New Page Templates Added To All Themes

Posted on December 15, 2010 by in Theme Changes/Bug Fixes | 149 comments

New Page Templates Added To All Themes

Our page templates make your life easier by giving you access to pre-made layouts and utilities. Each template can be applied to an individual page, transforming the way it looks and functions to create additional and unique forms of content. We have worked hard creating our own page template system that embeds an additional settings box into the WordPress post editor. When you select a page template, this box is populated with options that pertain to the template that you have selected. These settings are saved for individual pages, allowing you to use each template multiple times across multiple pages with different settings for each. For example, you could easily use the Image Gallery page template to create multiple image galleries on multiple pages, each of which could be populated by a different set of images from a different combination of categories. Performing such theme-wide updates is always a difficult and time-consuming process, however, I am pleased to announce that we have managed to create 7 great page templates during the last month, all of which have been added to every theme in our collection. For more information, and to view live demos of each page template, check out the Features Page, or continue reading below.

Contact Form

One of the most common elements of a website is a contact form. Instead of seeking third party plugins to create a contact form, now you can apply our Contact Form page template to any page for an integrated solution to receiving messages from your visitors. The form also includes a captcha for reducing spam.

Image Gallery

Creating a beautiful and functional image gallery has never been easier. Now you can apply our image gallery template to your page and choose to populate the page with image posts from any combination of categories. This template is enhanced with compelling animations and lightbox effects.


A sitemap is a great way to give your visitors a visual map of your entire website. Applying the sitemap template to your page will create an organized display of all of your categories, pages, tags and authors.

Advanced Search

The advanced search feature expands on the basic WordPress search function, allowing users to search particular categories, time frames, as well as post types (pages vs posts).

Member Login

Instead of sending your visitors to the standard, unbranded /wp-login form, now you can embed your own login form into any of your pages. This creates a much more cohesive solution for logging your readers or authors into the WordPress dashboard.

Full Width

The full width page template removes the sidebar from your page and allows your content to extend the entire width of the theme. This is an extremely useful tool, and opens your pages up to countless new content options. Furthermore, this full width template can be applied in conjunction with our other templates, allowing you to have, for example, a full-width image gallery.

Blog Feed

Now you can create a standard blog feed, populated with categories of your choosing, no matter what theme you are using. This will display a list of recent posts in a Blog-Style format, independent of the standard post and category format of the theme. This allows you to create a separate “Blog” section of your website without having to actually create a Blog category and add posts to it.

I hope everyone enjoys the page templates that we have made so far. I feel like this is a great start, but also hope to add many more templates in the future. Please leave a comment and let us know what you think!

Premade Layouts

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  1. Awesome additions! Thanks!

  2. Great addition to an already outstanding product. Thanks Nick and your team!

  3. This is just the icing on the cake guys!!! nice job! 🙂
    A HUGE thank you from me 🙂

  4. Awesome. Upgrade ePanel folder I’m assuming?

    • I tried doing that in addition to the includes folder, but I had no luck. I only see one template option (full width).

      • I have the same problem, ET Templates is not active. It is impossible to select some templates for one page and also categories assigned :(. How can i fix that?

  5. Nice!

  6. Excellent! Can’t wait to give these a try.

  7. Very well done indeed! I’ll be sure to spread the word 🙂

  8. I really was waiting for this. Thanks guys!

    • Am I missing instructions on implementing the new features without reloading the entire theme?

  9. These are some awesome updates. Just keep it up. I am extremely happy with all of the new content you are cranking out!

  10. Great job guys, but how can i upgrade my theme? do i need to loose something?

  11. How do I customize the “contact us” for to choose the email address I want it to send to?

    • When you select the Contact page template, settings for this template will appear in the box below. Here you can add your email address.

  12. Great news! Best WP service out there.

  13. It’s wonderfull !
    Your work is great
    Thank you so much and have enjoy christmas !

  14. Great!

    Only one suggestion … may you offer a “download all” link for members?, specially when there’re a bulk of downloads, like just now with this interesting update

    Thanks a lot for your huge work … and happy christmas!

  15. This begs the question…. Can this team, this community and themes get any better?

    Hard to imagine it getting any better than this!


  16. How do we upgrade our current theme

    • Yeah, I’d like to know too. 🙂

    • That seems to be the question of the hour.

    • You just download the new one from the members area, and upload them to your wp-themes folder (overwriting the current theme)

      • That’s not going to work at all, there are too many bug fixes and style changes I’ve made to the existing theme to want to go through that again.

