Shortcodes Collection Added to All Themes

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Shortcodes Collection Added to All Themes

I am very pleased to announce that all of our themes have been updated with a comprehensive collection of shortcodes. We have put a lot of work in to creating what we think is a great set of tools, and I hope that everyone puts them to good use!

Making Shortcodes Even Shorter

We realize that the whole point behind shortcodes is make the creation of advanced HTML elements quick and easy. Therefore, we have done everything we can to make the process even “shorter.” To do this we have integrated all of our shortcodes into the WordPress text editor, allowing you to generate the shortcode markup with the click of a button. Advanced buttons have been added to the visual editor as well for the creation of tabs, sliders, toggled content, buttons and more. Instead of typing out the shortcode markup yourself, all you need to do is fill in a few fields and click submit.

Full Shortcodes List

Button Varieties

Using our buttons shortcodes, you can easily create a variety of buttons. These buttons all stem from a single tag, but vary in color and size (each of which are adjustable using color=”” and type=”” parameters). Furthermore, advanced option buttons have been integrated into post page text editor allowing you to instantly generate buttons of any type without having to write the shortcode markup yourself.

Content Boxes

Content boxes are a great way to grab your visitor’s eye and direct them to important content within the post. The ElegantThemes shortcode pack comes with five box variations, all of which stem from the [box] shortcode and are adjustable using the type=”” parameter. These boxes have a fluid width that automatically adjusts the the size of its parent element.

Toggled Content

Now you can create toggled content on the fly using the [ lear_more ] shortcode. Any content can be added within the toggled div, and you can even tell the element to be either open or closed on page load.

Tabbed Content

Now you can create tabbed content with the click of a button using the [tab] shortcode. This shortocode has two variations (horizontal and vertical tabs) and has options for auto-rotation. These tabs have a fluid width, which means that they can adjust to any page size. In this example each tabbed element has been placed within a column. We have also integrated advanced buttons for the tabs shortcode, allowing you to create your tabs through a graphic interface rather than having to write the shortcode markup yourself.


The [ tab ] shortcode also acts as a versatile javascript slider than can be used in any number of situations. The slider has a fluid width, which means it can fit anywhere you want it to go. In this example, the slider has been allowed to extend the entire width of the page. This slideshow supports an unlimited number of slides as well as auto-rotation. You can also choose which type of transition animation to use.

Image Slider

The [ tab ] shortcode also acts as an image slider. This slider can produce an image slideshow of any size. The shortcode will even automatically crop and resize your images to fit the dimensions of the slider that you have chosen. You can also choose to enabled/disable auto rotation, adjust the transition effect, and increase/decrease the rotation speed.

Easy Tooltips

Easily add tooltips to your blog using the [tooltip] shortcode. These beautiful jQuery tooltips can be added to any element, making it a great way to add additional info to your post without adding clutter.

Social Media

Allowing your post to be promoted via the various social media networks has never been easier. Now you can add social media buttons to your posts quickly and easily using the various social media shortcodes provided.

Password Protected Content

Using the [ protected ] shortcode, you can password protect any content within your post. When protected, anyone visiting the page that is not logged in to WordPress will receive the login/register prompt. Once logged in, the protected content is revealed.

Author Bio

Now it’s easy to include an author bio after each of your posts using the author shortcode. This is a great feature for multi-author blogs that build the personal brand of their writers.

Column Layouts

Sometimes it can get frustrating trying to organize content via the WordPress text editor. With the column layout shortocdes, however, you can now break down your content into any number of advanced layouts giving variety and hierarchy to your post. Columns can be created in halves, thirds, fourths and two-thirds.

I know that many of you have been eagerly awaiting these shortcodes, and I am equally eager to hear what you think! To learn more about how to use the shortcodes you can refer to the following Documentation Page.. Of course, you can always just generate the shortcode markup automatically as well using the integrated text editor buttons 🙂

Premade Layouts

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  1. Awesome Nick!!!

