Divi Performance Enhancement! Improved Google PageSpeed Scores, Reduced File Sizes and Requests

Last Updated on September 16, 2022 by 148 Comments

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Divi Performance Enhancement! Improved Google PageSpeed Scores, Reduced File Sizes and Requests
Blog / Theme Releases / Divi Performance Enhancement! Improved Google PageSpeed Scores, Reduced File Sizes and Requests
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Improved Google Page Speed
Scores And Faster Load Times

Today’s update improves out-of-the-box Google PageSpeed scores for Divi and improves loading times for your visitors.

Today we continue our mission to improve Divi performance and speed up your websites. In this update, we have addressed various Google PageSpeed insights by introducing automatic CSS and JavaScript minifcation and combination, as well as additional request reductions that will lessen the size of your pages and speed up load times for your visitors. It’s a great update that every Divi user will benefit from.

CSS & JavaScript
File Minification

Divi will now automatically minify all theme CSS and JavaScript files, reducing the size of the page and improving load times.

Smaller Files, Faster Websites

Divi will now automatically minify all of the theme’s CSS and JavaScript files. Since we are in control of the minification process, we can ensure that no errors occur after minification. Code is reformatted and unneeded characters are removed, which reduces the size of Divi’s files and speeds up loading times. In the new version of Divi, file sizes have been reduced by around 13%.

CSS & JavaScript
File Combination

Divi now automatically concatenate all of the theme’s CSS and JavaScript files, combining them into a single file to reduce requests and speed up load times.

Combined Files, Less Requests

Divi will now automatically combine all CSS and JavaScript assets into a single file. This reduces the total requests on the page and speeds up loading times for your visitors. After all files have been combined, total requests on a standard Divi install is reduced by around 60%.

Overall Request Reduction

Additional request reduction has also been implemented in other areas of the theme.

Additional Request Reduction

In addition to the reduced requests seen through file combination, this update also optimizes Google font delivery by combining font requests and removing duplicate font files. For pages that make use of various custom fonts, this update will help speed up loading times.

The Elegant Themes team is committed to making Divi faster, and I know you will continue to be impressed by the performance enhancement we publish in the coming weeks and months. Enjoy the update and don’t forget to check back next week for even more great features coming your way!

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  1. Hi, I have just read about your update for better speed. My plugin is updated and when I test my website in PageSpeed Insights I get this:
    Your page has 24 blocking script resources and 16 blocking CSS resources.
    Did I get it wrong but was the new divi update not going to fix that?
    Kind regards

  2. A good way to optimize the pages is to reduce the file size of the featured image when called in a blod module just to be shown in a very small size. The size used is the actual featured image size used to be shown above the post (which may be big). You could add a function to generate a small-featured-image.jpg for such use.

  3. It’s not doing anything of the claimed speed improvements of my site with the latest divi builder.

  4. It was a much needed update. Page Speed has become better now.

  5. Only one word: Excellent!
    Thank You

  6. Hi Nick, this is getting better, Salu2 and thank you from Asturias

  7. Hi! Will this reduction work if we’re using a Divi child theme? I’ve been using Divi for a few years, so I have child themes for every Divi site for customized CSS and the footer credit.

  8. Hey there. Thanks for the great update, I have been struggling with poor website speed since signing up with divi so it’s great to see this is being rectified, however how do I see the benefits as after updating the theme it doesn’t appear to have made any difference to my result on google page speed? Is there something else I need to activate?

    • I echo Anna’s request. Really saw no improvement in Google PageSpeed Insights.

  9. I would like to add further, should I still required to switch on the minifying option with W3 Catche plug-in?

  10. The things are working great for the desktop version. But I think the mobile version has not been optimized yet. Please look into the matter at the earliest.

  11. Hi Nick,

    Thanks for this performance update. I first de-activated and deleted W3 Total Cache and got a performance improvement on Pingdom. Then updated to 3.0.66 — easy, painless, no issues. Re-tested on Pingdom got another 5-10% improvement. Then installed WP Rocket with out of the box settings, got another 5% or so improvement. My home page now loads in .779 seconds and I’m super pleased!

