How to Create a Custom WordPress User Registration Page

Posted on January 8, 2019 by in WordPress | 16 comments

How to Create a Custom WordPress User Registration Page
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  1. Great future, till now I used theme my login plugin:)

  2. If divi adds a registration module it is perfect. It’s as simple as logging in to the module.

  3. I have testing many plugin for registration and login and hope the method you described here will be the best. Will try today

  4. good article, but will still make a comment about user registration

    And then it is all a truth with modifications, if you use a plugin(any plugin)
    you can make a form but you need to put a lot of effort into inserting CSS to make it look good.

    You can set up fields in the form but they cannot be placed as you like, without having to use CSS.

    When you consider that if they spent a little more time creating an interface when you working on this fantastic plugin, it could be that you could also expect the wallet to be a little thicker.

    When I look through the web to find a plugin that can register the user on one’s webside and at the same time have the opportunity to set up how the form should look, unfortunately there is no one without a lot of CSS.

    If I also want a plugin where I can add additional information about the user, you again hit a wall.

    If you want a registration module where you also have the opportunity to add extra information about its users, there are unfortunately not currently any developers who have taken the consequence and try to see it from the user’s point of view .

    They have developed a module that they themselves think is incredibly exciting, but from the user’s perspective there is unfortunately no one who has developed a user interface a’la elementor or divi so it is easy to put new fields and forms up and visually beautify these, they jump over where the fence is lowest and refer to CSS if this has to be done, based on the belief that because you develop web pages then you also have the time to write CSS, we do not have time for this and when you think at the annual rates the various developers will have for their plugin one should expect them to finish the job

  5. Again! great and valuable information shared. I think Elegant Themes blog should be officially included in WordPress resources for learners. Again Great piece of information and thanks for sharing.

  6. This great! I will try this out. Thanks.

  7. Thanks

  8. Thanks for this wonderful article with a helpful guide for to Create a Custom WordPress User Registration Page.

    I’m Happy to find this article to create Create a Custom WordPress User Registration Page for my own Blog.

  9. If divi make a change like this then it’s a great change, and I hope this method will do best, thanks for sharing

  10. Step by step detailed information, very helpful article.
    Thanks for sharing!

  11. Hi, I want my stockists to have a login to purchase form me. I also sell direct to customer. I have different pricing for stockists. My question is; how much can I restrict this stockist if I set this login up? I only want the stockist to seek / buy products – however want to issue them with specific pricing – thats basically all.
    I am resorting to some sort of membership system as
    I have noticed facebook shop cannot be trusted to ‘not’ publish my reduced priced shop products !

    Any ideas for me?

    • Hello! If you use Woocommerce there’s a plugin called woocommerce price by user role that can help you with that.

  12. Thank you for sharing such a detailed post.
    Great article,I will apply this method on wordpress

    Thank you so much
    Great job

  13. I tried it as well and it IS a great plugin.

    But for a non professional like me it is a problem that the user profile and account page always shows avatar/image and cover image which I do not need and want for my purpose.

    For changing I seem to need deeper PHP or CSS knowledge.

    So this plugin is not for me….


  14. Thanks for writing such informative content.

  15. Thanks but I realiced that this locked my entire website and I really want people can acces to some information without a registration and after registration they can access to another content. At this moment my website is locked 🙁

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