Divi 2.0 Has Arrived, Giving “Countless Possibilities” A Whole New Meaning

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Divi 2.0 Has Arrived, Giving “Countless Possibilities” A Whole New Meaning
Blog / Theme Releases / Divi 2.0 Has Arrived, Giving “Countless Possibilities” A Whole New Meaning
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Last year we launched Divi 1.0, and it quickly became our most popular theme. In fact, it is now used more than all of our other themes combined. It was obvious from the start that we had created something that our community found extremely useful, but we knew that we could make it better. The day after Divi 1.0 was released, our team set out to expand upon our most powerful and flexible theme ever. With a grand total of 3 unique section types, 20 column structures, and 33 robust modules, we are extremely proud and excited to finally introduce Divi 2.0. This version is a seamless update to the current Divi, still giving you the the ability to build each page from the ground up with an even more advanced page builder.

Divi has been almost a year in the making, and we can’t wait to see the amazing websites that our customers create from it. Never before have we spent this much time focusing on a single theme, and the result is a product that is significantly more expansive, fine-tuned and user-friendly than anything else in our collection. With double the modules, double the layout structures, and double the theme options, Divi 2.0 gives “countless possibilities” a whole new meaning.

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Divi Drag & Drop Page Builder

The Divi Page Builder has seen some amazing improvements, including the ability to duplicate a module, row, or section, and an all new Specialty Section that introduces 9 new column structures.



The Clone Tool

The Divi Builder now gives you the ability to duplicate any element along with all of its settings, perfect for creating multiple modules that share common properties.

New Specialty Sections

Specialty Sections give you additional levels of vertical division, that essentially allow you to place columns within columns. These are especially useful for creating dynamic sidebar layouts.

Standard Row Types


Specialty Row Types


All New Header Options

Divi’s header options allow you to choose the color of your header, the placement of your logo, add an accent bar for social and contact information, and even choose between horizontal and vertical navigation. Divi 2.0 has also introduced a new secondary navigation location.


Vertical Navigation

Alongside the brand new header options, you can also change the orientation of your entire navigation to be vertical. Choosing this setting will place your navigation on the left-hand side of your page as in the examples below. This, combined with our new header options, allows you to create some truly unique websites that look and feel completely different from each other.


Centered Logo

You can now arrange the position of your logo to be centered above your navigation items. This options is great for larger logos and primary navigation that has a lot of menu items.


Boxed Layout

Now you can choose to contain your website in a boxed layout. With this setting enabled, you can define a website background photo, color, or pattern.


Create Menu-less Landing Pages

Divi is now one of the best tools you can use for creating standalone landing pages. In Divi 2.0, we have introduced the blank page option, which can remove the header and footer areas from any individual page. These standalone pages can be used for all sorts of great applications, such as a sales landing page, a maintenance mode page, a countdown/coming-soon page, and so much more.


Fully Responsive

No matter how you use it, no matter how you view it, your website is going to look great. Taking Divi on the go feels like you never left. All of Divi’s new features and modules have been built with responsiveness in mind.


Stunning Projects & Portfolios

With Divi’s portfolio modules, you can show off your work anywhere on your site in a variety of new ways. You can even build your project pages with the builder!


Fullwidth Portfolio

Now your portfolios take advantage of Divi’s Fullwidth Sections. Your fullwidth portfolios can be displayed in a fluid grid (above), or horizontal carousel.


Filtered Portfolio

With the filterable portfolio, users can view a grouping of projects from a selected category.


WooCommerce Ready

Divi has what you need to get an online store up and running in no time. We’ve included a couple of new pre-made store layouts in Divi 2.0, and the store module lets you sell anywhere on your site.


Down To Business

Need a professional looking site for your business? Look no further. Divi’s wide range of business savvy modules lets you easily create serious yet modern looking designs.


Gorgeous Blog Layouts

Divi comes with various blog layouts to choose from. Using Divi’s builder you can place blog posts anywhere within your website.


Post Formats

Divi now supports standard, audio, gallery, quote, video, and link post types. Turn your blog into a dynamic media sharing experience that is fun to explore. Divi 2.0 makes it easier than ever to use WordPress post formats.


Pre-Made Layouts

Divi 2.0 introduces a completely new set of Pre-Made Layouts. We have spent more time to make sure that these layouts are a great starting point for anyone who wants to use Divi to build their website. Pre-made layouts can be loaded to pre-populate any page builder with a set of pre-defined modules built for a specific purpose.



Save & Load Layouts

In the case of wanting to use a layout in another area of your site, you can choose to save your layout, and load it into any other page.

Export Layouts

Yup, you can even export your saved layouts for use on a completely different website that is using the Divi Theme!


33 Robust Modules

Modules are building blocks that allow you to add content to your website. When combining different modules with different row structures the design possibilities are countless. In Divi 2.0, we have introduced several new modules, and we have updated many of our classic modules as well.

Image Gallery

Now you can create a collection of images without having to make projects and portfolios. Clicking on an image will open up a full sized lightbox and you can even choose to show your gallery as an image slider.

Audio Player

Sharing audio looks great in Divi. You can even upload album or track art to be displayed along side the Divi audio player.

Login Field

If you are using WordPress as a membership system, then adding a login form directly to a page can be quite useful. Now you don’t need to send your members or contributors to the WordPress login form. Try using your own branded form instead, designed in the clean Divi style.

Fullwidth Portfolio

Your portfolios can now take advantage of Divi’s fullwidth sections.

Filtered Portfolio

Give your visitors the power to filter through your project categories with the all new filtered portfolio module

Animated Counters

We have added two more counter modules to the list. Animated pie charts and number counters are a fun way to inform and engage your visitors.

Countdown Timer

Let your visitors know when something is going to be launched or an event is going to occur with the new countdown module


This module allows you to highlight your clients, your customers and/or the team members that help make your company a reality.


Similar to the toggles module, this is a great way to consolidate information. As you open a toggle, the active one closes.


Letting your visitors know where you are is a great feature for a contact or about page. The map module is even compatible with Divi’s Fullwith Sections!

Social Media Follow

Social media is more important than ever and it is important that you are able build your social following. You can even choose your shape and colors!

Fullwidth Menu

Now you can place navigation menus anywhere on your page, great for adding a secondary menu further down your page.

Subscribe Form

The subscribe module now supports MailChimp, AWeber, and Feedburner.

Blurbs & ElegantIcons

Divi blurbs now harness the full power of our ElegantIcon pack. Choose from over 350 icons to use in your blurbs either above or to the left of your content.


You can now add a testimonial portrait image, choose your background color, and even define the attributor’s position and company name.

Contact Form

Contacts forms have undergone a layout update that is more responsive and visually compatible with other modules.


Images can now be clicked on and opened up in a lightbox for a full scale viewing experience.

New & Improved Documentation With Over 50 In-Depth Video Tutorials

We have spent a lot of time making sure that Divi is well documented and easy to use. With 50 tutorials, each with full length video walkthroughs accompanied by full length articles, everything you need to know about Divi can be found n once place.


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  1. Like the Divi theme.

    But what i like to see is, a custom post type in the Divi builder and you can name it like decor, portfolio or somting else. so you can use the new post type in de builder like the projects or pages post type.

  2. Divi theme give us one of the best options for customization without most of the dirty work. Thank you!

  3. Hi. I’m testing DIVI 2.0 and I have a question. It’s posible to put a texture instead a solid colour in the primary navigation background?

    Thank you very much for your excelent work and for your support.

    Best regards

  4. I really enjoyed the Divi theme, I think is really the best theme and easier to use on the market.
    I think you should create the option of signing Developer Lifetime by theme, for example the Divi because I have no interest in other topics of ET.
    This signature would then be cheaper than a Lifetime Membership (I think too expensive, when you just want a theme).

  5. Divi, just got started with it and all seems promising. Just one BIG request; add GetResponse integration! It’s a MUST for me and a big disappointment finding out it’s not listed.
    If this will not happen any time soon can anyone explain me a work-around to set it up anyway? Thanks!

  6. This is an amazing theme! The thing I love most about it is the flexibility. Job Well Done Divi!

  7. I’m currently not a Divi customer just yet but been planning on it.

    From what I see Divi could use some new features:
    1.) A more customized Contract Us form. I feel like we should be able to collect certain information but we are limited to what is provided.

    2.) I’m not sure if this is currently possible but HTML Widgets or Modules. I may have this all mixed up as I haven’t used word press in ages but after seeing Divi 2.0 I’v been really interested.

    These are a few things that I see that could use some overhaul other Divi 2.0 is great out of the box.

    Keep up the great work.

  8. divi is an awesome all in all smartest theme i also start admiring it 🙂

  9. I want to buy this subject, but stops one: I have a lot of published articles (video, audio, the quote, the link).
    Why it is impossible to make the section “Using Divi Post Formats” usual as in wordpress. I have more than 500 articles, there are no wish to remake. Why video, audio, quotes, links don’t work by default as in wordpress. Whether it is possible to make them workers by default, without correcting each article?

  10. I was looking on the Monarch plugin preview and on it you have an iPad image that breaks the frame, and hangs over on to rows, is that something I could do in Divi?

    Thanks in advance,


  11. Love this Theme and the new Login Field looks great!

    I was wondering once the user has logged in is there a way to redirect the user to a specified URL once logged in? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

  12. Th у website looks great but the proble is that there is a BLACK splash when the video with paint starts in almmost all browsers and it looks very bad. How can we solve it?

  13. Oh wow, this theme is darn AWESOME! Can’t wait to sign up!

  14. Has there been a theme released since Divi?

    • There hasn’t. After Divi, we focused on Divi 2.0. We are now working on Extra. You can learn more by keeping up with the topics in our Theme Sneak Peeks category.

  15. Hi, Im new to Divi after reading all the hype – boy it wasn’t over rated. I love it but was wondering if there is an email field avaialble for the team member’s bio and a contact number field. Also looking to see if Department can be added as would like to show in filterable grid. I know there are plugins but the team section looks so good within Divi I would love to use it.

  16. Firstly, what an awesome job this is, seriously I am blown away by this! Just wondering, if I pay $69 does that allow me to download and keep this theme (and others) but if I cancel after one year I no longer get support and upgrades?

    • You can use the theme forever if you cancel your subscription, but you will not be able to upgrade it our open support tickets.

  17. Hi, I’m having a hard time find a way to track (Adwords) conversions with this theme’s built-in contact form. Am I missing something simple?

  18. Hi, wondering if this theme and modules support any multi language module for WP? Im looking to redo my site but is a two language site. Thanx!
    ps: btw….this is probably the best WP theme i ever saw.

  19. Would be absolutely perfect if your Subscribe Module allowed for integration with Constant Contact! Great Divi updates thank you!

  20. The number counter is bugged when using commas. The counter will start slow then just jump to the final number. I’m sure that’s a pretty easy fix. Also sorry if there is a bug submission area, I couldn’t locate it. Other than that the theme is AMAZING.

  21. I have a client who is looking for a theme that is easy to use and Divi came to mind. The only problem I am having is that she wants a content slider on the homepage. Does anyone know of content sliders that work with Divi? Any input or advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • Hi
      I love divi. can somebody let me know how to make my banner responsive on sride.co?

      Have not heard back from support team

  22. Hey guys! I’m a huge fan of Divi and love the level of customization and quality it offers. In fact, the best thing I ever did for my WordPress multisite was ONLY use the Divi Theme and focus on Page Layouts for added customization.

    Working with Google and Bing Webmaster tools, I got a bit OCD on correcting Structured Data hAtom errors theme-wide as automated as possible. Once I finished testing and correcting it, I spent about 16 hours putting together a detailed post about how to use microformat, schema.org, rich snippets, etc.

    I also included exact line-by-line instructions and examples of the changes I made in my child theme’s functions and pages. These changes will fix all POSTS, and I explain how you can fix pages (which have to be done in-line)

    I’m using a plugin for Rich Snippet on posts and pages, and a separate plugin for Google Authorship. It would be nice, however, to integrate these tools into Divi since it has most of the structure in place already.

    But regardless, I think Divi’s brillance is its ability to be used by a beginner, but offers extensive customization for advanced designers, and that’s what’s been missing in the WordPress community for a long time. Thanks!

  23. Hi,

    I’d be very interested in anyone could share their ecommerce websites based on divi.

    Many thanks,


  24. I’ve spent the last week looking at WordPress themes (going crazy) and I’m really interested in Divi 2.0 but I need a magazine style theme and what I want to know is if I can create that with Divi 2.0?

