Divi 2.4 Has Arrived! Welcome To The Biggest Upgrade In Divi’s History

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Divi 2.4 Has Arrived! Welcome To The Biggest Upgrade In Divi’s History
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Welcome to the biggest upgrade in Divi’s history. In no product has our team put more time, effort and love than Divi, and never has a Divi update been more expansive than 2.4.

This is a monumental update, including over 1,000 new module design settings and theme customizer controls, as well as an all-new fluid grid and a re-imagined set of flexible modules that are more versatile and easy-to-customize than ever. These ultra-customizable layouts are also easier than ever to use thanks to the Divi Library, an all new way to save, use and organize your own collection of Divi Builder layouts. Say hello to your new web design toolkit.

All of the amazing things we have added to the Divi Builder are even more wonderful when you consider that the Divi Builder has now been extended to all post types. The builder is no longer limited to pages, meaning you are free to use the builder to create beautiful blog posts too!

Of course, these few things only scratch the surface of what Divi 2.4 has to offer. There is so much to talk about, and I can’t wait to share with you all the great things we have been working on over the past year. So get comfy, grab a drink, and get ready for a monstrous post about a truly epic update!

divi-2-4_bread-post-thumbLive Demo
divi-2-4_bread-post-thumbLive Demo
divi-2-4_bread-post-thumbLive Demo
divi-2-4_bread-post-thumbLive Demo


Here is a little appetizer before the main course. To kick things off, we have created 4 brand new Divi Demos to show you just how versatile this theme has become. All of these demos were constructed by our lead designer Kenny Sing using only standard theme settings. No custom code or Child Themes! It’s truly impressive the variety of layouts that can now be built with a single theme. Without further adieu, let’s take a detailed look at the new features that made these beautiful designs possible.

New Global Settings & 100% Fluid Grid

The backbone of Divi 2.4 is its all new fluid grid and a re-imagined set of modules that are more flexible than ever. This new grid has allowed us to add some great new settings to the Divi Theme Customizer, such as the ability to define custom content widths, column spacing, menu heights, menu widths and so much more.


Choose Your Content Width

Divi’s website width can now be customized to any max-width of your choosing, making it fully prepared for the future of super high resolution displays.


Choose Your Sidebar Width

Set the width of your sidebar for pages using a sidebar page template, archive pages, category pages, and all other post types.


Adjust the Height of Your Logo

Different logos require different header heights for optimum legibility. This new option lets you adjust the height of your header so that your logo can live up to its full potential.


Define Your Navigation Fonts, Text Sizes, and Text Styles

We’ve made modifying text styles within your navigation extremely easy in 2.4. Right from inside the Divi Theme Customizer you can choose your primary and secondary navigation fonts, font sizes, and text colors.


Give Your Fixed Header Unique Styling

If fixed-navigation is enabled, you now have full control over what your navigation looks like after the user has begun scrolling. These styles can be adjusted independently of your navigation’s primary styles, all of which will be automatically transitioned as the users scrolls.


Hide Navigation Until User Scrolls

When this setting is enabled, your navigation bar will remain hidden until your visitor begins scrolling down the page. This is a great way to give full prominence to the first section on your page, such as a Fullwidth Slider or Call To Action.


Make Your Logo Centered AND Inline

Divi comes with a new Centered Inline Logo header style. This setting will automatically calculate how many menu items you have and center your logo between your navigation links.


Add Full or Semi-Transparency to Your Navigation

The Theme Customizer now supports alpha transparency, giving you the option to make your navigation bars semi-transparent. Divi automatically calculates the height of your navigation bar and adds the appropriate padding to the first element on your page so that it can overlay your page content without obstructing your text. You can even make your navigation background color completely transparent for a new unique look.


Give Your Website a Unique Touch of Creativity by Combining all of the Great New Navigation Features

There are limitless ways to combine menu colors, fonts, text styles, and layout options to create unique looking headers that were never possible before. If you are looking for a way to make each of your Divi websites stand out, you should definitely explore the Theme Customizer’s expansive set of new Header & Navigation settings.


Typography Settings

Divi 2.4 introduces new controls for the typography that can be used to adjust every part of your website, including headers, body, footer titles, footer text, navigation links, body text, and even default text styling for individual modules. You have controls for things such as Size, Color, Letter-Spacing, Line-Height, Font-Weight, All Caps, and Italics.


Define Your Column Spacing

You may want to have your column spacing be wider, more narrow, or even gutter-less based on the type of content you are displaying. Now you can set your global column spacing with the click of your mouse.



This setting also effects grid-based modules, which include Galleries, Portfolios, and Masonry Blogs.

Increase or Decrease Section and Row Height.

Along with Divi’s horizontal column spacing controls, you can also define the vertical spacing of rows and sections. If you want to tighten things up, or give your content more room to breath, simply drag your section/row height slider up or down.


New Footer Layouts & Widget Styling

Now you have 8 column layouts to choose from for your footer area, as well as full control over footer widget header and body text styling.


Button Styling

Divi now gives you full control over all of the buttons on your website. You can set global base styles, or even adjust buttons styles for individual modules. You now have full control over font, text size, text color, background color, stroke styles, icon selection as well as a unique set of controls for button hover styles.


Live Website Demo

Click the link below to see a live demo that illustrates how you can take advantage of some of Divi’s new Theme Customizer features to help make your website stand out from the crowd.

View The Live Demo

Divi Module Customizer

In addition to the Divi Theme Customizer, the Divi Module Customizer lets you set basic defaults for individual modules. You can adjust font styles and module sizes for each individual module, and have those adjustments reflected throughout your entire website. Do you want to make all of your Sliders a little smaller? Such a change is only one click away in the Module Customizer.

Without creating a child theme or writing custom CSS you now have over 200 settings in the Divi Module Customizer, such as default slider heights, default gallery hover overlay color, or default image lazy loading animation. These options are here to give you more ways to fully customize your website and save you a ton of time doing it.


Use The Divi Builder On Posts!

The long-awaited and highly-desired ability to use the Divi Builder on posts is now a reality. Because of Divi’s new fluid grid, layouts built with the Divi Builder can now be used anywhere while still retaining their design integrity. There are now so many great opportunities to use the Divi Builder to create beautiful story-driven posts on your blog.

Using the Divi Builder on posts still allows you to retain your left, right, or fullwidth post layouts. You also have the option to display your post’s title, meta, and featured image in addition to the builder content. Continue reading to find out how you can add your post’s title, meta, and featured image in more creative ways.




Left Sidebar


Right Sidebar

Live Post Demos

Blog Posts built with the Divi Builder can be absolutely beautiful and captivating. Just take a look at some of the amazing posts we have been able to build, and imagine how wonderful it will be for your readers to experience such a rich and intriguing piece of content. This is the perfect way to make your online publication stand out from the crowd.

divi-2-4_chair-post-thumbLive Demo
divi-2-4_bread-post-thumbLive Demo
divi-2-4_coffee-post-thumbLive Demo

All New Row Options

Before Divi 2.4, Rows did not come with any options. Now that Rows and their column structures are fluid, Rows have been beefed up with a new set of options, making them hands-down the most versatile element in the Divi Builder. The new Row options in Divi 2.4 pave the way to a whole new generation of unique layouts that were never possible before. Take a look below to see how you can edit a row’s existing column structure, adjust its gutter widths, and even how to make a fullwidth row!

Change a Row’s Existing Column Structure

Now you can easily change the column structure of any existing Row in your layout. These Rows have their columns adjusted instantly, and the Modules within them adapt along with it, placing them into the available columns or removing them from the columns that no longer exist. Gone are the days of creating an entirely new Row and draging over all of your modules just to change its column structure!

Increase Columns…
or decrease columns in seconds.

Custom Column Spacing

Not only can you adjust column widths globally within the Theme Customizer, but you can also adjust them on a per-column basis. You can even achieve a gutter-less effect by setting your column spacing to 0.


Fullwidth Rows

Divi’s new Row options also include the ability to make Rows Fullwidth. Combining Fullwidth Rows with Divi’s numerous column structures and column spacing options opens up a whole new realm of layout possibilities.


Column Background Colors

In addition to Section and Row background options, you can now give each individual column inside of a Row its own background color, background image or background video. This can be combined with Fullwidth Rows to achieve some really cool effects.


Equal Column Height Option

It is nearly impossible to add just the right amount of content into adjacent columns so that all column heights within a Row are equal. This can look tacky when adding background colors to columns. With Divi’s new column height standardization option, you can tell a row to equalize its columns heights and every column will appear the same in height automatically. This is an especially useful option when used in combination with gutter-less column spacing.


Live Website Demo

Click the link below to see a live demo that illustrates how you can take advantage of fullwidth rows and equal column heights.


View The Live Demo

Advanced Module Design Settings

It’s now possible to customize absolutely everything about the design of each individual module you add to your page. If it can be done with CSS, then it can be done with the hundreds of new design controls added to the Divi Builder. We have added countless design options across the board that let you control things like typography, spacing, backgrounds, borders, colors and so much more.

New Tabbed Settings

Section, Row, and Module Settings now have a new tabbed layout for General Settings, Advanced Design Settings, and Custom CSS. Advanced Design Settings is where you will find more detailed styling controls for each module. Check out the examples below to see just how powerful these new design options can be.


Typography Options

You now have complete control over the appearance of text in your modules. For every piece of text in a module you can adjust the font, text size, text color, font-weight, line-height, letter spacing, all-caps, italics, and underline.



i.e. Completely customize the typography of a Blurb or Slider module.

Custom Padding and Margin

Divi’s grid foundation is an amazing base for a structured website, but having control over the sizing and spacing of elements on your page is vital for achieving highly refined layouts. Sections and Rows now have adjustable padding controls, as do each of the Divi Modules.



i.e. Reduce or increase the top and bottom padding of any Slider


i.e. Control the padding and typography of Bar Counters


i.e. Increase the padding of a Call To Action to increase its height


Or Add surrounding margin to give it more breathing room

Background & Border Options

Modifying module background colors and border styles is now available right inside the Module’s Advanced Design Settings. You can even choose transparent or semi-transparent colors!


i.e. Customize the background colors of individual Pricing Tables


i.e. Give your Contact Form semi-transparent fields and/or add a border


i.e. Add a background color to text to make it legible when placed over background images.

Live Website Demo

Click the link below to see a live demo that illustrates how you can take advantage of advanced section, row, and module settings.

View The Live Demo

Custom CSS Options

If our Advanced Design Settings are not enough, you will notice that each Module, Section and Row in the Divi Builder now has a new Custom CSS tab that can be used by CSS-Savvy designers to directly control particular elements on the page. If the Advanced Design Settings tab doesn’t have what you are looking for, add the CSS for it here. For each module, we have broken down the structural HTML elements and given CSS input fields for each. If you want to make a customization, just add it here. No need to go through the trouble of making a whole new Child Theme.


For example, you can give an image module custom styles to make it overlap the section below it a tiny bit. This is just a single example of the infinite CSS possibilities at your fingertips!


Introducing The Divi Library!

The Divi Library is something we are extremely excited to announce, knowing that it’s going to revolutionize the way people use Divi (and build websites in general). The Divi Library is a place for you to save your customized Modules, Sections, Rows or even entire Layouts. These items can then be added directly into the builder on new pages, or when starting to build new websites for your clients. When combined with our new Advanced Design Settings and Custom CSS inputs, these saved library items take on a whole new meaning. Imagine having a folder of Divi Modules and Sections that have each been customized by you for a specific type of website. The next time you start a similar project, load up the Library and start building. In many ways this forgoes the need for a Child Theme, since your custom CSS and design tweaks can be saved directly into the Library items and accessed instantly wherever you take your Library.


Save Sections, Rows & Modules

The moment we’ve all been waiting for—Divi now lets you save not only layouts, but also individual Sections, Rows, and Modules. Just like layouts, you can export these for use on other sites as well.

Save & Add to Library

You can now choose to save any Section, Row, or Module for later use. Library items can also be made Global, allowing a single module to be mirrored across multiple pages. You can even Selectively Sync certain settings when saving to the Library.


Selective Sync

As you can see in the image below, settings can be selectively synced when saved to the Library. This means you can save any combination of the General Settings, Advanced Design Settings, and Custom CSS tabs into individual Library items. Any tab that is not selected will receive default theme values when you add it to a layout.


i.e. Only save the Advanced Design Settings tab of a fullwidth header module so you don’t have to remember the exact height, text styles, button styles, or background overlay, every time you add a header to your layout. This saves a ton of time and makes consistency a breeze.

