Divi 2.4 Has Arrived! Welcome To The Biggest Upgrade In Divi’s History

Posted on June 17, 2015 by 1,263 Comments

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Divi 2.4 Has Arrived! Welcome To The Biggest Upgrade In Divi’s History
Blog / Theme Releases / Divi 2.4 Has Arrived! Welcome To The Biggest Upgrade In Divi’s History
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Welcome to the biggest upgrade in Divi’s history. In no product has our team put more time, effort and love than Divi, and never has a Divi update been more expansive than 2.4.

This is a monumental update, including over 1,000 new module design settings and theme customizer controls, as well as an all-new fluid grid and a re-imagined set of flexible modules that are more versatile and easy-to-customize than ever. These ultra-customizable layouts are also easier than ever to use thanks to the Divi Library, an all new way to save, use and organize your own collection of Divi Builder layouts. Say hello to your new web design toolkit.

All of the amazing things we have added to the Divi Builder are even more wonderful when you consider that the Divi Builder has now been extended to all post types. The builder is no longer limited to pages, meaning you are free to use the builder to create beautiful blog posts too!

Of course, these few things only scratch the surface of what Divi 2.4 has to offer. There is so much to talk about, and I can’t wait to share with you all the great things we have been working on over the past year. So get comfy, grab a drink, and get ready for a monstrous post about a truly epic update!

divi-2-4_bread-post-thumbLive Demo
divi-2-4_bread-post-thumbLive Demo
divi-2-4_bread-post-thumbLive Demo
divi-2-4_bread-post-thumbLive Demo


Here is a little appetizer before the main course. To kick things off, we have created 4 brand new Divi Demos to show you just how versatile this theme has become. All of these demos were constructed by our lead designer Kenny Sing using only standard theme settings. No custom code or Child Themes! It’s truly impressive the variety of layouts that can now be built with a single theme. Without further adieu, let’s take a detailed look at the new features that made these beautiful designs possible.

New Global Settings & 100% Fluid Grid

The backbone of Divi 2.4 is its all new fluid grid and a re-imagined set of modules that are more flexible than ever. This new grid has allowed us to add some great new settings to the Divi Theme Customizer, such as the ability to define custom content widths, column spacing, menu heights, menu widths and so much more.


Choose Your Content Width

Divi’s website width can now be customized to any max-width of your choosing, making it fully prepared for the future of super high resolution displays.


Choose Your Sidebar Width

Set the width of your sidebar for pages using a sidebar page template, archive pages, category pages, and all other post types.


Adjust the Height of Your Logo

Different logos require different header heights for optimum legibility. This new option lets you adjust the height of your header so that your logo can live up to its full potential.


Define Your Navigation Fonts, Text Sizes, and Text Styles

We’ve made modifying text styles within your navigation extremely easy in 2.4. Right from inside the Divi Theme Customizer you can choose your primary and secondary navigation fonts, font sizes, and text colors.


Give Your Fixed Header Unique Styling

If fixed-navigation is enabled, you now have full control over what your navigation looks like after the user has begun scrolling. These styles can be adjusted independently of your navigation’s primary styles, all of which will be automatically transitioned as the users scrolls.


Hide Navigation Until User Scrolls

When this setting is enabled, your navigation bar will remain hidden until your visitor begins scrolling down the page. This is a great way to give full prominence to the first section on your page, such as a Fullwidth Slider or Call To Action.


Make Your Logo Centered AND Inline

Divi comes with a new Centered Inline Logo header style. This setting will automatically calculate how many menu items you have and center your logo between your navigation links.


Add Full or Semi-Transparency to Your Navigation

The Theme Customizer now supports alpha transparency, giving you the option to make your navigation bars semi-transparent. Divi automatically calculates the height of your navigation bar and adds the appropriate padding to the first element on your page so that it can overlay your page content without obstructing your text. You can even make your navigation background color completely transparent for a new unique look.


Give Your Website a Unique Touch of Creativity by Combining all of the Great New Navigation Features

There are limitless ways to combine menu colors, fonts, text styles, and layout options to create unique looking headers that were never possible before. If you are looking for a way to make each of your Divi websites stand out, you should definitely explore the Theme Customizer’s expansive set of new Header & Navigation settings.


Typography Settings

Divi 2.4 introduces new controls for the typography that can be used to adjust every part of your website, including headers, body, footer titles, footer text, navigation links, body text, and even default text styling for individual modules. You have controls for things such as Size, Color, Letter-Spacing, Line-Height, Font-Weight, All Caps, and Italics.


Define Your Column Spacing

You may want to have your column spacing be wider, more narrow, or even gutter-less based on the type of content you are displaying. Now you can set your global column spacing with the click of your mouse.



This setting also effects grid-based modules, which include Galleries, Portfolios, and Masonry Blogs.

Increase or Decrease Section and Row Height.

Along with Divi’s horizontal column spacing controls, you can also define the vertical spacing of rows and sections. If you want to tighten things up, or give your content more room to breath, simply drag your section/row height slider up or down.


New Footer Layouts & Widget Styling

Now you have 8 column layouts to choose from for your footer area, as well as full control over footer widget header and body text styling.


Button Styling

Divi now gives you full control over all of the buttons on your website. You can set global base styles, or even adjust buttons styles for individual modules. You now have full control over font, text size, text color, background color, stroke styles, icon selection as well as a unique set of controls for button hover styles.


Live Website Demo

Click the link below to see a live demo that illustrates how you can take advantage of some of Divi’s new Theme Customizer features to help make your website stand out from the crowd.

View The Live Demo

Divi Module Customizer

In addition to the Divi Theme Customizer, the Divi Module Customizer lets you set basic defaults for individual modules. You can adjust font styles and module sizes for each individual module, and have those adjustments reflected throughout your entire website. Do you want to make all of your Sliders a little smaller? Such a change is only one click away in the Module Customizer.

Without creating a child theme or writing custom CSS you now have over 200 settings in the Divi Module Customizer, such as default slider heights, default gallery hover overlay color, or default image lazy loading animation. These options are here to give you more ways to fully customize your website and save you a ton of time doing it.


Use The Divi Builder On Posts!

The long-awaited and highly-desired ability to use the Divi Builder on posts is now a reality. Because of Divi’s new fluid grid, layouts built with the Divi Builder can now be used anywhere while still retaining their design integrity. There are now so many great opportunities to use the Divi Builder to create beautiful story-driven posts on your blog.

Using the Divi Builder on posts still allows you to retain your left, right, or fullwidth post layouts. You also have the option to display your post’s title, meta, and featured image in addition to the builder content. Continue reading to find out how you can add your post’s title, meta, and featured image in more creative ways.




Left Sidebar


Right Sidebar

Live Post Demos

Blog Posts built with the Divi Builder can be absolutely beautiful and captivating. Just take a look at some of the amazing posts we have been able to build, and imagine how wonderful it will be for your readers to experience such a rich and intriguing piece of content. This is the perfect way to make your online publication stand out from the crowd.

divi-2-4_chair-post-thumbLive Demo
divi-2-4_bread-post-thumbLive Demo
divi-2-4_coffee-post-thumbLive Demo

All New Row Options

Before Divi 2.4, Rows did not come with any options. Now that Rows and their column structures are fluid, Rows have been beefed up with a new set of options, making them hands-down the most versatile element in the Divi Builder. The new Row options in Divi 2.4 pave the way to a whole new generation of unique layouts that were never possible before. Take a look below to see how you can edit a row’s existing column structure, adjust its gutter widths, and even how to make a fullwidth row!

Change a Row’s Existing Column Structure

Now you can easily change the column structure of any existing Row in your layout. These Rows have their columns adjusted instantly, and the Modules within them adapt along with it, placing them into the available columns or removing them from the columns that no longer exist. Gone are the days of creating an entirely new Row and draging over all of your modules just to change its column structure!

Increase Columns…
or decrease columns in seconds.

Custom Column Spacing

Not only can you adjust column widths globally within the Theme Customizer, but you can also adjust them on a per-column basis. You can even achieve a gutter-less effect by setting your column spacing to 0.


Fullwidth Rows

Divi’s new Row options also include the ability to make Rows Fullwidth. Combining Fullwidth Rows with Divi’s numerous column structures and column spacing options opens up a whole new realm of layout possibilities.


Column Background Colors

In addition to Section and Row background options, you can now give each individual column inside of a Row its own background color, background image or background video. This can be combined with Fullwidth Rows to achieve some really cool effects.


Equal Column Height Option

It is nearly impossible to add just the right amount of content into adjacent columns so that all column heights within a Row are equal. This can look tacky when adding background colors to columns. With Divi’s new column height standardization option, you can tell a row to equalize its columns heights and every column will appear the same in height automatically. This is an especially useful option when used in combination with gutter-less column spacing.


Live Website Demo

Click the link below to see a live demo that illustrates how you can take advantage of fullwidth rows and equal column heights.


View The Live Demo

Advanced Module Design Settings

It’s now possible to customize absolutely everything about the design of each individual module you add to your page. If it can be done with CSS, then it can be done with the hundreds of new design controls added to the Divi Builder. We have added countless design options across the board that let you control things like typography, spacing, backgrounds, borders, colors and so much more.

New Tabbed Settings

Section, Row, and Module Settings now have a new tabbed layout for General Settings, Advanced Design Settings, and Custom CSS. Advanced Design Settings is where you will find more detailed styling controls for each module. Check out the examples below to see just how powerful these new design options can be.


Typography Options

You now have complete control over the appearance of text in your modules. For every piece of text in a module you can adjust the font, text size, text color, font-weight, line-height, letter spacing, all-caps, italics, and underline.



i.e. Completely customize the typography of a Blurb or Slider module.

Custom Padding and Margin

Divi’s grid foundation is an amazing base for a structured website, but having control over the sizing and spacing of elements on your page is vital for achieving highly refined layouts. Sections and Rows now have adjustable padding controls, as do each of the Divi Modules.



i.e. Reduce or increase the top and bottom padding of any Slider


i.e. Control the padding and typography of Bar Counters


i.e. Increase the padding of a Call To Action to increase its height


Or Add surrounding margin to give it more breathing room

Background & Border Options

Modifying module background colors and border styles is now available right inside the Module’s Advanced Design Settings. You can even choose transparent or semi-transparent colors!


i.e. Customize the background colors of individual Pricing Tables


i.e. Give your Contact Form semi-transparent fields and/or add a border


i.e. Add a background color to text to make it legible when placed over background images.

Live Website Demo

Click the link below to see a live demo that illustrates how you can take advantage of advanced section, row, and module settings.

View The Live Demo

Custom CSS Options

If our Advanced Design Settings are not enough, you will notice that each Module, Section and Row in the Divi Builder now has a new Custom CSS tab that can be used by CSS-Savvy designers to directly control particular elements on the page. If the Advanced Design Settings tab doesn’t have what you are looking for, add the CSS for it here. For each module, we have broken down the structural HTML elements and given CSS input fields for each. If you want to make a customization, just add it here. No need to go through the trouble of making a whole new Child Theme.


For example, you can give an image module custom styles to make it overlap the section below it a tiny bit. This is just a single example of the infinite CSS possibilities at your fingertips!


Introducing The Divi Library!

The Divi Library is something we are extremely excited to announce, knowing that it’s going to revolutionize the way people use Divi (and build websites in general). The Divi Library is a place for you to save your customized Modules, Sections, Rows or even entire Layouts. These items can then be added directly into the builder on new pages, or when starting to build new websites for your clients. When combined with our new Advanced Design Settings and Custom CSS inputs, these saved library items take on a whole new meaning. Imagine having a folder of Divi Modules and Sections that have each been customized by you for a specific type of website. The next time you start a similar project, load up the Library and start building. In many ways this forgoes the need for a Child Theme, since your custom CSS and design tweaks can be saved directly into the Library items and accessed instantly wherever you take your Library.


Save Sections, Rows & Modules

The moment we’ve all been waiting for—Divi now lets you save not only layouts, but also individual Sections, Rows, and Modules. Just like layouts, you can export these for use on other sites as well.

Save & Add to Library

You can now choose to save any Section, Row, or Module for later use. Library items can also be made Global, allowing a single module to be mirrored across multiple pages. You can even Selectively Sync certain settings when saving to the Library.


Selective Sync

As you can see in the image below, settings can be selectively synced when saved to the Library. This means you can save any combination of the General Settings, Advanced Design Settings, and Custom CSS tabs into individual Library items. Any tab that is not selected will receive default theme values when you add it to a layout.


i.e. Only save the Advanced Design Settings tab of a fullwidth header module so you don’t have to remember the exact height, text styles, button styles, or background overlay, every time you add a header to your layout. This saves a ton of time and makes consistency a breeze.

Yes, this is as amazing as it sounds. The option to have a single module in multiple locations throughout your website is finally here! When you save a Global item to your Divi Library, that item (whether it be a Section, Row or Module) will be mirrored on each page that exists. When you update the item in one location, it gets updated everywhere else instantly. If you repeat any elements through your website, such as a Call To Action Module in your footer, turn it into a Global library item. If you every want to update the module, do it once instead of dozens or even hundreds of times.

Multiple Elements All In Sync

Global elements can be added in multiple spots within a layout or on completely separate pages. This can be great for something like an “About Us” text block that exists on multiple pages. If you need to update your info, just do it once!


