder for header area. The only higly requured feature for Divi. Take a look at Headway Ultimatum and even free Live Composer theme let users create header section utilizing layout builder.

    • At elegantmarketplace they have a plugin called Divi/Extra Layout Injector which can come in quite handy.

      You can create a layout and STICK it at the top of the screen.

    • Yes absolutely the Header Area needs this!

    • Yes, I was just thinking this. I’d like to see some more options added to the full screen header module.

      • Totally agree! Although I am more than happy to delve into the header.php file and make my own adjustments, it would be less time consuming if the header was fully customizable from within the Divi UI.

  90. I’d love to participate but there is no survey on this page.

    In the article it says “The complete the survey, simply follow along with the questions below. ” But below this sentence are neither a question nor a next button.

    What am i missing?

    • I have the same problem…I can answer the fiirst two questions but no further. I am on an iPad……

  91. Done and Done!

  92. It would be good to have the ability to move the menu or add a new menu if needed.

  93. Just did the survey! Divi is definitely worth my time for surveys like these to #MakeDiviGreatAgain πŸ™‚

    In fact, I would prefer that the team create more of such surveys to get feedback from us in a collective manner.

    Can’t wait for Divi 3.0. Thank you!

  94. Good afternoon,

    Sorry, my poor english doesn’t allow me to understand the question 3. I made the others.

    Thank you, have a good day.


  95. Thanks for letting us be a part of Divi’s future development!

  96. Done! πŸ™‚

  97. “On average, how much do you charge per month for the WordPress maintenance of one website?”

    You left out the option of $0.

    Like most, our clients will not pay for maintenance, but we have to maintain their sites, as they are on our server.

    • Please stop hosting sites without maintenance. Trust me on this. You can give paying clients the choice of maintenance without hosting or hosting with maintenance, but not hosting with no maintenance.

      Guaranteed, this is something you are going to do. It’s whether you do it before or after your server is compromised and you have to clean all of your other client sites.

    • I require a basic maintenance package for this reason. If they don’t maintain it and it gets hacked all my clients suffer. I sell it like this: your website is like a room (domain) in my house (server) and we live in a bad neighborhood (internet). I need to protect the entire house because if you leave your windows open we can all get robbed. I didn’t use to do this but lately, malware attacks have gotten more rampant. It’s like selling malware insurance.

  98. LOVE the opportunity to share my thoughts about my go-to framework/theme… Thank you!

  99. Hi, this survey is in a frame that won’t scroll in iOS Safari, so O can’t get past the second question. I’ll try again from a desktop computer, but this bug might lower your response rate — others might get frustrated and then give up.

  100. Survey doesn’t work from mobile safari browser (iPhone open link from email). I can only see 1,5 questions with no scrolling πŸ™

      • Thanks for that! Otherwise I couldn’t have done survey! Mobile and divi don’t have a great relationship, even typing this on mobile is a pain.

  101. First time I actually was eager to fill out a survey. It was be great to see a designed info graphic on the results.

    • @Clayton Chelmo, Lol, same here! I’ve been doing web design and development since 1992 and never filled out a survey until I saw this one this morning. The guys at Divi sure know how to keep their customers engaged πŸ™‚
      Great job!

      • Yes, I know what you mean. This survey is as extensive as some of the feedback I used to provide for some of the very big players in the web design and development world. It’s great to see how much Nick and the rest of the Divi team value their customer base.

      • Me too!

  102. Great questions, all done. Will be great to see the results πŸ™‚

  103. Done! Some thought required for a few of those questions – What do I want? I don’t know, usually I figure it out when you tell me!

  104. Question #5 and Question #6 are the same πŸ™‚

    • one is about speed the other about ease of use… however, more features is what i’d like to see..

  105. I hate tests. I hope I pass πŸ™‚

  106. Intergrate better with woocomerce and a/b splitesting of your product page

    • That would be great.

    • +1 for those πŸ™‚

  107. Done! Wanting to see the results πŸ˜‰

  108. ok done looking forward to the results. All the best.

  109. Done and with pleasure. Thanks ET.

  110. I have sent muy answer

  111. Well, this was fun! Had to think about a few of those, but it did force me to step outside of my normal Divi-bubble and see things from a different side. πŸ™‚

  112. Happy to give my opinions,but really Nick and the team, you guys rock!

    • I agree Gordon, Divi rocks. With a little html, css and php knowledge, my goodness boys and girls, what else do you need. Hats off to Nick and the team.

  113. I took the Survey…

    Yes we need more modules. Like a code module that can actually do something with RAW JS and RAW PHP.

    I would like some graph modules like bar charts, pie charts, and line charts.

    I want six columns instead of 4.

    I would like each new sidebar created to also come with a created shortcode we can use.

    I want the contact module to have in check boxes, radial buttons, file upload, and drop down options.

    I want to edit the footer text in the theme options panel.

    I want the theme options panel to get a custom social media module so we can add in the social media we really need with the icon we want as well.

    I want the menu area to have its own special DIVI builder so some of the modules can go up in the menu.

    I would also not mind a new header look that comes with a sidebar widget area,

    • +1000!!!

