New Shortcodes Added To All Themes

Posted on February 7, 2011 by in Theme Changes/Bug Fixes | 85 comments

New Shortcodes Added To All Themes

Today, all of our themes have been updated with a few changes to the Shortcodes Collection. First of all, we have gone through and made many updates to our existing shortcodes. These updates include various bug fixes and code optimizations. If you have experienced any major bugs with the shortcodes in the past, we hope that this update resolves those issues. On top of that, we have added some great new shortcodes to the collection as per your requests! Five new shortcodes have been added, including: Custom Lists, Pricing Tables, Testimonials, Dropcaps and Quotes.

Custom Icon Lists

We have added a few different list styles that can be applied to any list you make. Simply wrap the list in the [ custom_list] shortcode and choose your icon type (green check mark, red x or gray dot). The list will then be formatted accordingly.

Corporate Pricing Tables

The new pricing tables offer you a beautiful way to showcase your various products and how their features and prices compare with each other. What before would have been a complicated HTML endeavor can now be created quickly and easily using the [ pricing_table] shortcode. Using this shortcode you can list features differentiated with the green check or red x, adjust the table titles and descriptions, change the price and adjust the button text and URL. You can also choose between two pricing table styles (big and small).


The new testimonials shortcode gives you an easy way to show your visitors what your customers think about your product. Gaining the trust of your viewers is important, and now it’s easier than ever to create styled testimonial blurbs on any of your posts or pages.


Dropcaps are a simply typographic technique that will spice up and give hierarchy to your post copy. Simply wrap a letter at the beginning of your paragraph with the drop cap shortcode and it will become nested within the body content. You can then apply any style that you want to the letter, allowing you to change its size, color and font face.


One thing that our themes have been lacking are well-formatted quotes. This problem has now been solved with new quote shortcode which comes in two different styles.

Premade Layouts

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  1. Thank you! This is very much appreciated. Is there a quick & easy method for updating these great new Shortcodes and big fixes that can be applied across the board for all themes?

  2. The custom icon list is what I have been looking for. I also like the pricing list.

  3. I had the same question. i just upgraded my theme two weeks ago. Is there an easy way to get the new shortcodes?

    • Just change the old shortcodes folder with the new one in the epanel directory

      • Do I need to download my theme again to get the updated shortcodes folder or is there a place where i can find it?

  4. Great stuff! Thanks for all of the updates!

  5. Awesome stuff Nick! Every month I am even more amazed!

  6. Dropcaps, nice and a unexpected shortcode. Thx.

  7. Hi, I’m a new member and I downloaded your OnTheGo theme. I wasn’t sure where to find the “short codes” or the “page template” sections. I didn’t see them anywhere in the OnTheGo theme options panel. Thanks so much, Jeanne

  8. solid stuff! 🙂

  9. Very, very useful! Thanks a lot!

  10. Very nice work! Thank you. But how use this quotes shortcode? Of course I updated theme to newest version and I can use older shordcodes.

  11. I concur with ‘Matto’

    …Thanks a lot Nick!!!

  12. Gonna check it out! Looks great! : )

  13. Yay! This is great! Thanks for adding the pricing table – I think it’ll be great for business owners

  14. Thank you, Nick. I just need the pricing table.

    But please write Standard with a “d” and not with a “t” at the end. Painful to see. Sry.

    The testimonials are also welcome. Can I chance the pic size?

    • Wow, somebody reads my post – thx for deleting the mistake.
      Now I’m well already.


      • Thanks for spotting the typo 🙂

        • I tried figuring out where the drop cap code is, but couldn’t see it on the panel. How do I put it on the website

  15. Awesome! Thanks so much guys. You’ve just given me every parents ideal gift… a few hours of extra sleep!

    • I’m glad we could help!

  16. Those pricing tables are amazing! Great work guys!

  17. I agree with AJ Clarke, the pricing tables look great!

    Thanks for the improvements, Nick.


    Ian D

  18. ahhhh interesting. hopefully the list shortcode may help with the Daily Notes theme where i haven’t been able to inset anything up to now (everything has sat hard against the page border ignoring bullets etc)

  19. How do I use this shortcode ? I have downloaded the updated themes ( I use eStore ), uploaded it via ftp as a new theme ( I created a new folder for the updated theme ), activated it, but I couldn’t find any shortcode button in page/post editing page.

