Theme Updates Round 2 + A Small Surprise

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Theme Updates Round 2 + A Small Surprise

I have completed Round 2 of my theme updates. There will most likely be a Round 3, as I have not yet added everything I would like to. You should be able to expect some upgrades on any themes that were not included in Round 1/2. Here are the details regarding what I have added:

1. eGamer

1.  Dropdown Menus – Dropdown menu added for pages. You can now added child pages to the top navigation bar.

2. Simplism

1. New Color Schemes – I have added three new color schemes to the theme, including Green, Red and Purple. If Blue wasn’t your style you can now switch between the different color variations from within the theme’s options menu at any time.

2. Updated theme options page – I have added a more details theme options page to Simplism which should grant users additional control over their blog.

3. Dropdown Menu Improvements – I have improved the dropdown menu, which is now available for pages and categories, and also supports multiple tiers.

4. Automatic Thumbnail Resizing – All thumbnails are now automatically re-sized by timthumb.

3. EarthlyTouch

1. Dropdown Menu Added – I have added a multi-tier dropdown menu to both the pages and categories navigation bars.

2. Additional Color Schemes – Four new color schemes, including Red, Purple, Blue and Green have been added.

4. TidalForce

1.  Dropdown Menus – Milti-tier dropdown menus have been added to pages and categories navigation bars.

5. Influx

1. Imrpoved Theme Options Menu – I have updated the theme options menu with a more pleasing design, and have added more features as well.

2. Advertisement Options – This theme now includes integrated ad management for 250×250, 468×60, and 125×125 banner ads.

3. Blog Style Post Format – You can now switch to a more classical blog-style post layout if the default mode is not your style.

Finally, I know that some of you are probably wishing that I would start working on some new themes instead of continuing with all of these updates, so instead of waiting on Glow I have decided to release a surprise theme today that negotiates my current goal of theme enhancements/member suggestions. I have received a good amount of inquiries asking for a more traditional and simple blog layout. I have been adding optional blog-style layouts to my themes for this reason, however, I also wanted to make a theme specifically designed to be more traditional. The theme is called “Basic,” and has already been added to the member’s area.

I tried to focus on making the content as organized and easy to ready as possible. When using the theme you can choose between displaying your full posts, or truncating them automatically with a defined thumbnail image. Basic also comes with 4 color schemes to choose from, the default Red, as well as Blue, Green and Purple.

Basic comes with most of the standard features, including an east-to-use theme options page, dropdown menus, automatic thumbnail resizing and more. For more information check out the gallery page, or the live demo.

Premade Layouts

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  1. FIRST,

    and I’ve got nothing much to say for now but, AWESOME WORK.
    I’ll check the updated themes and the new one on a demo site right away :p

  2. Great ^_^ …

  3. Thanks! Very nice!

  4. Thank you! 😉

  5. Thanks for all the updates!

    The new Basic theme looks sharp. I was wondering if there’s anyway (maybe in the future) to incorporate an option to add rollovers to the menus and titles on these blogs. IMO, a nice rollover color change on menu items would really look great. At any rate, I look forward to start using these.

  6. Thanks for the updates…these are great. Any idea when you may release the Glow Theme?

    • No, there is no set date. Once all theme updates are complete I will resume work on Glow.

  7. like I said, you’re the best nick, thanks

  8. Real nice surprise! And all the effort you put into updating your themes – great job!

  9. Great work!, basic is a really nice theme, thanks!

  10. What a surprise. Thanks!!

  11. Basic theme is awesome.

  12. BLUESKY:(

  13. Awesome updates. LOVE the new theme…

    You need to add some link styles in the CSS for the Basic theme though.

    • Better link colors have been added, thanks for the suggestion.

  14. Oh I was hoping when I checked today there’d be a pretty new theme to try out. My one site is pathetically ugly and in desperate need of a new look…going to log in and give it a spin now 🙂 Thank you thank you!

  15. I would love to see a social media theme (twitter, youtube,delicious,etc.etc.etc) …. something that integrates these services better than just having them running in the side-bar with livestream etc.

    Nick, I strongly believe something like this would be another elegantthemes winner !


    • +1 for this.. This is something I would pay even 40$ to get. Great example is My Home Pro theme

  16. Greta work, all around. However, in the future, can you please incorporate orange color options in your themes? Great orange themes are very hard to come by…

  17. Looks great basic theme, however not right in IE6 but still perfect. welldone

    • Thanks Ali. Everything should be working in IE6 except for the rollover images (IE6 only supports the :hover pseudo class on anchors). Let me know if you see anything else!

