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Posted on October 13, 2008 by in Theme Changes/Bug Fixes | 73 comments

As you know I am currently renovating and revisiting my old themes in attempt to improve their functionality. My main goal is to greatly enhance the theme options menu, and give my users more control over their blog. With StudioBlue 2.0 you will enjoy a much larger array of theme options that i hope will enhance your blogging experience. Here is a brief overview of what I have added:

1. Blog Color-Scheme-Switcher

From within the theme’s options menu you can now choose between 5 unique color schemes. This is handled through a simple dropdown menu, and you can switch between each color any time you want.

2. Optional Blog-style Post Style

If you don’t like the CMS style font-page, or feel that it simply doesn’t suite your blog’s content/subject matter, you can simply switch to “Blog Style.” This is also done through a simple dropdown menu, and you can change back and forth any time you like.

3. Enhanced Advertisement Management

I have added several new banner options, each of which is handled via the theme’s options menu. Furthermore, each of these banners is optional! You can turn them on and off from the options menu, and you are free to have any combination of banners that you like. The available banner options are:

  • 4 125x125px Banners in the Sidebar
  • 1 250×250 Banner in the Sidebar
  • 1 468×60 Banner on Post Pages
  • 1 728×90 Leaderboard Above the Content

4. Optional Categories Dropdown Menu

I have added a dropdown menu function to the categories navigation bar. This is also optional, and can be turned on and off from within the theme’s options menu.

5. Additional Homepage Settings

You can now choose to enable/disable the various elements on the homepage, including the featured articles section, the categories boxes towards the bottom, and the popular/random articles lists. You can also choose how many featured articles to display, how many recent posts to display, and how many recent posts to display in the category boxes (which are also a new feature themselves).

6. Additional Post-Page Settings

You can now turn off the thumbnails on post pages. In some case the thumbnail acted as preview for an image that was already included in the post, in this case you might not want a thumbnail on the post-page at all. You can also choose to enable/disable the tabbed menu below the post. I have also added to ability to change the comments style from the “graphical” style that is currently active, to a more minimal style without images or gravatars. (I removed the gravatar plugin and am using wordpress’ native gravatar function now)

7. Improved Options Interface

Aside from that I have simply tried to improve the look of the options page itself. It was getting quite cluttered before, and now has a much more organized interface:

There are other options available as well, you’l just have to update and play with them yourself. This is the type of functionality that you can soon expect from all of my themes, especiall all new theme releases. I hope everyone is doing well, stay tuned for more updates!

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  1. These are fantastic updates. Thank you for the great themes and the constant updating and improvements. You rock!

  2. i will share this files to other

  3. I can’t thank you enough for these updates. Though I like the look of the magazine styles, I don’t have use for them. I love that you’re updating to have the “blog style” so I don’t have to tweak the code manually.

    Beyond worth the $20 subscription. Thanks!

  4. Thats what i call sex bro =)

    And to the guy with the “-_-” for a name. Dont share these files.

    If he has an account, remove him, if hes gonna spread the files.. depending on what he means from he cant talk english, if he means share the post its all good.

  5. Very nice, thanks!

  6. This is sexy ! Thanks for the hard work. Just one thing in the “Options Interface” there is two spelling mistakes:

    Hid/Display Thumbnails on Post Pages
    Hid/Display Tabbed Menu

    Keep up the great work !

  7. Very nice update, thanks man. I hope your upcoming updates are just as good!


  8. Wow! Awesome man. Great job you’re with the updates. Thanks

  9. Super nice to see these updates! I really feel like I’m taken care of at this site…you answer my annoying questions, you’ve released more themes & updates since I’ve joined just a week or two ago…loving it 🙂

  10. congratulations!
    when they will be ready for download???

  11. It is already avilable. Just log in and re-download 🙂

  12. Hello,

    Why Add so many banners? Do you not think that web masters need these spaces for their Adsense Code? No solution for that on most of your Themes.

  13. Alim, all of the banners are optional, and can be turned on and off from the theme’s options menu.

  14. Agree with Alim,
    How can I put my adsenses codes in this template?
    (xcuse my french!)
    Any simple upgrade?

  15. thanks for the update.. any plans for a fluid instead of fixed version or at least easier to customise wider style ?

  16. you continue to amaze me!

  17. hi

    i’m new here , i loved your themes and purchased the service 2 days ago , i’m trying to use studioblue and having problems with IE and Chrome unless i click “compability view”

    is there anything i should do ?
    thanks for helping

  18. South, please use my contact for you support questions. I can probably help you, but I need more information.

  19. The website looks fine for me in both IE6 and IE7. Google chrome is not on my list of supported browsers because it is still in beta, but I will look into the issue. I would still recommend using my contact form for more timely and detailed support.

  20. I think it’s great that you are updating your themes, but quite frankly, I prefer it when you release a new theme.

    You could try business themes, portfolio themes, or even forum themes with the aid of some nice wordpress plugins.

