DeepFocus Now Fully Responsive

Posted on April 23, 2012 by in Theme Changes/Bug Fixes | 63 comments

DeepFocus Now Fully Responsive

Our next theme to be made fully responsive is DeepFocus. If you visit the theme preview on a mobile phone or tablet, or you re-size your browser window, you will see the design adapt to display your content in the most intuitive manner for that size screen.

Mobile devices have quickly become one the most common ways that we browse the internet. It is important to perpare your website for an ever-increasing amount of mobile visitors, and we will continue to show initiative here at ET as we update our themes to be fully responsive.

Download the latest version of DeepFocus from the members area and test it out for yourself! I hope that everyone enjoys the update. If for whatever reason you do not want your theme to be responsive, you can always turn off responsive design from within ePanel.

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  1. Cool… Nice Work. 🙂

    • Awesome Responsive design.

  2. stunning design, i really adore it

    • Very Nice!

  3. Awesome. I just finished a website for a client using this theme. I’ll update it and pass on the good news.

    • Yes, the background images will all work.

  4. Great! Last week Chameleon, now Deep Focus.

    So for the time being we are going to see a new fully responsive theme every week? 😉

  5. That’s a nice theme! Still think Evolution is the best overall responsive theme. Would be cool to see Modest go responsive as that’s one classy layout!

    • Modest will likely be one of our next themes to be made responsive 🙂

      • Wow Nick, this is really cool!

        I would suggest you make the vertical sites fully responsive first – eStore, Boutique, starting with ElegantEstate.

        And while you’re at it – please add the InReview features on these sites to make it …well “awesome”!

      • but… now we are in 2014 and… still no “modest” theme with responsive update… it’s a really nice theme, please update!
        thank you very much! 🙂

        • Hi, I do agree with luckydesign : Modest is a really nice one and would benefit a lot from responsive layout.

          Besides, I have a client whose theme is Modest and asking me to make it responsive…

          Do you have any date for a Modest fully responsive update ?


  6. Aggregate please 🙂

  7. Great job, ET!!

    Now, please retrofit InStyle…and your Anticipate plugin, for that matter!! =)

    • Thanks for the suggestion. I definitely hope to make InStyle responsive when time permits.

      • One more vote for InStyle 🙂

  8. Great. It seems that you are working on making all the themes to be responsive 🙂

    • Indeed!

  9. Looking great, sure would love to see the iPhone mobile version show the images on the top that the iPad and Desktop version show.

    In our case screen shots of our product speak louder than words 🙂

    Thank you.

  10. Great work! I am looking forward to Nova, Notebook, Magnificent, eList, InReview, eVid and 13Floor 🙂 Are we gonna get all the themes updated with responsive design? One a week?

    • It is a long process to make each theme responsive, but we will do our best to convert as many as possible.

  11. Demo looks great in my ipad. really enjoying your club membership

    • Great, I am glad to hear it!

  12. Cool… Nice Work.

  13. Very nice work, thanks!

    Is it possible to set the size at which it changes to mobile view? I like the mobile view on phones, but on iPads in portrait mode I like to have the normal view enabled.

  14. Great job Thanks

  15. Wow… Another great responsive addition to ElegantThemes Club.

    Well done! 🙂

  16. Extremaly elegant, very clean and transparent.

  17. This theme seems to be broken in both the Android Browser and in Dolphin HD, on Android 2.3.4. The page appears to render properly, but you cannot scroll down.

    I can try it on Android 4.x later today if you’d like.

  18. This is great ! I hope all the themes, one by one, will have this upgrade. I’ll be waiting for the fully responsive versions of MyRésumé, Webly, Feather and Nova.

  19. This is great. Does this mean in the long run using Handheld won’t be necessary for mobile website display?

    • HandHeld wont be necessary if you are using a responsive theme.

  20. Awesome ~ so happy to see one of my favorite themes, become mobile compatible/responsive. I hope this is the start of other themes to be made Responsive from Elegant Themes.

    • We hope to convert as many of our themes as possible 🙂

  21. Awesome this is going to be one of your best theme looking forward to buy it after some reviews.

    • Good catch, I didn’t see that. We will fix it asap.

  22. If you can, give simplepress the needed update – removing cufon (or at least an option to replace it with Google Fonts) and responsive features 🙂

    But nice work – your themes just got 2012 ready – good job!

    • Done 🙂

  23. I love Responsive design – All themes in Elegant Themes are great 🙂

  24. Stylish one! I think ‘DeepFocus’ will help to focus on screen deeply indeed :)! I’ll try to set-up the addition initially. Thanks for the update.

  25. BRILLIANT!!!

  26. Very nice. I have two questions: 1. can the pictures below the 3 blurbs have a text description below ?

    2. Can you develop some kind of a slider along the navigational menu on the top like the one on ‘elegant themes the professional’?

  27. Thanks for going back to these themes Nick, really appreciate it.

  28. I’m waiting for an awesome responsive blog theme design, Nick 🙂

  29. Now if we could just get thumbnails to not cut off people’s heads…

  30. Hi, we are opening an on lion store, and notice the theme is in full page width, how do i disable that? Some of the items doesn’t list properly or neat with the full page width, please let me know how to deactivate it. thanks

    • Hi, and also if you view the page with google chrome on mac, the top right search bar will be misplaced or missing, but it shows fine in safari and firefox.

  31. Hi guys!
    I dont know if this is not the right place to say this, but Im having problems with the fonts in this theme; when I write an “ñ” or accented word like “Cómo”, Spanish letter they appear in bold, any solution? Greetings!

    • If you need help, please open a thread in our support forums so that our tech support team can assist you.

  32. Hi, thanks for a beautiful designed theme. I am pretty new at this. But I think i have understood most of it. But I got a problem with a gallery where all pictures in singlepost view are scaled to 642px in width. But the height is still original… So I got a narrow, wery high picture… Du you know what I can do, or if there is anything I have done in the code that har caused it?? It dont appeare like this in all posts…

    I can of coure scale all mu pictures to the correct size… But the theeme did a good job scaling them for me… So I hope there is a simple solution!!

  33. How can I disable the responsive design? could you help me with this, please!

  34. Hi, I’m still new to building WP sites. Is it possible to upload your own background image/texture instead of using one of the five options provided (grey wood paneling)? Also, can you make the header fonts smaller and all caps – or customizable in general? Thanks!

  35. I like how the design is responsive, however I have a strip of design on the left hand side of the page that I placed in the background settings. On mobile or tablet it compresses the design into the words on my page. Is there a remedy for this? Thanks

  36. Hello
    How I can’t disable line under site-title “posted by….”
    I want to disable this on every page and leave only the title, but I can’t find any options in theme panel to do this ???
    Can you help me ?

    • If you need help with anything, please open a ticket in our support forums so that our team can better assist you.

  37. It’s been years since I set up my site using the beautiful Deep Focus theme and I love it, but the navigation in this theme is non-responsive on a new iPhone, and Android device.
    At the time, I set this up, I was pretty immersed in how to do things and make changes, but I have fallen sadly out of practice not having worked on any sites for years.
    I got an update for it a while back, and when I applied it, I lost a lot of the changes I made to the initial theme.
    I know I made a child theme, and made a few css changes and php tweaks to get my logo to work, but because of the way it didn’t work after the upgrade, I believe I reverted somehow to the child.
    Any thoughts on how to get a the responsive upgrade for Deep Focus without losing changes?

    • Hi Susan, the best place for us to help you out with that will be in our support forum. You can create a ticket and our support staff will take a look at your problem.

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