Yes, this is as amazing as it sounds. The option to have a single module in multiple locations throughout your website is finally here! When you save a Global item to your Divi Library, that item (whether it be a Section, Row or Module) will be mirrored on each page that exists. When you update the item in one location, it gets updated everywhere else instantly. If you repeat any elements through your website, such as a Call To Action Module in your footer, turn it into a Global library item. If you every want to update the module, do it once instead of dozens or even hundreds of times.

Multiple Elements All In Sync

Global elements can be added in multiple spots within a layout or on completely separate pages. This can be great for something like an “About Us” text block that exists on multiple pages. If you need to update your info, just do it once!


Saving Global Elements

In addition to being able to save a Section, Row, or Module, you can also save it as a global element from the ‘Save & Add To Library’ button.


Global Modules

Global library items are the perfect way to handle elements that are repeated across your website. You can create a single Module, save it as a Global Library Item, and then add it anywhere on your site. If you wish to update this module, it’s simply a matter of changing it on one page and the rest will update automatically.


i.e. Use a global Call To Action on multiple pages. Updating the title, text, link, or styling is now a one time task.

Global Rows & Sections

If you have a grouping of modules or rows that you want to use throughout your site, you can even save Global Rows and Sections.


i.e. Create a Global Section, add it to the bottom of every page of your site, and use it as a custom built footer.

Global Items + Selective Sync

As mentioned before, when saving an element you can choose which settings you want to save. This is especially useful with combined with Global elements. For example, only saving a Global items’s Advanced Design Settings will allow each instance to have different content, while at the same time sharing the Global / Selectively-Synced design settings.


For example, you could create a Global Fullwidth Header Module and selectively sync only the Advanced Design Settings. This Global Module can now be added to the top of all of the pages on your site, and only the Advanced Design Settings will be shared in each instances of the Module, while the General Settings will remain unique (un-synced). You can add unique header titles to each page, but have all pages share the same custom font controls and colors. If you ever want to adjust the font used for all of the global headers on your site, simply edit the Global Fullwidth Header Module’s Advanced Design Settings once and all of your pages will be synced!

New Divi Modules

Divi 2.4 introduces 6 new members to the module family: Fullwidth Image Module, Fullwidth Code Module, and Fullscreen Header Module, Fullwidth Post Title Module, Regular Code Module, and Regular Post Title Module.

Fullwidth Image Module

The fullwidth image module allows you to add images to your site that span the entire width of the browser while retaining their aspect ratio with no cropping.


i.e. Use Fullwidth Images as page headers, creative ways to break up the page, or in combination with Divi’s new Fullwidth Rows.

Live Website Demo

Click the link below to see a live demo that illustrates how you can take advantage of fullwidth images to create impactful layouts.

View The Live Demo

Code Module (Regular and Fullwidth Modules)

The Code Module essentially gives you a blank slate for adding code to your website. You can add code into any column with the Regular Code Module or use the Fullwidth Code Module that is not bound by column or row widths.


i.e. Place third party shortcodes from plugins such as Revolution Slider and Essential Grid into a Fullwidth Code Module.


Divi’s Fullwidth Header Module can now be made fullscreen with additional options for adding images, logos, call to action buttons and more!


24 Layout Possibilities

With different combinations of content orientation and image placement, there are over 20 different layouts you can create that are all completely responsive. You can also choose not to enable fullscreen mode and the header will take on the natural height of its content.



Live Website Demo

Click the link below to see a live demo that illustrates how you can take advantage of the Fullscreen Header Module to give your visitors a stunning greeting to your page.

View The Live Demo

Post Title Module (Regular and Fullwidth Modules)

When using the Divi Builder, you are presented with a blank canvas. This is a great feature of Divi, but it also makes it difficult to add dynamic elements onto the page such as the page or post title, meta data, and featured images. Now that you can use the Divi Builder on posts, it is crucial to be able to easily add that kind of info into your layouts. This module lets you do all of those things with as much control as you have with any other module.


9 Layout Possibilities

Combining the Post Title Module’s options for text placement, featured image placement, and text orientation, there are 9 different layouts that can be used to display your title, meta, and/or featured image.


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    1) Does Divi go together with Sensei after the upgrade?
    I read there were problems with Sensei and Woo offers code to help fix it. But after reading so much I don’t know if this fix also applies to this Divi upgrade. And since I’m building an online course site, it is imperative that these two go together (smoothly. 1 fix is okay….).

    2) Can pages be password protected in the Divi builder? I found the login module for site membership. But it is not clear to me whether individual pages can still be password protected as in the standard wordpress package.

    Can’t wait to hear from you and I hope to get two yes-es, because honestly, I can’t wait to start working with Divi…

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    One question, and I am aware it is little bit off the topic but still hopefully interesting for many of us:

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  12. Hi there, I recently purchased the new Divi and I love the way my blog looks. (I’m not a developer, I design my blog myself)

    However, I HATE THE way it looks on the cellphone and I can’t seem to find any solution. I raised a ticket too but I haven’t received a response 🙁
    Please try opening this on your cell phone and see how bad it looks. It’s showing the codes! I would prefer going back to my old and ugly theme because it worked on phones :'(
    Please help, I don’t want to lose my readers since most use their cellphones to visit my site.

    • Sorry you’re having an issue with the mobile view of your website. If you’ve submitted a ticket please give the support staff 12-24 hours to resolve the issue.

  13. Hi,

    I’m trying to embed an audio player from hearthis.at, as a code block inside my website.
    I tried with bandcamp and reverbnation audio player too ( i just tried to paste an embed code block). …

    But it doesn’t work.

    Usually it should displays an audio player with playlist.

    I just paste my code inside a code module ( and doesn’t find any alternative, no html code block, ..)

    Could you help me please.

    I tried the audio player module too, but i cannot specify an external url so it doesn’t work.

    Thanks a lot.
    Best Regards.

    • Hey Jerome, sorry you’re having that issue. The best place for us to help you out with that will be in our support forum. If no one has already addressed this issue in a post you can create a new ticket and our support team will help you out.

    • I forgot to say that in the code module the preview is good, but when i update the page it displays a strange i frame windows instead of my audio player. (Tied to unactive my hide my wp plugin and others , maybe an issue with another plugin , i don’t know) .. Thanks.

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    1. How easy it is to use for a layperson or do you need a developer to do the work?
    2. Are your themes responsive?
    3. Are they cross browser compatible across every browser or just certain browsers?
    4. Do you have drag and drop capability to build the site?
    5. Do you have a newsletter signup feature (I didn’t see this) (email optin)
    6. Do you have a Privacy page and Terms page? Do you find this is even necessary?
    7. What do you do for business partner inquiries on the theme (i.e. if a potential business partner wants to inquire to be a business partner)?
    8. Any ability to download a free e-book (i.e. display the e-book and then enter contact information and then have the person get the download)?
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    10. Are all of your themes SEO compatible

    Thank you in advance.


    • Hey Larry,

      1. It really depends on what you want to do. Most likely you will be able to use our builder to create whatever you want without any need to code anything. However, if you do end up needing some custom tweaks we have a huge community of talented developers that can help you out or which you can hire.

      2. Yes.

      3. Yes.

      4. Yes. Our Divi page and post builder is probably the most powerful, flexible, and user friendly builder you will find for WordPress.

      5. You can use our Bloom plugin for that. It comes with the membership.

      6. Not by default but you can easily create one.

      7. Not sure what you mean.

      8. Not native to Divi but there are many plugins for just this type of use case. Lots of them are free.

      9. There are two types of blog layout with Divi. Neither are designed specifically for video or a podcast but you could easily use our our builder to create a custom blog post template for either.

      10. Yes.

      Hope this helps.



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    I am going to make ‘clean’ installation of WP and Divi. What plugins would you recommend to add (security, backup, productivity, other) that are not expected to cause conflicts? This is going to be non-profit educational site, with magazine type layout and content.

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    With that out of the way… : )

    As others have said, max 4 columns it too limiting. I need a 5-column grid and a 6-column grid.

    (Trying to figure out if it’s worth trying to add custom code to make this happen…)

    Someone posted a way to hack the files in /includes/builder/ so I’m going to try that, but this should really be a part of the standard grid.



  21. I bought a sub for Divi after reading loads of posts and write ups about it. I previously used Visual Composer and I can’t help feel that Divi is a step backwards … several steps back.

    Originally I thought that because I am so used to VC, that I just needed to learn Divi, which I do and I will practice on a subdomain.

    I noticed many things that VC does better and more smoothly that I will stay with that from now on.

    Very disappointed to have spent the money, but the saving grace is that the Elegant Themes plug ins are worth the subscription on their own

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    Probably you have noticed it too. Thanks for you improve it!

  27. Josh, I have read many comments on how the new update is breaking sites with child themes. Child themes are a core part of WordPress and are there so we as developers can freely customize our sites to meet our design expectations.

    On all comments you have failed to answer main concerns by us… your bread and butter.

    1. No client is going to pay me to fix a site they see as perfectly functioning. Why would you remove child theme overrides so drastically without considering the effects on the end user?

    2. I understand you want to cater to those who may be less of developers and more of wordpress users but that does not help those of us who have multiple sites running divi 2.3. How are you going to address this moving forward?

    3. Are there going to be security updates moving forward for 2.3?

    4. You can’t honestly expect devs who utilize child themes to go back and change 2, 3, 4 or more sites because YOU broke the system with you decision?

    I literally at this moment have a test site out to a client on 2.3 that I just finished a few days ago. Your update is very nice but completely wrong in assuming that any dev is going to spend time repairing old sites for FREE when they should be building new sites and making a living.

  28. Why does the Image (and gallery) module not allow to place a other -automatically generated – imagesize then full size.
    So we have the problem that images will be scaled from Divi, when there was not enough space – and therefore an Performance problem.
    Or i must create for smaller areas all the time a special, smaller version of the image – but i think it was better to correctly use a core function of WordPress.

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    Our divi builder crashed for the second time, causing the website to show errors and not being able to do ANYTHING in the builder. It just doesn’t load.

    Does anybody else have these problems? And what to do?? We really need our website up and running…

    Hope anyone can help.

    • This is happening to me as well. When I installed the theme it ran the server memory right up to the 2GB max and crashed it. I have tried this on two servers with the same results. Is there some kind of optimization that needs to be done or is the new theme just too memory intensive?

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  31. Thanks for this amazing Update, I’ve requested the ” Use of page modules on Posts a year ago ” and there you go, you listened, thanks again guys.

    My only request for now after looking at the new features:

    > is to make live preview for each advanced settings that comes with the Module, just like the the theme customizer, and the module costomizer.


  32. I would like to know if the new version is compatible with Optimize Press plugin, because its very used by marketers like me 🙂

  33. Is it possible to deactivate the background image on mobile devices like you can do it with background videos?


  34. Really?
    I’ve just come back from holiday to find this waiting for me. I had a wish list of what I wished Divi could do. And you guys have ticked every one of those and more.

    I’ll spend this week playing with it.

    Thank you and WELL DONE!!!!!

  35. Good and very functionally theme, a question, wath is a SEO difference with other theme ??? Wath is the particularity ?


  36. I got excited for a moment with all the new features and the claim that it now worked on all post types. But it doesn’t work with custom post types, so now I have to consider dumping the theme and continue building one on Foundation, or see if I can still apply the old hack.

    If there is a toggle to make the panel available to all post types like your video claims, I’ll be happy to continue using Divi. It’s unique and elegant like your company.

    Thank you.

    • I found the function necessary to add to my function.php file.

      Now I can play.

      Thank you.

  37. In the post you mention “Increase or Decrease Section and Row Height.
    Along with Divi’s horizontal column spacing controls, you can also define the vertical spacing of rows and sections. If you want to tighten things up, or give your content more room to breath, simply drag your section/row height slider up or down.”

    I can’t find this control, please advise

  38. Hi, i have a questions it’s posible to add comments to each post on home page ? i try to copy code for commets in sigle.php and past it on index.php before while but it don’t work !

  39. It’s probably going to be awhile before I give 2.4 a try, but wow…regardless of how the new theme actually works, I have to say that Kenny Sing (designer of the demo themes) has got to be *the* most incredible designer ever.

