10 Best WordPress Schema Plugins in 2024 (Expert SEO Picks)

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First Pick

Schema Pro

Pricing: $79 per year
Standout Features: Powerful WordPress Plugin, No Coding Required, Automated Schema Structuring

Visit Schema ProRead Overview
Second Pick

Rank Math

Pricing: $129 per year
Standout Features: Competitor URL Import, Voice Assistant Support, Real-time SEO Integration

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Third Pick


Pricing: $124 per year
Standout Features: Google Knowledge Graph Support, Personalized SEO Settings, In-build Schema Validation

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Blog / WordPress / 10 Best WordPress Schema Plugins in 2024 (Expert SEO Picks)

Schema markup is essential to SEO, providing search engines with data about your website and its content that is structured appropriately for search engines. With the right schema plugin, you can help search engines understand your content better, which can improve your website’s visibility in search results. In this post, we’ll be looking at some of the best WordPress schema plugins on the market to help you find the right solution for your website.

Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive SEO solution or just want to add schema markup to a couple of pages, we’ve got you covered.

Quick Overview of Schema Markup and Rich Snippets

Schema markup is a type of structured data that helps search engines better understand the content on a website. It provides additional information about the website, such as its type, its content, and its structure, to help search engines display this information in a rich snippet. Using Schema markup on your site is one of the best SEO techniques to improve rankings in the SERPs.

Example of Schema Markup Code

Image by BestForBest / shutterstock.com

A Rich Snippet is a search result listing in the SERPs that provides more useful information to the user. This snippet can include things like images, ratings, deep links, and prices. By using schema markup, website owners can help search engines display their website’s content as a rich snippet, making it stand out and potentially increasing click-through rates. Rich snippets appear on page one, making them very effective.

Example Diagram of SERP Featured Snippet

Image by BestForBest / shutterstock.com

The Best Schema Markup Plugins for WordPress

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There are a lot of schema markup and structured data plugins for WordPress out there. We’ve done the hard work to narrow it down to these top plugins.

If you are looking for more SEO solutions beyond schema, check out these best WordPress SEO plugins.

1. Schema Pro

Schema Pro Homepage Feb 2023

Schema Pro is a powerful WordPress plugin that makes it easy to add schema markup to your website. With Schema Pro, you can add the right structured data for videos, phone numbers, recipes, or anything else. The best part about Schema Pro is that you don’t need to know how to code to use it. The plugin takes care of adding the correct code across your site, so you can focus on creating great content.

With Schema Pro, you can be sure that you’re using the correct schema for your website. Whether you’re a blogger or marketer, this plugin makes it easy to add schema markup to your site so that it is indexed for search engines like Google.

Schema Pro Onboarding Workflow

Key Features for Schema Pro:

  • Makes it easy to map default data like page title, featured image, and author
  • Has a custom schema markup tool for custom post types
  • Integrates with the Google Structured Data Testing Tool and has built-in field validation
  • Provides 16 types of schema markup to use on your WordPress website
  • Adds code in the backend with no impact on frontend design

schema pro automatic target

The plugin generates schema structured data automatically. And this can have a significant impact on your search engine rankings for pages across your site. It will even map repeatable data such as page titles, featured images, content author, and date, which you can manually edit for each page/post if needed. This can lead to higher clickthrough rates in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Schema Pro is for you if you…

  • Create consistent types of content with consistent schema applications
  • Need automated systems for markup
  • Can only rely on one of the best plugins on the market

Pricing: Plans start at $79 per year.

Get Schema Pro

2. Rank Math

Rank Math Homepage Feb 2023

Rank Math Rank Math is at top of our list of all-around best SEO plugins for WordPress. It has a powerful suite of features for all your website SEO needs, including Schema. We like Rank Math (especially Pro) because of the number of schema types it can help you create. The fact that you can input a competitor’s URL and use their schema as a starting point is also brilliant.

Rank Math automates the process of adding schema markup for you behind the scenes. This makes your website easy for search bots to index your content with little effort. As a result, your listing in the SERPs will rank higher as a Rich Snippet. This is done by adding assets like star ratings, business info cards, or video detail markup.

Whether you’re running a WooCommerce store, a review site, or a blog, Rank Math can create the schema markup needed for optimal results.

