Media Temple Managed WordPress Hosting: Overview and Review

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Media Temple Managed WordPress Hosting: Overview and Review
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When a web host provider offers managed WordPress hosting, that means they have a concierge service through which they handle the technical parts of running WordPress – and that you don’t have to do any of it. For example, the host will take care of daily backups, scalability, security, speed, updates, uptime, etc. Plus, these plans usually come with top-notch support, so if you do have any questions about your website, you’ll get the attention you need. Media Temple is a web host provider that offers managed WordPress hosting. Their services are best for blogs, brochure sites (basic business websites), portfolios and small e-commerce shops.

An Introduction to Media Temple Managed WordPress Hosting

Media Temple

Media Temple offers a number of hosting plans, including several for managed WordPress hosting. This means that teams with any level of technical expertise can run a website. Plus, since site optimization and management are taken care of, they’re typically fast-loading and high-performing. Moreover, 24/7 support comes with every plan, even the most basic.

Who is Managed WordPress Hosting from Media Temple For?

Media Temple

These hosting plans are best for lighter websites, like blogs, basic business and e-commerce sites, and portfolios. Bands and musicians, non-profits, small businesses and independently-owned restaurants are examples of the types of businesses that opt for this type of hosting plan. Here are a few things you can do with your WordPress website when you have managed hosting:

  • Accept donations for your non-profit or to support creative endeavors.
  • Add social share buttons so visitors can share information with their network.
  • Display your menu with descriptions and prices, whether it’s for your restaurant or your online services business.
  • Enhance your website with multimedia like a music player or a video background.
  • Share event information with an integrated calendar and maps.
  • Take reservations directly through your website.

Media Temple’s managed WordPress hosting is a good choice whether you’re getting a personal blog or project started, building a site for a client or managing multiple sites for several clients.

Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting from Media Temple

Before we get into the features of Media Temple’s managed WordPress hosting, let’s talk about its benefits:

  • Migration: If you already have a website, you can move it to Media Temple with the migration tool.
  • Performance: Since you’ll have a WordPress-optimized plan, your website will have better performance than if you opted for a basic shared hosting plan.
  • Security: Your website will be monitored and protected every second of the day to keep it free of bots, hackers and malware.
  • Stability: Limited plugins ensure that your website can continue performing well.

Features of Managed WordPress Hosting from Media Temple

While you’ll need to know how to work with a WordPress site so you can add your content, you won’t need any extra technical knowledge. Features include:

  • Auto-Backups: Your WordPress site will be backed up daily. Backups will be kept for 30 days, so you can restore your site even if you don’t catch a problem or error right away.
  • Automated SSL: This is important for websites that process payments, like e-commerce shops, or that handle private information, like medical or therapy websites. SSL certificates are free and automatically updated.
  • Auto-Updates: Every time there’s an update to MySQL, PHP or WordPress, your website will be automatically updated, too.
  • Developer Tools: Some managed WordPress hosting services prevent access, but Media Temple gives you Git version control and phpMyAdmin access.
  • Global CDN: Content and image distribution is to servers around the globe. There’s less stress on your host, and large assets like images can load fast.
  • Load-Balancing: Media Temple distributes sites across multiple servers, so your website will continue to run well even if there are traffic spikes on other sites (or yours!).
  • Malware Scans: Automated malware scanning ensures that anything fishy will be caught and handled before it wreaks havoc on your site.
  • Staging and Cloning: Every WordPress website you add to Media Temple comes with two staging environments. You can design and test your website before publishing it live.
  • Themes: Media Temple has a big catalog of responsive themes. With WP Easy Mode, you can set up any theme you choose, along with stock photography.
  • Varnish Cache: By delivering cached data instead of a fresh version of your site, Varnish speeds up performance – which means the site gets delivered to the viewer faster.

The Dashboard

When you log in to the Media Temple Account Center, it opens to the Overview page, which gives you a clean and uncluttered view of everything you need as a jumping-off point. The “Services” section will list the products you have with Media Temple. This is where you can access your Managed WordPress service:

Media Temple

Source: Media Temple

There are also helpful support links, billing info, and a quick way to get to your Security Dashboard:

Media Temple

Source: Media Temple

The menu at the top is simple and uncluttered, too. The choices are easy to understand and navigate. From the menu, you can do the following:

  • Head back to the main Overview page.
  • Add or view domains or services.
  • Update your contact information.
  • Give new users access to your account.
  • View invoices, make a payment and/or update your payment information.
  • Submit a support request.
  • Browse community help articles.
  • Log out of your account.
Media Temple

Source: Media Temple

Remember, since you’ll have a managed WordPress hosting account with Media Temple, you probably won’t need to head into the account panel much other than to check out payment info or submit a support request. Otherwise, so much is taken care of for you that you can practically set-it-and-forget-it.

