New Font Options Added To Select Themes

Posted on May 2, 2013 by in Theme Changes/Bug Fixes | 121 comments

New Font Options Added To Select Themes

We are excited to announce that we have added new font options to some of our most popular themes. Within the WordPress Theme Customizer, you can now pick between dozens of fonts to apply to different parts of your theme! To access the theme customer, click the “Customize” link next to your active theme in the Appearances > Themes section of your WordPress Dashboard. Powered by the free Google Fonts library, you now have access to the best web fonts around, and you can pick and choose between different fonts at the click of a button.
At this time, the following themes have been updated with these new font options. We plan to continue updating our themes collection with these new features in the coming weeks. For those people using the following themes, feel free to download the new versions and let us know what you think πŸ™‚

Themes Updated In This Round

  • Foxy
  • Explorable
  • StyleShop
  • Fusion
  • Nimble
  • Lucid
  • Origin
  • DeepFocus
  • Evolution
  • eStore
  • SimplePress
  • Notebook
  • Nova
  • TheStyle
  • Harmony
  • InStyle
  • Envisioned
  • DailyJournal
  • LeanBiz
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  1. Great feature! Hope the remaining themes will be updated soon.

    • I also hope all WordPress themes at Elegant Themes will have these new font options featured.

  2. Excellent!
    But Russian fonts is not correct.

    • Not all fonts come with all character sets, but some do. To enable all character sets for your new font, look for the “Google Fonts Subsets” option in ePanel.

      • In downloading these individual theme updates one by one it has me wanting a “Download All Themes” button in the Members area Nick.

        Any chance of this being introduced?

        • Yes, there should be a download all button so that we do not have to download each one manually when it gets updated.

          • I support this suggestion.

        • I love this idea!

      • Is there an easy way I can change the font size of the rotating text on the home page or use a different font? Would really appreciate your help.

  3. This is exactly what I need. Thanks πŸ™‚

    • I’m glad to hear it Andrej!

  4. very good work , nice additions

    • Thanks Ahmad πŸ™‚

  5. Great news. Are you also making it easier to change font SIZES in these themes?? Because that’s my one beef with Elegant’s themes. . . fonts are too darn small out of the box.

    • AGREED! hope you work on the sizes next!

      • … yes, PLEASE, add font sizes too!!!

    • Ditto about ability to change font sizes because fonts are too small!

      • Ditto. It’s a pain

      • Yes!! SO SO SO Small. I’m about to leave Elegant Themes because of it. If its too hard for me to read, then it’s surely too hard for others too. πŸ™

    • We don’t have any plans to add the ability to adjust font sizes at the moment. These changes can be made via CSS, but care needs to be made to ensure that size adjustments do not conflict with the overarching structure of the design.

      • Where in the CSS can one change the default body text size? I’m using SimplePress and the font size is really small. I’ve seen other people online complain about this exact problem (default body text in SimplePress). I’ve looked at the CSS files, but I’m not sure what to change.

        • +1 for having a Font Size adjustment.

          Understandably if fonts are set to 78 in CSS then you will have to expect problems.. But having an option to adjust font sizes by a certain percentage (+10%) and having the overarching structure of the design able to handle such margins would be a massive improvement to ET

      • Count me in on this one! I’m using the Feather theme and the small body text size is too hard to read. This is really my only complaint about my site. How can you use CSS to bump up the size, even if just a bit? I’m a newbie, so please give details…

        • Yes PLEASE create a way for us to more easily increase font sizes they are much too small. I have to increase it on my end by zooming just to be able to get things done. I bought a paid subscription instead of using the free WordPress or Weebly etc., so I could have more freedom and was told that if I got a Premium one (Elegant Themes was suggested by the instructor of the WordPress class I took online) I’d be able to do all the things that I was frustrated by (not being able to do) in the free themes. So far I’m not that impressed because the same challenges/frustrations exist. Small text, can’t change header easily or colors easily, text colors etc., I’m not much of a code/tech person so I thought Divi would be a great way to go and that’s still frustrating me too. I’m still trying on themes but the small text size is very annoying and what turns me off of others sites. If I was just having a blog I may have gone the Blogger etc., route but I needed to create a static site. I was also trying to avoid hiring a professional since it’s not in the budget. Hopefully I can find some tricks to make things work.