    • +10,000
      yes yes yes to more footer + header controls, 6 columns and contact module additions in particular

    • GREAT thoughts all!

    • +1. I totally forgot about the footer, but just because of the text on the footer I have to use a child theme. That’s very, very, very, very annoying

    • “I want to edit the footer text in the theme options panel.”

      Yes! This seems like such a basic thing.

    • +1 for the Code Module, would be awesome to add raw JS or PHP.

    • Ah, I completely forgot to mention the ability to add more columns! Dammit! 5 or 6 are sometimes needed. That really bugs me at the moment. Divi is AWESOME though.

    • +1

    • Wow you read my mind with each and every one of your points. Divi would be next to PERFECTION with all of these added.

      I would also add the ability for the email optin to integrate with more auto responders.

    • +1

    • +1

    • What about 5, 7 or 9 columns?

      I wonder why it was a good idea to give only ‘half’ the options? let’s make this thing super customisable! Let’s customise everything!

      I’m guessing that the limited options are due to not scaring non-developers and allowing beginners to use it easily too? Couldn’t we have an ‘advanced’ options as well as a ‘wizard’ for the noobs?

      • For me Will anything over 6 columns I think is a bit overkill.

        I did though see one CSS framework recently go 24 columns though.

        • The idea behind 24 columns isn’t that you will need a column that is 1/24 of the width of your site. It is just about more flexibility in terms of layout. Being able to be more precise.

          I think 24 is probably more than most will need regardless. But honestly, the BEST option would be the ability to adjust by percentage. Then you essentially have 100 columns! Much better and probably less code to manage dealing with responsive column logic.

          One way or another though, 4 just isn’t enough. It works for most things, and sure, you can make columns a specific width. But having it native is much much better.


    • +1000

    • I second this particularly – “I want the theme options panel to get a custom social media module so we can add in the social media we really need with the icon we want as well.”

      • And the module includes only title, Icon URL, and icon link options. You do not need anything else.

        You will though get to position in the order you want and turn only the ones you want on or off which is still a simple must.

    • Everything that Richard said! Especially additional header options/styles. At the moment i find myself custom coding the header to make it look less Divi

    • Yes – to be able to edit footer text in theme options rather than in the footer.php!

    • Wow! You are demanding! But I agree with you. We are so needy and Divi is already supplying us with more than most theme builders. But that is why I love it because they did not leave us with just a good builder they keep on getting better and giving us more!

      • Yes I am needy, but you know if the team behind DIVI included all that I posted how much better this theme will be.

        Better control over Social media

        More content getting displayed in places where it should go without the need for additional plugins..

        More columns for more content design ideas.

        All this is a must.

    • agreed on all points.

    • Sheesh – I wish I had read this before completing the survey! πŸ™‚ I totally forgot about the footer text.

      And while I am on a “+1” kick, +1 on the added social media options

      • Me too, that would be a great addition. Also the ability to create more advance menus would be nice.

    • Sweet mercy….. scrub my survey… data presentation would be amazing!

    • +1

      • +1

    • +1

    • +1 for more columns, footer, checkboxes for forms, menu functions

    • Excellent suggestions! I especially like the Raw PHP, Graphs, six columns, and Contact Form changes!

      • +1

    • I also agree with you Richard on all your points.

    • A more advanced contact module would be amazing!

      • +1

    • “Like a code module that can actually do something with RAW JS and RAW PHP”

      Oh, yes, that!

      • ^ Yep that!! ^
        I’ve been creating shortcodes to get around this.

        • +1 for a Code module!

    • +1

  114. Just finished the survey, was nice to think about some of those questions.

    Really hope the suggestions are considered (especially for menu’s, forms and consistency in modules). Would like those even more than front end editing. And I’m really looking forward to that.

    I love Divi, I really do. But it’s not easy for my editors to add their own content. I keep taking over from them to get things to look right.

    • Amen. It would be great if editors could add content without screwing up the design and other settings. Maybe giving editors restricted settings for modules would be great!

      • “Amen. It would be great if editors could add content without screwing up the design and other settings. Maybe giving editors restricted settings for modules would be great!”


    • I TOTALLY FORGOT about the form builder. I’d really like to see it extended to cover a bit more form field types (datepickers esp.)… I was stuck on the full screen slider lol πŸ™‚ I really want a native DIVI full screen slider.

      • +1 fullscreen sliders!
        more control over sliders!

        • +1 fullscreen sliders! Give us more Features
          +1 Forms! Give us great form controls

      • +1 for the forms, too. I forgot about it, too!

      • +1000!!! A fleshed-out form builder would ROCK!

      • Can I upvote this one somehow? I keep having to install 3rd party form plugins because of the limited one in Divi. I couldn’t decide between that and adding more Gallery/Portfolio view options…

      • haha I was stuck on full screen slider too! But yes expansion of the form would be amazing.

      • +1 for the forms (was my response to the last question)

  115. And it’s done πŸ˜‰

  116. Good survey. I’m looking forward to seeing the results.

    • lets see if they listen…there are some real deep issues cropping up with divi these days, and its complexity is growing.. that in and of itself is making life difficult.

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