  20. Quotes were exactly what was awaited…Ill be waiting to be surprised with more variations !!!

  21. Are all the new shortcodes how in the WYSIWYG panel, or do we still need to know some of the codes?

    Is there documentation somewhere for the shortcodes?

  22. As a hobby coder , I’m really enjoying the extra features/shortcodes that become available. Thanks!

  23. great…

  24. Great addition to the shortcodes.

    I seems that something is wrong with TheSource template and the testimonial code:
    It’s in danish, but theres still the text after the space in the name and companyname missing.

    Code is:
    [testimonial company=”Micro Technic A/S” author=”Steffen Kjærulff” image=”“]
    Vi har en uformel arbejdsplads, hvor der er travlt og fart på. Vi er imødekommende for nye kolleger og ser frem til mange succesrige år sammen.

    Anyone? 🙂

    • Yes me too! Seems to be some style missing in the new

  25. Hi Nick

    Job well done (as always), I spotted just a -minor- error in the documentation though:


    The dropcap example says:
    [dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] I [/quote]

    Where it should be:
    [dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] I [/dropcap]

    I’m using your Nova theme (customized here and there) on my site, and I especially love the shortcodes which I use to quickly set up/layout new designs with EASE.

    Keep up the great work Nick!

    Best wishes,

    Lars Koudal

  26. Hi Nick,

    Fantastic new shortcodes !
    I have a question on the new Pricing table
    Is there a way to change currency symbol from $ to £ (GBP)- as $ seems to be coded default into the table?
    How can I change colour of table column? as I would like to highlight one column in a different colour- you show blue and green in your example.
    Appreciate you are busy trying to document new shortcodes

    Thanks again for the great work



    • I was wondering the same thing.
      Also I copied and pasted the example and found the red x did not show and there was no difference from the “big” or the “small”

      Looks very good though!

      • I thought only me been toying with this problem right now. Try to spot the difference between Blue and Green code, and still could not find any code for Red tab. >,<

  27. Would be nice if we could download the shortcodes only instead of downloading the whole theme again.

  28. Keep doing your thing Nick, you keep making the membership better-and-better, and at a price that cannot be beaten.

    You rock!


  29. Love the short codes Nick.
    Love the themes.
    Love the price.

  30. The Pricing tables are great, I was looking for something like that.

  31. Thankyou

    These will make great themes even greater!

  32. How to add new shortcodes without reinstalling theme? What files need to replace?

  33. These are awesome Nick! Keep the goodies coming!

    I have a suggestion for a theme. I am a new podcaster, and a theme devoted to podcasting including but not limited to a customized section for show notes and social media buttons exclusive to podcasts (iTunes, Miro, Zune, Etc.) would be great!

    Just a thought . . Thanks again!!


  34. Would it be possible/allowed to copy the shortcode functionality into non elegant themes themes? These would not be for resale. This might be also an idea for a plugin that you could sell?

  35. Thx Nick! I just downloaded the updated the OntheGo Theme, an i wanted to try out

    [box type=”info“] Content [/box]

    for testing, but there only appears the Text and not the code in the Preview. What did i do wrong (sorry for my bad english and greetings from Germany)

  36. Äh, i mean only the text and not the Info Box in the Preview 😉

  37. it’s really amazing design template.thanks for share it.

  38. Thanks Nick, beautiful job on the pricing/comparison list. This is what will set any business related site apart.

  39. You guys rock! I was wondering how I was going to solve my dropcaps problem and you guys just solved it. Thank you and keep up the awesome work. 🙂

  40. Nick, simply great stuff. Just curious – how does the shortcodes go along with SEO?

  41. I would love to start using these new short codes, but after downloading The Source and reinstalling, none of the new short codes seem to work. Have all the ET themes been updated with the new short codes?

  42. Still the best themes on the planet! Thanks for the upgrades!

  43. Awesome!

    Would you ever consider adding a table shortcode too?

  44. I tested the themes on my website and they look very good – excellent work.

    It took my a while to realise I had to use a self-hosted image for the testimonial.

    I had to edit the code for the Custom Icon List so that the dot and the x images worked. (Thanks to the forum and Yuriy for this solution – “Custom List Shortcode not accepting styles.”

  45. Pricing tables look awesome!

  46. ARGH!!! Why didn’t I find this site before now!

    This is without doubt, the best WordPress Theme site bar none.