Saving Global Elements

In addition to being able to save a Section, Row, or Module, you can also save it as a global element from the ‘Save & Add To Library’ button.


Global Modules

Global library items are the perfect way to handle elements that are repeated across your website. You can create a single Module, save it as a Global Library Item, and then add it anywhere on your site. If you wish to update this module, it’s simply a matter of changing it on one page and the rest will update automatically.


i.e. Use a global Call To Action on multiple pages. Updating the title, text, link, or styling is now a one time task.

Global Rows & Sections

If you have a grouping of modules or rows that you want to use throughout your site, you can even save Global Rows and Sections.


i.e. Create a Global Section, add it to the bottom of every page of your site, and use it as a custom built footer.

Global Items + Selective Sync

As mentioned before, when saving an element you can choose which settings you want to save. This is especially useful with combined with Global elements. For example, only saving a Global items’s Advanced Design Settings will allow each instance to have different content, while at the same time sharing the Global / Selectively-Synced design settings.


For example, you could create a Global Fullwidth Header Module and selectively sync only the Advanced Design Settings. This Global Module can now be added to the top of all of the pages on your site, and only the Advanced Design Settings will be shared in each instances of the Module, while the General Settings will remain unique (un-synced). You can add unique header titles to each page, but have all pages share the same custom font controls and colors. If you ever want to adjust the font used for all of the global headers on your site, simply edit the Global Fullwidth Header Module’s Advanced Design Settings once and all of your pages will be synced!

New Divi Modules

Divi 2.4 introduces 6 new members to the module family: Fullwidth Image Module, Fullwidth Code Module, and Fullscreen Header Module, Fullwidth Post Title Module, Regular Code Module, and Regular Post Title Module.

Fullwidth Image Module

The fullwidth image module allows you to add images to your site that span the entire width of the browser while retaining their aspect ratio with no cropping.


i.e. Use Fullwidth Images as page headers, creative ways to break up the page, or in combination with Divi’s new Fullwidth Rows.

Live Website Demo

Click the link below to see a live demo that illustrates how you can take advantage of fullwidth images to create impactful layouts.

View The Live Demo

Code Module (Regular and Fullwidth Modules)

The Code Module essentially gives you a blank slate for adding code to your website. You can add code into any column with the Regular Code Module or use the Fullwidth Code Module that is not bound by column or row widths.


i.e. Place third party shortcodes from plugins such as Revolution Slider and Essential Grid into a Fullwidth Code Module.


Divi’s Fullwidth Header Module can now be made fullscreen with additional options for adding images, logos, call to action buttons and more!


24 Layout Possibilities

With different combinations of content orientation and image placement, there are over 20 different layouts you can create that are all completely responsive. You can also choose not to enable fullscreen mode and the header will take on the natural height of its content.



Live Website Demo

Click the link below to see a live demo that illustrates how you can take advantage of the Fullscreen Header Module to give your visitors a stunning greeting to your page.

View The Live Demo

Post Title Module (Regular and Fullwidth Modules)

When using the Divi Builder, you are presented with a blank canvas. This is a great feature of Divi, but it also makes it difficult to add dynamic elements onto the page such as the page or post title, meta data, and featured images. Now that you can use the Divi Builder on posts, it is crucial to be able to easily add that kind of info into your layouts. This module lets you do all of those things with as much control as you have with any other module.


9 Layout Possibilities

Combining the Post Title Module’s options for text placement, featured image placement, and text orientation, there are 9 different layouts that can be used to display your title, meta, and/or featured image.


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        • Yes, I’m using a Divi child theme and would like to know the same thing please.

          • Be careful, I installed it against an existing website, under development.

            It broke lots of child theme customizations.

            Definitely test before installing on a live site.

        • Hi Val,

          Best thing to do is to install 2.4 then deactivate the original Divi theme. Then activate the new one. You can then test it, see how it works and check your manual CSS customisations. If it causes you problems, just deactivate 2.4 and reactivate your original installation.

          You could also make a list of any issues that you notice and use this as a way of testing you’ve resolved them before rolling the site out.

          • Hi Olivier,

            Thanks for the idea but from WordPress I can not do it because he said to me (when I try to install) : “The destination folder already exists …/wp-content/themes/Divi/”

            By the way, the new Divi look awesome. I can not wait to try it 🙂

        • With the new version of Divi, you are basically going to have to start from scratch and redo all your customizations the 2.4 way. You may no longer even need a child theme.

          Make a new instance, copy your existing site over, enable the 2.4 theme, undo your css and other customization and then reimplement them in 2.4. Find out what you need to keep, and what you need to redo and then you’ll know what you have to do on your mail site.

          Almost all of my css customizations, and most of my child theme changes will apparently no longer be necessary with 2.4

          The worst thing you could do would be to carry your previous changes forward. It’ll just make for an increasing amount of work for you with more and more compatibility issues as Divi develops.

          Spend that effort now. It’ll be worth it.

          • Wise tip, I don’t mind to start with Divi 2.4 and redo my agency site! If your customization contains quite a number of scripts in the header and body cum functions.php and you have some custom postypes created, be sure to redo…

        • My child theme broke instantly. Trying to figure out how to fix it now…..uuuuuuugh.

      • thanks for seeing past the version typo Nick. And for the response!

      • I loved the theme update so much, that I….
        did the theme update on my live site!

        Unfortunately I had to restyle a lot in the header and slider because I used to edit these in earlier versions of Divi. Luckily the new styling options helpt me a lot when re-pairing them after the update (it didn’t take me long).

        I’ve found out that styling navigation items with a background-color on hover isn’t working, because of all the new flashy-animations (I’ll figure this out later).

        So for all you css stylers out there (custom css, epanel or child theme) that want to go updating, keep in mind that the following customized items might be looking different after the update:
        – navigation
        – logo
        – slider

        My opinion about Divi 2.4 so far: I’m a bit disappointed regarding the update braking the looks of my site. But I’m very glad with all the time savers regarding custom styling in Divi 2.4. It will be much faster to create new stunning websites with all the easy styling options.

        The only question that is bothering me at the moment is:
        I’ve made a couple of sites with Divi for clients, how can I avoid the styling issues when updating these to 2.4 (for security or different other reasons).

      • Be careful with the upgrade! As already mentioned, upgrading customized sites break a lot of stuff.

        Dont’ get me wrong – I do really like the updates. But as I didn’t expect a MINOR upgrade (2.3 to 2.4) to break stuff, I upgraded a client site without testing it before… Which was a big mistake. I’m therefore pretty disappointed with the upgrade as I’d like to keep all my client sites updated but can’t do without having to invest a lot of time in fixing stuff…

        Stuff that breaks/broke on all client sites where I’ve tested the upgrade (so far):

        – hover styles of navigation/submenus
        – font/font-weight of navigation and submenus
        – nav items now get semi transparent on hover (why would anyone want that?)
        – submenus are not correctly left-aligned anymore
        – logo size changes
        – header size/height changes
        – size/height of navigation changes
        – I right-aligned the logo on 1 client site, this broke completely after the upgrade as the markup there changed in 2.4

        Footer/footer widgets
        – markup or CSS selector specificity changed which results in CSS customizations not being applied anymore

        – font-size… WHY would you change the base font size??

        • As I have a number of client websites with Child Divi themes and it is unlikely that the clients will agree to spend money to fix a site that wasn’t broken, these websites may never be upgraded to 2.4.

          This leaves me with problems going forward and a few questions.

          – Can I “turn Off” the upgrade prompt from 2.3.2 to 2.4 and treat this major version change like a fork.

          – Will there EVER be security updates or further development to 2.3.2.

          if the answer is NO to both questions … disappointed and wondering what recommended the way forward would be.

          • I have the same questions. I have a number of clients’ sites with child themes stuck at 2.3.2. How do I go about ensuring that security issues are addressed without having to charge them hours of work for sites that are otherwise functioning perfectly fine?

            • Hello Scott,

              Did you find an answer to your question?

  46. Dear Divi;


    – Bill

  47. Wow. You guys are ROCKIN’! That is simply amazing update while still being only 0.1 version up. Can’t imagine what 3.0 be… Thanks a lot.

    • We have some big stuff planned for 3.0, that’s for sure!

      • Can’t wait to try it!!

      • Nick, Let the Users try with Divi 2.4 ! Please do not tempt everyone with new Divi 3.0 Version name !

  48. Fantasticccccccccccc …. 😉

  49. OMG… OMG… OMG… OMG… OMG…
    I’m freaking out here. My fingers are itching, my brain is working overtime and my creative juices are… well, I think I’m drooling.

    Awesome! Just awesome…

  50. you call it an update ?! that’s like a new product! INSANE quality 🙂 i love you guys

  51. I always brag about how great Divi is, but now, WOW! Thanks for this update.

  52. I guess it is time to get to work. It looks great the update.

  53. Awesomely Amazing As Always.

  54. I had just reviewed the previous DIVI on my blog with some concerns and improvements. After taking a quick glance this the new DIVI, looks like I will have to redo my review! This looks amazing! Thanks ET and can’t wait to get started re-designing my sites!

  55. 1. You ROCK
    2. This is incredible
    3. You ROCK


  56. This is great! Really looking forward to putting it live on my sites. I’ve noticed one problem, though… the fullwidth header module doesn’t have any customization options, and the text is ALL the way to the right instead of lined up with the rest of the text on the page.

    Here is an example on my test site: http://alphadogsystems.com/kmzk/x106-9-blog/

    • You don’t see any options within the module settings popup? Be sure to open a ticket in our support forums so that our team can take a closer look and submit a bug report if necessary.

      • Nope, the fullwidth slider is there, but the fullwidth header module isn’t in the module settings. Submitting a ticket.

      • Related question – One issue I had with old Divi was the sizing of the full width header image, it kept cropping it. Are there more options in Divi 2.4 for a full width header that also used a taller image – i.e. can we set the height of the image to fit our needs? I installed Divi on my client’s site, but haven’t had a chance to try this out yet. Thanks!

  57. This is so cool!!!! It is definitely to the time to play and get to know the new stuff.

  58. Awesome! Thank you!

  59. Great Job! I am going to dive right into it. I guess i am going to sleep late this evening/night.


  60. Speechless. I love you guys. Can’t wait to get to work. Thank y’all so much for your hard work and dedication. I’ll be upgrading my account.

  61. Wow! I’m looking forward to playing around with these settings & features. I love level of customization now offered by each element & the new global settings. Well done!

  62. So it was worth the wait. I suggest Nick and the team go to a rodeo, drink copious quantities of beer and shout “Yippee ki-yay Mother*&*$*#” (you need to reference Die Hard for this one) as you’ve just made my job as a web designer 1,000% easier. God bless you (and I’m an atheist)!

  63. This is fantastic news. Congratulations and thank you for this great product.

  64. Awesome update, covert excited about using the library function

  65. I love it, but there are no auto updated. And so I downloaded Divi and when I went to install it is failed saying the folder was already being used. Do I just unistall and delete the old divi and then install the new divi? Will my site be ok?

    • It can take some time for WordPress to pick up on our update notification. You can try going to the Dashboard > Updates tab in wp-admin and clicking the “check again” button.

  66. hot damn!

  67. HOLY CRAP! This is blowing my mind! It’s too late in the day to start something new..but can’t wait to get my hands on this. I hope and pray it is all you have said it is. Thank you!

  68. THIS. This is incredible! I’m going to be up for days playing with everything!

    I’ve been an exclusive iThemes user since 2010, I used one of your themes back in 2011ish, but it didn’t have the flexibility of iThemes (obviously)…THIS! Wow. iThemes who?

    Just awesome. Thank you Nick nad the rest of the ET team.

  69. This is truly amazing. Excellent work. A new era in web design begins.

  70. Congratulations – you’ve rendered every other WordPress theme obsolete. I can’t wait to start playing with all this amazingness.

  71. WOW!! Amazing new features, can’t wait to try them all out! Congrats on the release and a HUGE thank you to the entire ET team!

  72. This is theme no more, it’s a full webdesign tool.
    really amazing.

    I’ll miss coding!

  73. Awesome! We’re excited to dig in and checkout all the new theme features in action. There’s several upgrades we were hoping for, thanks!

  74. This is superb! Thanks for the great theme, love it so much. I used it for multiple websites of mine!

  75. Wow! Thanks you guys! I´m very proud to use Divi! Congratulations!

    • simply outstanding theme.Just love it

  76. I’m blown away! I can’t eat my lunch, I wanna update now! Thank you so much Elegant Themes team!

  77. What… I cannot believe! Man I will need some time to accept all that awesome new stuff you guys just introduced to (already awesome) Divi!

    You guys are awesome! Trully awesome!

  78. can’t wait to try out all those features!

  79. so many updates I didn’t even KNOW I wanted… until I read about them here. AMAZING work!!

  80. One theme to rule them all. Lol

  81. Great, I will try it ASAP.

  82. Nick and team,

    it’s so beautiful, I want to cry!

  83. The best theme in the world just got vastly better.

    I am deeply impressed with your fine work,
    and am a happy customer for years now..

    and years to come…


  84. This is truly fantastic!

  85. Coders vs Creatives.

    That seems to have been the two waring factions in the WordPress universe.

    Up until now, the coders have been given everything they needed to show their abilities.

    The new Divi has just given the creatives a tool to showcase and demonstrate their abilities.

    Stand back and watch what we do with it.