Creating a WordPress Website from Scratch

With Media Temple’s managed hosting, you can either import a site you’ve already built or you can build one from scratch. If you decide to build a site, you don’t even need a WordPress account yet – Media Temple will direct you to create one. And Media Temple has prebuilt themes that you can opt to work with if you like one of them.

Media Temple

Source: Media Temple

Once you’ve filled in some basic information, your site will be created (and ready for you to customize to your liking). Once finished, Media Temple will install WordPress and get your site ready for editing.

Media Temple

Source: Media Temple

When that’s done, you’ll have a new control panel for your website.

Media Temple Prices and Plans

Media Temple has four managed WordPress plans to choose from:

  • $20 per month, Ultimate: 1 site and unlimited storage.
  • $40 per month, Pro 5: 5 sites and 50GB of storage.
  • $65 per month, Pro 10: 10 sites and 80GB of storage.
  • $120 per month, Pro 25: 25 sites and 100GB of storage.

Furthermore, they all come with the following features for each WordPress site that’s added to the hosting plan:

Prices drop a bit by paying for one, two or three years in advance, but the difference is negligible. For example, paying for one year of the Pro 5 plan saves you $16. Paying for two years saves you just another $8. If you’re going to pay in advance, do it for the convenience of not having to renew, not the cost savings.

Final Thoughts

If you have a personal or professional website that you want to get up and running without learning technical skills, managed hosting is the way to go. It’s safer, quicker and more reliable than trying to run a site all on your own without the must-have knowhow. To recap, Media Temple has the features you want in a managed WordPress hosting plan:

  • Automatic backups and updates
  • Migration option
  • Optimizations for performance and stability
  • Security scanning
  • Website cloning and staging

Most importantly, plans come with automatic updates, easy website design, staging environments and fast performance. Plus, Media Temple is easy to use for beginners or non-technical website owners, and it also comes with developer tools for advanced control.

If you’re looking for other managed WordPress hosts and want to compare them to Media Temple, check out Pressable, Cloudways, SiteGround, and Flywheel.

Are you considering Media Temple or another managed WordPress host? What are your biggest questions or concerns? Tell us in the comments.

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  1. This article or site is better then other get more Latest Update Here. The sites or articles play an important role to give knowledge to people that should not be able to take knowledge.

  2. There is just one thing you left out….but it’s a crucial point. Media Temple is now owned by GoDaddy. Media Temple was absolutely one of the best hosting companies out there, until GoDaddy acquired it. I had MT hosting for years and sent many of my clients there, primarily because I knew someone who worked as Level III support, who recommended it, and explained their platform, etc. Then GoDaddy came in and destroyed everything. ALL of the former engineering staff are now gone. The vast majority of the higher level tech support is now gone. The reason? GoDaddy tech is utter crap. Would you like to be on the latest version of WP? Good luck. Don’t want to be stuck with old versions of php that are incompatible with some plugins? Good luck. GoDaddy has serious issues, and their managed WP is notorious for problems. My friend told me never to allow my clients to be on their managed WP. BTW, he has since left and now works for a real hosting company.

    • Thanks for pointing this out. I’ve had my share of issues with godaddy and now use Siteground. I’ve had a decent experience with SG but I’m not happy with the price increases. I was considering MTM as I’m SG soon, thanks again for saving me the trouble.

    • … One example of “GoDaddy’ism” at Media Temple, is how they’ve made it less obvious to find the “Request to Close” (to cancel a service) option in their admin menus. It’s blatant, and very “GoDaddy”.

    • I’ve been a Media Temple customer for so many years I’ve lost count. It’s true that GoDaddy’s acquisition didn’t make anything better – only worse. I’m quite sure their Managed WordPress hosting was/is based on GoDaddy’s similar product. The IP addresses of the servers suggest so – and so does the performance and reliability, which has never been up to Media Temple’s usual standards.

      It’s horrible when a company is acquired, the original owners leave, and cost-cutting is immediately felt by the customers. I’ve seen it happen to many companies.

      That said, things haven’t gone totally downhill at (mt) – their other products are better, and support is acceptable.

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