    I will say that I only have a few plugins, no child themes, no custom javascript, no changes to php files, etc.

  12. Looks like I was hasty in updating on my live site. The update seems to have broken the columns within text areas, e.g. [one_half][/one_half], and so forth. Anyone else?

    True, it’s only text, but I have come to enjoy this layout tool.

    • Hi, I had the same error, solved it with disabling “Minify And Combine Javascript Files”

    • My Woo Injector Layout (loop archives) is broken with this update. It was fine the day before. I don’t know how to fix it… It looks like some kind of margin/padding/column issue. : (

  13. O plugin Monarch quando ativado, está quebrando todos os estilos css do DIVI.

  14. I’m very excited by this news. I’ve always had trouble getting divi to play along and see any noticeable improvement with “speed” plugins… Anytime I tried to minify it seemed like I was having a reverse effect. I knew it would only be a matter of time before you guys went down this route.

    Big Thanks

  15. I haven’t find improvement with this new feature. I will continue with autoptimize plugin, includes html minification and easily visible looking at downladed code.
    Next time, perhaps…

  16. I have a small problem with theme divi, when I install the theme in the general settings of wordpress I can not change the language is blocked even if I change the language of the site and saved it back to English could anyone tell me if this happens with other users if it has How to tidy up or not, etc …

  17. Hi Nick, It sounds nice updates. I would love to use Divi Builder with my existing site but the only thing which keeps me from doing it is globle stylesheet. Divi Builder loads global stylesheet to each and every page without even checking if we have used divi builder on that page. Is it something which can be customized?


  18. Hi Divi team,
    first, I have to thank you for putting so much work on the performance enhancement.
    Sadly, most of my icons have disappeared after the new update, as well as the image in my header slider and the blog module generated by the Divi blog extras plugin doesn’t feature any blog posts anymore.
    The problems only disappeared after deactivating WP rocket plugin. Perhaps you could make some adjustments on your new Divi update, as I don’t want to renounce on WP Rocket. Greetings, Fabienne

  19. Great post, thanks to sharing important tips

  20. Who on your team decides where functions get put in the Divi settings? These new features are at the bottom of the General settings, while the previous ‘enhancements’ were put in the Builder settings. Please keep this stuff in one place…

    Also, why on earth do you guys insist on making new features opt-out rather than opt-in, despite all the complaints after the update with the static css generation?

    • Roland, I second your comments.

      These are welcome improvements, but there are a lot of Divi users who don’t understand the underlying technology stack and don’t have the skill to troubleshoot potential problems that occur simply from applying an update.

      It’s a lot easier for ET to launch features like this enabled, rather than launch them disabled and then do the necessary education (something ET is really good at, too) to make users aware of the benefits and motivate them to enable the feature.

      Software developers should have a “first, do no harm” ethos when it comes to upgrades and enhancements.

  21. Any before & after comparison from the community just to showcase ET great commitment?

  22. Error after upgrading Divi to version 3.0.66

    As soon as I update Divi to version 3.0.66, access to the administrative panel is blocked (error 500)

    It’s exactly in version 3.0.66, since version 3.0.65 still works

    • Did anyone answer you about the update and getting the error 500? I am getting same exact error. I have no extra plugins Nothing fancy, simple 5 page website and every time try to update, it error 500. When I revert back to older Divi version, everything works fine again. I can’t update!! This is not good…

  23. And maybe its time to look at the Elegant Themes plugins.

    JS improvements are also needed here 🙂

  24. Well done. I see a slightly increase, but I still need the WP Rocket for the real magic.

    I see the best result with WP Rocket and Divi when I turn off WP Rockets minify option and go with Divi settings instead.

  25. Great! You are the top!

  26. Combing all assets in the age of http/2 seemed to be outdated …. however, Divi is a fantastic theme!

  27. As per which version do this changes apply? I couldn’t find anything in the blog post and I’d like to make a speed test before and after

    • 3.0.66 – you can find the changelog here elegantthemes.com/api/changelog/divi.txt

      • Thank you Craig!