    Any feedback would be appreciated. I know you’re working on the “Extra” theme, which is exactly what I want but I don’t get the feeling it’ll be out anytime soon. Either way, I want something now.


    Thanks in advance,

  25. hi we have a problem in Call to undefined function et_get_theme_version() … what is this

    • If you need help with anything, please open a ticket in our support forums so that our team can assist you.

  26. Yeah. It’s a great theme, better than previously.

  27. Hi. I use this theme. IT IS GREAT, but i have one issue.
    When I set slider, numbers 4 and 5 appear instead of arrows.
    Please help fix this

  28. Is there going to be the ability to have Campaign Monitor integrated as your Mailchimp?
    Will this be in the next upgrade?
    If not, I will have to try and find a workaround – if it is, I will wait.

  29. This is a feature request for Divi 3:

    It would be great to be able to re-use elements in the Divi page builder.

    For example, if you had created a great call to action, pricing table or anything else that you wanted on several different pages, it would be awesome to be able to save that bit of the page, give it a name and then use it on other pages as a shortcode.

    If you changed the original element, and re-saved it, all the pages using it would be updated.

  30. Great looking theme — WOW

    One quick question if I may please does it support Schema.org and if not will it in the future ?

    Looks awesome will have fun playing with it 🙂

  31. Divi! a nice theme

  32. Congrat for the 2.0! It’s the footer finally sticky?

  33. Great theme, no doubt. But, how to get boxed pages? Description says
    ” With this setting enabled” so, where to enable this setting? Or should it be done via special columns? Thanks

  34. I updated Divi vom 1.6 to 2.0 today and it worked all fine, except for my sliders and the countdown function. It seems to work with Chrome, but I usually work with Safari and that’s where it’s not working.

    At the slider, instead of the arrows (“”) it says “4” and “5”.

    The countdown shows NaN … no matter what date I give it.

    Will there be a solution for the Safari-issues? It seems that more people have problems using Safari.

  35. güzel bir site tebrikler

  36. I run Shining Star Photo Booth, an event entertainment company that provides photo booth rentals. I have based my site on Chameleon. I am curious if you will continue to develop and enhance the older themes now that Divi 2.0 is out, or if the primary focus will be Divi themes?

  37. Everyone being online and business also, generally users preferred those website which are looking attractive and well designed. So if you want a attractive website for your business or company, you can get it with GoWEBbbay IT solution web design and graphics firm.

  38. hi,

    great looking theme and especially easily modifable. Nevertheless we have run into the problem, that the countdown timer seems to work on a PC and iMac but not on iPhones or iPads running the latest german version of the iOS. the timer shows up with a NAN in the day field and zeros iin the hour, minute and second field. changing the date or hanging the background does not change this. it seems that the moment the responsive layout kicks in the counter goes on strike. The funny thing is, that your demo works on the ios in responsive mode. We are running divi on WP 3.91.

  39. Does anyone know the name of the social media sidebar that’s used on this page?

  40. Hi! I’m user of Divi 2.0.
    Is there a chance that you improve pricing table in 3.0?
    There is a lack of discount price option.
    e.g. normal price – $300 (strikeout number), price with discount – $200

  41. AWWW SNAP!

    I used to use blackhat downloaded versions of elegant themes products

    Divi 1 (and guilt) made me pay for the real deal, Divi 2 ensures payment of next years license fee.

    And I’ve never seen such a high level of customer support from any business as I have seen with Elegant. Answering all kinds of theme customization questions that fall outside of what would be expected.

    Good sh*t Nick and the rest of u guys and gals at Elegant.

    Just to make sure I’m not missing anything, we can’t customize posts, only pages right?

  42. Hi,
    how to tile background?
    Sorry for my bad english, I use the Google translator 😀

  43. I love this theme, and immediately jumped on the opportunity to upgrade to 2.0. On the website the search Icon is showing up as U instead of an image, and the footer icons are not displaying either. Did something go wrong on the upgrade? Anyone know how I can fix this?

    Thank you,
    Abe L

    • Testimonials icons are not displaying either…. What has happened? 😀

  44. Is it possible to change the default blog post background to dark and text to light colored?

  45. Hi. I love the look of this theme and Im much inclined to buy it.
    The one and olny thing that is stopping me is an option that im missing at this point.

    I would like the option to show and portfolio item in a lightbox.
    Whit that option, I think you would attract alot of possible clients that are using Striking Theme.

    Please create that feature and I´ll buy you theme today.
    Thank you

  46. How well does Divi and its Page Builder work with shortcodes and snippets from other WP plugins?

  47. Hi Nick, the team behind ET and dear readers!

    I’m wondering how to use Divi 2 for landing pages with A/B testing.

    In my case, I have to set up only 1 landing page based on 1 URL (link goes from FB/G+ campaing). How to prepare more variations of it? I guess, that I’ll prepapre 3 pages and then set it up with some A/B testing plugin?

    Which A/B plugin do you suggest to use?

    Thanks in advance for any replies with tips&links ;-).

  48. Great JOB on DIVI 2.0 ( as if it hasn’t been said already. 😉
    But I have one question, does this mean you won’t be doing any other type of themes like before Divi? or now all development will be to keep upgrading Divi? Or can you make the Current themes Divi enable?

  49. Blog Post Formats are not working for me at all and I don’t know why.
    Are they supposed to work on the Category index pages at all? I tried creating a page with a Blog module and they’re not showing up there either. Most important one is the Video post format and it’s not working. Not sure what’s going wrong. Some posts are showing up with an {{unknown}}. Could this be caused by the theme I used before Divi?

  50. I normally use Woothemes Canvas to start a new WordPress website, but can honestly say that this version of Divi is so adaptable and performs so well that this might now become my canvas.

    Thanks for providing such a great them.

  51. Still toying with it – still in awe!

    Without question, DIVI’s functionality is what used to separate the themes at the Forest from ElegantThemes. You’ve matched and trumped ’em. Very, very well done!

  52. Genius work – sincerely.

    I spend a lot of time with the hundreds of clients I manage. I’ve seen a gazillion different themes tested and implemented over the past few years, and I have to admit, this is top of the pyramid in 2014. Your new Divi 2.0 theme is the best implemented theme this year. Kudos!

    Jim Walker
    The Hack Repair Guy

  53. I got a problem after updated to Divi 2.0. My icon font is gone. It come out character 5 instead of >. Search icon become character U. Anybody can help?

    • Please clear your browser cache. If you need help in the future, you can open a ticket in our support forums, where our team is ready to assist you.

  54. Excellent. Some of the new features, especially the extra woocommerce modules, will be great on our current Divi 1.0 site: http://www.gourmetcarnivore.com

    Looking forward to upgrading and tinkering this weekend!

  55. Génial, je vois beaucoup d’utilisation possible, et j’aime cette idée. Vive Divi 2.0 !

    une Frenchie

  56. Hi ,
    is there way to create multilanguage site in DIVI theme: english, chinese and japanese?

    If yes, how to do that – on what way?
    DIVI is great looking theme, good job !!!

    • Hey, is there answer for my question?
      Thanks in advance:

  57. It’s breathless with a class of touch and sheer power! Divi 2.0 is an ultimate theme to power a modern site with sterling features. Divi page-builder, templates and modules are the live-streams to churn out creative website. One more thing, I love your video 😀
    Thanks for giving us a versatile theme money wise. Cheers!

  58. The demo looks amazing, picking up a “personal” license in the morning to toy around with it locally in the morning. If Divi is as good as I hope, I won’t ever have to buy another theme.

  59. I love how Divi 2.0 allows for so much design flexibility. Elegant Themes has taken the best parts of all of their themes and created one of the greatest, fully customizable WordPress themes there is.

  60. Divi 2.0 looks pretty cool.

  61. The collection of diverse modules is an awesome tool set to aid content development!


  62. Lovely, clean and easy usability! I really want

  63. Finally a complete to build websites for creative agencies and freelancers theme.

  64. I cannot wait to give this a try! So many options make me feel all tingly in a geeky nerdy sorta way.

  65. The flexible use to design good looking pages. Great stuff!

  66. Finally! DIVI 2.0 BABY! 🙂

  67. Was using Squarespace but fell in love with Divi so switching is a must!!

  68. Post formats! This looks interesting.

  69. Using Genesis and Dynamik currently but Divi is looking good. I used to have a ET license but that was before Divi days.

    Life time developers license is just what I need. Hope this is easier to win than the lottery.

  70. Divi is the one and only theme that anybody will ever need. Great work Elegant Themes! I’ve been with you guys for many years.

  71. I’ve been using Divi since right after it was released and Divi 2 is a great improvement on an already great theme!

  72. I’m really looking forward to the new builder with all the different ways to slice up the page. I did this site with DIVI 1.0 http://theparentcue.org Hopefully they will want an upgrade to DIVI 2.0

  73. Looks like I’m going to finally get my wish of being able to put in a proper portfolio that doesn’t seem to go all wonky on mobile and different screen resolutions 🙂

  74. I love the ability to center a larger logo with a longer list of menu items below. Beautiful!

  75. Simply amazing!

  76. Well done all! You knocked it out of the park on this one! My favorite feature??? Man. Im diggin the maps but it’s all so…. GREAT!

  77. This is so exciting! I am so looking forward to trying it out.

  78. Divi 2.0 will be replacing X theme as my theme of choice!

  79. I love Divi! The possibilities are endless with this amazing theme. Thank you Elegant Themes!

  80. Newest DIVI – Great as expected!

    I do have a wish/request.
    When using the countdown timer, how do I set it to show “servertime” instead of the visitors localtime? The launchday of Divi 2.0 was quite frustrating…. Everybody sitting in their respective timezone and being disappointed. So I´d like (wish for) a tutorial blogpost how we can activate “servertime” and give every visitor the same time.


    • Small rant – when trying to post previous comment I repeatedly got the “Sucuri WebSite Firewall – CloudProxy – Access Denied” page when pressing – “Submit Comment”.
      I usually use Comodo Dragon when surfing the net, but had to switch to Google Chrome to comment!
      Not that great (but probably a Sucuri thing?)…!?


  81. Awsome theme! As we have been waiting for this!

  82. Really excited about Divi 2.0. Love that it’s so versatile and that we have lots of options! Thanks for all the hard work that’s gone into it.

  83. Just starting to play with Divi 2.0 and Love it!!! So many choices!!!!

  84. This theme looks amazing! Awesome job ET!

  85. I love the flexibility of Divi 2.0. The way you can move things about and create amazing looking sites. The video backgrounds are fab and the new header options that allow you to call from a mobile is great.

  86. Great Theme!

  87. The look of it. Awesome.

  88. very nice, can’t wait to create with it.

  89. I really like the circle counters and header contact information 🙂

  90. I’ve been using Divi-1 for a few months and absolutely loving what it offers. All the best for v2.

  91. Well done!

  92. Great giveaway for what looks like an amazing theme!

  93. Great giveaway for what looks like an amazing theme!

  94. I’ve used Divi on several sites already, and I’m looking forward to 2.0!

  95. I love how simple it is for even the most novice of web designers or home users to create fantastic and engaging blogs and websites with the new Divi 2.0 theme. It turns novices into professionals in 5 minutes flat! Well Done ET…!!

  96. Awesome concept 🙂

    Loving the vertical layout

  97. love it

  98. Wow nice .. I love ur team work

  99. Was worth the wait 🙂

  100. It’s been said countless times but the new headers are great and you’ve made an amazing job

  101. WOW… wonderful theme

  102. Divi 2.0 is the best theme framework ever! Congrats!

  103. So. Many. Features. 🙂
    I hope there’ll be an RTL version.

  104. I like the drag and drop layout builder which is the heart of this theme.

  105. I’m excited to try out the amazing array of options for creating row designs. It’s always been a nightmare to make complex designs using traditional methods.

  106. Divi v2.0 Giveaway! #LifetimeMembership

    I always recommend Elegant themes 🙂

  107. Very nice. Now I have to think about switching my theme over to divi. I already use a Elegant Themes theme btw. 🙂

  108. For such a flexible theme, headers
    Were previously neglected compared to other
    Great job on the headers in divi 2

  109. Awesome theme. Playing with the new stuff and I like it.

  110. congratulations. expand. evolve.

  111. Thank you for this great theme! Loving the customizability of it!

  112. Great theme. However, I’m not sure if I would be able to configure it. I would probably need to hire someone to do it for me.