  2. GREAT! glad to see these. Is there an easy way to integrate these into an existing theme? I’ve done customizing so i don’t want to replace the entire theme.

    • If you are using a recent version of the theme, then you can just re-upload the /epanel folder. I would back up your theme files though, just in case.

      • Hey i see some error in the end of the page of Professional Theme

        • I fixed it, thanks.

          • Congratulation for the new Front Page Modification kinda more sexy than the old

  3. It would be great if you can include lists also

    • I’ll consider adding some in the future.

  4. Wow! This goes way beyond just a theme. Can’t wait to play with the photo sliders and slideshow.

  5. Thank You Nick. Great job.

  6. Woow, that is great! Thank you so much!

  7. Sick ! This is what I’ve been waiting for … I’m gonna use these RIGHT NOW!!

  8. YEAH !


  9. Such a awesome job u did !!!!

  10. Beautiful work! Can’t wait to try some out 🙂

  11. Great! Stupid question though: how can we upgrade our theme without losing any of our modifications; or, is there a way to just install the shortcodes function? Thanks!

    • I would also love to know if this is possible.

      Great work, guys!!!
      This is above and beyond!

    • Got the same question 🙂

    • As noted in the changelog the only changes according the shortcodes were made in the /epanel/ -folder.

      I just uploaded the content of this folder and as for now everything seems to work .. I’m loving it!

      Thank you nick for this great improvement!!

      • Yeah, simply uploaded the /epanel folder should work fine unless you are using an old version of the theme. I would suggest backing up your theme folder just in case it does not work.

        • yup, worked for me! 🙂

        • hey is there away to use the ET Builder and the plugins at the same time because when I attempt to the plugins only work when I disable the ET Builder

    • I also have same question.

  12. I never knew what short codes were till now. That’s amazing thanks for the update.

  13. wow wordpress!

  14. O.M.G!!!

    I have protested this to the most bestest theme designers on TF but no-one has since implemented it. It’s frustrating going back and forward in the theme documentation to grab codes.

    Eleganthemes has made history! 😀

  15. Great application but i also have the same stupid question as Tim. How can we upgrade our theme without losing any of our modifications ?

    • Only the /epanel folder needs to be re-uploaded. This is assuming you are using a recent version of the theme. If the version you are using is very old than uploading the /epanel folder may not work. I would give it a try, but back up your theme folder first.

  16. WOW!!!

    Most of it are just what i needed to do… GREAT GREAT GREAT!

  17. One thing to note however… the preview seems to be broken at the bottom because of the multi-column layout.

    Can anyone else notice this?

    • nope, the columns in the demo look fine to me (Safari 5 on Mac)

      • Firefox on PC…looks messed up

    • I fixed it. The problem was with my own additional markup and not the shortcodes.

  18. Time to bolster up my Paypal account. 🙂
    See you inside.

    Thanks for this, this looks like the most comprehensive and well thought out implementation of shortcodes in the WP world.

  19. nice work …u have done great job..

  20. Wow, this is amazing. Great work Nick, you are taking WP to higher standards and making it easy for everyone to enjoy it.

    • Thanks, we try 🙂

      • You always say “we” – who else is there?

        • Yuriy and Ann who work in the forums also assist in development.

  21. Looks really amazing! Love it!

    I tried to install it by downloading the Simplepress theme again. I copied the full theme over the excisitng one, but the shortcode buttons are not appearing yet. Am i doing something wrong?


    • Try downloading the theme again. I had some internet issues earlier while uploading the themes.

      • Simplepress is still missing the shortcodes folder.

    • Phew! Thought I was going crazy! yes I had this issue, and it is now resolved … If your in doubt check the contents of the epanel folder; it should have a folder called shortcodes in it.

      Thanks ET!

      • must not be available for the SimplePress theme yet. I’ve tried updating just the epanel folder. I’ve also tried deleting the whole theme, downloading the theme again, and uploading that. nada.

        btw, great work Nick. Your site is one of the best WP ones out there. ( :

        • simplepress is now working. Thanks.