  28. Just checked the Google Page Speed Insights scores for my website before and after this update. Mobile score went from 65 to 71 and Desktop score went from 85 to 89. Also, would help if you could suggest the apt setting for the W3 Total cache. Anyways great work and hope this will help my ranking 🙂

  29. The only thing this did was add ~8KB to my websites file size. Otherwise everything else remained the same according to Pingdom Tools.

    Perhaps this update is only really useful for those who don’t have any site-wide minification plug-in like Autoptimize?

  30. I updated from Divi 3.0.65 to 3.0.66 and it has utterly ruined my page load times. Before updating, my pages loaded in 1.5-2.5 seconds. Now they load in 9.5-10.5 seconds, which is absolutely terrible. My site is now WAY slower. What’s going on? PLEASE FIX!

    • I agree with you : ( I am building my site, but it is SUPER slow now. I am relatively new to Divi. Plus, my Woo Injector layout is now malfunctioning.

  31. Love this implementation!
    Improving loading speed has been one of those frustrating factors for less ‘tech’ savvy folks such as myself. Especially after using Google’s page speed test tool and not being able to fix it myself 🙁

    Thanks and even though I see glitches n bugs I can’t complain given that the value I receive from the developers of Divi.

    Cheers and look forward to the continual developments!


  32. I am curious to see that in action and very happy about the fix of Google Fonts. Nice!

  33. Excellent! I love it! I get two more points in Google Speed Test 😀

  34. Excellent news! This will make Divi 100% rating in my books. 🙂

  35. Caring about data weight and file requests is a new evidence of the professionalism of the Elegant Themes’ team. No one had a doubt about this.

    However, I venture to say that you can minify and merge css and js files as much as you can, you will never reduce the amount of data transferred enough if users’ image definition is not closer to its actual display size on the page.

    That’s why I posted a feature request: create thumbnails for images with the light box option activated.

    At the present time we set the “full screen” image URL in the image module. This means that people who will not click on images to see them greater will have to load Ko of data anyway. In vain. Someone from the team (sorry I don’t remember your name at the moment) wrote a code “for me” to add a thumbnail image file selection when the light box option is activated, but this feature is still not implemented in Divi core.

    Do you guys plan to add this enhancement in the near future ?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Peri,

      thank you for your post. This is what I mean 🙂 It is interesting that you have got a code for this issue. Is it possible that I can use it as well ?

  36. Muchas Gracias, sigan mejorando la velocidad es un tema importante en smartphones. Hasta se que Divi ha Sido mi mejor inversión por su belleza, flexibilidad y facilidad de uso pero en velocidad está por debajo de varias páginas que he creado hasta ahora con otros temas por eso me alegra que hayan puesto interés en este punto.

  37. Isn’t this irrelevant with HTTP/2?

  38. This is good news knowing that minification will come right out of the box with Elegant theme. I will do an update right away to check the effect. Good job and please keep up the good work!

  39. What about speed improvements by using additional thumbnails of images instead of including zoom-images directly ? What I mean is that it seems to be the image for zoom-in that is included in the page and there is no tumbnail. With other systems (for example concrete5) I used two version of an image.

    • +1 when I’ll reach the bottom of this thread, I’ll paste a comment like yours that I have furbished 🙂

  40. Hello,

    I work with Divi on several different websites and very happy with our collaboration.

    I installed the divi upgrade and it is NOT compatible with the WP “W3 Total Cash” plugin

    After Upgrade “Page speed insight” Google has lost 10% on mobile and PC.

    To remain compatible I disabled the JS minification compression on “W3 Total Cash” plugin.
    With W3 Total Cash I could handle the type of embed for JS: Do not block using “async”.
    Upgrade Divi dont’s works with Async JavaScript

    W3 Total cash could handle and was HTTP / 2 push compatible

    I do not find any compression settings in the DIVI panel ?
    I think I’ll go back to the previous version of the theme Because I have a much better score Speed insight with the settings “W3 total cash”

    Best regards.

  41. Great so when are they going to make it WCAG compliant. Law goes into affect next year I keep putting it in recommendations stopped building in Divi because of it but still have clients on divi I’d like to get caught up before they get fined.