    PS – its not a theme anymore, it a tool for creativity 😉

  86. I love you guys. I am speechless. What an amazing job!!! Thank you!!!

  87. Just awesome guys, so excited

  88. There’s bee some pretty rough comment threads in the past year but all the noobs need to understand ET isn’t just churning out re-packaged layouts… ET is making awesome & flexible frameworks that make magic happen.

    You give us the 10,000 hour head start.

  89. Absolument incroyable ! Tous nos souhaits sont exhaussés.
    Reste à tout comprendre et à utiliser cet update sans tout casser 🙂

    Merci Nick et l’équipe, good job guys.

  90. Awesome news!!! Great work, for all the team… download in progress 😉

  91. OMG. Count me in

  92. Wauuuuuuuuuuwwww !!!!!!!!!!

  93. Wauuuuuuuuuuwwww !!!!!!!!!!

  94. This is nothing short of mind blowing. I was really hesitant that they would be able to pull this off. I am thoroughly amazed.

    Question: In the video, Nick talks about not needing a child theme and it is mentioned 4 times about forgoing the CT now. So now when we update to Divi 2.4.1 and so on, ALL customizations will stay intact? In the past, updating ET themes could break custom mods to the theme.


    • Yep any custom styling you add within the Divi Builder or using the Divi Theme Customizer will stay intact. If you can achieve your desired affect with the Divi design settings, there is no need to create a custom child theme or code at all 🙂 There is very little you can’t do with Divi alone.

      • Nick, it´s not so easy.
        I work with Divi, a child theme and the Divi Booster Plugin on 5 Customer Websites. I update the first yesterday and have a lot of Problems … (Logo Size, no shrinking effect, Custom Slider Sizes … I hope the Customer don´t see my “work” ..)

        • Tommy was refering to whether or not CSS added using the new Divi CSS Tab will carry over to new versions, and it will.

          What you are describing is a compatibility issue. Since you have modified the theme files with your Child Theme and third party plugins, these themes and plugins may need to be updated to address compatibility issue with Divi 2.4. In the meantime you can downgrade to Divi 2.3 (available in the members area) if you need some extra time to work things out.

          • Thanks for the quick help Nick!!
            Btw: Fixing Problems is a good way to learn in a new system 🙂

  95. Thanks for all your effort and hard work, Nick and ET Team!

  96. Congrats. I don’t know that more options are better, but still, sounds good. I am working on a Joomla site – using a theme there with “lots of options” and have literally spent two months (working a few hours a week) setting all those options. At this point I want quick and simple 🙂 But love and use your themes for my WP sites.

    • No need to use the options if you don’t want to. All of these new design settings have been separated into their own tabs, so they wont confuse new users going through the General Settings of each module.

  97. “The builder is no longer limited to pages, meaning you are free to use the builder to create beautiful blog posts too!”

    I think I just ____ in my pants!

    Thank you!

  98. I’m in heaven…. Thanks, ET!!

  99. I really love and want to try it now.
    But my question is, if I update the Divi theme in my existing site, will it break my site? Thanks.

    • Everything should update seamlessly, unless you have made heavy modifications using a Child Theme. If that is the case, we always recommend testing the Child Theme with the new version of Divi before updating your production site.

      • Hey Nick, I’ve just updated and it’s A-MAZING!!! However one quick question … I was using a blank text module as a spacer on my site and now it seems that no longer works and so everything that I had spaced is now all on the left of the row instead of in the right column!! Trying to fiddle with the settings to work out how to get my modules back on the right again … can you point me in the right direction at all??
        Thanks heaps for this awesome update!!

        • +1

      • Thank you for your reply, and thanks for this wonderful update! All the best. 🙂

        • He’s not correct that only “heavy modifications” will cause the site to break. Check out the support forums; it’s ridiculous.

  100. I am like a kid in a candy shop. can’t wait to get my hands dirty with this.
    Awesome stuff once again.


  101. Awesome! I’ve been part of the beta testing and the new Divi is a masterpiece! Well done, Nick and co.!

    I’ve just released an update to Divi Booster which is compatible with Divi 2.4 – I suggest upgrading to it at the same time you update Divi.

    I’ve also just released a post with details of the update and using Divi Booster with Divi 2.4:


    Of particular note are the details on how to migrate from the Divi Booster page builder on posts feature to the new Divi page builder for posts.

    • Cool – Thanks!

    • I have a bit of a bug report I guess. Also posted over at the Divi support. Looks like Divi Booster is causing a problem for me when trying to edit a library item. The page won’t load and has a white Divi logo across the top. Now sure where I should report this, but might as well do it here.

  102. Wow time to re build my website!!!! Thanks this is amazing

  103. Are there videos that explain the features and their application?

      • Good to know – I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the possibilities and was hoping your usual impeccable documentation would be there to help me if I get stuck.

        Divi was a game changer, Divi 2.4 is beyond amazing.

  104. These updates show your commitment to WordPress themes world. but i’m wondering when your new theme ” Extra” will be published officially?


    • Right now our release schedule is: Divi 2.4 -> Divi Builder Plugin -> Extra. All of these products have become intertwined, and you can read more about the future of Elegant Themes and our products here.

  105. Well there goes my chance of sleeping tonight.. I’m going to be up playing around with this beauty! Thank you!!!!

  106. Really love Divi 2.4! This awesome!!!

  107. This is friggin brilliant. You’ve outdone yourselves on this update.

  108. 2 words… Holy Shit! Thanks guys, can’t wait to dig in.

  109. Fantastic!
    Great, great job ET team!

  110. It looks awesome, really, but it broke my custom coding site. There is no custom CSS anymore, and the level of control I need for my header section is beyond what’s offered on 2.4. Why disabling Divi theme options panel?

    • If you have modified the Divi using a Child Theme or third party plugin, I would suggesting testing these modifications with Divi 2.4 before updating your live site. You can also download Divi 2.3 from within the members area if you need to temporarily downgrade a site that was not properly tested.

      • Hi! Supper excited about Divi 2.4!!! Thank you for an amazing job you guys are doing!

        Here is my question – how do I test these new modifications with Divi 2.4 before updating my live site?

        In short – How do I test without upgrading?

        Thank you!,

      • The Irony is that people were told by others (designers/developers/facebook groups), that making changes via a child them was the “safe” way to ensure that their CSS/coding changes would stay intact during an upgrade. And that is what USUALLY happens. But when a theme like Divi gets a big overhaul like 2.4 – it changes so much – that some folks get left with a lot of clean up to do. I got lucky. I’m just glad my 1st client didn’t need many CSS changes, and that I helped of my next client that wanted Divi until this upgrade.

        P.S. – if we made minor changes in the css epanel – will they be carried over in the upgrade to 2.4?

        • All of my epanel css entries were wiped.

      • My issue as well. I have heavy css, functions, js, header, footer development and this new update has great features I want to use, but I would need to scrap our entire site and rebuild because I lose all of my dev work.

      • Hi, I can’t find a download for Divi 2.3 in the Members Area. I need to roll back to 2.3 as my header styling has broken and I need to test in 2.4 before launching.

        • When you click the “Download” button, there are two options (Divi 2.4 and Divi 2.3).

  111. Incredible. Simply amazing. THANK YOU so much for the update! =)

  112. Yeah..!!! Great work again…. and Many Congratulations…!!!

    I was expecting to make it more big on functional part…..like making it easy for embedding custom fields

    Making integration with woo-commerce.



  113. Herzlichen Dank from Germany! 🙂 This is an incredible update!!

  114. Oh Holy Moley! I am so excited about this new update. I feel like a kid in a toy store! I want to play with EVERYTHING! 🙂 squee

  115. I love this. I am very pleased and happy to see all these changes and improvents. It totally validates my decision made last year to convert my entire website to Divi

  116. Congratulations – looks amazing! Are you saying that this release will not require us to use Child themes for Divi anymore? What happens when Divi 2.5 comes out and we’ve made customizations in the “Divi Module Customizer” or the Divi Builder on posts and pages? Will those be lost upon upgrade?

    • Any custom design settings or custom CSS added to Divi will never be lost when you upgrade 🙂

  117. This new Divi looks amazing and fun/easy to use. And really want to use it! However, I just updated to this latest version of Divi and it did not keep my site looking neat and tidy (I had not modified my previous version of Divi mind you) the colors had changed in my menu drop down, fonts were different sizes, spacing was changed, etc. I don’t have the time to go through and make all those little changes for our companies site. I had to uninstall it. Any ideas on how to make a smoother transition to the new version of Divi? Thanks!

    • If you have modified the Divi Theme files, then the only way to make adjustments to those changes would be to audit them and make changes where necessary. We suggesting testing new versions of Divi on sites that you have heavily customized using Child Themes, especially if those changes involve PHP files. For example if your Child Theme using a custom header.php file, that means it’s overriding all of the new theme’s important functions. Your PHP modifications should be re-based on the new header.php file, in that example.

      • Thanks for your reply! I don’t have any child themes. The only adjustments I made were in epanel. So if I understand correctly, I should remove any changes I’ve added to epanel? Thanks!!

        • Yep, same here. All my changes were in the epanel and they all got wiped.

  118. This is a Great Job. Thank’s!

  119. I’m almost exploding with excitement!! Thank you for being awesome Elegant Themes.. Luv ya’ll! 😀

  120. Yes yes yes!!!! Fantastic changes. I will try all 🙂

  121. This is like a start up spiritual moment. 2.4 will definitely change my business, and i haven’t even used it yet. thank guys so much.

  122. Update looks great, but there is not one not single comment about performance or responsiveness… Any coments from ET?

    • I’m not ET, just a member, but check out the demos Rafael. You’ll see how responsive they are and how fast they load.


    • Divi has always been responsive, and with the new fluid grid it’s even more responsive than before 🙂 As for performance, we were actually able to reduced the number of queries made by the theme on each page in Divi 2.4. We also got rid of a ton of unneeded CSS due to the fluid grid changes.

      • Thanks Nick. I run some preliminary testing and it´s actually improving the speed a little bit. Keep it up!

      • I’m glad I read through the comments, because I had that exact question regarding performance. Everything in this update is absolutely AMAZING, so I figured there had to be a catch. I’ve used plenty of “featured packed” themes that were terribly bloated that they ran slower than molasses. I feel almost ashamed for even momentarily thinking that this new Divi update could be similar. I’m stoked to read that you guys were able to deliver all these incredible new features and enhancements AND keep performance a priority.

        Seriously. Keep up the incredible work. You guys have built the best WordPress framework in the world!

  123. Can’t wait to try on the new goodies. I really love what you did for the customizer.


  124. One word, Amazing, thanks Guys.

  125. I might cry this is so beautiful. THANK YOU!!!!

  126. What a great day for you guys at Elegant Themes. Congrats…

  127. Speechless!

  128. Wow. So many new features and I barely scratched the surface on the previous version! Nice work guys, Divi rocks!

  129. Excited to work with the new features, thanks for making such a great product!

    Are there any plans to include the option to stream section backgrounds from YouTube and Vimeo?

  130. I kept telling my customers to wait a couple weeks more, then a couple of days in hoping for a great new DIVI release….i’m not disapointed…sleep will be hard to come by in the next couple days and nights as i want my customers to see all that this new DIVI release has in store for them.

    Super boulot, félicitations

  131. Great feature i was waiting for them for long.

  132. Never have I gotten so excited reading a blot post! This looks amazing. I’m almost to excited to download it. This was one of the best investment I have ever made.

  133. You are fantastic! It’s amazing!
    Only one thing that i have to mention to you. The Hungarian translation is not so good. You can feel that the translator was not a developer. I have started to check the translation in Divi 2.3 but now I will check 2.4 version and translate/retranslate it.
    Thank you so much!

    • You can send any translation updates our way and we will add them! Updating our themes in 30 languages before each release is a difficult task, and we use what resources we have available to us.

      • The Danish translation is not good either, how can I change the language to English? Apart from this – it looks fantastic.

        • Hi

          Please add Yiddish

      • Polish translation is rubbish!

        I’ve just corrected such wrong symbols as ñ (-> ń)
        œ (-> ś) æ (-> ć) ê (-> ę) Ÿ (-> ź) and… there is still plenty of errors! .po file is not covering all site! (contact form is not included in any translation!!!!) For example: in coctact form I have “wiadomoœæ” instead of “wiadomość” and I can’t correct it myself because this string is not included in .po file from lang folder

        .po file in Divi 2.3 was “full” so I was able to correct all mistakes, and version 2.4 destroyed my contact site… :/

        please rebuild .po files with text from ALL your theme, I can translate polish file to you in one day if I can new file; and there is more errors: slang (“adres majlowy” – we use on business site more formal language: “adres e-mail” not majl, its slang). …

        • Divi 2.4 has 448 lines translated, Divi 2.3 had 1040 lines. Something went wrong.

          How can I send you corrected .po file?

          • I got it! There are two .po files! Second is in builder folder. After correction everything is great!

            • I have sent complete polish translation of the the 2.3 to ET some time ago but it was not included in Divi, and now we have 2.4. Guess I will have to do it again. If You already corrected the files Yourself Kris, please send them to ET on support forum 😉

              • I’ve corrected divi 2.3, than divi 2.4 was published, after new correction divi 2.4.2 is out; so today I for third corrected whole file in po editor.. There are many errors and misspelling like “inii” instead of “linii” or “stronnach” instead of “stronach”.