        I think a list of the required files and then having to use diff between them is the only way to merge it to a working copy.

    • You can upload the new /epanel folder, as well as all of the new page-template.php files located in the main theme folder. However, most every theme also has custom css that was added to the main style.css that also needs to be updated. This varies with every theme.

      • Thanks … just got my theme updated, and it worked great!

      • Applied the upgrade as you explained above, it worked! Thanks for doing such an awesome job!! 🙂


        This is wonderful Nick. You’re team is amazing.

        Do you have any suggestions that will help us update our CSS if we have already further customized the themes?


  17. Also wondering how to update without re-downloading and uploading…

  18. Any Portfolio page templates soon?

  19. Great ideas guys…I’ll echo the need for implementation notes. My themes is customized and I would rather not start over.


  20. Simply awesome! Thanks for the early Christmas present 🙂

  21. How come you don’t add any contact forms ? – we’re really missing this.

    • We did, it is the first one listed above.

  22. Great work people!!!!

    Can’t wait to see what else you guys make!


  23. blog feeeeeeeeed, i love you man!

    • Could not agree more. The Elegant Themes team continues to blow away the competition every time check it out.

  24. Holy crap. Finally. Thanks Nick!

  25. So stoked to see your themes establishing themselves with the best. May I suggest hopping over to themeforest and checking their most popular themes for some ideas on page templates and short codes. Keep up the great work man, every time your feed updates on my rss reader I know I’m in for a treat.

    • Really? Ummmm, I’ve been there and there’s no comparison.

  26. Awesome work. Thanks.

  27. Ole!!!!!

    You are a crack, beautiful crack

  28. You are awesome!

  29. Wow! this is exactly what I’ve been waiting for!!!

    Keep the page templates coming .. they’re the most helpful update yet!!!

  30. Simply amazing. Really when you think you can not get better you go there and prove it’s possible. Congratulations and thank you for your beautiful work.

  31. Great additional to an already exceptional line up of themes! Only makes them that much better. Keep up the great job. My renewal is a given!

  32. Great Job Nick….. thank’s for additions.

    BTW …. what about the old theme …? whether it has been upgraded … I want to download again (all themes)

  33. Really awesome additions! Thanks! 🙂 …but it is a pity that there is no automatic upgrade 🙁

  34. Any detail on which file(s) were updated??
    Hate to lose my customization

  35. Maybe the solution to have a working contact form with business card template !

  36. Hey Nick,

    Simply superb buddy & it looks great with the design works made with. Thanks for sharing this nice posting.

  37. This is truly wonderful stuff, but there needs to be a better way of managing theme updates. Too often ET updates are “all or nothing” changes where we’d have to redo all of the custom modifications. That’s just not practical.

    • exactly!

    • I’m thinking exactly the same.

      Took me a long time to set up my site via the ePanel and I wouldn’t want to have to repeat the process after every theme update.

      Any chance of a “how to update themes” video Nick?

      • Yes. Also need this.

  38. This is great stuff! that upgrade is hurting though… Keep up the fantastic work ET!!!!!

  39. If to change a file page-contact.php and to translate names of fields on Cyrillics:
    1. The field name isn’t cleaned automatically when in the field you put the cursor;
    2. If to erase contents from all fields and to start to click them with the cursor names in a Latin come back.

    As it occurs, it is possible to look here:
    It can be corrected somehow?

    Thanks for fine templates of pages! You – best of all web designers and web developers!

  40. Wow! One of the greatest additions lately, you rock, Nick!

  41. Has ET totally given up on Internet Explorer ?

    Not only do the slider, learn_more and tab shortcodes look like absolute CRAP in IE browsers (ie cleartype filter issues), but the page templates here also have some issues.

    Under IE7 the contact form is corrupted and unusable, and in IE7 and IE8 and advanced search box layout is off.

    Despite raising the issue of IE compatibility on the forums I’ve yet to receive a single reply.

    I’d also AGAIN like to point out that the secondary menu in AskIt is NOT compatible with IE and makes the whole navigation of that theme impossible. Again, no answer on the forums.

    I hate IE browsers as much as the next person, but sadly a lot of people still use them and the themes and shortcodes and page templates need to be compatible !

    Arggghh !!

    • I completely agree! How about an answer to this one???

    • Just tried out the contact form template…

      In Firefox – brilliant.

      In IE8 – formatting all shot to pieces.

      I can understand not bothering with IE6 or maybe IE7 but not IE8.

      What a disappointment.