        • Agreed! I just released my website last night, so have a number of people that have just viewed it and have gotten feedback from several that the font is TOO SMALL. This is very frustrating after all the time it has taken me to get my site up and running. I don’t write code and don’t feel I should have to in order to have a comfortably readable page. It IS 2015 after all.

      • I simply cannot believe that you don’t have any plans to be able to adjust font size!!! Are you even serious?

        What’s more, I can’t believe that others are saying that this would be a nice ‘feature’!! Being able to change the font is a ‘feature’??.

        My God!

        What year is it again? 1995?

    • Yes! The font sizes are especially difficult to read in ‘Feather’ because of the textured background, and the shadow-effect on the text.

    • Hello,

      please can you help. is there a ways to make the font size bigger?
      CSS edit? help is appreciated.

    • Yes, I agree larger font sizes that are easy to select are a must have for Divi.

  6. Excellent! Yet another incredible feature for Elegant Themes.

    • Thanks. Stay tuned for more great features πŸ™‚

  7. Such a nice addition and great work.

    • I agree, hopefully I’ll get a chance to use Nick’s stuff on some new sites i’m working on soon!

  8. Awesome job! Any update is always a good update.

    Will you be planning to update WhosWho with this option?


  9. great addition…

    In 2 round please add Aggregate Theme.

    • Aggregate already has some great font options in ePanel by the way πŸ™‚

  10. Now the premium users of ElegantThemes can manage and download their themes easy and simultaneously by

  11. Right after I finished making a child theme to change my font to Open Sans. XD

    • Sorry, we were a little too slow πŸ™‚ But you won’t have to make such child themes anymore!

  12. Congrats, excellent addition!

  13. Great! More than happy!

  14. Brilliant news! Thanks so much!

  15. Great work It will help us in using the font we like to work on

  16. How about Webly?

  17. Thanks for the great update. I hope the other themes are to be eventually rolled into this new feature. As mentioned above, font size control would also be very useful.

  18. Cool update. But, will this speed up to slow ?

    • This does not affect the load speed of your website. It only loads a single font, which is how the theme already works.

  19. I have to say again thanks!, with slovak language works perfect on Foxy.

  20. Hi Nick,

    Awesome stuff, been looking to change fonts for a while,
    Is there any way we can add additional fonts to the list?

    • There is no automated way. You would need to edit the ePanel files to adjust the list.

  21. Please make Chameleon and update!!! please!!!

    • Chameleon already has quite a few fonts to choose from within ePanel. Right now we are focused on updating our themes that don’t already have fonts to choose from.

    • Thanks Agen!

  22. I’m using InReview for my websites. Hope New Font options will be applied to InReview too.Great Update!

    • We are hoping to add these options to our entire collection in time!

  23. Will this wreck havoc with my carefully designed layout again, like many of ET’s other updates to theme visuals??

    Hopefully, Google Fonts are purely optional — but looking at the changelog for each affected theme, it looks like y’all took out the old Cufon functionality, which sounds like I’m going to have another messed-up looking site on my hands….

    Come on, ET!!!

    • Aminka, any time you adjust the code of one of our themes, you run the risk of that code conflicting with future versions. As long as you use a Child Theme when making changes, and adjust the theme code in a logical way that makes sense with the overarching structure of the theme, then you should be fine.

      • That’s just what’s so frustrating, Nick: I’ve been all over your support forums about upgrades messing up even a child theme’s layout!

        • It really depends on what you change. Whenever you alter the theme’s code, it becomes your responsibility to maintain that customization. We can’t not update our themes to ensure the stability of Child Themes. It is important for us to update our themes regularly with fixes and improvements.

          • Nick,

            I’m talking about visuals and layouts. These transcend coding best practices. THE WHOLE POINT of using a child theme is so that customizations aren’t wiped out by theme updates!

            Yet ET theme updates, at least for the past year (my second year as a member — you guys are getting worse and worse in this regard), have routinely wiped out visual layout customizations. For example, your old shortcodes looked just fine. Why did you change the tabs’ rounded corners to plain 90-degree angled corners?? What did that have to do with keeping up-to-date with WordPress code???

            AGAIN, I’m talking strictly about VISUALS. ET prides itself on beautiful designs, so why mess up those designs so thoughtlessly????