          • Got it. Thanks!

          • Shortcodes are still not showing up for me in Simplepress.

            I have downloaded the new version of SimplePress and uploaded the shortcodes folder into the epanel folder. I even deactivated and reactivated the theme, but the shortcodes still are not showing up in my page and post editors.

  22. These shortcodes are awesome.

    Bravo !

  23. Is it possible to implement a ‘iTunes-Button’? I am linking to iPhone apps regulary so it would Be Great to have a Option to visually highlight this …

    May I do this in my own? Would Be great if you could give me a hint ..

  24. The shortcodes look fantastic. I can’t wait to show everyone 😉


  26. having some issues finding the Gallery, Slider short code options…. Any guidance?

    • If you need help, please open a thread in the support forum and we will assist you.

      • no worries. figured it out. thanks nick!

  27. Amazing. Thank you, Nick

  28. That is awesome.

  29. Do you know my favorite moment in my life, when i buy your membership. Great idea keep doing

  30. I’ve tried on two samples of your themes and this features is really cool and awsome.

    I’ve a one simple question, I try to add a social media button like facebook. I tried to search on “visual page” but can’t found it (unless I switch to “html” page and click [facebook]).so, is there any way to customize it on “visual page”?

  31. This is freaking great!

    But now the my cold reality. Will I have to update all my themes to make this all work?

    But this is freaking great!

    • Just saw the instructions. Will give it a try later. Really this is freaking great!

      Thanks Nick.

  32. These are great! Thanks Nick!

  33. I’ve tried it… really great!!!

    Thanks for this Nick.

  34. This is very awesome Nick!
    Thanks a lot!


  35. Awesome Nick!
    Your framework (as I like to call it meanwhile) is becoming more and more interesting!
    Keep up the good work – this is much appreciated!

  36. Awesome! Loving the short codes!

    Question: Will you be releasing these separately so we can integrate them into any theme? Is that possible?

    Thanks! 😀

    • I don’t think it will happen but if it did, I will be among those who will use it most frequently 🙂

  37. Absolutely incredible ! Fantastic work. Including sliders is way more than I was expecting. Great !

  38. Good work – these short codes are going to come in VERY handy. A easy way to make a good looking theme even better looking! Thanks again.

  39. WOW WOW have been waiting for these, its a perfect solution for me since u made the announcement of shortcodes. I’m TOTALLY psyched! Thanks Nick and the rest of the team. Gonna try them right now! 🙂

  40. Most excellent! I really appreciate this. Thanks!

  41. Nick “TheProfessional” has no shortcodes folder, and the support forums are not letting me in to post inside TheProfesional subforum.


    • I would try downloading it again. The folder is there. epanel/shortcodes

  42. Great Work

    Putting it to use in both themes i hv been using. Will review it in detail once i develop a view based on my use.

    This one is greatest from ET. Nice.

  43. Great Work Nick,. I have a question though.

    So, i uploaded the epanel to my theme.. and i see all the buttons in the editor..

    but, when i tried adding images to the slider shortcode, it just shows the slider frame.. image doesn’t appear..

    i added the link to the image within the description box.. is that right ?? or should i add the image source else where ??

    can you please help me with this ?

    • If you open a thread in the support forum we will help you out.

  44. Love it! This really comes in handy.

  45. I loved your themes before and then I discovered your payment structure to be the best in the industry. Now you added all this functionality with the “shortcodes”, Elegant Themes you guys are truly amazing.

    Please please keep up all the good work 🙂


  46. Again some thing unique

  47. AWESOME!!!

    Nick, this is fantastic work. You’ve been doing amazing stuff lately… seems like you’re on a roll! 🙂

    Well done!

  48. Absolutely beautiful! You are really doing a great job.

    Is it possible to tweak the Image Slider so the images can link to posts or pages?

  49. Guys, you rock!
    The implementatiion blows my wildest dreams and was shure worth the wait. Excitement over our soon to be happening relaunch has just entered a new dimension!
    Thank you!

