Theme Localization and Translation Batch1

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Theme Localization and Translation Batch1

I have received countless requests to localize my themes, and for the past few weeks we have been doing just that. As of today 13 themes have been localized, including: Glow, eNews, Bold, ePhoto, eBusiness, CherryTruffle, PureType, Basic, ColdStone, LightSource, eGamer, eVid and Cion. You will notice that each theme not only comes with the PO file for the English translation, but also includes pre-made PO/MO files for German and Russian as well. I hope to add many more languages in the future.


Now that the themes are localized, it will be much easier to translate them. The English PO file can be opened in a program like poedit, translated, and then re-saved. This is much less time consuming than having to dig through the theme files and search for English words in need of translation.

If anyone creates PO/MO files for their language and wants to share them with the community, just send them to me in an email and I will include them in the theme package. I am sure others will appreciate it! Even though only 13 themes have been localized so far, the rest are soon to come.

Theme Sneak Peek

On a side note, if you don’t follow me on twitter you probably missed my latest theme sneak peek. The design is called Lumin and will be a portfolio theme. Let me know what you think!

Premade Layouts

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  1. Regarding Lumin, just 1 word: awesome! 🙂

  2. I agree with Alex above! Looks REALLY cool- look forward to downloading it soon 🙂

  3. I will be taking a crack at translating your awesome themes into danish 😉

    • Michael, do you have the translation to danish ready?

      // Dorthe

  4. I just love this post from beginning to end. 🙂

  5. This is very good, l might think about Turkish maybe. well done but what happen to eshop ?

  6. Nice step for perfection

    • what you mean turkish tekel ?

  7. This is great news, localizing Elegant themes is another step toward more success!

    I love the Lumin theme, maybe I can use it on my personal blog when it arrive to this life, I need to change my modes 🙂

  8. Your themes look really beautiful! And the localisation is a cool feature… have you considered porting your themes to other cms like Drupal?

    • Perhaps someday in the future, but at the moment I don’t have any plans for porting my themes to other CMS’s.

  9. Great design on the new theme! I’m very much looking forward to seeing it and using it! Localization is a huge step!

  10. The Hungarian language is ready… 🙂

    eBusiness theme translated. The other theme is the translation will work? Or work?

    • Thanks for the help, I have added the Hungarian translation to eBusiness 🙂

      • hi, where/ how can i get the Spanish translation?

  11. Any idea when Lumin may be available for download? I’d like to use it on a current project.

    • It should be ready within 1-2 weeks.

  12. Lumin Theme looking absolutely awesome! I would love to see a “White” Minimalistic version of this theme.

  13. Yes, thanks, localisation it is very necessary, after all almost 300 million population of a planet speaks Russian, it costs on 4 place in the world on prevalence.
    Да, спасибо, локализация очень нужна, ведь почти 300 млн населения планеты говорит по русски, он стоит на 4 месте в мире по распространенности.

  14. Great for localizations, maybe it’s a great idea to ask your friends, followers, subscribers to help you translating these themes in different languages.. 😉

  15. are there RTL versions for the templates??

    • No, not at the moment, sorry. The themes only come in LTR.

      • Do you have RTL themes availabe now?

        • what, how about now?! you have rtl now?! im gonna buy some of this stuff, but i must rtl it myself, could you do that?!

    • Really u guys still not supporting RTL ?

  16. French translation for ePhoto is ready! I’ll maybe translate all the other themes when I’ll have some spare time.


    • Thanks for the help 🙂

  17. Wow, that looks awesome! I always look forward to seeing what you are working on.

  18. Great theme. Any more video sharing themes?

  19. I like the look of the new theme looks ideal for my next project. By the way are still planning a ecomerce theme if so, when will it be raedy ?


    • eStore is still in the workds, but it is still a ways away. I want to make sure I do it right, so I am taking my time with it. I have other great themes on the way in the meantime. 🙂

  20. are you ever going to make templates for joomla!? and how do you remove date/time/author stamp?
    dude you rock

  21. I love your templates … Love! but I’m worried about how they will be treated once Google Caffeine comes out at the beginning of the year! Google wants to speed up the web and your templates (like most blog templates) run slow. Have you thought of ways to speed up your templates? Thanks

    • I am not sure where you heard that google will base its results, at all, on a website’s file size. I don’t believe this is true, after reading about google’s upcoming serp update.

