Aggregate Now Fully Responsive

Posted on May 9, 2012 by in Theme Changes/Bug Fixes | 48 comments

Aggregate Now Fully Responsive

Continuing our responsive design mission, Aggregate is the next theme to be converted. When we first announced that many of our most popular themes would be revisited and updated with responsive designs, we had a lot of requests for Aggregate to be among those themes. I am happy that we can fulfill that request today 🙂

Aggregate’s design will now adapt to various screen sizes to insure that your website is readable and easy to navigate on any device. No longer will your visitors need to zoom and scroll on their phones or tablets in order to read your blog!


I hope that you enjoy the update. Let us know what you think!

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  1. Absolutely love that Elegant Themes is coming out with more responsive designs. It’s really the way all websites will be in the future!

    • Awesome that aggregate is now responsive.

      • Amazing new feature

  2. Wow, another fully responsive design! Are there plans to incorporate this with all of the ET designs?

  3. Its great that you keep updating your old themes with latest and upcoming technologies in web design. I love ET!!

  4. Its great that you keep updating your old themes with latest and upcoming technologies in web design. I love ET!

  5. Nice! I was hoping to see Aggregate get updated, and I don’t even use it.

    Keep the awesome work!


  6. Very exciting. I just downloaded Aggregate today. Can’t wait to update!

  7. Amazing

  8. YAYYYYYYYYYY! Aggregate is a favourite – awesome work. And I have to say – I’ve been researching other theme developers who offer ‘responsive’ themes’ and have tested a few – yours beat all hands down in terms of end user navigation on a mobile screen. Love how you’ve got the drop down “Navigation” bar at the top – a lot of responsive themes simply tile the menu items one under the other and you end up with a pile of menu items on every single page. Your solution is just beautiful…in fact, elegant!

  9. when old theme get revisited and your teams keep on updated – that show you guys have a great support

  10. One of the most awaited theme that got responsive touch. Thanks for converting it.

  11. Wow! You guys are going like a train.

    I am using eNews for one of my web sites, but I might replace it by Aggregate now, since I definitely prefer responsive themes for any web project.

    Keep up the great work!

  12. Wow! ET’s mission for responsive theme is continue

  13. It`s great to see that elegant themes are now mobile optimized. Specially now when mobile traffic has increased so much.

  14. This package just gets better Thanks heaps

  15. Great, now I can finally get rid of that wptouch plugin 🙂

  16. just love the quality themes and designs.
    so neat, beautiful!
    I need to get one of those

  17. Another great theme released with responsive…….

    Great work by ET Theme……

  18. Awesome! I was hoping Aggregate goes under the knife next. This is exciting! Wonder what’s next…

  19. I love aggregate, as you can see on my website, but I heavily modified it. I was skipping all the updates up until now, fully responsive is something our readers and me personally REALLY want, ohh my, time to burn my brain out doing the update.

  20. Delighted about all of the responsive updates!!

    Is there any chance that Convertible will be adapted?

    • +1 ~ making Convertible responsive would be a truly good step.

      Nick, while you’re making old themes responsive, pls also incorporate the custom color/pattern thingy into all old themes. It’s a huge time saver!

  21. Really looking forward for responsive version of eStore themes.

  22. Brilliant. I was hoping Aggregate would get the responsive treatment when I saw the posts about the previous themes. Now I’ve got what I was hoping for. Hurrah!

  23. Superb, and I am still waiting for eStore and Boutique to get responsive. Hope very soon 🙂

    • Boutique is not yet responsive ?

  24. InReview Next for responsive pleeeeeze

  25. I use this theme for my main blog. I love it and it looks awesome.

  26. Aggregate is one of my favorite themes and I am glad to see that it has become responsive which makes it more attractive…

  27. I am in love with EG Themes 🙂
    Superb Collection.
    Can you suggest me a best theme for Blogging(Blogging Tips, Make Money, SEO and Internet Marketing, Social Media) Niche?

  28. Looks good on the tablet.

    Nice to see the themes being improved to reflect the needs of users!


  29. Thanks a lot for this great news

  30. I’m currently using Aggregate but do not know how to enable the responsive design feature. Mine still shows up as full-browser view on my iPhone 4S. Any help or suggestions are appreciated.

  31. I edit the Header.php in order to insert a Leaderboard Google Adsense right side of the icon, but now even viewing in mobile phone, the ads will show up (but half only, since the ads I put is long).

    Is there any setting to fix so that mobile theme won’t shows this ads?

    Thank you.

  32. I have the same issue with JJ Wong above. I added a 728×90 leaderboard in the head of the website and would like it not to either not show or scale the leaderboard to fit in the mobile version.

    Because of the added DIVs and CSS, the logo is no longer centered on the mobile version either. Is there a location in the CSS you can direct me to edit only the mobile version?

  33. i love elegant themes very much can u please tell me which theme will b the best for review and tech niche?

  34. Amazing..Nice responsive theme. Good design.

  35. I’m a new subscriber, and responsive themes like this made me choose ET. In fact will use at leazst three of them once I’m familiarized with WP. Coming from Druipal after many many years. As OP said, very nice how you put the nav menus in mobile mode. Well done.

  36. i am using this themes to my client it’s very good,,,and u can ad plugins and more features….here ….

  37. Awesome theme will buy it for my new site. 🙂

  38. Elegant Themes are one of the best. I am big fan of you guys.

  39. Hi,

    I’m seriously looking into subscribing to a Elegantthemes account and I was hoping if you could tell me whether or not your ‘Proffessional theme’ is scheduled to have a responsive makeover?



    • We don’t have any plans to make the Professional theme responsive at this time, but I do hope to be able to do so eventually.

  40. I can’t get my background colour to change or get a background image to go up

  41. Will Glow be updated to responsive? please, please, please 🙂 🙂 🙂

  42. Could you please make the InReview theme responsive? Thanks so much

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