  42. Hello

    This is awesome! Just what we needed


  43. Hi Nick

    This update looks great. Does this apply to the Extra Theme as well? It would be nice to think so! Please when you do updates/info in the future please can you include Extra as this appears (on the face of it) to be getting left behind. I am sure this is not your intention as you guys provide great support.

    • Honestly if they just combined the two it be better for maintenance and up keep.

  44. I just tested with two sites and even with the caching plugin (WP Rocket) deactivated the site layout was broke. Reverted to the old theme version.

  45. Hello, do the same for the EXTRA template? Since it comes using it in several news portals and these are usually heavier than sites that only use DIVI.
    * Other this also also updates the old templates. Thank you, excellent work.

    • I did not say anything, I see that the theme EXTRA was also achieved by this optimization. Thank you!

  46. Just compared the Google PageSpeed scores for one of my sites before and after this update. Mobile score went from 75 to 76 and Desktop went from 84 to 88. Not necessarily a huge difference but any improvement is appreciated. Changed my Google PageSpeed Desktop status from “Needs Work” to “Good” which just makes me feel better. hahaha

  47. Hi Nick thanks for all the effort. I updated several sites and I’m happy with the results.

    Best regards,

  48. Great, thank you very much, I have always paid special attention to the topic of optimization and loading speed.

    I find that, when using the full screen option in the full width title module, the google robot only read the relevant to that module, disappearing all the lower content.

    This happens on all my sites, for the time I disabled the option.


  49. Noticed that the Gallery Module’s lightbox mode appears to be broken when selecting an image to get into that mode.

    Also, have used this tip for the gallery – https://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/divi-resources/changing-the-number-of-columns-in-the-divi-gallery-module – and noticed that the Gallery Item CSS in the Advanced tab has been deleted.

    Have used the Divi Plugin Builder on anther site and it works fine; however, I did not use the Gallery module on that site, so I don’t know if there’s an issue there as well.

  50. Hi Nick,
    Do you see this instead of the likes of autoptimize? or did you test in conjunction with? by any chance.

    • Autoptimize will work on html, CSS and JS. Since this change only effects the parent theme and not the child theme.

      Autoptimize works great with Async JavaScript.

  51. Thanks for all the updates!
    I found a bug using Safari that has been around for awhile.
    You are unable to duplicate modules, row and sections in Safari.
    Is there an update coming soon to fix this issue?
    Thanks in advance…

  52. Is there any advice on popular minification etc… plugin’s that are no longer required based on the update… if we are using any of these compression tools now what can we get rid of…


  53. This looks like a great update. I am curious if it will automatically minify custom CSS in a child theme? I’m also wondering if it has been tested with some of the similar features of CloudFlare and caching plugins like W3 TC?

  54. Hi Guys

    That’s realy awesome job! Congrats!

    Thank you!

  55. Divi is always getting better and better and this is an Awesome improvement.

    Thanks guys!
    A really true Divi fan lover.

    • 🙂 Just… A really true Divi fan or a really true Divi lover.

  56. This is awesome! Can’t wait to see results! Thank you so much for your incredible hats work!

    • *hard work

  57. This is awesome! Just what we needed – speed is huge. Now I will have to see if it fights with the optimizer plugins I have in place, or whether I will just need to remove or adjust them… Either way it is best when it is part of the theme in the first place.

    Thank you so much, Nick and the whole team, for all of your hard work and diligence!

  58. Hi! Should I now deactivate WP Fastest Cache? Or just uncheck ‘minify CSS and JS’ in the plug-in? Is there a risk of conflict with the work of the new version of DIVI? Thanks.

  59. This is a great help for webmasters like me who are trying to improve with less effort the performance of the websites they maintain. Thank you, Nick and company.

  60. I’m using WP Fastest Cache which itself provides HTML, CSS and Javascript minification – will it conflict with your update?

    • It looks like my site is broken after the Divi update… Trying to find out the problem. Disabled WP Fastest Cache, but site stays broken…

      • Seemed like my my_enqueue_styles in functions.php wasn’t working properly anymore… Changed this. It’s working fine now!