Key Features for Rank Math:

  • Extensive schema support with 32 types in Pro and 21 in Free
  • Effortless schema analysis using competitor URL import
  • Speakable schema for voice assistant support (Alexa, Siri)
  • Speedy JSON LD validation with Google’s Rich Results tool
  • Supports WooCommerce SEO
  • All-in-one SEO solution covering schema input and all other SEO facets
  • Seamless integration with Divi

Rank Math Global Schema Setup by Post Type

Rank Math is for you if you…

  • Need SEO + Schema optimization across your entire website
  • Want hard-to-create schema types like “fact check”
  • Want to experiment with Speakable schema optimization
  • Need an SEO plugin that integrates with Divi for real-time SEO on the front end using the visual builder.
  • Need an SEO plugin for WooCommerce.

Pricing: Free; Paid plans start at $129 per year,

Get Rank Math

Check out our introduction to Rank Math to help you get started and our tutorial on how to use Rank Math with Divi.


AIOSEO Homepage Feb 2023

AIOSEO is a comprehensive SEO plugin for WordPress that also takes care of all your schema needs. It allows you to quickly and easily establish your website’s schema, enabling search engines to access and show your content to the right people. You establish the proper SEO + Schema foundations for your website in less than 10 minutes. Plus, it includes all the SEO features you may need to climb in the rankings.

Key Features for AIOSEO:

  • Full support for Google Knowledge Graph and local business Schema.org markup
  • A customizable setup wizard with personalized SEO settings and checklists
  • Built-in validation for Schema markup to ensure your website is correctly optimized
  • Comes with a full suite of SEO features in addition to schema tools.

AIOSEO Schema Generator

Website owners want to know that every aspect of their on-page SEO is being handled. Having a complete SEO solution with schema markup ensures your SEO content is set up for success with all the tools they need in one place.  It reduces the need for additional plugins to get the best results.

AIOSEO is for you if you…

  • Only have time to learn one plugin
  • Need the schema plugin to analyze the markup on your site’s backend (instead of using an external tool)
  • Want advanced SEO features outside of just schema

Pricing: Free; Paid plans start at $124 per year


4. Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP

schema and structured data for wp and amp

Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP is one of the most comprehensive freemium schema plugins for WordPress. It supports more than 35 schema types that meet Schema.org guidelines. Use it to create Google rich snippet markup for any type of content on your site with easy-to-use settings. There are a ton of great features out of the box. It supports Google review schema in the free version but a premium version lets you fetch reviews from over 75 platforms. And some of the schema types (like WooCommerce and Classifieds) are paid add-ons that you can purchase individually or in a  premium bundle.

Key Features:

  • Over 35 schema types (Blog Posting, Local Business, Recipe, Product, and more)
  • Easy to set up with an installation wizard
  • Conditional display options for where schema markup is placed throughout your site
  • AMP compatible
  • Compatible with other plugins such as bbPress and kk Star Ratings
  • Advanced schema options for displaying reviews from 75+ platforms
  • Built-in Gutenberg schema blocks for adding schema markup to your own content
  • Priority support available to premium users

schema installation wizard

The installation wizard is a nice touch. It makes the onboarding process super simple to add the right schema markup throughout your site in minutes.

Plus you can add new schema types and assign their placement using conditional logic. This is great for adding site-wide schema markup to the pages and posts you want with a few clicks.

Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP is for you if you…

  • Have a blog or small business that needs an affordable schema plugin to boost SEO.
  • Want an easy way to display multiple schema types in SERPs according to Schema.org guidelines.
  • Would like the option to add reviews from multiple platforms
  • Want built-in AMP or AMP for WP schema support

Pricing: Free; Premium bundles start at $99 per year (or purchase add-ons separately at a lower price)

Get Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP

5. WP SEO Structured Data Schema

WP SEO Structured Data Schema plugin

WP SEO Structured Data Schema is a freemium WordPress plugin that provides comprehensive support for schema markup and rich snippets. This plugin has over 40,000 active installs and 45 5-star ratings, making it a popular choice for WordPress users.

If you’re looking for more control over your schema markup, WP SEO Structured Data Schema is a great option. This plugin is flexible and allows for more manual adjustments. For example, you can add schema in JSON-LD format on a per-page basis. While it does require a bit more setup, it gives you the freedom to fine-tune your schema and make it truly unique to your website.

The plugin contains all the basics you need for schema markup and rich snippets and offers some site-wide settings. However, if you’re more familiar with schema markup, it will give you the flexibility you need.

Key Features for WP SEO Structured Data Schema:

  • Dedicated Schema plugin with a standalone focus
  • 11 supported Schema types
  • User-friendly interface for ease of use
  • Additional Schema types available in the Pro version

WP SEO Structured Data Schema Generator

We like this plugin because it allows website owners to add schema markup no matter what other SEO plugins they may or may not be using. It supports the minimum number of needed schema types in the free version with more options in their paid plans.

