Improvements Made To All Themes

Posted on October 20, 2010 by in Theme Changes/Bug Fixes | 68 comments

Improvements Made To All Themes

Over the past week we have been hard at work ironing out some theme-wide updates. These updates address some basic improvements that we have been meaning to implement for some time.

ePanel Updates

1. Logo Upload – All themes now have the option to upload/define your logo image from within ePanel. This means that WordPress MU users can now more easily define alternate logos for each sub blog on their domain.

2. Favicon Upload – You can now upload/define a favicon image for each theme via ePanel. This is the small icon that appears in your browser’s tab when viewing your website, as well as in your visitor’s list of bookmarks.

3. WordPress Mu Thumbnail Issues – Some thumbnail issues that were occurring with MU installations have been fixed.

Dummy Content

Providing sample content with each theme is something we have been meaning to implement for some time, and is one of the most common feature requets from our users. You will be pleased to hear that all themes now come packaged with dummy content that can be enabled when you first install the theme to assist you in setting up your blog. Enabling this content will fill your blog with a few sample posts/pages, custom fields and ePanel settings so that all you need to do is replace the content instead of figuring out the ins and outs of the theme via the readme file.

You will notice that each theme now comes with a sampledata/ folder, and within it a sample.xml file. You can use the Tools > Import feature of your WordPress dashboard to upload this sample data. When doing so you will notice that a new checkbox has been added to the field that asks if you would like to import ePanel sample data as well. Checking this box will replace your ePanel settings with values that make sense for the sample data file.

Full Width Page Templates

To kick off the page templates updates that were mentioned in my last blog post, we have created full width page templates for all of our themes. Now you can create sidebar-free pages that extend the full width of your blog, which opens up all kinds of new possibilities for your pages (especially when combined with our many shortcodes). Of course this is only a taste of what’s to come, and we will surely be browsing the many suggestions proposed by our users as we continue to develop new page templates.

Premade Layouts

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  1. Just another fantastic update that has me salivating at the possibilities. Thanks for the tremendous work and inspiring themes!

  2. sounds great Nick – thanks! 🙂

  3. the dummy content is very good step forward well done

    • I would like it if the dummy content would be the same as shown in the theme examples

  4. excellent idea on the sample data. Is there and easy export as well as import function for this data? seems like that could be useful too.

  5. How do I update my theme? I have made some changes to php-files and they will most likely be overwritten if I just download the new theme and copy it to the server. Or do I need to manually update the new files? I guess this is a universal theme-hacking issue????

    • Sorry, I forgot: thanks for the continuous improvements – great service!

      • I wonder this as well.

        • +1 to updating the theme… can we do it in through wordpress itself, or do we have to completely download and reupload via http://ftp... its quite a drag, and it would be wonderful if you had a way to do it via wordpress itself…

    • I am not sure but i think you should go to the Admin Wordpres page go to Tools-Import and activate the Import WordPress plugin, then browse the file wich is called sampledate and import. And thats all ! .. Good Luck !

  6. Very nice updates! Elegant Themes keeps getting better and better

  7. These are awesome updates- and useful! Thanks so much! Can’t wait to check them out.

  8. Nice themes and good updates. as a theme designer and creator I know how important it is for clients to have some dummy content to import to themes. That can save both the theme provider and both the theme buyer a lot of questions.

  9. How do i update these settings without having to upload the entire theme and start all over?

    Which file do i replace?

  10. Please let us know how to update our current themes with these new features. Can we just upload the epanel folder, do we have to upload the entire theme again…

  11. I’m having a hard time finding the update instructions.

  12. i love the idea of the sample data, may go a long way in helping a couple of issues i currently have.

    but i also would like to know is it possible to ‘upgrade’ to this, rather than a complete overwrite of the current theme and thus losing any personal code changes?

    thanks for some great additions to the themes! goes a long way.

  13. this is amazing and will be better for many users l think.

  14. You guys are freakin awesome! Keep on rockin da house!

  15. I just want to say Thank You ! and excelent!! .. it is nice to know and see how seriously you take each comment of the people who buy your themes …

  16. I second that emotion, these changes sound fantastic.

  17. Are these changes effective now? As in, can i download the new version of my theme and install it today?

  18. Hi Nick,

    Great options.

    I got one question, if we own the Developers Licence for Elegant themes, can you make it easier to change the name of the theme.

    Please advise if this is possible.


  19. Logo & Favicon Uploads are something that i have been waiting for quite a long time..

    by the way, i was waiting for archives and sitemap templates.. so, do we have to reinstall the whole theme folder now to get all these new updates ?? or is there just specific files to be added to the existing folder ??

  20. You are always great in keeping your theme updated

  21. Thanks very much! I was really waiting for this!!!

    One thing I would really like is auto updates. That would be so cool.

  22. So far this has been the best spent money for me.. So well supported compared to other forests,,, ahem.. I mean sites

  23. Thanks for the eternal support and tools that you give to us!!!

  24. How do i install these updates?

    • Same question!