  61. Hi – this is great. I’m new to Divi and was surprise that these issues existed in such a new theme. When do these changes get activated or how do we activated? My google page insights are showing the same issues now as yesterday. Thank you

    • Hi, I figured out that Divi doesn’t push updates and mastered how to do an update since I wrote yesterday. Thank you for the update. It minimized everything for me but didn’t provide any speed gains. I hope next you’ll consider render blocking css and js above the fold that are coming from the theme so we don’t have to run a third party plug in like autoptimzer, which then creates its own above the fold css.

  62. One disadvantage that I see – harder to debug CSS code.

  63. Before the update our mobile PageSpeed score was 5/100. Now its 6/100. Technically an increase, sure, but do we need to do anything to activate the new speed increases after the upgrade? Is there a time delay factor we should be aware of?

    • My stats actually got a lot worse. It did the opposite of what this update promised.

    • Google PageSpeed grade is all based on the rules that they use to create the score. I would focus more on actual site load time, then Google PageSpeed grade.


      Page caching, optimize images, reduce the number of HTTP requests on load, use a CDN to serve static assets, load CSS and JS by either by defer or async.

      WP core by default on load will load dashicons, embeds, emoji and a bunch of stuff in the header.

  64. Bonjour,

    Merci pour ce travail sur la minification des fichiers.
    je ne trouve rien pour le rendre asynchrone mais vous y avez surement penser…
    Merci d’avance pour votre aide

  65. Thank you for this but what is it that you hate version number system? This “new version”? What is the bloody version number???

    While on the subject. I bet you have increased the 3rd digit again instead of increasing the 2nd digit. It is time you follow the industry practice of version numbering according to their importance.

    Digit 1: Major changes that affect the way the plugin looks and works.

    Digit 2: Minor but functional changes

    Digit 3: Often bug corrections

    Please, please, pretty please…

    • Pretty secondary to other things, I think. How they number their revs certainly doesn’t affect my business; how their products perform is, on the other hand, critically important.

      • When next time you have a conflict and had to revert back, you will understand what I mean.

        Bad software development principals effect everyone.

  66. It would be nice to be able to exclude woocommerce css.

  67. Very glad to hear this! Thanks, Nick + team!

    Is there a recommended way to “lazy load” long pages, so unseen content isn’t loading until the user actually scrolled to that part of the page?

  68. Way to go. Since I migrated to Divi people are refusing to believe that I am the creator of my website. They think I hired a professional website developer. I have seen considerable improvement in page loading speed. And now you are saying it will become even better. What more can one ask for??
    Keep doing the great work. Wish you the very best.

  69. We can see the difference already. So glad we became a lifetime member of ElegantThemes.

  70. Rock n Roll.

  71. Elegant Themes is my best online investment. This upgrade is awesome.

  72. That’s great news!

    It would be great if you explain what is happening behind the scenes, what files are being minifyed and concatenated, so we can deal with cache plugins and know how to take advantage of this from now on. Like, are child themes stylesheets and scripts also in the mix? Where should I put my custom CSS and Javascript to take advantage of this?

    • For now we are only minifying and concatenating our own Divi files and there aren’t options to apply this update to your own files. We are just focusing on pure Divi performance and are leaving greater “website performance” to the performance plugins.

      • Hello Nick,

        In regards to Child themes, when I first started using Divi, your support staff encouraged me to use a Child theme which I have done (not really sure why).

        I really haven’t made any changes to my theme files so would I be alright to start using the main Divi theme as opposed to my Child theme to take advantage of the speed changes?

        Also, I’m currently using the Autoptimize plugin. Is this compatible with your recent updates?



        • Joe, what Nick Roach meant (and what I was asking) is that Child Theme’s stylesheets (styles.css) or scripts (usually custom.js) are not included in the minify process. But since Child Themes are only adding something to Divi, you will take advantage of this new feature as well. Just what you paste in the Child Theme files that won’t go in the mix.

          As for Optimization plugins, they will continue to work with Divi, and integrate with Divi’s new concatenated and minifyed files. Thus, being able to also minify and concatenate your child theme’s files.

          • Great….thanks for the info!

      • That answers a lot of things and helps to make most of my decisions. Thanks!

        1. If you don’t mind answering again, what if I paste custom CSS in the CSS Box in Theme Options/Customizer/Page Settings?