            • The shortcodes were changed to make them responsive, and to greatly improve their loading times. That is a prefect example of something that we needed to change in order to advance our themes and get them ready for a mobile future. It’s our job to update and improve our themes and their features, and for those who have changed our theme’s code, it will be your job to monitor those changes. I am sorry that updates have caused you trouble, but we can’t let our themes get old and tired at the expense of the vast majority of our customers.

          • Nick,

            How does it make any sense for non-responsive themes to have responsive shortcodes??

            And what does switching from rounded corners to plain 90-degree angled corners in your tabs shortcodes have anything to do with responsiveness???

            And again, NO UPDATES should interfere with child themes. It is THE WHOLE POINT of using child themes that updates do not affect any customization made to a child theme!

            That has nothing to do with “letting [your] themes get old and tired” — if you really care about themes getting old and tired, how about updating your non-responsive themes to make them fully responsive??

            And please don’t justify your inattention to detail by trotting out that old corporate saw about “the vast majority of [your] customers”…what I’m pointing out to you is about your sometimes sloppy coding and/or business practices, irrespective of whether anyone notices!

  24. Cool ! I just love Lobster font, will add to my header. Great Work Elegant themes. Thanks and cheers πŸ™‚

    • You’re welcome πŸ™‚ Lobster is a great font indeed!

  25. Thanks For Great Themes.
    The site was very beautiful!

  26. Excellent Stuff! The fonts are looking superb! Thanks for sharing.

  27. I would love to see some integration with FontSquirrel’s fonts as well as the ones you’re grabbing from Google.

  28. whoa cool font !!! i want to change my body font, thanks elegant themes

  29. Please use Latin extended fonts, for special characters such as čćžőđ (used in many languages) πŸ™‚

  30. Very cool option for designers.

  31. Great feature! Hope the remaining themes will be updated soon.

  32. Great idea. This should really help to make every theme look unique.

  33. should use unicode supported fonts also

  34. Hey Nick,

    Thanks so much for adding this feature. One of the things I have had to do over the years is use a plugin like Tiny MCE to change the typography for clients and my very own personal sites. Really love Elegant Themes you do a wonderful job at building excellent frameworks! Much needed and appreciated feature!

  35. Am very pleased to see these font changes! I do agree with those that request bigger font sizes out of the box.

  36. why on earth cant we change font sizes? we can make them bold or italic but can;’t make them bigger? the font on Business Card is teeny tiny.

    • Hey Katie – definitely agree – this is a really big issue for us.

    • hello Katie,

      did you find a way to change the font size. How can I make the font size
      in aggregate theme bigger? Help is appreciated

  37. Super!! Great feature!

  38. Is eBusiness theme going to get this feature anytime soon? We are working on a new website based on that theme and it would be great to be able to include google fonts easily.

    Thanks for your terrific themes, we love them!

  39. Wow, thank you for including extra fonts. It’s great how themes such as yours enable more and more customizability right out of the box for web design clients. Good stuff.

  40. I love the new fonts! Thanks. I do not like the way the fonts appear in photo captions. Can you tell me how to remove the shadow and make them more readable? Thanks!

    • Beth, did you ever find out where to remove the dropshadow on the captions. This is awful. Also the drop shadow on the front page subtitle needs to go. Any pointers would be great! Thanks….

  41. Wish you would add this to MyCuisine. I need it today. πŸ™‚ Font size change would be nice too.

    • Any update on adding font support in MyCuisine? It’s a nice template but the standard font is useless.

  42. Adjustments would indeed be much appreciated in the MyCuisine theme.

    • Definitely. Still waiting for it. It’s a bit of a shame having a premium lifetime ET account but not being able to use templates because they haven’t been updated sind 2013 (I mean, we have nearly 2016 by now).

  43. Is there anyway to add a custom font into the Divi theme? i.e. it’s not part of theme’s existing font list?

    • Would also like this. Right now I want to change to a Google font for my header that’s not in the Divi available fonts list.

    • I am also looking for this option to add a custom font with a webkit to Divi.

      • ditto on this one. Customer wants a particular google font that isn’t available in options… any idea when custom fonts will become a reality?

    • Did anyone ever get a solution to this one. I’ve just encountered the same issue – I need the one google font that is not installed.