  50. Fantastic job!!!!!!!!!!

    A month ago I only worked with Joomla sites, this is history now….

  51. This might be one of the most awesome things you’ve released this year. I can’t wait to integrate some of these features with upcoming posts on my site. Elegant Themes remains the most awesome WordPress theme source IMO 🙂

    By the way, have you ever considered making a framework theme of sorts, similar to Canvas, Genesis, Thesis, or the like? Something that would be highly customizable, easy to tweak, and more of a base theme (with all of your shortcode and ePanel goodness)? That would be something many of us would like, especially with the new Developer option…

    Keep up the awesomeness!

    • Yes, this would be awesome. <3

    • It’s a good idea, and something we have been thinking about. Chances are we will release something like this in the future, after more thought has gone into what really makes a framework great.

      • Sounds good … I’ll be looking forward to it. Thanks … you’re an inspiration to some of us who are students + bloggers using your themes 🙂

  52. These shortcodes are so good that all we really need now is a very basic “shell” theme to put them in. The shell would just need some background options, variable width sidebars, and a few navbar options and that’d be it !


    • +1 🙂

  53. This is truly something else and going the extra mile… Wow! I know of no other theme provider offering this much flexibility and possibilities… not to forget, for so little ‘moula’.

    Truly awesome Nick ~ Kudos to you and all your team members!

    PS. All the best with your studies this year as well. :]

    • Thanks Serge. One more year to go!

  54. Hello Nick,

    This is really awesome !
    Just, I don’t succeed to change the column layout. What is the shortcode ? How are you doing it ?

  55. That´s a really awesome step forward for your themes (which are great anyway)! Just uploaded the epanel folder – worked right away! Now my theme has another great feature – it´s really fun to work with it!

    I think a basic theme (or something like a framework as described above) would be a great thing for developers!

  56. Fantastic – Your designs and support are great and this just adds a whole new level to using the themes. Definitely well worth the membership fee.


  57. I’m using a theme from October 2009, is that considered too old? Will i have to upload a whole new theme folder or can I just upload the ePanel folder like everyone else?

  58. Merci, c’est formidable !

  59. Wow! Nick, That is awesome!

    We can write fantastic post everytime 😉

    Very good job, congratulation!

  60. Wow thats awesome. Always nice to see a designer continue to improve their product. Thanks for this!

  61. Finally got these working, fantastic job!!! One quick question though … where are the content boxes styled from? I’d like to tweak the colors a bit.

    • There is a shortcodes.css file in the epanel/shortcodes folder.

      • Thanks for the reply, Nick. I was looking in epanel/css =)

  62. Best $39 dollars I ever spent.

    • Glad to hear it!

  63. It just doesn’t get better than Elegant Themes!

  64. Oh, this rocks Nick. This makes working with your themes even better. And faster. All of them can help increase conversions.

    Love the image slider code. Everything else.. there’s just so many ideas in my head that I can’t choose which shortcode one I want to use first.

  65. WOW, this is GREAT!
    Your themes got to a higher level. Brilliant!

  66. A [guest] shortcode would come in handy too. Just to show content (like banners for example) to guests browsing the site.
    Could you add it, Nick? Thanks.

  67. My jaw just hit the floor. Thats amazing!

  68. You REALLY rock!! I have used a tons of themes…but NOTHING like yours. I have never ever seen something so professional, and still so “easy” to use!

    Thumbs up guys!!!

    Best from /

  69. WOW. I am speechless. These are incredible. I wasn’t so sure I would be using them, as I prefer to hard code things so that I know what it will look like. These have proven to be extremely useful already!

  70. I was wondering if we can incorporate the “Protected” short code to the eVid theme.
    for videos. As the videos are put in with Custom fields I don’t know if that would be possible.

  71. Nick~! this is great~!

    I have one quick question…

    How to make “The [ tab ] shortcode also acts as an image slider”?
    I tried upload image and use TAB shortcode but only box of image slider, can’t show the image what i input.