    • Yep, same here.

      • I have the same question here.

  25. Hi Nick, I love the updates you did to the themes and I am very happy that the themes are constantly been updated. I am glad that I have renew my subscription.

  26. Do we have to install once again all the themes or specific folder to get updated. my theme is highly edited . re-installing is a heck job.

    or we can upload a specific folder like we did for Shortcodes.

    Many user asking the same question. reply us. Nick
    thank you

    • This is about the 20th time this question has been asked, but no reply. C’mon how about a response to the obvious ???

    • tip: insert these instructions in troubleshooting or create a video tutorial, PLEASE.

  27. Cheers mate 😀

  28. Nick just answered this question I just posted on Oct. 20, 2010. Here is his answer:

    “The best way is to just re-download and re-upload the entire theme”.

    Now, does anyone now know how to activate the favicons, logo updates and dummy content?

  29. Fabulous… all of your themes. 🙂 I have a hard time deciding which to use for my blog. My first love was PersonalPress. Then an attachment evolved to the DelicateNews theme. Then I stumbled upon your Bold theme and fell in love! Thank you so much for your economical and professional themes that are perfect for artist, novelist, or journalist. One day, I hope to persuade you and yours to offer customization services so that I can truly make the style my own brand!

    ~Nona King

  30. One answer from Nick about updating:
    If you check the changelog.txt file, we try to outline the files there were updated. However, it’s best to re-upload the entire theme.

  31. Another answer from Nick about updating:

    You can try just updating the /epanel folder and the /sampledata folder if you are using the previous version of the theme.

  32. fantastic!!!


  33. I love you Elegant Themes & also Nick 🙂 You are fantastic 🙂

  34. Great! The best themes online and the best support.

    What I would also love in the e-panel: a feature of setting a default thumbnail image for each category.
    This will make my life so much easier. 🙂

    Thank you!

  35. Fantastic! This is exciting. I don’t mind continually upgrading my blog when the rewards for doing so are as compelling as this.

  36. If I reload the WordPress template to access these updates, will I lose all my current posts and settings?

  37. every thing is great about elegenttheme – except that I cannot find a contact me link.

    If it is somewhere on this site then it sud be at obvious place — so that i dont have to posting in blog to send the message.

    additionally I like your job – but I am surprised and little frustrated that i cannot find any contact me ( sendmail) feature in any of the theme.

    You must add Contact me send mail form feature in the theme(s)

    thank you

  38. Great updates to an already great collection of themes … Keep it up guys !!!

  39. Hi All,

    Like the sound of the Logo updates, can anyone tell how how to get the update on my new Polished Theme thanks?

    Integrity SEO

    • Having problems getting Logo and Favicon to work. Anybody else having this problem. Better yet, has anyone SOLVED this problem?

      I’m having this problem even with a completely new install of the Purely Text theme…

      • Same problem here – how does the logo and favicon uploads work from e-panel? Can’t get mine to work. Anybody have a solution?

        • If you need help, please open a thread in the support forum and we will be happy to assist you.

    • If you need help, please open a thread in the support forum and we will assist you.

  40. Very good, Nick. I’m waiting for sample data

  41. Guys
    I need someone to help us finalise our website and do some other work for us using Elegant Themes and WP.
    I have emailed a couple of people and no-one has responded …so i thought to try here??

  42. Hi!
    Your themes look fantastic but there is one thing I want to know before to subscribe. Do the themes are already translated or how can I do it.
    I am looking for something really easy to do because I am not a geek and lost too much time trying to translate a previous theme. It was a nightmare….!

  43. how does the logo and favicon uploads work from e-panel? Can’t get mine to work. Anybody have a solution?

    • Please open a thread in the support forum so that we can assist you.

  44. If I reload the WordPress template to access these updates, will I lose all my current posts and settings?

  45. Do we have to install once again all the themes or specific folder to get updated. my theme is highly edited . re-installing is a heck job.

  46. Hi,

    I just downloaded Divi but there is no sampledata folder and therefore no sample.xml file.

    Can you provide me with the sample.xml file for Divi or is the sampledata file always the same and therefore I couId download another theme and look for an sample.xml file there?


    • Divi does not include Sample Data. Instead, we have included Premade Layouts as a part of the Divi builder. We have included dozens of pre-made layouts that you can use to jumpstart your designs.

  47. Favicon doesn’t work for me. No problem with the logo, but no go on the favicon. Any ideas?

    • If you need help with anything, please open a ticket in our support forums so that our team can assist you.

  48. Hi! I cannot find any sample data for the theme anywhere within the theme file. Please advise.

    • Hi Fred, not entirely sure what you mean by sample data. There are pre-made layouts available within the Divi Builder, but all other content will need to be provided by you. If I’m not understanding what you mean by sample data or if you have any other questions please follow up with our support team here

  49. Has this been left out of Extra? I’m not finding it anywhere.

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