Easily Create A Video Gallery Using WordPress Plugins

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Easily Create A Video Gallery Using WordPress Plugins

In today’s post we’re going to look at how you can easily create a video gallery on your WordPress website via a short list of free and premium plugins. Whether you want to create a curated video website, show off a gallery of your work, or simply include a gallery of pertinent videos within an existing blog post–these tools will have you covered.

Huge-It Video Gallery


The first plugin that I want to show you today is Video Gallery by Huge-It. This plugin is about as simple and straightforward as you can get for a video gallery plugin, right out of the box. However, if you want more customizability you’ll have to upgrade to their premium version which starts at $20.

Here is a quick example of how I was able to use it to populate my sample website’s homepage with a video gallery. After installing the free version of the plugin, which you can find in the official WordPress Plugin Directory, I navigated to the new Video Gallery menu in my admin’s sidebar.


To create a new gallery I simply had to click the Add New Video Gallery button and begin to paste the appropriate youtube and/or vimeo links, as seen below.


For each new video you would like to add, simply click the Add New Slide button and insert the appropriate data: title, description, and url. However, it should be noted that there are actually two url fields. One for the actual video link and the other for the title/source (if you want to add one).


When you’re ready to insert your gallery into a post or page, just copy-and-paste the shortcode from the sidebar section of the gallery building page into the location you would like it to appear.


Once you click save or publish and view the front side, you’ll see a gallery like this one.


When it’s all said and done, this plugin is insanely easy to to use and implement. However, it’s unfortunate flaw is that literally anything besides the out-of-box settings are part of the premium plugin. So if you want to make each video a little bit wider, have a border, adjust the colors of text, etc. then it’ll cost you.

WordPress Video Gallery


Up next we have a plugin called WordPress Video Gallery by Apptha (though it also goes by Contus Video Gallery within the plugin itself). It promises to be “the most exciting Video Gallery for your WordPress site”. Which they seem to translate as meaning a Dailymotion style layout with one large featured video at the top and a gallery displayed beneath it (by category and “popular” or “featured”) for the rest.

Comparatively, this is a robust plugin with many settings still adjustable in the free version, but with a few hard pushes towards the pro version at $99. The biggest “push” being the fact that unless you upgrade to the pro version there is a watermark for “contus video gallery free version” that must be displayed in one of the corners of your video. For anyone serious about their own branding, this will be a huge turn off. However, if you try out the free version and like it enough to upgrade, then it’s a non-issue. So lets take a look at getting a new gallery page up and running with this plugin.

After installing the plugin, the first thing you’ll want to do is navigate to the new Video Gallery sidebar menu in your admin. Under All Videos you will see that this plugin is set up a lot like a custom post type menu might be set up. There is a “post archive” section where you can add new videos as well as see the videos already added. You can also use the tabs at the top of the page to add new video categories, video ads, configure settings, or use Google Adsense. You’ll also want to notice the “How to Use?” drop-down. This will explain how you can use the various shortcodes and parameters they’ve provided to properly display your video galleries on the front-end of your website.



Upon installation this plugin automatically creates a videos page called Videos that is pre-populated with sample content. Since they use video links to either YouTube, Viddler, or DailyMotion (instead of uploading the video files) having all of this sample content automatically added isn’t going to slow your website down–just give you a better idea of how best to use it. Like the Huge-It plugin, displaying your content is done via shortcode. Either on the Video page the plugin creates or a page/post of your own choosing. Just be sure to place the [videohome] shortcode where you’d like your main video page content to display.


To enable your visitors to visit “archive” pages for the pre-defined Popular, Recent, and Featured videos simply use the shortcodes provided to create the corresponding pages.

Huzzaz Video Gallery


Ironically enough, the plugin I’ve saved for last is one I initially didn’t even include in this post. Why? Because its only purpose is to allow you to use a shortcode that embeds the video gallery for a third party platform–that of of huzzaz.com: a relatively new online app for collecting, sharing and discovering video. When I realized this I thought to myself that someone within the WordPress community would have surely figured out a better way to offer free video galleries of just about any video on the web, all within the WordPress, and this plugin would seem silly to include. I was wrong. This plugin and its accompanying platform Huzzaz, whether new and unknown or not, turned out to be my favorite method of the three plugins showcased in this post for creating a quick and easy responsive video gallery for WordPress with little to no fuss.

So, how does it work?

First, you have to create an account on Huzzaz, which you can do with one-click via facebook login (or the other options provided). Then, download and install the Huzzaz Video Gallery plugin from the official WordPress Plugin Directory. After that, go back to the Huzzaz website and create your video collection.

For our example I was able to quickly wrangled up some cat videos.


Next, click the embed symbol on the right hand side. You’ll see a pop-up like the one below.


As you can see there are some very basic styling options available. When satisfied with your customizations, make sure the WordPress option is active, highlight the generated shortcode and copy it into the desired location on your WordPress website. It will result in a responsive video gallery that fits the full-width of the given area, as seen below.