WP SEO Structured Data Schema is for you if you…

  • Have an SEO plugin that does not have schema capabilities
  • Need a solution that focuses on page-by-page schema creation (sites with vastly varying content types)
  • Want more control over the schema markup.

Pricing: Free; Paid plans start at $49 per year.

Get WP SEO Structured Data Schema

6. WordPress Review and Structured Data Schema Plugin

Review and Schema Homepage Feb 2023

WordPress Review & Structure Data Schema Plugin is a comprehensive review schema plugin that offers a structured data schema solution for WordPress sites. It is included in our list because it expertly handles schema with sites focused on reviews.

With this plugin, you can collect user ratings for custom post types, pages, and posts, as well as manage your WooCommerce ratings and reviews with ease. The plugin provides a flexible and user-friendly panel for managing all your ratings and reviews.

Key Features for WordPress Review and Structured Data Schema Plugin:

  • Pro and con review system
  • Flexible review and rating options for pages, posts, and WooCommerce products
  • Automatic (Pro) or manual structured data schema generation using JSON-LD
  • Shortcode support for affiliate marketing and product reviews

WordPress Review and Structured Data Schema Plugin Review Types

With this WordPress review plugin, you can collect and showcase your customer reviews and ratings for maximum impact. The plugin offers sorting options for reviews. Criteria include highest-rated, most recent, reviews with images, and text-only reviews. This helps you show off the best feedback from your customers.

WordPress Review and Structured Data Schema Plugin is for you if you…

  • Need a powerful review schema plugin that works with WooCommerce
  • Promote affiliate products in your own review content

Pricing: Free; Paid plans start at $29 per year.

Get WordPress Review and Structured Data Schema Plugin

7. WP Review Pro

WP Review Product Page Feb 2023

WP Review is a versatile plugin designed to help you showcase your outstanding reviews in a structured and eye-catching way. It is perfect for review websites, eCommerce sites, and even bloggers.

It allows you to increase consumer interaction with product and service ratings and reviews by presenting your review data in a structured box with the correct schema. This encourages search engines to include the information in their search results, improving your website’s visibility and click-through rates. Whether you’re selling digital downloads, physical products, or delivering services online, WP Review makes it easy to create rich snippets with review schema for your website.

Key Features for WP Review:

  • Multiple rating options: Star, Point, Percentage, Circle, and Thumbs
  • Support for 19 types of rich snippets
  • Seamless integration with popular review platforms: Google, Yelp, and Facebook
  • Comparison table feature for easy comparison of products or services
  • Up to 16 content templates for creating schema markup content

WP Review Review Builder

One of the best parts of WP Review is that it is for content creators and eCommerce store owners. It gives tools for collecting user reviews and then displaying them effortlessly. It also lets content creators create beautiful content that is sure to rank with proper schema.

WP Review is for you if …

  • You run an eCommerce website and want user reviews
  • You are a content creator looking to create rich content
  • You want a trusted plugin by a trusted WordPress company

Pricing: Free; Pro version is $77 per year.

Get WP Review Pro

Interested in more review plugins, check out these top review plugins for WordPress.

8. WPSSO Core

WPSSO Core Search and Social Schema plugin

WPSSO Core is a comprehensive plugin that offers a comprehensive solution for your SEO and schema markup needs. The free version is available on WordPress.org and is the perfect solution for website owners looking to improve their SEO and social media presence.

Key Features for WPSSO Core:

  • Supports 500 schema types and sub-types
  • Provides structured data markup for social media sites
  • Integrates with popular SEO plugins
  • Reads data from remote service APIs

WPSSO supports an impressive 500 schema types and sub-types, making it one of the most comprehensive schema plugins available. In addition to helping you get rich snippets in Google search results, it also provides structured data markup for social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

WPSSO Core Schema Generator

WPSSO Core is for you if you…

  • Need advanced access to hundreds of schema sub-types
  • Are focusing as much on Social Schema as Search
  • Want to buy one license and use it forever

Pricing: Free; Paid plans start at $59 (lifetime).

Get WPSSO Core

9. Five Star Business Profile and Schema

Five Star Business Profile Product Page Feb 2023

Five-Star Business Profile and Schema is a WordPress plugin specifically designed for local businesses. It allows you to add your business information with schema markup, including a Google Maps, hours of operation, phone numbers, and more.

Key Features for Five-Star Business Profile and Schema:

  • Create an SEO-friendly contact card with ease
  • Option to add via WordPress block or shortcode
  • Automatically adds a dropdown menu for multiple locations
  • Can be added to any page, post, or widget-ready area

Five Star Business Profile Contact Card

Five-Star Business Profile and Schema is for you if…

  • You are a local business owner trying to gain visibility
  • You want an easy yet properly marked-up way to add essential business details to contact and about pages
  • You need something that does not conflict with your SEO plugin of choice

Pricing: Free; Paid plan starts at $39 (lifetime).