    • Yes, I agree as well! Your themes are based on heavy image work, and that’s what makes them slow.

      And yes, he is right, because Matt Cutt mentioned on his blog that in coming months, google’s ranking factor will include the website’s page load speed.

      Suggestion: It would be great if you release some minimalistic themes like thesis themes which can be customized.

  22. Great job in localizing the themes 😀
    I have just send in the Greek translation file 😀
    Can’t wait for Lumin theme 😀

    • poy re file to esteiles na to katebasw giati me to english den bgazw akri

  23. Just downloaded Cion and I cant find the mo or pot file. It is a separate download?

    • They are in the /lang folder.

      • For Cion there is no damn lang directory, really. Can you please double check that, please?

        • Sorry, it should be there now.

          • Yeap, now it is. Thank you very much and sorry for me being rude.

  24. what is your email? i have PO and MO in Spanish for Lumin

  25. Could you update the changelog info in the download area ? It’s currently impossible to know whether you have the latest version, or if a translation in a given language is available. Thanks.

  26. How we change themes Language, I couldn’t find..:/

    What will I do with po, mo files. When I upload Wp-content/languages section it finishes?

  27. awesome!

  28. And when will the next translation batch come out?

  29. AWESOME !!!!

  30. is there any language in spanish for this theme ephoto’

  31. so, how do I use the .mo and .po translation files?

    i’m a little bit lost.

  32. I have the same question about. I made transalte for my lynguage, but how can i use? In Settings i see nothing. Thanks for help.

  33. I have created the po and mo files, I already have installed the template, but the files do not work. What I have to do with these files? There is any way to manage with translating my theme?

    • I’ve read the link above, and still can’t localize the theme. I wonder if the themes are ready for localization.

  34. I’ve just translated Glow to Vietnamese, but don’t know your email :P.

  35. Thank you Nick for your great work.
    If it be able to translate FAQ and Support-Sites for Members and Developers, in German, we would be verry happy.

  36. What are the steps to accomplish the translation of the theme? Already completed the translation of the PO file for Portuguese of Brazil, but it does not appear.

    • Rafael, você teria a tradução do fusion?

  37. How can I traslate to Spanish the Minimal 1.9 Template. Becose I oponed the lang folder and po and mo en_US and changed the msgstr “” lines to add the traslation like:

    #: ../comments.php:22
    msgid “No comments”
    msgstr “No hay comentarios”

    Next and changed files with ftp and nothing matters with the language of the template in the site… Can enybody help me!!

  38. Hello,
    having a very difficult time either finding a french po/mo file and using poedit…
    is there anyone who can help me.
    I need to use poedit then insert the file into the wp config as per the video in the help section of elegant themes forum…
    but as i said, having tough time… would be grateful is somehone could guide me.

    cheers, mike

  39. your themes are very pro and beautiful. but unfortunately dont include rtl.css.
    i dont think that’s a hard task for you to add a rtl.css in your themes.please do that. because there are a lot of countries that use rtl languages such as persian, arabic, hebrew and so on.
    we are waiting for it….

  40. Unfortunately Elegant Themes are still not RTL ready. This factwas since 2009!! I am switching to other themes providers.

  41. Nick,
    I’ve translated the .po and .mo of the Sky theme in French. How can I send it to you, if you want it?

    • Hi Nick! I’m realy interested in the translation in French of the Sky Theme… Can you send me it by email? My email is on my website.

      Thank You a lot for that !

  42. Where we must change the original en_US.po file with our translation file? In what inc file we should change the en_US.po? I translated and I did both .mo and .po files. but I mus instruct the theme to use that language. Where is that place?

    • If you need help, please open a ticket in our support forums so that our team can assist you.

  43. I translated PO file and renamed it to fa_IR but theme do NOT translated and show english yet!
    I’m using WP-Persian that uses fa_IR code for language persian
    What I do wrong?

    • If you need help, please open a thread in our support forums so that our tech support team can assist you.

  44. how do i add a support for rtl.css support only when i run the site in hebrew but when i run it in english i want it not to loat the rtl.css file.

  45. Does anyone have the spanish .po for SKY theme in SPANISH? thank you!

  46. I use to work with wordpress themes and po files. I recommend it to you guys also, it has a simple interface and many helpful features. Oh, and it has a wordpress plugin attached also.

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