  72. It would be great if you add accordion-like content wrapper 🙂

    • Ditto, an accordion shortcode would be a top notch addition.

  73. sounds great, i re-downloaded the LightBright theme, re-uploaded it and i have no short codes functionality/updated WordPress text editor. Did i miss something?

    • In your Theme’s directory (server’s side) do you see a “shortcodes” directory within the “epanel” one?

      • No I do not, so how can i get it? I just re-downloaded the theme again LightBright v1.5 and it’s still not there….

        • Strange ’cause I downloaded it too and it is there.

          1. See if it is within your local download file after you unzip it (locally) .
          2. If so (which it should) Zip the “LightBright” directory.
          3. Upload it directly via your word press.
          4. Activate the theme.

          Works from my end. try it. ;]

  74. Very sweet addition to the pie, sir)

  75. The shortcodes are very, very awesome indeed.

    Elegant themes is starting to become the ultimate website builder, for me. It’s more than just a pretty collection of themes, anyway. 🙂

  76. Thanks Nick – this really is an amazing addition to your already cutting edge WP themes! Nice work!

    You mentioned above that only the /epanel directory needed to be updated. You didn’t change anything on the functions.php file?

  77. Hi !
    Thank you for these new features ! Just a small concern , I’m already using Wp-private ( plug-in on my site and it uses the same shortcode [protected] as your “Password Protected Content” shortcode .Hope to still be able to use the plugin, I haven’t installed the new shorcodes yet .

  78. Hi, Shortcodes are great. I am wondering how to put images inside a tooltip? I only see parms caption and text….

    • Still waiting for this answer, I want to add an image to my tooltip!

  79. That was awesome !! great Job ET team. 😀 !

    Will these codes work on sidebar. it will be very effective.

  80. Awesome job. However, in preview all looks well but when published all I get is the shortcode code itself and not the nice boxes?

    Help? I must be staring the complete obvious in the face?

  81. Hi,

    How to use the ‘Social Media’ shortcode you have specified above.

    I have uploaded the epanel folder and have the buttons for author bio, tabbed content, buttons, etc etc

    But could not figure out where is the option to configure social media shortcode… plz help.

  82. Hello Nick,

    This is really awesome! You did a great Job.
    Just, I don’t succeed to change the column layout. I see the shortcode such as [one_fourth] Content [/one_fourth] but i do not know where to place the code.
    How are you doing it ?

  83. Fantastic Value Add… Thank you!

  84. Are there shortcodes to build the Deep Focus portfolio page? I usually just use the default WordPress gallery shortcodes, but I was admiring the Deep Focus theme,am thinking to buy it, and really like the look of the portfolio page. Are there specific shortcodes for the porfolio page (didn’t see any in your shortcodes collection list) or will the WordPress gallery shortcodes work just as well?

  85. OH – MY – GOD
    Nick your are making something so amazing here, I can with out doubt say you have the best premium wp themes. Not just for the design…
    I cant even express how awesome you are…

  86. Nick, these themes and the extra goodies you’ve included are complete game-changers. You’ve given WordPress an alleged Barry Bonds dose of massive online steroids. KUDOS! For those wondering how he displayed the items using shortcodes, simply view the page source and let the man go back to the genius cave and make more awesome stuff for us!

  87. This is just awesome! Incredible tools!

    You guys rock!

  88. Nick… just phenomenal!

    Talk about over-delivering on an already fabulous product!

    Thank you SO much!


