Divi Feature Update! The Email Optin Module Gets 17 New Providers, Success Actions And More

Last Updated on February 22, 2023 by 130 Comments

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Divi Feature Update! The Email Optin Module Gets 17 New Providers, Success Actions And More
Blog / Theme Releases / Divi Feature Update! The Email Optin Module Gets 17 New Providers, Success Actions And More
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The Email Optin Module Gets A Huge Update

All of the most popular email providers have been added, along with some much requested new features.

Today we are giving the Divi Email Optin module its biggest update ever by introducing support for 17 of the most popular email marketing services, including: ConvertKit, Mailerlite, Mailster, Infusionsoft, Ontraport, iContact, HubSpot, Emma, MadMimi, GetResponse, Feedblitz, ConstantContact, Sendinblue, ActiveCampaign, SalesForce, CampaignMonitor, and MailPoet. In addition to adding all of these great new integrations, we have also added some new and much-requested features, such as website URL redirect after successful optin!

Support For 17 New Email Service Providers

The email optin module now supports a huge range of popular email marketing providers, bringing total support from 3 to 20!

Support For 17 New Providers

Before today, the Divi email optin module only supported 3 providers. Today we are bumping up that number to 20 by adding 17 brand new integrations for all of the most popular email marketing services. No matter which tool you use, we want to make sure that you have the power to easily grow your email lists using Divi.

ConvertKit claims to have found a sweet-spot between power and usability. “The power of Infusionsoft, but easier to use than MailChimp” is their motto, and we have had a lot of Bloom users requesting support for their service. ConvertKit was built with bloggers in mind, which makes it a natural choice for WordPress users. Combined with the power of Bloom, it’s the perfect way to take your blog to the next level.

277,365 businesses, start-ups and freelancers around the world trust MailerLite, and it has been at the top of our “most requested” email providers list for some time. Now you can easily grow your MailerLite list using Bloom’s suite of opt-ins and advanced targeting methods.

Mailster is one of the most popular WordPress email plugins, allowing you to build, maintain and email your subscribers right inside your WordPress Dashboard. This makes it a more affordable solution than most SAAS providers since your hosting company handles the work.

Infusionsoft saves you more time while helping you capture leads, improve conversion rates and manage your sales process. Now you can bring customers from your website into your Infusionsoft platform using the Divi optin module!

MadMimi is an email marketing tool with a great personality and a friendly interface, and now it’s easier than ever to build your MadMimi mailing lists using the Divi optin module.

Ontraport is an email marketing tool that helps you automate your marketing, see your results, discover opportunities and predict your bottom line. Now you can boost that bottom line by using Divi to opt in your visitors to your marketing funnel!

iContact is an email marketing tool designed around you. Their email marketing services include drag and drop editing, social media integration, autoresponders and personal coaching. Now you can bring your iContact email marketing to the next level using the Divi optin module.

HubSpot is a sales and marketing software that has gained quite a bit of traction over the past couple years, and we have had a lot of customers asking for it to be integrated into Divi. Divi now supports HubSpot integration, and you can quickly start growing your list to be used in their HubSpot Email Platform.

GetResponse is an all-in-one online marketing platform to grow your business. With over 350,000 customers, they have a great following and now those customers can integrate their GetResponse account right into their Divi website.

Feedblitz is an email marketing tool for content creators and bloggers, many of whom power their websites using WordPress and Divi! Now those users can promote their Feedblitz newsletters using the Divi optin module.

Emma’s digital marketing platform makes it easy to create beautifully designed emails that drive results. Before you can start getting results, however, you need to build that list! Now you can convert your visitors into subscribers using the Divi optin module.

ContactContact is a veteran in the email marketing space. Their system makes it easy to build email newsletters using their pre-made templates, and to send those newsletters using their marketing automation platform. Start sending emails to an even bigger list using the Divi optin module.

SendInBlue makes marketing campaigns easy, empowering businesses to build and grow relationships through marketing campaigns, transactional messaging and marketing automation.