                In contact form should be “Imię, Nazwisko” not “Nazwa” (eng. Name) ! And as I said before, we don’t use “adres mejlowy” on business sites, rather “adres e-mail”

                I’m asking again: WHERE can I sent corected translation? e-mail, please

                Olaf, kontakt do mnie: k.sykta małpa gmail 😉 mogę Ci przesłać tłumaczenie bo na tym forum nie potrafię nic znaleźć

                • One more vote for updated translation.

                  PS. I sent email to ET couple of months ago and even got reply about corrected translation in next update.

                  It’s sad guys.

  134. Amazing. Way bigger than I was expecting! So happy for the builder on posts! The Global elements is great too!

    Just a heads up, on your rafflecopter the standard Tweet you setup starts with an @ symbol which makes it a reply. You should add a . in front of it so that you get the full benefit from people tweeting since replies won’t show up to their followers by default.

    Just change it to

    [email protected] just released an amazing update to their Divi WordPress Theme. Check it out

  135. Absolutely fantastic, stunning, breathtaking – is there any more I can add – yes! lol

    I’m sooooo very proud of you guys – this is so monumental and I have officially UN-joined from every other theme foundry I have belonged to for years – what else could one possibly NEED??!

    I’m glad that my husband doesn’t compute, as I’m officially IN LOVE with ‘another’!

    Epic launch you guys, congratulations! ♥

  136. You guys are freaking outstanding. Don’t minimize what you have done here. 20% of the websites on the internet are WordPress. The rest are built by complete professionals. You just gave WordPress users to basically be coders without ever having learned how to code.

    It’s like democratizing the internet. Or, the personal computer. You guys are doing for websites what Steve Jobs did for computers. It’s now so easy to do all kinds of awesome custom things with WordPress sites.

    Maybe I should buy a lifetime membership before saying this, but honestly, I’d pay $500 a year for these kinds of tools. It’s just that good. Any other WordPress theme out there in the world is a joke compared to Divi. I got stuck by slick marketing from other companies, having to mess with their stupid widgets, etc and wasted hours, sweat, some tears, and a few hundred bucks. You guys just have the best product plain and simple.

    Keep crushing it guys, lifetime supporter here.

    • Ahh!! This is amazing – Congrats on the launch and THANK YOU!!

  137. Thanks a lot… your update broke my site. Please beta test this before you release it next time…

    • Or really, you should test it yourself before committing it to a live site, and you should have a backup.

      That’s basics 101.

      • haha i love this comeback

        and it could have so many reasons why a site breaks after new install. Maybe conflict with some other reaaally crappy free plugin

    • Hi David,

      We beta tested for 2 weeks with over 100 people. If you have a Child Theme active, be sure to test it or de-activate it before updating. If you need help, please open a ticket in our support forums so that we can assist you.

  138. Oh my days, this is awesome I am just about to build my website and saw this on YouTube.

    I have been following the Divi platform for a while now and when I saw the last sneak peak I thought wow. But this is amazing, cannot wait to get started.


  139. Exciting news! Love the new header layout styles & global library.

  140. This is seriously a game changer!!!! I can’t believe it. It’s too good! Someone pinch me!

  141. Great work! I’ve kept a few things on hold and it was worth the wait. The thought and planning really shows and sets Divi above many other builder themes I’ve seen. Now, I can’t wait to see what the Extra will provide built on top of this amazing framework!!! I have a project waiting for Extra’s greatness. Now take a little vacation, you deserve it!

  142. Excited about the ability to keep things the same height in a grid, something I’ve been hoping for! 🙂

  143. I really LOVE the libraries! Best thing ever, gonna save me SO MUCH time. 🙂

  144. Congrats and hat down! Slowly but steady Divi has become the best framework theme on the market and the most easy to work with… and the possibilities for web designers and developers are endless. Thank you for your hard work… we know it wasn’t easy at all to achieve this! 🙂

  145. YIPPPEEEE!!!!!!!

    Thanks SO much for all your hard work Guys – we have twelve projects just about to start – and this is just the news I’ve been waiting for! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Tome to get started…… 🙂

  146. I’ve never, and I mean NEVER seen such a long and cool list of features for a new release, I can safely say that my elegant subscription has become the best thing I ever paid in my whole life, THANK YOU.

    Plus this is too much, too much power, I will need to completely forget about my custom design and start from scratch, you gave me a christmas present !

  147. Fluid grid and global settings are great additions to an already great theme. Now I can resume my project with all the tools I need. THANKS FOR THE GREAT WORK

  148. I have made a life out of travelling, having creative freedom, making clients happy and generally waking up every morning doing what I love. Not one tool has contributed to my amazing life more than Elegant Themes. I feel silly for ever complaining about wait time for Extra. You guys have proven once again why you’re the best. I’d pay quadruple my annual membership fee *just* for Divi… instead you guys provide a lifetime membership.

    Kudos to Nick and team! I literally owe you my life!

  149. Una muy agradable e inesperada sorpresa.



  150. We are going to do great things with this, Divi 2.4 should be Divi 3, it just looks awesome and new. Our clients are going to love the sites we can build with the new Fluid layout.

    Thanks muchly!

  151. Congratulations !!!! Amazing 100%

  152. I feel like Xmas came earlier this year, I can’t wait to play :). Love it all, thank you guys.

  153. This is simply amazing! Congratulations on such a feat, this is simply amazing. Thanks for your hard work!

  154. Amazing job 🙂 So much to do !

  155. Amazing! my 5 problems gone with new version. Thank You!

  156. Congratulations ET on a huge and impressive Divi update.

    I am sure I will be using some of these new features in the future, but I have one question regarding the mega update.

    While the update is impressive in terms of visual and functional features, what changes have been made in terms of the code, code-output and general way of handling normal WordPress stuff like plugins, short-codes etc? Also how does Divi handle content if a client wants to change template in the future (you talked about an export-plugin for this somewhere else).

    As much as I love Divi I have “been forced” to use alternatives in some situations as some plugins just didn’t like Divi (probably because how Divi handles/embeds short-codes or similar).

    An example could be the “SEO by Yoast” plugin. For some reason this plugin would give a “bad” page ranking in the admin area because it was not able to “extract” images from the Page-builder. Probably not a real SEO issue, but irritating for my clients. I have had other plugins whos short-code simply wouldn’t “execute” inside a Divi module.

    Bottomline, is the framework done in a more “native” WordPress way compared to the last version?

    Again – thanks for the huge update, just really curious about the technology that powers it.

    – Thomas

    • That’s a very good question. I would like to know the answer to that too.


    • +1 here

    • Good call. Especially about Yoast SEO.

    • Great questions. Looking forward to the answers.

    • Yoast SEO seems to be “business as usual” e.g. not being able to see images attached to Divi Page Builder pages.

      Tried a plugin that did not work before (if I remember correctly) but that seems to be working as it should.

      Oh well, I reckon a lot of testing is needed and see how it all works.

    • I’d like to see the Yoast SEO issue addressed, as well.

    • +1

      • Me too.

  157. I have been eagerly awaiting this. This looks awesome. Looks like Divi will be my main and probably my only theme I’ll be using going forward from this point on.

    Nice job guys!


    • Of course, then there’s Extra….;-)


  158. divi is one of most popular theme i want to use please help me 🙂

  159. This looks fantastic! The amount of customization available now is superb! Great job guys.

  160. This isn’t an update its an whole new theme.

    Unbelievable work and clearly the many hours spent have been well worth it.

    Back off to continue looking at the many, many exciting new features.

  161. Amazing upgrade, the best theme for WP in the net, just hope Extra is just around the corner and is equal to or even better than Divi

    Keep up the good work!

  162. wow this is amazing, the features you have added make divi even better than it was great theme love using it on my design website its vast flexibility works great for me at design-showcase.co.uk Congratulations on the launch 🙂

  163. Thanks Nick!! This is AMAZING!!!

  164. Congrats guys!
    I have a doubt, Is it possible to disable the drag and drop functionality for pages design for other administrators? For example in my case I need to give to my clients access to the administration but I don’t want to stun them with so many possibilities into the admin panel, I want only give them want they need.


  165. Gonna need a PhD(divi) for this :). Sweet!

  166. Whew. Very nice work.

    Do you see yourselves either providing, or facilitating the sharing of, “themes/layouts” for the DIVI framework?

  167. Amazing. I just updated and was quick to fix an issue with my site. In just two minutes I have made the customizations I wanted and I’m a beginner. Great job.

  168. full width code module + fullscreen header ftw!

  169. Most excited about re-using custom library elements.

  170. Speachless!

  171. one word guys – A M A Z I N G ! can’t wait to give it a run

  172. super.
    I am very, very surprised ;-))))))))

  173. This is AWESOME! Great job – thank you ET

  174. OMG this is exactly what I needed. More options are great for the opportunity to do way more than I could imagine. I my idea’s are going all over the place.

  175. This is AWESOME !!! Thanks!

  176. I’m in love with Fullwidth Image Module 🙂 .

  177. I didn’t geht through all the new features yet but i am very excited! Congrats!

  178. I’m so very excited to use this! Thanks guys, keep being awesome!

  179. Wow… this feels like Christmas! Every single freaking thing that I’ve wanted to do with my site (in front of and behind the scenes) I can now do. Thank you Divi team! This is incredible!

  180. Wow. Absolutely stunning set of features. Divi is revolutionary.

  181. Beautiful!

  182. Seriously guys, Wow!

  183. Big well done to everyone involved in the project, delighted with the extra customisation options.

  184. Congrats on the launch. It comes at a great time for me, and I’m excited to test out the new options and configurations!

    I love the Full Code module. Thanks for that.

  185. This looks fantastic, although I sometimes think less is more.
    For this one probably more is more as it allows one to do a lot without touching code. That’s a great benefit if it’s not coming on cost of bloat, slowing down the page and code not adhering to WordPress standards as it is with some other themes from strange shops.

  186. Any chance that you’d release custom layouts for download such as the demo sites?

  187. I’m building 2 sites with Divi right now, perfect timing on the release, love it, Thank You so much!!!!

  188. How report errors in new version? All looks good, but in customizer > footer layouts we can’t see the icon with option (tested in two websites)

    Line is in blank, if I click, layout changes – but with blank lines, I can’t see the options and need to click in all to choose one…

    It can be a bug, or happens only with me?

  189. WOW!

  190. Great job guys! This update truly shows your exceptional talent and love for what you do. Thanks. Can’t wait to use it.

  191. Some basic questions:

    1/ Can we add other social networks on the footer other than Facebook, Twitter and Google+ such as Instagram and Pinterest (Clients are more and more asking for Instagram)

    2/ Can we adjust the size of the gallery thumbnail for cropped images inside the posts?

    • +1 to both points hich’s asking

    • I’m also curious about can we add other social networks and can we change the words describing the divi menu in the mobile/small screen version – select page is confusing to several of my clients – I have used divi booster to change that to Menu at right –> Thanks!

      • Cat, Did you ever figure out how to change the text “Select Page”?

        • Yes please, does someone know how to do this???

  192. Wow. Can’t wait to try this out. The ability to customize spacing sounds fantasic. Well done and many thanks.

  193. This looks amazing! Now I’ll be converting all my sites to Divi2.4.

  194. Been looking forward to this. Can’t wait to try it out!

  195. The new Divi is very sexy! I love the header options and blog post designs and the color options…ok what don’t I love.

  196. Ok now this is what I call a builder! Congratulations to all your team, I haven t yet had the pleasure to play around but from what I read this is an amazing improvment, well worth the wait

  197. The best update for the best theme in word.

  198. Guys, I just spent the last hour and a half reading through the list of new features you’ve added to Divi. To be honest, I almost teared up. Seriously, it’s that good. I can’t wait to dig into it and see what she can do.

    Thank you, for the upgrades. As far as I can tell, you guys are untouchable! Congratulations!!!

    My Daily Armor Ministries

  199. Just AMAZING. Incredible update pals! It has A LOT of things we were asking for, and finally we have 100% control over the design.

    Thanks a lot for your hard work 😀

  200. Thank yous so much guys!! Keep on the great work!!

  201. Wow-wee. I can’t wait to get using it. Great work and thank you!

  202. wow, so excited. get my wordpress next week and will definitly give it a try! 🙂

  203. Can’t wait to experiment with Divi 2.4 !! So many options…where to start?
    Well done to all the team.

  204. The BLOG GRADE OPTION is now very strange… My pictures are all stretched out! The options for for Theme Module does not appear to me… Jesus Christ!

    • Are you viewing the site in safari? If so there is a fix for it already mentioned in the forums.

      .et_pb_blog_grid .et_pb_image_container img { min-height: initial !important; }

      to the custom css and everything is fine (at least in my case :-))

  205. Been looking at Divi for a bit. This might make me pull the trigger. Looks great!

  206. Great release! I love the header layouts and gutterless design options.

  207. Excellent !!!
    I will test it to write better here, but the principle’m done
    thanks …

  208. Functions appear to be on a different level to earlier Divi versions. Loads of new stuff to get to grips with.


    Just started editing a site I am developing on a shared hosting platform and speed of update is a real issue for me, having to wait 25-30 sec for the page to reload after hitting update. Old Divi and every other theme I use is much faster to hand back the editor.