  42. Great work nick I love the gallery option page its nice

  43. WOW!! Super. Thanks!

  44. This is an amazing start Nick! Just wondering though will the “Glider” theme eventually have it as well? It’s not there now. (?)


  45. Hello,

    I have updated MyResume theme but I haven’t got that themes in page setup.

    • Guess it’s not meant for “…To All Themes” unless of course not all is updated in the download section.


  46. Awesome additions! Thanks!

  47. This is some thing really great all feature in one

  48. One suggestions.

    It would be a good idea to be able to add more fields to the contact form such as attachment.

      • …but then it’s easy enough to currently tweak the php page itself. :]

        • Which file should we edit in order to get new field? I’m confused

    • I would love that, too. I know I can figure it out somehow, though.

  49. It’s great and honours you that you publish updates to pre-released themes but it would be great to have an SVN repository for keeping them updates. Makes life so much easier.

  50. Thanks Nick. Your themes, templates, ideas – just keep getting better 🙂

  51. Proper job!

    Well done on making some great enhancements to the themes.

  52. God damn – this is hot <3

  53. this is just perfect and elegant themes getting one of the best wp theme on the market.

  54. Very nice and well done!

  55. Now to redownload all of the themes.
    Where is the download all button?

  56. I see the advance search won’t allow just a time frame or category in the search criteria. Bummer. Would be cool if people could search by what they know.

    • Was it ever determined that copying the files/folders Nick listed would work, or will we lose all work by accepting this upgrade?

      • I think the only data you could lose is if you’ve modified the css. See Forum>General Questions>How to upgrade to new collection

        • Thanks Alex
          I’ll take a look at that.

  57. thanks! hope to see more soon!

  58. Can’t wait to test it out … The best WP themes on the planet = ElegantThemes … Great job nick and team 🙂

  59. They look awesome, but I cant seem to get them to work?

    I have uploaded all the files and folders replacing everything and when I go to create a new page I get this

    “Additional settings appear here, when one of ET page templates is selected ( Page Attributes -> Template )”

    But there is nothing to select in Page Attributes, only Parent and Order?

    • I do face the very same issue.
      Any answer ?

    • I do face the very same issue.

      Any answer?

    • got the same!

  60. How about MyResume, I can’t run it on that theme. Help.

  61. Nick,

    I will say this again: you have the best themes period, but the update notification and download process on your website simply stinks.

    Is it really so hard to put the version number next to each theme so we know if we have the latest version? And while you are at it, why don’t you place a little notification “e.g update!” next to a theme that has been modified

    Is it so hard to be let people choose to download more than one theme at a time (or all of them if someone so desires?)

    I realize these are minor issues but I’m really upset that I never know the versions of the themes on the download page.

    • Hmm – they’ve made a good job for sure, but you’re also right.

      There is a lot of traffic at the forum because they don’t tell us to install things and the items which have changed.

      Dokumentation for Nova is missing. I am bored about this try+error stuff. Nice looking themes, but a lot of work to fix and find out something. They should show more screenshots instead of huge describings with no optical structure – step-by-step instructions are better.

      • Documentation is poor for practically all the themes as it is mostly the same info recycled around. If you look in the forums, 70% of the questions are from people who do not know how to make the content on their website look like the theme demo page. And here’s the sad part: there is dummy content (xml file) for all the themes, which does exactly that(!) but you are not going to find clear instructions anywhere on this site or on the theme documentation on how to do it. This should be the absolute *first thing* everybody does after installing a theme: install the dummy content and proceed to change material with your content from there! It’s really that simple folks…

        • +1

          Elegant themes look nice in Firefox browsers, but the technical side is lacking. IE support is absolutely terrible and forum tech help is patchy.

  62. Now this is an amazing update. I was really looking forward to this. Thank you very much.

  63. Great update. This will really save a lot of time to do all these things. Thanks a lot.

  64. Yeeeeees !!!

    … No guestbook… Snif


  65. Looks good Nick
    Particularly like the contact form – nice not to have to use a plugin.

    Appreciate the work you are doing.

    Merry Christmas

  66. this is awesome

  67. Contact Form and the Advanced Search Page templates are a great addon! Thanks!

  68. Nice, Very Very nice 🙂 Good Jobs guys 🙂

  69. Nice way to extend the value of our subscription without spending any money. I will make use of the templates pronto! Thanks a lot.

  70. Is anybody using the contact form template?

    It looks fantastic but I don’t want to deactivate my contact form plugin until I’ve had some positive feedback.