  113. The DIVI 2.0 theme looks amazing. I cant wait to try it out!

  114. Awesome theme! I will join today and download Divi!

  115. Looking forward to using DIVI 2.0!

  116. Great theme! Much more flexible than anything else I’ve come across for WP, and highly polished too. Looking forward to seeing even more updates.

  117. Getting better and better! Thanks.

  118. Wow, what an incredible theme. Adaptable for hundreds if not thousands of different applications!


  119. Pushing the web forward!

  120. Love the new modules! Great work ET!!

  121. Amazing work at Divi 2.0 from the Elegant Team. Most important thing for me is to work with one theme on different projects. Very Impressive ;-)…

  122. Just renewed my membership a week or two ago in time for Divi 2.0. The boxed feature is just what I needed for my new site, love the specialty sections too. Looking forward to giving it a spin.

  123. Thanks for your work!

  124. I want iT!

  125. There are endless options with this seem and it is so versatile I’m not sure I’ll ever need another theme! Wow!

  126. I love Divi theme, so far its my fav. Divi 2 is looking even more amazing!!

  127. loved it 🙂

  128. I’m using this theme on a few sites and love it!! The improvements in 2.0 are great. Thank you so much for all the hard work you guys have put into it!

  129. Great theme !

  130. Divi has an amazing design

  131. My favorite part of Divi 2.0? The “All New Header Options”… this is what I have been wishing for in the previous version. Now with more options for the header, logo and navigation, my creative side is awakened, and seeing all the other new features makes me so inspired to start working on our community website and reinventing my travel blog (among other projects ^_^). Thanks ET!!!

  132. Hey Nick Roach,

    In this blog post you mention that there are over 350 new Blurbs & ElegantIcons.

    Where are they? How can I download them? How can I access them?

    Thanks mate.


  133. I love the idea of this update theme. Just not so sure why things look weird on my site. The magnifiying glass icon is now a “U”? Etc… lots places were icons are supposed to be, in the template drag and drop portion and on the site are Letters instead of the actual icon image? I might just be retarded and don’t know much about actual coding… but isn’t that the point of your themes? Please help.

    • You need to clear your cache. Your browser is loading old files.

      • Hi Nick, I am a user of DIVI theme for my web site http://www.batuq.com and I am trying to understand if this theme allows to make the color of the background translucent?
        I mean I know i can change the color of a certain section, or even put an image as a background, but if i want to choose a color and make it translucent so i can see the background image of the site, how can I do that??
        Another question I have is if I can define somehow the width of a certain section?

        Do you think you can help me?

        Kind regards,


  134. I’ve always wanted to try a theme with a vertical menu. And I’m stoked to try all the new possibilities.
    Thanks for all the work!

  135. useful and wonderful theme, thanks for a really big upgrade, awesome!

  136. Just got back from vacation and dying to dive in and discover the new DIVI 2.0.

    I’ve already created my first site in DIVI for my own business – http://www.customology.co.uk – and working on a development site for a client.

    Can’t wait to see the new features and convert this new site to DIVI 2.0 if it will work better for it.

    Thanks Nick and everyone for not only creating amazing themes, but also the superb support and forum.

  137. Love this!

  138. Still learning how to use this, but I love how flexible it is! Thank you!

  139. AMAZING!!!
    You win.

  140. I love the boxed layouts. There are always some clients who still prefer boxed layouts so that was a huge feature add. Much appreciated!

  141. Swiss Army Knife for web design…Love it.

  142. I am loving divi 2.0. In fact I haven’t gotten much sleep in the past few days with all the updates I have been making on the sites I have created using it. I’m working on this page http://www.creativeclickmedia.com/seo-nj/ and I see several ways to improve divi:
    1. Allow image as a background for subscriber form
    2. Allow custom message on submission
    3. Allow custom fields and design options in the contact form. I know I could do this with a plugin but it doesn’t look as nice. Plus, my site speed has improved significantly as a result of no longer needing additional plugins.

  143. Woah, nice, this is awesome!

  144. I thought version 1 was amazing; but version 2 is taking things to a whole new level!

  145. Awesome & cool. Great team, great theme, great support!

  146. Cor Blimey, took ages to scroll down here to be able to comment!

    Lots of very happy customers I see.

    Divi is one Ive not tried yet, would very much love to, but my membership has expired and I can’t afford to renew it 🙁

    The lifetime membership would change everything for me.

    From what I see if the new Divi, is thats its a game changer.

    My last year with ET has been awesome, I use it with my students, I teach web design, my students love ET, and I find it very easy to teach them with all the tutorials help and support from ET.

    Eventually my students don’t need me anymore and go it alone… which is what is so rewarding about teaching web design.

    A lifetime member ship would enable me to teach using ET for a lifetime too 😉
    Big up ET. xxx

  147. Very nice. Have you considered letting us write our own modules yet? That or more control of certain modules would make this spectacular!

  148. Love to see the new design refresh

  149. I love Divi and now I that you have finally added post-formats, I love it even more.

  150. such a lovely theme.. I have already built sites with the earlier versions of Divi but this Divi 2 gives more scope to build more beautiful and functional website.

    Just thought of asking.. is there any way (or any plan) to keep Google Map as the background where other modules such as text floats on it? That will be really awesome then.. Thanks a lot for this lovely theme.

  151. I love that it’s fully responsive!

  152. Loving the new modules in Divi! Is there any way to use the audio module inside blog posts?

  153. Favourite bit for me is the masonry.

  154. The DIVI 2 theme looks fantastic. It would be great to win a Lifetime Membership.

    Great giveaway, thanks.

    Good luck to everyone.

  155. This theme is awesome, well done.

  156. Great job guys.

    I am going to have a play around with the new layouts shortly.

    A couple of websites that we have used for Divi so far are:


    I love the flexibility of Divi.

    One thing I would love to see in future updates are the ability to add fields in the contact form. I know we can use other plugins like contact form 7, but they aren’t nearly as nice as the built in contact form.

    Some fields that I would like to add are business name and phone number.

    When creating contact forms for service orientated businesses it is crucial to have the ability to add a phone number and business name field. I am sure that others would like to have this feature as well and could think of other fields that they would like to have as well.

    Once again thanks for the great theme.



  157. Hello, I am a user of DIVI theme for my web site http://www.batuq.com and I am trying to understand if this theme allows to make the color of the background translucent?
    I mean I know i can change the color of a certain section, or even put an image as a background, but if i want to choose a color and make it translucent so i can see the background image of the site, how can I do that??
    Another question I have is if I can define somehow the width of a certain section?
    Please if someone can help me with this I will be very thankfull!!!!!

    Kind regards,


    • Guys, anyone can help?? Any clue for what I need to do??




  158. divi 1.0 just a great themes… divi 2.0 more awesome… 🙂

  159. This. Is. Truly. Amazing.

    2.0 seems so awesome I’m almost scared of updating..

  160. I have heard about elegant themes before they have some really cool themes. Could be interesting to see what I can do with my personal website through this theme.

  161. Our company was looking for a theme that allowed us the ability to create an online portfolio of our solar technology without the investment of a third party. A theme that would convey the simplicity and elegance of our technology without all the unnecessary clutter or eye candy confusion associated with most themes. The CEO was ecstatic on the ease of adding content, and the ability to edit and make changes on the fly. Divi is one of the most advanced WP templates giving us the opportunity to share our story with minimal learning curve. The subtle well thought out functionality and responsive nature of this template inspires our team new levels of creativity not possible with other themes. Well done ET and thank you for your creative ideas being the framework to share ours.

  162. Hey yeah!

    This is awesome!

  163. Incredible work on Divi 2.0, the best theme I have ever seen.

  164. I’m looking for a versatile theme that I can learn the ism and outs of for use in various capacities. Divi 2.0 is on my short list. My only concern is the subscription model. Do I stop receiving theme updates if I don’t renew after a year, or do I simply lose access to themes which I am not currently using?

  165. I’ve been working with the older Divi theme for a while now.. You cannot even begin to imagine my excitement for this new theme!! Thanks so much!

  166. Fantastic. Blog Layout is great!

  167. so versatile, awesome. I love it, great job!

  168. Been a user of ElegantThemes for my clients and absolutely love the drag and drop features of Divi

  169. Wooww … excellent wordpress theme ever .

  170. This version has many useful updates. Cheer!

  171. The “Include Categories” setting in the portfolio modules is not displaying correctly. There is nothing to click or select.

    Other than that it’s great!

    • Hey there,

      I am also having this issue. Did you find a solution?


  172. GREAT WORK!!
    I’ve been using DIVI since 1.0 and have developed about 20 websites with it and find it incredible. I now can concentrate more on content and design than coding. I highly recommend DIVI. I love the new blank page idea. I’ve been doing this in a hacked way editing the header and footer PHP files to create email marketing templates, landing pages and other pages without navigation.
    I love it. Can’t wait to play with the new additions and features. Here’s an example of a site under development for a client. It’s a learning/training resource site for QGIS open source Geographic Information System http://www.techmaven.net/emailtemplates/

  173. Cool!

  174. Wonderful theme! The DIVI features are going to kill the rest of theme-makers, or at least make them work harder. Kudos to the entire team 🙂

  175. This is great! Can’t wait to experiment and rework the website!

  176. Wonderful idea and endless possibilities. Waiting excited to play with this marvellous toy.

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  182. 2.0 is so sick! I can’t wait to see all the other updates to come!

    Thank you guys so much for being an awesome template website. This had made my life so much richer!

  183. This is a big thanks, just watched the video and see that it is quite simple.

    My site should look better than before. =)

    Great work and thanks!

  184. I like exploring the different themes and colors. I am new to WordPress and this site is helping to make it more fun.

  185. Can’t wait to try out the new software. The new modules are great.

  186. Been waiting for so long for Divi 2 and I’m looking forward to trying out all the new features, but for me, there seemed to be a lot of bugs when I updated my site from version 1 so I’ve rolled back for now until I have time to sit down and work them all out.

    Here’s hoping it’s just user error, but I can’t wait to make use of all the new layout features, if it’s as good as it seems, Divi will most likely become my “goto theme” as WooTheme Canvas was before it (but even Divi 1 is on another level compared to Canvas!)

    • Just tried the update again actually (figured I would whilst I could) and it turns out some stuck browser cache caused most of the issues.

      Main thing now seems to be the parallax on it, I only have the CSS option (as in if I choose true it reverts back to CSS so you can’t save as true) and it doesn’t seem to do it as nicely as previously because now my “split backgrounds” (i.e. different coloured version of the same background) now don’t match up properly, so it looks a little clunky on parts.

      I don’t know if this is because the slider elements don’t get the choice between css or true parallax thus sliders use a different version hence it not quite matching up as all the other elements seem to flow a bit better.

      Looking good now though, I’m impressed! Now to start playing with new features! 🙂

      Andy 🙂

      • I noticed this on my divi sites too. I’m sure it will be addressed in the next update though. 🙂

  187. Free life membership yes ok I want 🙂
    Divi is great!

  188. I have to say I’m super excited to use Divi 2.0 on my website, it desperately needs a refresh and my old theme had so many complex codes and things to do, I was procrastinating as would be such a headache. Now I am excited, basically you have given me the opportunity to create a money making website, with unlimited landing / sales pages and super-easy to use functionality. I will begin tomorrow, let’s see if it’s up and running by Friday!

  189. Beautiful ! Can you create an Advanced Search module ?

  190. Hello nick and team, what music you use for DIVI 2.0 Trailer video? i like it

  191. Page builder!!!! 🙂

  192. Thank you ET for creating themes that allow novices to really understand and learn even more now in creating a site! 🙂 I look forward to working with Divi-2!!!

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    I will sure try it on my new site(s)


  194. This theme is great with fully customization and nice features 🙂

  195. Divi-2 looks awesome! Congrats guys for all the new additions and thanks for creating the ultimate wordpress theme!

  196. Very excited about the ability to save, load and export layouts! Good work guys 🙂

  197. Wow, a lot of great features! The update was pretty seamless. One thing I’m really glad about is the module for the Team.

  198. Sou fã do Divi desde a versão anterior. Achei fantástico a nova versão e acho que é o melhor tema da atualidade.

  199. This looks really great, I am excited to try it out.

  200. Wholly impressive work, what an amazing update to an already top notch theme.

  201. This is awesome…Seems like a festival for the elegant themes community. Divi is like ‘veni, vidi, vici’ 🙂 …Great theme improvement. Thanks all.