  209. This is everything and more we always wished DIVI could do. Nice to know you take customer feedbacks seriously.

    Global Modules, Sidebar Width, Inline Logo, Divi Builder On Posts, Row Options, Equal Column Height Option, FullWidth Image Module, FullScreen Header are the winning features of DIVI 2.4.

  210. Those new post headers are fabulous! Heading off to download right now!

  211. Just one word… WOW !

  212. Wow! Those are some amazing improvements. That must have taken a ton of time and work to accomplish.

  213. Excited about the new Divi 2.4 update! I had no idea it was going to be this cool!

  214. Any time frame on The Divi Builder Plugin?
    Fabulous work going on here!

  215. The BLOG GRID OPTION is now very strange… My pictures are all stretched out! The options for for Theme Module does not appear to me… Jesus Christ!

    • I have got the same problems with de blog. The images get stretched out .. this is also the case in elegant preview: http://elegantthemes.com/preview/Divi/cafe/blog/

      Any fix for this? Please help .. all the rest is mind blowing awesome by the way 🙂

      • there is a fix:

        .et_pb_blog_grid .et_pb_image_container img { min-height: initial !important; }

  216. I’m not even halfway through the features and I’m excited about updating. So many great updates!

  217. This is amazing, and I’m sure I’ll love it, but yet AGAIN on update of the theme I have to dig back into CSS and hack away at the footer to properly credit my own design studio and add in copyright.

    I can’t even begin to describe how utterly deflating this is. I figured these days would be behind me with 2.4. I guess here’s to 3.0.

  218. Love it!

    No sleep tonight, that is for sure! 😉

  219. I am SO psyched about Divi 2.4, y’all! Congrats on creating some incredible new options! There are so many great ones, I don’t know that I can choose a favorite! Thanks Elegant Themes, and congratulations!! 🙂

  220. Just what I really wanted.

    Thank you so much! I never thought I was wasted on purchasing your lifetime plan.

  221. gorgeous

  222. Looks great! I love the new full screen options!

  223. Soooo… I have the previous Divi 2.0 on my website; i downloaded the update and am trying to upload it to my wordpress page, but I keep getting a message that says “Destination folder already exist” and “Theme Install Failed” – how do I do an update on my site then? Help!

    • Hi Harry,

      You should use our Elegant Updated plugin to keep your theme update to date. You can learn more about how to update your theme here.

      • You need to add this to your “plugin downloads” i have to search for that above post everytime i need it! Congrats on the release btw, epic!

        • +1

  224. Hi guys,

    what about creating a child theme? Is this still necessary? Great job By The way! Cheers BK

    • It will depend on what customizations you’ll require.

      I’m hoping that I can remove my customization, or vastly simplify them with this update.

  225. OMG! I can’t thank & congratulate you enough for this.

    This definitely deserved a Divi 3.0 title. You guys are the best.

  226. Amazing, I use the Divi Theme and i must be updatet and redesign my page.
    I will use the Fullwidth Header und the fluid Design.
    Thanks for this great Theme

  227. So many new features, can’t wait to update and test to say what I most like.

  228. Amazing job! Thank you Elegant Themes!

    This update has everything that I needed so far, plus so much more!!!
    Can’t wait to start buildi ……

  229. Completely blown away!
    Amazing! Awesome!
    Keep up the GREAT work!!

  230. I know this post may get lost in the mass shuffle here, But I am going to post this DIVI 2.4 HACK! Theme is only a couple hours old and I already have a simple hack for you try out….


    I know some people have requested like me to have DIVI in the header area to do what ever crazy thing you want… If you just modify the header.php file you can hack it in..

    • Awesome

  231. Any plans to add sketch files as option rather than just psds?

  232. Thank you, guys! I’m happy mostly about the library, it makes much easier to apply the design of my test page on the real one. You saved me hours I can use for sleep 🙂 So many possibilities, I feel a bit lost (in a candy shop). Great job!

  233. Great update! So many new useful features! I love Divi and Elegant Themes!

  234. Congratulations! A lot of hard work in one beautiful package!!!

  235. Hi Nick, thank you. This is brilliant stuff!

    To things:

    1. There’s a typo after the transparent navigation section that says “combing” instead of “combining” in the header 🙂

    2. While I haven’t tested ant of my sites after upgrading to Divi 2.4, how will this impact load time for sites built on Divi? Are the any plans to focus on speed/optimisations in the future (like storing the common CSS/JS pages on CDNs for example)


  236. Well, I was wondering what’s happening. No news !
    Now I understand why ! This thing is too big ! 😀

    Great job Guys ! You’re the best !

    • I mean, wayyyy too big ! 😮

  237. WoW
    Looks like you listened to all my wishes and more 🙂

  238. Divi 2.4… nope… wrong…. can’t be…. Divi 3.0..more like it…

    Very impressive update. Going to be a hoot to play around and build some sites!!!

    I’m hoping the “sample” “live” sites are available to tear apart… be great to import them in to speed the learning curve….

    By the way… just the blog post of new features and the time you put into telling us about all the new stuff is impressive — can’t imagine how detailed your work is on the actual theme… (I’m so used to software updates with vague bullets but nope not you….)

    Great going … I hope each of you feel a great sense of pride and joy!

  239. So the hide navigation until scroll is awesome, but you really need to put in a button to just enable that on the home page.

    The other thing that is the padding options in the advanced section on a fullwidth slider don’t seem to be working when you put something in them.

    • There is. You can enabled this on individual pages using the Divi Theme Options meta box found on any post or page you edit.

      • Ok great, but what about the padding not working correctly?

        • Submit a support request in the normal way, or do a search in the forums for your problem to see if anyone has found a workaround.

  240. Elegant Themes What a company…. Divi is the best theme ever i cant wait to use 2.4

  241. I like everything of these updates, especially header and navigation settings, 9 layouts possibilities of post title module, elements size changes and code module 🙂

    Now is midnight in my country and I have to take a rest, but I so want to play with it :-))))

  242. Great!

    I went to bed at 4am last night giving my website the final touches… and now this.


  243. 😀 I was literally laughing like a giddy lunatic with excitement as I watched the video!

    You guys have been hard at work, and THANK YOU! Nick, you and your team keep delivering. Proud to be an Elegant Themes customer!

    You rock 🙂

  244. Wow, simply Wow. Thanks a lot Nick !

  245. Looks AMAZING! Love the Global Elements option! Does this theme fully work with the woo commerce shopping cart plugin for WordPress?


    U have exceeded my expectations BY FAR!!!

    Cannot wait to update all of my sites and forget about child themes once and for all!!! U’VE MADE MY WORKING LIVE AND MY CUSTOMERS ADMINISTRATION LIFE SOOOOOOO EASIER!!!!


  247. This is super EXCITING! As a fashion and style blogger, this version of Divi is the turning point to create a blog with world-class aesthetic. So excited to play around with the new options once I upgrade!

    • Bravo for a fantastic outburst! I like every bit of the design work and I can’t wait to try it over the weekend.

      Quick question, does it mean after updating to 2.4 the css code and integration (google analytics) under the epanel will be lost?

      Otherwise great work!

  248. Speechless, spellbound, awestruck & hugely excited! 🙂
    Now, calling Divi a theme is simply an absolute understatement to say the least. I bow and take my hat off before the entire ET team who worked tirelessly to bring us such divine & benevolent beauty!

  249. Magnific, terrific, awesome, fantastic, and the best… you always come at the right time… thank you guys for all you do

  250. Congrats and thanks! This looks amazing and I can’t wait to dive in. I’d been looking at other solutions in the interim but I think I can stop looking elsewhere. Divi 2.4 appears to be everything I’d hoped it would be, and more!

    Can’t wait to get in there and play with it. Great job, ET team!

  251. Just awesome guys, congrats for this update :-). Three thumbs up!

  252. Awesome! So exciting!

  253. So excited! Can’t wait to try it out! Thank you!

  254. You guys are so awesome you should have your own spot in Game of Thrones (but don’t die).

  255. Can’t wait to try the library!

  256. Wow is all I can say. Game changer. Thank you.

  257. This update is amazing, I’ve gotta say the global item and being able to save just the styles/setup of modules is a huge time saver!

  258. you guys really rock with Divi 2.4. this is so exciting as Apple’s breaking through releases! Hats off Elegant Themes! A pit that my account just expired this week, any special offer for a life time access? cheers

  259. Great update, big change.

  260. Great update! it save tons of time on css styling

  261. I am super excited and feel so privileged that as just a beginner in creating a website with wordpress and a theme as magnificient as DIVI, I am able to enjoy all the benefits of extra-ordinary, never-expected, unlimited options to play around with!! 😀 Thanks Nick and The entire ET Team!!! Great work, keep flying!!! 😀 (y)

  262. Really great Job, simply an amazing update… i’m really excited and can not wait to try it… i think Divi gonna be really the most beatiful theme of wordpress world! Thanks a lot!

  263. Wow this is amazing guys! Thank you! Thank you! Perfect timing too. I’m just getting started on my new site and this could not have come at a better time. Did I say thank you? Thank you! Divi rocks!

  264. Like everyone else I’m blownaway by all the option. And there will be some growing pains..
    As in can’t access the customization console getting this error:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined method WP_Customize_Manager::register_control_type() in /home/content/16/2625116/html/presenceofpeace/wp-content/themes/Divi/functions.php on line 540

  265. I’m in love.
    It’s like you guys read my mind, i lot of things i was doing manually now i can do automatically

  266. Brilliant!

  267. LOVE all this so much! So much control like never before <3

  268. Purchasing a lifetime membership to Elegant Themes was the best purchase I have ever made. Thank you for all of your hard work and development. It’s amazing all of the great feedback you have synthesized into this latest release. Thank you so much!

  269. Dreams really do come true! Thank you, Nick and team, for a spectacular update to an already great theme. Can’t wait to jump in!

  270. Can’t wait to try it. It was already amazing. But it just got out of this world.

    Thanks to everyone that worked so hard to produce this.

  271. Awesome new features!
    Thanks 🙂

  272. ….In one word…

  273. Oh my god, that looks amazing. I´m so excited to try all this. There are so many things that I´ve wished for in the last couple of weeks like adding or taking away columns in existing rows and using the page builder on posts. A question though: If I install this now, will it mess up my website? Because I just went online with the new page and really rely on it in the next few days. I could really use the page builder for posts right now, but if there is any danger that the update will mess up my page I´d rather wait until my promo is over. Thanks anyway, love this and look forward to ist.

    Oh: is it possible with the new update, to have more than four images in a row?

    Thanks 🙂

  274. Can’t wait to rebuild my website on Divi!

  275. It looks really amazing.- must be fun, trying out!

  276. This is gorgeous, and The Divi Builder On Posts is amazing, the ideas are overflowing for custom posts, this is a wonderful release.

  277. This is awesome! Thank you! I’m really excited about the global elements.

  278. Ok ok… in the past months I waited for new themes but… DIVI 2.4 is AMAZING! 😀
    Elegant Theme on TOP!

  279. Epic update! Love the global settings feature! 😀

  280. Bravo for a fantastic outburst! I like every bit of the design work and I can’t wait to try it over the weekend.

    Quick question, does it mean after updating to 2.4 the css code and integration (google analytics) under the epanel will be lost?

    Otherwise great work!

  281. “Equal Column Height Option”

    doesn’t this work with the “grid” blog module and the “grid” filterable projects module

    also for a future release… maybe the “projects” module can have an option to open the featured image or video in a lightbox instead of going to it’s own dedicated page…… both options would be useful.

    I’m over so pleased im a lifetime member…..rock on! can’t to see Extra! thanks guys

  282. Bravo for a fantastic outburst! I like every bit of the design work and I can’t wait to try it over the weekend.

    Quick question, does it mean after updating to 2.4 the css code and integration (google analytics) under the epanel will be lost?

    Otherwise great and marvelous work!

  283. Congrats!!!! I’ve been waiting a long time. How do I install both as parent themes and switch back and forth?

  284. Looks amazing. So many things to fiddle with!

  285. With Divi 2.0’ve ever felt compensated to sign an eternal license with ElegantThemes. The new era divi 2.4 makes me have a look of respect and admiration for ElegantThemes development team.

    Initiated a new level of development issues appear influenced by this project, I have no doubt. I dedicated a few hours studying this post and all the news Divi, and I have some questions BEFORE UPDATE MY PROJECTS AND NEW START I believe would also be of great interest to ElegantThemes followers.

    1st) How will behave the SEO of posts, now with the possibility builder also divi to the blog, with the popular Yoast SEO pluguin?

    2nd) It seems that a shift in paradigm with regard to child issues? Do not use more with Divi 2.4?

    Thanks for the hard work they had with this update!

  286. Great work. You’ve translated your extensive knowledge of how to create beautiful designs into a tool for creating beautiful designs. It’s elegant!

    Wondering if Divi is compatible with multisite, going to give it a try.


  287. Thank you. What a way to wake up. It looks great and am installing it now.

    P.s. Thanks for integrating the posts with the same functionality as a page….

  288. Great job congrats !!

    I was just hoping that Font Awesome was included to your modules … so useful !!

    Thanks for your annwer and your great work 🙂


  290. Hi,

    I’m looking forward to the installation and first look tommorow! (It’s a bist late now in Germany)
    I think the Update will be a great milestone and the new features looks fantastic!

    Keep up the good work!