Get Five Star Business Profile and Schema

10. Divi Schema Plugin

Divi Schema Plugin Page Feb 2023

The Divi Schema Plugin is a robust tool that can help boost your website’s search engine ranking. This plugin can enhance your website’s search visibility by rapidly incorporating JSON-LD schema into new Divi modules while using the robust Divi page builder to design your website.

Key Features for Divi Schema Plugin:

  • Sitewide article and organization schema implementation
  • Reusable FAQ and How to Post Types

schema settings for divi schema plugin

The Divi Schema Plugin supports a variety of content types, including FAQs, special announcements, how-to guides, local business information, store locators, and more. It does this through a mixed use of custom post types and new Divi modules.

Divi Schema Plugin is for you if you…

  • Use the Divi Theme
  • Want to add Schema in a familiar editing environment
  • Want sitewide and page-by-page schema tools

Divi Schema Plugin Pricing: $99 per year

Get Divi Schema Plugin

Bonus: WP Rich Snippets

WP Rich Snippets is a premium schema plugin for WordPress that offers a unique set of core features for adding multiple schema types to your site. What makes this plugin unique is the option for creating custom reviews. It has different ways to rate and review your content, including rating, percentage, votes, and user aggregate rating. Additional add-ons, like their WooCommerce Reviews, are particularly useful for companies looking to boost product reviews and create rich snippets at the same time.

Pricing: Plans start at $69 per year

Get WP Rich Snippets

Bonus: RankRanger Schema Markup Generator

RankRanger Schema Markup Generator is a free tool that makes it simple to create structured data that follows Schema.org standards. It supports various schema types, including FAQ pages, articles, job postings, local businesses, products, events, and people. You can copy and add the generated schema markup to your site manually.

Comparing the Best Schema Plugins

Schema markup is a critical component of setting your website up for success. It provides search engines with important information about your website that is perfectly structured to give you the best chance of higher SERPs. With the right schema plugin, your site will rank higher quickly. In this post, we’ve covered our top choices for schema plugins, so you can rest assured that either will serve you well. That said, which one should you choose?

Schema Plugin Pricing

Many great WordPress schema plugins are available to help you improve your SEO. Before making a decision, check out our comparison table. It contains a list of all the plugins we covered and their prices to make your decision easier.

PluginPriceFree Option
🥇Schema Pro$79/yrVisit
🥈Rank Math$59/yr✔️Visit
4Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP$99/yr✔️Visit
5WP SEO Structured Data Schema$49/yr✔️Visit
6WordPress Review and Structured Data Schema Plugin$29/yr✔️Visit
7WP Review Pro$77/yr✔️Visit
8WPSSO Core$59 lifetime✔️Visit
9Five Star Business Profile and Schema$39 lifetime✔️Visit
10Divi Schema Plugin$99/yr✔️Visit

Comparing the Top 3 Schema Plugins

For those looking for a standalone schema plugin, Schema Pro is the best option on the list. They support more than 20 schema types and have an easy-to-use interface. However, if you’re looking for a tool that combines both SEO and schema functionality, then Rank Math and AIOSEO are fantastic options. Both have user-friendly interfaces and support for multiple schema types, making them the perfect choice for anyone looking to improve their website’s visibility in search results.

🥇 Schema Pro🥈 Rank Math🥉 AIOSEO
Starting Price$79/year$49/year$59/year
Multiple Schema Types✔️✔️✔️
Custom Post Type Support✔️✔️✔️
Schema Automation✔️✔️✔️
Custom Field Mapping✔️✔️✔️
Schema Validation✔️✔️✔️
Voice Support✔️
Schema Import✔️✔️✔️
Active Installations175K+2M+3M+
Community Rating4.5/5

Read Reviews

Read Reviews

Read Reviews
Get Schema ProGet Rank MathGet AIOSEO

What Is the Best Schema Plugin for WordPress?

If you want a recommendation for one plugin rather than several, let us make the choice easy. For the best, most feature-rich schema plugin, we feel that Schema Pro is the solid choice. With more than 20 schema types, automation, content mapping, and an easy setup, you can’t go wrong. It works alongside Yoast SEO (a community favorite) and offers custom field support, real-time testing, and much more. Although there isn’t a free version, they offer a 14-day free trial, so you’ll have plenty of time to decide if it’s right for you.

