This Month In WordPress — The October 2014 Edition

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This Month In WordPress — The October 2014 Edition
Blog / Editorial / This Month In WordPress — The October 2014 Edition

Well, it’s that time of the year again. Leaves are falling, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back in season at Starbucks, and many parents are gearing up for their little Superheros and princesses being on an inevitable sugar-high in the next couple days. Daily life aside, it’s also time for Elegant Themes’ This Month in WordPress — October 2014 Edition!

We have a lineup of great WordPress based articles from around the web and we hope you enjoy.

This Month in WordPress

BuddyPress 2.1.1 Update

BuddyPress 2.1.1 Update in WordPress

BuddyPress 2.1.1 Released

Last month, BuddyPress released their “Pasty” update that made quite a few “under the hood” tweaks, as well as adding a more fluid approach to using @mentions in the system.

This month, BuddyPress released a minor (and expected) update that helped fix some bugs since the 2.1 update. On the more exciting end of the spectrum, there is already talk of a 2.2 update in the works that should be expected to be released sometime during the beginning of next year. The upcoming release will add Composer compatibility to the core of the plugin, which is something that many developers are sure to leap for joy over.

MediaPress for BuddyPress: A Match Made In Heaven?

MediaPress Plugin: A Media Plugin for BuddyPrss

More good news for all you die-hard BuddyPress users out there. The beginning of October also brought a long-awaited and longed for plugin for BuddyPress — a media plugin to end all media plugins for BuddyPress (maybe?).  If you’ve used BuddyPress for any length of time, then you know that BuddyPress has been in need of some help in the media department. Well, the new MediaPress plugin has jumped in to lend a helping hand.

MediaPress has photo, audio, and video support as well as a drag and drop uploader interface built right into the plugin, along with a whole other array of impressive features that are worth taking a look at. The plugin is brand new and currently in the Beta phase of its release. As that is the case, there are going to be bugs and glitches that need to be addressed.

Thankfully, the developer (Brajesh Singh, a longtime BuddyPress developer) has made promises for future improvements on the plugin and is looking for feedback and ideas for tweaks and updates to come. Whether or not the plugin will be the media plugin for BuddyPress that will end all media plugins is still in the air, but hopes are high with this one.

If you’d like learn a bit more about MediaPress, or would like to download the Beta version the plugin, you can do so at the link below:

Float Like A Butterfly With Monarch

Monarch: A Better Social Sharing Plugin by Elegant Themes

Monarch: A Better Social Sharing Plugin by Elegant Themes

Okay guys, you’ve waited and your patience has paid off! A couple months back, Nick announced that the team was working on a new social media plugin called, Monarch. Well, towards the end of this month, Elegant Themes released the new plugin to the world with a huge response of excitement from the Elegant Themes and WordPress community alike.

Speaking from purely my own opinion on the matter, Monarch is by far one of the most beautiful and comprehensive social sharing plugins that I have ever seen and used — it was a love at first click thing for me.

But that’s not all that Nick has up his sleeve for the Elegant Themes community. Many of you (and myself included) have been eagerly awaiting the release of the new theme, Extra. Though an exact release date has yet to be announced, I think Monarch is sure to give us an idea of just how amazing the Extra theme will be.

You can read more about Monarch and Extra below:

Other Great Stuff From Around The Web:

  • A/B Testing: The Scientific Method To Optimize Your Website | Jordi over at Torque explains what A/B testing is and gives some useful insight into the method, as well as some suggestions on A/B testing tools that can be used in WordPress.
  • WooCommerce: Checkout, Shipping and Accounts Settings | Although WooCommerce is an amazing e-commerce plugin, it can still be a little tricky to setup correctly. If you’re having issues with your WooCommerce settings, then Rachel’s article on Tuts + is sure to help. She gives a detailed walkthrough of some of the settings in the WooThemes plugin.
  • Is Your Marketing Copy Working To Sell Your Products? | There is a large difference between simply writing and writing marketing copy that is actually effective. Brenda touches on 4 points to consider with regards to your marketing copy, and offers suggestions on how to test how well your words are working.
  • What You Need To Know About Being A Web Developer | Charlie Patel is a long time web developer and offers his answers to a few choice questions given to him during an interview about what it takes to be a web developer. His post is a little on the short side but still offers some great advice for aspiring web developers.
  • How A Four Second Longer Loading Time Can Cause You To Lose 50% Traffic | This is the kind of thing that’s hard to explain to anyone who doesn’t run a website, but if you’re a site owner then you know the panic that sets in when you check your traffic stats only to find that they dipped dramatically. And imagine the panic you’d feel if you lost half your traffic! Vladimir with ManageWP wrote a detailed post about how just a few seconds of lag in page load speeds caused the traffic to ManageWP to take a turn for the worse.
  • Media Temple Managed WordPress Hosting Review | Managed WordPress hosting has been gaining some popularity in the past few years — something this is understandable considering all that is offered. Sourav at WPKube takes a closer look at Media Temple’s managed WordPress hosting service to see just what the company has to offer to its users.
  • Pagely Review: Fine-Tuned Managed WordPress Hosting | While on the topic of managed WordPress hosting, Michael with Tuts + takes a closer look at what features Pagely offers to those looking for managed hosting for their website.
  • Creating Beautiful and Effective Landing Pages with WordPress | Landing pages are an important part of conversion for every website; they can capture leads or prompt a specific action on your site. Melissa at WPMU Dev touches on some important elements of a good landing pages and suggests both free and premium options for integrating landing pages into your WordPress site.