ActiveCampaign is an email marketing provider that focuses on marketing automation and sales CRM, and now you can build that marketing list using the Divi email optin module!

SalesForce is a great tool for managing your customers and marketing to potential customers. Now you can generate more leads using the Divi optin module and put SaleForce’s huge set of tools to better use.

CampaignMonitor offers easy-to-use, professional-grade email marketing and automation for today’s fast-growing businesses.

MailPoet is an email marketing plugin for WordPress that lets you manage your lists right inside your WordPress Dashboard. Now with Divi integration, you can build those lists more effectively using the Divi optin module.

Introducing Success Actions

You can now define custom success actions that occur after a person subscribes to your list.

Website URL Redirect

The email optin module now supports success actions. These are the actions that occur after a user successfully opts in to your mailing list. The new success action system comes with a brand new action: Website URL Redirect. This allows you to define a URL where the user should be redirected after they opt in. This allows you to use the optin module as an “optin wall,” redirecting your users to special deal pages or download pages after they have provided you with their email address. By providing such incentives, you can greatly increase your conversion rates.

Along with the URL Redirect option, Divi also allows you to capture the visitor’s name and email address and supply it to the redirect URL as URL query arguments so that you can feed that data into another system if needed.

New Custom API Wrappers

We have re-written several third party API wrappers and replaced them with our own WordPress-optimized code.

WordPress Native Code

In addition to adding 17 new providers we have also re-factored the the code for several integrations, completely removing our dependency on third party API wrappers and re-writing these integrations ourselves with leaner, WordPress-native code. This means less bloat, less bugs and better compatibility with WordPress websites.

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  1. Another vote for Mautic.

  2. I too use sendy.co and vote for it.
    Obvious it’s difficult to integrate all providers but you can integrate a Custom Provider.
    Something like Bloom where there is option to set your custom and use it.

  3. I can’t see these extra features in the Email Optin in EXTRA? Will this be carried over I was really looking forward to doing this on a few posts on my site.

  4. Hi ET Team. Fantastic, thank you. Unfortunately I do not use any of those providers as my subscriber list is just above zero and cannot justify the subscription costs.

    I would dearly love to see support for:
    1. a local database for the mailing list (with import/export to .csv)
    2. connectivity to Amazon SES and MailGun SMTP services

    I understand the pros/cons of having the local database but ultimately I want to own/control/manage that database.

    For now I’d like to keep things simple and worry about the offerings of the big guys once my conversions become obscene πŸ™‚


  5. My Divi isn’t showing this. HOw do I get the update?

    • Mine aren’t either – is there anywhere to update it?

  6. it would be fantastic if you also integrated the provider “Klick-Tipp”! It is a leading system for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Is this integration planned?
    Thank you in Advance! πŸ™‚

  7. Robly.com wuld be nice too

  8. Hi,
    Bloom is very nice, but my customer wantΒ΄s to have single opt in with Mailchimp and the popup right in the middle of the page (like the Preview).

    Anybody knows how this is possible with bloom?

  9. So, does this e-mail new post articles to my subscribers, like Jetpack subscriptions? What can I use instead of Jetpack subscriptions, as it doesn’t work well with Divi?

  10. I suggest that you integrate this module with ZAPIER, also BLOOM.

  11. Hi, guys, tried using the form on a site but it breaks on mobile so couldn’t use it.

  12. you guys have been really stepping up your game this past year. Thank you!

    As several others have commented, having this functionality in the Contact Form would be very useful. I was really excited to hear of this expanded functionality but that was dampened, a bit when I realized it didn’t apply to the Contact Form.

  13. This module is not responsive!
    It has errors in the color of the text fields!

    • I came to this post looking for a solution for this. Thanks for already posting about this Alberto.

      The email opt-in module is really great – but it’s not responsive. On smaller screens the input fields get cut off.

      Do I need to add custom css to make this work? Please help.

      • Thanks Louise!
        I don`t want add CSS, sorry

        • Hi, i’m also looking for a solution to make this module responsive..

  14. Thank you and well done. It’s been something I’ve been wanting for a while and this really helps a whole bunch of klunky synchronising between Hubspot, Mailchimp and Gravity Forms.

  15. I have a feedburner account and have put my title in the section the module comes up with but the button is not appearing on the front end, it is just showing the title and desription. Not sure if anyone else is having the same problem, you can view the problem in my profile link.

  16. Hi,

    Before I start to use this, is it compatible with AMP pages and posts?
    as Bloom isn’t – it gives the success notice before you even add in a name/email.



  17. Hey nick,

    Thanks for this great update. As I’m a big fan of Convertkit, i was already waiting for this.

    Chris from the netherlands

  18. CleverReach is missing. this would be really nice for german market.

  19. Curious to know whether this would replace Bloom or not. What would be the purpose of using one or the other, or BOTH?

  20. Bloom not working with MailPoet 3 “Authorization failed: MailPoet plugin is either not installed or not activated”.

    Please fix ! Thanks πŸ™‚

    Best regards.

  21. Hello,

    I read in the forums a response from your team dated 18/09/2017 that MailPoet 3 support was to be added in next major updates. Also, I see Divi, Extra and Bloom on MailPoet 3’s list of supported themes and plugins ( http://beta.docs.mailpoet.com/article/198-forms-themes-plugins-that-work-with-mailpoet ) but when I try to configure the Divi builder’s Email Optin module with MailPoet, it doesn’t show me any lists. I have the latest MailPoet 3 installed.

    Can you please confirm if MailPoet 3 is supported in this update?

  22. Do you plan to create a registration form module? It’s strange that there is an authorization form, but there is no registration form.

    • I really need it)

  23. I prefer Klick-tipp

  24. I work wiht Klick Tipp because of the Law Reason in Germany.
    It would be great to include Klick Tipp in Divi :-)!

    Thanks a lot

  25. HUH? Nice work BUT…

    Where is, or when will you add support to use simple HTML OPTIN FORM for those who use in-house EMS?

    It’s been said and asked before.

    The funny thing is you will have constant request to add this provider and that provider, to NO END. While adding support to RAW HTML FORMS will make it for most people, while waiting for you to add the next batch of the new EMSs popping up all the time.

    Thanks for listening to veteran online marketers and users.

  26. I don’t really use this module, but hats off to the ET team for the continuous great work. thanks

  27. Hey Great. But i Miss the Integration of Klick-Tipp. (Klick-Tipp.com)

    Many Marketers in Germany are Klick-Tipp users..


  28. Hi Nick,

    great to hear that you are also looking more into the Online Marketing Community.
    We don’t want to use Optimizepress or Profitbuilder any longer – We love DIVI with its large community and ongoing updates.

    Why don’t you integrate a generic autoresponder interface (like Optimizepress and Profitbuilder have it) – this would allow anyone to connect with his special autoresponder.

    Tom from Germany – the 4th biggest economy in the world

  29. Curious to see whether Active Campaign will now send the opt-in e-mail. That feature has been broken in Bloom since… May or something when the version after 1.8.x was released.

    It’s really amazing to see how little Americans care about customer protection laws. Without double opt in, every idiot could just add my e-mail to the list of some random website, which would then give me a reason to sue the website owner for sending me “junk mail”. I’d be super surprised if that wasn’t the case in the US where people can seemingly sue other people for the tiniest of shits…

    • It is true. The American customer can’t be bothered to “double opt-in” that is why it is used so little.

  30. Great update! But please add DRIP!!

  31. Nice work! But please, add Mailrelay..

  32. Looks good. I miss Simplero on your list, though. Many of my clients, and many small business owners in my network, use Simplero for their online business and they have awesome newsletter and list options. I am teaching WordPress/Divi courses online, and I include Simplero in my course, and really miss the ability to integrate it with your optin forms, and with Bloom too (without using HTML and custom CSS).

  33. Another request for drip

  34. Thanks for the update. But PLEASE consider adding a way to manage elements and design for the Secondary Top bar. Why don’t you create/open a place to allow us to tell you what is important to us and is not.

  35. I’m so freaking happy you’ve added SendinBlue, that I’m going out for a few drinks! Your team really made my day! Thanks! πŸ™‚

  36. You just MADE MY DAY! Having Mailerlite integrated is so frickin’ awesome, thanks guys! I’ve said this before, but find Divi has been the best thing that ever happened to my website, I’ve finally been able to build the site of my dreams, and I’m a solo indie musician, with no coding knowledge, so that’s saying something! THANK YOU, new lifetime user over here ?

  37. I was just thinking this last week and asking myself why is there only 3 providers available? You guys are right on i… Awesome upgrade!!!

  38. Awesome thanks for the update, I still would love to see either the option to create more custom fields like the contact form in this module, alternately to add email provider integration into your contact forms. Our clients always have demands to capture more detailed information when capturing leads and building their lists

  39. Opens lots of doors, Awesome Nick, Simply Awesome! & Thank you

  40. Awesome! Any chance that you could support Sendgrid as well?

  41. I am using ArpReach.
    Could it integrated for ArpReach?
    Thank you.

  42. Another Vote for Sendy support!

  43. Hello. First of all: Nice work!

    I have two questions about this new Optin Email Module:
    1. How can I do “double opt-in”?

    2. How can I make the fields First name, Surname and Name MANDATORY?

    3. How can I change the text that first appears inside each field to whatever I want? For example, in order to the use text in Portuguese?

    Thank you so much!

    • Hi Rosinaldo… for me double opt-in works fine out of the box. My question would be how to disable double opt-in πŸ™‚

    • In fact, it was 3 questions πŸ™‚

  44. Thanks for the update! What would be awesome is Google Analytics goal tracking parameters. πŸ™‚

  45. Fantastic! A lot of my freelance clients will be very happy with this.

    At my day job, we use Marketo. Do you have plans on Marketo integration in the future?

  46. GREAT Divi Updates that keeps coming!

    Please add Mautic and Drip. They have the most advance automation newsletter service and affordable price tag.

    Thanks for keeping essential updates on regular basis. I’m glad to invest in Divi and ET.

  47. Thanks for awesome update, Nick

  48. Hi,
    This is a great update! Thank U.
    Is the new mail optin module compatible with MailPoet version 3?

    Nice work, Nick & team.

    • It is, Gonzalo!

  49. Very happy to see that you added 17 new providers and wrote custom wrappers for them. Can’t wait to start using it with bloom now.

  50. Hi Nick,

    and like every time you and your Team produce great new Stuff the Question:

    Is anyone working for your Team with a simple knowledge of the Law in many Countrys?

    For what did you make this great Update, when the most Customers of ET this can not use without problems with the Law?

    Have you heart over so simple Things like DOUBLE OPTIN????
    On Bloom whe wait an half year? or Longer? For the Double Optin for Mailster and Co.
    Now you came with this Update, oh wonder, NO Double OptIn…

    Is there a Plan to Fix this?
    Or must we further use the HTML Implementation for this sort of Providers?
    If so, why did you implement them?

  51. Where is Mautic? Is a great plataform, I already use with Bloom, but need a lot of coding to make the html form with bloom to look good!

  52. Please!! ZOHO!!

    • YES, Zoho is a must! I second this!

  53. This is very welcomed news, but PLEASE fix the bugs that the last Divi update introduced with background colors and images.

    I’d rather a slower, more stable cycle.

    • Hi John,

      We are not aware of any issues related to background colors and images. Have you opened a ticket in the support forum? Most likely the issue you are experiencing is related to your browser loading old cached resources. This can happen when you use a caching plugin or a security/performance plugin that removes file versioning.

      • You are not aware because you do not have QA team. The background issue is still there with tons of other issues but forget about them, surprise us with cool updates and features. YOU ARE OUT OF TRACK ALREADY!

      • Thank you, Nick. I have opened a couple of tickets. The support system is full of background color & image tickets as of the latest release.

        We are on a dev server, so I cannot allow access to my site at this time. We have spent months building a major commercial site using Divi Builder and we are VERY excited to release the site. Overall, we are very pleased. We just don’t want to be wrecked overnight due to a major plugin change.

        I tried to be as detailed as possible in documenting what’s happening to our site, but it’s just not possible for me to allow external access.

        I will follow up on my tickets and see what I can find out.

      • Hi Nick,
        he is not the only one.
        And no, i dont wrote a ticket, because only a Site-wide Module whas effected, so i could fix it with a few mouse Klicks.
        And i think it whas a Problem on my Server.
        The Problem was, the Background was set to Standard.

  54. If someone signs up for a special deal while they are already on your mailing list, do they still get an error message or is that (very) long standing issue also fixed now?

    • For most providers, there will be no visible difference between subscribing for the first time and subscribing to the same list multiple times. Some providers do however notify the user that they have already subscribed. It’s not an error.

      • @Vlad … I agree it’s not an error, but here’s the challenge: I use Infusionsoft and if someone (who is not yet an Infusionsoft contact) opts into a bloom web form, bloom will add the name and email to Infusionsoft and set the appropriate tag based on the configuration settings in bloom – everything works like a charm –

        Unless … the contact is already in Infusionsoft. If the contact is already inside Infusionsoft, then the process stops and the visitor sees the message that reads “Already Subscribed” and he or she is now confused, because they know they are not yet subscribed to this particular offer or newsletter – but now they assume they are, since bloom said so … but then they never get any emails … They feel sad – because they really wanted the value from the offer.

        And of course the site owner is sad too because he or she lost the opportunity to provide more value to their existing prospect. So no one wins – that’s why we call it an “error”.

        What should likely happen, is IF the email already exists in Infusionsoft, THEN bloom should update the existing record with the appropriate tag – then everything will work perfectly as expected with no sadness or tears … πŸ˜‰

        I don’t know that much about Active Campaign, but with Infusionsoft, there is only one list in the platform. I know other Email Service Providers who offer multiple lists within the account – and if that were the case, it makes sense to say the visitor is already subscribed – but Infusionsoft segments its single list via multiple various tags – not by multiple lists.

        So, inside Infusionsoft’s Campaign Builder, we have a series of emails that get sent to the prospect when they subscribe via the bloom webform plugin and the trigger that sends the email is the tag that we select inside the bloom configuration – however, bloom stops as soon as it sees that the email already exists in Infusionsoft and never sets the tag – therefore, nothing happens – no emails are sent – the tears begin to well up in everyone’s eyes, and everyone loses.

        Therefore, the bloom / Infusionsoft integration is not super useful…

        My theory is that your programming code is looking to see if people are on a list, and if true, it sees no reason to re-add something that is already there, right? But again, Infusionsoft’s data model is different from other email service providers in that there is only one list for each account and the way it segments that “single” list is by using tags, products purchased, custom fields, etc…

        I apologize if I’m over-explaining, but I wanted to be ultra clear that anyone using Infusionsoft and bloom together as of my writing this today, Oct 26, 2017 has a fairly significant problem when it comes to using bloom to engage their “existing list”.

        What I mean by that is if I have 20,000 people on my Infusionsoft list and I send an email to them pushing them to a landing page about an upcoming free webinar I’m offering, and I use bloom as the web form optin tool, it’s NOT going to work.

        If I didn’t test this properly with existing contacts, I am assuming that all of my existing list members who opt in for the free webinar are going to get tagged as such by using your plugin. (which is a fair assumption) But they will have literally no one signed up for their webinar. Here come the tears …

        Every prospect who completes the bloom web form will see “Already Subscribed” because the plugin assumes there is a separate list for every marketing initiative – but that’s an incorrect assumption in Infusionsoft …

        Please forward this to your dev team so that they see specifically what the problem is – I think when they read this, the lightbulb will come on and they will be able to easily patch this so that bloom can live up to its promise for being awesome!


      • Vlad, maybe not an error but something is missing. If I integrate an ActiveCampaign form with their plugin and shortcode I can signup multiple times with the same email address without a problem. But if I do that with de Divi module or Bloom, I get this error message.

        I had a discussion about this in the forum with your colleague Dustin, where he says this will be fixed. Hence my question if this is also fixed now. But I guess it’s not…?

        I use ActiveCampaign (AC) but if you search the support forum you’ll find reports of this issue for several other mailing list providers.

        Another issue with AC and Divi/Bloom is the way it works with lists and forms. AC forms are used to subscribe to a list, assign tags to subscribers and to send them into specific campaigns/automations. That also doesn’t work with Divi/Bloom as it only uses the form ID for double opt-in.

  55. Still want to see the ability to simply send whatever input straight to an email address, rather than an optin 3rd party. Not with some custom form created by something, just a simple “send to email address” choice amongst all the $$ optin choices.

    Like, old school, you know?

    I’m about to spend money on another plugin with the capability to do this. Rather be able to use Bloom. Beuhler?

  56. Hello! Really great work. Thanks a lot. Would be nice if you can add Newsletter2Go (very important!) and other German services (CleverReach). Again – Thanks a lot to the whole team

    • How about Klick-Tipp for the European Market as well

  57. Does ET team plan to expand a list of plugins in their arsenal?

  58. Awesome work Nick.

    It would be great if you could support hidden merge fields to use with MailChimp.

    Also, how does this update effect Bloom…they are have some.big differences but are getting very very alike at the same time.

  59. I have checked for the past two hours to see what’s gonna be the new thing!

    I am going to love it!

  60. Is the ability to add extra fields in the pipeline?

  61. Please add Sendy.co!

  62. Thank you SO much! This will make my life a lot easier. But I am not seeing these new providers in my drop down choices inside the Email Opt-In Module. Is there something I am missing?

    I am running Divi 3.0

    • The update has just been released so the new providers are available in the latest version (3.0.76). You will need to update to use the new providers.

      • Hi Vlad,
        Just a comment from me: I’ve updated to I saw the new providers when I use the Visual Builder, but not when I first used the standard Divi Builder in the WP admin section.

        However, once I created a new page using the Divi Builder, I saw the new providers.


  63. Looks good, but why not integrate this into the contact form module so that we have the option to collect emails during contact form submission?

  64. Thank you for the brilliant update.

    I would love to see the ability to have the fields in line rather than vertical.

    • I second this. I would rather have a horizontal form sometimes.

  65. Nice. But is It possible to integrate an own Form code, May be provided by a Mautic Installation in HTML-Level?

  66. I really want to dump my contact form plugin and just use native Divi features, but the thing that is missing is the option to “sign up to our newsletter” when someone sends a question via the contact form. I wish you could add that optin option to the contact form πŸ™‚ I get a really high conversion rate from people manually selecting to sign up to the newsletter if they are sending me a question.

  67. Nice update! I’m also hoping there is a way to specify single-optin with MailChimp, very important to have this.

  68. Wonderful news!

    An option for the future would be the ability to send the form content in html format as opposed to being restricted to text only.

    Keep up the good work!

  69. that is nice, but majority of people uses Aweber and Mailchimp. All the other ones are probably in the last 5%

  70. This awesome as always. Thank you ?

  71. What about Mautic? The opensource system is gaining popularity.

    • +1 for Mautic. Pls!

    • Glad to see the progress, but I know there have been a lot of requests for Mautic in the past, so hoping you can put that on the next list. We use for all of our clients.

      • sir nick, mautic please, thank you!

  72. What would really be super cool is that a feature allows a video to popup after the form is completed. Allow Vimeo code etc.

    • Try using the free popup maker plug-in. You can trigger a popup (with a video embedded inside) with a specific url like #video, then just add that url to the success redirect in the divi email module. Or there are a couple of other video popup plugins that trigger videos via a class, which is now part of the divi email module redirect.

  73. Would love to see DRIP being added!

  74. Thanks. Would really like to see support for self hosted, free apps like phpLIst and Dada Mail. All implementing phpList would take would be the ability to post the name, email and a self defined key value pair for list selection to a defined URL (hosted on the same domain). Have boxes for admin to allow inputting each of these to the form, like:

    Post URL (must be on the same server):
    Email field name:
    Name field name:
    Hidden list key name:
    Hidden list value pair:

    This can already be done easily with a form but not with the opt-in module or Bloom. πŸ™

  75. Great ! So I don’t need to use Bloom anymore ?

    • Not necessarily, it really depends on what you need. If the Email Optin module in Divi suits your needs then that should be enough. I would still keep Bloom in mind as it has tons of options and various opt-in types that are not present in the Divi Email Optin module.

      • Great thanks, as I was wondering if Bloom was still better – well explained. Thanks

      • Thanks for your answer, Vlad, i’ll check these two options πŸ˜‰

  76. Realy good Work, but unfortuanly again no German Provider like CleverReach. Here in Germany we have strong and strange Laws when it comes to E-Mail-Marketing. The only Provider we can use to fullfill all LAWs, is a european one like CleverReach or KlickTipp. PLEASE integrate them both and you open up a whole new market πŸ˜‰

    • I support Jochen’s question. In Germany, Klick-Tipp, in my opinion, is the only provider of legally compliant, professional email marketing.
      A support of Klick-Tipp would be a great thing for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
      Otherwise, thank you for the great products: -)

    • Yes, please Insert KlickTip for Europe. Thank you

    • AGREE with Jochen, its very difficuilt in Germany using mailprovider from another country because of german law. Please inetegrate cleverreach and klicktipp. That would be awesome ???

      • voting also for the integration of Klick-Tipp. Makes Online-Live much easier in Germany πŸ™‚

      • YES please integrate KLICK-TIPP for your huge German community

        • Klick-Tipp would be nice

  77. Looks good! Hopefully we get better lead generation integration/tracking in the contact form soon!

  78. Very cool. Although, would love to see Drip.co included. A lot of us are switching over to that service from Aweber and GetResponse because it’s just better.

    • Add me to the list for Drip (on Bloom as well).

    • Not sure why Drip was not on the short list?

    • +1 for Drip

      • +1 more for Drip!

    • Great to see this being developed. But, yes… PLEASE add Drip!

    • Me too with Drip – thank you!

    • Yes! Me too! I was so excited…and then the bubble burst!

    • Second the Drip.co. thank you

  79. You need to add CyberImpact in email optIn and Bloom. I’m asked for that one more than 2 times a month now.
    Is it possible now to change the Thank you message ? It sucks not to have something to change it easely.
    Thx a lot for the good work!

    Kind regards,

    • Hi, I second, please add Cyberimpact.

      Good job guys!

    • Yep you can change the success message in the Divi optin module settings.

      • Thx, I now see it’s there! πŸ™‚
        I also have a lot of demandes for “SG Autorepondeur” and “LearnyBox” integration in optins.

  80. Thank you Nick!
    Its erverytime nice to see that you are doing so great, I used to work with other themes but as your themes are the killer of all themes and I can stand 100% behind it, I stopped to use others.
    Great work and keep going.

  81. Pwned πŸ™‚

  82. Love the updates! Have you figured out a way get around MailChimp’s double opt-in? I know most 3rd party opt-in forms don’t require double opt-in, and as MailChimp has made that process more convoluted it’d be really valuable to have the option to do away with the double opt-in.

    • Yea, I had that issue also… couldn’t figure it out…

      You have 2 options that I know of…
      1. Form 7- I heard there is a way to bypass this double opt-in
      2. Use MailerLite- you have the option to cancel the double opt-in.

      I hope it helps

  83. Esto es maravilloso. Es algo que habia esperado hace mucho tiempo. Felicitaciones por este gran trabajo. Abrazos !!!!

  84. Awesome work and very welcome. Thanks for another great update!

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