  21. New themes are on the way, but it’s important that I homogenize my themes in the realm of functionality, as the difference in the options provided is confusing. I feel that I am progressing as a WordPress designer, and it is important to me that there is not a gap in quality between the themes i release two months ago and the ones I am releasing now. Don’t worry, I don’t plan on updating all of the themes before I release a new theme, my next update should involve some new stuff.

  22. Thanx, Im looking forward to seeing your new themes! I just joined elegant themes and I love it!

  23. From that many nice themes l have been very confused and dont know which one to use but l will try this and see.

    Thanks for the good themes.

  24. Hi !

    just join elegantthemes ! simplicity … elegant … user friendly … the themes rocks !

  25. I liked a CION Pagination feature .. A Page Number Navigation system at the bottom, hope while improving other themes, you can add this feature in most other themes.. Also probably if we could have it in post pages also.. to view longer post that run in to a few pages.. But surprizingly the CION shows a quite unnatural Top Margin. The theme starts after around 3 inches of blank space from top of page? First I thought my Browser (Chrome) is showing it, but other do same.

  26. For what it’s worth, i would like to chime in and make a few quick suggestions.

    1.) Would love an ecommerce wp theme, one where goods could be sold. I suppose a few plugins would be needed for this, along with some sort of Paypal integration.

    2.)A gallery of users who are using your themes, so one can/could see the possibilities.

    3.)More wp plugins added, like Blog Catalog, My Blog Log, Twitter, Stumble Upon widgets.

    I love the design elements of your themes, and the added extras. Very good work.


  27. Is there no search feature on this theme?

  28. Great job!

  29. I really like the themes you put out. I’ll be switching my current theme to one of these pretty soon I’m sure.

    You should come up with WordPress/PHPBB theme sets. They would pwn. 😀

  30. Hello , I’m a registered member,
    see my nick and email.

    could you please explain how to set thumbnails? And how to make visible the image of the featured article in the home?

    please check the website to see …I can’t manage to make them show…

    Should I use a key ? in the custom value field? and wich one?

    I can’t find any guide on the website…maybe the question seems trivial but there’s no explanation anywhere.

    Thanks. I also sent You and email ,but to be sure you get the message I also posted here. Thanks.Since last time You sent didn’t get any email by the CONTACT FORM.

    I’m waiting for your reply. Thanks

  31. vgrasso:

    There is an explanation, each theme comes with a readme file with detailed installation instructions. You can also refer to my troubleshooting guide, in which the first item reminds you to check the readme file and also links to online versions of each:

    I believe I answered your email as well, so you might want to check your spam folder. Feel free to let me know if you have further questions, email is still the best way to get a hold of me. Sorry for the delay.

  32. Thank you for your kind and professional support. I also received the email with the instructions..sorry I was in a hurry and didn’t thaught to see that link 🙁 my apologies..thx

  33. I’d just like to add my 2 cents in regards to @Missy suggestion to have more plugins — NO!!!! No, no no! Please, no. Don’t force us to use plugins, especially ones like she mentions where our page rank is getting sucked away to these sites that don

  34. oops, accidentally hit the return key and posted prematurely.

    Anyway, I do like all the options you have provided for StudioBlue. I had to download the ad graphics and put them on my server to get the layout working correctly. And the 468x ad tries to come out in the sidebar… where of course it throws the whole layout off.

    I like the option to add banner ads! Thanks for that!

    To everyone who’s asking how they can put their adsense in the banner ads… DON’T! Graduate to Internet Marketing. Sign up for some affiliate products related to your niche instead and start making more money. Or better yet, create and sell your own products – for 100% profits.

  35. i have a news site and i am using pmachine pro… do you have some ting i can use i am interested in shaking things up in my site…hope to know from you any time soon

  36. Dear admnin 😉 , where I can read something that explain how to build a comment form that is exactly like this one Im writing In now?
    I don’t want in my website the users to be registered to post, but I would allow them to post directly, as it is for this page.. Is is contact form 7 ?And if yes how I can automate the text appearing as a comment?? Thx

  37. Very nice, i love wordpress ,thanks!

  38. The most amazing WP theme i ever come across, simple and great

  39. Beautiful theme. I might even use it on my blog.

    Great read too.

  40. Nice theme 😐 I Love Web 2.0 😀

  41. Nice theme…. But i cant see Link for download.


  42. Is this page itself created with the Studio theme? If not, can someone direct me to where I can get the them for this webpage.


  43. it’s very brillant.

    but i have a problem, bcs i don’t have enough information about wordpress.

    my question is how can i use related post custom field section. what enter to the related_post?

  44. wow great job guys.. do you have any other free themes?? 😀

  45. Hey good stuff…keep up the good work! 🙂

  46. Hey good stuff…keep up the good work

  47. This theme has some bugs, for instance, some posts dont show the content in single view. How to fix that?

    • Please open a thread in the support forum so we can assist you.

  48. these StudioBlue theme supports dropdown menu in page nav bar ?

  49. Great theme update, and with my child theme too. excfellent

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