  291. I’ve been torn between buying DIVI from ElegantThemes or NIMVA from RockyThemes (which I can get REALLY cheap right now from MightyDeals). Has someone used both and can make a recommendation? It seems that DIVI is more powerful and has more options. One thing I would like to know is can i add a 1px by 150px background and have it replicate horizontally to fill the width of the screen? Someone told me that DIVI does not do this with the “native” controls, I would have to do it with CSS.

  292. Thanks for the fantastic news. It is certainly a new level in development and web design!

  293. Wow! What an upgrade I can’t wait to get stuck into all these new features…

    Well done!!

  294. This is AMAZING ^.^

    • Hi Luke , I also hoped to have 2 buttons in CTA or FullWith Slider, to give the user two decisions , for example, ” go to the demo” or ” contact “.

  295. This is AMAZING! 😀

  296. the only elegantthemes buat Divi is EXTRAORDINARY themes! 🙂

  297. This is simply amazing! I am lost in Divi land.

    I did make the mistake of updating on a main site without doing a test install first, and have some major Woocommerce issues to work out. It is doing weird things to related products images and images that I use in text modules via short codes: [product sku=”TLS-FULL”]

    Related product images are ballooned and the shortcode images are tiny… I am hoping I can figure it out without changing all the pages and products.

    Actually Ii just checked and all of the products images are larger and distorted. Off to find the solution, but would love to be pointed in the general direction. I am using a basic child with only minor css changes and nothing related to the products. Of course I have built the pages with the Divi builder.

  298. OMG how exciting is this!! Just yesterday I was looking on your site as I searched for a new way to design my homepage and I remembered the DIVI theme. As I was looking I thought “how awesome would it be if it was just a bit more costumizable”.. and what do I find in my inbox today?! DIVI UPDATE! Omg! And WHAT an update, this is just incredible – I think the (online) world really waited for that! Thank you so much for making it happen! Now, if I’d win a membership, that would really just blow my mind! That would be my sign from life to build that homepage and keep going for my dream 🙂

  299. No Comment…I’m speechless! I can’t wait tomorrow morning to upgrade my sites and try it! Nick, your company is the number one!

  300. This looks so fantastic! Great work! I think I am most excited about having so many design possibilities, without needing to do it all with .css!

  301. Fantástic! Customization is all we need!!

  302. Wow! This is one hell of an upgrade. Super excited to try everything out.

  303. No more endless fights with padding and margins in a child theme 🙂 Thanks.

  304. Great job guys! Love it, so many features 🙂

  305. It looks awesome and I can’t wait to get started. I’m seeing a lot of potential!

  306. Heartily congratulations for your more than expected work in Divi 2.4. I have been waiting for a new version of Divi. Hands down, this version of Divi is completely able to blow other layout builders out of the water.

    Totally mesmerized and too excited reading this news. It is too hard to pick only one feature as my favorite as Divi 2.4 hit the WordPress community with so many stunning and incredible additions.
    Yet my favorite feature is, “added new module customization options” such as padding, margin etc (box model). It was a much desired feature to make a custom layout.
    Secondly, I like equal column height, Row options, Header customization options and Global elements.

    I am so excited to write a huge review for this masterpiece and also to compare it with Visual Composer as it seems to be the best VC alternative by far.

    Kind regards

  307. Brilliant update guys, well done!

    Just a quick question as a new user of Divi, in the video module can you use embed code now from YouTube for example or is it still only done by insert link. I am aware you can upload video directly to Media but this is not always practical. This would be really helpful, I know there are workarounds but for simplicity this would be much easier!

    Again thanks for the update!

  308. Glad it’s the morning here in Australia so l can spend some time testing on my site before updating clients’ sites. A-mazing, everthing i wanted and more, this will revolutionise how we build websites and give small business new opportunities. Thank you so much Nick and the ET team, you should be very proud!

  309. This is amazing, I hope you keep improving Divi and launch soon Extra!!

  310. Wow, just wow

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  313. Wow! Amazing! I’ve hit an issue though – when i click on my portfolio items the padding has gone on the individual project pages – please help!

  314. I don’t think I’ve ever smiled so much with the thoughts of what I’ll be able to do with this theme.

    Nice work guys. I’m very happy for you and wish you tremendous success!

  315. Great lineup of new features !

    Looks like there is a bug in the picture ratio in the demo blog :


    Which brings the following question : despite the many ways to display galleries and slideshows, there is no way to build a simple photo slideshow preserving the format ratio of the picture ? Currently a vertical photo will be cropped to fit the horizontal ratio…

    There are a lot of nice new stuff, but this one seems pretty fundamental to me. Or do I miss something ?

    • +1 on the vertical photo thing but otherwise a beyond awesome update!

    • +1 to the vertical image question/issue- but the rest is sooooo cool!

    • Yes, this is a big problem for me also. All the heads are cut off on portrait thumbnail images. I was able to painstaking modify previous versions of the theme to work with portrait thumbnails, but have been unsuccessful in modifying version 2.4 of Divi so that aspect ratio is retained in portfolio and gallery thumbnails. Should just be a on click setting to maintain aspect ratio.

    • +1 on adding a setting to preserver aspect ratio on the slidehow. We’ve had to use other sliders on several sites so far because this is not a feature.

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  320. I’m not really sure where to start! Could you guys share the builder/layout for one of the advanced demos that Kenny Sing built? Would love to see how he created some of these advanced elements using the standard toolbox!

  321. Looks amazingly comprehensive – which is both empowering and overwhelming. As a traditional blogger, should I wait for Extra as a more suitable starting point?

  322. I like the possibilities this theme has. I wonder if you have included new themes as well. Thanks

  323. Thanks, you’ve just saved me a lot of time! Much of my custom css has to do with changing module widths, and row/column padding and margins. It looks like that, coupled with individualized global modules is going to speed up my productivity!

  324. WOW thanks guys very impressive !

  325. Looks great! Can you do different header images on different pages? I might have lost that feature–there were so many!


  326. Does it add much bloat?

    • Well the theme download was slightly over 1 meg bigger, but so worth it for the extra functions you get.

  327. I’m so upset about this upgrade to Divi!

    Darn you, Nick Roach.

    How dare you take away so many problems,
    issues, and frustrations.

    It’s going to be much harder now to find
    reasons to complain.

    Evil…just evil!

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  333. Nick & your team,

    I really can’t express the amazement of what you have accomplished here – it’s totally mind boggling.

    What amazes me more is that once a member, one has the privilege to get all these wonderful features for free – it’s not as is one has to pay again (and again, and again) for what is virtually a brand new, top-of-the-range product.

    I know that I’m preaching to the converted here, but someone who is NOT a member of Elegant themes is losing out BIG time.

    You guys rock!

    Thank you so much for your hard work, dedication and vision to produce the best themes ever!

  334. Thank you for listening to your customers and giving them exactly what they wanted. I know it’s a win-win at the end but you have done a great work with this update, thanks to the team. Can’t wait to get to work now 😉

  335. very nice work. wow! but I wonder what happened to the blog pictures on safari browser (desktop and iPad) … they are stretched. I saw this problem when watching live demos and saw one guy on Facebook who went back to 2.3 because of this. who to fix it?

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    Can’t wait to have a play. 🙂

    Awesome innovation!

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    I hope there will be some tutorial videos on how to use the extensive new features which will help us better learn and use the new functionality of Divi 2.4. Thanks!

      • Thanks Cliff, I didn’t see this link. Just checked it out and there is lots of useful information here.

  339. Maybe I’m missing something, but I cant seem to access the update 🙁 even when going to dashboard->updates

  340. Just updated on our development site. Very beautiful and convenient.

    My only question, and I may be missing it, but I am not seeing the column spacing option except for under the footer option.

  341. I’ve always been hesitant to use themes with a builder tool, but this looks fantastic! I like that you’ve gone the extra mile and added things like showing the header on scroll.

  342. I love the new additions and even though I’m in the middle of a project, I will install the new version and try to make it work with it. That’s how much I’m sold on the new feature implementations.

    Some of the new features, especially the global library, seem super useful and I couldn’t have thought of them on my own. Thanks for listening to the community and working in great suggestions like this one! 🙂

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    I LOVE this massive upgrade. Congratulations and thank you 🙂

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    Keep up the good work Elegant Themes!

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  350. Stellar update Nick and team! I can’t wait to have a play. The release timing is fantastic for me, too as I have a client who’s hesitant about moving to WordPress and wasn’t happy with my first rendition of his site in Divi. I was frustrated by the inability to do transparent backgrounds and you’ve delivered that and so much more. I think I love you! Is that wrong???

  351. Wow! Best news to wake up to:) Well done, Elegant Themes! I’m a newbie and had been struggling teaching myself to design websites using WordPress. And then I came across Elegant Themes, and signed up. I must say I love the ease of use and flexibility of the previous Divi, but now version 2.4 is sooooo fantastic. Especially coming from a print background, the versatility of the new builder means I can have control very much like using a desktop publishing software such as Indesign. I love it! I can’t wait to play around with it and create awesome websites for my clients. Thanks for this awesome update!

  352. I just spent the last 3 days trying to figure out how to do the FULLSCREEN Header feature on Divi. Now it’s a click away! Woo hoo!

  353. Thanks Elegant themes team for all the time and effort you have put into making this the BEST theme I have had the pleasure of using.
    The new features are so amazing I have no idea which is my favourite and which to start with!

    Great work team!

  354. Happy with the new module options, looking forward you should add a second sidebar option (by default) to Divi

  355. I’m new at website building and know almost nothing about html, joomla, python, short codes and much else. Even Firebug stumps me from time to time. Thanks to the Divi drag and drop technology, I’ve managed to build two websites. One of them is still under construction, but it won’t be long before it’s up and running. I’ve used Divi for both sites and love it. This new 2.4 Divi version sounds like I won’t need Firebug anymore and with any luck I won’t need to learn anymore CSS. All I can say is I love Elegant Themes and the smartest thing I’ve done since starting my website building project was joining Elegant. The folks at Elegant Themes also referred me to a fabulous hosting company. If you’re looking for a winner, consider Siteground. They can’t do enough when it comes to helping their clients; even the dummies like me. As yet, I haven’t received one bit of information from their tech support people that wasn’t right on the money. Eighty percent of the information I ever got from GoDaddy and Host Gator was inaccurate. So here’s a big thanks to Elegant Themes.

    • Hi
      CSS is very easy to learn, its good to know it even when using divi

  356. I am fairly new to CMS websites. Been following Divi for months and watching it improve with every update.

    Question: I am using a free theme with Jetpack. Do I need jetpack with Divi or is it a totally integrated package?

    Thanks Greg

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    Greetings from Sardinia (Italy).


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    Most of these features I have had to write up myself in a child themes…

    This is going to save me hours.

    I can’t wait to start my next website project now!

  362. Looks like a pretty solid update. One thing that is annoying me however, is when I change with width of the website content, or gutter etc, there is no indication of how many pixels it is… It’s just a slider… What’s the deal?

  363. I’m so excited! Woo! You guys are so awesome!

  364. I was thinking about “how cool it would be to be able to save modules to use later?”

    Thank you!

  365. Awesome upgrade! I’m looking forward to working with the new builder options.

    • I’ve been using Divi since the very first version. Now i use it for almost every site i build. 2.4 has finally given me those few missing features i have been begging for. Divi is now the perfect WordPress theme.

  366. Thanks for all the hard work you and your team put in. The scope of this update really is amazing. You probably need a vacation by now!

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  368. Hi thanks for this absolutely awesome. I did however click on only one demo link in internet explorer – the café demo and the centered logo is squished and really wide – is this only in IE and how to fix?

  369. Oh wow… I see I have a ton of videos to watch, so I can get up to speed on all the inner workings of Divi 2.4! It’s like a brand new theme. Incredible. I can’t wait to check it out and try everything.


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    • I created a child theme and activated it, works just fine.. Their is so many customizations of things inside divi, a child theme is really not as need as before.

      • +1

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    A beautiful Divi theme.

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  384. If I had to pick one feature that will become absolutely essential to me, I’d have to say, “global items”. What a time and effort saver that will be.

  385. Congratulations!

  386. Just updated one of my websites with Child Theme, No issues so far except adjusting background color and text color for secondary menu and footer.

    Divi 2.4 is outstanding and powerful. I didn’t even tested 5% of it and it’s already impressive.

  387. Epic. That’s all. Can’t wait to start working with it.

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    Looks fantastic ET, time for me to upgrade some sites and get to work at it again!

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    I’m really impressed with what you guys are doing here and am already thinking of ways I can use what you’ve delivered with 2.4 to better help my clients and students.

    Well done! I’m an even bigger fan now than I was yesterday! 🙂

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    Just wondering what will happen to my current sites with this upgrade?

    Thanks, look forward to using it! 🙂

  393. Divi is one of those themes that I’ve been following, this version is definitely something I would use on my next site redesign. Really compelling! Great work on the update!

  394. Well done guys! Am currently working on a project – and was struggling a little with the things that this update will easily take care of. Mainly around being able to adjust height / spacing between rows / sections and also the height of sliders. Am going to update to divi 2.4 for that project now!

  395. Nick and the Elegant Themes team you are seriously in a class all of your own.

    I just updated my websites to Divi 2.4… seamless and easy to figure out the new features. Now I can be a designer.