    • Just wondering where is Kevin? Yes, Kevin Muldoon. Join the party, Kevin. 🙂

  202. Having trouble with this theme unfortunately. I’ve used it 2 or 3 times on other sites before and it has worked great! Now, I’m trying to use it on my personal site – i just installed WordPress today and installed this theme and I get this message at the top of wordpress in the admin screen and it won’t allow me to update the theme or site in any way:

    Warning: Illegal string offset ‘divi_1_3_images’ in /data/9/3/59/111/3548926/user/3951230/htdocs/WordPress/wp-content/themes/Divi/epanel/custom_functions.php on line 80

    • If you need help with anything, please open a ticket in our support forums so that our team can assist you.

  203. This update has everything that I wanted to use on the newest version of my website! You guys top the charts for WordPress premium themes!

  204. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better…Divi2 makes me start believing in great software companies again! Thanks guys…great job! Now…when is 3.0 due to be released? I would assume that I would only have to THINK about what I want my website to look like and…it just appears! I can’t wait! 🙂

  205. I absolutely LOVE this. Clear, professional, modern. Thank you for putting all your work into this. Keep up the good work!

  206. Merci beaucoup, les amis.

  207. I love the new header options. Many thanks to you all !

  208. The new “blank” page is just what I need for splash landing pages for targeted marketing! Also, great to have a built-in lightbox for images now! I will be upgrading and incorporating many of these new features in my sites!

  209. We’ve been searching for the perfect theme and Divi seems perfect! Love the options and the flexibility! You guys are excellent!!!

  210. Divi rocks! I love its flexibility and potential!

  211. Divi 2.0 solves all those problem areas I had with redesigning a client’s website where I used various plug-ins to solve, that weren’t great, but okay. I’m starting my own version 2.0 of the website right now. Thank you so much for this awesome tool.

  212. I dreamed about Divi.
    And now it become real.

  213. Divi’s a nice tool. Simplifies the design process quite a bit. I think I’ve used it on 4-5 sites so far.

  214. Divi looks great and is so easy to manage.

  215. Parabéns!!!

    It’s really an impressive work. The ability of customization is actually extended with new modules, new header, second menu and also with specialty row types. The ability to clone and import/export layouts seems to be truly a breakthrough in reducing the time to create new projects. Not forgetting the extensive documentation provided in tutorial videos.
    Divi memo is more than a theme, say it’s a web framework in the shoulders of WordPress. 🙂

  216. I think that Divi is the most powerfull theme. Plz add more blog options in page builder 🙂

  217. Best theme ever!

  218. It was wonderful!

  219. Divi is perfectly, I can make a website easily.
    make my websites like a professional without any experience of web developers.
    divi makes my job easier.
    Elegant Themes really elegant 😉

  220. Got double apportunity to celebrate – yesterday was born my son. Thanks guys for such amazing present!

  221. WOW – It keeps on getting better. Well done on Divi 2.0. Lots of things in this update that I was hoping for! Can you possibly make it better??? Right, I’m off to try out some more new modules 🙂

  222. WOW – It keeps on getting better. Well done on Divi 2.0. Lots of things in this update that I was hoping for! Can you possibly make it better??? Right, I’m off to try out some more new modules 🙂

  223. The best WP theme is Divi

  224. Good job guys!!!! Gran trabajo chicos!!! 🙂

  225. In love with this theme!
    Thanks team!

  226. I’m not yet using divi 2 but am keen to give it a go. I would really love to be able to do round images, like in the nimble theme.

  227. Excited to use Divi2

  228. Looks like a real winner here. May have to consider changing my template!

  229. Hard to tell what is the best feature of Divi. Will use the portfolio (would love to see a tiled mosaic like Jetpack though) and the ecommerce…

  230. Wow, I have been waiting for some real excitement and you guys have truly outdone yourselves. Bravo…coming back for this theme for sure.

  231. One more question… How will the image module and other instances of images work with Adaptive Image solutions, like Matt Wilcox’s?

    Very important question. 🙂


  232. I love it….. everything is amazingggg.
    Some of my clients need “Boxed Layout”, and NOW it’s coming.. 🙂
    Thanks to your team.
    Good job

  233. Hi, it is my first wordpress website and I’m very happy with this theme.
    Very easy to handle and a lot of possibilities !

    Thanks a lot !

  234. How did you get YouTube player to appear to be inside open laptop screen at the top of this demo page?? Great trick!


  235. This is perfect for a new site I am developing. The timing could not be better.
    Divi2 looks fantastic and the new features were just what I was after.
    Nice one!!

  236. In love with this theme!

  237. So many awesome features, and the designs inspired me very much

  238. Incredible job. That’s the true representation of “the sky’s the limit”. Thanks for creating such a useful and beautiful tool!

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  240. Definitely DIVI 2.0 improve WordPress. It’s a fantastic and powerful theme.

    Thanks, you are a very good team.

  241. This theme just looks awesome overall , thanks ET, thanks nick r. Pick meee

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  243. I am struggling to see why I need any theme other than #Divi 2.0 for my #WordPress projects

  244. This theme looks epic

  245. Why would you want to or choose to use anything else now that Divi 2.0 is launched? Totally diving in to discover more about this upgrade. Thank you Elegant Theme guru’s! ♥

  246. i love the idea that you can basically drag and drop and make the pages look however you want. after experimenting, i can see there will be a bit of a learning curve – i’m so used to the old way the ET panel worked – but i can also see that it’ll be worth it!

  247. I liked the earlier Divi because it had very pleasant tones and a neat layout. The banner was also awesome. But I am even more excited to use Divi 2.0 mostly because of the Divi Builder. I will be working on a site that could really use the duplicate element feature for its modules. I also really like the header and layout options. I’m always having to customize my headers to fit in logos and icons, and the backgrounds to match the color schemes of what the websites are for. Images of course can be a pain as well. And of course, it has to be responsive. These are just my favorite parts. I think the contact form could be more attractive. Otherwise I really like Divi 2.0.

  248. Thanks guys for all that you do – cannot WAIT to start using the NEW Divi!

  249. Looks amazing. Will have a closer look.

  250. My first blog will have to wait some more! Divi2 will take up days to explore –

    Each layout will surely look more promising than the others….

    Conveniently difficult – Divi!

  251. What an amazing theme! Includes all the best ideas out there into one sleek and beautifully easy to use design! Love it!

  252. Wowwww amazing ! I like the countdown…

  253. I love the included audio player. Can it be used with PowerPress for a podcast player?

    • I second that question about PowerPress. 🙂

  254. I love the awesome new header options!

  255. Looks like an awesome theme. Thanks for the giveaway–very nice.

    • Oops forgot to tell you that my favorite part of Divi 2.0 is the drag and drop page builder–it looks like something I could actually use to build a site.

  256. I love the ability to set where the nav bar is on blank page templates. Fantastic! 🙂

  257. Great job you did!

    You deserve to touch the sky 😉

  258. Hi everyone,

    Sure, we’ll enter this giveaway.

    Also, we are looking for an ongoing website designer to use this Divi 2.0
    to assist us in building a few websites.

    We have four now, and will have more. The main one is for publishing.
    Nothing too fancy, but we’d like a solid start with a reliable person: a careful
    man or woman who knows the theme well.

    Good luck!

  259. A great way to create a fantastic website. Can’t wait to try this new version. Congrats!

  260. I love Divi’s modular approach. It makes any website design possible.

  261. Something I think would make a great video tutorial (and may already exist – you guys have put out a lot of educational material about Divi, and I haven’t absorbed it all… Yet. 😉 would be if someone went step by step and showed everything that you did to create the theme demo page – here, we use this module, enter these settings, etc.

    It remains, in my opinion, the most “game changing” theme in all of WordPress Land, and I’m still as excited as I was when it was announced. Thanks. 🙂

  262. I would like to win an upgrade

  263. Is the demo working? All the links in the menu seem to redirect to the homepage. It was working fine yesterday, but now it’s not.

    • Also, the circle counter doesn’t seem to animate.. is there something else I should do about that? Thanks.

      • If you need help with anything, please open a ticket in the support forums so that our team can assist you.

  264. As a WordPress consultant and designer, I am always looking for ways to streamline the design process. It’s also important to work with quality theme companies that have high standards for their products and customer service. Your company has demonstrated this with the Divi theme. I have built two sites already and will be creating many more using this theme. Thanks, Elegant Themes, for creating this easy-to-use, highly professional WordPress framework (yes, it’s more than just a theme!).

  265. LOVE the new modules! The timing is perfect on the release of these, as the log-in is one that I was just trying to implement. The audio looks super slick, too — well done!!

  266. Divi has changed the way I look at website design. I have 4 different sites all being constructed with Divi and the domain above is just one of them, actually a buddy of mines site but the farthest along. I need the 2.0 upgrade in a bad way to get everyone upgrades!!! Keep up the great work! I cant wait to see how you all top Divi….Im sure it will be another game changer!

  267. Does Elegant themes have an affiliate program? I would be pleased to start selling divi, or any of the other themes, to my clients when I launch my business.

  268. Diva 2 is absolutely beautiful! I plan to use it for my new music site. Would love to win it, but if not I will purchase it!

  269. Wow! Divi 2.0 looks amazing. I think it’s going to be the answer to one of my current projects. I’m so excited about it and am so grateful I found Elegant themes. I love the themes, the blog, and the support has been so amazing. It really makes life easy for a newby like me. Thanks so much!

  270. I’ve started working on a new project and I did think of one thing that would make Divi 2 even better – if there was a section that could be “RANDOMIZED”. Like, if I had a background video, I could put three different ones in that section and it would rotate or randomly play one of them each time the site was visited.

    Would be nice for portfolios too, but I find a lot of times I have so much information that deciding what to put as the top spot is difficult, being able to rotate or randomize the outcomes would be a real boost.

  271. Interesting! You really implemented some top-notch features here.. i love the fact that you made creating landing sites so easy!

    I’ll be checking out the changes over the next few days, but it looks like a decent upgrade!

  272. Wonderful theme, wonderful job !!!

  273. In french, sorry 🙂 DIVI est tout simplement incroyable de modularité et de simplicité de mise en forme. Je l’ai testé deux heures sur site sandbox et ne suis pas déçu. Le coût en vaut la peine!

  274. I’m not familiar with with Divi 1, but this Divi 2 looks like it does provide many possibilities. The many different modules look like they could be a real time-saver. Image gallery and simple landing page design are two that got my attention. Looks promising!

  275. I am still building the site that is listed above using the DIVI theme and I can’t stop talking about it. I love the flexibility I have and the way it looks makes everyone think I have spents days and weeks building this amazing site. We plan to launch in the next few weeks and I can’t wait to hear the feedback.
    To me DIVI has made building sites so much easier. I love the way you can customize each page and the PageBuilder is my new best friend. How the heck do I get that in the other sites I build with other themes? I just upped my membership to Lifetime Membership today because I don’t want to miss anything new that comes out regarding DIVI or several of the other themes available on Elegant Themes.

  276. You folks are awesome! Divi version 1 is excellent and I can’t wait to get started with DIVI 2.

    Keep up the great work.

  277. I love the gauge counters!

  278. Thank you so much Elegant Themes you guys truly are amazing. I/we have been waiting for this update for a while and now our wait is finally over. We really do appreciate the time and effort you put into delivering us high quality themes for use to use.

    We have spent a lot of time getting our website looking great at http://www.vividclouds.co.uk using Divi 1.0 – 1.9, but now that 2.0 is out we can’t pass up the opportunity to utilises the new feature set.

    We have one question which I’m not sure has already been asked and if it has I apologies for asking again, but does Divi 2.0 support multisite?

    Again thank you for producing such great themes from all of us at Vivid Clouds.

  279. The best part of DIVI 2.0 is that I can create virtually any theme that you can find over the web. Forever ElegantThemes.

  280. I love new toys!! Can never have enough.

  281. I love the freedom to create and relocate at will.

  282. I love Divi’s page builder. It’s a lot easier to use than any other layout builder. It’s very easy to understand for even beginner WP users.

  283. Divi is incredible and just got better!

  284. HOORRAY!!!!!!!!

  285. I have used several ET themes….& love them! I haven’t used Divi…..yet! But have looked at it closely…cannot wait to try it for a new client. I love the extreme amount to versitality it offers….so many options!!!!

  286. Filtered portfolio, sweeeet!

  287. This recent version of Divi is an excellent toolbox for any designer, taking so much of the complexity and headaches out of ever expanding web technologies. So far Divi 2.0 has been an absolute pleasure to work with, and has been one of the few times a web product has excited me and so quickly ignited my imagination.