    His design ideas are like wowwwwwwwww…can hardly even believe it…he’s amazing.

  40. Incredibile, da rimanere senza fiato dopo avere visto tutte le eventualità e possibilità di uso. Tutto quello che mancava in un colpo solo. Il tema Divi diverrà molto importante per i nostri futuri lavori. Grazie ragazzi ottimo lavoro.

  41. Seriously blown away! You guys are amazing. I cannot wait to install this on my WP/MAMP at home. I feel like I seriously underpaid with my lifetime membership.

    ***We are not worthy***

  42. Wow, I picked a great week to start my first WP project! Not only did I discover Divi, I’m starting with Divi 2.4! Can’t wait to dig in….

  43. Hi, Nick.
    Divi Version: 2.4.3
    in Fullwidth Portfolio Settings Module does not work CATEGORIES INCLUDE.
    You can not select a category.

    • Sorry to hear you are having trouble. Please open a ticket in our support forums so that we can look into your specific case and log a bug report if necessary.

  44. WOW! This is AWESOME! (Can’t wait to get started on my next project…)

  45. So, who are the lucky 10 winners? 🙂

  46. I looked through Divi’s demo.
    Is it possible to make some layout and then to apply it to all existing pages at once?

  47. Wow! The possibilities seem endless. Thanks for the comprehensive overview!

  48. Has Divi ever included a “latest posts slider”? Or are the sliders just for hard-coded elements? Seems like a no-brainer to include a latest posts slider … but I just can’t figure out how to create one within Divi …

  49. I am curious as to what happened to the old ePanel coding in my websites, I like the update, but I want to find the code because its still working, so I know my old coding is in there somewhere, but where?

    • ePanel is still there under Divi > Theme Options

  50. C’mon….tell me I won a free membership…pleaaaseeeee 😀

  51. Divi 2.4 is amazing. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the possibilities, but I’ve been diverted by a WordPress plugin conflict.

    Ever since Divi 2.4.2 or 2.4.3, my PowerPress plugin conflicts with the Divi theme, producing broken images in the Divi theme. For example, the social media icons in the header or packaged icon images for blurbs either don’t display at all or show an empty square.

    I’ve tried PowerPress’s troubleshooting (found here: http://create.blubrry.com/resources/powerpress/powerpress-settings/media-appearance/resolving-plugin-theme-conflict-issues/), but it doesn’t help.

    Nick and the rest of the Divi team,

    Do you think my broken or non-displayed images from the Divi theme may be the issue PowerPress talks about in the link above where “the_excerpt and the_content functions must be within The Loop?”

  52. Really superbe work.
    Well done to all of you !!

    Greetings, Kris.

  53. Great new addition., Im converting the sites over to the new now. Love to win the lifetime upgrade to make more sites with yall. yall have the best service around!

    Thanks a Million!!

  54. All this leaves me with open mouth! So great update, is practically new topic. In addition to all the benefits we already knew in Divi, this new version makes believe we can do anything we want with them.

    Excellent, Elegant Themes! Congratulations!

  55. Giveaway is ended…. Do you already know winners’ name? :)))

  56. The content text editor is missing the “second row” of options from the previous version. Paragraph-H selectors, Underline, Justify, Indent, etc are all missing.

    • …nevermind, I found it. There is a “Toolbar Toggle”

  57. Honoured to be using this on Techno Questions. I can’t wait to make a pretty awesome homepage making use out of Divi’s new features.

  58. The padding and margin features are fab – have been waiting for that! Thank you!

  59. Looks really great! 😀

  60. Congrats on an amazing update! I think I like the global modules and the equal length columns the best, but time will tell.

  61. Thanks a lot! You guys are amazing!

  62. Looking forward to being happy customer 28,2274!

  63. Love the new responsive,fluid design and all of the different styling option. Great work!

  64. the theme is excelent, one of the best themes ever created, i´d like the giveaway

  65. How about some how-to videos and actual instruction docs?

  66. I’ts good idea!

  67. The global sync.

  68. LOVE THIS. Brand new to Elegant Themes because of this release. One question though, how can I import the predefined layouts used to make the latest demo sites? I don’t see any that have full screen options to start with.

  69. I love the new header layouts! The global modules look really useful too.

  70. Absolutely LOVE this update! I was using Divi before, but now it truly is indispensible. I’ve a question, now that I’ve had a chance to play with it a little. Note: I’m not a developer nor do I set up sites for others, so my comprehension of webstuff on a molecular level is very limited (lol). Quick mention – building pages that are image-heavy is MUCH easier to do now! Images look much better… have not had time to redo all my pages yet, but two new ones I’ve done are great. People who visit to look are pleased.

    The Question:

    I set up a password-protected page (first time) to post some photos of a graduation celebration – easier to post them up this way than to send them out – and they look great on a laptop or large screen device. On a phone, however, the images only show as code. Why is that? I have the Mobile plugin from ET installled and activated. I’ve looked to see if there is something I’ve forgotten to do but do see anything.

    I’d like to understand the problem because if this happens for those photos, perhaps it happens for some of my own business images/artwork. Might you have any advice?

    Thanks for everything!

  71. I Like It !
    Thank You !

  72. Love the update, especially global modules but I was wondering, was there any trick to getting modules to automatically update?

    Maybe I’m doing something wrong but when I made a change to a global module I had to go to the other pages where the module was, open it, save it then update the page to get the update to propagate.

  73. ooh la la, you might have just ‘suaded me completely.

  74. I am pumped about all the features but choosing the column widths is my favorite.

  75. I’m so excited about this update, it’s so nice to see so much improvement. I can’t wait to use it on my sites.

  76. I have an odd issue… in the pricing table, the feature item shows the price as $/6,200 and none of the customization is applied — size, color, etc.

    Anyone else notice this?

  77. I muchly appreciate the new fullscreen header. Great thing!

  78. I’m so pumped about all the new features! They really address all the things that were on my divi wish list. Great work!

  79. Great possibilities with a simple interface, thank you!

  80. This is fantastic news ! Very Excited. Thank You !

  81. The “update” looks like it has some great features and I’m glad your fanbase is so excited, but some of us are feeling really screwed over right about now. See, I have been paying for your ‘Developer’ subscription for about 3 years and, as such, I have built multiple client websites with your themes.

    When Divi came out, I had to completely rebuild any that I wanted to be regularly updated (it’s pretty clear that you’ve all but abandoned the others). I sucked it up and swallowed the time (=money) loss.

    So it’s probably not too surprising that I’m more than a little bit frustrated that this “update” has completely broken the websites I built with Divi. Am I supposed to just smile and rebuild all of them – again?! My clients don’t really think they should have to pay for this… so how do I explain to them that their sites won’t be updated at all unless they pay me to spend several hours fixing what should not have even been broken?

    When you release an “update” that is completely incompatible with the previous theme, it should be done as a new theme. That way, people don’t mistakenly download it and expect it to work properly, minus perhaps a minor tweak or so.

    Since this is clearly a recurring issue with ET (build revolutionary new theme, lose interest and begin working on shiny new theme, release new theme that breaks old theme, hype the new theme while people rebuild, lose interest and begin working on shiny new theme, etc.), I have no choice but to look for alternatives. I can’t run a business like this. Stability matters.

    • That’s sure a weird response from a “pro” web developer.
      Isn’t it the developer’s job to test before going live to a client facing project?
      Just asking because I thought as pros, we back stuff up before we upgrade.

    • I am sorry if Divi 2.4 broke your sites. Divi 2.4 wont break any sites unless you have used Child Theme to alter the Dive code, and if those particular alterations conflict with Divi 2.4. In this case, your modifications to Divi need to checked and adjusted to insured they do not conflict with the new version.

      If you don’t have the time to audit your theme customizations, then you can re-install Divi 2.3, which is available in the members area. As Divi evolves, so must your Child Themes (if you choose to make them), much like Divi evolves with the changing of WordPress.

      As a general practice, if you are using a Child Theme to change the way Divi looks or functions, these changes should be carefully tested before upgrading

      • Hi Nick, just a suggestion. I noticed you have lots of divi 2.4 support issues at present as its a new release. A suggestion is why not at top of divi support page have a tab called known and working on divi 2.4 issues, and on that page have toggle tabs with issues you know of and are working on. That way developers can quickly scroll down and if they see issue they are having they will know its under review and not need to submit a ticket…you could also have a toggle under that issue with a css fix you may have for that issue or any other general details about it. Going though your support tickets it appears there are lots of common questions getting repeated and looks ltickets…maybe break into sections……..mobile issues/ module issues etc also would be good reference for your support staff. Just a thought….cheers

  82. All I can say is: Divi is an amazing theme! I’ll update my first HP with 2.4 very soon.
    Please enter me to the drawing for a lifetime membership if I’m not too late. Even if I don’t win the contest, I feel so lucky with your latest update!

  83. Love the many new customization features! Great theme.

  84. Awesome job!! Can’t wait to try it.

  85. ¡I am so excited for the Divi Builder on Post!

  86. Loving the Divi 2.4! With the addition of the new Divi Library, have you considered a design marketplace for designers to make Library layouts available to the community? Just curious!

  87. I was thinking…. Can you make some video tuts teaching how to create all those demo sites? They are looking amazing:)

  88. Really need to check out all these amazing features!

  89. All I can say is WOW! It’s like you read my mind and then improved upon all of my wishes! Great job! Can’t wait to try it out!

  90. Amazing release – ONLY BIG disappointment is that the builder has not been included for Custom Post types as it was advertised in the teaser content – is this coming in an update soon??

    Had to get hold of Dan from DIVI Booster who came up with a quick fix in just a few hours (awesome support) but this still doesn’t solve the issue long term.

  91. The ability to create custom layouts even for posts is a dream come true.

  92. I was a bit frustrated with both the slider and the full width sections in the previous Divi iteration.
    I’m so excited that I can resize the slider image and add full width images, and shortcode! This makes my workflow as a designer soooo much easier.

  93. I’m very interested in this plugin, and I’m very keen on trying Divi2.4. Looks awesome and the possibilities look endless.

    I’m only wondering how this would work with custom post types out of the box? Anyone?

  94. I had discontinued the renewal of my account but this amazing new Divi has tempted me to grab the new release at the earliest 🙂

    Awesome work guys!!

  95. Hi, Is there anywhere that specifies what the ‘default’ fonts are that are used?

  96. Absolutely incredible! Best theme I ever saw! Can’t wait to get my hands on it. xxx

  97. Elegant Themes, I want them all :3

  98. I’ve been using Divi since Day 1 and can’t say enough how impressed I’ve been with it. Just keeps getting better. Kudos and thank you!

  99. Thank you so much for the added tools for customizing Divi pages _and_ posts! Beautiful & inspiring, as always.

  100. The Divi Builder On Posts is awesome! Keep the good job going

  101. I admit, I was nervous about doing such an enormous update to my site, but I bit the bullet and everything worked! In fact, after playing around with it all weekend, I am thrilled at so many of the new features & functions that my site has been made even more amazing. Nick and team, you guys have done a fantastic job and I am so grateful to you and the support you provide. You truly go above and beyond. For that I am much appreciative.

  102. I couldn’t play around with 2.4 before vaccation but now I am back home and will start playing with all new features. Looks really nice, keep up the good work.

  103. Amazing options!
    I truly needed the fullscreen backgrounds!

    Thank you for a brilliant release.

  104. Hey, I want to try all the features in Divi 2.4! 🙂

  105. Hi just wondering how we switch on the equal height option for a blurb as i’ve been in and out of the settings for the section module, the row and the blurb but can’t see where to switch it on. Anyone know where this option is?


  106. How can I say any one new feature is better than another?? I am so excited to try out DIVI on one of my new clients!! Bravo. I don’t think you could improve on it any more! But, I am sure you will find something!! Thank you!

  107. Wow, such amazing response already! Looks awesome!

  108. Seems I come here at the right moment! 😉

    I’ll definitely have a thorough look at this release. Seems awesome!

  109. Hi, Divi2.4 is cool and no hard break. I updated my site with custom js/jquery and another kind of slider animation with snippet from Vlad, but after auto-update from my dashboard, it only disorganize the menu and nothing breaks. ET rocks!

    When is the plugin coming out and Extra? I have a Christian and Sport News/Magazine, site to built on Divi/Extra framework…


  110. Amazing…just absolutely amazing. Well done guys

  111. So excited about this release. Thanks so much Nick and team. I really can’t pick a favourite feature because there are so many, but being able to use the page builder on posts is a huge bonus!