    It used to be follow the designer’s lead with an Elegant Theme Template. Now I am following Elegant Theme’s lead, but as a designer.

    This kind of achievement is unprecedented. You are making history and changing the playing field with this type of innovation. I have a suspicion you are already planning the next improvement.

    Thank you.

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  398. Whilst at a Divi WordPress Meetup I heard that the new update would allow me to move sections and modules between pages. Well, it looks like I’ll get that and a whole bunch more!

    I haven’t even launched my new Divi website yet and I get something like this to play with!

  399. Oh man, so many new awesome things to play with….. You guys rock it! Cant wait to implement and try out all the new toys..

  400. Just upgraded to Divi 2.4 on one of my own websites (low importance, but still a production site).

    ** I found that all of my images which had animations applied to them then failed to display.** – I’m having to work through them all now and remove animation options; they’re re-appearing as I do this.

    Also found that the blurb module hasn’t worked with older content since updating… I’ve not delved into that yet…

  401. Just upgraded to Divi 2.4 on one of my own websites (low importance, but still a production site).

    ** I found that all of my images which had animations applied to them then failed to display.** – I’m having to work through them all now and remove animation options; they’re re-appearing as I do this.

    Also found that the blurb module hasn’t worked with older content since updating… I’ve not delved into that yet…

  402. WOW… great features… it’s like a ‘theme dream’ come true !
    There is nothing more that one can ask for 🙂

    Congrats !

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  406. love the new updates! will continue using elegant and renew my subscription next month! keep up the good work guys!

  407. Great Launch Guys. Will take a while to master this beautiful beast. I hope there’s an in-depth tutorial on how to use DIVI 2.4.

  408. Great launch and with amazing features!

  409. Looks great there.

    I had always been monitoring Elegant Themes and this theme is something different.

    I would love to try it out.

  410. I with you Wil, it need to be some type of tutorial for this. But it is very awesome I like what I saw.

  411. Excellent, this pulled me over to go for lifetime membership

  412. This DIVI 2.4 is great. The new upgrade can’t be describe. I bought the yearly subscription but just recommended my client to upgrade for life. ET is shaping the way website should be built. Thank you, ET.

    Could you upload new videos tutorial with the new features?

  413. Amazing , now I have to rebuild my website! If you could just give me that exact template from one of those you did as a sample I could just be done 🙂

  414. Drag & drop feature is always a cool feature!

  415. Nice, great customisation

  416. Would love to see the button editor function added to the image module, or even broken free completely so it can be used anywhere.

  417. Awesome! Can’t wait to start playing with Divi 2.4! For the future can I request you add sections to the Circle/Number/Bar counters? So that not only can you see how far you have come but so that you can also define the steps it took to get there?

  418. As a travel photographer requiring very demanding needs and strong customisations for my website and portfolio, you seem to really have hit the nail on the head with this one.

    Thanks Nick and ElegantThemes team for hitting a home run with this. You’ve definitely increased (again) my professional presence on the web.

    Kind regards,

  419. Kenny Sing, I just wanted to add that your demos are gorgeous. You did a beautiful job showing different options and all that Divi can look like. It’s incredibly inspiring.

    • Sue he did, the demo set my hormones into unusual excitement…whoops 🙂

  420. Divi2.4 is indeed a robust and biggest update that fixes almost all the design tweaks and truly placed Divi as the fore-runner of the most intuitive UI/UX in the world of WordPress. I love the blog post concept, sincerely its kinda new allover. The row option is wow and ability to set image to full width and other sterling features are the surest game plan hard to beat. Thanks a billion Eleganthemes for giving us edge to be in the game of modern website building. I can’t be more happier to have made the right choice 3yrs ago.

    Feature update: Possible to have a subtle infinite scrolling background slider in the row or section?

    With regards

  421. Just saw the “Equal Column Height Option” — hallelujah! That always used to drive me bonkers, trying to figure out how to reword each module’s content in order to get their boxes to line up as closely as possible. Now with a setting like this, I won’t have to – I’ll just set it up so they line up the way I want, even if the content in one is slightly longer than the others. Bravo. 🙂

  422. Amazing builder. For a while now I follow Elegant Themes and DIVI for their high quality work. With this new update you made a new customer, I wil purchase for sure.
    One pre-purchase question: let’s say I built a row 3 columns; one of those columns I want to divide in 2 columns. Is that possible?

  423. Transparent Navigation and individual backgrounds for columns I’m extremely excited for among others.

  424. That looks awesome
    Can’t wait to try it

  425. Hi Nick,

    I’m new to the wordpress scene and signed up to ET about a month ago. I’ve started designing a few websites for some family businesses and learning as much about wordpress, plugins, themes, CSS and everything else that comes with it.

    I have to say your product was incredible, but this new update… I feel like I was playing checkers and you just brought my brain onto the chess board! You’ve got a new lifetime supporter here!

    Keep up the great work ET!

  426. Awesome functionality and great new features. I like specially adjustment of height and width, column and raw space and typography options. No doubt that Divi is an ultimate solution for make WordPress based website.

  427. I am really looking forward to being able to add more customization to posts!

  428. I’m overwhelmed with all the options. This is going to take some major playing. 🙂

    Not a bad thing. Not at all.

  429. Excited to try on new customers, seems many more possibilities for many a new designs we can create with it.

  430. Here is new version and more and more flexible for me and newly users…
    Cheers to ET team…

  431. Awsome update, so many great features, slowly looking at them

    2 issues.

    1. Buttons script – I have lost the border on my “et_pb_more_button” has lost it’s nice border and cant get it back .. we are using it in scripts inside widgets.

    2. Full size slider – no longer correctly resizes when resizing window, works down to about 50% then image expands to 100% again, also the text on our full size slider again works down to 50% then becomes scrambled. in the previous version it would simply disappear rather than scramble

    the text here would be good if it could resize px below 50%

    hope this makes sense

    • Hi Gary,

      Do you see this problems in our demo? It sounds like you may have made some customizations to the slider that is causing a conflict. Have you tried disabling your child theme temporarily?

      • no child theme.. have a look at our site,

      • I have found the issue with full wiodth slider.
        when adding text, attempting to centre the text to the right side of the screen using “padding-left: 600px” the emage stops scaling…

        The Montebello Islands
        Your Ultimate Fishing Holiday

  432. To start at the top…. I am most excited about the header options!

  433. Is there a way to disable the mobile menu / mobile site for iphone, ipad etc?
    Hate the mobile menu. Makes no sense on an ipad.

    • Create a child theme then add this css
      .mobile_menu_bar, .et_mobile_menu, .mobile_nav {

    • Or try Divi Booster – there are options in that plugin that allow you to change some of the elements of the Mobile site. If you scan comments above 0 there is a divi booster link talking about and update there as well.

      • Thanks Carol and Cat.
        I will try those.

    • Agreed. The mobile menu doesn’t live up to all the other great features.

  434. Wow! This release is impressive. Divi 2.4 is to WordPress what Bootstrap is to handcoding – a fantastic platform to build on. Looking forward to getting this out in the wild on some sites.

  435. full width slider no longer works on mobile android

  436. This is a great upgrade guys, it adds a whole heap of flexibility to the builder, good job! We’re going to experience the new builder very soon. Thanks!

  437. Let me first state that I jumped ship a long time ago and started using X The Theme. At the time, Visual Composer was so much easier and faster to design with than Divi’s initial iteration. Although Visual Composer kept me from having to code all day on a custom design, the columns and modules layout was very unappealing. It just looks clunky.

    Then, the folks at Theme.co decided to design their own builder and for some reason, they thought that stacking everything into the WordPress customizer would be the way to do it. Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s not. It’s a disaster. WordPress.com needs to think twice before going through with their proposed admin menu in the customizer, too. I need to be able to see the geometrical layout on the page, even if the code is hidden behind blocks. Designing a site within the customizer solely is going to be a big flop for WP Developers.

    I just scrolled through the new Divi demos and I’m jumping ship again, but this time, I’ll be going back to the company that I first cut my WordPress teeth on. Elegant Themes and Kenny Sing…you guys did it right!

    You managed to design a visual block builder that not only looks great, works phenomenally, cuts through the code, and adds some beautiful, graceful, aesthetic touches to a builder. This thing ROCKS.

    Kenny: I knew when I fired up the demos that you were all over them brother. You did an absolutely jaw-dropping job with those demos that really inspired me to fire up my new copy of Divi. They’re truly gorgeous in every sense of the word.

    Kudos on breaking through the clutter that has consumed the WordPress world of ‘builders’ and finally getting it right.

  438. wow!! Can’t wait to update our site, this edition will mean I get to clean up a ton of CSS customization we added but still maintain the responsive layout!

  439. Epic but I’m still trying to understand why some basic and extremelly simple features that were asked here weren’t added such as social icons for Linkedin and Instagram?
    With such a big update and plethora of functionalities do we still need to edit the theme files in order to display these icons?
    Is there any estimate release for Extra Theme? Would it be for this summer, winter or next year?
    All what you did is truly impressive the only thing… I was a bit surprised to find that epanel is still used for Divi 2.4…it looks so old fashioned compare to the rest.

    • It seems and I presumed the epanel may be revamp during Extra since most site we will be building by then will be via Divi plugin..

  440. Thank you for this amazing creative move forward, we look forward to being even more creative thanks to Divi 2.4 🙂 thanks

  441. Hooray! Awesome! This is exactly what webdesigners need!

  442. This just looks amazing….great job ET

  443. Wow, what a huge upgrade!

  444. Hey Nick,

    Divi 2.4 looks amazing. Especially the “Library” and Blog post options. Congrats!

  445. This is just amazing ! I have been waiting for this update for a while now. You just got yourselves a new customer.

  446. I don’t even know what my favorite feature of Divi 2.4 is! There’s so many great things! I think the two I’ll use most are the new header customization abilities, and the global modules.

  447. Congratulations and thank you.

  448. Hello, I love the changes in Divi!

    There is one little thing I miss: I would like to be able to change the footer tekst in the theme customizer.

    The rest I’ve seen so far is great, thanks!

  449. Hi Nick,

    You and your team has done a great job for WordPress arena. Now everyone can tweak their websites easily.

  450. Awesome and classy!

  451. Amazing! I think this is a new milestone for all others WordPress theme.

    Thank you to all team of ET.

  452. I’ve been waiting for these features for a long time. Thanks guys!

  453. You guys did a hell of a job!
    Fantastic, all those nice, handy, new features.

    The best of all;
    You can see and feel that it’s made by people who knows what they are doing!
    Almost hard to believe that a membership is that cheap for such (a) product(s).

  454. This is REVOLUTIONARY! The library and custom header positions will definitely make a killing. Great job guys!

  455. Divi update feels so freaking awesome.
    I’m excited about Global Sync.
    Looking forward to create new websites using the theme.

  456. What about the ability to add ANIMATIONS to any element?

    • +1! not only to images but to text because some clients love some movement to wake them up 🙂

      • hahaha! Nice humor, but a great idea to add Animations to images and texts!! (y)

  457. So excited.

  458. I’ve been playing with this for hours now…just amazing! I just picked up a couple new clients, and with all of the new functionality in 2.4, I will definitely be able to impress them even more now! Thanks for all of the effort you’ve put into this!

  459. Hi, congrats again!
    My first question about DIVI 2.4:
    after the update (not a new install) there are 32 published layouts mentioned in the counter but not even one layout is listed and provided below.
    What happened?

    • This is what I have been searching for also..

    • I believe those were a separate download in an old blog post here that first demoed the Load Layout feature new in Divi 2.0

  460. Amazing! Congrats for releasing such a great update.

  461. ridiculous to call it 2.4 – look like a 3.0 to me 8^)

  462. All I can say is… wooooowwww. Congratulations!

  463. Astonishing work for sure ! Though i am going to wait for the next 2.4.x version, as of course many features are always bringing many bugs. So i am going to wait for all the other people to test and report bugs 😉 I am not in a hurry to update anyway, even if it looks amazing. I’ll be patient 🙂

  464. EXCELLENT! We are waiting. Thanks guys!

  465. Great work elegant theme….

    I love it so much. At least I can now do every detailed thing by myself.

    Can we download those 4 new Divi demo that you created.?

  466. Absolutely amazing. thanks for the fab work! Loving it!

  467. Thanks ET! This really is the only WP theme I use! Thank you for making it easy for designers to build sites without struggling with custom codes.

  468. Divi 2.4 is just beautiful! This is the most user friendly theme I have the pleasure of promoting. Bravo!

  469. Excellent release. I can’t wait to take it for a test drive.

  470. This is really amazing! I just was about to refresh my current website and build a new one for my new business. So Divi 2.4 cam just in time with these amazing features and it will help me save time and make even better looking websites. Thank you so much!!

  471. Question No. 2:
    Where can i get the beautiful new demo contents and color schemes (cafe, cafe case study, interior, fashion)? Are there any new premade layouts included?

    • I have already downloaded and no premade. may be added by ET Team (in the member area) or the next post.

      Hope …

  472. Greatest wp theme with tons of individual settings.

  473. Awesome options in this update. Divi is nice good high quality option for much websites.

  474. Some really awesome new features.. Really like the new layouts for the header and also the global settings are a really nice feature

  475. Wow! So much stuff! I’m almost getting scared hahaha (I’m a noob, just trying to get a grasp of Divi 2.0 still)….

    Looks like we’re all gonna have so much fun!