    A real product with craftsmanship you intuitively feel and immediately respect the work that went into building is a much needed breath of fresh air.

    You guys are developing something special here, I wish the elegant themes team will keep the fires burning bright for all us old school designer refugees trying to make sense of today’s wild west. Thank you all!

  288. Stunning! Finaly “true paralax”! I can’t wait I’ll try all the new options. Thanks a lot!

  289. nice job!

  290. Love the new features and especially the new layouts. You guys rock! So glad I’ve been using you all these years. 🙂

  291. I really like the new image gallery module and the Full Width Portfolio and the Filtered Portfolio. Lots of great additions to an already excellent product.

  292. Awesome! Divi is Outstanding!

  293. nice idea!

  294. In the process of redesign my portfolio… would LOVE to use Divi’s gorgeous styles!!

  295. my fav thing about Divi is the floating menu at the top 🙂

  296. Looking forward to Divi 2 – my favorite thing is the ease of use.

  297. Divi even makes me look good – I can only imagine how 2.0 will make work life even easier

  298. Oh man, I’m so excited! I love all the new modules, the vertical menu option, and the parallax effect!

  299. Your themes are amazing guys and DIVI is the pearl of the crown

  300. I have followed this Divi theme since the launch of it. This is very amazing theme in the way that its possibility is unlimited.

    Hope to see more and more great themes from ElegantThemes ! 🙂

  301. This looks very, very interesting 🙂

  302. Congrats on 2.0! Flexibility!

  303. Hiya, still a great theme, but please could the social icons be made to open in a new page when clicked on?

  304. Awesome work guys! Been a member for 3 years now and I really appreciate the quality of your work and support.


  305. This has given me the inspiration to continue with the feeling I have to share what I would like to teach

  306. The Page Builder is great!

  307. The way you can embed video is cool!

  308. Excellent! I have a couple of client websites that this will be great for.

  309. Joined Elegant Themes a few months ago. Themes are very well thought out and easy for even beginners to understand. I find your daily blog really interesting and helpful!

  310. Looks great! Looking forward to giving this theme a whirl!

  311. Excited to try it out, looks great!

  312. My favourite part in Divo 2.0 is the new specialty sections… no! the new header options… no, wait… the map module… the vertical navigation… ntchs!
    It’s not easy, really

    Congrats boys!!!

  313. Have always felt proud of being a member since many many years. Divi 2 just reinforces that feeling even more.

    The new features are all fantastic but my personal fav is the ability to create fullwidth portfolios.

    Keep up the (truly) great work!!

  314. I updated to 2.0. Now in the builder I see lots of letter where I assume should be icons.

    Since I use a child theme is there anything I need to update in the child folder?

    • I found the answer. Had to clear the browser cache. Look great now.

    • Also, I’m not seeing any icons in the new blurb module. Just a bunch of blank squares.

  315. I thought it was difficult to make something better than Divi 1.0… I failed so hard!! Damm, what a beautiful theme!! You rock guys!

  316. Great Job! Truly innovative work.

  317. cheers team! an awesome theme and cool features to implement in new sites…

  318. I’ve been using Elegant themes since 2012 and you guys just keep on raising the bar. I’ve tried several other premium theme brands but no one gives so much value for money, awesome features, and unsurpassed support.

  319. I am amazingly impressed by the work that you have done with Divi 2.0 It has some of the features I really wanted before, such as the posibility to change the color of the menu or such as using Divi to make landing pages.

    I did that job using custom CSS in ePanel, but now there is a simplier way with Divi 2.0 ¡WOW! I can’t believe it…

    It seems like you had read my mind!!! Seriously folks… Congratulations! Since I started using Divi, everything is lots easier than never.

  320. Divi 2.0 Countdown Counter not working on Safari 7.04!

  321. Awesome!

  322. I’m just simply ‘blown away’.

  323. What an outstanding website builder. Definitely one of best the world has seen to date. My humble thanks.

  324. Favourite part of Divi – due to frustration with earlier version header inflexibility it has to be the ability to move the header and menu. Landing pages a re a huge plus which allows so much flexibility in design and calls to action or even for Thank You pages. Don’t need a third party tool to do landing pages now !! Finally the ability to import and export indivdual page designs for repetitive static pages across various sites is a big plus. Have to get my sites up and running as I want to promote this as a one stop shop for building wp sites.

  325. I can’t wait to get my hands on this new Divi theme!

  326. I installed the new Divi – this is a great theme. Lots of new features. I have one question where I can find the option to switch from horizontal menu to vertical menu?

  327. Excellent work, thank you !

    I really appreciate the additional menu possibilities.
    It is much easier to use it with WPML and languages switch options
    I love the box layout and the contact bar, and the possibility to build landing pages is just great.

    My own website is now under Divi 2.0: http://www.inovaport.fr

    All the best from France

  328. To say “I am speechless”, to say “I am in awe” is not to say anything.
    Am I excited? Am I overwhelmed? Am I happy?
    Quite a few years ago I have fallen in love with one girl (her name is… not Divi) and in about 6 months I have felt that I truly love her.
    About half a year ago I have fallen in love with another girl – Divi (1.0) and now I feel that that feeling had risen to hew heights. I have never felt that way towards anything web-related in my life, but Divi has something to love and cherish – its charming beauty.
    I cannot thank you enough for the most beautiful and useful web creation on the web. I am filled with joy and enthusiasm.
    Thank you Nick and the whole of ET Team for all that you do!

    P.S. Out of all the new additions and features in the Divi 2.0 – a huge thank you for the Landing Page and Vertical Menu options 🙂

  329. It just keeps getting better. 🙂 That’s why I chose Elegant Themes way back when. You guys know awesome. Great job again! Thanks!

  330. Very well done! The possibilities are truly endless!

  331. This is great. Great work on all the updates to an already great theme experience.

  332. I love your blog. It’s very informative and full of WordPress meat!

  333. Congratulations Folks!

    I see here a lot os stuffs that are been made by developers and companys all over the world for the last year, everything combined, remixed and more beautifull, nice! Let’s see how much sucess he will make.

    Regards from Brasil!

  334. Congrats to you. You made a wonderful theme just better. Thanks.

  335. Hi all,

    had a great time reading through comments and looking at all the new features, but…
    when I try to view the demo on my iPad 2, I don’t see any of the animations. For example, the numbers above Lines of Code, Divi Modules, WordPress Themes, Espresso Drinks. The graphics below the headline: Our Most Advanced Page Builder Yet.

    On my iPhone 4S, these animations show up… eventually…. like a lot later.

    Both are running iOS6.

    I’m concerned about using these kind of animations on my business site if they’re not going to be viewable by many customers.


  336. Great upgrade…kinks here and there but way more options now than ever. Thank you ET.

  337. my suggest

    1.Show related posts
    2.Social Sharing Button

  338. Amazing Work. The most important tool to build WordPress webpages. For me the elegant builder and it’s ease of use is the best part and allows me to build the first version of my pages easily and quickly

  339. Love the new portfolio fullwidth grid and social media share-buttons!! Thanks for this awesome update. Literally endless opportunities!

  340. Amazing theme and features ! THX!

  341. Love It! Great work!

  342. I feel happy

  343. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to excellence. I am constantly amazed.

  344. I’ve no words to praise the charm of DIVI 2.0.

  345. Thanks for all your effort!

  346. Fantastic work guys. Divi was great to work with in v1.0 but this really lifts the bar!

  347. has ePanel been updated in Divi 2.0? It is the one thing I hated most about your themes and as much as I liked using Divi 1.x, I was able to do a lot of similar things with Enfold in a similar drag and drop style, but I want to use Divi again, yet I HATE the ePanel that was out for it at that time. I will renew my membership if ePanel is updated… here’s hoping since there was no mention of it.

    • I agree that the epanel is probably the worst part of DIVI…

      While it may have been an elegant solution at its inception, I find it’s layout and design somewhat clunky. While I see the need for an area dedicated to options dedicated to the theme, I feel that it could be organized and stylized a bit better. I’m finding that some of my favorite plugins have adapted a less is more attitude towards their control panels and it has really worked well. They have made their plugins to look and feel like another piece of wordpress. It creates a much more simple and seamless experience. I think epanel could really benefit from some similar tweaking.

      Bottom line… epanel feels clunky and outdated and it would be nice if it fit in with the aesthetics of the wordpress core panel.

      PS – I really do love DIVI. I think it is one of the best themes out there. Especially for the price. I just thought I’d offer some honest feedback.

    • I moved to Enfold 6 months ago when Divi 1 kept cropping my slide images regardless. I have always wanted to come back but have since found that Divi 2 still crops slide images. Enfolds built in easy slider does not do this. It is pointless me checking out anything else about Divi if this issue is still the same.

      Gutted but there you go

      Such is life eh

  348. Wish me luck.

  349. Awesome theme, thanks.

    Now, it should be great to add an option to translate the hard-coded text of the theme (search, contact form, …).

    Thanks for your amazing work.

  350. I like most of the divi 2 is Boxed Layout, custom / set header and logo.

    • hi Nick, how to resize Boxed Layout? 700px for example, how to change the css code?

      thank you

  351. Really like all the new & upgraded modules…and the post formats. I know you’ll be focusing on newer things now…but the ability to use the Page Builder on Posts is a feature many of us would LOVE to have! Nice work ET!

    • Page Builder for posts – yes please!

      And… telephone number for contact form would be great too.

  352. Just updated the site I’m working on and haven’t found all the new features yet but didn’t have much time today either. I guess I’ll be back to ask if I can’t find the options I was looking for! Hopefully won’t be much longer before I redesign my main site with Divi 2 but have been too busy with other things 🙂

  353. I am a former Elegant Themes member and I let my subscription expire because instead of fixed templates I wanted a theme with more customisable options and bought Canvas – but Divi has seriously changed my mind, it looks more flexible and easier to customise – easily worth the subscription on its own.

  354. I did this website http://thebellesorelle.com using 3.8 and it looks amazing. I can’t contain my excitement because of so many possibilities and the money I can save for using DIVI as my main platform. No more buying themes and platforms.

  355. Nick,

    Thank you for your hard work. I am so excited and it looks like my business has gained a new milestone.


  356. Whats awesome about the new Divi 2.0? Everything!!! I am so excited about the new countdown module, maps integration, and the gallery features! So awesome!

  357. amazing job guys ! A small bug I found: Add Specialty Section window is missing a close button

  358. I don’t have much WordPress experience, but have used Divi to build my video website http://www.gravitysportsnetwork.com. The one challenge I have, I want to show the videos in a portfolio style grid layout and I have not been able to do that. Will Divi 2.0 provide me with this grid style?

    Great job on Divi.

  359. Divi 2.0 looks nothing short of amazing! Can’t wait to update my client’s site. I migh have to switch to Divi myself.

  360. Whoa, this is so exciting. Can’t wait to play around with it!

  361. As a side note… I’m not sure I like the changes to the mobile menu.

    I think the 3 lines symbol was fairly intuitive and modern. I wish there was an option to bring that back.

  362. Wow!

    Big thank you to whomever decided to make the header menu less complicated and css friendly. I’m sure there were reasons for the complexity of the previous setup, but it is so much easier to tweak the menu now! It’s way more intuitive now… much less digging through classes to affect the proper CSS.

    The only problem now is I have to debug several sites. (add updated css, remove extraneous css) 🙂

    Anyways, thanks for this seemingly minor update that many may have taken for granted!

  363. I love simple and effective design

  364. looks great; really like the vertical versus horizontal navigation system.

  365. i’m not argue divi 2.0 has great development web design and for all the themes Elegant have great seo friendly structures, i’m still using the corporation theme, and my other web using divi 1.9 it gave higly conversion to business, cant wait to try divi 2.0 !! and for all the elegant development and support team great Job

  366. Hey Nick,

    Thank you so much for making an exceptional theme even better in Divi 2.0… I’ve been learning this theme by using it, but it looks like I’ll need to learn it again with all the additional options, and that’s fine by me! I’m working on the final stages of a site right now, and the client asked for some small changes, which I thought might be CSS additions, but now see that might be options instead.

    One small issue I’m finding this morning as I test out some of the new options is that the filterable portfolios are showing all categories, whether I have them checked or not… I’ll work around it for now, but thought you’d like to know.

    Thanks again for an amazing theme in Divi!