Simple as that. And with only one subtle “powered by” link at the bottom. If you’d like to get rid of even that small link, you can do so by upgrading to the pro version, which also adds some legitimately nice display and sharing options. For me, this one “just worked” a bit better than the other two options–although Huge-It is a very close second.

Bonus: Use the Elegant Themes Gallery Page Template


For all of you who are currently using an Elegant Theme and may or may not want to mess with any additional plugins, you can always use the gallery page template. How? Like this!

Using any Elegant Theme that you have installed, create a new page. Then, in the sidebar of that page’s editor under Page Attributes, select the Gallery Template. This type of setup will pull specific posts from your blog and display them as a gallery. If you do not want to display these posts in both places (your blog and your gallery) you can simply exclude the categories you want to include in your gallery from your blog.

Once the Gallery page template is selected you will notice that underneath it you will be able to select the number of posts per page and the categories you would like to use. Configure those settings, click publish, and view your new gallery–which should look like the example above.


If for any reason that is not how things look or you did not understand my instructions, there is an extremely easy to follow video tutorial on using the Elegant Themes page templates you can watch.

What About Divi?

What if you are using Elegant Themes’ newest and most popular theme Divi? In that case, it’s a bit different. But also a bit better. Here is what you do:

In your WordPress admin navigate to Projects > Add New. Add your video here just like you would in a regular blog post. Next, in either a page or post where you are using the Divi Page builder, select any of the portfolio options and configure your preferences. In this way you will be able to construct a few different types of video galleries.


This is the filterable, grid layout.


This is the filterable single column layout.


This is the plain grid layout.


This is the full-width grid layout.

In Conclusion

WordPress is a highly flexible platform that can be used to showcase any type of content imaginable. Even though web video is often dominated by sites like YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion and a few other massive outlets, there is still room for individual sites/blogs to build a community around quality video. In this post, between existing plugins and Elegant Theme functionality, we’ve learned five different ways you can use WordPress to show off your video portfolios and/or curated collections. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

thumbnail image via Anikei / shutterstock.com

Premade Layouts

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  1. T’hanx 🙂

  2. Any news on Extra or Monarch?

    • A bit rude…

      Nathan, thank you for the post. Top work

      • Yes a bit. I don’t wanna make an off topic but recently Elegant Themes turned into bloging site with some good posts (like that above, thanks!) and tone of crap made for good SEO. I know that for 69$ tons of themes is a good offer, but I find many alternatives. I only purchesed subscription for Divi. Anything else is crap right now. Thats so me and Shawna are waiting for Extra and Monarch(i guess its gonna be +20$)

        • Well in that case Paul how about you (and Shawna) take it up with the people that own and run Elegant Themes through the proper channels. And not stomp all over a guest blogger’s post who probably can’t offer you an answer even if he had one.

          You say you “only purchased (the) subscription for Divi”
          Well, you’ve got Divi haven’t you? There you go.

        • I am sorry that our release schedule is frustrating for you, but I can assure you that we are working as hard as we can on Monarch and Extra. We have made it a point to spend more time on our new products, which means less quantity and higher quality, and I think it’s a philosophy that will serve our customers well in the end.

  3. Wonderful post, Nathan! It’s very helpful to be able to view actual examples and read your reviews on various video gallery options. This could save hours of experimenting and wasted $ on premium plugins. I also appreciate that you included both free and premium plugins, in addition to detailing the Elegant Themes video gallery template and Divi options.

    Thank you for taking the time to post this. Not a “tone of crap” at all (whatever that is), as Patrick so gallantly and patiently pointed out. Yes, we’re all chomping at the bit for “Extra,” but only because we <3 Elegant Themes and we know that Extra will rock our worlds. In the meantime, it's nice to have great posts like this one to help us design even better websites.

  4. Tubepress too is a worthy contender in the list with features like Playlist & Channel URL integration to do away with manual inclusion or various URLs …

    • This is a great resource. I never heard of these players before, but after I check them quickly I liked “Tubepress” the most. It simply offer play in same window with Ajax without the window flick and shake.
      Although “Huzzaz” video player offer the same feature, but I did not like the idea of creating the gallery in his own website and have to rely on him for the rest of my life! I wonder if there is any work around this with some pro or paid version.
      “Huge-It” seems to work only with popup player, although a cool one, but it is an old style for my taste. I also wonder if they can offer an in page embedded player on the top somehow! The will make it a top candidate.
      “WordPress Video Gallery” seems to not solve the problem as all their video demos through a new URL each time I click on a video. It seems as every video have its own page (which is not what I was searching for!)
      Of course the optimal plugin would be one that combine the sleekness of “Tubepress” with the features of “WordPress Video Gallery” with some simple Video editing tool. Couldn’t find it yet!

      Nathan, it would be nice to be able to see the demo pages you creates with these plugins so we can come to an un-biased evaluation. If you can provide the links to the pages you created with these video players also the one you made with the Divi theme that would be great.