    I do miss one fucntionality though:

    The ability to turn on/off any row in the builder, in the same builder screen, at one’s convienience… It would be Great for tweaking purposes, or to just keep some row “at hand” without having to save it/ look for it/ load it….

    Just a noob’s 2cents.

    Bravo, bravo and bravo!

    • Sergio I used CSS to accomplish what you are suggesting. I have a style that has display: inline and a style that has display: none
      Then I change the CSS for this block to be one or the other

      We use it for notices when needed on our site

  476. Congratulations for the launch! Divi looks amazing, lots of features that needed to be custom coded are now easily done in settings.

    Thank you!

  477. This is simply epic! Great job guys

  478. Great! Fantastic!
    Thanks a lot.

  479. This is a great update. But I’m a little baffled why you put all this effort in and I STILL have to create a child theme just to change the text in the #footer-info. You go to such lengths to make so many things so very easy for us to customise, and then insist on retaining a hard-coded promotional text in the footer.


    Other than that, great work!

    • I couldn’t agree more. I hate having to make a child theme just to change the footer. If we keep bringing this up, maybe Nick will consider adding this and finally making the product ready for full use.

      Either way, this theme is awesome.

    • VERY frustrating, I agree. The only reason I can think of is that some people can’t change the footer php, so they don’t – more advertising for Elegant Themes that way. I’m not using ANY other themes that don’t offer the ability to easily change the footer/copyright info.

    • I can’t help but agree with this.

      This is a superb update all-around, and the developers deserve great praise! But having to implement a child theme/under-the-hood workaround just to change one small yet still important detail (like the copyright/footer info) is unfortunate.

      As others have suggested/requested, please allow for an easier option to edit this information. Thanks in advance!

    • I still cant believe this is not implemented. I am sure ET have the solution ready and will integrate this in 2.4.3 Our smile would not get full width/fullscreen if this is further delayed.

    • I’m sorry, Nick Roach, but I have to agree. I can’t have “Designed by Elegant Themes powered by WordPress” on my sites.

      I’ve just performed this Google search:

      “designed by elegant themes powered by wordpress remove” (sans quotes)

      It came back with “About 231,000 results.”

      That’s almost a QUARTER OF A MILLION PEOPLE who are UNHAPPY with the fact that they don’t know how to remove your Elegant Themes advertisement.

      How many unhappy customers do you have that DO know how to remove it?

      I would respectfully suggest that it is ALL OF THEM!

      Nick, you and your team are doing fine work, but this little thing does spoil it somewhat. It’s very inconvenient.

    • The Divi Booster Plug-in still works for this. Very quick and easy.

    • I was going to purchase the theme. But after reading this I am NOT going to do it anymore. If there will be a way an update to remove this advert then I might reconsider this theme.

  480. Awesome, Perfect and classy.. 🙂

  481. Incredible, just fantastic!

  482. nice to see. The different positions on header I like mostly.

  483. Wow! This looks absolutely amazing!
    Outstanding work.

  484. This is awesome…I had a membership with ET before and this is going to make me renew again, even if I don’t win. Feels like this is going to be a game-changer.

  485. Wow, simply mind blowing! Congrats Nick and Team for bringing us the finest theme ever! You really need to be hugged for the magnitude of this huge leap in designing a website. The 2.4 is not really an update – it deserves a 3.0.

    Keep up the awesomely superb work!

    Just wondering based on your next release plan – is Extra really a ‘theme’, or is it going to work with only the new Divi Plugin?

  486. Great Job and lovely new options BUT some errors appear after update with pluggins :

    Your own pluglins…very critical for me … no more collect email and share

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 52428800 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 3200 bytes) in /home/appisurf/public_html/blog/wp-admin/includes/post.php on line 1042

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 52428800 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 82 bytes) in /home/appisurf/public_html/blog/wp-admin/includes/list-table.php on line 113

    Other important pluging ;

    WP SEO
    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 52428800 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 12288 bytes) in /home/appisurf/public_html/blog/wp-admin/includes/media.php on line 1197

    WP Super Cache
    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 52428800 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 12288 bytes) in /home/appisurf/public_html/blog/wp-admin/includes/template.php on line 1604

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 52428800 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 12288 bytes) in /home/appisurf/public_html/blog/wp-admin/includes/template.php on line 1604

    No important but usefull

    User Photo
    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 52428800 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 3072 bytes) in /home/appisurf/public_html/blog/wp-admin/includes/theme.php on line 126

    All these plugins work good before update (no auto counter of followers)

    Thanks for you help.

    • The errors are not specifically because of the new update of DIVI. The main problem is that your host does not have enough resources to keep up with your site, or maybe your visits have risen.
      There are some ways to solve the problem, try searching for the errors.

    • Those errors are related to the memory allocated to your WP install. They have nothing to do with the theme or plugins you are using.

      You should increase the max allocated memory usage from your cPanel or Plesk, or ask your hosting provider.

    • Were you able to resolve this? it seems we are having similar issues and are not able to update our theme and are receiving similar fatal error messages. Would love to know if you were able to fix this….

  487. Woo!
    The update is definitely bigger than I imagined! Great job
    This definitely worth waiting and will worth for you the effort.
    By every new module and every new feature there comes new horizons of development, so keep up the great work, thank you.

  488. i think this version optimize the layout. that is very awesome and beautiful.
    but i’m still waiting to more feature, like as custom post type on module. so the module can show the custom post (e.g. package vacation, list movie), not just the blog and project posts. And i want to this theme have module for searching custom custom field on custom post type.

    but i appreciate that. congratz Nick

  489. Its good to see my suggestion of adding different styles for buttons was added in 2.4. Great work.

  490. Great work as always!

  491. Great Update, just awesome. I used CSS Hero until now but i think i won’t need it anymore. Especially the “Equal Column Height Option” is what i wanted desperately. But some how it doesn’t work for me, anybody got an idea?

    • Doesn’t work for me either, I’m setup on a child theme, not sure if that matters.

      • Hey – doesn’t work for me either… anyone figure out why this might be?

  492. This looks amazing! Now I just need a full weekend to play! Nice work!

  493. Simply mindblowing how with each release you guys manage to break something.

    BLOG GRID ISN’T WORKING ANYMORE NOW! And even manages to crash your browser as it keeps repeating the blog posts.

    Can’t imagine nobody else having this problem.

    ALSO! How about a decent youtube embed code now? It’s still broken and not working for several years.

    I don’t give a **** about all these beautifying add-ons and **** that have overbloated the DIVI theme out of context.

    Again another NOT happy customer so delete my count from the counter below already as this is another shit release that has broken several websites that can’t even show blog post on the frontpage anymore now.

    If this is your so called biggest overbloat/graphics for the world, fuck functionality update. I will get rid of ET themes at all my clients and websites.

    Even more astonishing is the amount of dick riders and cock suckers here in the comments that haven’t even tested the new SHIT 2.4 release but still praise your shit to heaven.

    I have had enough of this shit releases and shit updates. Time to get some real support and real worth for the $$..

    • Wow, wasn’t expecting reading this. I hardly ever comment on anything, let alone here but your language is pretty horrendous.

      I would suggest, if you’re not happy, instead of displaying this colourful language to contact support in a nice manner and get them to resolve the issues.

      Wonder how you go through life as a whole, with this kind of attitude.

      Yes, things break and nothing’s going to be perfect, however, it’s the after care support which is important and if they are not resolving these major issues, raise it again.

      Or maybe, you’re not getting any traction due to your manner of speech.

      Nevertheless, good luck.

      • Their after support is no better than their faulthy theme releases.

        Always the same simple questions treating their customers like little kids that can’t code or do anything their selves.

        “We need a link” bla bla bla
        “Do you have a child theme?” bla bla bla if so een though you paid 250$ we will not help you cause you have a custom css template.

        WTF kind of support is that?

        “if you want us to look at it we need more $$ cause you have a child theme with some custom css rules in it”

        Support overal takes more than a month to come with a solution so you can hardly even call it support.

        Even now when many people have complaints about the blog grid not working crashing chrome and even phones they don’t give a shit and not a single fix by ET has been released nor has a theme update been released.

        • We have updated the theme twice already with multiple fixes, including the Blog Grid bug in Safari that you refer to. We will continue to fix bugs as they are reported.

          • We have paid the $250, are we still going to see updates for 2.0? Switching client sites with child themes to 2.4… which I like is just not in our budget or our clients budgets. They aren’t seeing a broken site and we aren’t in the business of trying to convince them otherwise.


            • You will always see update notifications if the theme is not up to date.

  494. A M A Z I N G!
    Congratulations guys!
    You have been able to improve a theme that was already ‘quite’ perfect, in something else that is PERFECT!
    I can’t stand anymore! I’ve just make the upgrade on my divi-based websites and I’m so excited to try the new Divi in all its parts!

    You might not have a customer more enthusiastic than me 🙂

  495. Great news and great job with the 2.4 update. Can’t wait to try all this new features !

  496. Not much to add to what has already been said

    But “WOW”

    Well done Nick

  497. How is this not a version 3.0? Very impressed, made ysselmuiden.nl in just one evening.

    Thanks and congrats!

    Ps. Only missing one thing, the ability to make content text justified for the entire site. Hope this feedback helps.

  498. This is great guys !!
    I’m just scared to update existing websites with such a big change into the theme. I fear that too many customized things “crash”.
    Will test.
    Thanks anyway for this amazing design options.

  499. I am incredulous … and you are great. But greeeeeeeeat great great! 🙂

  500. The whole office just had a massive nerdgasm, this is what we’ve been waiting for and with what I’ve played with so far, this is looking like the best update by a long way so far. Surprised you didn’t go with a 3.0 name with the amount of changed you put in here. AMAZING!

  501. Just WOW!

  502. Congrats, hard work paying off! We’re impressed and blown away with Divi and the new Divi 2.4 update! Thanks for listening to your communities wants and needs. #Elegant #Divi #Rocks

  503. Wow. Just wow.

    So worth the wait. I don’t know where to start… 🙂

    Thanks Nick and your amazing team. You guys ROCK!

  504. Absolutely impressed. Every new feature is awesome. Great work

  505. Outstanding. Just what I’ve been looking for. I’ve struggled to implement some of these features with custom CSS in older versions of Divi. Congratulations to your team.

  506. All of the new stuff seems amazing, great work!!!
    The options to customize per row or to add custom styles to each module and of course the new library and shared options

  507. Oh yeah! The code module! Go Divi go!

  508. Great! All the missing options and tools are here, and all the glitch and bugs seem gone, this is the ‘builder’ many were waiting for, well done!
    I look forward to explorer all the features ant test them, and of course to teach and write about them so that as many people as possible are able to get the most out of Divi and WordPress.
    I’m curious about the 2.5 choice (why not straight 2.5 consiering the major changes?) and can’t imagine what 3.0 will bring.
    Thanks Nick, to you and the Elegant Themes team, as usual!

  509. Absolutely outstanding! Any chances to see in the future custom contact forms or custom surveys modules in Divi?

    Thank you guys!

    • I second this… and I also third this…

  510. Can’t wait to use of these exciting new features

  511. awesome!

    just two things:
    – give us text entry fields along all those sliders!
    – give us mini previews in the modules!

    • Yeah, text entry fields next to the sliders! Right now it’s like pulling teeth setting the sizes you want exactly.

      The sliders in the customization area are form over function.

  512. WOW – everybody is talking about Divi Theme – so I am excited how it looks like. I used other WordPress Themes on different websites for years, but I really like the demo of Divi and the new functions of the update. So I will gibe it a try – sounds like it has all I need 😉

  513. I can’t name just one feature. The whole thing is just amazing!

  514. I’m starting to use and looks great.
    Congratulations for the job!

  515. Speechless…. Just did the upgrade and holey smokes there are lots of changes! Looks absolutely FABULOUS. It will be so much easier to show my visual work now… Will take me a while to get through all the new toys but they all look great. Thanks! Thinking of becoming a lifetime member now, I love my DIVI. 🙂

  516. Absolutely love it. Elegant themes have done it again!!!! Amazing talent.

  517. This really is a great update!!! A huge bummer that I’m traveling for business at this moment… I truly want to try messing around with all possibilities…

    Haven’t tried it yet, but what i’ve seen from the blog post… the Pagebuilder still has a max. of 4 columns is that correct?

    With the new dynamic / percentage driven columns it would be great to have to possibility to use even more columns. Like 5 or 6 …

    Often my clients want 5 or 6 blurbs next to each other on desktop screens… will this become possible in the near future?

    Keep up the great work… !!! it really is beautiful!


  518. Astounding flexibility. I’m already thinking up new and exciting ways to rebuild all of my sites – and I haven’t even bought Divi yet! 🙂

  519. This is AMAZING!
    Congratulations and thank you, I’m going to play with the update asap! 🙂

    But, there’s ONE SINGLE feature that still seems to be missing.
    Add that one to Divi and I’ll happily use it for every project.
    (ok, most of them, probably not everyone 😛 )

    What I’m talking about is buddypress and bbpress compatibility.
    Ok technically there’s no need for special compatibility, they both work, per se; but buddypress in particular still looks awful with Divi; and that’s a shame, since otherwise it is one of the best-looking themes available nowadays.

    Please take it as constructive criticism, and at least consider it for new releases.

    Keep on with the good work! 🙂