      • You could you Suckerfish to resolve the issue with IE6

      • Looks perfect now 😉

  18. Basic is the bestest 😀

  19. “Read More” link in About Me (Basic theme) is broken… Great additions!

    • You can change this link to whatever you want in the theme’s options page, I just forgot to set it in the demo. Thanks for pointing it out.

  20. Awesome work! I will soon be joining. Wow!

  21. Will you update the eGallery theme also?

    • Yes I plan on adding a couple new colors schemes to eGallery in my next update.

  22. layout is beatiful

  23. Is there an option to disable the thumbnail and have it not shown at all?

    • Just don’t add one and you’ll be fine :p

  24. I LIKE VERY NICE!!!!

  25. Waiting for Bluesky…And more themes with date function on the left of calendar;)
    Thanks for your effort…

  26. The new basic theme looks great! Finally, a simple theme that even I can use- doesn’t require 100+ posts on your blog to look good. The theme updates are also looking sharp 😉

    • It has been exactly my concern too. The other themes are suitable for blogs that have got a little bit more content and a few categories, while the Basic one may be used immediately even if you have just started a blog.

  27. I just notice but for the Basic theme is it not widget ready? Because when I do add widget it messes up everything.

    • It is widget ready, the demo’s sidebar is composed of widgets. Please use the support forum for tech support related inquiries, as blog comments are not the best way for me to give support. I also need more information, such as your URL, before I can give further advice.

  28. I love all of the themes on this site. Thank you for all the hard work and the low price!

  29. Absolutely wonderful themes! I love them. Well worth the $20 a year.

    • Agree. It worths every cent 😛

  30. Hi there,

    Great collection your building here. I believe I have checked your site out before and it appears you have added a bunch of great themes and the Price is Great!



  31. hi elegant theme guys,

    i went thru all ur themes they are really great, Awesome work guys 🙂


  32. Hey.

    I was wondering what plug-in you use for the ‘reply’ thing.


    • It’s not a plugin, threaded comments are now a default featured of WordPress 2.7

  33. Wo0t! I hope InterPhase would be updated as well ^_^

  34. Awesome work, keep it coming! Love the service!

  35. Thanks !! very usefull)) i`ll be wait for next works))

  36. Hi,

    New to this site… but really impressed by the themes – Especially the basic one, very nice.

    Just a few quick questions

    Mindful of your comments on plug-ins, and rather than create a problem, what plug-ins are recommended for:
    – social bookmarking (to add list of social bookmarking images/links at the end of each post)
    – contact us page form
    – what google analytics plugin is recommended
    – and what other general plug-ins can be used (suject to conditions beyond your control) – could you include a list on your site/faqs/somewhere else?

    One other question…
    – can I put Google adwords ads in the (right)sidebar

    Once again, well done on the basic theme… exactly what I am looking for.


    • Hi Robbert,

      First of all l know that you can use google ads, contact us form l do use with every wordpress theme and works perfect, social bookmarking already works with all elegant themes so go for it you wont be disapointed

    • Sociable


  37. Appearances are a genius really, however I think that more elements in the Ajax technology influenced in order to better to the number of users of your appearances. I hope that updates will be much more frequent and won’t be limited to what we can see now 🙂

  38. they’re all awesome!!!

  39. I love surprises.. sweet!

  40. Say you’re waiting for the right to new themes

  41. I tried to contact via the support form but I got an error.

    Does the featured gallery auto rotate? Or does the user have to click the 1,2,3,4,5 in order to see the other featured articles?


  42. I love the Basic theme! Beautiful!

    I’ve added it to, our collection of the best themes you’ll find online.

  43. Thank you very much!
    very beautiful theme

  44. Working in BlueSky when I updated my Adsense code to the sidebar.php the Ad block dissapears ?? Any thoughts

    • You can only use images in the banner management system. If you want to use a code from an ad network you will need to edit ads.php. If you need help please use the support forum.

  45. When i first come to your side, i was attracted by your theme. Initially i would like to find a free wordpress theme for my tractor website. Lastly i join you as a member. Forever support you. If there is some theme is browse color one. I would be appreciated

  46. I love your work pal! Awesome. Thanks 🙂

  47. I like the red theme.

  48. Thank you for sharing.
    Your article is very well.
    Made someone include me to know somethink.

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