        2. Further, are codes inserted in the integrations tab also minifyed?

        2.a. If not (due to the nature of the integrations tab) what if we had a custom JS box companion to the CSS box that could be concatenated with the rest? I could see a lot of usage scenarios that could take advantage of that.

        Thanks =)

  73. This is AWESOME!

    So, no need to enable this functionalities with plugins ? (W3…)

  74. Hi! Great update! One question: I run W3 total cache on al my websites, with compression and minification enabled etc. Is there a risk that these recent Divi updates don’t play nice with such caching plugins? For example, both Divi and W3 totalcache trying to minify and compress the content? And doing it in different ways? Would like to know if I have to disable W3 plugin in the future. Thanks in advance!

    • Matias,

      I don’t think you should disable W3 Total Cache plugin because it does way more than minifying JS and CSS.

      Further to your questions I would like to ask those people who know whether it is “either or” thing and minification should be in place only at one point – if I use DIVI minification should I disable it on Cloudflare? Can I disable DIVI built-in minification functionality?

    • There shouldn’t be any issues. We tested with W3 Total Cache and other performance plugins.

      • Presumably that includes Comet Cache because I’ve been having problems with Comet Cache with both Divi and the Divi Builder.

        I’ve just contacted Comet Cache support to see if they have other users with the same problem.

      • Hello Nick! It was tested with the wp rocket plugin?

  75. Thank you! You have increased the speed on tons of website I have developed. Question: Does this update apply to Extra?

    Thanks for all the hard work!!!


    • Yep, it applies to Extra and the Divi Builder plugin as well.

      • Our development crew is dedicated to Divi and Extra with Divi Builder. I am ecstatic to hear this update includes Extra. So glad I signed up for the long haul. My investment has not been a disappointment.

      • Very cool, was just going to ask about this!

      • Thanks!

  76. That’s great to hear – thank you for the continual improvements.

  77. More great news Nick and team.
    Looks as though Divi is getting faster and faster 🙂

  78. I’m very pleased to see this kind of performance optimization come native to Divi! Any idea if this will conflict with other performance plugins? Are there toggle for each speed improvement setting? Thanks Nick!

  79. Awesome! 😀 Can I just ask:

    1. Does this apply to child theme css files?
    2. Does this apply to enqueued JS and scripts within functions.php?

    • Good question!

    • Would also love to know this; or which hook we can add our css/js to take advantage of the new function as well.

    • This only applies to Divi theme files. We won’t be attempting to minify or combine third party files as we believe that’s performance plugin territory.

      • Sorry James to hi-jack, but Nick, does your answer also include James’s reference to Child themes that are in essence Divi!

        • Nick answered the question, Child Themes are third party and are not touched. Child Themes are not “in essence” Divi. Divi is Divi, and your child theme is all your customizations that override Divi. ET cannot possibly be responsible for how millions of websites customize and add functionality beyond their product.

          • Hello Everyone, sorry for my ignorance.

            So this means that the only CSS files that will be minified and concatenated are the ones created by placing code in a Divi Page or on the Divi theme’s CSS box? right?

            Or does the Divi Theme’s CSS box (in Divi main settings) counts as a Child theme’s CSS file?

            And, this means that we can still benefit a lot from plugins like WP Rocket for it can minify and concatenate every single CSS file?

            Thanks in advance.

            • Never mind. After reading all the comments i now understand how this works.

              Only Divi generated CSS and JS will be minified and concatenated. We will still benefit from plugins like WP Rocket.

  80. Is there a bug fix for the button styling issue in this update, that was caused by the last update?

    • I just want to add my name to the complaints about this bug. I have 14 client sites in Divi and had to manually work on every one of them. Up until now I’ve felt comfortable updating all my sites right away. Now I’m afraid to. I also had to revert two sites that entirely lost their posts being displayed in this update. I’ve wasted HOURS on all these bugs and cannot charge the clients for my time. They expect their site to work.

    • I ran into this button styling issue with the previous update. Luckily I only had a few buttons that needed fixed.

      I fixed my issue by selecting light text in the button module when previously I could leave the setting alone.

      • The light text setting only works if you want white text. That too overrules the color you have specified.

