SimplePress Now Fully Responsive

Posted on April 26, 2012 by in Theme Changes/Bug Fixes | 56 comments

SimplePress Now Fully Responsive

As we continue our mission of making our most popular themes responsive, the next design to be updated has been SimplePress. The theme is now fully responsive, meaning that it will adapt to various screen sizes in order to display your content in the most readable manner.

When viewed on your mobile phone or tablet, you will no longer need to zoom and scroll around to read the text on the page, making your mobile visitor’s browsing experience much more intuitive. If you don’t have a mobile phone, try simply re-sizing your browser window while viewing the theme demo to watch the design change.

I hope that everyone enjoys the new features. You can count on many more of these updates in the future!

Premade Layouts

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  1. I love that you are making the themes responsive!! Will that be standard practice for all new themes too?

    • I agree! It is definitely a necessity in this day and age. Glad to see that you’re making it happen with past themes, too!

      • Thanks Nick, you nailed it. Improving your new and old themes. Thats the spirit Elegant Theme developers.

        We love you and please keep on creating themes. How about theme for niches for your next theme release?

    • Yes, we will make all new themes responsive where possible.

      • Awesome. I think this makes you a very competitive player in the themes niche.

        Well done!!

      • Great job, Nick! 😀

      • Kindly can you make it for Lean biz ! too.

  2. Great work, have been waiting for that!

  3. Simply perfect, Nick.

    But with only two responsive enabled themes a week, you are not going to catch up before the end of the year 😉 You have so many.



    • It’s a big job. We will convert themes when we have the time, in-between new theme release.

  4. Will you be doing this same thing for “Basic”? I love that theme.

  5. Simplepress Responsive theme awesome.

  6. So do I need to install it fresh.


  8. Hmmm, curious what criteria determines which themes are updated first…so far, it looks like the less flashy themes are getting the upgrade!

  9. Do you have a schedule of what themes in what order are going to be switched over to responsive? Also, any themes which will *not* be switched over?

    Great themes and my clients are excited about the responsive format!

    • We don’t have a schedule. Right now we are converting the most popular themes/easiest themes. Some themes will not be converted because the way they were built is not conducive to such a big change.

  10. Awesome job ET. If I could make a request….Please do InReview next!

    Keep up the great work.

  11. Well done! Looks great with responsive layout design. 🙂

  12. Would really love if you could share your “list” of themes to upgrade.

    I am really really hoping you will update NOVA to be responsive – awesome theme!

    Thanks in advance for your response!

  13. Wooow…. responsive again..

    good job nick


  14. Looks like all popular themes will be responsive in near future.

    Megamenu and newspaper theme is still missing in your theme collection.

  15. Come on big money (InReview!).

  16. Awesome responsive work nick,

    Always fabulous job of ET team, keep on…

  17. stunning & fabulous theme……

    more waiting for all responsive theme…..

    keep on great work ET team……..

  18. Thanks a for sharing this great theme.
    I love that theme.

  19. Yippee! This is the theme I’ve been waiting for you to update Nick. You’ve made me one very happy lady.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.


  20. Great job The more the merrier

  21. Great! But you should also do something for the shortcodes!

  22. This is just out of pure curiosity.

    What’s your thought process in deciding which theme you are going to make responsive next?

    Is it themes that you personally like more than others? or Themes you think you can make responsive with the quickest turn around time? or just completely random?

    Anyway glad to see all the hard work you guys are putting into your themes.

    Keep up the good work!


    • It has a lot to do with how the theme is built. Some themes are simply not built in a way that would allow them to be converted into a responsive theme. I am also considering the popularity of the theme.

  23. Would be nice to have for all themes 😉

    • We will do our best to convert as many as possible!

  24. Hello,
    Very nice work, really!

    Do you know if you have some «responsive» plan for Nova theme?


  25. Please can’t you guys do this for the askit theme to?!

    It would be perfect to have the possibility to use that theme on iPhone or so as well!

    Please guys you’re the best!

  26. I really like simple press theme, waiting for the responsive design and its finally here.

  27. The headlines on each page looks a little strange on my iPhone. Like the shadow, is a stroke?

    In the new themes, do we have the options to upload another log for the retina display? When I look at the SimplePress logo on my iPhone the logo is blurred?

    Best regards, Dennis

  28. Thanks you very nice

  29. This is great stuff. You guys are just continuously making yourselves leaders in the theme niche. Love it!!!!

  30. It’s great when you upgrade themes and it’s always for the best, so I ran onto this upgrade, drewing for this new improvement.
    But … for foreigners using accent (latin language letters such as: éêèàïô … and so on) it’s a nightmare.

    Could you provide an appropriate font?
    Or does it mean that for us (latin or accentued languages) we have to keep on using old templates?

    Désolé et quand même content 😉

  31. Hey there! How do I update my current simplepress website? It have customized a few pieces of your design. Is there a certain file or files that I can upload to convert it to responsive… or will I have to do a full reload?

  32. Good job! This template is very beautiful.

  33. Power in simplicity ,waw great theme

  34. Does anyone know how to change the slidebar image? The dimensions are 954 x 417 but I don’t see where this can be edited. Any insight on this? Thanks much.

    • Sorry, i mean: Hey Nick 😀

  35. Thanks for all your help, I like really nice themes.

  36. You have done a wonderfull job. I fixed all the issues that I had with my theme.

  37. Hello,

    Please advise! How do I change the size of the letters in names of the Categories? I want the names of the categories be bigger. Please reply to my email. Many thanks!!!!

    • If you need help, please open a thread in our support forums so that our team can assist you.

  38. Just installed simple press but it is not responsive. Is there an update or something. Maybe I downloaded an old link. My user ID is trnbakatgate

    I did ot start building the site because it was not responsive.


    • The most recent version of the theme is responsive. If you need help, please open a ticket in our support forum so that our team can assist you.

  39. Hi! Gr8 Job!
    I love the font/typo of that logo in “SimplePress”. Which one is it? Can i use it?
    Greetings from Bavaria!

  40. I’m loving this theme except for a couple things. The main is I made the background an image, but some of the shadows used on the homepage slider aren’t transparent, is there any way to fix that? Sorry if there a better forum to post this in.

  41. This theme is great!

    I have only one question – how do i change the “read more” in the slide to another language? I have tried to change all the po/mo files but none of them change this.

    please help!

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