  367. Hi, I’d like to make subscription form having only “First name” and “E-mail” fields. Can you help me?
    Form like this but with only that two fields:

  368. Incredible, easy and simply awesome!

    Congratulations for such an outstanding piece of art!!

  369. Do we have a release date for divi 3?? :p

  370. I love the vertical navigation (huge help to differentiate between sites that I’ll use Divi on) and the WooCommerce implementation is big. This update really makes the possibilities with Divi endless. Thanks guys!

  371. Hi from Mexico, i love new header options & the new modules!

  372. I’m so blown away by this upgrade. Amazing work.

    If this is the quality of ‘next level’ work from the team at ET, then I would love to be the first to say… could we have another level of payment service from $69 per year to a ‘Pro Premium Platinum Account’ for $97 which would:

    1. Fund another hire for your team to get Divi 3.0 on track for a 6months release.

    2. Get priority support replies in the forums.

    3. More Ideas anyone??? List them below


    If you w

  373. I love how this looks and the expansions done moving forward from the D1 theme. Time to get to work!

  374. Anxious to give this a try!

  375. Waouuuuuuuuw!
    I’ve been following you for a while now, and my admiration for your work keeps growing!

  376. Great job guys!! Love the new Divi.

  377. Hi
    I joined ET near on a year ago just as the 1st version of Divi was being launched. I chose the developer option as I still thought it was cheap.

    My background was no html or css skills just an eagerness to learn how the platform wordpress worked as I had numerous websites that needed updating.

    I installed Divi and began playing from the top down. I have a preference for full width sliders, not fancy ones just standard jpeg slides. I went on to the forum as i did not know what sizes i should be using and I was given various sizes from various support ops. There were a lot of other people asking the same question as slides were being cropped and not showing the full size of the slide which meant heads and arms were missing.

    Over the next few days I tried every conceivable size but nothing worked where the entire slide was showing despite the screen res of the machine I was using.

    It was obvious that the support ops had to much going on with lots of other bugs so rather than keep waiting I moved on to that other place (lots of trees) to see how I faired there.

    I wasn’t concerned about money I just wanted to get on.

    After a few misfires I found a theme I was comfortable with and like Divi it had its own built in slider module.

    With this theme it did not matter how big or small your slider graphic was as it gave you 2 extra options with full width slider

    1. Original Width x Original Height
    2. Stretch image to fit

    So if I created a Jpeg slide 1500 x 400 pix and my screen res was 1920 it would stretch to fit keeping all of the slide image visible

    Over the last few months I have spent $600 or more on separate licenses for that theme as it did everything I wanted it to.

    I always came back to ET as I enjoy Kevin’s blog posts and I could tell that sooner or later you guys would come good. I don’t want to have to spend all that money on licenses if I don’t have to.

    I had hoped that the new release of Divi would have sorted this issue out with the slider but I have just installed it, placed the same slider image in and the result is the same. Cropped.

    Here is the example of the theme I have been using. See main slider image


    and then the slide with Divi


    I have not checked yet but is there a way now for the entire slide image to be shown and not cropped?

    With the theme I am using it makes no difference what size the slide image is because if it is to small it will stretch the width and height and if to big it will re-size the width and height proportionally

    Please advise


    • This can be fixed with custom CSS. I had a similar problem with a site (http://www.cooperandnotts.com), so I had to add custom CSS to change the default “auto” entry called in style.css.

      But without custom CSS, you can play with the image to have empty space above and below so the image doesn’t get cropped at certain resolutions, but this might be a problem when sizing down the site to mobile devices. So your best bet is custom CSS.

    • I struggled with the same thing for a while. Try making your slider image 1280×768 and see if that helps. It worked for me.

  378. Wow – this is fantastic and I can’t wait to start using this. Great job Elegant!

  379. Yeah great news for video modules. Such in a hurry to test it !

  380. Great work with Divi 2.0. It was worth every second of wait 😉

  381. Simply amazing work. Really a hard work. Congratulations for all the team!

  382. Excellent update! now my subscription is almost finished, should I extend or should I wait

  383. Oh no guys. Guys! Really? Are you doing this to me now? NOW? I’m swamped with work. And now, Divi2 has arrived… Where do I find the time to experiment with all the new features and goodies…!? 😉

    Well, I guess that’s my problem to solve. 😉
    Awesome work you all!

    Thank you!

  384. FANTASTIC!! So happy I found Elegant Themes. Proud to support a team that works so hard and is thorough and innovative!

  385. This sounds fab! I noticed that the social media icons header customisations I had made have disappeared.. but hadn’t realized that it may be because of the new code. Going to try this all out later! I love Divi! Thank you!

  386. Amazing updates! This is a great upgrade to make new UI for my blog which is using Divi theme. Thanks.

  387. What a wonderful surprise! Just about to start a new project and now I have the most powerful theme on WordPress. Can’t wait to use it . Looks like all the issues I had before have been solved. Great work guys! Keep killin it!

  388. Finally!!! So excited to start playing around with Divi 2.0. The new updates address so many problems I had before. Great Job Guys! Keep killin it!

  389. I literally just got goosebumps playing with the new demo site. THANKS NICK!

  390. I love the flexibility and that it’s so easy. I’m going to use it on some clients sites and plan to make an tutorial in my own language.

    Thanks for this great theme!


  391. So much to love: easy flexibility, beautiful design, powerful modules. Just to pick a detail, the simple horizontal/vertical menu option was high on my wish list.

  392. Gosh, that’s an awesome upgrade. Too bad we already spent so much time with Divi one and made our site on that.

    • Divi 2.0 is a seamless upgrade from 1.0, so it’s fine that you used Divi 1.0 to build your website. You can upgrade and take advantage of these new features.

      • Thanks Nick. What I meant was we would have waited for Divi 2 before developing our website. Off course we will upgrade and implement some of the new stuff in the future.

        Thanks man for an awesome theme. It really made our job of launching a business easier.

  393. Divi is fantastic! Period. Sleek and easy to use. With the new modules and functionality it can really rock the themes niche.

  394. Looking forward to the new features.

  395. Bravo! I need to change to Divi 2.0 on about…all of my sites! Awesome theme.

  396. Elegant Themes Rocks My Socks!

  397. Hello, congratulations for DIVI2 is really nice and functional. Certainly will use it as much as possible for my blog magiaslab.com. I wanted to know where you can find good movies to be added as a background similar to those in the demo Divi.
    Hello and thank you keep it up

  398. What can I say that I’ve not said before? Well, when it comes to Elegant Themes, I think it may be worth saying again:


    You just keep getting better and better and better and better!

    Truly one of the best!

  399. I’m liking the improved gallery options so that I don’t have to install a gallery plug-in, and I also like the new accordion module. This continues to be the best value in WP themes above all competitors. Your dedication to the craft is admirable.

  400. Very nice update! Looking forward to seeing what sites are created with this.

  401. Looks awesome!

  402. Thanks for the update. However I think you are missing the boat on some things. Sure you can do the “bells & whistles” but..the simplest things all need to be custom coded or php files edited.

    Why don’t you have a place to put in our own copyright info rather than having to edit the footer.php? Doesn’t make sense to me.

    And why do I have to custom code fonts, sizes and colors for text, headers etc. Most themes let you do this in theme options but no..you make us have to custom code. Again should be easy but not.

    Sorry to rain on the parade but I think you should rethink some of your theme.

    • Sorry I have just found your tutorial on customization. Apologies. Now I can do what I need to do. Thanks!

  403. Amazing again!

  404. DIVI 2.0 !! I loved it. I did entered into the Giveaway!!
    Personally i liked Animated Counters and Duplicate Module feature! Now my work is more easier than ever!
    Thanks a lot to Elegant Themes Team

  405. I just became aware of Divi 1.0 and now there is already a 2.0, love the flexibility this theme offers.

  406. I love this theme and am using it in a few websites I’m building. I have a question, however. After updating the Divi theme today, I’ve noticed there is a “U” instead of the magnifying glass icon for the search bar. Any idea why this is and how I can change it? here is the website I’m building: http://www.highergroundoflight.org. Thanks, and, incredible, incredible work! Elegant themes continues to surpass and inspire!

  407. Great theme and many choices to use!

  408. This is so exciting that is overwhelming. The new features have filled the voids from Divi 1.0!

  409. Congratulations to the whole Elegant Themes team!

    Keep the good work coming.

  410. Impressive, most to impressive!!!!

  411. What I love about elegant themes… is I am NOT a designer. I’m just a guy that is interested in this. I quit my job recently to set up my own web design business PURELY based upon Divi and its themes. I tried other themes Like velocity on themeforest… and they didnt compare. Page load speeds were SO SLOW on other theme sites.

    I’ve just finished the first page of my 1st website for a client in Divi 2.0…. I’m blown away utterly by its power.

    Take a look http://www.signs.dublinconsultant.com

    • Nick – when i’ve made my millions from your services – I promise I will remember you!!!! haha 🙂 Mucho Love

  412. As Darth Vader say: “Impressive, most to impressive”

  413. Seems an exceptional update!

  414. Can’t wait to play!! Divi has become more framework than theme! Great job everyone!!

  415. Nice work guys!

  416. Wow awesome theme. Leading the way!! In WP THEMES.

  417. Loving everything at Elegant Themes, and especially now with the new Divi 2.

    I have one question regarding the “Builder” plugin – that can be used with other themes. Was this ET plugin (the Elegant Page Builder) updated as well, to include many, most or all of the new features that are now available in Divi 2?


  418. Superb, I will immediately upgrade from 1.9.1 to 2.0.

    Lots of new features that will replace some plugins.

    Awesome !!

  419. great looking theme.. can’t wait to use it

  420. New Divi 2.0 is awesome guys! Thanks for the extra work you guys put into it. Every plugin I was using, that I really didn’t like anyways, is now in the trash. There is no excuse for anyone not to use this theme. It simply destroys all other wordpress themes.

  421. Absolutely fantastic work guys! Thank you from Finland.

  422. Great tool, and thanks for the giveaway !

  423. I created this site last night using Divi 2 footballing.co.za now we just need to finish up all the content we busy writing.

    • Awesome site. Loving the boxed layout on this!

      • Had too wait months for the boxed feature to come, But it was worth it 🙂

  424. Speculate giveaway…

    I’m part of it…

  425. Whow!! Excellent new features!
    I like the new gallery module.

  426. Thanks Guys! I love the work you are doing. I’m not a web developer but have worked through Divi 1.0. Now I shall have a play with Divi 2.0

  427. Now we are talking! This is the greatest theme I have ever used. Thank you all so much!

  428. Looks incredible! Can’t wait to give Divi 2.0 a spin.

  429. Wow, I’ve just spent the last hour reading through all of the new improvements to Divi…then I went back and reread them all over again just to be sure I wasn’t imagining things.
    Will all of the features available to us, the future of design is unlimited. Just think of the possibilities!

  430. The Countdown Timer, Audio, Maps – I’ll use them right away, it’s like you’ve seen my project and made my life 10 times easier!

  431. Divi is unbelievable!

  432. It looks spectacular.

  433. Love all of the updates, particularly the Header.

    Can the new full width menus be made sticky?

  434. Félicitations de France. Extraordinaire work. Tank you to the team.

  435. Kind of off topic, but what sharing plugin are you using on this page? The floating social buttons on the left?

  436. The fact that divi supports modules is very awsome

  437. Thank you for this gift!
    Elegantthemes proud member of for several years.

  438. So worth the wait! Well done guys! Can’t wait to get started!

  439. Very nice theme! You are best!

  440. After upgrading and the first hypes and kudos yesterday… I only got one thing that totally bugs me… why you change the buttons design to a borderline?… it works on dark background so it catches the eye but on light background not so much… an option to give buttons an individual color would be great… after all they are the most important not to miss if you want to sell anything on a website.

    Otherwise I am over the moon with all the new features and options. Thank you so much!

  441. Awesome, you guys always have the best themes around, thank you!!

  442. Love it, guys. Well done – seriously impressed.

    One thing I don’t understand though – Why aren’t the info/contact top nav items clickable? I want people to just be able to click to call and email. Any chance of adding this as an option in the next update?

    • Yup. Totally Agree. The mail icon should have a mailto: – I was pondering this to!

  443. looks great !

  444. Ehi guys you’re simply the best! Great theme, great new features and great video presentation! It would be very nice to work with you… Keep it up!

  445. Hi!
    Thank you, very great Job…fantastic!

    I upgrade Divi into Divi2, but the social icons on the footer and the cart icon are not visible. Why?