        I keep on running into module settings that don’t work, I report all of them but they just don’t get fixed. With bugs like this, the theme is absolutely not suitable for non-tech users. Too many things that need a CSS fix. No wonder it takes 5 days for support to reply to tickets.

    • Nope, just updated my test site and the problem still exist. Unbelievable that this HUGE BUG did not get a high priority. I think this is really unacceptable and I would like to here a rather good explanation for that.

      • I don’t understand how simple (yet HUGE) bugs like that go so long without fixing. I understand releases are on a schedule, and it may be hard to implement a bug fix into an “existing” release. But still. This bug should’ve been addressed. Don’t get me started on the background-position bug for Columns…

      • Yeah, I mean forget all the other updates and how easy it is for non-tech people to use, let’s focus on this one thing and need an explanation!?!

  81. Hi Nick,

    Another great addition!! Will it work with WP Rocket? Unfortunately, the built-in Divi caching system that was recently released does not play well with WP Rocket.

    Keep the updates coming 🙂

    • Hmmm…I wonder if that was also my issue. Like others I have the button styling issue on 14 sites. But on 2 of them I also lost all posts. I didn’t even know to check about WP Rocket which I do use, and ended up reverting those 2 sites. I’ve been reading this whole thread and haven’t seen anyone else missing posts as a symptom. I guess I should make a staging copy and try the update again w/o WP Rocket activated. This was a MAJOR change and is the first time in 2.5 years a Divi update caused me grief. I hope it’s also the last time. PITA!

    • This is something I’m also worried about. I just bought WP Rocket last week after waiting and not hearing that this was coming down the pipe. I’m hoping the new Divi build plays nice with WP Rocket. My biz can’t afford downtime and I’d hate to have wasted the money.

    • Hello Simon,

      When did this built-in Divi caching system released?

    • Simon, I also had problems with WP Rocket and Divi using IE11. No matter what I did, the scroll icon arrows on the slider module were replaced with numbers, as well as numbers showing up in the drop-down menu selection. I found a possible plugin script solution, but it didn’t want to activate the plugin. So I deleted WP Rocket and switched to WP Fastest Cache and have had no issues. Using that with Autoptimizer and Async Javascript plugins have really improved my page speed and score.

      • I can’t remember which it was, but I had the same problem and disabling either Lazy Load or Remove Query Strings (both options in WP Rocket) fixed it for me.

      • Hmm, I’ve tried both and WP-Rocket is hands down the fastest caching/optimizer I have found to date. Also extremely easy to use!

    • Have you opened a support ticket about that? We tested with WP Rocket and didn’t see any issues with the previous performance update. We can definitely fix the problem if there is one 🙂

      • Hello!
        As soon as I update Divi to version 3.0.66, access to the administrative panel is blocked (error 500)
        It’s exactly in version 3.0.66, since version 3.0.65 still works

      • Good afternoon. 2 days ago I wrote in the support of my account and nobody answers me. Update the latest version of divi and on the mobile I do not see any animations that I had made. Thank you.

      • Hi Nick,

        No support ticket opened. I simply disabled the feature for all the sites, but I will investigate this again and open a support ticket if needed!

        Thanks for the reply…great stuff with all the behind the scenes changes.

        • Works fine for me.

          • Yes i did experience problems with WP Rocket with the last version. so hope it work s ok now when i update. althoug im a bit scary to do so so much trouble before. cross my fingers. jeje

            • The only issue we had with WP Rocket was with it mucking up a JQuery script we were using to display PDF file sizes. We were forced to disable it for that reason.

              • Try Divi Nitro as you can choose what scripts are combined and minified so you can leave out the one that is causing the issue whilst still minifying and combining them all

        • Hey Simon,

          can you describe the problem with WP Rocket, because I use also WP Rocket und didn’t update till now. It would be helpful if I know wich problems I can expect.

  82. Excellent and well done ElegantThemes.

    Is there a place to add some feature requests? Divi is fantastic but what makes it really great is your commitment to further developing and enhancing Divi.

    Thanks again!

    • Feature request for right now should go in the support forum.

  83. Always a fan of speed improvements. Thanks!

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