  89. Hi Nick, Great features thanks for your hard/extra work!

    Read all posts here and went to your link above. Can’t get it to work. The tabs are stacked one behind the other and all the text for both appears in same box. Using the ET Tab icon in the editing window, how can I add more than one tab?
    [tabs slidertype=”top tabs” fx=”slide” auto=”yes”]

    [tabcontainer] [tabtext]One[/tabtext] [/tabcontainer]
    [tabcontainer] [tabtext]Two[/tabtext] [/tabcontainer]

    [tabcontent] [tab]Suspendisse vel mattis diam. Ut sed dui in lectus hendrerit interdum nec ac neque.[/tab] [/tabcontent]

    [tabcontent] [tab]Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Etiam id libero non erat fermentum varius eget at elit.[/tab] [/tabcontent]

  90. Buttons? Warnings? Cool, what else?
    Toggled and tabbed content? Ok, that’s pretty cool.
    Gorgeous image sliders, awesome tooltips and password protected content? Well, damn. I love this site.

  91. Hey,
    How do I add short code possiblities if I installed the themes long ago? Can I add this easily? You where talking about /epanel before – where do I find the updated /epanel-files for my theme?


  92. Hi,

    Noticed that the shortcode css and js is output on every page – not just in the WordPress admin area. Are these files required here or would they be best removed when viewing the actual wordpress site by checking whether we are in the admin area using the is_admin() function?


    • Best to ask your question directly into the forum Andy.

  93. Can I only update just the files for shortcodes? For example for OnTheGO theme?

  94. Fantastic!

  95. For some reason when I try to use one of the sliders, it doesn’t show.. I copied the code and pasted it on;

    [tabs slidertype=”simple” auto=”yes” fx=”slide” autospeed=”4000“]
    [tab] test [/tab]
    [tab] test [/tab]

  96. Dear Nick,
    I love the buttons and other shortcode. I like to use the buttons to direct visitors to other pages but also for Links to other pages. Is there a possibility to use them with a “_blank” code?


  97. This feature is Awesome. Love it

  98. Hi and thanks for another great functionality. Where can I find a shortcode documentation with parameters, arguments etc.?

  99. Thank you for the update. Just found them and will be using them. Great job!

  100. Awesome! I was just trying to create a slider usin the code:
    [tabs slidertype=”images” auto=”yes” autospeed=”4000“]
    [imagetab width=”800” height=”500“] image.png [/imagetab]
    [imagetab width=”800” height=”500“] image.png [/imagetab]

    But with my own images. When I input the “image.jpg” (my own images) into the code, nothing comes up. Any ideas?

    • Did you ever find a solution? I have the same issue.

  101. Any chance the shortcode artwork (button backgrounds, etc.) could be made available as PSDs? I would love to use the colored buttons but need them to match the corporate palette, and colorizing doesn’t look quite right.

  102. I have problem with Image Slider. The images dont appear! How to configurate this shortCode??? Where is FAQ?

  103. Can we add images inside the tabbed content??
    I can’t do so.

  104. Hi, what about add image caption to slider shortcode?

  105. Tab button is not clickable. What do I need to do to get it to work? Uploaded them 2 weeks ago so it should all be good. Add ET Learn and Add ET Box work, but the other buttons are not active. Thoughts?

    • Please open a thread in the support forum so that we can assist you.

  106. how to use the short code image slider elegant themes ??

  107. i just bought the template, what is the testimonial shortcode?

  108. How can we use the shortcode PROTECTED to evid theme? I was hoping to protect the videos from non-members.

  109. Hi !
    I have a question about the theme Deep Focus !
    I have a problem on the home page for the “who i am” part !
    I can’t use just the excerpt on the home page and the text when you click on “learn more” ! On the home page, all the text is displayed !!
    If you can help me with that…
    A long text is horrible on the home page and a short text is horrible when you click on “learn more” and it’s a mistake to have the same thing on each side !
    I hope that you’ll help me with that !
    Cheers !

    • Hey Nico,
      Did you find the solution? 🙂

  110. Is there a way to include shortcode in a theme file? For instance, I have a site that I would like to insert tabs below the media bar in the Chameleon theme by inserting code in the “home.php” file. Is that possible? Or is there an easier way to do that?

    • Do this (if HTML does show, e-mail me at [email protected]

      <a href="#" rel="nofollow">Left</a>
      <a href="#" rel="nofollow">Right</a>
      jQuery('#et-simple-slider395 .et-simple-slides').et_shortcodes_switcher({sliderType: 'simple', auto: true, autoSpeed: '5000',useArrows: true, fx: 'slide', arrowLeft: '#et-simple-slider395', arrowRight: '#et-simple-slider395'});
  111. I have a simple slider that, once I go through the three slides and when it loops back to the first slide, the content on first slide does not appear unless I refresh the page. The first slide contains an image and an html table.

    Is there a way to make it so the first slide refreshes in the cycle?

    Thanks much!

  112. Hi, is there a way to use the image slider and also have a link on the image? If I add additional html to the imagetab area it does not display the image
    [tabs slidertype=”images” auto=”yes” autospeed=”4000″]
    [imagetab width=”863″ height=”539″] http://pathtoimage.png [/imagetab]

  113. How can I modify the shortcode CSS – when I apply the shortcode it overrides the font style of my blog theme, want to keep it consistent and just change the shortcode font style.

    Thanks in advance,
    Yoon Mi

    • sorry I found it…thanks anyway

  114. how to hyperlink the images in the tabimage slider

  115. Hi,
    I’ve ever used personal theme of When i put a link in Content Boxes ( use shortcode ), in front-end page can’t display. Help me to fix it.

    Thanks so much !

  116. How do I add a paper style box to my text. I ve see seen that you can do that with the elegant Layout designer, but I’d like to add it myself on my posts.


    • If you need help, please open a thread in our support forums so that our team can better assist you.

  117. I am trying to use the drop caps short code and have no idea how to use it.

  118. Hi guys! How do I set a fixed height on a content box?

  119. what is the shortcode for a video?

  120. what is the code “Toggled Content” OPEN? Thanks

    • If you need help, please open a ticket in our support forums so that our team can assist you.

  121. How to add Image slider in fable theme.
    I want to set image on my home page.

  122. I love the shortcodes, thanks a bunch for adding them in, but where can I find the css for these to stylize the way they look, such as the tabbed content.


  123. For the very first start of my website, I was using free wordpress themes, after some time I switch to Elegant themes. I used it for more then 6 months but after that, I needed some different look on my technology site, so moved to other. But I have problem with it, just below the post there are five sharing buttons which are looking not so good. I’ve done almost all things to get them removed but nothing worked. So, i’m thinking to get back to my old elegant theme!

    • I’m too using Elegant theme on my blog! In very beginning I’ve started using themeforest but after few changes I moved to using Elegant and still using them!

      They are best!

  124. Just upgraded to Developer for the shortcode plugins. I’ve already uploaded the zip file and activated it.

    My question is, it doesn’t show up in the edit page dashboard? Do I need to reinstall the whole theme again? Thanks in advance

    • If you need help, please open a ticket in our support forums so that our team can assist you.

  125. I REALLY wish I cold get a shortcode that has options for a divider and/or a spacer …or is it there and I’m just missing it?

    • Just use the HTML code for a horizontal line. The template’s CSS will stylize it.

      Hope it helps.

  126. Looking to add a video to my slider module, Is that functionality available yet or is it in the works?

  127. Great themes. I just purchased the developer version and I love it. Also the support is very good. Good investment 🙂

  128. how to add social icons on images? like when someone mouse hover on image reddit icon will be appear.

  129. Great post, thanks

  130. I need to be able to turn off shortcode on blog posts where I try to embed Instagram images.


    code is making it impossible to embed Instagram Images.

    Is there a way to turn off short codes on individual posts?


  131. Im wondering if anyone knows how to get rid of the comment box that shows on the main page? also my video slide show on evid is not moving to see different posts. only moves if you click on the arrows is there a way to get this working again?? thanks for any help with this.x

  132. I want to set rel=”nofollow” for button, but don’t have option?.

  133. Thank you for this, very helpful

  134. how can I set ref=”nofollow” on my outlinks buttons? Options for this are not available!.
    and thanks to all 🙂

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