    Thanks in advance,

  446. As a long time ET customer I was not sure what all the fuss was about with Divi. Once I installed it it all became clear very quickly. All of a sudden nothing else would do. Upgrading to v.2 today 🙂

  447. Great theme update. 😀
    But I am having trouble trying to figure out how to enable ‘centered navigation’. How do we do that? Thanks.

  448. Fenomenalno!!!! Bez reči sam! Prva verzija je bila odlična, ali ovo je iznad svakog očekivanja!

  449. I guess I no longer have an excuse not to update all my websites that are currently using old ET themes. Have never been this excited about a new theme before. Would love to try out the portfolio templates!

  450. I like the Divi page builder and Now I able to build landing pages.

    Thanks! Elegant Themes.

  451. W… O… W…!
    watching the live demo I got chills … 🙂

  452. Hi Nick,

    Looks amazing, so many options, So much choice, I can’t wait to start playing with this updated theme.

    Thumbs up for the side navigation.


  453. awesome Update!!

  454. WOW…. Gran trabajo, enhorabuena

  455. My favourite part is the visual page builder. Makes it very easy to work with Divi

  456. Simply stunning. Well done E.T!

  457. Woow ! really cool.

  458. Divi2 Tornado! Hehe!! never seen such huge comments in relatively short time. Congratulations! ET team, Congratulations Nick!

  459. Awesome updates guys

  460. Amazing job, Nick. Again. Add me to the happy customers for a long time (being grandfathered into the back-then lower annual is just the icing on the cake, I’d pay the new prices happily). Loving it. Only thing I noticed is that the Customizer doesn’t seem to refresh (Chrome Beta) when you make changes, but that is easily worked around with save/reload in a different window.

  461. OMG This is a super update. Elegant Themes rock….

  462. I am impressed by the number of improvements in this version. What I will use first: the secondary navigation option.

  463. With Divi 1.0, Elegant Themes has already made the best WordPress theme in my eyes. With this fantastic update, you made it even better.

    Keep up the great work!

  464. Absolutely amazing theme!! Thanks guys

  465. Absolutely amazing theme!! You’ve done it again guys, made a theme that was groundbreaking even better somehow.

  466. So goooooooooooooooood!
    Great work!
    Thank you!

  467. Thanks for all the new stuff ! I hope the kinks are worked out soon though, I also wish we could do the image gallery in the same style as the full width portfolio grid,

  468. Finally!!! Divi 2 is here! I can’t wait to try the new features! Thanks guys! One con though: the newsletter module needs more integrations. Not only mailchimp and aweber. If not integration with all solutions (getresponse, constant contact,…) at least an customizable option for ‘other’..

    Nevertheless it’s the best theme ever! 😉

    • We’re almost a year later and still no GetResponse integration? Is there any information when (or even if) this will happen? It’s a must have for me and can’t really understand a big player like GetResponse is just not supported. Any info on this is welcome! 🙂

      • Well it will be supported first in our upcoming opt-in plugin, Bloom, which will work great with Divi 😉 Launching next week!

        • Hi, when you say it will be supported with Bloom, is this a plugin that will work with Getresponse? I’m lost with your reply, sorry 😉

          Either way, I have my Divi theme in place just need Getresponse (or Bloom) to integrate; where do I get Bloom?

    • ow! I really need a GetResponse Integration…

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    Looking forward to 3.0 🙂

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    Finally it’s here, yes! I can update my site http://www.factesy.com now. Check it for another example of Divi site modification.

    Take care!

  473. I have no words for this Theme. A new world is arriving! Thank You ET!

  474. great work!
    Hope we can chat about an idea:
    To get fast access to text in modules to translate multilingual pages ( WPML )
    maybe it´s easier that we thought….

  475. Probably the best theme for WordPress. Hope I’ll win a lifetime membership! Thanks!

  476. I’m loving it so far! It’s great – the audio modules and the full width gallery are my favourites so far. About to try out Divi 2 on one of my ecommerce sites now.

  477. I have to move from wordpress.com to worpress.org and I was looking for the right theme to do it. With Divi.2 I finally founded what I was looking for! It’s a wonderfull theme!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I ‘d like to be you ! “Being Elegant Theme”. I mean it.
    You are proactive, skilled, with a fair business model.
    I am a big fan, keep on going.

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  481. Nick,
    You have impressed me. You and your team have done a wonderful job.
    Well done.

  482. This template looks so awesome!

  483. Wonderful update! So many great and functional new features. I do a lot of sites for musicians, so the audio module is a fantastic little feature for me!

    Here’s one that I’m currently working on (using the new boxed layout).


    Very well done guys! Being more of a front-end designer (with good CSS and html skills but almost zero PHP), this theme is just so fantastic to get creative with. Every Divi site I build looks completely different.


    • I love the retro graphics and boxed layout give your site a clean and professional, yet fun look. I agree, the audio module is a great addition

  484. Wow! I can’t wait to start using the new Divi, it looks amazing 🙂 What a great job, and I thoroughly enjoyed your video, too.

    Thanks for all the hard work.

  485. …Sigh… more sleepless nights!
    First it was because Divi 2 was coming and I couldn’t sleep because of the wait… now I wont be sleeping because of the late night playing with Divi.

    But thanks for the awesome new features anyway!

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  487. Abolutely great!

  488. Hello,

    I have try to put the countdown in a blank page:


    In firefox, it’s good but the countdown don’t display good in chrome or safari.
    Instead of the header, there is a large gray stripe in chrome and safari, not in firefox.

  489. I was just thinking I need a theme like this (I plan on building 5 new websites in the next couple of months), and was considering another 3 options until I got the email that you released v2.0 . This release just made my choice a lot easier. One theme that makes a lot of different layouts is the perfect way to go.
    Great job guys!

  490. Speechless! What an AMAZING set of additions and improvements! Can’t wait to start trying the new stuff out.

    Thank you!

  491. Speechless! What an AMAZING set of additions and improvements! Can’t wait to start trying the new stuff out.

    Thank you!

  492. Finally, we are going to lay our hands on the Divi 2.0. Can’t wait to test out the features and play around with it. Great job guys.

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  495. The new galleries look AWESOME! Can’t wait to upgrade my site to Divi 2.0!

  496. Divi is such a great product but I really have to congratulate you guys on how well you market it. The pages that explain what it is and how is works are easy to understand/learn while the video tutorials are fantastic. It is so easy to use and looks custom. Job very well done!

    Most real estate agents in my area have the same cookie cutter websites but I really feel mine is very unique thanks to Divi 2. http://BobRoman.ca

    • Bob, your site is incredible. I recently built a real estate site with WordPress and I was very limited as to what themes I could use since so few offer IDX integration. I’m curious, how did you integrate IDX with Divi?

      • Thanks. I didn’t implement IDX directly into Wordpess. The links for listings go to an external site which provides VOW listing access. A virtual office website provides ALL listings, not just those brokerages that opt-in to IDX. When I looked at IDX plugins, the search functionality was limited.

  497. Well done, it’s absolutely stunning!

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    Damn, now I need to make up a new project just to get my hands on divi2 and thats all YOUR fault!

    Thx a lot – Thomas

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    Do me a favor, and don’t make me long for 3.0… keep new features to yourself. I want to enjoy 2.0, and love her for her.

  503. As a photographer, I can definitely say your updates in the portfolio and gallery sections have come leaps and bounds. Congratulations on making an absolute winner of a theme!

  504. I created my website with DIV theme, working on modules, layouts is so much easier. Now i manage my website on my own and without spending anytime on learning codes and design. your work on theme made my work very easy.

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    You are awesome, you do a great job… I’d like to be you guys !
    Being John Malkovich… being elegant themes…. Yeaaaah.

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    Lets swoosh… 🙂

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    New Header Options, Specialty Sections, Vertical Navigation… I’m gonna i need more time to play with all of them!!

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  515. I am loving the new features in 2.0. There are plugins I have I installed on my sites that I can delete cause 2.0 already has it I nicely integrated. This will save on having to update plugins. Can’t wait to start using the new version.

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  517. Hello! I am loving divi. Just did the update but now there is a number 5 showing up on every button text in my opt- in boxes and can’t figure out how to get rid of it!! Also are all those letter C’s suppose to be in all my page builders? Help!

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  519. So many awesome features…I love the Google Maps, People…all of them!

  520. Amazing work Nick and Team!!

    I noticed you fixed a few bugs as well mainly one big one for me was page templates not functioning correctly.

    I checked the Change log “Many bug fixes and CSS improvements”, It would be great to get a follow up blog post on the bugs that have been fixed as well, those are a fascinating to read, yeah I know I’m weird!

    I’ve been with you for 2 years, this theme(framework) is truly your biggest and greatest achievement. Please keep working on this theme rather than creating a new one. What some of your customers are not realizing is that this theme can create almost any theme you have released in the past. At the rate you are going you will be able to create any theme.

    My suggestion to deal with people complaining if ever anymore about new themes would be to release new template layouts that emulate a new theme running divi.

    I truly love that you have sucuri test your themes, that is where it really matters too.

    Keep up the great work and don’t stop developing divi.

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  523. Well, this is just great! More design decisions to be made. More options. More choices. And now we have a timer that we can set to see how much we have taken!

    ElegantThemes is by far the best there is! I have been using them for years on a lot of different sites, and they never fail me.

    The world is so much better now that we have Divi 2.0!

    Thank you!

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  526. There are a ton of great features. Saved sections. Full width menus. I think my favorite thing is the landing page. Looks fantastic. So many times that I need this but implementing it was just a disaster. Now with Divi landing page I won’t be afraid of landing pages 😉

  527. I like the WooCommerce Ready the most cause I’m going to setup my online store really soon. Thanks Devi 2 that will make things better and easier.

  528. Oh my god, I love you guys so much! Thank you to all who have worked so hard on Divi 2.0. I’ve been following the countdown clock and am just thrilled reading the blog about all the new features. This theme is a dream to work with. Thanks again everyone.

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  532. Just launched my new company, http://www.timberridgemedia.com using Divi and upgraded to 2.0 today to take advantage of the new features! There are a few bugs to work out, but overall I love the theme!

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  537. Just for the record… great job guys, the new version is awesome, the drag and drop builder keeps getting better and better, the specialty row type takes our creativity to a new level, and the new modules will be very useful. Many thanks 😉

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  539. This theme looks incredible. I can’t wait for it to release!

    • It did release…

  540. Wow! I’m so thrilled I can’t wait to do an update. Yay to begin able to copy in the builder. Thanks.

  541. When I login to my Elegant Themes developer account Divi2 is not showing up in the themes list to download.
    How can I download it?

    • It’s the most recent version of Divi, so if you download Divi then you have downloaded Divi 2.0 🙂

      • Ah, thank you. I thought it was a different theme.

  542. Overall very impressed with this update.

    One question though:

    Any chance we are going to get those animated gifs you have in your blurb tutorial?

  543. Wow!! You leave me no choice – I have to get my credit card out and sign up pronto :-))

    • Welcome to the community, happy to have you with us!

  544. I haven’t even finished exploring all the possibilities of the original Divi, and now you’re giving me all this in 2.0! And, you expect me to choose a favorite part? Yikes!

  545. I never understood the hype on Divi 1.0, especially with so little flexibility on the header. But you’ve made some awesome changes here and I’m really liking what I’m seeing.

  546. OMG! My kids say I sound like I am watching the fireworks at the festival – that’s how excited I am about all these great changes – you guys did AWESOME …. I can’t wait so I’m off to play with this incredible theme – thanks so much for being so great, My clients are already happy and these new updates are just over the top – keep up the great work! Leah 🙂

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  548. Already updated and love it!

  549. Divi theme give us one of the best options for customization without most of the dirty work. Thank you!

  550. I just purchased divi 10 days ago and I’m building a new website now, but how can I upgrade to divi 2? and will I loose all that I have already done on the divi 1?

    • Nope, it’s a seamless upgrade, unless you have modified the theme files.

  551. wonderful! just please tell me how to use custom fonts in rtl.css ?

    • Me, too! I want to use a Google font that isn’t listed.

  552. Can’t wait to try it out! I love the ability to use vertical menu which gives countless layout possibilities!

  553. The only problem I have with this update is, that I am traveling right now and have to wait for 4 long days before I can dive in Divi 2.0 🙁

    Is it one of the most tempting things on Internet ? Well it seems it is 🙂

    • Don’t worry, Divi will still be here when you get back 🙂 Have a nice trip!