      Hope this help

  5. thanks Nathan. I am working on a community site for 7-18yr olds who create their own ski-edits. Hazzaz looks like just the tool to get them on my site and spend a while 😉

  6. Excellent article Nathan, I got what I was looking for so thank you for sharing.

  7. I bought Divi some months ago and is not a good theme. You have to add lot of CSS code to customize very basic things, like align text in some modules and so on. Also, you have to add code to fix a lot of issues like pricing tables issues when you see the page in different devices. I’ve like 100 lines of CSS code only for customizaton and fix issues.

    But the biggest problem is in the gallery module. It’s impossible to show the images properly in the tumbnail, always cropped, don’t matter how different sizes you try. Also, the portfolio module doesn’t have the lightbox feature.

    • I am sorry you feel that way Adrian. We have tried to create a theme that is comprehensive in its ability to create a very wide range of websites, while at the same time avoiding an amount of “feature bloat” that might make the theme too confusing. It’s a difficult balance to strike, but I think we are on the right track, and the theme will only get better with time.

  8. Thanks for the great plugin suggestions for You Tube and Vimeo videos, may give that Huzzaz a look. (Also loved the “Recent Comments” about “Bathing a Cat” in the sidebar of that one screencap. Too funny. 😀 )

    Do you have any suggestions for good video plugins (specifically ones with a playlist) for videos that are self hosted? We have a lot of those, and have been looking for a good plug in to showcase them as well, since while WP 4.0 HAS the video playlist capability, it’s still more clunky than we would like. Thanks!

  9. Thanks – I needed a simple video gallery and found all the choices hard to sort through. I’m trying Huge-It Video Gallery.
    Patti Ryan

  10. Wow, I’m excited. I just went looking today for a theme and found Diva – just what I’ve been wishing for! Can’t wait to play with it. Then, I thought, I know my client wants to showcase videos on the site and, hurray, I found this blog post. Thanks, Nathan, for researching and presenting these options. Saved me a lot of time.


  11. Hi, I was wondering if you could cover a post on some of the top image resize plugins for WP 🙂 Our website is growing in size by leaps and bounds just because of large size images and it’d be nice to have a plugin automatically resize all existing and new images from every post and media library. Thanks in advance! 🙂

  12. Thank you for the info. I have wanted to create a video portfolio for http://www.GravitySportsNetwork.com

    The problem I have with DIVI filtered portfolio is the featured image is required for the video. sample: http://gravitysportsnetwork.com/moab-boogie-2013-the-documentary-part-1/

    This creates a big feature image and the video beneath the image.

    I would like to just a have a portfolio page with just the video blocks and not featured images.

    Any suggestions?


  13. Thanks so much! This was incredibly helpful. I researched this same subject a few weeks ago and found Huzzaz. But it didn’t have quite the features I needed. I found the Huge-It Video Gallery to work perfectly for my project. Thanks for the post!

  14. Sir …..
    I wants to give a link in my video for download so that user can download video from my website .How i will do that?

  15. Nathan – Thanks for the great and informative post. Did further research and also found that Huzzaz worked best for my video gallery. The web platform they have is a great place to store additional videos I want to watch later or link back to.

    I ended up upgrading to the “Pro” version, and did not regret it, as the innovative styles are exactly what I needed to give my cooking website a unique and clean look and feel.

  16. I am using Huge it video gallery on the Professional theme but its making menu malfunction, that is, the drop down menu under support doesn’t work. and the white slider on the menu doesn’t move . can you please help

  17. I want to get the same results as the Video Tube theme on Theme Forest. It uses a combination of it’s own unique plugin along side the Video Importer and Thumbnail plugins by Refactored to populate your whole website automatically from your YouTube account. Each video loads up in it’s own page where people can comment, rate, etc. I want to be able to achieve the same results using a DIVI theme. Do you think this would be possible?

  18. Thanks for the awesome post. i’m currently building a site for a video editing company and i’m using the DIVI theme.

    Can you elaborate on how you made a video gallery in the project module please.


    “What About Divi?

    What if you are using Elegant Themes’ newest and most popular theme Divi? In that case, it’s a bit different. But also a bit better. Here is what you do:”

  19. WO!! it’s Perfect
    this is info i searching many times


  20. Hi, thanks for doing the ground work on video installation, saves us all a great deal of time. Unfortunately I couldn’t establish which plugin is the right one for me to create the type of gallery which I have snagged to demonstrate…


    Could any kind hearted, genius help me out??
    Annemarie xxx

  21. The Huge-It video gallery is great but it breaks the drop down function in the menus in the Chameleon theme. Now it is the free version but not sure buying the pro version will change that. The Huzzaz gallery is nice but to get the features you really need they want you to pay $9 per month. I hate to be dependent on a subscription from a third party. I would much rather pay a one time price and be able to have all the code on my site.

  22. Thanks Nathan..

    I never try those video gallery plugin, what about HDW Player Plugin (Video Player & Video Gallery), anyone has ever tried this plugin (HDW Player Plugin) ?

  23. That’s a great list of video gallery plugins. I wonder why TubePress is not in the list, it is also a great alternative of all the above mentioned plugins.

    I would like to ask one thing – Does creating video galleries can lead Google algorithms to hit our blog because of thin content or is it safe?

    Thank You

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