Highlights From The Elegant Themes Blog

 Wrapping It Up

October has been yet another month of epic proportions for the WordPress community, and as always, we have more on the blog to come. But we still want to hear from you guys. What would you like us to cover in the months ahead? Let us know with your comments. We’ll do our best to turn your ideas into posts!

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  1. Almost cover all the valuable information of October month, that share in Elegant Themes blog posts.

  2. This really has been a great month of articles. Thank you for always pushing our knowledge of what is out there, and how to do amazing things in WordPress!

  3. What a great month! I completely missed Monarch coming out so I just put it on my website and I absolutely love it! It’s very stylish 🙂

  4. But… where is any news Extra? In next year, April, May or December?

    First news about Extra: 30 July 2014. I say: WOW! I don’t buy no more tempate from themeforest!
    Nick Roach says, August 15, 2014: “Extra should be ready within 1-2 months.” I say: Hmmm…. 2 months goes away.
    Now we have a November, and no news about new magazine template…

    Sorry, but this is a little bit ridiculous. This is my private opinion.

    • I am always reluctant to give ETA’s on our products. I do the best I can to guess when we might be done with a project, but it’s a very difficult thing to do. Honestly we don’t know when a product is going to be ready until it’s ready.

      All I can say is that we are working hard on everything we do here at Elegant Themes, and all of our products are launched as soon as they are finished. I am sorry for the wait, but I hope it’s worth it 🙂 In the meantime, have you checked out Monarch? We are releasing more than just themes, and we are trying hard to make every new product something special!

      • “Given a guaranteed”. I didn’t say that, Nick, but you must agree words you wrote in August. In Poland we says: “If I said “A”, then i must say “B”…” This is golden role, also in trade/selling.

        I understand, it’s not easy. I bought a lots themes from “forest” for my presonal blog/site. They looks really boom-fantastic, but there’re really heavy. Divi have a very clean and quick code, but better to one site page. 80% customers searching a template with clean code (Divi), and huge option like magazine blogs.

        Yes, Monarch looks really OK! That’s why I still belive in ET.

        • How can you just write this ?
          Extra will be available when it will be done.
          Getting a subscription here doesn’t mean you have to complain all the time on ETA’s or anything else.
          E stands for Estimated so stop it.

          • I know, this is not a right place… but…
            Lucas, please… Don’t say to I complain all time. You know perfectly well this is not true. This is my first time, and one the first posts on this blog. I just ask, maybe a little derisively… but this is a such crime? A 80% customers ET waiting for any Extra news. They (and I) paid a couple bucks…

            I lived in country nad I remember communism, where was censorship to free speach. No… getting a subscription doesn’t mean, I have a right to ask. Everyone can ask ET, a I also have a right to say: Sorry, guys, but I don’t liked it, I have a uncertainty!

            Thanks Nick for quick answer!

  5. Monarch is really an ecellent social sharing plugin. Still there are few errors on this plugin. It may not be an error because we are also using it first time and even don’t know 100% how to use it.

    I am using Monarch on one of my website where I want to add 4 icons on side bar. I am able to add Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus but I could not find Instagram in the list “SELECT NETWORKS TO ADD” under Manage Network. Even I have opened a ticket for the solution of this issue but still waiting for for solution. I think I am missing something in the settings that’s why I am not getting the full list of social icons.

    Elegant Themes are best at all times.

  6. hello .
    I tried to make a home page using Visual Builder. I’m doing everything fine but for some reason my main page gets messed.

  7. “Speaking from purely my own opinion on the matter, Monarch is by far one of the most beautiful and comprehensive social sharing plugins that I have ever seen and used — it was a love at first click thing for me.”

    You and me both Ariel – you and me both.

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