  71. Świetna sprawa
    dzięki za kolejny szablon
    przyda się!

    twórczej pracy

  72. Is not possible get any better than that!

    Note thousand for ET… Congratulations indeed!

    Work of excellence!

  73. You make every thing easier for us Nick. Great Job! and Thanks in advance.

  74. Hi Team, this is one best features added to the themes, i’m making good use of them. thanks

  75. Why can’t I log in on the forum? It always prompt me to logged in even if I already did. I just want to ask what plugin can i used similar to the images on MyResume theme that I’m using. Image plugin same as when I point my mouse the image got bigger.Thanks

  76. Is anybody using the contact form template?

    • Hi
      I set it up on a local install and in Firefox it looked fantastic.

      In IE8! Formatting all shot to pieces.

      Found the same with the short code boxes.

      Great shame – I would love to use both the contact form and the boxes.

  77. I’m really starting to regret using Glider…

    You state all themes have widgets…
    Glider does not.

    You state all themes have page templates…
    Glider does not.

    Am I missing something?

  78. A great thing, great work.
    I am very glad that again and again what is done.


  79. I just downloaded the Glider theme and there were no page templates in the file structure. Is there a plan to update this soon? Hopefully before I start tweaking everything for my needs.

  80. Thanks guys, you just keep delivering great add-ons to wonderful themes.


  81. Yeeeeees !!!

  82. Hello, excelent themes and work.

    I’ve a doubt, how to config the Image Gallery?

    Because I set the page for Image Gallery e dont show anything more…no options or custom shields.

    I insert a image on page, but nothing happens…

    I’ve to put some attribute on class image or something like that?

    Please, help!

  83. Hi! Can’t find an answer..checked “Blog Style” on ET Page template for the Blog page. The “read more” button aren’t showing. They DO show up if I change the style to ‘Full Width’ or ‘Hide Auto Thumbnail’. epanel options are set to trucate, but it’s not working! Any help would be most appreciated!

  84. Grazie mille!!! ottimo sito!

  85. 太酷了,

  86. It is one of example for a Good job. Thanks for your effort.

  87. Just finished the upgrade. Nice work and thanks for the continued support on your older themes.

  88. How would I add a contact for to the homepage?

  89. How would I add a contact form to the homepage?

  90. How do I modify the contact form. In 3rd party forms I can add fields to capture other information. I would love to do that in this simple way you made 🙂


  91. Hye! I can’t found ‘ET Page Template Settings’ on my web page/theme . Only 2 selection that i have:

    a)Default Template
    b)Full Width Page

    Can someone help me? Thanxs

    • Please open a thread in the support forum so that we can assist you.

  92. Sorry Nick, I’m trying to use the contact form tempate but the captcha does not work: when I write the sum value (the right result) the control always says to me that I put an incorrect value.
    What can I do?

    • I had to have my host fix the PHP sessions. Works great now.

  93. Can you verify the following: If I want the PSD files I need to purchase the developer package. I have been reading that PSD files are included in some blog posts, but the join page says that they are ONLY included in the Developer package.

    ALSO: Do I need the Developer package and the Std package or can I purchase the Developer package as a standalone?

    Lastly: The Developer package is annual commitment – If you go up on the price in the future, do I pay what I originally paid or the new version you are charging at the time?

    Please advise.


  94. Hi, how i can duplicate and add a new custom page template?

  95. Hi, i want to know how can i change the order of the pages in to the InStyle.


  96. is it possible to insert full width page in single post? Thanks.

  97. Hye! I can’t found ‘ET Page Template Settings’ on my web page/theme . Only 2 selection that i have:

    • If you need help, please open a thread in our support forums so that our tech support team can assist you.

  98. Are page templates available in the MyResume theme?

  99. Great addition to an already outstanding product. Thanks Nick and your team!

  100. I love the quality of these blog posts. It definitely helps working with elegant themes templates.

  101. How can I customize an Blog Page / Full Width template?

    I would like to use a Blog Page, in full with mode (using Foxy Template).

    The problem is, no images are shown on the main page, and the word count (before Read More) is shorter than I would like.

  102. how to add page attributes in right side of the new page..there is no page attribute on right side of the new page below publish

  103. Great theme guys, keep up the good work!!

  104. Nice way to extend the value of our subscription without spending any money. I will make use of the templates pronto! Thanks a lot.

  105. Already using page temple,works great.thanks elegant themes team.

  106. which contact form plugin best for wp please advise me.

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