  112. I like it a lot!

  113. This is the best theme i`ve got. The upgrade it`s just awsome!

  114. Just installed it yesterday. And I am really excited about it. Much more than I expected and it simply works. Wow. And all at once… I just love the way you work and how much you ease my life.


  115. I am completely overwhelm with so much new feature. Great jobs guys.

  116. I’M IN LOVE! Purchasing my ET membership was the BEST choice for my business.

  117. Great theme and always has been

  118. Divi is getting more and more powerful!

  119. Just one word

  120. I loved Divi and recommendb it to anyone using WordPress. I’ve seen some themes that are maybe 20% more customizable, but they are WAY overcomplicated and overwhelming in their interface and the backend is very slow. Divi 2.4 just blew them away.

  121. Cannot wait to check out the modules for typography, button styling and so much more. Divi 2.4 here I come

  122. I have been following Elegant Themes for a few months but have been waiting for this new release of Divi before beginning the conversion of my existing site. I am a little nervous because I am a blogger not a developer.

    Finger crossed that I can do this!

  123. Divi has been one of my all time favorites and now it’s even better. Favorite feature is the Header options. I was always having to CSS tweak this for clients, so not it’s even easier. Thanks guys and gals.

  124. It said to scroll to the end of the blog posts to enter the contest. Please enter me in the drawing.

  125. This is amazing! You guys are the best!

  126. Moving up to 2.4 ASAP. Love this theme. Even if I don’t win, I win with new Divi. Awesome.

  127. this update is ridiculous and I can’t wait to use it!

  128. I was holding off redeveloping my own site and a couple of clients until Divi 2.4 was released, and after having a first play with it, I now cant wait to start my projects..

    2.4 looks fantastic, and all the new features are going to save me tons of time building new sites.

    Thank You 🙂

  129. This theme is incredible. I am member of this theme two year back but lose teh membership because not ready to do the work. Now it looks stunning.

    Sanjay Sharma

  130. Hello, is it possible to set different navigation for different pages? For example transparent nav on homepage and solid color on other pages….

  131. Incredible work Nick, most of the new features were much needed, thank you!

  132. Looks great and Im looking forward to trying it out. Thank You

  133. I’ve been working with Divi 2.4 for a few days now, and it is just so exciting to work with – it feels like anything at all must be possible – and the results are so…elegant. Thanks guys!

  134. I’m like a kid in a candy store….

  135. All I can say is WOW. If I don’t win the contest, I’ll buy it. This is way too good to pass.

  136. It looks awesome like (was) the Chameleon theme. So finally it’s here the next will be the Extra theme? Btw.. I really really hope to win cause at this moment I can’t afford to buy nothing.. 🙁

  137. I can’t wait to try out this one!

  138. The versatility and style! Thank you for this 🙂

  139. The new theme features look incredible.

  140. What a fantastic couple of days. I graduate and now this incredible update comes. Can’t wait to start using Divi 2.4!

    Thank you so much for creating an unbelievable product for us humble people to use!

  141. Header layouts and gutterless design options. Awesome!

  142. The divi library is extremely useful to me as i need to close off orders every month. Now i don’t have to create a new page from scratch each month! Thank you!

  143. Super stoked about the custom section/module padding and button styles! These are the things I am always modifying with a child theme in my builds so super happy it can now be achieved so much quicker 🙂

  144. The possibilities are countless! Divi is the best responsively stunning wordpress theme ever

  145. Amazing! Divi is the best.

  146. Wow, this is amazing. Oh the possibilities . . .

  147. I am excited about pretty much everything mentioned here, especially the Global modules!

  148. The features I’m most excited about are the 100% fluid/responsive layout, and the Divi library!

  149. The features I’m most excited about are the 100% fluid/responsive layout, and the Divi library!

  150. FULLSCREEN Header it’s amazing

  151. The old Divi was great, but the new Divi allows me to make each website I design far more distinctive because of the layout flexibility. Great work!

  152. We were thinking of moving to Divi anyway. This new release is icing on the cake (we’re about to eat)!

  153. YES!! YES!! YES!! a wonder has reborn!
    Thanks ET team, thanks a lot.

  154. It looks amazing 😉
    I hope that I’ll have a chance to implement it in a website.

  155. Wow! All I can say is that. I haven’t yet spent any time really digging into the new 2.4, although the theme has auto-updated across several of my sites. What’s truly exciting for me right now is the ability to Divi-style blog-posts!

    I have an older site that is being re-initiated with a newer perspective and focus, and it wasn’t built on Divi. Now, it can be!

    And am I expecting things to go awry? Absolutely, and the re0building won’t be any fun if it’s entirely seamless! Excited to expand possibilities here!

    Thanks Nick!

  156. WOW! I’d been tossing up between Divi and another 2 themes, I am blown away and so glad I came back to check over all of them again and Divi it is hands down!

  157. Great update and improvement!!!

    There is however still one very important feature missing in Divi – the ability to wrap a section, or row in a shortcode so that you can hide or show sections, rows within a membership site environment.

  158. I was soooo excited about this!!! The features and possibilities looked amazing. I thought I could finally get rid of all the css I had to use previously to make anything look like I wanted…

    Fail–this theme was not ready. I did some initial testing and things looked alright. I decided to take the plunge. Majorly bad idea. I have spent all day trying to get my site to look okay. The Woocommerce customization is massively underwhelming.

    I love ET, but this is disappointing. 🙁

    • Hi Nathan,

      I’m sorry to hear of the trouble you experienced. If you could, please open a new ticket in our Support Forum and we’ll be happy to assist you. Thanks.

  159. Would love to see what Divi could do for our site…

  160. This is a marvelous update 🙂

    One thing I still miss is ‘more columns’ option. More often than not, I have five or six items that my clients want in just one row! The feature I’m betting on is Code Module – maybe it will give me workarounds for my missing columns. And as a big fan of RevSlider too, I’m excited to be able to use it with my favorite Divi!

  161. I have to say I am still stunned. Never have seen a theme so thrilling of possibilities and it seems to be well thought. And very nice “artwork”

    It is very very possible you get a new customer, soon.

  162. It is Wonderful, amazing and epic!!! So so so many thanks to the crew of Elegant Themes, Incredible job!!

  163. this is just gorgeous <3

  164. I think my search for a theme meeting my needs is over. 🙂
    Thank you for a great job!

  165. Thank you thank you thank you thank you. Did i mention thank you?

  166. Holy crap, I think my head just exploded!

    Amazing update! I am going to lose so much time exploring all these new features.

    Thanks for the great work!

  167. Was on the fence about which membership to go with, I want to win, but I am not taking any chances, lifetime membership it is! Sounds great. If, I win, then refund away.

    One question, as I have not used the service yet, does it work well with a google calendar(a client loves his google calendar).

  168. This is by far the most complete theme for future proof development!
    Well done guys..

  169. EPIC EPIC EPIC! This is so far beyond exciting! Great stuff!

  170. Wow, this new version is just awesome. 3 years i’m using elegant theme now, i only have positive things to say ! Thank you.

    Do you think you can provide us with the demo layout of Divi cafe and Divi interior, i want to reproduce the same design / behaviors , especially for the first page, but i cant make it 🙁

  171. I have to say I’m impressed by LOTS with this release:
    – divi builder expanding to all post types (woot!)
    – the ability to create custom modules to save and use globally AND on other sites (ERMAGERD, the TIME this would save me!)
    – custom column sizes (it just makes so much SENSE!)
    – button styling (oh for the love of Pete, why hasn’t EVERYONE done this?)
    – module customizer (the extent of the customization capabilities)

    — all of this, without the need for a child theme??? can’t wait to give it a go!

  172. I’m really excited about the customization options available. This would make a great theme to use on client sites.

  173. I’m really excited about the customization options available. This would make a great theme to use on client sites.

  174. The new version looks amazing, and the options are just incredible. I just wish I had use for DIVI on my website, but with my content-heavy story database, I’m still (im)patiently 😉 waiting for EXTRA, hoping it’ll be just as awesome.

    At this point it seems a bit like the Jackalope… the mythical theme everybody is waiting for and talking about. But does it exist? 😛

    • Hi Kimberley,

      It’s true! It does feel like it, a mythical Extra indeed! 🙂 But I am sure it exists, and it’s in the womb, hasn’t been born yet into the open wild world.
      By the way, you have a nice website! Which theme are you using for your website?


      • Thanks.

        ATM, I’m still using the ElegantThemes’ Lucid theme – with a few customizations. But I’m waiting for Extra, because I plan to redo it and merge my story-site, my art-site and my shop into one single site. From the preview, Extra will be perfect for that without it becoming a complete un-maneuverable mess, especially because it has features for different post types and comes with rating systems–which is something my readers have been asking for in recent usability surveys.

        So, yes, I do also believe Extra is in the works. Or rather, to quote Fox Mulder (The X-Files): I Want To Believe. 😉

        • Oh, Kimberley! You just took me back to the old days of Mulder & Skully 🙂 They were good times. And yes, I want to believe! 🙂

          • Yes, they were good times indeed–the 1990s. 😉

  175. Please expand the builder to categories as well!

  176. Thanks for adding a code module. I was just thinking, “Gee, it’d be great to be able to add my own code!”

  177. This was a really nice surprise!
    Looking forward to finally doing away with a lot of my enormous amounts of css spacing and button edits

  178. So many things that I’ve customized before are in the new Divi. Yay for centered logo and global modules!

  179. This looks pretty dang awesome.

  180. Amazing update so far, just had one question. Has the Divi Theme Options epanel been moved or has it all been integrated into the Customize tab under Appearance?

    • The epanel is labelled as Theme Options and is located within a new menu item called Divi – I could not find this either but eventually came across it!

      This new Divi menu also gives you access to the Theme Customizer, the Module Customizer and the Divi Library.

      All makes sense to locate these together I think.

  181. Going to have to upgrade today. How exciting. Great work to the development team.

  182. Very excited about the update, and came just as I was starting to switch a client over to Divi. Couldn’t be happier. Will still use a child theme “just in case” but all the tweaks I used to have to do are no longer needed. Woo Hoo!

  183. Transparent headers. Variable widths. Yeah!

  184. LOVE the full screen header. So clean!

  185. Sounds really great. Most impressed by the divi builder feature.

  186. OMG – all of the features are looking amazing. Changing typeface – LOVE!

  187. Nick! I LOVE the background color overlay option on the Full Width Header. PLEASE will you allow this to be enabled for sections as well? I really really have wanted this since I first started using Divi. I hope you see this and reply.

    It is a pain to have to guess and check transparencies on images. It’d be great to have the theme allow me to upload the image I want and then allow a background overlay color with transparency (rgba(etc)) on section backgrounds instead of only the header.

    This would make me very happy. How plausible this will be included in a future release?

  188. Wow guys – I bought the lifetime package, and I couldn’t be happier! GREAT work!

  189. I’m quite impressed, downloaded the upgrade and already appreciate the changes you guys have made.

    Including the layouts in Posts is the biggest bonus so far.

  190. Fantastic upgrade with so many diverse options

  191. Wow! Nick and the ET crew – I can’t thank you enough!! Just the injection of awesomeness I needed to reignite my passion for my fledgling business and website! Can’t wait to rock some of these new features on my new site: http://www.FindYourselfOnAHorse.com. Thanks!!

  192. Looks great for my new project

  193. Woooow!

  194. Wow! So many features, can’t wait to test it!!

  195. So beautiful theme!

  196. I just started working with divi and it was already awesome, this makes it absolutely… absolute? You increased the absolutness of the theme for sure 😉

  197. Wow! I love all these new features, but I’m most excited the global modules and the “save sections, rows and modules feature the most. I just updated one of my websites and had to go in and update a repeating module 20 times. Meanwhile I kept thinking to myself “I hope the new Divi has a repeating module functionality”. Zing! Thank you!

  198. Wow! So excited to start using it!

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    Looks fabulous. Just one question that may be relevant for all of us with Divi Child themes setup on existing sites…

    When the last major divi update happened the header and footer files were changed within the main theme to incorporate the new features.

    I imagine this time at least these files will have been changed… and probably a few other template files (for posts etc)

    I assume this means that any child themes that contain any updated files edited files will need to be updated to allow the new features to work.