  44. How can I disable google fonts? In the drop down menu to select the font, there is no option for “none” or usually in other websites I use, you can select arial or helvetica for your body font for instance. I am using Flexible theme and I want to use css to control my font choices.
    Great feature but when there are limited google fonts to choose from, sometimes its best to not use them at all.

    Thank you

    • Hi, I would also like to do this.


    • Setting it to “Default” turns it off for me.

  45. The extra fonts are great. I too would love to change font sizes.

    Would it be feasible to block and change fonts, or to customize each page?

  46. Hi! Do you know what font the Default Font is for Nimble? Thanks.

  47. I hope same feature will be in other themes such as mycuisine. The font is too small and less attractive in my opinion.

    • Absolutely agree. 10/2015

  48. Hi, I have just started building my Blog, I am using Divi and find it reasonably easy for a first timer like myself, I have read comments above about font size and I too also would like to slightly increase my font size. Is there anywhere I could source the information to learn how to modify the CSS as NIck suggested. Also when I recently upgraded to WordPress 4.0 I lost my description in my Menu Bar, I outsourced some help intially to get started. I really would like to learn how to do tasks like this, but can spend hours walking in circles around internet to find the correct information.

  49. Typography play an important role in displaying your content in a better way. Adding more font sizes in WordPress is not a difficult job, all you need to install a plugin or insert some codes in CSS Editor.

  50. Many people have commented on how hard it is to change font size. I use Elegant Divi, and have found it so frustrating in this regard. There are no recent plugins that appear to work with this version 4.1. Where could I find CSS codes that do this?

  51. Hello!
    I am interested in purchasing Divi to create my website.
    My company branding incorporates a font that I have purchased on POssible??
    Cheers, Christiana

  52. How do I load extra google fonts into the divi theme within a child theme so that they list on the customise theme options for body font please?

  53. Could you please explain how to make fonts (menus, headers, body) larger? The small font size is an issue for readers who can’t read the small letters. Thank you!

    • I’m using Divi.

  54. I amcurrently learning wordpress on a course and the Divi Theme came highly recommended. So I bought Premium. Loving this theme but seriously disappointed that all the fonts are so small. There MUST be a way (other than doing all my text using a header style)… surely. Any hope for the future?

  55. Hi there, yes please I LOVE DIVI, yet I find the body size font just that bit too small. I don’t know how to change the CSS, as I am one of your target customers who aren’t web designers!

  56. Hi there, yes please I LOVE DIVI, yet I find the body size font just that bit too small. I don’t know how to change the CSS, as I am one of your target customers who aren’t web designers!

  57. you have many customers crying out that font sizes are too small!
    and asking for ability to change font sizes!

    it really is unbelievable you havent given any indication that you are listening to your customers, and this is coming soon

    a guide on how toi do this via css would seem very useful to many !!

    where is this

    i can change default font size
    by inserting custom css
    body { font-size:130% !important; }

    but doesnt change the menu links and other places

    how can we do this?!

    its a great theme but you are limiting our usage by not allowing easy changes to font sizes!

    other advanced themes like jupiter have great font size control,!

    please address this glaring issue or at least provide a guide on how to do it via css

    for example how do we change the main menu link text size!

  58. I’m using an Elegant font for my new website (not the URL I gave here) — I’m disappointed that I can’t PREVIEW the fonts – so I have to click on each and every one of them to actually see the font – unlike what appears in your example above where the fonts are previewed right in the dropdown. Is that a stretching of reality on your part or do I not have something enabled on my end?

    • Are you using the WordPress Customizer? The customizer looks just like the example.

  59. I have to agree with everyone else, being able to change the font size is such a basic option, how can you guys not have it yet? The entire point of the majority of people purchasing this theme is because its easier than coding, so if you can add various fonts I’m sure you can give us at least a few selection to adjust the font in the menu and posts. It seems a bit amateur.

    Does anyone know of a plug in?

  60. I am using Evolution theme for my website can you please tell me how to edit css file of Evolution theme as i want to make some changes.

  61. +1 for changing the font size.

  62. Hi, I wanna use new Arabic font in Divi theme, can I?

  63. How do i add a custom font into the body text options?

  64. Hello, I want to add a custom font into the body text option and header? How can I do it?

    Thank you.

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