    I should know, because I have developer accounts with some of the best known premium sites, and this site knocks them all into touch.

    And your pricing is sooooo good, you will save me $100’s.

    THANK YOU!!!

  47. I am having difficulty understanding how to set up a custom list with the new shortcode.

    Declared newbie.

    Could anyone please help me understand what it means to wrap list in [ custom_list] and what that code would look like?

    It would be much appreciated!

    Thank you for making my first 4 days of using WordPress a delight! I’m glad I found Elegant Themes early on.

    • Not sure if this code will show up properly in comments, but this is the HTML code for an ‘x’ list

      [custom_list type="x"]
      <li>item 1</li>
      <li>item 2</li>

      [custom_list type=”x”]

      item 1
      item 2


      NOTE: there was a error in ‘epanel/shortcodes/shortcodes.css’ which I edited on my website to get this to work, I don’t know if this has been fixed yet but the solution can be found in the forums

  48. Will the shortcodes work if i only upload the ePanel folder on the theme ?
    Will any data be damaged anyhow ?

    • Forget the previos 2 questions. I took the risk of copying only the ePanel and there where just minor issues i managed to save quickly.

      Though i’ve got 2 other question instead :

      1. What are the shortcodes for the columns ? ( I didn`t saw the codes anywhere )


      2. Why in the simple slider the images won’t get loaded ?
      Example. I use the code : [tabs slidertype=”simple” fx=”slide”] [tab]/images/slider/1.jpg[/tab] [/tabs] in both slider type (images & simple) , but the images get loaded only for the Image type slider.

      The other one i figured out easily.
      Great job with the shortcodes , hopefully i will be able to modify them to fit the the current design 🙂

      P.S. : By any chance could you realease a Photo Gallery that can be incorporated in any of your themes ? That would be great.

      Best regards,

  49. Hi Nick

    There is problem with testimonial shortcode it won’t show up as is the documentation has shown

    please help

  50. Hi.

    Of course I would like to thank you for such incredible and shrotcodes templates, but I have a little doubt and trouble.

    The use of shortcodes is restricted to users who do not have as profile “Author”?, because I am starting a little blog and my writers can not use the buttons on the shortcodes, simply because these do not appear, but if you change the profile editor if you view the shortcodes buttons in the toolbar.

    There is also a way for users with a “Author “, can see the buttons on the shortcodes in the toolbar?


  51. So…. I can’t get the “check” custom list to work. I have been at it for an hour or so. I thought shortcodes were supposed to make life easier, not spend hours on the web trying to get them to work???

  52. as I buy kit or short codes on this website? or send me
    link please? thanks

  53. I dont understand the short codes for the social media. Example for facebook all it says is facebook-so what do we put there?

  54. Thanks for the tips about pricing table

  55. send me link please? thanks

  56. Is there a page that actually lists HOW to use the short-codes? So far I’ve had to do a lot of googling and found how to use the actual codes in places like the comments here and other random places.

    I’m actually very frustrated looking through the ET site trying to figure out how to do some of the stuff you advertise. When you click “preview shortcodes” it doesn’t actually tell you how to use that short code at all.

  57. same problem here. i would like to use the shortcode for Dropcaps. But I can’t find it.

    I had to install a Dropcap wp plugin just have dropcaps.

  58. been trying to get the list to work, tried everything green ticks do not work (or any of them)

    [custom_list type=”check”]



    • If you need help, please open a thread in our forums so that our tech support team can assist you.

      • you guys are doing a BRILLIANT WORK, and mentioning everything there is to things accept how to use it. The description wont be more then a couple of lines its funny and wierd to open a thread for that

  59. Thank you for the new shortcodes. Is there any newsletter in order to get updated?

  60. A very good post to consult, you are an amazing team, congratulations and thanks Nick

  61. I am using estore as my theme and my theme is the latest version with all the updates as well. I wanted to use the corpprate pricing table shortcode. I justed paste the code from his link and it does not seem to work

    how can i get htis working please advise thanks keki

  62. Thanks this is useful code. This will help me to develop a website

  63. Thanks Nick for very good post. you are an awesome team and congratulations.

  64. A shortcode is a WordPress-specific code that lets you do nifty things with very little effort. thanks nick…

  65. Nick. Continued sharing nick. I love your post.

  66. Nick. Continued sharing nick. I love your post.

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