    Is there a list of the edited template files. footer.php, header.php etc… which have been changed in this update?

    Thanks for the ongoing development. Divi is incredible!


    • Hi Chris,

      If you have modified Divi using a Child Theme or a third party plugin, we would suggest that you test those modifications with Divi 2.4 before updating your live site. If you have any questions or run into any problems our support team is available in our forum to help 🙂

    • Interested in this, too Thanks!

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    Loving the full page headers 🙂

    Great work guys and thank you!

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    Great giveaway, thanks.
    Good luck to everyone.

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  211. Holy cow man, you guys went OFF on Divi! Can’t wait to dig in and spice up my site. Thanks!


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    Incredible how much we can now customize our websites for ourselves and our clients.



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    New to Divi and SO SO glad we joined! Can’t wait to get started!

  218. It really Looks amazing.

    Cheers from Germany

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    I was wondering if it is possible to move the post title position on a blog page just like we are able to move them on a single post. Unless I am not doing something right, the post title or the full width post title “text orientation) don’t seem to work for a blog page (all the titles are positioned left) even though the title in those single posts where position somewhere else.


    • Important point. +1 on this.

  221. The Equal Column Height Option and the Divi Library are really cool stuff!

  222. I have had my eye on this theme since its release. This post was great in that it broke down all the options and answered quite a few questions I had. I love the ease of being able to have a custom site with just a few clicks. My favorite just might be the typography options. I am a sucker for a good font.

  223. Two questions regarding ultimate usability for me:

    Does this embed short-codes?

    How easy is it for clients to go in and update/ edit their own text?


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  225. Global Library Elements. THANK YOU! This will save me so much time and faffing around 🙂

  226. Thanks to Elegant Themes and Divi I can develop professional looking websites in a short space of time. I have always struggled to get my websites to look the way I want it to look. Now I get exactly the look I want to accomplish.

    I even had a very professional designer ask one of my clients who did their website because it looks very professional.

    Thanks for amazing update.

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    I tried the demos with tablet and smartphone, with native browser and Chrome. Images don’t swipe. Divi isn’t ready for mobile gestures? That’s strange because as you can see at this old website – http://www.pinkobsession.com – with a theme (I can’t name the theme right now) from Elegant Themes and, guest what, the images do swipe!

    • *guess 🙂

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    I’ve been a subscriber but my 1 year term expired recently (bad luck!) and I was waiting for the new face of Divi, one of my favorite themes.

    I really like the new customization tools, specially for changing thins on the fly. Impressive.

    I really like to mess around moving bars, banners, plugins… and now it looks so dynamic. I really want to try it out with my new project!

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    • Ditto! 🙂

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    Never tried Divi before. Been a user of Thrive.

    Would love to get a copy.

    Entered the giveaway! 🙂

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    The best part, is being able to choose and change options that clients want easily and save time.

  238. I can only echo everyone and say many thanks for this fantastic update.

    One query – do we really still have to edit footer.php to change the footer credit from ET/WordPress to our own? I was hoping this would be incorporated in the options – and maybe it has and I’ve just missed it!?

    • +1 on this. Likely the only reason I’ll need to use a child theme from now on.

    • Yes, this would be nice.

  239. I´m really really excited about the new visual possibilities that can be reached by the fine adjustments on the previously existent elements. They allow more precise layouts and because that I can get even more beautiful and personalized pages and websites. I´m deeply in love with Divi 2.4!

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  241. Hi Guy, one question the last problems I had with divi where that lack of functionality with the slider….?

    I even asked one of the admin if you can you a plugin like the revolutionary slider …?

    Awaiting reply… because I would like to purchase the theme!

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  271. Well the I think the Divi Library as we can save all our Customised Module and Row which is very useful for Web Designer to Save a lot of Time.

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    I’m really happy that I opted for Divi 🙂

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    Elegant Themes is going to blow up because of this update. This is by far the best WordPress theme out on the web. You’ve nailed all of the best features for a large segment of designers/users.

    I’m a believer and a fan for life!

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    All the full width features like the full width rows etc.

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    For my current works the most handy feature is the column and row handling. I have a client whom website I had created using a different theme and a lot of patchwork and custom solutions. One of their latest request was from the beginning of this year was a tiled front page button layout hanging somewhere in front of a big background picture. I figured out the way I was able to provide the solution but even the site was fully responsible this front page with those 200×200 tiles wasn’t fit on mobile phones screen.
    So now I will offer them to move their site to a new base on a reduced price and sort out of this problem for life. 🙂

    thanks for your great efforts to make WP more user and developer friendly!

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    Ask a question, is there any place where we can download the layout of the demos example, to see how they are made, analyze and learn how they are solved some effects applied on them?

    once more, thank you very much for your hard work

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    Many of the things I’ve wanted to see in Divi, are now available. Thank you and keep up!
    There are many other things that you can implement (e.g. Fit to screen (header) slider, Flip-Box-Module) but for now I am very happy with the update!

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    • Wow, I’ve been waiting so long and now that I have it I am left wondering where to start. I am very happy with all the changes!!!

      Is there any way, besides my Child Theme to chanel my header and keep the changes through future updates?

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  349. Loving Divi 2.4 so far, but is there a reason why the audio in the new tutorial videos is unbelievably quiet and only in the left speaker? I can barely hear it and I have my speakers up to max. Then if I accidentally click an order video it almost blows my speakers.

    • Alicia – when I run into this I find that if I use headphones – the sound is much easier to hear – try it and see

    • It was a mistake during recording, and unfortunately I didn’t have time to re-do all of the tutorials 🙁

  350. Hey Guys FYI – the format of your Suggested Tweet will make it NOT BE SEEN by many people. When a Tweet begins with and @username, it is only shown to those who ALREADY follow that account.

    Wow – to Divi 2.4 – The only issue I have is there is now SOOOO much to learn; but I am up for it!

  351. I’m sorry, but I’m not happy so far. I updated and everything seems messed up… compressed…and the blog ‘grid’ layout looks stretched out for no reason.
    The fullwidth headers need adjusting… Seems like a lot of stuff needs adjusting.
    Any way I can go back to the old version? I wasn’t ready to have it all messed up and this looks very unprofessional on my side.

    • You can download Divi 2.3 in the members area. The grid layout has already been fixed in Divi 2.4.1. Your other concerns sound like they may be related to Child Theme customizations or Custom CSS. If that’s the case I would suggest taking a look at the ways you have changed the theme to make sure they are compatible with 2.4 before upgrading again.

      • Thanks! Unfortunately I am unable to reinstall it, so I’m just going to roll with the punches.
        I have only used Divi Booster and CSS Hero (but minimal customizations) – am I still able to use these? or they’re not compatible with the new updates?
        Thanks again!

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  355. I’m really looking forward to all of the features. Especially that you can save them!

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  358. Worked on a client site today that will be launched soon and love the way I can control the layout so much more. Customizing the margin and padding were the huge pluses.

    On a side note, I’d really like to customize the mobile menu further. The custom CSS I used before (to add “Menu”) next to the “hamburger icon” was perfect. The CSS no longer works the way it used to. Still working through the changes v. 2.4 has made. to see what changes I need to make.

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  360. I have to say this looks very exciting, and opens up an entirely new field of opportunity for all web site builders. Speaking as an ‘eternal student’ of the online space and a journeyman web developer I applaud this milestone in accessible web site building tools which enables a lot of people to participate in website building!

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  366. have not had a chance to test it all yet, but can’t wait. I have been a loyal ET user for years, and support has always been fantastic, so if there are any bugs (and I am sure there will be – that is normal) they will get ironed out quickly enough. This is a very exciting update.

    Kudos, ET team!

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    I really loved the new possibily to change the width from logo, columns and pictures. Divi is now perfect.

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    And i really hope to win,

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    Cool Stuff!!!

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  382. Dang, and my developer subscription just expired four days ago, I could have been entered to get lifetime access – such bad timing. If I renew now would I still be eligible for that?

    I haven’t really used Divi yet but would like to, just haven’t had the right client for it. I’m really interested in all the new features, sounds like there is a lot to be desired. I like the modern look and feel and all the customizations you can do so easily – I’m looking forward to using it.

  383. I love the new image modules and custom module options! I have been trying to get this done through CSS and now the options are available!

  384. Lots of WordPress users talking about this as MONUMENTAL …

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  397. This is so exciting … the upgrade is fantastic! I have actually been looking at other systems due to the limitations I have had with DIVI in the past … thrilled to say looks like I can stop looking! Great job, can’t wait to get in and start playing with the all new DIVI! Thanks for the upgrade!!!!!

  398. Awesome! I’m super stoked about the menu/footer customizations and spacing modifications. Great job Nick + team!

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  405. Um, where’s the kitchen sink? I think that’s the only thing missing! Love!

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  407. Incredible update! The changes make my life easier than before. Divi 2.4 is my new LifeHack and WorkHack! Thanks, great work ET!

  408. Fantastic update! Elegant Themes is the best value on the web!

  409. Hi I am excited by all the additional possibilities but I am having trouble with the update. The only site I have attempted this on will no longer show some images on my site, and there is a transparent bar above my navigation bar. I have turned off 3rd party plugins to try to trouble shot things. When I go into the editor, if I click on customise for the divi 2.4 theme I get a blank page ?.

    The links in dashboard “theme customizer” and “module customizer” do not work either?

    any ideas?

    • WHile I removed all third party plugins in an attempt to solve and trouble shot the problem of the theme customizer not working – I overlooked updating the version of wordpress I had installed. Once I updated wordpress the new theme is working with a little bit of clean up to do.

  410. Awesome update, thanks to all Elegant Themes team, already made great themes..

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    Can’t wait for it to build my new portfolio !

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  419. Elegant Themes are by far the best out there for WordPress. Nothing else seems to even come close. Every chance I have to use ET is like a dream come true. Love these themes.

  420. Most excited about the editing features in the builder. while Divi has always been great, redesigning a layout just became so much better.

  421. The “hide navigation until user scrolls” feature is one of the most creative ways for a call to action.

  422. Changing the Logo size! It’s always been so tiny – especially when scrolling down.

  423. The best wordpress theme ever!

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  428. Eager to work with the new upgrade…thanks for listening to our requests!!! Divi is all I use now for ALL client sites. Congrats guys!

  429. Looks like an amazing theme. So many features that I found it a bit overwhelming! I also like the Bloom Email Opt-in Plugin.

  430. Adding my ‘voice’ to the prior blog posts; Divi 2.4 is a winner! Elegant Themes have exceeded all their customers expectations; well done. We are loyal, and truly wish you all the best.

  431. I love the new global elements. Awesome update!

  432. Is there any doubt now elegantthemes is the best?

    There are too many things I like about DIVI, I don’t even know where to begin. I am really excited about using the builder in post and in project, this makes it now possible to create podcast without third party plugin since all the modules (including the Audio) are now available in the post

    With the flexible and the countless customization possibilities DIVI brings it is in a league of it’s own.

  433. Have read the whole post 3 times now just to absort all the features and possibilities. This new Divi may just sway me enough to have a go.

  434. I’d love to learn more about how to easily switch the blog post layouts from a right sidebar layout to full-width. When I do this, it seems like there’s so much I’d have to change as everything gets thrown out of alignment.

  435. Man this new update rocks.

    I’ve barely used all the features before hand on one of my sites and now I really do need to get my butt into get and get all my websites rocking Divi.

    Loving this Nick and the team!

  436. I am a relatively fresh web designer, barely coding still, but I did have one complete project using Divi (you can see it @ http://www.strictlyresources.com/), and I must say I was very pleased with your framework… Very, very smooth functioning.

    In general, your work and community deserves extraordinary prase in my opinion, and as I improve my skills in coding, I am most likely to join and base some of my works on your theme.

    Till then, please do continue your newsletters and work – quite inspiring stuff this is 🙂

  437. Brilliant job guys, it’s great to see the effort and dedication you’ve placed in creating this update. Very remarkable and it’ll be of great help to many of us who’d rather focus on getting it to look just right instead of fussing with code. Many thanks from my behalf.

  438. Awesome functionality and great new features. I like specially adjustment of height and width, column and raw space and typography options.

  439. 65 WOWs in this page and counting… Great! I can’t wait to start using the new features. So many ideias in my mind right now. Congrats for the ET team!

  440. Super exited about all of it but especially the library

  441. I kindda broke the settings. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the theme but the settings are retained. How do i reset the theme’s defaults?