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  555. My favorite part is…everything! Now I’m going to start building site with Divi 2.0!

  556. Wow, just wow! Everything I wanted and found lacking in Divi 1.0 is included in 2.0 and more. I can’t see building on any other WordPress platform. Why would you? Elegant has just clearly become the industry standard WordPress framework and forefront leader with Divi 2.0!

  557. Thank you for all your hard work! I’m so happy Divi 2.0 is here and can’t wait to get started!

  558. I want to buy but I need to know if the templates and plugins are in spanish too. Thanks

  559. It’s Christmas in May!! I can’t wait to begin to play with Divi 2! I already love Divi 1 but the new additions are just fabulous.

  560. Vertical navigation and ability to change the navigation bar colour are my favourites!! Keep on improving guys. You rocks!!!

  561. Just used Divi 1 for the first time — very impressed. Now I’m looking forward to using Divi 2! Thank you!

    • Oops, thanks for the heads up!

      • Is Social Share still in the design pipeline? If so, any ETA? Great theme. Thanks.

  562. Hats off to the team

  563. Hey congrats, beautiful template. Is it automatically translate to spanish if I have wordpress in spanish?

  564. At the moment we have a theme that is OK but apparently has quite a few bugs/flaws in it, and I like that you’ve gone over it and squashed anything that comes up…

    Here’s hoping for a lifetime membership so I can lift our business presence a step further with Divi 2.0 🙂

  565. i wished to see in the new release a support for the RTL languages and other LTR languages than English

  566. Outstanding!

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  569. This…is…..insane…. I have already made a handful of awesome sites with Divi and I read about some of the upcoming features for Divi 2.0, but this is insane!! This really has become the single best WordPress Theme ever, VERY good job!

    • Oh and I just have to add, for anyone that hasn’t signed up for an ElegantThemes account yet: this Divi 2.0 theme alone is worth the yearly/lifetime charge, let alone all the other themes and continuous updates.

      I’m overwhelmed 🙂

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    Now off to go and design my new site haha!

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  577. Hi … I’m using the boxed layout and can not get the background image to tile … it is stretched … any ideas?

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  579. I can’t wait to dive into this with my clients’ websites. It looks like it’s also time to update my own site with Divi 2.0 too. I really love how flexible it is now. The possibilities are endless!

  580. Nick, you and your team ROCK!! There are features in this theme I have created in the past or even bought for other websites. Such as the filterable portfolio. I was about to have an early night, then I got the email about 2.0 thought I’d have look. Now I think i’ll be up all night trying out the new features.

    Cheers 🙂

  581. Glad that it’s finally here! Lots of great new options, looking forward to playing with them.

  582. Wow. This looks awesome.
    Now I’m defiantly building a wedding countdown website!

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    Much better than anticipated, a huge credit goes to the Elegant Themes team for this one! Well done guys!

  584. I would love to explore the vertical navigation! It provides a different feel for the user. The secondary menu gives more options to improve the user’s experience. Can’t wait to try these new features!

  585. Really beautiful template.

  586. I would truly love to have this theme. What I love about this theme is the fact that there are already pre-made layouts that can give you a head start before you can actually customize and configure it to your liking/needs. I would love to use this theme to build my upcoming (fiction) writing site, as well as rebuilding my portfolio.

    I say Divi 2.0 is simply a dream come true!

  587. Super excited about this! Now I can finish my website!!

  588. Just got a call today from a new client and I’ll be using Divi 2 for their new site. This should be fun!

  589. Fantastic! Can’t wait to start using the upgrade!

  590. This looks amaziiiing!!! I’m so excited thank you so much for building this incredible theme

  591. Any plans to add BuddyPress and BBpress support? Also, I use Sensei for courses, which is also a woo product. Any plans with that? This looks like it would be the perfect theme if you had that…

  592. Excellent updates in Divi 2.0 . Like the way how we can choose custom boxed formats and the seamless integration of Blurbs & ElegantIcons . Keep it up guys !

  593. I have never been more excited about building my webpage! These updates address so many of my pain-points and I can’t wait to start using them! Looks great!! Thanks for your hard work!

  594. Thanks guys for all your hard work, I think with these additions to Divi you created something really special. I enjoyed working with the first iteration but the second one I believe can really be ET claim to fame.

  595. Divi has truly changed the way I deliver websites and I am sooooo happy!!! Thank you Elegant Themes. I LOVE YOU!

  596. Forgive me if this is an ignorant question, but I can’t figure out how to get the update. Do I have to delete the previous version and reinstall? Help a brother out! lol

    • You will not have to delete the previous version if you are using the Elegant Themes Updater Plugin. Either way, WordPress should notify you of the theme update. If you are still not seeing an update warning after an extensive period of time, please let us know.

  597. I can’t wait to try this out!

  598. It sure feels like Christmas today!! Just updated my WP site so I am going in to explore Divi 2.0….. Excited! THANKS Elegant Themes!!

  599. LOVE it!!!!
    have one comment – when I insert column and decide not to I can X out – but specialty sections do not appear to have that X – unless I am missing it.

  600. LOVE it!!!!
    have one comment – when I insert column and decide not to I can X out – but specialty sections do not appear to have that X – unless I am missing it.

    • Michael, creating a specialty section is actually a two step process. So before you add columns, you have to add a specialty section type. The next step contains the X you are speaking of. However, I think we can add the X to the first step as well. Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

      • glad I could help 😉

  601. Awesome!!

    But please tell me if is compatible with woosensei

    • Most plugins generally play well with Divi. If you experience any issues with woosensei please let us know and we will do our best to resolve any issues.

  602. Cant wait to get into it 🙂

  603. Impresionante! muy buen trabajo!

  604. Love it! I’ll be updating my page to Divi because of the filterable portfolio. Thanks!

  605. Love the Divi theme. Can’t wait to start using Divi 2!

  606. I absolutely love Divi, and I cannot wait to start using Divi 2.0! This theme actually feels tailored to any different project I start. I’m excited to use it on many more projects to come!

  607. Great work by the ET team. I was a novice user of wordpress but now thanks to Elegant Themes everybody thinks I’m an expert!! I look forward to migrating my site from The Professional Theme to Divi 2. Thanks guys.

  608. VERY EXCITING!!!!!!!!!

  609. Awesome, Divi 2.0 looks amazing! Great job ET!

  610. Divi looks beautiful! I wonder if it’s possible to use less than 4 columns in the footer itself? Also, could you tell how to add the social buttons to all single posts as well?


    • Thanks, Ben!

      Unfortunately Divi only supports 4col footers at this time. Adding social sharing to individual posts as well as a social sharing module that can be placed within your builder layouts are on the to-do list 🙂

      • Thanks for your quick response, looking forward to it!

  611. Just soooo much <3

    Me, my business and my wallet just thanks You soooo much! xDDD

  612. I think the counters are indeed valuable! Do we get to use the builder on posts or still only on pages?

    • Matti, the builder functionality is still only available on pages.

  613. You guys are amazing! Thank you for featuring my website in your features page–that was a wonderful surprise. Totally made my day.

    I love all these updates and can’t wait to start tinkering with these new options. (Clapping hands with delight!) Am sooooo excited!

    • Thanks, Sonia!
      Your story and outlook are an inspiration. So glad we were able to feature your site.

  614. Really looking forward to giving this a spin — will buy it tomorrow and start building my first page.

  615. Loveit, Wantit!!!

  616. Wow, you’ve thought of everything I could think of needing, including vertical layout. Well done!

  617. The long wait is finally over. The new Divi 2.0 is great!

  618. It feels like Christmas, My Birthday and Summertime all rolled into one! Great job!

  619. Love it! I’m already using Divi v1.0 and these new features look fantastic, some I’ve even thought I’d like included when using Divi v1.0.

    Just one question though that may have already been asked in this enormous trail of messages:

    Can I simply upgrade Divi 1.0 to Divi 2.0 and not lose any of the current formatting?

    Job well done ET Team. I don’t know how you do it and provide the excellent support to boot.

    • Hadn’t logged in to my wordpress site yet, too keen to read your blog post first, and just noticed that it’s a simple upgrade to Divi v1.0!

  620. So I go to my website and I see that my theme needs to be updated to Divi 2.0. Since I know Divi 2.0 means something special, but I don’t know what it means for my site. So, I rush over here to discover that Divi 2.0 has indeed been released and that it is utterly fantastic and I am again amazed!

  621. What a surprise!!!
    Installed Divi today for a new project and noticed it was different 🙂
    It’s even greater than it already was.
    Great job guys!!!!

  622. 2.0 looks great, can’t wait to start playing with all the stuff you guys have put in there. But with updating the theme the default setting of the font changed, and I love the original Divi font.

    I guess the font is also in the list of fonts provided within the theme. What is the name of the default font. Is that Raleway? Than I can adjust it.
    Thanks guys.

    • Yes, Heleen, Raleway was the previous default font setting 🙂

  623. Divi2.0 looks great. Will explore it for next few hours.

  624. There are too many new features to pick just one, but I really like the added post types – very cool!

  625. I can’t wait for my next project – on Divi 2 ofc!

  626. You guys are amazing and that work on Divi… I just have no words enough to tell how awesome the possibilities it gives are. It was so great to work with Divi 1 yet, now it’s even greater… a pure pleasure to let your imagination drive you to the website you dream. For that, for your work in general and for the support every eleganthemes member has when needed … THANK YOU !

  627. Major kudos to Elegant Themes for your superb offering of themes like this, as well as the other wealth of resources you offer, like your regular blog posts! You are an invaluable destination for WordPress-related support and inspiration, and I can only encourage you to keep on going the way you have.

    On note of Divi 2.0, congratulations on your accomplishment, first of all! It looks phenomenal! Out of curiosity, in what ways do you envision using foundational elements of the theme moving forward? For instance, are you inspired to utilize the ever-expanding Divi Builder and module repertoire in all future themes?

    And if you would care to share some reflections on your development process, what was a particularly valuable learning moment from developing 2.0?

  628. You guys did an amazing job! I love all the new modules and flexibility that you built in. This has so far been the most amazing theme to work with and I am now in the process of switching other sites to this theme.

    Love that it has been tested and audited by Sucuri.net as well!

  629. Having some issues technical issues with the new update. The main background image is gone, and the background images on my fullwidth sliders are all wonky. Any ideas?

    • Same problem here, exactly as you described.

      • I figured out the issue with the main background image. The background color of the sections was set to “#fff” instead of “transparent” so it was basically covering the background image. Here was my fix:

        .et_pb_section { padding: 50px 0; position: relative; }
        #main-content, .et_pb_section { background-color: TRANSPARENT; }
        .et_pb_fullwidth_section { padding: 0; }
        .et_pb_fullwidth_section .et_pb_row { padding: 0; }

        Still can’t figure out the fullwidth sliders. I will open a support ticket for this. Thank you for the quick response. Love all the new features by the way!

        • Hi Tommy! Thanks for sharing your discovery. I changed the background color that was in #ffffff to transparent (clear) and it worked. Instead of appearing on a white background wallpaper (on the slide) was all right, as it should be.

          Let’s see if there are more details to adjust. Thank you!

          • Thanks for parallax effect code, without it there is no way to looks good!

          • Good to hear! As for the parallax effect, I added the following code to the “Custom CSS” section in the ePanel and it works perfectly now.

            .et_pb_slide div.et_parallax_bg {
            background-attachment: fixed;
            -webkit-transform: none !important; -moz-transform: none !important; -ms-transform: none !important; transform: none !important;

    • Please open a ticket in our support forums so that we can take a look.

      • Thanks for the quick response, found all the answers I was looking for in the support section. Loving the new features, y’all are doing great work!

  630. I am so excited! I have three websites I am using Divi2 on!

  631. I love Divi, thanks for al the updates. I can’t wait to get started on some new stuff!

  632. i was just waiting this new theme for update my site
    i’ve used divi 1 for many sites but waited to have this vers for mine

  633. This is so awesome!!! The possibilities are endless. Thank you so much ET team.

  634. Awesome Page Builder!!!

  635. Wonderful theme, guys!
    I really appreciate the new Header options with vertcal navigation bar… Congratulations from France

  636. Favorite thing about Divi 2.0? The fact that it’s literally impossible to have just one favorite thing about Divi 2.0.

    With all of the new modules and capabilities, there is nothing Divi can’t do. There’s no reason to use any other theme out there. I wrote about it on my blog: