Portfolio Template Added to All Themes

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Portfolio Template Added to All Themes

After creating the Portfolio page template for our recently released theme, Envisioned, we decided that it would be great to add the same portfolio functionality to all themes. As of today, all themes have been updated with the new Portfolio page template. We have also gone through and replaced all instances of FancyBox with PrettyPhoto to add improved lightbox functions.

Portfolio Variations

Portfolio Small – The small gallery displayed your thumbnails in columns of 5, allowing you to add dozens of projects to a single page without creating too much clutter.

Portfolio Medium – The medium gallery displays your projects in columns of 3. This style is ideal if you plan to include titles/descriptions in the gallery (which can be turned on and off).

Portfolio Large – The large gallery displays your photos in columns of two. If you only have a few projects to display, the large gallery is probably your best choice.

Portrait Orientation – The Portfolio Page Template has an option to auto-detect the aspect ratio of your photos, and display them accordingly in either Landscape or Portfolio mode. In this example, you can see that portrait photos were used.

Portfolio With Sidebar – You can also choose whether or not you want to display a sidebar in the gallery. Each variation comes with full width/sidebar options.

Portfolio Without Text – Finally, you can choose whether or not you want to display titles/descriptions. These can be turned off interdependently. In this example you can see that both titles/descriptions have been removed.

Portfolio Features

Improved Lightbox – We have updated all themes with a new lightbox script that allows for more advanced features.

Video Support – Unlike our Gallery Page Template, the Portfolio template supports video integration. By simply adding the link to your video in a custom field, the video will display in the lightbox when clicked.

Premade Layouts

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  1. Wonderful addition – many thanks.

  2. Sweet! Thank you again Elegant!

  3. Sounds amazing! Will probably try it out soon. 🙂

  4. That’s awesome stuff. Always looking for ways to improve your themes – cheers!

  5. wow…Amazing !!! thanks Nick !

  6. Hardest working themers in the business.

    Many thanks!

  7. I am extremely impressed with the products, support and how dynamic you guys are with updating and adding more themes on a very regular basis. Easily the BEST value in the market! Excellent job, Nick!

  8. Cool, thanks! How would I go about adding this to my already-running website? Do I simply replace the entire theme in the Themes folder?

  9. Fantastic work!

  10. Can I thank you from the bottom my heart for this ?! I love templates pages as this leaves me with more flexibility in the theme I choose … great Idea !!!!!!!!!!!!

    More Templates!!!


  11. Er one question … is there a simple way of adding this functionality to an existing ET theme (I have a lot of customisation)

    • FYI I’m using NOVA

  12. This is fantastic guys! I hope that there won’t be too many problems or issues once we give the portfolio page template a shot. Thanks and keep up the awesome work! 🙂

  13. Have you had any sleep this week? You’re on fire!

  14. You guys rock.

  15. Heya guys! anyone whose trying to update their existing theme … I found this on a previous template blog post from elegant themes

    “You can upload the new /epanel folder, as well as all of the new page-template.php files located in the main theme folder. However, most every theme also has custom css that was added to the main style.css that also needs to be updated. This varies with every theme.”

    Read the full post here


    I did it with Nova and it worked … Do blame me if it messes up your site tho !!!!

    Good Luck!

    • I meant Don’t blame me … ooopps!

  16. can I just copy the template files to update my customized ET?

    • Sorry.. I got so excited of updating becasue it is brilliant.. I forgot to read first 🙂

  17. Amazing! Sorry for the cliché but your guys keep reminding me of the Energizer Bunny; “It keeps going and going and going”

    Coming up with so many and constant improvements like so is amazing for the price, quality and service.

    Thanks a bunch!!! ;]

  18. So, in order to use Portfolio to an existing Theme, do we need to download the theme again and upload all theme files to the website or just add the additional files?

  19. Handy addition. It would help creating easy portfolio page.

  20. great update. Thanks!

    What is the easiest way to update my existing theme without losing settings?

  21. Just great thanks for this great work.

  22. Epic, will opening a new website for all my pictures in Taiwan that I take.

  23. idiots guide on how to load this – please.


  24. have you integrate this function on Polished ?

    • The Portfolio Page Template has been added to all themes.

  25. Thanks so much Nick! You are the man!

    Get some sleep now! 😀

  26. It’s a beauty as always. I still need the option, to make a real gallery with these beautiful options. So a gallery with no pages attached, no link on the picture. Just a plain image gallery.
    The only option to show pictures is the imageslider (ET Tabs), right?

    Is it possible?

  27. Onwards and upwards Nick.

    Looks brilliant.

  28. Exactly what I’ve been waiting for! Thank you Nick!

  29. Nice work Nick! I will be by later to sign-up.

  30. Great news…I have been waiting for the gallery since i have seen it on Webly.Thanks guys…

    • May I ask which theme you used for your wepa.fm.radio site?

      Very nice.


  31. This will work perfectly for my year of photos project I just started!

    What timing!!

  32. good step forward

  33. Love your themes! Thank you very much!
    All they are ‘elegant’ 😀

  34. Hope this theme suggestion goes through: if possible, how about a web comic theme?

    I like comicpress, but I love the ET design style, and I’m sure you guys can do a phenomenal job with webcomics..

  35. Man, these themes just keep getting better and better. Nice work guys. Love this site, love these themes.

  36. what is the custom field name for dropping a video into a portfolio?

    In Envisioned this is all integrated, but others there is no ET options under post.

    • Got it. I just used Thumbnail and it worked.

      • in NOVA custom field Thumbnail not work

        • Yes, I also cant get the thumbnail to expand out with the video. I’ve tried adding in ‘Video’ and “Thumbnail’ and then the video code but it just doesn’t work in Nova

  37. A portfolio theme is great. I hope all gallery pages are updated, so i can a text under the cover photos.

  38. What we REALLY need is an easy way to create a gallery of photos (that aren’t blog posts). Just a page where I can upload photos using the WP uploader and they’re instantly placed in the “gallery” on that page.

    That would be amazing. Right now, if you’re not running a “project” based site, the portfolio is useless. Why can’t I just have a photo gallery without having to make a post for each photo?

    • I totally agree Kevin, that is also what I’m looking for 🙂

    • Agreed. I can’t use the gallery/portfolio templates because the “post method” is overwhelmingly cumbersome and impractical when you need to display and add/remove many photos. It’s a shame though because the ET galleries are gorgeous (and aesthetically fit the themes well of course).

  39. Love your themes!!! Thank you for charing!
    I have a question regarding the dropshadow effect to the tumbpicture at the portfolio page.
    Can you skip that effect, and how do you do it? Is´t a option that you can change in some CSS or maybe in the admin tools?
    Would be happy for answer!
    // Thess

  40. Nice update. Dont really need a portfolio thme at the moment, but looks good.

  41. I like the sound of it !

  42. I cant figure out how to add video to the portfolio.

    Or audio to the posts or pages for that matter.


  43. Nice idea. Can’t wait to implement. I want to update my currently active Elegant-based themed websites, however, I need to insure that my customizations in the css and style sheets do not become obliterated by a global update routine. My question is, why do none of the change-logs reflect the files affected by the updated “portfolio”, as it would be the only way for me limit the possibility of an over-right.


  44. This totally just saved me HOURS of custom coding today. Glad I came by to check for updates!

    Thanks for saving my Sunday afternoon!

  45. absolutely fantastic addition so professional looking really adds to the themes functions. u guys are the best out there. never mind forest themes u rock. the cleanliness of all the new themes in last six months are cutting edge. please keep up with additions. 🙂

  46. Please anybody help me setting up gallery page on my site , i am using deep focus template

  47. The galleries are nice but what we really need is a nice integrated solution with gallery management and not individual posts. Please consider this request.

  48. I just joined elegant themes and have downloaded the eNews theme for our church. I set up a page using portfolio/gallery template so I can quasi photo albums in a page but saw that it is not nearly similar to what you posted in this article. There is no option smal, medium or large images.

    Am I missing something?

  49. hello.. please tell me how can I design the portofolio page….?

  50. Help please! “Portrait Orientation” doesn’t detect portraits so they are cropped.. I created a page, chose Portfolio template and checked the box “Detect Portrait Images” but it dosn’t help..

  51. wow…Amazing !!! thanks Nick

  52. When I checked “Detect Portrait Images” my portfolio page was loading 3 minutes in my hosting. What was wrong?

  53. Hi, This is a great option, but shouldn’t the thumbnails be clickable so that it will open the related post? I’m able to see the portfolio, but unable to get anything to open.

  54. The portfolio page template is a great addition.

    However, I’m struggling with a particular issue and hope you can help me out.

    I have developed a photography website using Deepfocus. I want to showcase the portfolio in three sections wedding, personal and landscape. I have created separate portfolio pages for each category. Now I want a portfolio page where a website visitor lands and that has the list of portfolio pages (with a thumbnail or multiple thumbnails) and by clicking on the portfolio name the user is taken to the portfolio page. Is this possible? Please advise.


    • Have you got your answers yet? This is 2013 Aug. I am having the same question. Does this Portfolio support category???
      It seems like no one here care about this ?

      From all the demos I can find on ElegantThemes website. Non of these portfolios showcase a category selection feature.

  55. im trying to put a video in the lightbox. but i can’t. when i click the video icon, the website appear and not the video.
    what should i do about it?

    • If you need help, please open a thread in our support forums so that our team can assist you.

  56. Hi Nick,

    I’m revamping my blog. I’ve deleted massive amounts of old content, cleaned up my categories and gotten rid of so much rubbish. Time to start over! Now don’t laugh anyone, but I tried to use Divi, I just couldn’t get my head around some of it, so now I’m using your very stunning Vertex theme, and I have a question regarding using the portfolio page templates.

    I’ve created the top nav menu for categories, and I’m looking for the best way to create a gallery for my project pages.

    So, is it possible to have the portfolio pull from top-level pages instead of top-level posts, so that what gets displayed are images from the 2nd tier of pages? Or if not, is there another way to do it without me creating a table and entering each image with links to the pages?

    Thanks, Helene

    • Oops! Sorry! I thought I was in the forum. It’s been a long night! I’ll head over there.

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