  442. What I like the most is the ability to adjust the logo as that was one of my issues before.

  443. Nice update 🙂

  444. This is one EPIC update. Looks my weekend is gone 🙂

    I would like to know how you guys created that second module on Interior sample site. It appears like those three columns flow perfectly into an image below.

    Customer for life!

  445. Great work & beautiful demos! I also would like the page layouts for the demos – to take a look at how they’re constructed.

    Once again, this pushed Divi ahead of contenders. 🙂

  446. I have never heard of Divi and would love to win one of the memberships in order to check it out.

  447. Love the new features, amazing work ET Team!! One question right now, what is the browser compatibility for this update?

  448. Love the update and all of the new builder features, specifically. Still holding out for an easy-footer-editor, but past that this looks very promising!

    • There’s a plugin for that

  449. WOW!!
    so many positive comments — 99% based on first looks/impression.

    why do people offer so many great compliments without trying the product is besides me. who are you trying to help. could these all be fake??

  450. Hi,

    Impressive, sublime…THE update 🙂

    Where can we get starter files to reproduce the demos please?

    Congratulations guys!


  451. What an epic update, I’m excited about all the new opportunities that arise. THe Global Library Item seems epic, just as all the other new possibilities! Hope to win an upgrade of my account 😀

  452. Unfortunately there is still no custom footer “Copyright” text, it is still necessary Child theme.

    No more columns up to fourth.

    There are no vertical grid pictures portfolio and gallery.

    Unfortunately, there are errors after the update ….


    • I agree. With all the amazing updates in 2.4, seems strange that something so small, yet important, as customizing the “copyright” text was overlooked.

    • Szabolcs, you may wish to try out Divi Booster, if you haven’t already.
      There’s an option to replace footer links with your own HTML / text, so no need to apply child theme for this task.

      • Sinisa, yes, thank you, and I know I’m using Divi Booster plugin. But I do not understand why this is not Divi 2.4?

        Divi Booster solves vertical image galleries and portfolio too…

  453. Looks like a substantial update. I’m now interested in the possibility of easily doing custom-designed posts.

  454. I’m speechless. You guys just made the most advanced website builder on the market BY FAR.

    You guys are the best. Period.

  455. Klasse!
    I like the Modules…
    Looks like Wysiwyg- Publishing / Design..! 🙂 “Site-Builder”..!?

  456. Divi took a crap on one of our websites. It’s the only theme that won’t load our page… And now we’re looking at hours to redesign our website because Elegant Themes won’t respond to our tickets.

    We tried installing the new 2.4 and it won’t load our site either. Any other theme works– Just not Divi randomly. Which stinks because when you use Divi, your whole site relies on it because of all the short codes.

    I’m super disappointed with Elegant Themes and the Divi update. The support forums are going crazy about the bugs related to this update– And of course, any post issuing questions related to them isn’t being responded to, which we’re not used to ET not answering in a timely manner.

    Our site has been down for a day now. This really stinks.

    • Were you using third part plugins, a Child Theme or Custom CSS? If you have modified Divi 2.3 using any of these methods, you may need to address certain compatibility issues before upgrading. It’s hard to say as there is no limit to what a Child Theme can do, and we have no control over how Child Themes and plugins modify Divi. If you need some extra time to work out any compatibility issues, Divi 2.3 is still available for download in the members area.

      I would also suggest opening a ticket in our support forums so that our team can take a look at your particular issue.

      • It’s extremely frustrating that would respond to

        “…Elegant Themes won’t respond to our tickets…
        …The support forums are going crazy about the bugs related to this update,,,any post issuing questions related to them isn’t being responded to”

        With “I would also suggest opening a ticket in our support forums so that our team can take a look at your particular issue.”

  457. This is truly incredible! I was told about Divi a few months ago! I signed up for email notifications and really sat back and didn’t do anything about it. Then I started receiving amazing updates and I am literally craving more…and just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, it does!!!

    This is by far the best tools & opportunities that I have ever seen for web designers and I am obsessing over the new updates, upgrades & features. To be able to save features in a library and basically customize client websites any way I wish…a true life saver!!!!!

    I cannot wait to purchase and open up my clients to a whole new world! This is going to grow my business in ways that I could never have imagined before!!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!! Thank you!

  458. Great, I updated and now the columns on my 3 column home page are overlapping. And what happened to the Blog Module? I can’t find it in the module options anymore.

  459. This is not just a theme anymore. This is a great web software ! Thanks a lot Divi Team !

  460. The divi library is the best!…

  461. I really don’t want to crash the party here, but isn’t it a bit funny that your own website is not responsive at all and an absolute pain in the a** to browse on mobile?

  462. SICK SICK SICK .. Can’t wait to start using it!!!!

    Thanks for the amazing work guys!

  463. I got too excited with all these amazing updates and hit the update button. Everything became out of place. The icons for the blurb section has changed with weird signs in it. The most important thing is my theme customize button gave me a fatal error.

    I had to reinstall Divi 2.3 and unfortunately I lost all the widgets that I created. And my last back up was a week ago. So if you are updating to Divi 2.4 remember to have a fresh back up everyone.

    I think I will wait for a while for Elegant Themes to fix all these bugs. Then I can enjoy all these amazing features. Now fixing all the widgets so I can put my site online again.


    • That’s really a good piece of advice! I think, I’d also wait for ET Team to fix those update bugs in their next release, it’s hard to wait to updtae to this new release, but it’s also practical not to mess up all things and rework again!

      It’s a win-lose situation now!

  464. Hi!

    I am marveling at all the new Divi features! So much to explore.

    One question: are the live demos that Kenny made available to be examined via the Library? I’d love to see what modules/settings he used on various parts of the page, but I didn’t see any of them in the predefined layouts as an example.

    • awesome themes.. Whether we can use this themes for technology blogs?

  465. Wow, this looks amazing!! I’ll be installing it later tonight on a test site. One thing I would love to see in the future is a Divi Forms Builder. Styling Contact Form 7 or other form plug-ins to match the sleek Divi look can be time-consuming. Also, access to Font Awesome inside of the Blurb module for more expanded icon choices. Just some ideas 🙂

    Congrats on an AMAZING release!!!

  466. When and where can I download 2.4!? ITS AMAZING. Great work! And thank you 🙂

  467. I haven’t looked at all the features yet, but I am just finishing a 70-page website, using the old Divi (which I LOVED LOVED LOVED), and now, with the new Divi, I am NOT happy.

    Right after the update, the new version appears to be unstable – one minute all my columns are out of place, skewed or placed vertically on the page, the next the columns are back in place. They seem to be ok now, but I’m worried. Is this going to be an ongoing problem? Are they stable only because they are in my cache? The first time someone visits the site, is it going to be a mess?

    In terms of user friendliness, I’m very surprised to find that the visual and text editors are even harded to use in the Divi Builder. Even with the old Divi, the Builder, for all it’s wonderful capabilities, was a little cumbersome – you had to scroll up and down a thousand times in order to use the tool bar – to bold, indent, link etc. – and the text editor was in a smaller window. If you have many long pages, as I do, it takes much more time than a default page, and is something you notice.

    The new Divi is even more cumbersome. The text editor window is tiny, unusable! And just to make it worse, the scroll bar is teeny, a fraction of it’s previous size – very user unfriendly. When you are working with 70 pages, this becomes a real impediment.

    Sorry to be so negative – I love Elegant Themes and loved the old Divi, and I would like to love this new version. I was planning to give my old Trim site a Divi makeover. If you can just address the instability problem, that would be the big one.

  468. In the past, Divi included pre-defined layouts. Am I missing something, or were no new layouts released with the 2.4 update?

    I was also wondering if it was possible to get the layout files for these demos. If not, can you submit a request so it is available? It would help us understand a lot of the new features, thus reducing the amount of tickets created.

    http://elegantthemes.com/preview/Divi/a … ase-study/

    It says ” No custom code or Child Themes! It’s truly impressive the variety of layouts that can now be built with a single theme.” so it should be an easy file to provide, no?


    • Agree about being able to provide the layout files. I hastily tried to recreate some of the layouts used in the example pages, for example: the 3-4 simple full-width images on top of or below the text box next to the image or gallery, and cannot get the top and bottom alignment to display as the demo does by using the controls. I even used the images that were part of the demo pages. Looks like a top and bottom margin issue. I’ll keep working at it and maybe figure it out in a while. Love the potential of it all.

  469. As a traditional print designer who has recently been ask to design websites, I’ve completed a couple of Divi websites. I’m loving the sound of these updates – Can’t wait to use some of the time saving updates like global elements… exciting stuff!

  470. Love it!

    But one thing, that I can‘t get fixed.
    On the last version, I had css IDs, that made it possible to give an image (the right one of two columns) a bigger max width, so it has no border to the right side of the browser window (no margin). It seems like know, I can‘t make the max width bigger than the column, althouhg know, you have an input field for that. But it is limited to the column, right?
    Do you have a solution for this issue? My IDs won‘t seem to work out anymore.

    Best wishes from Germany!

  471. This is HUGE. You have no idea how much time you’ve saved. I may never have to bother the Support folks again. 🙂

    Thank you so much for investing in these updates. They can’t have been easy.

  472. WOW!!!! – if this was just the fact that I can use the builder in post I would be happy BUT this is so much more – You have done a fabulous job!!!

  473. This is truly amazing!

  474. AMAZING!!!

  475. Looks like a great update!

  476. Awesome news as always !


  477. Awesome to se this released.

    But, for the life of me, I can’t find where to add/change custom text in the bottom bar (replacing “Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress”).


  478. Definitely lots of improvement! Gonna try it soon!

  479. So, so excited to work with this – thank you to the whole team for the amount of work and though – absolutely amazing – now just need to go hide and play with this !!

  480. Awesome update. can not wait to work with new options

  481. Awesome update ! I can not wait to work with new options

  482. Has anybody upgraded successfully without errors or issues?

  483. FYI… Blog images on your first demo are stretched 🙂

  484. Awesome, looks very versatile…

  485. This update is awesome. I’ve got a few sites I’ve been holding off on starting because I knew this update was right around the corner. Thank you for continuing to improve your product. Question. Is it possible to make only the home page menu transparent to show the header background while making all other pages non-transparent? The only way I see to use the transparent menu is to build build a single page site or have headers on every page. I’d like to make a header image on the home page but all other pages be non transparent.

  486. I never comment and the new Divi 2.4 update is so good that I compelled to! Great work, and thank you for such an excellent product. 🙂

  487. This is amazing, just having a first play.
    One quick question – where are the new menu / header controls?
    Am I missing someting very obvious?

  488. WOWOW!
    I’m so impressed. I recently re-branded my main site using Divi 2.3, and have loved the experience. Alas, there were little finicky things I wish I could have done… I think I can now! I can already imagine countless finessing I will be doing, thanks to this update.

    I’m about to start building a new site, it will be a dream to start building with 2.4.

    Well done team!

  489. Do you folks realize how much fun it is to get up and go to work now??? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  490. Can I ask, before joining, how would I use DIVI with Woothemes’ Sensei custom post types ? I mean, courses and lessons. Thanks and congrats for launching.

    • Also interested in this. Thanks!

      • +1

  491. OMG… This is just amazing. It was worth the wait! Congratulations on a fantastic release 🙂

  492. I just updated and see how things changed.
    First of all, I thank you for the DIVI team for doing the excellent job.

    However, when I updated, the most of parts of previous set up changed to the default. There are so many options added; it took me some time to find the right one, which it makes me feel good.
    And, I found some errors occurred when I changed some options. When I turned off the website and on, it worked again.
    Most problems occurred at changing colors and sizes.

  493. Hey Guys,

    This is killing me. I don’t have time to load and play with 2.4 right now. Is there anything specifically new within the Tabs module? Like customer colors, fonts, etc. I’ve always wished for the power of Page Builder, within each tab window!

  494. This is so great. You always outdo yourself with every update. So glad to be a customer for all these years.

  495. So excited to try out all the new features! I can’t pick just one that I’m excited about.

  496. I am overwhelmed!!! Impressed!!!! This is GREAT!!!!! Thank you sooooo much!!!! Well done! Thank You!!!

  497. Thanks for the updated DIVI! You guys are awesome and I can see that you love what you do! I am so glad I chose Divi as a theme in the beginning of this year cos as a newbie building websites it is just so easy to learn and now I dont even have to get into creating a childs theme, which I found to be really scary and a lot of work. Thumbs up for making my life easier! xoxo

  498. Is the Divi 2.4 builder still shortcode based?

  499. I can’t believe the amount of work this is going to reduce to create a customised site! Clients many times complain about using a theme that other people are using too but this takes customisation to another level!

  500. Your team deserve a massive round of applause for this update, it looks incredible. You seem to have a knack of knowing what controls and features that will light a web designers buttons, and you’re lighting all of mine right now 🙂

  501. With the update my site has begun changing the size of my blog feature photos – is this intentional? Because I don’t have the choice to resize them back to their original size.



  502. Nice. Like the transparent header settings. My custom css settings just got shorter!

  503. I took the day off yesterday to play golf and look what I missed.

    Starting a new project today, I can’t wait to download and try out this theme.

    Thanks guys for the creativity that you bring to further enrich our lives.

  504. Whole new level. Thanks for this major update!

  505. So many features and flexibility, just jaw dropping. Really excited about everything. the custom CSS, full screen headers, Custom Padding/Margin and defiantly the logo options. The list can go on but the whole thing is just amazing 😀

  506. Wow! Looks great.

    This will change everything – except there’s still not a taco bar in my office. 🙂

  507. Great theme, sure this one will do you proud !!!

  508. I Just Love DIVI and everything about DIVI… DIVI is my Dream Theme ever and i just cant make anything without it… All of the feature of DIVI was already Stunning but now DIVI 2.4 is SPEECHLESS update… GREAT WORK GUYS… Keep it up… all the Best for the Bright & endless Future… Just DONT STOP EVER… We all are with you guys… Now and Always………………….

  509. When will you be putting the styles for all these customizations into its own stylesheet – instead of each page – separate from the HTML. Your first demo contains over 14,000 characters of embedded style code on that page. (style id=”theme-customizer-css”)
    I am a lifetime member – and I wish I had noticed this when I first bought into this. This is a page rendering no-no! I did not realize this until I had already built a couple of sites and was doing some changes. Too late to tell someone “Oh, BTW, can’t go back to a non-Elegant Theme without major re-design.”
    Please re-think your css strategies. And yes, I realize the idea is to keep revenue by getting people stay, sticking with Elegant Themes. But is it worth making people mad by forcing them to stay, not by choice?

    • It seemed like everything you’d adjust in the new Advanced and CSS tabs would be put in inline styling as opposed to a CSS stylesheet? That did seem like it would add some heft to each page with module customizations…

  510. “Equal Column Height Option” — Awesome!
    Can’t wait to have a go & try out all the new features.
    Well done Nick & the ET team

  511. Hello, awesome update!
    I was waiting for the fullscreen (width and height option) mode, but we could only use it on fullwidth header right? There is any chance to use Fullscreen mode on other modules? Because i wanted to add some blurbs on welcome screen. Is it possible?

  512. simple fantastic

  513. Amazing, stunning, breath-taking, mind-blowing…
    You may have awakened the entire WordPress theme developers realm on what the meaning of an ultimate theme is…

  514. Pretty excited about this! Global modules are a total game-changer and I’m really excited to try out the new portfolio and gallery stuff. Was always frustrated with the thumbnail sizes before and am looking forward to having greater customization!

  515. Hi,

    It looks amazing and what I am sure about is that,from now on we can build any type of website using this theme. We don’t need to search themes for any purpose since this theme could be customized in a brilliant ways!

    Great work 🙂

  516. You guys just blew my mind away! You just gave the word ” Update” a whole new meaning.WOW! Well done. Well done my friends!

  517. WoooooW Nick, this is what I can say. I as waiting for the update before i finish working on my site This is an incredible job your team and you have done. More functionality and flexibility in this version, it is just giving you Creation Power in your hands, imagine what you can do with it.
    Thank you so muh

  518. This is AMAZING!
    Congratulations and thank you, I’m going to play with the update asap! 🙂

    But, there’s ONE SINGLE feature that still seems to be missing.
    Add that one to Divi and I’ll happily use it for every project.
    (ok, most of them, probably not everyone 😛 )

    What I’m talking about is buddypress and bbpress compatibility.
    Ok technically there’s no need for special compatibility, they both work, per se; but buddypress in particular still looks awful with Divi; and that’s a shame, since otherwise it is one of the best-looking themes available nowadays.

    Please take it as constructive criticism, and at least consider it for new releases.

    Keep on with the good work! 🙂

    • Agree with you 100% while Buddypress is technically compatible with all themes it is NOT. I waited and waited for this latest Divi release and it still totally sucks with Buddypress. What the hell?
      Don’t worry Max you are not the only one they have completely ignored when it comes to the Buddypress question. Next time just tell them how awesome they are and they will answer you right away. Don’t take my word for it just look at all the other posts. It like a 60’s Woodstock love fest around here.

      Honestly though Nick yer so awesome you make me feel all warm and squishy in my private pa………

  519. Astounding flexibility. I’m already thinking up new and exciting ways to rebuild all of my sites – and I haven’t even bought Divi yet! 🙂

  520. This really is a great update!!! A huge bummer that I’m traveling for business at this moment… I truly want to try messing around with all possibilities…

    Haven’t tried it yet, but what i’ve seen from the blog post… the Pagebuilder still has a max. of 4 columns is that correct?

    With the new dynamic / percentage driven columns it would be great to have to possibility to use even more columns. Like 5 or 6 …

    Often my clients want 5 or 6 blurbs next to each other on desktop screens… will this become possible in the near future?

    Keep up the great work… !!! it really is beautiful!


  521. Absolutely love it. Elegant themes have done it again!!!! Amazing talent.

  522. Speechless…. Just did the upgrade and holey smokes there are lots of changes! Looks absolutely FABULOUS. It will be so much easier to show my visual work now… Will take me a while to get through all the new toys but they all look great. Thanks! Thinking of becoming a lifetime member now, I love my DIVI. 🙂

  523. I’m starting to use and looks great.
    Congratulations for the job!

  524. I can’t name just one feature. The whole thing is just amazing!

  525. WOW – everybody is talking about Divi Theme – so I am excited how it looks like. I used other WordPress Themes on different websites for years, but I really like the demo of Divi and the new functions of the update. So I will gibe it a try – sounds like it has all I need 😉

  526. awesome!

    just two things:
    – give us text entry fields along all those sliders!
    – give us mini previews in the modules!

    • Yeah, text entry fields next to the sliders! Right now it’s like pulling teeth setting the sizes you want exactly.

      The sliders in the customization area are form over function.

  527. Can’t wait to use of these exciting new features

  528. Absolutely outstanding! Any chances to see in the future custom contact forms or custom surveys modules in Divi?

    Thank you guys!

    • I second this… and I also third this…

  529. Great! All the missing options and tools are here, and all the glitch and bugs seem gone, this is the ‘builder’ many were waiting for, well done!
    I look forward to explorer all the features ant test them, and of course to teach and write about them so that as many people as possible are able to get the most out of Divi and WordPress.
    I’m curious about the 2.5 choice (why not straight 2.5 consiering the major changes?) and can’t imagine what 3.0 will bring.
    Thanks Nick, to you and the Elegant Themes team, as usual!

  530. Oh yeah! The code module! Go Divi go!

  531. All of the new stuff seems amazing, great work!!!
    The options to customize per row or to add custom styles to each module and of course the new library and shared options

  532. Outstanding. Just what I’ve been looking for. I’ve struggled to implement some of these features with custom CSS in older versions of Divi. Congratulations to your team.

  533. Absolutely impressed. Every new feature is awesome. Great work

  534. Wow. Just wow.

    So worth the wait. I don’t know where to start… 🙂

    Thanks Nick and your amazing team. You guys ROCK!

  535. Congrats, hard work paying off! We’re impressed and blown away with Divi and the new Divi 2.4 update! Thanks for listening to your communities wants and needs. #Elegant #Divi #Rocks

  536. Just WOW!

  537. The whole office just had a massive nerdgasm, this is what we’ve been waiting for and with what I’ve played with so far, this is looking like the best update by a long way so far. Surprised you didn’t go with a 3.0 name with the amount of changed you put in here. AMAZING!

  538. I am incredulous … and you are great. But greeeeeeeeat great great! 🙂

  539. This is great guys !!
    I’m just scared to update existing websites with such a big change into the theme. I fear that too many customized things “crash”.
    Will test.
    Thanks anyway for this amazing design options.

  540. How is this not a version 3.0? Very impressed, made ysselmuiden.nl in just one evening.

    Thanks and congrats!

    Ps. Only missing one thing, the ability to make content text justified for the entire site. Hope this feedback helps.

  541. Not much to add to what has already been said

    But “WOW”

    Well done Nick

  542. Great news and great job with the 2.4 update. Can’t wait to try all this new features !

  543. A M A Z I N G!
    Congratulations guys!
    You have been able to improve a theme that was already ‘quite’ perfect, in something else that is PERFECT!
    I can’t stand anymore! I’ve just make the upgrade on my divi-based websites and I’m so excited to try the new Divi in all its parts!

    You might not have a customer more enthusiastic than me 🙂

  544. Simply mindblowing how with each release you guys manage to break something.

    BLOG GRID ISN’T WORKING ANYMORE NOW! And even manages to crash your browser as it keeps repeating the blog posts.

    Can’t imagine nobody else having this problem.

    ALSO! How about a decent youtube embed code now? It’s still broken and not working for several years.

    I don’t give a **** about all these beautifying add-ons and **** that have overbloated the DIVI theme out of context.

    Again another NOT happy customer so delete my count from the counter below already as this is another shit release that has broken several websites that can’t even show blog post on the frontpage anymore now.

    If this is your so called biggest overbloat/graphics for the world, fuck functionality update. I will get rid of ET themes at all my clients and websites.

    Even more astonishing is the amount of dick riders and cock suckers here in the comments that haven’t even tested the new SHIT 2.4 release but still praise your shit to heaven.

    I have had enough of this shit releases and shit updates. Time to get some real support and real worth for the $$..

    • Wow, wasn’t expecting reading this. I hardly ever comment on anything, let alone here but your language is pretty horrendous.

      I would suggest, if you’re not happy, instead of displaying this colourful language to contact support in a nice manner and get them to resolve the issues.

      Wonder how you go through life as a whole, with this kind of attitude.

      Yes, things break and nothing’s going to be perfect, however, it’s the after care support which is important and if they are not resolving these major issues, raise it again.

      Or maybe, you’re not getting any traction due to your manner of speech.

      Nevertheless, good luck.

      • Their after support is no better than their faulthy theme releases.

        Always the same simple questions treating their customers like little kids that can’t code or do anything their selves.

        “We need a link” bla bla bla
        “Do you have a child theme?” bla bla bla if so een though you paid 250$ we will not help you cause you have a custom css template.

        WTF kind of support is that?

        “if you want us to look at it we need more $$ cause you have a child theme with some custom css rules in it”

        Support overal takes more than a month to come with a solution so you can hardly even call it support.

        Even now when many people have complaints about the blog grid not working crashing chrome and even phones they don’t give a shit and not a single fix by ET has been released nor has a theme update been released.

        • We have updated the theme twice already with multiple fixes, including the Blog Grid bug in Safari that you refer to. We will continue to fix bugs as they are reported.

          • We have paid the $250, are we still going to see updates for 2.0? Switching client sites with child themes to 2.4… which I like is just not in our budget or our clients budgets. They aren’t seeing a broken site and we aren’t in the business of trying to convince them otherwise.


            • You will always see update notifications if the theme is not up to date.

  545. This looks amazing! Now I just need a full weekend to play! Nice work!

  546. Great Update, just awesome. I used CSS Hero until now but i think i won’t need it anymore. Especially the “Equal Column Height Option” is what i wanted desperately. But some how it doesn’t work for me, anybody got an idea?

    • Doesn’t work for me either, I’m setup on a child theme, not sure if that matters.

      • Hey – doesn’t work for me either… anyone figure out why this might be?

  547. Great work as always!

  548. Its good to see my suggestion of adding different styles for buttons was added in 2.4. Great work.

  549. i think this version optimize the layout. that is very awesome and beautiful.
    but i’m still waiting to more feature, like as custom post type on module. so the module can show the custom post (e.g. package vacation, list movie), not just the blog and project posts. And i want to this theme have module for searching custom custom field on custom post type.

    but i appreciate that. congratz Nick

  550. Woo!
    The update is definitely bigger than I imagined! Great job
    This definitely worth waiting and will worth for you the effort.
    By every new module and every new feature there comes new horizons of development, so keep up the great work, thank you.