Schema Plugins for WordPress FAQ

Have questions? We have answers. Check out our handy FAQ section below to get answers to all of your burning questions regarding Schema.

What is the best WordPress schema plugin?
Schema Pro stands out as the best WordPress schema plugin. It simplifies mapping default data such as page title, featured image, and author. It offers a custom schema markup tool designed explicitly for custom post types. The plugin seamlessly integrates with the Google Structured Data Testing Tool and includes built-in field validation. With 16 schema markup types, it provides extensive options for enhancing your WordPress website's structured data. Additionally, it adds code in the backend without affecting the frontend design.
What is the best free WordPress schema plugin?
Rank Math is considered the best free WordPress schema plugin. Alongside its robust SEO toolkit, Rank Math excels in Schema functionality. It offers a wide range of schema types and allows you to use a competitor's URL as a starting point for creating your schema. Rank Math automates adding schema markup, making it effortless for search bots to index your content. This improves your SERP ranking by adding rich snippets such as star ratings, business info cards, and video detail markup.
What is the best FAQ schema plugin for WordPress?
The Divi Schema Plugin is the best FAQ schema plugin for WordPress due to its “reusable FAQ and How to Post types” feature. This lets you easily create and manage frequently asked questions and how-to content across your website. The ability to reuse these post types saves time and effort, making it a convenient choice for implementing FAQ schema on your WordPress site.
Which is the best review schema WordPress plugin?
WP Review Pro is the best Schema Plugin for adding review markup to WordPress websites. It lets users rate products and leave service reviews directly on your website. Then, it lets you easily share those ratings and reviews across your website as social proof. It can even pull from services like Google My Business and Yelp.
What is the best local business schema WordPress plugin?
AIOSEO is considered the best local business schema WordPress plugin due to its efficiency in establishing schema and optimizing SEO. With AIOSEO, you can effortlessly set up your website's schema, ensuring that search engines accurately display your content to the appropriate audience. It lets you establish the necessary SEO and schema foundations for your website in just a few minutes. Additionally, AIOSEO provides comprehensive support for Google Knowledge Graph and local business Schema.org markup, enabling you to maximize your visibility and climb the search rankings.
How do I add a schema markup to WordPress without plugins?
You can use a schema markup generator like RankRanger to create JSON-LD structured data easily. From here, you can include it on your WordPress page or post using a code block.
What is the easiest way to add schema to WordPress?
The easiest way to add schema and structured data to your WordPress website is through an SEO plugin. Most websites already use an SEO plugin (including free ones). Many of them, like RankMath, make it easy to include simple schema markup across your website.
What is schema?
Schema refers to structured data on websites written in the format defined by schema.org. It encompasses over 800 "things" that can be used to annotate web pages, making them easier to understand (particularly for search engines). However, not all "things" are relevant in every context, leading to selecting a subset of schema types for implementation on web pages.
What does a WordPress schema plugin do?
A WordPress schema plugin is a tool that enables website owners to implement schema markup on their WordPress websites quickly. Schema markup is a semantic vocabulary coded into the website that assists search engines in providing users with more informative and relevant results. By utilizing a schema plugin, website owners can add this markup without the need for manual coding, enhancing their SEO and benefiting searchers by improving the quality and accuracy of search results.
How does schema help with SEO?
To add schema markup to your WordPress website, you can utilize a plugin like Schema Pro. This powerful tool simplifies the process by allowing you to add structured data for various elements such as videos, phone numbers, recipes, and more. The advantage of Schema Pro is that it doesn't require coding knowledge. The plugin automatically handles the task of adding the appropriate code throughout your site, freeing you to concentrate on generating unique content.
Is it possible to add schema markup to WordPress without using a plugin?
Yes, adding schema markup to a WordPress website is possible without a plugin. For example, you can edit the header.php of your theme to add static schema markup manually. Simply paste the schema code before the closing tag in the file editor. However, you won’t be able to change that schema dynamically on each page. You will need a plugin or theme with built-in schema tools for this.
What are the most popular types of schema that I should add to my website?
Two popular types of schema that you should consider adding to your website are WP SEO Structured Data Schema and WP Review Pro. WP SEO Structured Data Schema is widely used, with over 40,000 active installs and positive ratings. It provides essential schema markup and rich snippets, catering to beginners and experienced users. WP Review Pro seamlessly integrates with popular review platforms and presents review data in a structured box, encouraging search engines to include it in search results. This improves visibility and click-through rates.

If you’re looking for more WordPress plugins, make sure to check out our ultimate list of recommendations for each plugin type!

Featured Image via BestForBest / Shutterstock.com

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