  551. Great Job and lovely new options BUT some errors appear after update with pluggins :

    Your own pluglins…very critical for me … no more collect email and share

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 52428800 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 3200 bytes) in /home/appisurf/public_html/blog/wp-admin/includes/post.php on line 1042

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 52428800 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 82 bytes) in /home/appisurf/public_html/blog/wp-admin/includes/list-table.php on line 113

    Other important pluging ;

    WP SEO
    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 52428800 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 12288 bytes) in /home/appisurf/public_html/blog/wp-admin/includes/media.php on line 1197

    WP Super Cache
    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 52428800 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 12288 bytes) in /home/appisurf/public_html/blog/wp-admin/includes/template.php on line 1604

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 52428800 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 12288 bytes) in /home/appisurf/public_html/blog/wp-admin/includes/template.php on line 1604

    No important but usefull

    User Photo
    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 52428800 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 3072 bytes) in /home/appisurf/public_html/blog/wp-admin/includes/theme.php on line 126

    All these plugins work good before update (no auto counter of followers)

    Thanks for you help.

    • Were you able to resolve this? it seems we are having similar issues and are not able to update our theme and are receiving similar fatal error messages. Would love to know if you were able to fix this….

    • Those errors are related to the memory allocated to your WP install. They have nothing to do with the theme or plugins you are using.

      You should increase the max allocated memory usage from your cPanel or Plesk, or ask your hosting provider.

    • The errors are not specifically because of the new update of DIVI. The main problem is that your host does not have enough resources to keep up with your site, or maybe your visits have risen.
      There are some ways to solve the problem, try searching for the errors.

  552. Wow, simply mind blowing! Congrats Nick and Team for bringing us the finest theme ever! You really need to be hugged for the magnitude of this huge leap in designing a website. The 2.4 is not really an update – it deserves a 3.0.

    Keep up the awesomely superb work!

    Just wondering based on your next release plan – is Extra really a ‘theme’, or is it going to work with only the new Divi Plugin?

  553. This is awesome…I had a membership with ET before and this is going to make me renew again, even if I don’t win. Feels like this is going to be a game-changer.

  554. Wow! This looks absolutely amazing!
    Outstanding work.

  555. nice to see. The different positions on header I like mostly.

  556. Incredible, just fantastic!

  557. Awesome, Perfect and classy.. 🙂

  558. This is a great update. But I’m a little baffled why you put all this effort in and I STILL have to create a child theme just to change the text in the #footer-info. You go to such lengths to make so many things so very easy for us to customise, and then insist on retaining a hard-coded promotional text in the footer.


    Other than that, great work!

    • I was going to purchase the theme. But after reading this I am NOT going to do it anymore. If there will be a way an update to remove this advert then I might reconsider this theme.

    • The Divi Booster Plug-in still works for this. Very quick and easy.

    • I’m sorry, Nick Roach, but I have to agree. I can’t have “Designed by Elegant Themes powered by WordPress” on my sites.

      I’ve just performed this Google search:

      “designed by elegant themes powered by wordpress remove” (sans quotes)

      It came back with “About 231,000 results.”

      That’s almost a QUARTER OF A MILLION PEOPLE who are UNHAPPY with the fact that they don’t know how to remove your Elegant Themes advertisement.

      How many unhappy customers do you have that DO know how to remove it?

      I would respectfully suggest that it is ALL OF THEM!

      Nick, you and your team are doing fine work, but this little thing does spoil it somewhat. It’s very inconvenient.

    • I still cant believe this is not implemented. I am sure ET have the solution ready and will integrate this in 2.4.3 Our smile would not get full width/fullscreen if this is further delayed.

    • I can’t help but agree with this.

      This is a superb update all-around, and the developers deserve great praise! But having to implement a child theme/under-the-hood workaround just to change one small yet still important detail (like the copyright/footer info) is unfortunate.

      As others have suggested/requested, please allow for an easier option to edit this information. Thanks in advance!

    • VERY frustrating, I agree. The only reason I can think of is that some people can’t change the footer php, so they don’t – more advertising for Elegant Themes that way. I’m not using ANY other themes that don’t offer the ability to easily change the footer/copyright info.

    • I couldn’t agree more. I hate having to make a child theme just to change the footer. If we keep bringing this up, maybe Nick will consider adding this and finally making the product ready for full use.

      Either way, this theme is awesome.

  559. Great! Fantastic!
    Thanks a lot.

  560. This is simply epic! Great job guys

  561. Congratulations for the launch! Divi looks amazing, lots of features that needed to be custom coded are now easily done in settings.

    Thank you!

  562. Wow! So much stuff! I’m almost getting scared hahaha (I’m a noob, just trying to get a grasp of Divi 2.0 still)….

    Looks like we’re all gonna have so much fun!

    I do miss one fucntionality though:

    The ability to turn on/off any row in the builder, in the same builder screen, at one’s convienience… It would be Great for tweaking purposes, or to just keep some row “at hand” without having to save it/ look for it/ load it….

    Just a noob’s 2cents.

    Bravo, bravo and bravo!

    • Sergio I used CSS to accomplish what you are suggesting. I have a style that has display: inline and a style that has display: none
      Then I change the CSS for this block to be one or the other

      We use it for notices when needed on our site

  563. Some really awesome new features.. Really like the new layouts for the header and also the global settings are a really nice feature

  564. Awesome options in this update. Divi is nice good high quality option for much websites.

  565. Greatest wp theme with tons of individual settings.

  566. Question No. 2:
    Where can i get the beautiful new demo contents and color schemes (cafe, cafe case study, interior, fashion)? Are there any new premade layouts included?

    • I have already downloaded and no premade. may be added by ET Team (in the member area) or the next post.

      Hope …

  567. This is really amazing! I just was about to refresh my current website and build a new one for my new business. So Divi 2.4 cam just in time with these amazing features and it will help me save time and make even better looking websites. Thank you so much!!

  568. Excellent release. I can’t wait to take it for a test drive.

  569. Divi 2.4 is just beautiful! This is the most user friendly theme I have the pleasure of promoting. Bravo!

  570. Thanks ET! This really is the only WP theme I use! Thank you for making it easy for designers to build sites without struggling with custom codes.

  571. Absolutely amazing. thanks for the fab work! Loving it!

  572. Great work elegant theme….

    I love it so much. At least I can now do every detailed thing by myself.

    Can we download those 4 new Divi demo that you created.?

  573. EXCELLENT! We are waiting. Thanks guys!

  574. Astonishing work for sure ! Though i am going to wait for the next 2.4.x version, as of course many features are always bringing many bugs. So i am going to wait for all the other people to test and report bugs 😉 I am not in a hurry to update anyway, even if it looks amazing. I’ll be patient 🙂

  575. All I can say is… wooooowwww. Congratulations!

  576. ridiculous to call it 2.4 – look like a 3.0 to me 8^)

  577. Amazing! Congrats for releasing such a great update.

  578. Hi, congrats again!
    My first question about DIVI 2.4:
    after the update (not a new install) there are 32 published layouts mentioned in the counter but not even one layout is listed and provided below.
    What happened?

    • I believe those were a separate download in an old blog post here that first demoed the Load Layout feature new in Divi 2.0

    • This is what I have been searching for also..

  579. I’ve been playing with this for hours now…just amazing! I just picked up a couple new clients, and with all of the new functionality in 2.4, I will definitely be able to impress them even more now! Thanks for all of the effort you’ve put into this!

  580. So excited.

  581. What about the ability to add ANIMATIONS to any element?

    • +1! not only to images but to text because some clients love some movement to wake them up 🙂

      • hahaha! Nice humor, but a great idea to add Animations to images and texts!! (y)

  582. Divi update feels so freaking awesome.
    I’m excited about Global Sync.
    Looking forward to create new websites using the theme.

  583. This is REVOLUTIONARY! The library and custom header positions will definitely make a killing. Great job guys!

  584. You guys did a hell of a job!
    Fantastic, all those nice, handy, new features.

    The best of all;
    You can see and feel that it’s made by people who knows what they are doing!
    Almost hard to believe that a membership is that cheap for such (a) product(s).

  585. I’ve been waiting for these features for a long time. Thanks guys!

  586. Amazing! I think this is a new milestone for all others WordPress theme.

    Thank you to all team of ET.

  587. Awesome and classy!

  588. Hi Nick,

    You and your team has done a great job for WordPress arena. Now everyone can tweak their websites easily.

  589. Hello, I love the changes in Divi!

    There is one little thing I miss: I would like to be able to change the footer tekst in the theme customizer.

    The rest I’ve seen so far is great, thanks!

  590. Congratulations and thank you.

  591. I don’t even know what my favorite feature of Divi 2.4 is! There’s so many great things! I think the two I’ll use most are the new header customization abilities, and the global modules.

  592. This is just amazing ! I have been waiting for this update for a while now. You just got yourselves a new customer.

  593. Hey Nick,

    Divi 2.4 looks amazing. Especially the “Library” and Blog post options. Congrats!

  594. Wow, what a huge upgrade!

  595. This just looks amazing….great job ET

  596. Hooray! Awesome! This is exactly what webdesigners need!

  597. Thank you for this amazing creative move forward, we look forward to being even more creative thanks to Divi 2.4 🙂 thanks

  598. Epic but I’m still trying to understand why some basic and extremelly simple features that were asked here weren’t added such as social icons for Linkedin and Instagram?
    With such a big update and plethora of functionalities do we still need to edit the theme files in order to display these icons?
    Is there any estimate release for Extra Theme? Would it be for this summer, winter or next year?
    All what you did is truly impressive the only thing… I was a bit surprised to find that epanel is still used for Divi 2.4…it looks so old fashioned compare to the rest.

    • It seems and I presumed the epanel may be revamp during Extra since most site we will be building by then will be via Divi plugin..

  599. wow!! Can’t wait to update our site, this edition will mean I get to clean up a ton of CSS customization we added but still maintain the responsive layout!

  600. Let me first state that I jumped ship a long time ago and started using X The Theme. At the time, Visual Composer was so much easier and faster to design with than Divi’s initial iteration. Although Visual Composer kept me from having to code all day on a custom design, the columns and modules layout was very unappealing. It just looks clunky.

    Then, the folks at Theme.co decided to design their own builder and for some reason, they thought that stacking everything into the WordPress customizer would be the way to do it. Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s not. It’s a disaster. WordPress.com needs to think twice before going through with their proposed admin menu in the customizer, too. I need to be able to see the geometrical layout on the page, even if the code is hidden behind blocks. Designing a site within the customizer solely is going to be a big flop for WP Developers.

    I just scrolled through the new Divi demos and I’m jumping ship again, but this time, I’ll be going back to the company that I first cut my WordPress teeth on. Elegant Themes and Kenny Sing…you guys did it right!

    You managed to design a visual block builder that not only looks great, works phenomenally, cuts through the code, and adds some beautiful, graceful, aesthetic touches to a builder. This thing ROCKS.

    Kenny: I knew when I fired up the demos that you were all over them brother. You did an absolutely jaw-dropping job with those demos that really inspired me to fire up my new copy of Divi. They’re truly gorgeous in every sense of the word.

    Kudos on breaking through the clutter that has consumed the WordPress world of ‘builders’ and finally getting it right.

  601. This is a great upgrade guys, it adds a whole heap of flexibility to the builder, good job! We’re going to experience the new builder very soon. Thanks!

  602. full width slider no longer works on mobile android

  603. Wow! This release is impressive. Divi 2.4 is to WordPress what Bootstrap is to handcoding – a fantastic platform to build on. Looking forward to getting this out in the wild on some sites.

  604. Is there a way to disable the mobile menu / mobile site for iphone, ipad etc?
    Hate the mobile menu. Makes no sense on an ipad.

    • Agreed. The mobile menu doesn’t live up to all the other great features.

    • Or try Divi Booster – there are options in that plugin that allow you to change some of the elements of the Mobile site. If you scan comments above 0 there is a divi booster link talking about and update there as well.

      • Thanks Carol and Cat.
        I will try those.

    • Create a child theme then add this css
      .mobile_menu_bar, .et_mobile_menu, .mobile_nav {